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My cousin's step dad was taking her to a concert


My name is jessica and it happened the summer i was to start high school, my cousin's step dad was taking her to a concert, our favorite band
was playing about three hundred miles away and that was his gift to her for
a great year, she had passed to the 11th grade, she was 18, and they asked
my mom if she would let me go with them, mom said yes and was so thrilled.
the big day came and i packed my stuff that i needed, and shortly after that
they picked me up. when we finally got to the town, we arrived very early
and wanted to rest some, so david, my step-uncle, asked if we wanted to rent
a room so we could rest and freshen up before the concert, so we agreed. we
found a room not far from the venue and settled in. after a few hours, we
were all ready and we made our way down to the concert. at the show, he
asked me if i had ever drank beer before, i told him i had but didnt like
the taste, he bought some beer for him and danielle, my cousin. the next
time he went to buy, i asked him to get me some, i wanted to drink if i was
going to see this band, so we rocked out all night and we drank a lil, by
the time the concert was over, i was feeling very good. on the way out of
the venue, david called my aunt and told her he was very tired to drive back
and told her he was going to rent a room to get some rest. we went back to
our room and all layed on the bed, danielle thanked him for everything, as
did I, we told him how much we appreciated it. i was still sweating and felt
icky, i told them i was going to shower, they told me to go ahead. when i
was all finished i dried up and put on some loose fitting shorts and as danielle fell
asleep on the bed and david was reading on a chair. i saw him give me a
stare like he was amazed to see my figure. i told him again, thank you for
all that you did for us tonight. he asked to go stand next to him. i walked
up to him and he asked me if i had a boyfriend, i told him no. he stood up
and i could tell right away that he had a hard on through his , he told me that
he often thought of me in a sexual way, i freaked out but was kind of turned
on, danielle and I had messed around sometimes when i spent the night at her
house, but i hadn't ever been with a guy, he wanted to kiss me, i guess the
beer mixed in with the moment and i agreed, we kissed so softly and
passionately, then his hands found my fifteen year old 32c titties, he
fondeled and caressed them in a way that my entire body started to shiver.
with the height diffrence between us, i could feel his hard on press against
my belly, he took my hand and placed it on the outer part of his dick and
made me rub him, he felt big and it was pulsating, then he lifted my shirt
exposing my bare breasts, he started to suk on them and this just blew my
lid, i was on fire as he took turns from right to left, suking each nipple
with loving care, i asked him if he wanted me to thank him in other ways, he
said yes, i slowly kissed my way down his chest and ripped abs, i slowly
made my way down on my knees and slowly pulled down his pants, i was in
shock when his cock finally made its way out, he was so huge, he asked me
what i thought of it, i just gave a sound of disbilieve, i asked him how big
it was and he answered, nine and a half inched, you want it, i nodded yes
and started to stroke him, not knowing what i was doing, then he got a lil
closer and told me to get it wet, so i licked on it then i slowly opened my
mouth as wide as i could to take it in, he slid it in and before i could
start to do anything, my young mouth was filled with his man meat, he gaged
me as he plunged in and out of my waiting moist mouth, i couldnt take it all
down but he understood as for the size of it. then he took it out and asked
me to suk on his balls, they were so smooth and big, i loved doing this for
him, i had a hold of him by his legs as i took turns on each of his nuts, he
bounced up and down, so they could softly slap me as i was underneath him,
by this time a could fell my fifteen year old girl juice run down my legs
and he asked me if i was wet, i told him yesss, and he stood me up and
pushed me back into the chair, he slipped off my shorts and i sat back as he
suked on my tits, neck, chin, cleavage and he ran his tounge down my belly,
then he found my smooth hairless mound( if he only knew that danielle was
the one who shaved me clean two days earlier) he licked me all over and then
he took his fingers and opened up my folds exposing my pink clit along with
with my now very wet and slimey pink sex hole. i was enjoying the feeling of
being eaten out for the first time by a man, he spread my little pussy with
his fingers as he licked every crease and cranny of mine. after a while, i
told him i was going to cum, and before i knew it i was shooting my sweet
nectar all in his face, his thumb flickered my swollen clit as i came and
came shooting streams of young juice all over his chest. he stood up taking
me in his arms and he placed me at the edge of the bed and asked if he could
fuck me, i told him that if he could fit his cock in me, he could do
anything he wanted, i spread my legs wide for him and he guided his cock in
me, damnnn, i could feel him as he ripped slowly through me, little by
little he worked his cock in my eager little cunt. my moans got louder as he
took my cherry and started to pound on me and taking long deep strokes into
my virgin pussy. he was amazed that i took all nine and a half inches, but
it felt damn good.
by this time, danielle was awaken by my moans and by the movement of the
bed, i turned to face her and said i was so sorry for what i was doing but
he begged me. she assured me that it was all right and that he deserved a
good night away from her mom. she crawled over to me and knelt over my face
and told me to stick my tounge out, she started to ride and grind my tounge
with her lovely hot pussy, now my cunt was filled with cock and i had this
pussy in my face, i was so into the moment. his cock was so deep in me at
times that i thought i could feel my heart stop beating, he fucked me for a
long time, danielle came on my face as i suked on her clit and licked her
pussy dry. he told us he was about to cum, and asked us both to lay on the
bed with our heads hanging off the edge so we did, he wanted to take turns
fucking our mouths, she turned to me and tells me that she just loves his
big cock, i told her that i couldn't beleive she kept this from me, then she
opened up and he stuffed her seventeen year old mouth with his huge rod, as
he slid in and out of her waiting pie hole, my fingers found themselves in
her pussy, i fingered her with three fingers as she suked on her step-dad's
cock, then me he said, now i opened my mouth and he gave me a good stuffing,
in and out, as i kept gaging on his megahard, megahuge pole, danielle
fingered me as well, then he picked up the pace and told us to get ready for
his load, i was new to this, then he exploded all over both our young face,
thick streams of cum kept leaving his manhole and made their way into both
of our mouths, i was loving it, we kissed each other, swapping saliva and
cum on each other, then we made each other cum as we fingered one another,
he went down and ate us both out for a while, he is so good at it, then we
thanked him for even more of a night, as did he.

Posted : 01/05/2011 6:14 pm