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My Daughter Daisy


I met my wife, Sandra, when we were in our thirties. She had a daughter, Daisy, from a previous marriage. Both mother and daughter were outgoing, energetic, and just plain fun to be around. Daisy’s father had died when she was seven and I often thought that might have a lot to do with her clinging to me. She liked hugs a lot. I would call her my princess, rain kisses on her forehead and she would cuddle up to me while I did her favorite thing; rubbing her back.

My wife was not able to have any more children, so we showered our affection on our only daughter. Or that is, I showered my affection on her. Daisy got away with anything, and everything. Sandra was hard on her; I provided the balance as I saw it.

I had a pool put in the back yard. Daisy loved it. She lived around it as much of the year as the temperature permitted. As a result, Daisy was usually dressed in little more than a bikini. She seemed to prefer brilliant patterns, but to her mother’s dismay she would just as soon jump in the pool in her thong underpants and a torn t-shirt. Her friends were no different. Many afternoons we had a house full of young women running around the back yard, laughing, splashing, and generally having a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun for me too. Since I managed my business from home, I was able to enjoy many hours watching these young ladies show off their blossoming bodies over the years.

When Daisy turned 18 and graduated from high-school, her mother seemed to go through her own mid-life crisis.

Daisy wanted to have an all-girl pool party. It wasn’t an unusual request considering all the other pool parties she had.

On the day of the party all the girls crowded into her bedroom at the same time and the laughter seemed louder than usual. Sandra and I were sitting in the family room, I was reading the paper, waiting to see what the girls would show-off. Suddenly it got quiet and I looked up as the girls paraded through the room and out the sliding glass door.

My jaw dropped. Each girl had an identical bikini that was hardly there. They were so shear they were almost invisible. I didn’t know they made such things but there was a logo on the front of the bottom that provided the only barrier to seeing their bare pussies. There was nothing left to the imagination except what could be done with such delectable flesh.

I looked over at Sandra and she was glaring at me. I shrugged – there was nothing I could do about how they were dressed. Sandra got up and stalked out of the room, for which I was thankful, I could watch the girls through the door.

In a few minutes Sandra came back into the room wearing her own bikini and headed to the bar. She poured one drink and drained it then poured another and came over to where I was sitting.

Calmly and slowly she undid her top and let it drop. She had my full attention now. I put my hand out toward her thigh and she slapped it away, then she untied her bottoms and let them fall. I figured at this point she would want to go back into the bedroom and release some of that pent-up energy we both were restraining.

Instead she turned and walked out to the pool and dove in. The girls were so surprised, maybe in part because of how naked their own bikinis made them; they seemed to take Sandra’s intrusion in stride. Until she swam back and got out of the pool. Then everything got quiet.

Sandra turned around looking each girl in the eye until they dropped their heads and came back in the house. Daisy wouldn’t drop her head she just glared back with her fists closed. When she finally came in she wouldn’t even look at me, she just went back to her room and stayed there the rest of the day. Her friends all left quietly. Sandra remained by the pool sunning herself, naked.

About an hour after the girls had gone home, Sandra got dressed and left without a word.

I knocked on Daisy’s door, but she wouldn’t answer and the door was locked.

I felt like I had been the victim of a train wreck. No one was talking to me and I had done nothing.

When Daisy did come out, she was dressed and had a duffel bag.

“What’s up, Princess?” I said.

“I just can’t take her anymore,” Daisy said.

“It was just a bad day. Please don’t go.”

“I can’t stay. Johnny has been after me to move in with him. He has his own place. I… I’m going to try that. If it doesn’t work, I’ll get my own place and get some of my friends to move in. That is, if I have any friends left after that performance.”

That was it; suddenly Daisy was gone from our lives.

Sandra returned home about 3 am so drunk she couldn’t get the door open. I woke to the noise of her banging on the door and let her in. When I tried to help her she pushed me away. She never came to bed. In the morning she was sprawled on the couch, her skirt hiked up enough to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Sandra started going-out with her girl friends several nights each week. When she got home she was always stinking drunk.

I tried to spend time with Daisy, taking her to lunch frequently. I tried to talk her out of living with the guy she had moved-in with. He had no future as far as I could see; he was a braggart and only worked part-time when he worked at all. I even offered to pay for her to have her own apartment.

In turn, Daisy would probe my relationship with her mother, which had become tense, bitter, and disappointing. Daisy felt my need and would hug me to interrupt my depression. I would respond as always, kissing her on the head, nose and cheeks, all the while rubbing her back vigorously. She would give me a final peck on the lips and then go.

When Sandra finally left, my bubble of denial was burst. I don’t know why I had let things go on for so long. My lawyer laid it on pretty thick about how smart he’d been to talk me into a pre-nuptial agreement. Sandra didn’t get a thing in the divorce. When the dust settled, my spirit seemed to have left me also.

Rather than let my business spiral down into oblivion, I sold it. The deal gave me money in the bank and payments on the remainder.

I had nothing to do with my evenings and the money came-in steadily from the new owners, so over the next year I added a room under the deck and put in a spa with a huge hot tub, sauna and a cold plunge.

I made sure the room had all the extras. A flat-panel TV hung from the ceiling, I put-in a bar, a fridge and a microwave. What a great way, I thought, to watch a game, or a hot movie. I even put in a security system that let me see anyone at the front door as a picture-in-picture frame on the TV. It was great. I even fantasized about getting a fresh young date to sit in the tub and watch movies with me, something to remind me of the good times when Daisy was young.

Instead, I settled for the porn station and my hand. I was just not ready to actually go out and try to find someone. And I didn’t want the mechanical insincerity of hiring someone to take care of me.

One night, a few weeks after finishing my project, I filled the tub, poured a drink, got naked, sat back, and started watching a new release of Oral Cravings. The action started immediately.

In the first scene, a blond with mammoth tits was slurping away on an impossibly huge dick. It wasn’t doing much for me, so just kind of sat and watched. It didn’t last too long, or maybe it was a matter of the guy didn’t last too long.

The next scene got more of my attention. In this one a younger looking girl with short brown hair was licking a normal size cock. As she moved up to get in a better position, she showed her naked body for a moment. She had average tits and a slender, athletic build, reminding me of one of the girls Daisy used to have over to the house.

She worked her way slowly up the shaft, licking and gently kissing it while running her fist up and down in a steady rhythm. A clear drop of pre-cum oozed its way out of the cock and started to run down the front. The girl smiled, looking at it flowing down toward her hand. Then she stuck the tip of her tongue just below it and eased her way to the top. She started to kiss the crown of the head and suddenly she simply swallowed the entire shaft in one slurp.

This was hot! I automatically grabbed my own manhood and started to match her bobbing on the dick on the screen. After a solid minute of pumping she let go with her mouth with drool stretching between her grin and his cock. She locked lips with the guy and raised her body above his. Her leg must have been on the camera mans’ shoulder because you could see her clean shaven pussy as she inched it toward her goal. She sat on his pole and let it slip into her slowly as though savoring every inch. They started to move into overdrive, the girl looking like a rag doll as she flopped this way and that. Her cries were getting louder each time the guy and her collided. I started to match their speed, imagining I could feel the girl bouncing on my pole. I was getting closer with them.

Right then, the doorbell rang.

What the hell? I thought. It was after 11pm. Who would be trying to see me this late? I grabbed the remote and fumbled with it, hitting the mute like I had a reason to feel guilty about what I was watching. Then I hit the security pop-up to see who was on the porch. I couldn’t see much of anything so I zoomed the camera out to see the whole porch.

It was Daisy, and she was not on her feet. I didn’t wait to see why she wasn’t standing. I hit the off button and jumped out of the tub grabbing my terry cloth wrap.

I ran up to the door and there she was on the front porch pulling her shoes off, one leg up in the air showing me her bright red thong. “Hi”, she said, rocking back on her butt showing me more. I still had most of a raging hard-on and seeing her like this wasn’t helping. She finally got to her feet with some effort not bothering to smooth her skirt down.

“I told stupid to go move in with his bitch if he wanted. And he said,” she started to break down, “He said, she could move in with him.” She started bawling and ran into my arms.

“There, there, Princess”, I said and kissed her on the forehead, “You’re here now. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of everything. We won’t let him get away with this.” Her top didn’t cover much more than her thong. She was braless as usual and the chemise she was wearing was too big for her. One strap was already off a shoulder and as I put my arm around her I could feel her nipples against my bare chest.

She pushed away from me and said, “I don’t ever want to see him again. I don’t care if he just gets to keep everything. I don’t want anything to do with him.”

“Ok”, I told her, “Come in and tell me all about it.”

“I don’t want to talk about it! I want him to fall off the face of the earth. And that bitch he’s been sleeping with instead of me.”

It took a while to calm her down. I could also tell she had been drinking, probably with her friends. In fact, it was a little surprising to see her at this time of night. If she was going out with her friends, they normally came home with the sun.

I took her into the kitchen and we sat and talked. We had been comfortable as a family with each other so it really didn’t bother me much that neither one of us were wearing much of anything. At least that was the case as long as I didn’t think about it.

Daisy never lost her real cute girl looks. She was about six inches shorter than me and without an ounce of fat on her smooth young body. She has sky-blue eyes, and light blond hair. Because of her darker brows, everyone thinks she’s a bottle blond, but she’s just the way nature made her. In fact, her naturalness was what attracted her bad-boy husband, and what was tearing them apart. He wanted her to get implants; she wanted to stay the way she was. Her breasts were just right as far as I am concerned. She’s not flat, and she doesn’t sag. She was a tom boy to beat the band when she was younger. In school, she could out run and out climb the boys. When she got old enough, she could out drink them too.

I told her about the new room downstairs and took her to see it. She seemed distracted and tired. Once I got her settled into her old downstairs bedroom, I went back up to get ready for bed.

I managed to get all the way into bed before I remembered that I needed to turn-off the tub. I put my wrap back on and padded down to the spa.

I expected to hear the tub going when I got down there. What I didn’t expect to find or hear was Daisy.

There she was in the tub; eyes screwed shut, gasping, breasts squeezed between her arms, nipples like rockets, and rubbing herself just below the water line. I was dumbfounded for a few seconds. She looked better and sexier than the girl in the movie. Her head was thrown back and flopping from side to side. One hand was pinching a nipple while the other worked away below the water.

I licked my lips. I shouldn’t have stood there watching, but I couldn’t peel my eyes off the luscious sight. My boner was as hard as ever and I started to sweat watching the water bubble by her hand and the wetness streaming down her breasts.

Daisy began to mewl as she got closer to a climax. She put her other hand into the water and started to straighten, lifting herself out of the water a little more. Now her pussy was just on top of the water and she worked one hand in circular motions as she fluttered her other hand across her lips.

I reached for my aching cock, squeezing it through the towel, then slowly moving to the edge, I began to slip my hand underneath.

Daisy opened her eyes and looked right into mine.

She stood straight up in all her naked glory. Or at least she tried. The tub has several contours to get the best angle of the jets. She had obviously positioned herself to get the special benefit of one between her legs. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much balance due to the drinking she had been doing, and she slipped and plunged below the water with a thump. I jumped into the tub without thinking, knocking by wrap off be the motion. I grabbed Daisy by her elbow and her butt and lifted her out of the water.

Daisy was sputtering, so I kept her bent over a little to help get the water out of her mouth. “I… I’m, sorry”, she coughed. “I’m so sorry.”

“Shhh”, I said. “There’s nothing to be sorry for. Are you all right?” She buried her head in my chest. It wasn’t until then that I realized that I was standing there naked, holding her naked body to me, and trying to comfort her.

“Here”, I said, reaching for my wrap which was soaking, half floating in the tub. She misunderstood and collapsed into me sobbing. This made me sit back on the center contour, with her in my lap. She automatically moved her legs to straddle me. There was nothing I could do without making her more aware of our situation. So I started to rub her back and murmur reassuring words to calm her down. With all the emotional upheaval of the day, she had to be about to go out of her mind.

She snuggled into me. “You must think I’m such a slut,” she said. My heart jumped. Evidently she was more aware of me standing there than I thought. “Shhh”, I said again, “I think no such thing. You’re my Princess. It’ll be alright, just relax, and let me rub your back. You’ve always liked that, haven’t you, Hon?” As I talked, I ran my hands in opposite directions up and down her back, from the waterline to her neck. I noticed she had opened a bottle of my Vodka and left it and an empty a juice glass on the edge of the tub.

“But, you saw…” “Don’t worry, you were hurt, that’s all. I just rescued you,” I said. “Come on now, be a good girl and relax. Let me get rid of some of that tension.” She looked up at me sleepily and smiled. Without any hesitation, she snuggled tighter against me and let me work my magic on her back.

After just a few trips up and down her back, she shifted a little bit to my right. It was at that point that us both being naked began to really affect me. The snapshot of her body just as she stood up flashed back into my mind – she was completely shaven. I felt no brush, only baby soft skin on my belly as she wiggled. I moved down her back with my right hand, pointed it at the water and rubbed all the way to the bottom of her butt. Daisy sighed, pushed her hip into my hand and moved her hands up and over my shoulders, laying her cheek and her firm breasts against me and giving me much better access to her body. I moved my other hand under the water and ran my right up her side, all the way to her arm. I did this slow and strong; fingers on her back and palm on her side. Those are the best back rubs. No feathers and no chopping, just slow, strong movements. The muscles relax and tension simply drains from the body. I kissed her again on the head. I figured that she would be out in moments.

Instead, the next time I reached for her butt, she shifted upwards just a little, letting my hand wander all the way down under her thigh. It also meant that she slipped her lips up my instantly hardening cock. I didn’t want to make it obvious, so I reversed direction to come back up. But her shift had moved her more into my hand than I thought and my fingertips slipped across her swollen labia. I gasped as I felt her slickness. She moaned and tried to follow my fingers as I managed to get around the curve of her butt.

I needed something to distract me or I was really going to be embarrassed. So I grabbed the TV remote and hit the power and mute buttons in rapid succession. I must have been connected to the porn channel the last time I had it on because it came up with two women slurping down an impossibly huge schlong. Fortunately I had muted it. Unfortunately, I dropped the remote in the tub, meaning I would need to keep Daisy from noticing until I got her to go to sleep. What I didn’t consider was that the wall behind us was reflective.

As I resumed my pattern in her back rub, Daisy continued to wiggle. Between her insistent sliding and the 42” image of two naked women’s ministrations on the TV, I was getting harder. I kissed Daisy again on the head, then on the forehead as she raised her face to mine and kissed me full on the lips. It wasn’t a long kiss. No tongue was involved. But it wasn’t a peck either. And instead of laying her head back down on my chest, she straightened up a little and looked over my shoulder.

I didn’t have clue at first, but Daisy smiled and began to move a little more earnestly. The way she was propped, her breasts were completely visible to me and I had no where to look without seeing naked flesh while she continued to rub against me. Finally she leaned in against me again and placed her face next to mine. I kissed her on the cheek and she returned the favor.

My back rub was getting more erratic in pattern. On one swipe up her side I felt her nipple and looked down to see that I had cupped her breast and was playing with her hardened nipple. I quickly changed direction but I could hear her breathing getting harder in my ear from her open mouth. I was having a hard time being quiet myself. I was sweating, even though I knew the water was below skin temperature. And I couldn’t seem to help myself. I knew this was wrong. At the very least I was taking advantage of a beautiful, young, inebriated woman. At the worst it was incest – even if she was a stepdaughter and her mother was dead. She was still a daughter to me.

But none of this was keeping me from getting closer and closer to orgasm. Daisy started to push harder on me every time she slipped downwards. I looked at her and noticed she was staring at the wall behind me. When I moved enough to see what she was watching, and realized she was reacting to the TV, she slipped all the way to the top of my swollen cock. In a panic, I turned back to the front and pushed just a little against her and managed to keep from slipping into her.

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She just moved harder the next time. This was agony. Even with the TV on mute I seemed to be able to hear the moans and grunts from the screen. Then I realized it was us.

Just as Daisy grabbed my face and kissed me, licking my lips this time, and forcing her tongue into my panting mouth, she kept raking her clit across the head of my cock. All of a sudden she came down on me so hard I could feel her clit almost bite into me as it raked over the head of my cock. That was all it took. I was lost. I had no control. Over and over I spurted seed between our bodies and while Daisy kept shuddering in her orgasm like the water was sending chills through her.

As we both came down, panting and totally relaxed, Daisy lifted her knees, leaned back in my arms and somehow slipped her swollen lips from the bottom to the top of my softening cock. I thought I was spent but I squirted one last time, clearing the water and landing just below her breast. She smiled, eyes still only half open, and laid back down on me. I tried to continue her back rub but my hands were shaking so much I’m sure I didn’t have any affect.

I used an old habit to try to get my breathing under control. I counted to 40 with my eyes closed, breathing in and out for each number. When I got to 40, I opened my eyes and looked down at my Princess. She was snoring softly.

Carefully, I got out of the tub with her in my arms, wrapped her loosely in a towel and carried her to her bed.

Back in the spa I cleaned-up, manually changed the TV channel to a news station, and retrieved the remote. Then I dragged myself upstairs and went to bed, too tired and too afraid to think.

The next morning, I was sitting in the kitchen in my short robe (still not thinking) sipping on my coffee when Daisy walked in. She had one of her old robes on. It was really too small for her but she didn’t seem to care that she was showing a significant amount of leg and chest when she flopped down in the chair next to mine.

“How are you doing this morning?” I asked.

“Other than a monster hangover, Ok, I guess,” she said.

I got up and went to the cupboard, got her a cup, poured it almost full of coffee added a dash of Irish whiskey.

“Have some hair of the dog, Hon.”

“Thanks,” she said and looked up at me quizzically.

I didn’t know what she might say, or do. How much of last night did she remember, or did she think it was a dream. I was as nervous as a bank robber in front of the cops.

Daisy took a big gulp of her coffee, squeezed her eyes tight and swallowed. She sat there for a few moments before she opened her eyes. Then she stood, came over to me, put her hand on the side of my face, reached up and kissed me open mouthed while she pressed herself against me. I thought I would pass out.

She pulled me over to my chair and pushed me down in it before straddling me. As she did, her robe came apart and showed me her beautiful naked body.

My cock shot up like a spring, parting my robe and poking her in the stomach.

She reached down and yanked my belt off then grabbed me with one hand while she pushed me back with the other.

“Well looks like this part wasn’t worn out,” she said.

“What are you doing?” I asked, startled by her aggressiveness.

“Finishing what we started last night,” she said.

“I thought you…”

“You thought I didn’t know what happened last night?” She pumped her hand a couple of times. “You wanted me,” she said. “You wanted me bad. And I wanted it too.”

I didn’t know what to say. My mouth moved, but nothing came out.

Daisy moved her hand and rubbed my pole against her slit. She was slippery with her own juices.

“Hair of the dog, Daddy”

I looked into her eyes and as she slipped against me. She mashed her mouth against mine and fought with my tongue as she moaned and bounced.

After only a few bounces she said, “I was too drunk last night to do this like I wanted.” Then she rocked her hips as she reached the tip of my pole, grunted and sank on it all the way to the bottom.

We sat there not moving for a minute. Daisy’s eyes were closed and her mouth had dropped open. I could feel her muscles rippling up and down my shaft.

I was in heaven and hell at the same time. Daisy’s mother had been good at sex, not real adventurous, but good. Daisy on the other hand felt unbelievably good. Here I was with my step-daughter fucking me in a chair in the kitchen. Doing things to me I had never felt before. Things I had only imagined, things I would never have dared to do. Fucking me like it was the natural thing to do.

“What’s wrong, Daddy,” Daisy said.

I focused on her, trying for a moment to not watch her heaving breasts. Not able to ignore her vaginal muscles that were insistently massaging my cock.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, sweetheart,” I said.

“Why not? I want it, you want it.”

“But it’s not right. You’re my daughter.”

“Step daughter,” she said. A quick squeeze from her choked off my retort. I had always called her my daughter to her face and to everyone else.

“When Mom divorced you, as far as I’m concerned, I was no longer related to you.”

“That’s quite a stretch of logic there, don’t you think?”

“Doesn’t matter,” she said. “What matters is this.”

Daisy moved up off my shaft and one fluid motion she tilted forward and down and swallowed me whole. I thought I was going to come or die right then. Her mouth felt so good. Somehow she seemed to be swallowing over and over like she was drinking from me. I couldn’t stand it and started cumming like a gusher down her throat. She continued to swallow making me cum more than I ever had before.

She pulled off me, giving me a slurpy kiss on the tip making me feel like a limp noodle. She had a wicked smile on her face as she crawled back onto the edge of the table.

I didn’t need a written invitation. Scooting forward I wrapped my arms around her hips and kissed her bare pussy. I kissed all over her lips, from one end to the other. I nibbled, I licked, and I sucked. She was like eating an exquisite dessert, sweet, moist, and delicate. I reached in as far as I could with my tongue. I lapped at the nectar that started flowing from her in time to the contractions that wracked her body.

When I took a breath and looked up at her, the lust on her face, her swollen nipples, and the rise of her mons were just too much to resist. I stood and speared her in a motion as fluid as sheathing a sword. I floated in and out of her body while I ran my hands all over her, feeling her breasts, her face, her arms, her butt.

She was more gorgeous to me now than ever. I felt I could get lost in her and never regret a moment.

Daisy smiled and reached up for me. I leaned into her and we shared a soulful kiss as we continued to fuck. When we broke the lip lock, Daisy began twisting her hips and said, “Cum in me, Daddy, cum in me.”

Like it was the secret word, I came. Buried to the hilt, I came. And Daisy did too. She writhed I my arms as we both came.

Holding her tightly to me, I straitened up, then sat back on the chair. We were still kissing throughout. I broke the kiss this time and tried to catch my breath.

Daisy wiggled in a wicked way on my lap. Then she scrunched her nose and said, “Whew. Smells like we both need a shower.”

“Yeah,” I said. “You’re right.”

Daisy hopped up, naked and beautiful. “Are there towels downstairs?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said, disappointed somehow that she didn’t automatically suggest we take a shower together. “Do you have everything you need?”

“Sure,” she said and started to walk away. Then she turned around. My heart jumped to my throat.

“I think I’m going to call Cindy and see if she wants to hang-out today.”

“Ok,” I said. I know I was still sweating, but she ran back to me and threw her arms around me tightly.

“Am I still your Princess?”

“Always, Hon, you’ll always be my Princess.”

The End

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