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My first real sex, that is with other than my right hand, was when I was eighteen


My first real sex, that is with other than my right hand, was when I was eighteen. Though my sisters, cousin, and I had been masturbating together since before the previous Christmas, our activities hadn't progressed beyond that point. Mid summer that year was my true initiation with a woman.

I was working my usual job at the feed & grain store in town. It had been in business since before I was born, owned for the last twenty years of so by man and wife who lived outside of town on some acreage. The husband was killed by a drunk driver several years before my seventeenth year. His widow, Rose, decided to hold onto the store but sold their acreage after having an apartment constructed in the back loft area of the large, barn like structure which housed the store. Rose was in her late forties at the time, fairly large bodied but not obese, thick thru the waist with large hips and absolutely ponderous tits. Contrary to the styles at the time, she generally wore her hair down rather than "big." Most of the time she was dressed in jeans and either a sweatshirt or western style shirt. The jeans were always tight, not painted on tight, but definitely hugging her form, holding her butt cheeks like two nice globes. I never saw her at work without what must have been an industrial strength, superduty bra on under her shirt. Her tits seemed to counterbalance that butt of hers. While Mom had large breasts, Rose's when constrained and supported by her bra seemed to dwarf them by comparison.

One afternoon in late July, I'd put in my usual 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM work time humping sacks, bales, and bins around, in, and out and was sitting on the loading dock, more like a large porch on the side of the building, sweating and drinking a Coke. Rose had come out there and we were making small talk as I tried unsuccessfully to cool off in the shade. She asked me if I could help her get a new table up to her apartment before I headed home. I saw no problem with that of course so I stood up, tossed my now drained Coke can in the trash barrel and said, "Sure." We went inside where she pointed out a small table by the sales counter.

"Mr. Harbaugh brought this in today - he built it for me in his woodshop." She told me. "I'm just not comfortable carrying it up the stairs."

"No problem." I told her and checked the heft of it. It was a solidly built, white oak end table and was heavier than it appeared but not too heavy for a eighteen year old dumbshit like me to hoist up and carry. So I picked it up and Rose led the way to the stairs along the side of the cavernous interior of the building which provided access to her apartment up in the loft. Up the steps and into the apartment where, for the first time I'd ever seen the interior, I took note of how it was finished. It was done in a kind of rustic style with real wood paneling and burnished pine floors. It was larger than I realized and had large windows on the backside of the building that admitted a lot of light. A window unit type air-conditioner built into the rear wall had it comfortably cool compared to the July temps outside.

Rose pointed out where she wanted the table and after I placed it as directed she asked me if I wanted another Coke. I said "Sure, thanks." And she headed into the kitchen, returning with a Coke for me and a Seven-Up for herself.

"Sit down, Hut. You don't have to just stand there." As she motioned toward her couch.

I said, "I'm pretty dirty, Rose. I don't think you want me on your furniture."

She said, "You've earned a sit down." So I sat down and leaned back against the back of the couch to enjoy the Coke. Rose sat opposite me in a chair and began asking about my family, how they were doing, how about my sisters, etc., etc. We sat and chatted as we drank our pops. Before I finished mine, she asked me, "So, do you have a girlfriend yet, Hut?"

I just told her, "No, not really." And it was true. The mutual masturbation sessions with my sisters and cousin had taken the edge off my teenaged lust so I felt little real burning need to find a girlfriend.

She said, "Well, that's too bad. Maybe the right one will come along this coming school year. Your going to the JC this fall, aren't you?"

"Yeah, start in September," I stood up and told her, "I better get going," and started toward the door.

As I went out, Rose patted me on the shoulder saying, "Thanks for the help, Hut."

"No problem," I replied over my shoulder and headed down the steps to go home.

The next afternoon, around my quitting time, Rose approached me and asked, "Can you give me another hand up in my place?"

Without a thought, I said "Sure," and she led the way to the stairs.

Up in the apartment, she closed the door behind me and told me, "I've seen how you've been staring at my chest."

"Uh oh," I thought, "It's been that obvious? I'm in trouble now. I'm gonna' get my ass fired."

She saw the look of consternation on my face, stepped closer, and said, "Oh, it's OK, Hut. You're not in trouble. I take it as a compliment that a young buck like you is staring at my old body. Here, sit down, I'll get you a Coke," as she put her hand on my shoulder and nudged me toward the couch. I sat down and she returned with a couple of Cokes and sat down next to me on the couch. "You don't mind if I sit here, do you?" she asked.

I said, "It's your place. You can sit wherever you want, I guess." She handed me a Coke and began drinking hers. "What did you need help with, Rose?" I asked.

"Nothing really," she replied, "I just wanted to let you know that it's OK that you look at me like that."

As I felt her hand on my thigh down near my knee, all I could say is, "Oh." She was turned slightly toward me with one of those humongous tits shoved into my right upper arm. I had to switch my Coke to my left hand so I could raise it to drink without mauling that tit as I moved my arm. Thinking about that tit on my arm, I could feel my penis beginning to engorge in my jeans.

She moved her hand to my shoulder and said, "You get pretty hot and sweaty out there in this heat, don't you?" Her tit was pressed tighter up against my arm now that she moved her hand up to my shoulders and her arm was out of the way.

I lamely said something like, "Uh, yeah," and took another drag off my Coke.

She said, "You know, Rob used to like a long soak in the tub after getting so hot and sweaty." Rob was her dearly departed husband, pancaked by the drunk in a big Oldsmobile a couple of years prior. "He even like some bubble bath in it. Does that sound like something you might like?"

"I usually take a cool shower to feel better after work," I replied.

"Well, nobody says the bubble bath soak can't be cooler water," she said as she pulled me closer with her left arm wrapped around my shoulders and put her right hand on my leg.

Stupidly I asked, "Where's this going, Rose?"

She replied, "Well, if you want the whole story, Rob used to like to soak and have me bathe him when we got home from the store. Would you like something like that?" I could feel my penis getting harder until it was pressing against and constrained by my jeans, preventing it from rising to its desired stance. Rose looked down at my lap and said, "I think you would like it, maybe a lot," as she let her hand glide up my thigh to the bulge in the crotch of my jeans. "You can't hide it," she said. Nudging me off the couch with her arm on my shoulders, she said, "Come on. I'll run you a bath."

I stood with her and let her lead me down the short hallway to her bathroom. It was fairly large and had a very large bathtub with a shower curtain. It was the size tub we'd call a soaker tub today, but I'd never seen one like it at that time. I said, "Large bathtub."

Rose just said, "Yeah." As she turned on the water to fill the tub. She sat down on the closed toilet, drew me over in front of her, and began to undo my belt and jeans. As she did, I kicked off my sneakers, and she pulled my jeans down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and she picked them up and draped them on the side of the countertop. My boxers were now tented out and she took them by the waistband to pull them down my legs. As my penis popped free of the waistband it was standing fully erect right in front of her face. My penis is of average size, so there's no bullshit here about my "ten-inch love pole" or any such thing as that, but it was, none the less, fully erect right in front of her. She gave no apparent notice of it as she reached up and lifted my T-shirt hem up to pull it off. I raised my arms to let it slide off as she stood up to pull it over my head. Onto the counter it went then she sat back down, leaned over, and pulled my socks down, one at a time as I raised each foot off the floor. There I was, standing naked in front of my boss in her bathroom. She reached over on the counter and took a bottle and poured some directly under the water flowing into the tub. Bubbles immediately began to brew up and spread across the surface of the water. "This isn't scented very much, you'll like it. Into the tub with you," she said as she nudged me toward the half filled bathtub. I climbed in and sat down in the slowly rising water. "Is the temperature OK for you?" she asked. I nodded and she said, "I'll be right back," as she left the bathroom.

I laid back in the tub. Inside it now, I could feel how big it really was. I could stretch out it in lengthwise and with my feet touching the faucet end, my shoulders barely reached the other end of it. And it was at least ten inches wider than me at my shoulders. It seemed more like a small pool to me than a bathtub. As I lay there contemplating the tub, my mind off the fact that I was naked in my boss's bathtub, Rose came back into the bathroom. She had changed into a flower print, satin like long sleeve robe, tied at the waist, the wrists loose around her forearms. It was similar to a Japanese style Kimono and her breasts strained against the fabric above the waist sash, nipples protruding clearly against the flower print. "How's the water?" she asked.

"Feels good," I replied. The water was about two-thirds of the way up the inside tub wall, covering me completely as I reclined.

"Good," she said, "I knew you'd like it." She turned off the water and reached for a large, natural sponge hanging on a rack midway between the lower faucet and the showerhead. After dipping it into the bath water, she squirted a liberal amount of liquid bath wash onto it. "Here, sit up, Hut," she said. I sat up in the tub and she began scrubbing my shoulders, back, chest, and arms with the sponge. "Lift up your leg," she said. I raised my right leg - the one nearer her - out of the water and she scrubbed my foot, my calf, then began on my thigh. The sleeve of her robed dipped in the water so she stopped, put the sponge down, and rolled it up above her elbow before finishing with the sponge on my right thigh. After I dropped my right leg back into the water I raised my left leg. When she reached across to scrub it, her right sleeve fell down and dipped into the water again. "Darn," she said, dropping the sponge in the water and standing up. She undid the sash of the robe, pulled first one arm out, then the other, letting the robe drop on the floor behind her.

"Holy shit!" I thought, "Those tits are even bigger than I figured." They were huge, hanging down to her waist, but with just enough firmness remaining in them that they stood out a ways from her body rather than just flattening out as they sagged.

She must have seen my eyes widen or something because she said, "Rob really liked them, too. He never, in over twenty years we were together, ever tired of them."

I looked away momentarily then looked over the rest of her body. She had a smaller waist than I realized, large hips and heavy but not obese legs. She looked fairly well toned, not flapping rolls of flab or anything like that. Like the hair on her head, her pubic hair was very dark brown, almost black, and was shiny in the light of the bathroom. As she was sitting down on the toilet lid again she asked, "That's OK, isn't it? I mean my taking my robe off."

Almost blathering I said, "Sure. I see my mom and sisters naked all the time around the house."

She said, "Stand up." So I stood in the tub and she proceeded to scrub my butt, testicles, and still erect penis with the rough sponge. When she stopped, I stood there for a moment then sat back down in the water. She asked, "Do you mind if I get in with you?" Without waiting for a response, she proceeded to climb in and sit down facing away from me. "Scrub my back, OK?" I picked up the sponge and began to scrub her shoulders and back with it. When I'd scrubbed down to below the waterline she said, "Let me get some more of the bath wash," as she stood up and leaned over to the cabinet on the other side of the toilet to pick up the bottle. Sitting back down facing me she squirted a fair amount on the sponge and handed it to me. With her sitting, facing me, her feet were on either side of my butt. As she raised her arms up over her head, elbows bent, forearms resting on her head she said, "Here, scrub." I began with her shoulders then upperchest. Her tits were hanging down well into the water and as I began to lightly scrub the front of them, she reached down with both hands and lifted them out of the water, raising them up. I scrubbed them lightly then scrubbed under them and she let them back down into the water before lifing one leg. She put the sole of her foot lightly against my chest and I scrubbed her leg from her foot to the top of her thigh, then we did the same with the other leg.

She then stood up and turned her backside to me. I scrubbed her lower back, butt cheeks and crack, and the tops of her thighs. She turned around to face me. I scrubbed her lower abdomen, pubic hair, and tops of her thighs before she bowed her legs slightly. I scrubbed between her legs and she said something like, "Hmmm, thats nice," before I quit and she sat back down in the water. After she sat down, she scooted toward me so that her legs were on top of mine, her feet reaching behind me as mine did behind her. She touched my chest with the fingertips of both hands before letting them dance softly on my skin down into the water. They lightly brushed my still erect penis and testicles before she grasped my penis in one hand and cupped my testicles with the other. She was squeezing gently and releasing with both hands as she said, "Without a girlfriend at your age, you must be playing with this thing fairly regularly, aren't you? I know boys your age walk around with just about a all the time with a hard-on."

I admitted "Yeah, I guess so," as she began to stroke my penis lightly. I reached out, first with my right hand then with my left and grasped a tit in each. Lifting them out of the water I looked at them closer than before. She had large, dark aereola and protruding nipples which seemed to harden almost instantly under my touch.

She softly said, "Let's get outa' here," and reached behind to open the drain before standing up above me to reach for a towel on the rack next to the tub. As she leaned over me, her wet, matted pubic hair was just about in my face. She had a towel for each of us and handed me one as she climbed out of the tub. She stood there on the bathmat drying as I stood up in the tub and began doing the same. When I had dried down to my knees, I stepped out of the tub next to her and leaned over to finish drying. When I stood back up, she was waiting for me and enveloped me in a tight hug, mashing me into those massive breasts before releasing me, taking my hand and leading me out of the bathroom then across the hall to her bedroom. Turning back the covers she motioned me onto the bed before climbing in next to me. I was on my back and she scooted up above me on my right side until those tits were right in my face. I did the natural thing and began to suck on first one and then the other. She said, "Hmmm, that's nice, Hut, but suck more of my nipple into your mouth. Suck the whole thing in and squeeze it with your lips and massage it with your tongue." I did my best to comply and got a "Yeah, that's better," from her. After a few minutes, she scooted down next to me and took my left hand and pulled it toward her abdomen. I rolled toward her onto my side and she put my hand right in her damp pubic hair saying, "Touch me everywhere, Hut."

Moving my hand lower I searched between her legs. She put her hand on mine and guided my fingers to the lips of her pussy. I felt their moist softness and began to explore with my fingertips. Determining the length of her slot I began to let my fingers slide up and down it's length. She put her hand on mine again and pressed my fingertips into her pussy a bit. Following her lead I began to probe into its warmth and growing wetness. Remembering those big tits I raised my upper body enough to lean over and try to suck on them. She lifted the one nearer my mouth and held it up while I began to suck it just as she had explained to me. I felt her hips begin to rock a little as she put her hand on my fingers and guided them to her clit. I felt its marble sized firmness and began to play with it with my fingertips. She put her hand on my fingers again and softly said, "Around it, Hut, up and down its sides, you can squeeze it gently. It doesn't feel that good when you're pressing on the top of it." So I began to circle it with my fingertips, squeezing it gently then releasing it to let my fingertips dance around it some more before repeating the gentle squeezing. She softly said, "Oh yeah. That's it," as her hips began to rock more, thrusting at my fingertips. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me, tongue probing my mouth for my tongue until we met in the middle and let our tongues play gleefully with each other. I could feel her hips moving faster and more until she began to tremble all over and moan softly, as if to herself.

We were still kissing deeply when she had made her way through her orgasm and I had removed my hand from her pussy. She took it and put it back as she broke off the kiss and said, "Just touch me softly for a bit more. It feels good after that." So we laid there for a few minutes like that, my fingertips lightly caressing her very wet lips.

Rose sat up, pushed me onto my back, and said, "Now, for you." And straddled my legs. She began to stroke my penis with one hand while cupping my testicles in the other. After a few moments of this, she raised herself up and moved up my body while holding my penis before guiding it into her pussy and sitting down on me. I felt the wet warm softness of her pussy envelope my penis. "How does that feel?" she asked, "Like you thought it would?"

"I guess. It feels great, I mean." And it did. She leaned over toward me and lifted one of her tits toward my face while supporting herself with her other arm. I began to suck on her breast and she began to rock her hips on me. I could feel myself rapidly rising toward release before my hips began to thrust involuntarily. Still sucking on her tit I felt my scrotum tighten up and my penis begin pulsing in her pussy. She slowed down her rocking motion as I came then stopped altogether. I said, "Sorry I didn't last any longer than that."

"Oh you were just fine, honey." She replied as she rolled off of me and used one of our bath towels to wipe both of us off some. We laid there on our backs next to one another for a few minutes before she asked, "Was it what you expected it to be, Hut?"

I said, "I don't know what I expected it to be, but it was great as far as I'm concerned," as I rolled onto my side facing her. With her on her back, those big tits were mounds hanging off each side of her chest, so her right one was up against me. I began to run my fingers lightly around the nipple before asking, "Could I suck on them some more?"

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She said, "Of course you can, baby. Here," as she scooted herself back against the headboard to sit most of the way up on the far side of the bed and patted her lap. I crawled over crossways on the bed and with my head in her lap began to suckle first at one breast, then the other. Rose was running her fingertips through my hair as I sucked. I spent some time enjoying those big tits before I felt her hand on my again erect penis. She asked, "Are you ready for more?" I stopped sucking and sat up; she scooted down the bed on her back and raised her legs in the air beckoning me with, "Here, honey, right here." I scrambled over between her legs and into her arms and had no trouble finding her wet pussy with my penis, sliding it right into her hot wetness. I laid down on her and began kissing her as I thrusted my hips, our tongues played together as I continued to thrust in and out of her. Breaking off the kiss, I raised myself on my extended arms and knees and began to thrust faster and harder using my whole body. Rose wrapped her legs loosely around the small of my back and cooed, "That's it, honey. Fuck Rose hard." I began to hammer her as hard and fast as I could, the mounds of her tits bouncing back and forth in response to each of my pile driving hits. Rose began to say, "Oh yeah, oh yeah," repeatedly and was meeting my thrusts with her own. She suddenly stopped thrusting her hips in rhythm and began to just jerk and tremble. She pulled me down to her with her arms wrapped around me and tried to stick her tongue down my throat as she came, trembling all over. I was still thrusting as best I could and felt myself about to come. Just as I hit top, I planted myself as deeply as I could in her and hung on as I rattled and shook through the best orgasm of my life to that time.

Collapsing on Rose, I was breathing hard as she stroked my back softly with both hands. "That was good, Hut. You did real well."

We laid there for some time before I said, "I better get going."

Rose replied, "Yeah, I guess you better. Tomorrow?"

As I got up and wiped myself off with a towel, I said, "Sure. If you want to." I went in the bathroom, found my clothes on the counter, and brought them back into the bedroom to dress. My legs felt weak as I worked to lift them to get them in my boxers and jeans.

Rose got up off the bed, stuffing the other towel between her legs and stood by me as I sat on the edge of the bed tying my sneakers. When I sat up, my face was close to her tits and I leaned over to suck the nipple for a moment before standing up on wobbly legs and kissing her on the lips. "Bye bye," I said.

"Bye, honey," Rose replied and I headed down the hallway and out the door of her apartment. I had to hold onto the rail whan I was descending the stairs since my legs felt like they could collapse at any moment and fling me down the rest of the steps.

Out of the store building and into my truck, I headed home. On getting there, I headed straight to my bathroom downstairs to take a shower, lest somebody notice the nice scent of Rose's bubble bath and bath wash on me. I was lying naked on my bed across the hall in my bedroom when I heard Mom coming downstairs. She came into my room and asked "Long day?"

I said, "Yeah, I had to stay a little later than usual."

She rubbed my damp head before heading back upstairs with, "Dinner will be in about an hour."

I worked the next day as usual until just before my quitting time when Susy, the girl who was manning the sales counter called to me and said, "Hut, Rose asked if you could bring these up to her. She's upstairs." She handed me a folder with about an inch of papers stacked in it and I headed for the stairs. When I knocked on Rose's door she answered it in her robe.

"I've already drawn our bath, Hut. Come on in." She said. She took the file from me and laid it on the couch as she led me to the bathroom. I began to undress as she slipped her robe off and let it fall to the floor. She climbed in the tub ahead of me and sat in the water watching me finish undress. I climbed in and Rose invited me close by pulling me by my shoulders. I scooted to her until her legs were wrapped around me on top of my legs wrapped around her. She reached in the water to stroke my rapidly engorging penis and testicles.

We washed each other pretty much like the afternoon before except when we were done, I reclined on my back and she laid down on top of me, those big tits squashed up against my chest and spilling out on either side. We laid like that for a while, kissing and me stroking her back. When we decided to get out, our skin was beginning to prune up.

In the bedroom, I laid down on the bed, covers pulled back, followed by Rose scooting over against me on her side. I turned toward her to kiss her and play with her tits, them lying sideways in a huge doublestack. After a while of tongue gymnastics and titty play, she raised up, pushed me on my back, leaned over me and began kissing my chest and skating her tongue around on it. She worked her way down to my abdomen, came back up and kissed me on the lips again, probing for my tongue before drifting back down to my abdomen and then to my thighs. Working up from my thighs I felt her mouth on my testicles and her hand on my penis just before feeling her lift my penis and take most of it in her mouth. She began to scoot herself around until she was head down sucking on my penis and her thighs were near my head.

She kind of rolled on top of me with her knees on each side of my head and I was staring into her pussy at point blank range. I brought my hands up and began to explore it with my fingertips, able to see exactly what I was doing from this angle. I was able to see how much her lips protruded and even see the slight bulge of her clit when I separated her lips there. Lifting my head slightly I ran my nose closer and smelled the scent of the bubble bath and bath wash. I began to lick her lips from front to back and Rose responded by lowering her body until she was basically grinding it into my mouth. I continued to lick her lips, circling and began to probe with my tongue. She responded with faster stroking of her mouth on my penis and a hand tickling my testicles. Searching out I found her clit with my tongue and circled it over and over, my tongue dancing around it. Reaching with my lips I was able to draw it between them and begin sucking it gently. I heard Rose's "Hmmmm," as she continued to suck and lick my penis. I could feel her head bobbing up and down on me as she stroked. Feeling wetness running down my chin and cheeks, I continued to suck on her clit, interspersed with running some laps around her lips and probing as deeply as I could with my tongue.

I could feel her hips beginning to rock, grinding herself into my mouth more and more until she began to shake through an orgasm. Once through the climax, she began to really work on my penis as I continued to lick her gently. I could feel myself rising toward my own orgasm, my hips began to thrust, thrusting my penis in and out of her mouth as I got closer and closer. Feeling myself about to cum, I stop thrusting as I began to shake through it. I could hear Rose making slurping and swallowing noises as she milked me dry.

She turned around to lie next to me. I said, "That was great."

Her hand was on my fading erection as she said, "You liked that, did you?"

"Oh yeah."

She climbed off the bed saying, "I'll get us a couple of Cokes," as she left the bedroom. She came back shortly with two cans. As she came through the doorway, those big tits really caught my attention and I felt myself beginning to engorge again. She sat down on the bed and leaned up against the headboard as she handed me my Coke. I reached out with my free hand to fondle her tits as she sat there. "You really do like these things, don't you? Do you want to suck on them some more?"

I quickly put my Coke down on the bedside table and scrambled over to lie down with my head on her thigh and a nipple in my mouth. Drawing as much of her tit into my mouth as I could, I began to squeeze the nipple up against the roof of my mouth with my tongue as I closed my lips on the aereola to squeeze it gently. I laid there happily sucking her tit while she drank her Coke and stroked my penis slowly and gently with her free hand. When she was done with the Coke, I heard her put the empty can down on the bedside table on her side of the bed and turn loose of my penis. "Come here." She said. I sat up and she scooted down the bed to lie flat and raise her knees and arms up to welcome me. I quickly scampered over between her legs and she immediately had my penis in her hand guiding it to her pussy. Supporting myself on my knees and hands, I began to thrust then increased my speed and force until I was really hammering her good. Those tit mounds were jumping back and forth with each impact as she wrapped her legs loosely around my lower back and ran her fingertips up and down my chest and abdomen. This time I was doing a lot better than the previous afternoon at lasting before cumming and I continued to hammer her until she tightened her legs around me and hugged me down to her with her arms. As she reached up and pulled me down, her arms being up lifted her tits some, making the mounds squeeze in and up, and I landed in them as she hugged me close. "Let me get on top." She said as she loosened her grip on me. I rolled off of her onto my back, my erect penis lying wetly on my abdomen.

She raised herself up and straddled me, guiding my penis as she impaled herself on it then leaned over to put those tits right in my face. I reached up with both hands to grab both tits as she began to slam her hips on me front to back, front to back. She was hammering me like I hammered her. Lifting her left tit to my mouth I began the same sucking action on it as before except that the movement of her body made it kind of jump in my mouth. I had switched back and forth between her tits several times when she began to cum, her hip movements getting a little more erratic. She began to tremble and shake while moaning softly in time with her movements. When she finished with a sigh she stopped moving and just sat there with her eyes shut. Opening her eyes she looked at me and smiled then began to move her hips again, more gently than before. She continued gently like that until I was near orgasm. My hips began to thrust and she stopped her movement and raised herself up some on her knees. I began to thrust into her as hard as could while holding onto her hips. It wasn't long before I began to cum and planted myself into her as deep as I could. She lowered herself, pushing my hips back down as I worked my way through my orgasm. When I relaxed she laid down on me and kissed me. We laid there kissing as I felt wetness running down my testicles.

We spent several afternoons a week for the rest of the summer in such play and Rose taught me a lot about how to please a woman, how to make her the center of the world when making love with her. I think back often to my times with her and, not infrequently, she will flash through my mind when I'm making love, even to this day.

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