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My new relationship with my daughter


I never thought that I would be writing this story, but my daughter has convinced
me that others need to know about the relationship that we have.
I met my wife and Ashley's mother during high school. The first school dance I
saw her from across the room. I was in love, or in lust, the latter probably being
true. She was a tiny blonde haired girl and I went up and asked her for the next
dance. After this dance we got something to drink and began to talk, come to find
out that we would have 4 classes together. We departed that night and went home.
But I could not keep my mind off her, then I realized that I did not even ask her
name, nor did I give mine. I thought what an idiot I was, but then realized that we
would be in classes together on Monday and I could find out then. Since I could
not sleep I pulled my undershorts off and began to jack off thinking about this
beautiful girl that I had just met. It did not take me very long to cum and I must
have had more cum then at any other time that I could remember. I put my
undershorts back on and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and knew right away that I had dreamed about this girl
as my dick was as hard as could be and it was a little sticky inside my shorts. I got
up and went straight to the bathroom to relieve myself. After breakfast I told my
mom that I was going over to my Brett's house he was and still is my best friend. I
rode my bike as fast as I could to Brett's house. I could not wait to tell him about
this girl. After I told him he was really excited and angry at his parents for not
letting him to go to the dance because he had to look after his little sister. After
talking about it we both had boners so we took out our dicks and jacked off to see
who could spurt the farthest. He won because he had not cum that morning yet and
I had already cum in my sleep and in the bathroom.

Finally Monday came, I got up and got dressed earlier then I usually would, which
made my mom rather suspicious. I told her that I was just excited about starting
high school and that Brett and I were riding our bikes to school together. She then
proceeded to fix my breakfast and I was out the door. I got to my first period class
and there were four desks together, 2 of which Brett and I took I saved one for this
girl and the other was taken by Brett's girl friend Lisa. Finally the girl walked in
and I went over to meet her at the door and told her that I had saved her a desk. She
came over and sat down and then I introduced her to Brett and Lisa, it was at that
time that I finally found out her name, Elisa, I told her my name was David. We all
hung around each other for the rest of the day and then I walked home with Elisa. I
had already called my mom and told her what I was doing and she said ok, just to
be careful coming home.

After several weeks of going out Elisa and I began to have sex. She was really
good (for a 14 yr old girl). Elisa and Lisa had become great friends and from time
to time had lesbian sex, and of course Brett and I had sex too at different times and
so the four of us would get together for an orgy when we felt like it. But all that is
for another story. As time went on we graduated from high school and went on to
college. So that parents would not gripe and complain Brett and I got an apartment
together and Lisa and Elisa got one together. However, Elisa was always at mine
and Brett was always at theirs.

After college we all got married in a double ceremony. Bought houses next door to
each other and continued our four way sex. After 2 years of marriage both Elisa
and Lisa got pregnant. After blood tests were done Elisa was having my baby and
Lisa, Brett's. We brought little Ashley home and she was a beautiful little girl, the
spitting image of her mother. Then it all happened. Elisa got a virus and within 3
months after our little Ashley was born, Elisa died. I was devastated. Lisa took
Ashley while I was in mourning. After 2 weeks I was able to pull it all together got
Ashley back and began to raise my little girl.

Brett and I had started a business together and I did all the office work and Brett
went out into the field. That way I could be home with Ashley and not have to have
a babysitter, but from time to time Lisa took Ashley so that I could get certain
things done.

So that I would not go out and seek out sex Brett and Lisa would still have me over
for what was now threesomes, but from time to time it was just Lisa and I. This
along with jacking off to porn movies kept me from seeking out different partners.
I really did not want to find anyone else anyway, Elisa was the only girl I had ever
loved and did not want to find another.

As Ashley grew she more and more looked like her mother. On her fifth birthday
was the day that our relationship changed. After her party I cleaned up and we
were watching one of the movies she had got for her birthday. She was sitting on
my lap and I was just looking at her. Then it happened, I got a hard on. Ashley
kept wiggling on my lap and I knew she had to feel it.

"Daddy what is so hard in your lap" Ashley asked.

I did not know what to say, I was embarrassed but yet excited at the same time. I
could not believe it I was being turned on by a little five year old girl and not just
any girl, but my own daughter.

Again she asked me this time pressing on it with her little hand, "Daddy what is this
that is so hard."

I said "It is my penis."

She laughed "A penis, what a funny name."

"Well that is the doctor's term for it," I said, " but usually I call it my dick."

"Why is it hard" Ashley asked.

Great now I did not know what to say, how do you explain sex to a five year old.
So I had to think. Then I remembered how she had asked me where babies come
from a few days ago and put her off, so now is the time to tell her, at least as much
as she might understand.

"Remember the other day when you wanted to know where babies came from" I
asked her.

"Yes" replied Ashley.

"Well ... when mommies and daddies want to have a baby the daddy's dick gets
hard like this so he can put it into the mommy and she can get a baby in her
tummy." I thought now maybe she will just forget about it and start watching her
movie again. How wrong I was.

"Why does it have to get hard" she asked.

"You will just have to learn about that when you are older" I said.

"Why not now", Ashley asked. "Brittney said she saw her daddy and mommy
making a baby"

Brittney was Brett's and Lisa's little girl. I was shocked that they would do that in
front of their daughter. I asked "How did Brittney see that."

"She walked in their bedroom and saw them, so they explained it to her" said
Ashley. "Then she said that they showed her their things"

"What things" I asked.

Ashley answered, "You know, what you called your dick and her mommies pussy,
except she said Uncle Brett called his a cock."

So I asked her if she really wanted me to explain all this, and her answer was "yes."

How could I refuse, she looked just like Elisa the love of my life and now Ashley
was the love of my life. I had got hard thinking about my own daughter, and now
she tells me that my best friends in all the world were teaching their five year old
daughter about sex. How could I not teach her.

I turned the movie off and said, "Ok, I will teach you but you cannot tell anyone."

"Not even Brittney" she asked.

"Not even Brittney, at least not yet" I answered her.

So I took off my shorts and then my undershorts, I could not believe that I was
stripping in front of my own daughter. My dick stood at attention and Ashley just

"It's so big" she said.

"It is supposed to be" I told her.

Then I explained to her as best I could for a five year old to understand how it
worked and what I did with it.

"Can I touch it?" Asked Ashley.

I asked her, "Are you sure you want to."

"Yes" she answered.

So I told her to go ahead and touch it. It was like electricity shooting through my
body as she reached out her little hand and grabbed it. What an incredible feeling,
her had was so warm and yet so tiny on my dick. The I showed her how to pump
her little hand up and down and she did that. It wasn't to long and I shot a load of
sperm all over her clothes and hair.

"What was that?" she asked

So I told her "That was what made little babies."

"There sure was a lot of it" she said.

I said, "Yes, sometimes it shoots out a lot." "Now we need to clean you up"

So we went into the bathroom and I started her a bath while she was removing her
clothes. I told her to get in the bath and I will wash her hair. So she got in and laid
back and I got her hair wet and then washed it. As she was standing there naked I
was drying her hair and I began to get hard again.

"It happening again daddy" exclaimed Ashley. "Why?" she then asked.

I told her "It is because you are so pretty and you look so much like your mother
and you are naked and I love it"

"You like me naked?" she asked.

"Yes, I do" I answered her back. "And now that you did that to daddy, I need to
play with your pussy, ok?"

"Ok, daddy, but will it do what your dick did?" she asked.

"No" I told her, "but it will make you feel really good, but you still can't tell
anyone, Ok?"

"Ok" she answered.

I took her and laid her on my bed and began to rub her little body, I took my fingers
and traced around her pussy. Her lips were just so puffy and I could not resist so I
leaned down and licked them.

"Mmmmmmmm, daddy that feels good" Ashley said.

So I spread her legs and licked her pussy real good, finding her little clit area and
kept licking her. She was moaning and telling me how good it felt, then she went
rigid and shook all over, it was great my little girl was having her first orgasm and I
was the one that gave it to her. After she recovered she just laid there and went to

Posted : 01/05/2011 6:15 pm