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My Aunty


I used to stay in hotel there. On the weekends I used to go to one of my relatives place. He was 6 or 7 years younger than my father. I was 24 or 25 years then. My stay in Bombay at time used to extend from one to three weeks. On the weekends when I was in Bombay my uncle used to invite me to his place. He would ask me me to stay at his place on saturday and sunday. His wife was 40 years old and very sexually attractive. They had one son and a daughter both of whom were studying and in staying in the hostel. This distant uncle of mine was a very senior manager. He very often used to go on official trips to Delhi and Culcutta. My uncle was in his fiftees and was not all that healthy at least not sexually. His wife used to be interested in movies and all, but he was more focussed on work. Let me tell you this aunt of this uncles was sexually very attractive and used to turn me on. She was 36-27-36, 5 foot 4 inches tall, really beatiful woman. But I never misbehaved. My uncle also had great trust in me, I am sure, though I was in my mid twenties. While in the evening when we have dinner, this aunt of mine used to serve food for all of all. When she used to serve food, I used feel that she used to press her boobs against me. I don't know if she meant anything or not but, I used be turned on. But I never showed any signs of that.

One friday evening after I went to there house my aunt said, how about go for some movie. I forgot the name of the movie anyway that is of no much concern to us. Actually my aunt said to my uncle, let us take him for the movie. My uncle said yes, even though he was not interested. The were staying in a three bed room apartments in Bombay. She said she will get ready and asked us to get ready soon. I had left my dress in a room. She was changing in that room. I went to put on my pants, she was there changing her dress. She was putting her saree. The door of the room where she was changing was not locked or latched, but kindoff closed. I know you got it. I went there to the door she realised I was there by the door from my food steps. She said come get dressed, I am done she said. I slowly pused the door and went in she was wearing the saree. She was partially dressed, but enough of her skin was exposed. Her navel and her cleavage was exposed.I used to get a immediate hard when I see such sexually attractive woman in such posses. She said, before you dress, I could you just hold the pleet of her sarees so as to be straightened. I said yes. I sat right in front of her. As I was sitting in front of her and holding her pleets my dick was struggling inside my underwire. She had some clip or so to clip on her saree, as she was starightening the pleet the clip fell of and went under the bed. I went under the bed and picked it up quickly. As I was to quick (and not fully in my senses) my head hit againt the bed there was fair amount of sound. She came and asked whether howmuch I was hurt and started rubbing my head. She was holding me close to her bosom and my heart was beating quickly while she was rubbing my heart.

Then all of us were ready and got into the lift to go to the garage. As we were getting out of the lift I observed that this aunt of mine for no reason let her boobs press against mine once without my uncle noticing. We went to the car. Me and my uncle sat in front. As we just got out of the gate, two of my uncles colleagues were there. He stopped the car and spoke to them and they said they were also going towards where we were going. As they were two gents, my uncle asked me to go behind. One of my uncles colleague was also sitting behind along with me and this aunt. Also this uncles colleague was a huge man, so me and aunt had to squeeze ourselves in the seat. So I moved a bit to the front and sat. Occasionally at signals, I could feel that the boobs of my aunt used to press against me. Those who have experienced such contacts know how good it is.

Finally we dropped these colleagues of my uncles and reached the theatre. We took the tickets and went inside. We got some seat in the middle. The aunt of mine sat bet ween me and my uncle. As the movie was progressing, this aunt of mine would make enough contacts with me such that I was aroused. Just before half time my uncle got up and went to piss. At that time one sexy scene was coming. My aunt was pressing her arms against mine and her thighs against mine more than usual I could feel. I was getting unusually exited. At half time my uncle got up again and went for smoking. My aunt asked if I were not going for pissing, I said know. She said, she wants to go pee and asked me to hold her hand bag. She placed the handbag on my lap, actually when she was placing the bag herhand was under the bag and as she took the hand out she let her hands press against my dick. I knew she was testing to see if my dick was hard and if I had if at all i was aroused. After that she got up and went, as she was going she pressed her butts against my face. By the time she came back the lighst were off and the movie had started. She came back and then this time without asking me she was taking her bag back from my lap. But this time it was a lot more slower, She pretened as if watching the movie but slowly lay her hands on my crotch, though she did not really hold it, it was clear to me what was going on.

After the movie we went back home. My uncle dropped me and his wife in front of the entrance to the lift and said, he will park the car and come, we go to the apartment. We got on the lift. We entered the lift and was going up, my aunt's saree got stuck in between the lifts door. It was not coming inspite of puling. I quickly moved in to help her, I knew in less than a minute we will reach out floor and the door would open and it would come off on its own. I went close to her, right behind her and was trying to get the sarees end. My dick was making contact with her butts.I was sure she could feel it. As I was trying to pull the saree out, the upper arms of mine were pressing against her boobs, but that all natural, atleast seemed so. I managed to get the sarees end out before we reached our floor. A little of the end of the saree got a bit torn, but that is not important. We opened the apartment, went inside. I immediately went to piss, and she went to change her dress. I finished pissing went to the room where I used to sleep, whe was still changing I could see that through the gap of the door which not locked or latched. She was in her bra and skirt and trying to put on her nighty. I stood outside the door as if I saw nothing. By then uncle was coming on to the top. From the room where I was sleeping there was a small balcony outside, were my aunt occasionaly used to leave clothes for drying. She was calling me and asking me to come and help her open that door. I shouted and asked her even though I heard what she said, what, what ..? She said come over and help me open the door. I went near to the door which she was struggling to open. I told her, its just a technique, just press and open, then even you can. I knew it was tough still. As she was trying, I went from her behind and tried helping her open. Actualling my dick was hard and pressing between the crack of her buns. I quikly opened it and left her, she said you are very strong that's why, I said no no its just a knack.

We all went to sleep, but I could not, you know, my dick was rock hard and I badly wanted to fuck her. After an hour or so I went to the bathroom to masturbate. I shagged and then slept. Next day this uncle of mine was to leave to Delhi for such meetings. He would return only the next week. So my uncle even asked me, why don't you vacate the hotel and come and stay here during this week. I said, it wil take a lot of time for me to come in the night, as my office was a bit too far off. On his insistance I agreed. That day evening we three went and dropped him at the airport. As we were returning and going back to enter the car, it started raining. I did not have an umbrella, but my aunt had. We both were under one umbrella and going towards the car. As we were going I was kind off holding on her waist. We reached the car and as I started car and moved a bit the glass seemed foggy and the visibility was getting poor, I asked her if there was some piece of cloth to wipe the glass. She said there should be one in the draw in the front. Quickly I tried opening it sitting in the drivers seat. Actually one of my hand were resting on her thighs. She showed no signs of any objection.

Later we reached the apartment building. We parked the car and got out. It was raining even heavily and wind was also blowing and it was also getting fairly dark than usual. Her sarees was getting completely wet and me too. As the wind was too much, the umbrella went upside down, I suppose you got it. For a few seconds we both were getting completely wet. I quickly reacted and got the umbrella right and we entered the lift and were finally back home. The moment we entered the apartment my aunt got a towel and said you are completely wet, dry your hair properly and got a towel. In the same motion she started drying my hair, even before I said. Her sarees part covering her breast had fallen and I could see her cleavage. Actually she was holding my head close to her bosom. I was enjoying, so was she I knew. She went to my room, which she usually used as her dressing room and removed her saree, this time she left the door completely open. I was telling her, you dried my hair, what about you hair and all. Actually when I went she was in her blouse and skirt and wiping and drying herself. I went to piss and came back I could hear her calling me to help her. This time again she wanted me to open the door. I said, I shall , but I want to teach you how to open the door. I had removed my shirt and pants. All I was wearing was a lunky. I asked her why don't you try to open, if you don't succeed I shall help. She started trying in vain. I slowly got up and moved behind her. This time my dick was rock hard and pressing really hard between the mounts of her butts. I held her hand and tight and was showing her how to open the door. She was simply enjoying every act of mine. After a couple of seconds of that actions the door was open, she quickly went and took some cloth and came. I asked her, it is wet again because of then rain why are u taking it, she said, it might fly of in the heavy wind. Though we enjoyed for a couple of seconds, we did not proceed any further.

After taking bath I went to my room. We later finshed dinner. By then the rain had subsided and lights were on in the adjacent apartments. I went to room and in one of the adjacent building in an apartment a couple were making love. The light of my room was off so no one would notice. I quickly called my aunt, and asked her which is that building over there, she asked which one. I said come to the front I shall show you. She was in front of me and I was pressing and holding her close. My face was close to her ears, almost as if I was kissing her, but though not really so that she would be turned on. My dick in my lunky was also pressing rock hard against her. She asked which building. I raised my hand, in the pretext of showing the building but at thesame time my arms was between her boobs and her hand. I was trying to pointing to some building and say, actually I wanted her to notice those couple making sex. She showed no signs of objection to my actions and was enjoying every act of mine. In a matter of a minute I realised that her eye saw the act in the bed room in the adjacent building. I was telling to her, beautiful scenary from here to see. She was saying yes, really good. I told her I just feel liking standing so and watching the beautiful scenary. We stood like that for a couple of minutes, when some burning smell came and my aunt said she had kep some milk for boiling and that has spilled and burned. I left her and she ran to the kitchen. I told her I am sorry, she said no no, it was her mistake. Finally she cleaned the kictchen and came. I was sitting in front of the TV and thinking of watching some movie. There was late night movie coming on the cable channel, It used to have enough of soft sex acts. She too came on to watch the movie.

When she came over, I asked her shall I ly on her lap and watch, she agreed. The movie started. At that time my aunt was wearing a nighty whichs hooks were on the front and could be opened. Other than that all she wore was bra and a panties, no skirt underneeth, I knew for sure. She asked me if I would switch off the light and come. I did so and went back with my face on her lap. At times I used to move my face down such that I could make some kisses on her inner thighs. Some how during the slow movements of my head on her lap one of the hooks opened. I could feel her skin on my face. In the movie also there was kissing scene going on, with the man squeezeing the womans buns and kissing her. Accidently one drop of my saliva fell of my mouth and landed on her thigh and was dripping off on her thigh. I could feel her breathing quickly and also she was passing her fingers through the hair of mine. I decided to go one step further, i used my tongue and licked her inner thigh. She was gradually moaning as she was enjoying. I got enough courage by then. I gradually turned my face her thighs. I slowly bit her inner thigh, such that she would not be hurt at the same time she would really enjoy. She moaned and was breathing heavly. I still kept my cool, though my dick was rock hard and calling out "ZINDABAD" "ZINDAMBAD", you can imagine. Now I used my hands and unhooked the nightly from her thigh upto her navel. I put my tongue on her navel and licked around there. She was moaning and pressing my head lower towards her pussy I felt. I gradually moved my face lower and bit on her pussy. She started moaning louder. Now I knew she would sway to any act of mine. I got up lowered her panties completely. Then I removed her nighty and also her bra.

I started sucking her right nipple slowly and with my left hand I was squeezing her left boobs. Her nipples were hard like button. I slowly used my right hand and parted her thighs. She was moaning and yielding. I put one of my finger on her pussy. It was so wet, soggy and flowing. I gradually parted her pussy lips and tickled her clit with my finger. She started screaming in exitement. She came. I still continued the act. I gradually inserted my fingers inside her pussy and started fingering quickly. She was moaning again. Now I lowered my head towards her pussy. I started licking her pussy. I was squeezing her butts also with both hands. She was screaming again and in minutes she came again. I got up and placed by rock hard dick in front of her mouth. She parted her mouth and started sucking me. I was on the verge of coming, but removed my dick from her mouth. Now I wanted to fuck her. I lifted her and placed her on the floor. Parted her legs and once again started licking her. I was no more able bear the exitement. I got on my knees and had my dick in front of her pussy. Then I started rubbing my dick in and aroudn her pussy. She was moaning like anything. Then I started rubbing my dick on her clis. She started screaming. In that process, without her knowing i penetrated her. In a matter of minutes I came , as I came I took my dick out, the cum splashed all over her face and body. She too came again. She enjoyed so much.

Posted : 27/04/2011 12:51 pm