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My Lady Student


I have one lady student, I am giving her home tution during the afternoon time on Sunday and evening time on all the week days. Her name is Deepmala (name changed-b’coz of secrecy), her age is around 32 to 35 having two children, she is not so fare but some what average looking face and slight black skin. But she has very good breast property she has big and milky boobs. Her body is also slightly or averagely fat. But she is always looking so sexy, she is working with small advt. Agency, she is living with her mother-in-laws and her husband in the 3 BHK Flat, her husband is having marketing job in good MNC. He is always going outside during the month once or twice for 4-5 days.

Now my relation is very friendly with this family her both children is also very friendly with me they are also some time learning the computer with me. Her husband is also as same age of my. But due to her job he cannot give time to his family, and he is also having the habit of flirting with other woman. When he is at his tour he also enjoy outside. He is now not having more interest in his wife. So Deepmala’s family life is good but sex life is not so good. She is unsatisfied woman from her hubby. Mr. Mohan her husband (name change) is not doing sex regularly with her. So she is very eager for sex. Now the real story begin.
One Sunday I know her husband is also watching the sexy or porn sites over internet so one Sunday I watching the some movie clip and photo from her computer harddisk when she went for making tea for me during tution time. I will finding the mpeg files and jpg files from her harddisk.

I finding the files and playing the short MPEG Files from the hard disk it is the file of some xxx blue movies the male partner in the film is eating the pussy of a model (doing ORAL SEX with model) and his hand is squzzing the boobs of the model. I forget where is I am and watching the movie short very eagerly. At that time when Deepmala entered into the room I don’t know I play that movie again and again, but after some time I stop the movie and start searching another JPG File and I open the few nude photographs of desibaba models from the hard disk. Meanwhile Deepmala is watching all this activity and after few minutes she keep the cups from her hands to table I am shocked and I asked her when you are entered into the room. She ask me with some smile when I am watching the MPEG File she is behind me and so also seen that I am watching the nude photographs of the model. I am now stuck and I asked her I am very sorry for all this, but she said it’s Okey ! Then she asked the question directly and unexpectedly to me that whether I did this ORAL Sex with my wife or any other sex partner. I say yes I did with my wife and I am always doing as a foreplay with my wife while I am having sex. She questioned again how many time in a month I will enjoy the sex. I asked I enjoyed atleast once in a day and when we get time we also enjoy more with other sexual game. She thrilled and moan and release her breat heavily hearding this.
Now she is very eager and I seen that her breathing is also increase and she asked I am very unlucky in this matter my hubby never doing all this thing and whenever my husband fucking me he is only seeing his own interest when finished his work he slept and never care for my clima.

In the life time very first time I am talking about sex except with my wife. Then she asked me to have a tea, after having the tea she took the cup from my hand she touched my hand very softly, I am very thrilled from this, because I never think all this incidence from my life. She came back and seating besides me and start learning the graphic designing, during that time her in-laws came and asked her that she took the children with her and going outside for buying something and after that she took the children in the near park. She asked her okey ! go take care of children and she going behind her and closed the door, now only we two in the flat, she came very quickly and she asked me please I am seating on the computer and you seat besides me I am doing the practical study which learn before so, she asked. I give her the system and standup from the seat and she seat and open directly window media player, I asked her now do the corel practice she asked me not today I want learn something very interesting for life and please help me in that so I asked her okey what else she want to know She open the clip which played before and she asked me how to repeat this clip again and again now the clip scene is going on the screen and I am shocked she play the same oral sex scene which I play before, and she suddenly ask me the questioned whether you get the chance to do all this oral sex practice with any other sex partner in your life you will accept or not. Now I thinking in the mind that today I get the chance, so I asked her why not I am always ready for all this activity. Then she proposed directly to me and said then why are you not starting all this with me.

I am thrilled to heard all this from her, and I take her hand in my hand started kissing on the hand with that she is shivering, I caught her head and put my leaps on her leaps and start kissing directly, for both of us it is new taste so we kissed each other very passionately for 10 minutes, meanwhile now my hand is also start working, my left hand moving on her ear and neckside than my index finger move on her cleavage, her boobs are very firmly and in good shape, this is enough for me I am in no controlled, I left her face and start massaging her both boobs from outside now she is also moaning uhhhhh…. Come on DD do something more, than I caught her pallu and start pulling her saree in a few second time I removed her saree, now she is in blouse and in petticoat in front of me, I again kissed her on her face and leaps, then I moved my face near her breast and kissed on her cleavage and than I start squizzing her boobs and than removed her blouse button from front side one by one, and each time I kissed on her cleavage when I opened a one button, now all this very hot for her she also removed my shirt and brief, and start kissing and squizzing my chest I stop her and than I pulled her blouse, now she is in black bra and in petticoat in front of me, she is now looking very sexy,

I caught her bra strip in my mouth and removed from left shoulder and then start kissing on her shoulder and then slowly on her left boob, and my second hand still squizzing her right boob, then I moved right side and remove her bra strip from right side and my hand move back side and opened her bra lock and remove full bra now she is only in her petticoat all this process take time and she is moaning very heavily I go behind her and start kissing on her shoulder and pressing and squizzing tightly her both boobs with both hand her boobs is very firmly and in good shape and mascular, her dark brown nipple become very hard now she is in heaven after kissing and squizzing I came in front of her and I took her on the bed and slept her on the bed, then start kissing on her boob one by one and then I took her one boob whole in my mouth and start sucking like anything and very hungrily this new item for me and my left hand squizzing her left boob very firmly, because of all this she is moaning very loudly Uai ammaaaaaaa…… Issssssshhhhhh…. Pleassssssseee do something more, than after 15 minutes I moved down and took her petticoat knob in mouth and start releasing in a no time her knob is opened and her petticoat is now very free, I start kissing on her bare stomach, naval part and below naval part then I put my hand on her petticoat and in no time I removed her petticoat full and now she is only in panty in front of me, she is very hairy on her leg side, I moved my hand from bottom to naval part on her hair top, her all the hair is stood up and she is shivering, now she is shyly put her both hand on her face,

I took her hand from her face and start kissing on her face, then I moved below and I took her one leg and start kissing on her toes, she is moaning and she asked me her hubby never do all this fore play with her, I asked her don’t worry I am giving you full enjoyment of the foreplay and more….., then I squiz her legs and slowly moved up at thighs side I put more pressure on thighs and squizz her thighs and then I removed her panty now she naked lied in front of me now she is moving her buttock from below and moaning than I spread her leg in full angle of 80 degree then I touched her hairy pussy she is having lot of hair near her pussy area, I smelled her pussy it’s wet from inside then I asked her why are u not removing your hair from body then she asked me my hubby never asked and never do all this thing so I never removed the hair, but if you want I am ready to remove the hair, I asked her it’s my pleasure if she remove her hair, then she asked me to took the Anne French Cream bottle from dressing table drawer, I took and taking out the bottle, with this interval she is now in no tense her shivering is also away and asked me to remove the paint and under garment because she is fully naked in front of me and I am in half nude so she opened paint clips and zipper and in a few seconds she remove my paint, she find my under wear is also wet there is also some drop, and my tooled is also tight she put her hand in my under garment and caught the tooled in her hand I am in the heaven first time any other ladies can touch my cock in her hand

I am thrilled and the cock become rock hard, I asked her please stop this for few minutes I am giving it to you today only, then she once kissed the tooled and left it, then I took out the Anne French Cream from bottle with the help of spatula and I rugged the cream on her left legs first and then right legs every where, then I turned to pussy area I asked her put her finger on the lips of the pink cunt, she put her finger and I spread the cream all over pussy hairy area, she is thrilled again and she also shocked and eagerly asked me how all this thing you know, I asked her I do all this things to my wife I always remove the my wife legs and pussy hair, because I like the pussy without hair, so she again asked your wife is very lucky women who getting all this service from her husband, I thanks her for this compliments, then within ten minutes I took the one towel slightly wet and put it on her leg first and with some pressure I move it on her leg her legs hair is removed, then I removed the other legs hair, finally I turned to pussy area and I also removed hair from her pussy area, now she is totally hair less at the below part her skin is also became very soft after some time I asked to standup and then we went to bathroom and she start the shower

we both take shower together, now after removing the hair with anne French the soap will not be used for few minutes so I asked her to bring some malai or butter if any she asked me she has both in her fridge she went and bring it in no time now she questioning why all this thing require I asked her please to sleep on the floor and then I take the malai and butter and start massaging her on her whole body area she is laughing and enjoying it very first time she asked this all very new for her she like all this game then she asked again now what r u doing with this malai and butter I asked her keep quite and I start the licking her body with my tongue very heavily I eat the malai and butter from her body with hard kiss and sucking her body she is moaning heavily and now she became very horney she asked me do it very fast and very hard with more pressure she enjoying every bite and kissed from me, when I went to her naval area and I lick very hard and then to boobs

I sqizz and suck her boob very hard her buttock is moving up and down in the air then I kissed on her naval part and lick all the butter and malai from her stomach and naval part then I moved below during this exercise my balls and tooled now above her face so she also start playing with it she took my tool in her hand which already hard she softly jerk over it and my fore skin going down b’coz my precum make my dick lusty, she start licking below we are in 69 position, so I also become very horney and I start licking her pussy, I also put thumb and index finger over her pussy and her cunt leaps spread I start licking hard over there and I also teasing her clitories, she moaning very hard and whenever I lick and bite over clitories she also suck my cock very hard and jerk it very fast, within 15-20 minutes I am at climax I asked her I am coming she said don’t worry please drop all the water in her mouth so I did the same then I suck her pussy very hard now I am between her legs and sucking cunt very hard and I also massaging my index finger over her clitories she is out of controlled and she moving her buttock in the air moaning very heavily then she asked me she is at her orgasm point I asked her to drop her fluid she drop her fluid I drank all the fluid and suck her cunt leaps very hard.

Her cunt became red due to all this, she is looking fully satisfied then I took her in my hand I took her in the bathroom we take another bath together, due to cold water and the different body attraction my tool became hard and she start playing with it her nipple is also became hard, so she ready for the second round, so I asked her now I want to enter my dick in her pussy she asked don’t waste time start she don’t mind because she is already operated family planning operation, so she doesn’t became pregnant, I heard this and took her in the arm and we went to bedroom with wet body I throw her on the bed I seat between her legs and take my tooled in hand start massaging over her cunt leaps and over clitories (this is one type of kamasutra aasan it’s called mrudanaankur mardana aassan she enjoying it and moaning she pleading please enter it, so put the tool over her lover hole the tool is very rock hard and became fat around 1.75 inch and long 6” .

So I insert it with heavy jerk in her cunt she moan very loudly and I took out my tool, and again I with heavy jerk I insert and took out again, I done four, five times, then she asked please fuck me hard, SO I insert with heavy jerk and fully inside her cunt then I took her both the legs over my shoulder and from the buttock side I bent her, her buttock is in the air and I start pumping her very heavily with the full preassure because of this she get the deep penitration she is moaning very heavily, after 10 minutes I keep her leg down slowly because of her request then I seat on her pussy area and my legs below her thighs because of this her pussy also became tight and I start again too and fro very hard because of the tightness my tool get good stiffness and within 4 five minutes she asked me she is came so I increased the speed she start flowing her fluid her cunt is became totally lusty I start jerking very hard and atlast I also at my orgasm point we both at orgasm point and she is very satisfied and kissing me everywhere over my face and chest and she stick me like a vein and we rolling over her double bed then I get down over her and we lied besides each other,

I asked her how is the experience she smile and kissed me on face and also over my dick so my dick again became hard she is thrilled and she ask me you are so sexy and she smooch over the dick and then she stood and seating on my thighs and took the dick in her hand and she lifted her cunt over the dick and she guide the dick in her love hole and start riding over me and I enjoy this and I also start jerking from below then she increase the speed and churning her cunt over my dick Oh! What a experience for me, I never seen this much horney lady in my life even in sexy or porn movies, after few minutes she is at her orgasm point so I start jerking very fast from below side and at the same time we at higest point and her fluid spread all over my dick and then she slept over me and in very relaxed mood she kissing me, really we enjoyed the three hours class at that day.

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:37 am