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My name is Shabir


My name is shabir i am 19 years old and i go to college in the UK however i don't own a computer yet my uncle has one down his house and he lives 5 minutes away so most of the time for my college work i am down his house. He is married to my aunt yasmin she is 26 years old and he is 33. He works doing deliveries around europe and drives a huge lorry, most of the time he goes to switzerland, Belgium, France and Spain with his lorry and is away for weeks, When he goes there is no one at my aunts house.

One day it was a sunday weekend and my uncle gone for about a week, i was at my aunts house upstairs on the computer. She is 5ft 7in, has 34c breasts, she wears salwar kameez and her neck line on the kameez (asian blouse) is pretty low, she has beautiful white skin, long black hair and sexy body shape. because it was a sunday she does the hoover, it was around 11am. She came in to the room and told me she was about to hoover if that was o.k, i said it was fine, she came in after 2 mins with hoover and was wearing red kameez with white salwar, and no head scarf, i could see she was wearing no bra because her huge nipples were pointing out. She started doing the hoover and as she bent down i could see down her kameez and see her tits, nipples all the way down to her stomach. She didnt notice and carried on hoovering my cock started to go hard and i was staring at her tits for minutes, when she came ot hoover around my feet she realised my 7 inch cock bulging in my pants and as she looked at me i quickly looked at the ocmputer screen, she then looked down her kameez and saw that everything was visible, she looked at me and smiled. i smiled back.

Then she went away and i didnt know what to feel, i knew that Yasmin had found out i was looking at her tits/nipples, i was scared of what she might say and who she might tell. I started thinking but all i could imagine were her huge silky smooth titties. So when i heard footsteps of her going downstairs i waited for 2 minutes then got up and slowly entered her bedroom, i had been here before many times and had gone through her panty draw. This time i went slowly and picked up her nighties and as i picked up her shalwar i could see they were stained and had a white cum stain, then i got more aroused and started searching through her panty draw and i found her bras/ thongs/ few cosmetics and creams but right at the back in a carrier bag i saw something bulging out in it was a pack of condoms and a huge dildo.
I took out the pack of condoms and put back the dildo and as soon as i was about to close the drawer and leave my aunt yasmin entered the room, she was wearing no slippers or shoes so she made no noise coming up. i quickly put the bag in and hid the condoms. She looked at me and said " Shabir.. what are you doing?". I made up a lame excuse and said " nothing aunty yasmin, i was looking uncles pair of aftershave kit". She looked at me in depsaur and said " o.k, now please pick up the condoms and pick up my shalwar and stop lying to me".
i was so terrified i nearly fainted, what will she say, will she tell on me. but no.
She grabbed my hand and took me to the computer room " dont lie, Shabir you were going though my panty drawer, you must have found the dildo and taken the condoms, i get lonely shabir, so i put the conomds on the dildo and fuck myself till i cum".
i was sweating and didn't know what to say, she then told me that she had seen me looking at her tits, and came towards me. she walked right upto my face and grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy and said, "you can have that if you want, it can be all yours as long as you don tell no-one".
I nodded saying 'yes'. And she then bent down and pulled down my trousers, took off my pants. There was my 7 inch rock hard cock and she touched it slowly and i jumped up as her cold hands touched my cock, she got the condom and took one out and preceded to put it on my cock, she then looked back up towards me and smiled.
This was my first time and i didnt know what to do, she then got the cock and kneeling down started sucking on it nice and slow, nice and slow licking my balls and shoving it donw her throat. I then cummed all over her face in about 1 minute and she then laughed and screamed gently as my cum drizzled on her mouth. She stood back up wiping my cum and started taking her clothes off "did you like that Shabir?", i said yes. "well just wait and see what aunty yasmin has in store for you" she was standing naked in front of me and i was also naked. She then bent over the computer desk and said to me " fuck me hard, put your cock up my arse and dont stop until i start crying in pain" She bent over i got my huge cock i shoved it down her arse, i moved it in and out, in and out, i got faster and faster, she was panting and screamong in pain " shabir tumne aunty yasmin ko maar daala, oof, ahhhhhhh, yes, yes, yes, " She then started to scream and cry begging for me to stop but i was about to cum again so i couldnt stop and she was screaming even louder "please stop, this is hurting too much" i then finally cummed on her arse" she turned around i hugged me like i saved her life, " Shabir that was the best feeling of my life"
We then started touching each other for 10 or 15 minutes with me fingering her pussy and her licking my body. We then on the floor fucked each other silly 3 times. i couldnt believe i was fucking my aunt yasmin. she then told me "o.k, thats enough, stop". "STOP", she got angry with me i got up and was surprised. she looked at me adn said " Shabir that was the best sex in my life, but this canot happen again, i was missing your uncle and i'm a married woman and your my nephew" She then kissed me on my cheek.
I got dressed and left home, as i went downstairs she was standing on the top with her shalwar on but no kameez and no bra and i could see hair long black hair on her huge titties. she was looking at me like she had seen a ghost and i think was feeling guilty, i also felt guilty. after that day i only go to visit my aunts house if my uncle is away eventhough nothing happens. we sit and talk and laugh trying not to mention that incident, however she does soimetimes touch my or grab my penis for a joke but i stop her telling her remember how she felt last time. anyway i'm off to university in 3 months so i wont be seeing her in 4 years.

Posted : 01/05/2011 5:58 pm