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Mind Reader


Kirsty was having a bad day the sort of day that starts off bad and just gets worse. She was late for work for one thing, and she knew how fussy her boss was about tardiness. She’d also discovered upon opening the shed door that her pushbike had a flat tyre, which did nothing to brighten her day. So when she ran across that busy road on this particular Monday morning, she wasn’t paying close enough attention to the traffic.

Which would explain why the bus clipped her shoulder and sent her spinning towards the sidewalk. At first she lay there too stunned to move, and seeing lots of people converging from all directions in their desire to help out, she attempted to get back on her feet. But raising her head didn’t even seem an option, and she was quickly told to lie still and that an ambulance had been called.

That’s all she could remember of the accident, in fact she didn’t even know what hit her. When she awoke she found herself in the hospital with her father sitting next to the bed.

“Ah, you’re awake at last?” he said, leaning forward and taking her hand.

“Hi dad, how long have I been here?” replied Kirsty.

“Two days, you had us all worried…

Suddenly the doctor was there and interrupted Kristy’s father.

“I see you’ve decided to join us in the land of the living young lady. Now then, I have a few things to tell you, and then I’ll leave you alone. First of all your injuries weren’t severe in them selves, but the brain swelling after the initial impact was life threatening? We had to give you a new drug to control the swelling, otherwise you wouldn’t be here now,” said the Doctor, as he walked slowly around the bed.

Kirsty listened intently but kept hearing other sounds in the background. She ignored them, thinking they were probably the kind of ringing noises one gets when you bang your head.

Soon after that Kirsty was asleep again, and her father was being told she should be all right to leave in the morning. When morning did arrive Kirsty was full of life and eager to get out of that stuffy bed. She found herself feeling surprisingly alert and her hearing seemed to be acute in the extreme. For she could hear a conversation from across the ward, between two nurses that sounded like it was taking place right next to her.

Dismissing it as nothing more than sound travelling well, she got dressed and waved to her father as she left the ward and as he entered to pick her up. At this point her adventure began, because she was about to discover something that made her quite unique. After climbing into the back of her dad’s car she heard him say.

“This damned traffic’s going to be the end of me.”

“Don’t worry about it dad, the traffic is always bad at this time of the day,” she replied, thinking he’d been talking to her.

“Sorry love, were you talking to me?”

“Yes, I was just replying to what you said,” she replied, getting more comfortable.

“I didn’t say anything darling, oh and make sure you buckle up. The last thing we want now is for you to bang your head again,” said her father.

Kirsty looked at him thinking he’s losing his mind, and would’ve dismissed it had the next incident not happened so quickly afterwards. Her father had just pulled out of the hospital when another car pulled up along side them. It had two young men inside, and one of them was staring straight at Kirsty. He wasn’t talking, but she could hear his voice, as he took her figure in through the glass.

“Christ, I’d love to fuck that. She’s got a perfect body.”

Kirsty couldn’t understand where the voice was coming from, because it sounded like the person was sitting next to her. She then heard her father once more, only this time she could see his face in the car mirror and he wasn’t talking. It didn’t take a genius to figure out from that point that she was over hearing their thoughts. At first this seemed like a bad thing, for she felt that perhaps people would think she was going mad.

It wasn’t until she concentrated really hard that she noticed she could block these random thoughts entering her mind. After that event, she practised with every waking minute, and never told a soul. With a gift such as mind reading, the possibilities were endless.

A couple of days later and she was going back to work, and looking forward to using her newfound powers. She’d thought about how she could use her gift, and some very naughty thoughts had entered her head. For instance, she knew a couple of people at work who liked her, but she didn’t know how much.

She worked in a chain of boutique stores and was responsible for the window displays. She loved her job and had to work closely with several young people, all of which had a different story to tell.

When she arrived at work, her boss greeted her with a warm handshake.

“Thank god you’re all right Kirsty, when I heard about your accident later that day I sent some flowers, did you receive them?” he said, letting go of her hand.

“Yes, thank you. That was very kind of you,” she replied, not wishing to sound ungrateful.

Kirsty didn’t particularly like her boss, as he was a bit of an ass kisser. She’d seen him sucking up to his bosses on many occasions, and it always made her angry to think that that was how one got ahead in this world. Until now she’d kept her powers locked up, mainly because she had no desire to hear what her boss was thinking.

That changed shortly afterwards though, as she found herself working along side one of her favourite employees. Kirsty wore a short skirt and a tight blouse that day, both of which complimented her figure. She’d chosen that particular outfit on purpose, knowing that it always turned heads.

“Pam, if you take that box into the store room, we’ll pick out the next lot of clothes that need to be displayed,” said Kirsty, pointing to said box.

“Okay,” came the short reply, as Pam picked the box up and entered the storeroom.

Kirsty now turned on her powers, and entered the storeroom behind Pam. Once inside Kirsty climbed the sturdy ladder that was beside the shelves, and began her act. She knew that her skirt would ride up her thigh, and she also knew that Pam would be able to see her panties from the ground. That was when she over heard Pam’s first thoughts of the day.

“My god, I’d love to lick her cunt. She has such an incredible figure,” thought Pam.

Kirsty, couldn’t help herself, she could feel her panties getting wet, and with every emotion charged second she stood on top of that ladder, the thoughts of what Pam wanted to do with her were making her feel incredibly hot. After a couple more minutes Kirsty decided to act out her desires, and came down the ladder.

“I’ll be back in a minute Pam, if you could put these in the box, I just need to go to the toilet,” said Kirsty, handing over the few garments she’d picked out whilst on top of the ladder.

“Will do,” replied Pam, totally unaware of Kristy’s intentions.

Shortly after that Kirsty returned and again climbed the ladder, only this time Pam couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Kirsty wasn’t wearing any panties, and her beautifully shaved pussy was clearly visible. Pam’s random thoughts were coming through loud and clear to Kirsty.

“Oh my god, I think I’m going to cum. What should I do, I can’t take my eyes away. Does she know I can see her? Is she teasing me? My god I want to touch her. I so want to lick that beautiful soft cunt of hers,” thought Pam, discretely rubbing herself against the ladders edge.

Kirsty couldn’t take anymore, so she turned and placed a leg up onto the shelf beside the ladder making it more than obvious she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Do you want this?” she said, gently stroking her pussy lips with a single finger.

Pam never needed any more encouragement, for in that instant she was climbing the ladder and burying her head between Kristy’s thighs. Kirsty threw her head back as she felt Pam’s tongue licking her clit for the first time, and squealed when she felt a finger entering her womanhood. In that erotic charged moment she came, and felt the tongue lapping at her juices as she flooded her friend’s mouth.

“Oh god she tastes so sweet,” thought Pam, as Kirsty pushed her hips into Pam’s face.

Just then another mind could be heard, and at first it sounded like background chatter, but once she focused on the point of the sound she discovered the young sales rep spying from behind the next shelf.

“Fucking hell, I always knew she was hot, but FUCK,” he thought, as he released his hardening cock and began to stroke it in time with the action before him.

Kirsty smiled, and allowed Pam to continue as both of their thoughts started to overlap one another.

“This woman is such a slut,” thought Pam, poking a finger in fast and hard as her tongue flicked the erect clit once again.

“Christ I’m going to cum too quickly, and I haven’t got a way of cleaning it up,” thought the rep, as he began to ejaculate onto the floor.

Kirsty could almost feel the sensations the rep was experiencing, and it intensified her next orgasm as Pam had introduced two more fingers into the game. Kirsty slipped a hand beneath her own blouse and began to pinch her nipples, as well as rolling the hardened ends around with the palm of her hand. She sensed the rep leaving, and thought it was about time she stopped all this.

Leaning down Kirsty picked Pam up by her shoulders, and ushered her back down the ladder. Once on the ground they kissed, and Kirsty told her they’d have to continue this at a later date. After straightening their clothes they re-entered the boutique and returned to work.

Kirsty had so enjoyed that moment, and knew that none of that would have happened if she hadn’t been able to read minds. As she thought earlier, the wonderful games she could play were endless.

The next day Kirsty was assigned to another boutique in the chain, where she had to redress all the mannequins with the latest offerings. Most of the morning she worked alone, but during the afternoon when the store was quieter, a young man was assigned to help her finish the display off.

She’d not met this guy before, and although she wasn’t into men in a big way, she decided to have a little fun with him. Opening her mind to his thoughts, she quickly became aware that he was quite taken with her body.

“I bet she wouldn’t look at me twice,” he thought, as he witnessed Kirsty smiling at him.

Kirsty had removed her panties once again, and she intended to put on a show for the young guy, just to make his day. The outside windows were covered in order to keep the display a secret until the unveiling, so Kirsty only had one entrance to be concerned with.

She positioned herself behind her assistant and bent down to play with the hem of the dress she’d been working on. She didn’t need to see him looking to know he was, for she could hear every single thought.

“Oh my god, oh shit I can see her pussy. Fuck that’s making me hard. What I wouldn’t give to fuck that sweet tight cunt right now. Oh wait until I tell the guys later on, they just won’t believe this,” he thought, never taking his eyes away from the show, “Christ my cocks straining, I’ve got to adjust myself,” he thought, quickly pulling his hardened cock straight.

Kirsty casually turned around and glanced at the impressive bulge in her assistants pants, and then un-noticed she unfastened two buttons on her blouse and asked him to help her.

“Hold this up for me Ricky?” she said, stooping down and pinning the dress behind the mannequin, fully aware that he could now see her voluptuous breasts.

“Oh shit, now I can see her tits. I hope she doesn’t see my cock, it’s fucking bursting to get out,” he thought, pretending not to be uncomfortable.

Kirsty turned her eyes towards the obvious bulge in his pants and deliberately moved around the dress and brushed it with her shoulder. She heard Ricky let out a squeal, but ignored it. Ricky could now feel his hardness pressing against Kristy’s shoulder, and didn’t quite know what to do.

“Oh fuck, surely she can feel that? If she keeps rubbing it like that, I’m going to cum,” he thought, beginning to squirm a little.

Kirsty suddenly had an idea, she would pretend to be pulling the dress down in order to make it tighter looking, but at the same time she would rub him off. At first she couldn’t quite get into the correct position and then she managed it, and could feel his hardness pressing against her back.

Pushing back slightly she tugged at the dress as Ricky held it in place and allowed her back to slide up and down his shaft.

“Oh no, oh fuck I’m going to cum,” he thought, reacting to Kristy’s command to hold the dress tightly.

Just then he felt the explosive exit of his seed, filling his pants and slowly but surely running down his legs.

“Um…I must just go to the toilet,” he said, letting go of the dress and rushing out.

Kirsty smiled to herself, and only just realized that she’d become wet from playing around. She so looked forward to further days, and all the adventures she’d find herself in.

Posted : 13/11/2010 1:36 pm