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My name is Shaalu


My name is shaalu and i am 36 years old lady working for a ladies college. And i am still unmarried. I have a young boy staying at my house who is my elder brothers son. Who is now doing b-sc. My brother had asked him to stay with me as i am known to be a very strict lady, who would not accept any non-sence from anyone.

My sex life was zero before he entered in my life. But i knew all about sex and recently have seen a couple of x rated movies from one of my lady colleague. Rakesh who stays with me at my place is very very erotic, and i have been informed about him that he like to flirt with the ladies. Though his age is just 18 years. Just half that of my age.

It all started when i noticed from so many days that the panty that i take off after i come from work usualy gets wet and i could feel that it was sticky too. As a practice i take off my bra and panty off at the end of the day and just wear a gaon in the evening. I was quite surprised as to why is this happening. I even do not get white discharge from my vegina. One day i came down from my work when rakesh was at home and i changed my clothes and took off my bra and panty, put on my gaon and just told rakesh that i am going to the neighbours house casualy at the next door. I came out and made a noise of the door and then again quitely opened the door and walked upto my bedroom. I quitely peeped from the enterence only to see that rakesh took my panty and was smelling and licking the place my pussy rests. After a while suddenly he took out his cock and started masterbating and took his cock just near to my panty and spilled his liquid at the very place where my pussy rests. This made me erotic for the first time in my life and i went upto him. And he was shocked and said sorry sorry sorry pls.

I said, " panty ko kyon choomte ho ? " he replied he gets the aroma and feels sexy. I asked him " panty mein apna liquid gira kar usko ko kyon kharab karte ho ? Mujhe itching hota hai " he replied very freightenedly. " apni ichcha puri karta hoon. Aap ko hasil to nahin kar sakta hoon. Per mein kuch kar bhi to nahin sakta." and started crying. Then he said " aap mere liye to bani nahin ho, lekin mein bhi aap ko paana chahata hoon. Aap ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon" i told him " aysa kitni ladkiyon ko bol chuke ho ? " he replied " sincerely kafi ladkiyon ko, leking app ki baat kuch aur hai. Aap ki kasam. " and started crying bitterly. I realy felt sorry for this boy and took him in my arms and wiped his tears. And kissed him. I said, " itna chahate ho mujhe ?" and he caught my face and said " bohat chahata hoon !!" and he started kissing my lips and my cheeks and my neck. I said " abh bus bhi karo, aur kitna kiss donge " and he replied " aap ka sara jism chumna chahata hoon."

I was more then sure that he sincerely loves. I lied down on the bed and said, " yeah sabh tumhara hai, jo bhi karna hai karo. Lekin shanti se. Kisi ko khabar bhi lagi to tumhe maloom hai mein kya kar sakti hoon". Just as i completed this sentence he immediately tore apart my gaon as he was knowing that i dont wear anything inside when i am at home and took off his pant and shirt and pounced on me. He kissed all over my body. Not even one place of my body was left for him to be kissed !!!! And my eyes were closed as i could not control my sex the first time in my life.

He licked all my body parts as he was licking my pussy, i become totaly out of control and said " rakesh please abh aur kya bacha hai....meri jindagi yeah dard mujhe dedo jo aaj tak meine kisi ko ijazat nahin dee. " he took my hand and asked me to hold his cock. It was hard like a rock. I asked him to come over me and he started pushing his cock in my pussy. It could not go fully inside but he kept on trying it giving me all the pain, that a woman get in her life as a gift from her husband. I asked him to be gently as it was paining too much. " dheere karo, bohat dard ho raha hai " he said " meetha dard hai, jindagi mein taras jaongi is ke liye " and kept on the pain to too much initialy but suddenly i felt it is slipping inside and the pace of his strokes was increasing.

He kept on and on, in and out. The pain was so much that i felt that why did i asked this guy to do all this....he suddenly spilled his liquid inside and rested on my body for nearly 10 minutes. After we got up the pain in my hole was too much and i noticed a big red spot on the bed sheet, as i was bleeding very badly. Rakesh was shocked and freightened. But then he helped me to get the medicine from a near by stores, and also helped me to apply on it. As days passed by. We kept our sex life on and no i do not need a man.

Beleive me. I am writing this story only when he told me about this site and he is now sitting with me and is very happy that our story will give so many people an inspiration that love can happen with anyone at anytime.

Posted : 01/05/2011 5:55 pm