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My hormones were pushing hard


I am more than overwhelmed by the response to my earlier 'stories'. I am grateful for the outpouring of comments. Based on the comments I have received, I am reducing the use of the vernacular to lend universal appeal and to reduce the tedium of having to look for English to understand what is going on.

Like the earlier ones, this too is a true story, with some literary license. This incident happened when I was touching 20. My hormones were pushing hard, and I had conjured up a tryst with my cousin in my friend's flat for two nights of raw and unabashed sex.

This story moves from there to my home, where my cousin Mintu had reached for a two day and a night stay with his aunt.

As MIntu left, I staggered out of bed and locked the door and staggered back to bed to rest a little more. After two nights of heavy duty sex, I could do with repairing my wares. Besides I remembered what Mintu said while leaving, "I am leaving for your home. You better come over by evening. When you are there, I plan to fuck you in your home on the roof top tonight. Don't say no and don't get bashful."

The very thought of evading my Mother's careful eyes and going to the roof top for an uninhibited session of sex would be dangerous and yet very exciting.

I slept for another hour or so. When I woke up, I decided to inspect my pussy and find out if there was now a gaping hole and whether my clit was hurt in any way. I got up and pulled out a hand mirror and I sat on the chair with my legs parted wide and with all lights on. With my left hand I parted the pussy lips while I placed the mirror strategically and inspected my pussy.

Well. It was red as a beetroot. But, this was the first time I was seeing my smooth and bald pussy also. The entire mons area was red and darker than the rest of the body.

Soon I got up and decided to wash al the bed clothes, clear up the house and get the strong smell of sex out from that house. Not that my friend did not know what I was upto. But then, I wanted to protect Mintu from other girls who wanted that roll of meat, dangling between his legs, for themselves inside their bodies and giving them that extreme enjoyment that satisfactory sex gives.

I wasn't used to washing bed clothes. So it was hard on me.

I had my bath and then changed into a salwar and kurta set, knowing that after I reached home, Mintu will eventually take me to the roof top and make love to me. I was sure that his taking off my saree on the roof top followed by my wearing it would be difficult and could take long. So it would be safer and easier to take off and then wear a salwar and kurta set. Though ideally, I should be wearing a short nightie with no panty. But then we were not married and certainly not supposed to have sex. Incest is taboo!!!!

I strung up all the wet bed clothes. They became dry quickly. Once they were dry I folded them and pout them into my friend's cupboard and made the bed with fresh bed clothes.

I cleaned the kitchen. Took a wet cloth and wiped all traces of my bum on the table where he made me sit and get fucked.

As I was finishing, the phone rang. My Mother was on the line, "I say, Mintu is here from IIT for only one night with us. You better come back as soon as you can."

I feigned surprise and asked my Mother if the car could be sent to pick me up. She informed, it was on the way already and would be with me in 20 minutes. I then asked her to put me on with Mintu on the phone.

Mintu came on the line and talked to me (his sister), "Hey. What are you upto?? Where are you?? Never in, when I visit your home." ("Kee ray. Kotahyey aachchesh? Jokhonee aamee aashee, tuee baadi tay neyee."

I knew that only he could hear what I was saying and that he was clever enough to keep this trend of conversation, while I said something else entirely and said, "Hehehehehe. You fucker. Now you want me to come back so that we can fuck again isn't it?" ("Hehehehehehe. Khaalee choodbaar eechchaa. Hain? Tuee chaash jay aamee tarataree pheeree. Taholay toar choodbaar plan ta kortay paareesh.")

He answered, 'Okay. Okay. Just come back soon. Always having fun at your friend's house."

"Yes and what fun did we have???? Tell me. Tell me."

"Okay, so should I wait for lunch for you or will you reach later?"

I did not reply. So he added, "Okay, then. So, see you soon."

Our driver arrived within ten minutes. I handed him my overnighter and locked the flat and got into the car. After a bumpy and noisy 40 minute drive I was home.

When I reached back, I rang the bell. The door was opened by one of the many maid servants. I quickly walked up to the living areas on the first floor. My Mother was sitting in the large sunny balcony with Mintu and chatting.

I stopped and looked him and said, "The food in IIT does not suit you. You look gaunt."

He had his repartee ready. He said, "And you? You have lost weight. Errrr. In some places." (I knew he was referring to the loss of weight on account of his shaving my pussy.)

Lady like, I answered, "That is good news then. I am for ever putting on weight!!"

He stood up like all well behaved brothers and offered that I sat down on the cane chair next to my Mother. I instructed the maid servant, "Komola. Bring another cane chair here."

The cane chair arrived immediately and we all sat down and chatted for a while.

All mundane talk peppered with light hearted teasing between siblings, bordering on quarrelling and some double entendre.

My Mother soon disappeared into the kitchen to organize lunch.

The moment she went away, Mintu asked, "How are you feeling after last night?"

"Fine. A little sore, though."


"You slapped my bottom pretty hard. There are still some welts on my bum cheeks."

Naughtily he said, "Let me see!!" and made gestures as if he wanted to immediately inspect my bottom and in so doing he was about to make me lift my kameez and pull the waist cord of my salwaar to do a look-see!!!

"Huh. Shut up."

Soon lunch was served and we repaired to the dining room and quickly had rice, lentils, spinach, cauliflower curry and crab meat for lunch. We topped it up with some Bengali sweets.

Soon after lunch, my Mother informed that she had to take her afternoon nap and added. "Khuku. Look after your brother." She went into her bedroom.

Mintu stood up as a mark of respect as she went away. As she left, Mintu quickly looked around to see if any one was around. When he found no one was near, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me near and put his left arm around my waist and held my face with his right and planted a strong kiss on my mouth.

I tried to break away, worrying that one maid servant or the other will see us that way and the news would break quickly. Or she would insist that I get fucked by her boy friend or that she gets fucked by Mintu or she will ask for money.

As I squirmed, he said, "Kiss me. Or else you are not going anywhere."

I quickly kissed him on his lips and broke away and said, "What are you upto?? Stop it. We can get caught you know!!"

While he let me go, he said, "Take me to the roof top. I have to make arrangements for tonight."

I repeated what I had said to him earlier in the day, "You are an insatiable imp."

"Who asked you to have such a juicy pussy?? Huh?" ("Aatow roshalow gooood rakhtay kay bolaychcheelow??)


I escorted Mintu up the stair case. We passed the second floor level, where my Mother's bedroom, my bedroom and the guest room were located and then and walked one more flight of stairs and walked into the open roof at the third floor level.

He looked around. I could see his IIT type meticulous inspection. I wondered what he was planning. Where will he do it?

He said nothing. Except while walking down the stairs, I asked, "So?? What is the plan?"

He answered, "There are two ways we can be there. The first one is, if you tell you Mother that you and I want to chat on the roof top and you get a chatayee (straw mat) up. The other can be that I go upstairs with a chatayee under the notion that I want to enjoy the open skies and you come up later to see what I am upto."

"And then?"

"I put you on the chatayee and fuck you."

"Good God. That is daring. As if no one can see what we are doing from other roof tops!!"

"So?? So what? Let them see. As of they don't fuck."

I said, "What if none of them is possible?"

He kept quiet for a while. I wanted to see how devious he could be, the way I had found a method of spending fruitful time with him in my friend's flat.

"Well. I think you should tell your Mother that I am a nut and that I want to be on the roof till late in the night to see what Kolkata looks like deep in the night. Given my reputation of single mindedness, she will accept this to be one more manifestation of my nuttiness and she will say, okay, let him," Mintu said.

I thought for while and said, "May be she will agree. But, how ill you get me on the roof??"

"I suggest, after she says yes to my nutty plan, you suggest that I carry the key to the roof top, so that I lock it on my way down for security's sake. I think, she will think otherwise of my level of responsibility and suggest that you be with me when I am on the roof. You protest this arrangement saying that you had no intention of spoiling good sleep in order to let me gaze the stars!!! In this process, she will be convinced that you are being made to do something that you dislike and that, in the process of sibling irritation lay safety for the house."

I was amazed. He was inventive. But my concern was if she put her foot down and suggested to Mintu that star gazing was no way to spend a night and that it was best that he abandoned his silly plan. So I asked, "What if she says No??"

"Don't dare me. I will enter your room and fuck you in your bed with your Mother and Father in the next room Don't dare me. When I want you, I want you. Okay."

I felt an electric shock passing into my crotch hearing the latent violence and the depth of his desire for me.

The rest of the day passed generally chatting. His seeing my collage books, notes etc. He spent a lot of time teasing me about inane matters. Most of the time I complained to my Mother loudly, "Maaa. Daykho Mintu amaakey jaa taa bolchchey." ("Mom. Please intercede. Mintu is really bothering me.")

She paid no heed to my complaints.

In the evening when we went for a walk in the front garden of our house, Mintu said, "Khuku. In the night, you wear a salwar kameez set. I want you to wear the blue and red kameez which has buttons all the way in the front."

"Why?" I asked. Demonstrating what a bitch I was, all the time knowing why he wanted that kameez.

He did not answer. He only added, "And no bra. Okay."

I nodded my head.

Then he asked, "Did you feel the difference between fucking when your bladder is full and when it is empty?"

I remember, he was pressing my lower abdomen down while he was giving me some powerful strokes. As he pressed my abdomen down, urine almost came out. The more I tried to stop urine from coming out, the pussy muscles contracted and the fucked became maddeningly good.

A shudder passed through my spine thinking of the incredible pleasure it caused.

He said, "You loved it. Isn't it? Tonight also, drink a lot of water and no peeing. Okay."

Later I went into my bedroom and changed into the salwar kameez set he wanted me to wear. I did not take off my bra as he asked for. I was sure that such a digression would not miss my Mother's hawk eyes. Besides, I like him taking off my bra and then feeling the creamy boobs one by one. Or even gasping and grabbing both of them.

Dinner was served by 9.30 PM. I drank a lot of water.

During dinner I casually mentioned, "Ma, Mintu wants to enjoy the weather on the roof top after dinner. Really silly plans he has!!"

My Mother asked him, "Mintu. Really?"

Mintu nodded his head.

She responded immediately, "Of course. That is no issue atall. Khuku, you ensure that the door leading to the roof top is locked when he comes down back."

I protested copiously and said, "Naaa. Ma. Aaamee parbo naa. Mintu'r paglamee amaakey ghumotay debay naa." ("No. Mom, I cant do that. Mintu is a nut. And in pampering his nuttiness I won't be able to catch some sleep.")

My mother looked at me with that exasperated look which only harried mothers can give and said, "So what? He is here for only one night!! And you cant do this for your brother?? Shame on you!!"

I did not respond to my Mother but turned to Mintu and stuck my tongue out at him to make face at him.

Mintu smiled and said, "You can make as many faces as you like. I will see the stars and you will have to look after me. Serves you right for wanting to sleep all the time. Hahahahahaha."

A dinner ended, I called the maid servant and said, "Komola. Take that thin coir mattress to the roof and place it there. Mintu will spend some time there." And then I muttered, "Really stupid. I have to stay with him."

To cement the scheme I loudly asked my Mother, "Ma. Why cant Mintu lock the door and come down?? Does he have to be chaperoned by me? And why me?? My brothers cant do that?"

My Mother then became firm and said, "I have asked you what you should be doing. I want to chatting back Okay?"

Komola took up the 3 inch thick coir mattress upstairs and asked, "Didi, should I take a pillow and a sheet also?"

I knew, it would be better to have some of those handy. So I responded, "Okay. Take one pillow and a bolster and take one light night cover."

Komola again went upstairs and placed all and came down and reported that she had completed the activity.

While the servants went about closing the kitchen and shutting all the outer windows and locking all the other rooms, we chatted till about 11 PM. My parents went into their bedroom. In fact I could hear my Father snoring. The servants all retired to their quarters.

Eventually, at about 11.30 PM, Mintu got up and whispered, "So? Let us go upstairs."

I got up and walked to my parents' bedroom, knocked lightly on the door and peeped in and softly told my Mother, "Ma. I am taking that idiot upstairs. Okay? When I come down, there may be some noise. Don't bother too much. Really what all I have to do!!??"

My Mother simply said, "Okay." And lay back to go to sleep.

When Mintu was about to go to his room, he whispered to me, "Heeshee korbee naa." ("Don't pee, kay?")

Soon Mintu appeared back in his track suit. I could see a slight distension at his crotch and the clearly dangling motion. I knew he had taken his underwear off to make it easy. Also I knew that his cock was half on the hop and was anticipating its meeting my pussy.

We went upstairs like two good siblings.

As I unlocked the lock and was pulling the hasp of the bolt to the side, noisily, he wrapped his arms around my waist and slowly ran his fingers over my entire front, tarrying a while on my boobs and then at my crotch.

The moment his fingers ran over my boobs, he felt the bra strap and he knew that I had not taken my bra off; he pushed me and hissed, "You are wearing a bra?"

In the meanwhile the door was open. As we stepped in, he shut the door from the roof end, pulled the hasp shut and grabbed me and turned me around with my back to him and pulled me closer and slowly raised both his palms to softly cup one boob each on one palm and whispered, "Take that off."

I did not take steps to take it off. He released my boobs and then, one by one, unbuttoned my front opening kameez. The moment all the buttons were open, he pulled the back of the kameez all the way up my back and using both his hands, released the bra hook. The elastic released and the boobs bounced out.

He whispered, "I want this silly thing completely off your body,"

I knew he would simply take off my kameez and make love if I did not take it off immediately. Quickly I took the shoulder straps off from the small clasp that is used for adjusting the lift of the bra. The bra disintegrated and fell off.

He was happy.

Then he slowly slid his hands inside the front open kameez and started to fondle me. He whispered, "Lift your hairs from your shoulders."

I did that. As I did that both my hands were up and he was having a field day playing with my full breasts. As my hair came up, he started planting hot kisses on the nape of my neck.

I felt, may be somebody was watching. So I hissed, "Stop. Someone may see us like this!!"

He stopped and looked around. I quickly wrapped the kameez around my body, but I dared not button it up again. He would simply tear it away and keep me naked. I knew if I did not co-operate in his urgency, he would not like it atall.

Then he said, "Wait. Let me get the bed ready."

He quickly put the pillow in its right place and placed the bolster on the side and then took the cover and kept it aside, ready to be used.

On seeing his preparations, knees were giving way as I could feel the heat in me increasing and I could feel electric shocks passing through my body and terminating in my crotch.

I was buckling. He stopped me and turned me around like a doll and made me sit down on the mattress on the floor.

He sat next to me and said, "The stars, the moon and the Gods will now be able to see a brother fucking a sister."

I almost felt violated by a piercing eye from heaven.

He slowly put his left hand over my shoulder and slowly pushed the kameez down my shoulders. As it slid down, it restrained my elbows from the back.

He looked at my naked breast and said, "Your breast. They are luscious. On seeing these two my cock starts jumping for more!!"

I suggested to him, "Toar pant taa khuley nay." ("Take your pants off.")

Mintu stood up. I held the elastic waist band and with one pull, got the track suit down. Indeed he was not wearing any underwear. His cock lumped out and stood erect in front of my face.

I assisted him step out of the pants on the floor and then slowly raised my palms and cupped his balls with my left palm and wrapped my right palm around his cock. I slowly pulled the foreskin of his cock back and forth and got him more excited.

I said, "Toar baada ta to akkebaarey khada hoye aachchey." ("Your cock is really big and hard and raring to fuck.")

He quickly sat down next to me and kissed me repeatedly on my face and mouth and eyes and then slowly came down to my now fully exposed and swollen breasts.

I was now shaking with desire and anticipation as to what he will do next.

While kissing he suddenly stopped. He said, "Shuyey pod. Tokay nangto korbo." ("Lie down. I will now strip you naked.")

He pushed me down onto the mattress and placed my head on the pillow. My elbows were restrained by my lowered kameez and then without any fuss, he fished out the cord of my salwar and gave one tug.

While he spread the kameez apart from my torso and exposed my breast while restraining my hands, he suggested, "Paachchaa ta tol. Salwaarta nambiye dee." ("Lift your bottom. Let me take down this salwar.")

He let his fingers stray under the loosened waist band of my salwar right over where my pubic hairs were once there. It was rather exciting.

He repeated, this time with urgency, "Paachchaa ta tol. Salwaarta nambiye dee." ("Lift your bottom. Let me take down this salwar.")

I was too hot not to do what he wanted. I lifted my buttocks. He held the salwar with both his hands and pulled it down right till me knees.

As I put my buttocks down, he pulled the salwar down further till my ankles and left it there and then firmly held my two knees and said, "Spread your legs. Let me caress your bald pussy." ("Paa phaak kor. Toar nayada goooodey ektu haath dee.")

Firmly he held my knees and slowly bent them up and then spread them both on two sides. The salwar at my ankles was restricting my spreading my legs wide, straight.

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Mintu softly ran his finger tips over my calves and then right all the way up the inner thighs right till my gaping pussy. And then he ran his finger tips over my slit ensuring that the finger did not go not the slit.

My crotch tingled with anticipation and I hissed, "Ssssssssss. Please!!"

I suggested to him, "Take off your top. I want you naked too!!!"

He peeled it off an flung it away.

Then he changed his position to sting between my wide open legs and started to caress my breasts and the stomach and the inner thighs.

I was really hot. I moaned with pleasure, "Mnnnnn. Aaaeeee."

After about five to ten minutes, he suggested, "I will now get you onto the bolster."

He rolled the bolster next to me and lifted me off the mattress and placed me over the bolster, with my head dangling down from one end and the bolster ending just short of my buttocks. Then he slowly held the roiled up salwar and pulled it below the bolster. As he did that my legs got wider opened with my pussy pointing up and out.

That must have been a delectable position fro Mintu. He lowered himself onto my face and started to kiss me on my eyes, face and lips. Then he slid his tongue into my ears one by one. The shock of surprise and pleasure hit at the centre of my being, my pussy.

I could see, he was slowly going down my entire body, kissing me all over, with my hands arrested through the lowered kameez and my legs pulled apart and held back by my own weight through the rolled up salwar tucked below the bolster.

As he came down, he missed my pussy and shifted his attention to my inner thighs. He started to lick the inner thighs and came up slowly to my apex.

As he reached my pussy, he said, "I will now eat your pussy."

I protested, "Someone will see us. Please cover me and then .. . . .!!"

With his two hands he parted my pussy lips and looked at it and then sniffed my snatch and said, "Just lie back. Let me kiss this small clit of yours."

He started to sexually torture me as he slowly swirled the clit and flicked it and went on teasing my sex.

All I could do was to writhe with pleasure and let out muffled cries, "Aaaaah. Ooooh Ma. Aaaaee. Please. . . .!!"

Then he left the pussy lips apart and he slid his tongue inside my cunt mouth and let his hands slowly knead my boobs simultaneously.

While his tongue fucked me his hands played with my boobs.

Soon I had to tell him, "Aibaar ammakey choodey dey." ("Now fuck me. Please.")

He slowly disengaged himself from my cunt and raised himself up.

He pulled out the salwar that was tucked under the bolster and lifted the cloth up over my head and placed it behind my neck.

I looked like a frog. But his most favorite pussy was now gaping open in front of him and I was totally under control, wet and wanting.

He slowly knelt between my legs and said, "Khuku tokay eibaar aamee chudow," ("Khuku. I will now fuck you.")

His hands moved to slowly play with my boobs and he brought his cock nearer and nearer to my cunt and soon the tip touched the mouth of my pussy.

He pulled one hand back, held his cock and slowly ran it over my slit.

His cock circled my clit once or twice.

I could take it no longer and hissed, "Aamaar goooodey dhukiye dey. Aaamaakay chod." ("Put it inside my cunt you bastard. Fuck me. I am hot.")

His cock was gorged with blood and hard and fat. He slowly gave one small push and the tip just slid in.

No matter how many times one has fucked, the entry is a surprise. And verrrry exciting. As it entered, I cried out, "Hnnnnnnnn. Sssssssssssss."

He started pumping his dick in and out. Slowly at first. And in each stroke it went in another half an inch.

He then pressed my abdomen down. The bladder was full and urine was about to leap out from my pussy. I contracted my cunt muscles to hold the urine in. As the cunt became tighter, the in out pumping became more and more pleasurable.

As he pushed in and then pulled it out, I cried out, "Aaaeeee. Oooooh Maaa. Bheeshon laagchchey. Chudish naaa." ("Aaaeeee. Oooooh Maaa. It is hurting too much. Please don't fuck")

Each time I said that, Mintu pushed a little more of his fat cock in a little bit more.

I dearly wanted him to reach my womb and deliver his semen deep inside me.

With each new stroke deeper and deeper, I was now crying with pleasure, "Aaaaargh. Aaaaaaee. Mnnnnnnnnnnn. Aaaeeeeeee."

He too was grunting, "Gnnnnnn. Ghnnnn. Aaaaaa. Ooooooh."

In minutes, he let out a cry, "I am coming. Darling Khuku. I am coming."

"Come. Come inside me. Aaaah Oooooh. Hnnnnnn. Aaaa."

I came may be a minute before he could.

Screaming our pleasure in muffled tones he collapsed on top of me.

As he lay over me, I wished my hands were free. I could caress his back and soothe him down. While shudder and after shudder passed through his body and terminated with slight pull back and push in action, all I could do was to contract my cunt muscles more and harder as the urine tried to leak out from my full bladder.

We lay breathing heavily together. Kissing each other softly clasped together in silence, savoring every moment of love.

As I recovered from the frenzy of the acme of pleasure I noticed that my hands and legs were really trapped and it was uncomfortable. So I suggested to Mintu, "Can you release me and let us lie together?"

I knew that Mintu was very soft inside, no matter how he bound me when he fucked. He slowly lifted himself off my bolster raised body. As he pulled himself up, his now shriveled cock came out of its receptacle with a small plop.

He then assisted me sit up on the bolster. Then he slipped my kameez off my back, leaving my top completely naked.

I sat for awhile with my hairs in a mess.

Then he assisted me pull my legs out from below the bolster and pulled my salwar off my legs.

I was stark naked now.

Then he slowly lay next to me and pulled me down from atop the bolster. I slowly lay next to him on the mattress. Then he understood my need to cover myself from prying eyes and my need for modesty in open air. He pulled the cover and placed it on top of both of us.

The new warmth of the cover relaxed me and I snuggled close to Mintu and whispered, "Kamon chcheelow?" ("How was it?")

He said, "Khoob bhalow." ("Very good.")

He kissed me on my eyes and pulled me near his body. I melted into his arms and snuggled closer.

While we were luxuriating in each other's arms. He said, "I will have gone away tomorrow evening to take Ranchi Express to Kharagpur. I don't want you fucking any one else. Get it?"

I said, "Hmmmm. Okay."

Then he added, "Also, keep your pussy completely bald all the time. Don't shave it. That will cause it to have bristles of hair. I want it baby smooth so that I can lick it and suck it whenever I want."

Again I said, "Okay. I will try."

"No. No trying. This is my pussy. No one else even touches it and it will be kept the way I like it."

He was being possessive. I understood that. I gave him one tight hug and said, "Okay. I will keep it bald, at al times."

I added, "You know I love you. Like a sister loves a brother. And more."

Mintu said, "Yes. I always fuck you like no one else can fuck his sister."

"When are you coming back to Kolkata?"

"Whenever I can I will make it. But next you come to Kharagpur to attend the Spring Festival."

"You want to fuck me in your hostel room?"

"Yes. And many more times. May be for seven days non stop I will get to fuck you."

After some banal talk, he asked, "Tokay aamee aarrow choodbo." ("I will fuck you again.")

I asked him, "Kown positioney choodbee, eibarey?" ("Which position do you want to fuck me now?")

"Tooee to akta haramjaadee kukoor. Tokay kookoorer moton peychchon theket choodbo." ("You are a bitch. You will be fucked like a bitch. You will be mounted.")

"Okay. Take the way you want. As any times you want. I am your bitch."

I lowered my hands and felt his dick. It was half up. I decided that I had to play with it and suck it if required to get it up, so that he could mount me from rear and fuck me like I am. A bitch. I would love it.

I softly held his half erect cock and started to pull his foreskin back and forth and said, "Come take me."

It didn't take more than a minute for his cock to raise itself up.

He slowly got up and asked me to move a little. He placed the bolster across the mattress and the pulled the pillow from under my head and placed it on top of the bolster. Once this was in place, he said, "Get on top of it, upside down. I want your ass up and the soft folds of your pussy visible from this side."

I got up on top with my head placed sideways on the mattress and my ass pointing up.

He removed the cover completely and then slowly knelt in front of his most desired hole and placed his cock tip on my pussy mouth and said, "Ektoo phaank kor, paa dutow." ("Open the pussy lips a little.")

I lowered my right hand from below and parted my pussy lips with two fingers.

He placed his cock tip on my pussy mouth and gave one push.

As it entered, my belly got pushed down on the bolster. My bladder was full of urine. I had to contract my pussy muscles.

He pushed his cock in another quarter inch. I squealed with pleasure, "Aaaeeee."

He pulled his cock back an inch and then gave one more push. It went in another quarter inch.

"Aaaeeee. Hnnnn. Aaaeeeee."

Push in. "Aaaeee."

Pull back. "Oooooh."

Push in. "Aar choodeesh na." ("Don't fuck any more. Please.")

Pull back. "Oooooh. Thaamaa. Please moray jaabow." ("Stop. Please I will die.")

Mintu said, "Shut up. Shut up."

He started delivering spank after spank on my upturned rump while fucking me like a piston.

The strokes were so powerful that I was sliding off the rolling bolster. He just caught my left arm and pulled it back like a policeman's grip and went on ramming me from the back.

As he went about fucking me, he almost yelled, "Play with your clit, you bitch. Masturbate!!"

I changed from holding my pussy lips apart to teasing and playing with my clit. The pleasure was indescribable.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

Like a piston his cock went on ramming my pussy.

I was coming. My contractions were building up. I was screaming, "Aaaaaa. Nnnnnnnnn. Ooooooh. Aaaeeeee."

He could feel it coming. He exhorted me, "Come. Come. Come NOW you bitch."

"Aaaaaa. Nnnnnnnnn. Ooooooh. Aaaeeeee,"

Being my second orgasm, I came first. But being his second one, he took longer and went on pumping my now miasma of a pussy, triggering off a series of small orgasms after orgasm. A sensation that only a woman knows what it means.

He came, may be a minute later, with grunts. "Aaaargh. Hhhhhhnn. Aaaargh."

I collapsed in a pool of sweat and Mintu lay on top of me.

Shudder after shudder passed through my entire body and he had spasm after spasm with a little more sperm entering my pussy.

That position, to say the least, was uncomfortable.

I just gave a non verbal gesture to Mintu that I would like to be more comfortable and enjoy the post coital bliss.

He co-operated and we came off that uncomfortable make shift contraption of extreme pleasure and lay side my side, completely naked, clasped in love for each other.

He peppered my face with kisses and caressed my back. I too caressed his back with my arms wrapped around him.

In order to be more comfortable, I turned around with my back to him. He fitted his body onto my back and slowly wrapped his hands around me, with his left arm acting as my pillow and his right hand over my nipples.

I lowered my right hand and lifted my right leg up and slid my hand through my open legs and held his cock and placed it between my thighs, close to the pussy opening.

Once his cock was in place, he and I made rather comfortable noises and snuggled in each others arms.

After a few minutes he asked, "How was this fuck?"

I answered, "Mmmmmmm. Great."

He peppered my neck and my face with kisses.

I asked, "Kee ray. Toar neejer boan kay choodey keerokom laagchchey?" ("So?? How does it feel to fuck you own sister?")


I answered back, "Mmmmm." And snuggled closer to him and let him know how much I liked getting fucked by him.

Mintu was silent for while and enjoying the love of a 20 year old girl who was now full woman.

Then he broke silence and said, "I am off tomorrow. But I don't want to leave your love and go. I want to take you along with me and keep you with me for good."

I understood his feelings and said, "Lokhee shona. Tor poda shoonow kor. Tui to janeesh jay aamee towree. Tuee jokhon chaeebee tokhonee aamee tokay deeyey chodabo. Tui khalee bolay daykh." ("Dear darling, you have to complete your studies. You know I am only yours and that I will fuck you whenever your want. Just ask and I will be there.")

He kissed me back and then said, "Yes I know what you feel. I love it that you went on the pill so that I could fuck you without the condom. I loved really fucking you. I really wanted to be close to you. And our closeness should not be separated by a layer of gossamer!!"

I turned my face around a little. He raised his mouth and kissed me on my face and said, "Still. I want to take some part of you with me."


Then he said, "I want you to wear a saree tomorrow. I want you to wear a panty the whole day. As the day progresses, I am sure I will get to play with you. I am sure your juices will come out. At least a little!! Before leaving, you take off your panty and the bra and give them to me. I will be able to smell them and remember your boobs and pussy."

He then added, "Also, I will cut a lock of your hair and take it with me to smell your hair."

"Okay," is all I could say!

I realized, he truly wanted me.

I thought a little while and decided that the night was still young. What could I give a man who only wanted me other than atleast one more fuck?? Besides, there was more to do before we went down as brother and sister and suggested to him, "I want to suck your cock," and slowly released my self from his grasp and turned around to reach his now flaccid cock.

I turned around and lay the other way around. He then made pillow for me on one his things and pulled one of my thighs to use it as a pillow and we slowly went into the (side by side) 69 position.

Mintu whispered, "Toar paa ta oporay koar," ("Lift one thigh apart") and pushed my upper thigh into vertical position and started to kiss my now open slit. It was truly very sensitive after this much of fucking.

I took his cock into my mouth. It tasted very different. I could taste my own juices as also his manly semen. I pulled his foreskin back and started to suck his dick and rotate my mouth.

In the meanwhile he was giving flick after flick to my clit and caressing the entire mound of pleasure.

It did not take more than two minutes. His cock was up again and my clit?? It was bursting with pleasure.

I moaned, "I am hot. Do something."

Mintu suggested, "Let us do it the missionary way."

He placed the bolster and the pillow (one on top of the other) below my head and slowly took a kneeling position between my legs. He said, "I want you to see how you are fucked."

I said, "Daara. Amaar goodta kay phaank koray dhoree." ("Hang on let me hold my pussy lips wide apart for you.")

I used my right hand to part my pussy lips and with my right I held the erect and throbbing cock and guided it into the pussy mouth.

He softly kissed me on my face and on my mouth. I slowly drew my legs up and parted them, inviting his entering me.

I exhaled and raised my hips to slowly let my pussy eat up his erect and hard cock. This was an invitation he did not want not to respond to. He slowly pushed himself all the way in.

He bit my neck, as he slowly began to slide in and out, while his tongue entered my open mouth and explored every part of my mouth.

I wrapped my hands around him, while he pumped her, harder and harder.

Drawing my legs tight to my chest, I felt him push deeper and deeper into me. The sensation was awesome, and I did not want him to stop. He didn't, just kept going, building a rhythm that threatened to blast me into another orgasm.

Pushing up on his knees, his angle changed, rubbing across my clit and sliding deeper into me. I cried out with each thrust, my body shaking beneath him like a live wire, until the feeling washed over me again. My nails dragged up his back, leaving red marks and tears in the skin.

He was slamming into me now, sweat dripping from his chest to mine, pooling between my tits, his lips racing from my neck to my nipples to my lips. We were in a feeding frenzy of each other, as he crammed himself into my tight pussy over and over. Suddenly he slowed down, and I realized he was close.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into myself. I felt him explode into me and then collapse atop me. Both were covered in sweat, breathing heavy.

After regaining his breath, he said, "Tuee shottee chudtay parish." ("You are awesome.")

I answered, "Tooee – o choodtay parish. Babbah. Amaar goodta haluaar moton dheelay hoye gyachaey." ("You too can fuck real hard. With all the pounding with that fat dick of your, my pussy is mash now."

I leaned up, kissed him again, then closed my eyes.

I felt him pull out, and finally lay beside me. Wrapping his arms around me, I slithered against his body, kissing his chest. He tasted like salt.

I think we slept about an hour.

The cold weather made me wake up in my lover's arms. I glanced at my watch which was discarded when he made me 'completely naked', and saw, 3 AM. I knew we had to go down and become good girl and boy in our respective bedrooms as if nothing had happened atall.

I woke him up and started looking for my gold necklace, my six gold bangles, my ring and two diamond ear tops (that were part of my normal daily wear). He looked at me getting ready to go down. I tried to tie my ruffled hairs with a rubber band. When I raised my hands to tie my hair, my boobs lifted and perhaps looked enticing to him. He raised himself up and softly kissed each of my nipples and said, "Actually you are far too sexy. I could take you again." I wore my normal jewelry and was ready, neck upwards.

I said, "Come let us go down."

He got up and said, "I will now get your dressed. I will make you put on your clothes. You can do that to me."

I stood up. He picked up my salwar, which was a complete mess. Straightened it out and then placed them below my legs. I stepped onto the salwar. He slowly pulled it up. As it came near the knees he decided to have one last kiss on my pussy.

I caressed his hairs. He pulled up the salwar and tied the draw string and looked up at me.

He then got up kissed me several times on my breasts and then on my face and once again said, "I could fuck you atleast one more time before you go!"

I knew that time was running out. So I said, "Me too. I would love to fuck you again. But we must go down now."

He looked for a got my bra back and said, "I am keeping this."

I nodded my head. He picked up my kameez and let me wear it and bottom up the front.

Then I located his clothes and made him wear them. Before packing his cock inside his track suit, I kissed it several times. It must have been sensitive. He pulled back and said, "Don't do that. If it again jumps up, then I will have to fuck you!!"

Once dressed, I ensured that we did not leave any tell tale signs of our roof top sex session and let him take the key and proceeded downstairs.

As we came down, my Mother heard us and asked, "Is that you Khuku?"

I answered back, "Yes. This chap just wanted to see more stars etc etc. It is soooo late."

As we walked into our rooms, he whispered, "Don't forget my instructions."

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I went into y room and lay down and savored the soreness of my pussy, the mauled feeling on my boobs and the welts on my bums and went to sleep luxuriating in his love.

My whole body ached. But ached for more love.

I woke up late next morning. I wore a crisp fresh cotton Bengal saree and remembered to wear a panty underneath. I ensured that I wore a cotton frilly bra also. I knew he would ensure that he took them off with his own hands before leaving.

Even Mintu woke up late, but went in for his bath etc while I complained copiously to my Mother of Mintu's star gazing and the never ending talk he did on the theory of the universe etc and the terribly boring evening I had with him.

She only shook her head and said, "But he is your brother darling!!"

By lunch time Mintu was up and going about the house and he was planning t leave by 6 PM to take the 8.30 PM Ranchi Express to Kharagpur.

After lunch, Mintu suggested that we sit in my room and chat. I knew what that meant.

With a twinkle in my eye, I announced in front of my Mother, "Maaa. Just hear this. Mintu won't let me rest after having bull shitted me till 3 AM today. Now he wants me to listen to his bull crap."

My Mother looked at me and said, "Khuku. Mind your language. Never mind, he is your brother and it is okay. You take him to your room. You lie down and let him talk!!!"

I made a noise that signified disagreement and said, "Maaa!!! You really don't care if I can sleep a while or not!!"

I made it appear that I had to say, "Mintu. Let us go to my room and chat. But. But. But, mind you, I may dose off to sleep while you talk of all the theoretical shit."

He answered back, "You read too much of Mills and Boons and all that pulp. That is why your brain is turning to pulp."

With that I proceed to my room and he followed suit. I knew Mintu would really let me know what he thought of me and my body and my sexuality, in no uncertain terms.

As I entered, I shut the door and bolted it.

He grabbed my pallu (saree going over the breasts) and pulled me back. I landed up in his arms, looking up at his face. He asked, "You locked the door since you expect me to fuck you is it?"


"Yes. You did."

"No I did not."

He calmed me down and said, "Look. I want to get you all wet, so that your panty smells of your juices. Are you wearing a panty or not?" He ran his hand over my butt and felt the panty line.

"Yes. I am," I said, and smiled.

He wrapped his arms around me and started to kiss me all over, saying, "You are a hot, beguiling woman."

He then steered me back into my bed and kissed me all over. I knew he was upto heavy foreplay. In the best case, he would make love to me and in the worst he will make me have orgasms.

As I had mentioned in my earlier stories, I wear boluses which have hooks in my back. That infuriates him on one hand and on the other, it makes him hotter. I wanted him hotter.

He said, "Let me remove this stupid pallu from over your blouse." And just moved it away exposing my heaving bosoms. He flipped me over like a piece of fish and quickly undid my blouse hooks and again flipped me over and just pulled off the blouse from my body and flung it away. My white frilly bra was open and he could see them well. He kissed each boob one by one and asked, "How long are you wearing this bra?"

"Two hours."

"I hope you have not put some extra perfume. I want your smell, not that of a perfume."

I assured him that I had done anything like that.

He kissed me on my boobs and sniffed me all over. "Dey. Toar bra ta khoolay nee aar ektoo maaee teepey nee." ("Come let me take this bra away from you and let me play with your boobs.")

He quickly undid the clasp and peeled off my bra. He then kissed my naked breast and caressed them one by one.

He the started let his hand stray towards my saree diadem and slowly tantalized me with his fingers coming and brushing the petticoat and saree waist band, trying to get under the saree just under my navel and then going away.

Each time he did that I would suck in my breath so that the stomach got tucked in and his fingers would slip under my saree.

He then lay next to me and let his feet play with my feet. My saree got hitched up as the two feet played with my legs.

Finally, he propped himself up and aid, "Toar saree ta khulay deechchee. To nahoyeelay mushray jaabey." ("I am taking off your saree. Else it will be crumpled.")

He made it sound that he cared more for my saree than getting to see my pussy!!!!

He slowly held my saree diadem and slowly pulled it out from the tucking under the petticoat. I sucked my breath in and turned my face away, in mock modesty.

Then he whispered, "Let me take it off completely. I want you naked."

I whimpered and kept my face turned away, while he pulled the tucking of the other end of the saree out from my petticoat.

Once the saree was detached from my body, he ran his hands over my abdomen and caressed the crotch and said, "Haraamjaadi. Goodboti." ("Bitch. You cunt.")

I answered, "Take of your clothes also. Let me see that monster."

He did not argue. He quickly took off all his clothes. His cock looked enormous today. Why?? I thought. It could not have become bigger in one night of strong fucking. I worried, "Can this enter and come out of my mouth?"

Once he had taken care, he once again took his position.

He lowered his face and kissed me several times over my abdomen and then licked my crotch from over my petticoat. Each time he did that I just could not help it. My buttocks lifted to meet the enjoyment!!!

In very little time, he inserted his fingers under my petticoat front through the slight cut on the petticoat and fished out the cord. He got them straightened out and then said, "Toar petticoat ta khooley dichchee." ("I am taking of your petticoat.")

Slowly he pulled the cord and then loosened the cord around my waist.

Then he sat up on the bed and softly said, "Lift you buttocks." I did. He slowly slid the petticoat off my body and dropped it on the side of the bed.

He then stood near the bed and said, "I am going to give you pleasure that you thought was not possible on earth." I was intrigued. What would he do?? Was there anything better than getting fucked???

With that, he picked up the limp petticoat from the floor and pulled out the waist cord and held my left ankle and tied it to the bed post. I tried to wriggle and protest. He indicated to me that he would spank me very hard indeed if I protested too much.

He added, "Beshee jhamela korlay toar dhoray pondh meray debo." ("Any more protests and I will bugger you, you bitch,")

He then rushed to my wardrobe and took the waist band of my dressing gown and tied my other ankle to the bed post, with my legs eagle spread.

Here I was, completely naked except from my white panty with a wet patch on the clit, lying eagle spread on my bed and helpless.

For some unknown reason he then got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. He returned shortly with my toothbrush in hand. Wet, with water dripping from it.

I had no idea why!!!

He then slowly climbed onto the bed and took a position where he could see my crotch well and control it as well.

He started to tantalize my crotch running his finger tips over my slit, softly and imperceptibly. I was raising my hips to meet the finger, throwing my head from side to side. Hissing, "Sssss. Aaaaahhhnn."

Soon, he took the tooth brush in his hand and said, "Keep your hands up. You will now get the tooth brush treatment."

I was aghast. What would he do with that?? Put it in??? No. I did not want to hurt my pussy.

I pleaded, "Amaar gooood ta chcheeray jabay. Lokhee shona, aita diye goooodey laggash na." ("Dear darling. Please, this will tear my pussy and hurt my clit. Please not this.")

But all he did was to start running the brush from top over the slit right down between my wide open legs till my ass, over the panty.

I felt an electric shock passing through my crotch. It was excruciatingly pleasurable.

I moaned with pleasure and said, "Stop it. Please stop it. Please. Aaaaahhhnn Aaaaahhhnn Aaaaahhhnn Aaaaahhhnn Aaaaahhhnn."

He realized that I would not keep quiet with this kind of pleasure. And my Mother will hear my pleadings for more pleasure, and she may knock or walk in. That would indeed be disastrous. He quickly got up, rolled his handkerchief into a ball and forced me to open my mouth and put the home made gag in.

I tried to take out the gag with my hands. He looked at me sternly and said, "Don't."

"Just put your hands up."

He held the brush and passed the handle over the slit, softly. That was again like an electric shock. As time went bye, his brush scratching was becoming harder and harder.

I was turning and twisting with pleasure and throwing my head around. And lifting my ass to meet the brush. The gag was keeping my noise down to "Hnnnn. Nnnnnnnnn. Mmmmmmm."

Then he switched to the bristles. That was maddening.

Once as it passed I tickled my clit. I let out a small muffled scream, "Hnnnn. Nnnnnnnnn. Mmmmmmm."

He asked, "Did I hurt you?"


He realized that I would soon be coming. He went on relentlessly till I came and came and came.

He let me rest awhile. Then he pulled the gag out and asked," So? How was it?"

"My God. That was incredible. Where did you learn that?"

"Imagination. Darling. For one's girl one has to imagine."

As I relaxed with shudder after shudder passing through my body and the pussy mouth opening and closing repeatedly in delayed satisfaction, he realized that it was time to release my legs.

He just took off the knots on the bed post.

He climbed on to the bed and said, "Okay. So. Now I am ready to leave for Kharagpur."

He added, "I will take that panty off and take this one with me. It is all wet with your juices. I will take that. That will give me the smell of you whenever I want. This toothbrush has your pussy juices. I can taste you wherever I like."

I asked, "And what about me? What do I have to be with, while you are way?"

He said, "I don't know. That s upto you."

I said, "Okay, then let me drink your semen atleast once."

"No. That is terrible. It will smell bad. You will not like it."

I answered, "You will listen or do I tie you up with the bed and suck your cock till I have the semen in my mouth?"

He was amazed and relaxed as I made him lie down on the bed and I propped myself up and started to suck his cock and play with his balls. I told him, "Take off my panty in the meanwhile."

I knew that once he saw the pussy, he would remain up till he ejaculated.

He peeled the panty off. I let him sniff my slit while I sucked and sucked. Then in less that five minutes of pure sucking and licking and caressing his balls, he came into my mouth.

Slop after slop of semen hit my mouth. He said between sobs of pleasure, "Don't. Spit it out."

Yes. It did smell. It was salty. But I drank it up.

We lay together for over 30 minutes.

I could hear the tea tray being prepared. I told him that it was time to go out as brother and sister again. He got up, wore his clothes. I looked for a fresh bra and then wore my blouse and wrapped the same saree around. I did my hair and he did his and we stepped out of the room as if nothing had happened.

During tea, chatting with my Mother, he suggested that I visited him during the Spring Festival. She said half yes.

Then it wax time for him to go. He suggested, "Okay. So I will get into a bus and go to the station."

I suggested, "No. Why doesn't the driver drop you at the station?"

My Mother felt it was good idea. But added, "No. Khuku. You go along and see him off. You are doing nothing better at this moment and will do nothing either."

In the car, he said, I will write to you. I have decided to name that special pussy of your 'Neera'. So that even if someone were to read my letter, they would think I am referring to your friend."

That was clever. I added, "Then I will name your cock 'Kukoor'."

I smiled and asked, Toar kukur ta kamon aachchey?" ("How is your dog keeping?")

He asked, "Why Kukur?"

I laughed and said, "After all it is the Kukur, i.e. the dog that runs after the cat! And the cat can be called 'pussy."

He laughed and said, "Tuee Neerar dakhaaa shona koreesh. Ar oar chool bodo hotay debee naa." ("You look after 'Neera' and don't let her hairs grow!!")

Suddenly he said, "By the way. You better get off the pill. That is not good for your health at this age. But before coming to Kharagpur, start it again. Doing 'that' with gossamer around it no good."

I nodded. He quickly patted my crotch and winked at me. "It is my property. Keep it well."

The station reached. He leant across and started to pick up some thing from the floor. I asked, "What has fallen down?"

He did not answer. He simply straightened out and while so doing kissed my boobs quickly in one motion.

He got out of the car and left.

I came back to my room and the memories of the few days of pure love sheer pleasure

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