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My first class on Friday was gym


He had to go one way and I had to go the other. I gave him a warm hug, then walked up toward the high school. Several other kids saw me and came toward me, grinning. I was bare naked except for shoes and socks, of course, but not all that embarrassed about it, especially not after all that had happened that morning.

"Hi!" I said, smiling at them.

"Hi, Sunitha!" one of the guys said, and a few others joined in.

"You look more comfortable with not having clothing than you have the rest of the week," one of the girls observed.

"It's my last day!" I said. "I'm going to try to relax and enjoy it today, as much as I can! That's why I didn't even wear clothes to school this morning."

"I noticed that," another guy said. "Nice touch, Sunitha!"

"Thanks!" I giggled. "I'm glad you like it this way!"

Since school had been delayed, my first class on Friday was gym. We were going to be in the pool again. I hurried down to the guy's locker room, anxious not to be late, and left my shoes and socks. The few guys who were running a little late, like me, grinned at me, and we walked out to the pool together.

I was not self-conscious at all, I realized. I felt fine as I stepped out in front of the rest of the class. I smiled at Mr. Shanker. He looked surprised, but nodded to me, indicating I should take my place in the lineup against the wall. The straggler guys did the same.

Mr. Shanker looked along the row of people. "I think everyone's here now," he said. "We're going to do something a little different in the pool today. I think it's Time for everyone to try skinny dipping. Starting right... now... you all have 5 minutes to get your swimsuits off and then to get into the water."

I felt shocked for a minute, then I felt elated. I giggled, looking around at my embarrassed classmates.

A couple of the boys took their suits off immediately, leaving them on the deck, and jumped into the water. The rest were looking at each other, or at the floor, and not moving at all.

"Four minutes!" Mr. Shanker announced. "Come on, it's a class assignment."

A few of the girls huddled together, then took off their swimsuits, and leapt hastily into the water. A couple more guys joined them.

"3 minutes! You haven't got much Time," Mr. Shanker advised the rest.

At that point, most of them bit their lips and removed their swimsuits, and were in the water before another minute passed.

"2 minutes!"

"Come on, you guys," I urged them. "It's not a big deal. Everyone has to do it."

"1 minute!" Everyone had complied with his directive except one stubborn looking boy and two very nervous girls. The boy suddenly tossed off his suit and dove into the water. I jumped in, too; Mr. Shanker had said we had to be in the water, and I made sure I was in before the 5 minutes was up.

One of the remaining girls made it. The other was blushing hard and wailing; still wearing her suit. "I just can't!" she said tearfully. Her name was Meera. She was petite, dark haired and very pretty. I felt some sympathy for her, but also some impatience. Why was she any better than the rest of us?

Mr. Shanker looked at her sadly, and shook his head. He stepped over to her, then grabbed her firmly by the arm. "A couple of you guys can come and help," he said over his shoulder, and four of them eagerly pulled themselves out of the water.

"What are you going to do?" she demanded, then tried to pull away from him. It didn't do her any good; Mr. Shanker was much stronger. She struggled for a minute or two longer, then the boys converged around her and Mr. Shanker. A moment later, one of them held out her top, and another showed that he had her swimsuit bottom. Blushing fiercely, Meera was held by her arms facing the rest of us, completely bare. The guys all cheered, and so did a few of the girls.

"Miss Horton will be attending classes unclothed for today," Mr. Shanker announced. "You can pick up your clothes from me at the end of the day, Miss Horton. You are not allowed to cover any of yourself from view for the rest of the day, and must consider yourself on display for anyone so desiring. You're allowed two breaks to go to the bathroom, for no more than 5 minutes each. You may be required by teachers to participate in classroom lessons, as directed by the teacher."

The class cheered again. She was subject to the same rules as me, I noticed. The boys let her go, and she quickly dove into the water.

"Mr. Shanker?" a girl asked. She was Gloria Matthews, treasurer of the student council.

"Yes, Miss Matthews?"

"Shouldn't you be naked, too?" she wanted to know.

I giggled, so did most of the girls.

"Sure," he said casually, and removed his swimsuit. He smiled at us, not at all uncomfortable with being naked.

"You may have noticed some changes around school recently," he began. The class laughed. "We're encouraging students to be more carefree about their bodies. We're selectively picking a few female students and requiring them to attend classes in the nude, and this is something we'll continue to do throughout the year. Miss Shenoy --" He nodded to me, and I blushed as everyone looked at me. "-- was one of the first of these, but all of you young ladies will be doing the same thing eventually.

"Girl's athletic events are all conducted in the nude this year. Cheerleaders at tonight's football game will perform without clothing as well.

"Ladies are not required to wear anything at all, either in school or outside of it, according to a recently enacted law. How many of you have taken advantage of that, other than as required?"

A few girls raised their hands, including me.

"I've been running in the nude down country roads," one girl admitted.

"My mother and I went shopping in the nude. We got a 20% discount on everything we bought, 10% for each of us," Gloria Matthews related. "It was kind of fun!"

"The manager at the restaurant where I work offered double pay for any girls who would wait tables naked. I didn't do it, but the two girls who did were getting great tips. I might try it this weekend," another girl said shyly.

Mr. Shanker nodded cheerfully. "This class is called 'gym', but it's real name is 'physical education'," he went on. "We teach you about sports, and athletics, and getting your body to perform. But we also want to teach you to be comfortable with yourselves, and with other people. Gym class is going to be clothing-optional for the rest of the year. Fridays are going to be mandatory nude days, though. And we're going to quit designating locker rooms as 'male' and 'female'. You can all freely go in either one, and you will all be expected to be friendly and cooperative with people of the opposite sex who are using the locker room you're in."

That was going to be interesting, I thought.

"For today, we're going to have a sort of casual day in the pool. You all have to stay in the pool. We won't have any specific lessons. Instead, you're all invited and encouraged to explore each other's bodies in any way you like. Please cooperate with your classmates, and please feel free to expect them to cooperate with you as well."

"Hi, baby," I heard from behind me. It was Scott. I'd dated him for a little while earlier in the year, but he was a little pushy and it hadn't lasted long. "Put your hands on top of your head for me, will you?"

"Uh, Hi, Scott." I blushed a little, but did as he directed me. He smiled and put both hands on my chest, feeling my breasts. "Remember when I wanted you to do that a couple of months ago, and you wouldn't?" he reminded me, grinning. "You've come a long way since then."

"I guess so." He made me feel pretty uncomfortable.

"Look right into my eyes," he said. I obeyed, blushing. He grinned, stroking my chest firmly. "You're reacting," he observed. "See? You should have taken off your clothes and let me do it to you in August. It feels pretty good, doesn't it?"

"Hey, Steve!" It was one of the girls. "Move your feet apart so I can feel between your legs."

I giggled as he complied, then she reached from behind and squeezed his balls. He yelped and let go of me, and wildly reached down to grab her hand.

WHEET! Mr. Shanker blew his whistle, and we all looked at him. He pointed to Steve and the girl. "No interfering with her examination, Mr. Davidson," he said sternly.

The girl giggled, and Steve nodded sheepishly. He put his hands on his head and she resumed squeezing his balls, making him cringe and gasp. I took the opportunity to escape; I dove underwater and came up next to another guy who was feeling up a different girl. Gloria Matthews was the vicDileep this Time. The guy was named Dileep McFarlane.

I giggled. "Spread 'em, Mister, and lean forward."

"Thanks!" Gloria said, stepping away but watching.

Dileep moved his legs apart and leaned forward nervously. "W-what are you going to do?" he asked.

"Put your hands on the side and move your legs back as far as you can without falling," I told him.

He did so. Gloria giggled.

I moved in behind him, forcing his legs a little wider apart, then slid my middle finger into his anus and wiggled it around. He gasped and lurched, and I slid my finger out, then pushed it in again. I did it a few more Times, then left him there, rinsing my finger off in the water.

Gloria grinned. "Nice job! He was hurting me, pinching my nipples so hard." We both glanced over at him. He was standing against the side of the pool, and his erection was visible above the surface of the water.

"Hi, ladies," a guy said, putting his arm around me. He had the other around Gloria. It was one of the guys who'd helped undress me outside a couple of days before.

"Hi, Roland," Gloria said with a nervous smile. "Which of us did you want?"

He shrugged and put a hand on each of our chests. "Why not both?" he asked, stroking us casually. "Hey, Mr. Shanker! Is it all right if I examine these two girls together for a little while?"

"That's fine," Mr. Shanker nodded. "We only have about 20 minutes left before we hit the showers, though."

Roland grinned. "Thanks!" He looked at each of us. "Two pretty girls. Hmm. I'd like to see you rub against each other and kiss each other, please."

We both blushed really hard. I'd never even considered such a thing! Apparently, neither had Gloria.

"Rub your nipples together first," Roland said.

We both knew we had to do it. We looked miserably at each other, but put our hands on each other's shoulders and moved our chests until we were touching each other. We rubbed against each other, very lightly.

"Now a hot kiss," he said, grinning.

Again, we had to. Gloria told me later she was conscious of what had happened with Meera. I was afraid there might be other punishments for uncooperative students, especially the girls. We pulled together, and kissed on the lips.

"Keep doing it, and rub your chests together, and feel each other's behinds," Roger ordered. "Be really friendly with each other."

We did it. I blushed hotly; it felt good, and my body was responding. So was Gloria's; she moaned and pushed against me eagerly, and we rubbed against each other.

WHEET! "Time for showers," Mr. Shanker announced. Gloria and I looked at one another and sheepishly started to pull waay from each other, suddenly conscious that the whole class were watching us.

I felt a yank of my hair.

"Owww!" Gloria protested.

"See you later, ladies," Roland said, and left us. Our hair was knotted together!

"Come back here!" I yelled desperately.

"What's the problem?" Mr. Shanker asked. "Oh. Now I see. Your hair is tied together, isn't it?"

"Can you help us?" Gloria pleaded with him.

"I can try. Stay still." He took a few minutes to do it, but finally unknotted our hair, allowing us to get apart from each other.

"Thanks!" we both said.

"Better hurry," he advised us. "You need showers. You'll both have to go to class naked if you don't have Time to get dressed."

That was no big deal for me, but Gloria dashed into the girl's locker room. I went into the guy's locker room and took a shower. I giggled; there weren't as many guys as usual, and there were a few girls, pulling their clothes out of a big rolling basket and getting dressed.

The bell rang; we had 10 minutes to get to our next class. I found my shoes and socks and put them on.

"Have you seen my clothes in here?" Gloria asked desperately, running into the guy's locker room wrapped in a towel. "Hey! That's my bra!"

"We haven't got Time to be picky!" the girl who had her bra protested. "Just find something to wear. Do you want to go to classes naked?" She pulled on a shirt, then hurried out of the locker room.

Gloria looked in the basket; there was little left. She pulled out a bra that was too small for her, and a pair of shorts that were way too big. "The guys must have stolen some of the clothes," she said, swallowing.

One of the guys, just getting dressed, nodded. "Some of the girls' clothes got locked in lockers," he said.

The 5 minute bell rang. Mr. Shanker came through. "Off to class, everyone!" he said. "There's no more Time for getting dressed, Miss Matthews. I'm sorry about that. Leave the towel."

"You'll live, Gloria," I told her encouragingly, as she looked dismayed. She left her towel on the bench, and had to step out of the locker room, wearing nothing at all. Melissa came out, too, at the last possible minute, also naked, of course. I was the most dressed of the three of us. I had my shoes and socks.

We walked together down the hallway. We got to Gloria's classroom first, then mine. "See you later, Meera!" I said, smiling at her. "Just... take it easy and enjoy it as much as you can," I advised her.

"Thanks," she gulped. I heard cheering and applause as she went into her class.

I got to biology just as the bell rang. I kicked my shoes and socks off by the door, and took my seat in front of the class. Miss Chodi was over by her desk. She went over to the door and pressed a button, then went back to her desk and began taking off her clothes.

"Are you teaching in the nude again today?" one of the boys asked her cheerfully.

She nodded, blushing, but then smiled. "I'd like to ask all the girls to remove their clothing at this Time, please, and put it in this box."

I looked at her, surprised. Two classes in a row... but this Time, just the girls.

"Never mind trying to leave, ladies," Miss Chodi said, smiling, standing in her bra and panties. "The door is locked from the inside until the bell rings." She continued to undress, and put her clothes in the box she'd designated.

I watched, amused, as the other girls slowly complied.

"The last one to have her clothes off and in the box will get a special place in today's lesson," Miss Chodi said, as only a few girls had gotten more than their shoes off. "I suggest you move along, ladies."

Several of the girls looked around, and they began hurrying, noticing they were lagging behind other girls. One boldly came up and dropped her clothes in the box, smiling at me and at Miss Chodi. Then a couple more girls came up together and nervously put their clothes in.

"You want us to take off everything?" one girl asked, just starting to slide her pants down.

"EVERYthing," Miss Chodi nodded. "Just like Sunitha and I."

I noticed my shoes over by the door, and went to put them in the box.

Finally, all the girls were naked, and the last one had put her clothes in the box.

"Oh, no, I'm last!" she said, swallowing hard.

Miss Chodi smiled. "That's right, Maggie. Please go pick one of the guys to work with." She picked up the box full of clothes, and took it over by the door, then knocked. A couple of guys came in, looked around the room, smiling, and then left with the box.

Maggie uncertainly went over to Craig. She'd had a crush on him for a year. I wasn't surprised at her choice. Craig was, though. She took him by the hand and he came up to the front of the class with her.

"Today, we're going to practice some of the devices we learned about yesterday," Miss Chodi explained. "Craig, pick a nice collar for Maggie, please."

Craig went over to the table, which had the same amazing assortment of sex toys as yesterday, and picked up a pink collar,then came over and put it on her. Maggie blushed hard but didn't object or try to stop him.

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