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Middle class Americans


Graduating from high school in a few months and I have never been laid. Oh, it gets worse, trust me. I have never even been on a real date. I am one of those honors students. You know the ones, the guys struggling for class valedictorian and scholarships able to get them into the most prestigious of schools. And, on top of that, I am a computer nerd as well. All in all, I was doomed to a life of chastity.

Did I mention I was pretty heavy into playing role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons? Doomed, I tell you!

My family was a simple one. Middle class Americans. My father, Greg, was a Vietnam veteran and very proud of it. My mother was the opposite, she had been a hippie in the 60s and 70s and some of that still carried over today. Her name was Cynthia but everybody called her Cyn. My sister’s name was Krystal, but we called her Krys. She was following in my father’s footsteps and had only recently finished BASIC training in the Air Force. Sure, dad had been in the army, but Krys was more the support role as opposed to a front line grunt. That and even with equality in the armed forces they were anything but equal. Women still had a lot less opportunities.

Then there was me. My plans involved college and then OCS. Dad had done a hell of a job instilling patriotism into us and a desire to serve our country. Back when he was our age the draft had gone out and he had charged out and enlisted before he could be drafted. According to him that was the way it was supposed to be done. That was what grandpa had done for world war II and my great grandpa for world war I. Family tradition, he insisted. Mom frowned on it but she was patriotic as well, she just was not into the killing so much. Her was a belief in patriotism through pacifism. It made no sense to me either.

But at the time I was an 18 year old high school dork that stood no chance of getting laid. I had hoped to change my image earlier that year and had talked my parents into getting me a gym membership. I worked out religiously at first, then had fallen back to a more sedate schedule when my studies picked up. I still hit the gym at least twice a week though, and had managed to tone my body up quite a bit. Not what I had dreamed of, but it had still given me a little bit of confidence that I had been lacking. My image and reputation at school was still what it was though, and nothing was going to change it in the time I had left there.

Krystal came on leave from boot camp and we picked her up at the airport. They say that a man in uniform is a handsome sight. Well, let me tell you, seeing my sister in her BDU’s was quite a shock to me as well! I had always known she was pretty. Popular in school and never without a date when she wanted one, her athletic figure, green eyes, and wavy brown hair made her a hit with the guys. But still, she was my sister, so I never saw her as anything other then that.

But now she looked different. Grown up, sort of I guess. Her hair used to reach the middle of her back, now it had been cut short and was pulled up into a bun under her hat. She looked like she was standing up a little straighter then she used to as well, though she had never slouched. After a few minutes I figured out what looked so different about her. She was proud. She had always been sure of herself and confident but BASIC training had done a little something extra to her. I approved and let her know when I gave her a welcome home hug, whispering in her ear that she looked great. She just smiled and said thanks, looking at me a little funny at the time.

Late that night back at our house we had spent hours catching up and talking, my father in particular wanted to know what the boot camp was like in the Air Force. He chuckled throughout at the differences from his time to ours. We had it easy, according to him. I took it with a grain of salt, since this was the same guy that loved telling us how he had to walk uphill through snow up to his ass in the winter for 10 miles to go to school.

Around one in the morning my folks were getting tired and, well, so was I. Krys was exhausted but running on willpower and training. A lack of sleep was nothing new to her, something I filed away for when my own turn came to join up. We all filed off to our bedrooms, my parents being on the main floor and ours were upstairs with a shared bathroom separating them.

Krys had been gone a couple of months and I had gotten used to her absence. I stripped down in my room to my boxers and headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a piss. Halfway through the toothbrushing the other door opened up, making me nearly gag on my toothbrush as I looked up in surprise. Krys was standing there wearing nothing but a towel.

“Oh, hi Mike, sorry about that, the door wasn’t locked,” she said, smiling at me. She was not nearly as upset at the invasion of privacy as I was. Or, for that matter, as she would have been two months ago.

“Say, you’re looking pretty good there little bro, mom said you were working out but I guess I never thought you would stick with it.”

I blushed, then remembered to spit out the toothpaste. I rinsed my mouth out and turned to face her. “Are you almost done in here? I was going to hop in and take a bath, it’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those.”

“Um, yeah,” I stammered, my eyes drawn up her long trim legs to the bottom of the towel. I pinched myself mentally. This was my sister! What the hell was I doing?!

“Great,” she said, smiling. “Thanks Mike, you’re the best.”

She turned towards the tub and bent over, the towel raising dangerously high in the back and teasing my lecherous eyes. Her hands twisted the faucets, getting the right mix of hot and cold water. I stared, unable to turn away from the sight.

She finished and straightened, turning around. I panicked and spun around myself, reaching for the towel as though I was just finishing up. I saw her look at me in the mirror and, to my surprise, saw her eyes look up and down, checking me out. I nearly dropped my towel, so surprised was I. Then, with horror, I noticed her eyes shift to look at the mirror. It was a simple matter of geometry for me to figure out that the angle of reflection showed that she was staring at my crotch. I glanced down in spite of myself and nearly felt my eyeballs pop out of my head, my dick was swollen and tenting out my boxers. I coughed and hurried out of the room, mumbling over my shoulder that the bathroom was all hers.

Back in my room I felt my heart hammering in my chest. I gasped for air and fell on my bed, shaking with adrenaline. She was my sister! Jesus, what was wrong with me?

My hand undid the button on the front of my boxers and fished my cock it, fisting it up and down as I remembered the image of her leaning over the tub, nearly showing me her ass and pussy. I groaned and stopped, remembering all of a sudden the long baths she used to take.

Grinning at the realization of what I was about to do, I hopped off my bed and turned off my lights. Then I quietly slipped out of my room into the hall. I moved down the hall and opened the door to her room, wincing as the unused hinges squeaked slightly. I heard no sign of alarm from the bathroom, the water was still running into the tub in fact, so I relaxed and shut the door behind me.

I saw her laundry bag was on her bed, with all of her clothes dumped out of it. I moved over to them as though in a trance. My eyes widened as I picked out individual pieces of clothing, noticing in particular the more intimate items. She seemed to have a preference for thongs, g-strings, and other lacy types that were most definitely not regulation. Her bras were fairly standard I suppose, but I really had no way of knowing since I was not very familiar with feminine undergarments. I picked up one bra out of curiosity, looking at the tag on it. It said it was a 34 B size. I could not help but grin as I put it back where I had found it. I looked at a few more and saw that she must have been between sizes because some were C cups and others were B cups.

It was only natural for me to pick up a pair of her panties next. I looked at them and felt how silky an sexy they were. I gasped in spite of myself and felt fresh blood surge into my dick. Subconsciously my hand slid down to it and I started playing with myself again while I ogled my sisters panties in my other hand.

Dimly I realized that at some point the water had been shut off. I glanced up nervously and saw that the door to the bathroom was still shut. Or almost shut. My eyes widened as I considered the possibility that I had been busted. I rushed over to it and checked it carefully. It was open a crack but there was nothing to be seen, the curtain had been pulled around the tub. I let loose a quiet sigh of relief and backed away from the doorway, turning back to her bed and her assortment of clothes. I realized I still held my dick in one hand and her panties in the other.

I smirked at myself and went to put them back on the bed. I stopped, realizing I could feel my pre-cum leaking of my cock onto my hand. My next thought was incestuous and dirty, but I knew as soon as it occurred to me that I had to do it. I took her panties and opened them up so that the crotch was displayed. I rubbed the head of my dick against them, wiping off the sticky fluid. Shivers went down my spine at the sensation.

I carefully put her panties back, then looked around for another pair. I saw a pair on the floor between the bed and bathroom and realized those had been the ones she had been wearing. I held my breath in anticipation as I approached them, kneeling down and picking them up almost reverently. I lifted them higher and inhaled, smelling the faint musky scent of her on them.

I groaned again and felt more pre-cum leak out of my dick. I would have shot my load then and there if I was not so sexually active. By myself and for myself, of course, but I had some impressive stamina when it came to my cock in my hand. I usually cranked myself off at least twice a day, sometimes more. As it was I was pushing my limits of self control and had to slow my hand down for fear of cumming before I wanted to.

I stood back up slowly, my back to the bathroom door because, quite honestly, I had forgotten about everything except my sisters dirty panties in my hand. I kept stroking myself, knowing it was to late, I was committed to what was inevitable. Her panties were already dirty, what better place for me to spray my cum then in them?

My fist rose and fell rapidly, coaxing my orgasm from me. My breathing increased and my eyes started to lose their focus. I pulled her panties over the head of my dick and groaned as quietly as I could as I felt my balls tighten and my muscles tense. Then it was happening, my cum was bursting out of my cock and coating Krystal’s panties. I stroked myself through each burst, fighting the urge to collapse when finally the last of my orgasm subsided.

I looked at the thong she had been wearing and could not believe how much of my milky white cum was coating the crotch of it. I wiped the final drops off on it and looked up abruptly as I heard the curtain around the tub being pulled back. In a panic I put the panties back on the floor and slipped back out her door, pulling it quickly enough that, miraculously, it did not squeak. I repeated the maneuver to close it, again managing it soundlessly, and hurried back to my room.

In my room I realized that while I had needed to pee before, now the need was urgent. I cursed myself with a chuckle, certain that I had gotten away with everything. I went to the door to the bathroom and opened it, hoping I might see something. The door opened to reveal an steamy but otherwise empty bathroom. The door into Krystal’s room was open as well, and her back was to me. She was wearing her towel again, but her skin was wet with the steam and the water. I felt my cock bounce once as it considered coming back to life. I looked away quickly in spite of my interest. I really had to pee and another erection would only cause me difficulty.

Movement out of the corner of my eye drew my attention back, however. Her towel had hit the floor and she stood there facing away from me naked. I gasped, all thoughts of relieving my bladder scattered to the wind. Krystal bent over then, her perfect globes spreading and revealing herself to me. My mouth fell open at the sight and I forgot to breathe.

Her pussy, or as much of it as I could see, was shaved bare. Her asshole winked at me and her pussy lips parted just slightly. I knew I had to leave or be caught, but I was frozen like a deer in the headlights. Then I saw her pick up the panties she had worn earlier, the same thong I had just came in, and slip her feet into it. Alarm bells sounded in my head, klaxons really, and I stared in abject horror as I knew my life was about to end.

The panties slid up her legs as she straightened and pulled them up. Time seemed to slow down for me and the process of her putting on her thong turned into an erotic show for me as it seemed to caress her calves, knees, thighs, and finally her smooth buttocks. The thin strip of fabric fit snugly between her cheeks and she let go of the waistband of it.

Krystal giggled softly and said quietly to herelf, “Woops, guess I did a lousy job drying off.”

I moaned and she turned around, jumping when she saw me. Instead of trying to cover herself modestly she ended up in a lower fighting position with her hands out in front of her ready to defend herself. BASIC had overridden her natural instincts.

Krys recognized me instantly and sighed with relief. “Sorry Mike, you startled me.”

I gazed at her in shock. From the front she was just as beautiful as from behind. Her breasts were firm and round and gorgeous. I stared at them without meaning to, but afraid if I looked away I may never see them again. Her nipples were hard and pointing straight up at me, begging me to pinch and suck on them. I shook me head and tried to form a coherent thought.

“Oh wow, I’m sorry Mike, I guess I left the door open on accident. I’ve spent so much time with no privacy I guess I forgot about how we used to be,” she said, bending down and reaching for her towel. As she bent over her breasts hung from her chest and I felt my recently used dick stiffening to new heights.

“Um,” I said, struggling to talk. “No, it’s okay,” I stammered. “I, uh, I should have shut the door or something.”

Krystal straightened back up, the towel held in her hand but not covering anything. She laughed lightly. “I don’t believe it, my braniac brother is speechless!”

I grinned right back at her, not able or willing to dispute her.

“Is it really alright, Mike, or am I just the first girl you’ve seen naked?” She asked, half teasing me. She glanced down at the new tent in my boxers repeatedly, though unlike me she had the couth to not stare.

“Um, no, it’s okay, sis,” I stammered. “It’s still your room and your house too.”

“What about the other part?” she asked, smiling in a way that I could only describe as naughty.

I nodded. She grinned and walked closer to me.

“So that is because you’re turned on by your naked sister?” She asked, pointing at the tent in my boxers.

My mouth fell open for a second and my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She stopped in front of me and her hand touched the bottom of my chin, lifting my head back up to look her in the eyes instead of the ground.

“It’s okay, Mike,” she said, her smile subdued and her tone light but serious. She was not making fun of me after all.

I nodded to answer her question, daring to hope that my immoral secret was safe with her. She smiled, pleased with my answer and my honesty. I decided to push for broke then.

“You’re not really naked though,” I said, my voice more a whisper then anything else.

Krystal laughed lightly, amused by me. “There’s hope for you yet, little brother!” she said. “I was beginning to worry that you were gay or something! Cute kid but you never showed any interest in girls.”

“Oh, I’m interested, always have been!” I protested quickly. I had to defend myself, especially against such an accusation.

“I know,” she said, leaning in and giving me a kiss on the cheek. “And I’ll tell you what, I’m flattered and turned on to know what I’m doing to you. Why don’t you take those silly things off and go sit on my bed?”

My eyes widened in shock. I stood there open mouthed yet again. She laughed at my expression and pinched my nipple just hard enough to shake me out of it. “I’m not going to fuck you, Mike, just go make yourself more comfortable.”

I did as she asked, dropping my shorts right then and there before heading to her bed and sitting on it with my back against her headboard. She came over as well and crawled up on it, sitting opposite me with her back against the footboard. She reached up and started caressing her breasts with her hands, rolling her nipples between her fingers and pinching them.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, looking at me seductively. “Go ahead Mike, I want to see you stroke yourself. I want to know you are beating off thinking of me.”

My brain was to shocked by her words and actions to think. Fortunately my body took over and my hand started trying to coax another healthy load of sperm out of my dick. She moaned again when I started, one of her hands slipping down between her legs and sliding into her skimpy panties.

“Oh Mike,” she whispered, “your cock looks so big and thick, I wish I could taste it and feel it in me.”

“Feel… it… in you?” I gasped, stunned. Was she really saying what I thought she was saying? What I hoped she was saying?

“No, we can’t do that,” she said, beginning to breathe hard as she worked herself over. “But it’s been so long and I want to!”

She slowed down then and spread her legs, showing me her fingers working under her panties on her pussy. My eyes refused to move, so fixated was I on the image. Krystal saw how intent my gaze was and smiled, something I barely registered seeing in my peripheral vision. Her hand retreated then, pulling out of her panties. I followed it as she raised it up her body and my eyes widened so much I expected my eyeballs to pop out when she slipped it in her mouth.

Several things happened simultaneously. My dick hardened even more and a large drop of precum oozed out of it as I squeezed it even harder. Her eyes narrowed a little and she looked at me slyly as she tasted more then just her pussy juices on her finger. I knew she was tasting my cum on her panties as well. She smiled around her finger and winked at me, then proceeded to give her finger a pseudo-blowjob, making me gasp and groan at the erotic sight of it all. She tired of it soon though, trailing her wet finger down to pinch and pull at her nipples some more.

I wanted so badly to help her. To play with her firm breasts and nibble and suck on them. I had nearly convinced myself that I should make my move and go towards her, but I was terrified I might ruin the moment and lose what we had. Then she put her hands at her sides and lifted her ass up, sliding her panties down her legs. I stared raptly as she showed me her pussy again, glistening and exposed in her arousal.

Krystal rubbed one hand against her mound, putting pressure on it and temporarily hiding it from me. Then she raised that hand up to her and licked it, tasting the mix of her juices and my cum on it. I gasped and felt my cum boiling in my balls.

Krystal looked at me and smiled. She dropped her fingers back to her snatch and worked them in and out of her pussy. Her fingers glistened with her juices and I could easily smell her musky scent from where I sat a few feet away. Her other hand released her breast and rubbed her clit in small circles, treating it almost roughly as she pushed for her own orgasm.

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smell her musky scent from where I sat a few feet away. Her other hand released her breast and rubbed her clit in small circles, treating it almost roughly as she pushed for her own orgasm.

“Cum for my Michael, look at my hot pussy and cum all over yourself!” she said, her voice husky with desire.

I had no desire following her instructions. My fist flew up and down my pole, that tell-tale tightening of the muscles beginning to happen. She moved then, shifting one leg so that it fell between my legs. She stretched out with it and rubbed her toes against my sack, teasing my overworked testicles. I grunted and lost control.

My sperm exploded out of my deck, the first blast spilling on my belly and the second and third both arcing higher onto my chest. Further spurts fell lower and finally the last of my cum just dribbled down my hand and my dick. Across the bed from me Krystal was writhing and moaning my name as she shuddered in her own climax. I watched her, caught up in how beautiful she looked as her passions took her.

“Mmm Mike, that was great!” she said, looking at me with tired eyes. “Don’t move bro, let me help you clean up.”

I realized she had a point, I had painted myself in cum and it was running down my body. She scooted across the bed, leaning towards me so that her boobs were less then a foot from my face. She wiped the cum off my chest and stomach then off my hand. I looked down and realized she was using her panties to wipe the cum off of me. My mind spun as I realized she had known all along.

She took my slowly deflating dick in her hand, the smooth feel of her skin causing it to bounce once appreciatively and a small dollop of my spooge leaked out of it into her hand. She smirked and leaned closer to me, putting her mouth beside my ear.

“Thanks stud, how can I ever thank you for such a great cum?”

I gasped. She was thanking me? My dick surged in her hand again, causing her to squeeze it in return appreciatively. I would have given anything for it to get hard again. Anything.

“Don’t worry little brother,” she whispered, her breath blowing hotly and her lips caressing my lobe erotically. “I’ll think of something.”

She pulled back, giving me a kiss on the cheek, and wiped her panties across the head of my dick, capturing the last of the pearly drops of cum. She raised her hand that I had leaked on to her mouth and, making sure I was watching, she licked it clean. She licked her lips and winked at me again, then stood up and put her panties back on.

“Mmm, these feel good!” she said.

I stood up slowly from her bed and grabbed my boxers off the floor. She winked at me and blew me a kiss as I wordlessly went back into the bathroom. I shut the door behind me, unable to think clearly, or, for that matter, at all. I sat down on the toilet so I would not have to think about balancing and after a few long minutes felt some relief as I started to piss. I shook my head and wondered if what had just happened was real or a fantasy.

On my way out of the bathroom I paused to look in the mirror, seeing myself in a different light. Not only that, but I also noticed something on my cheek. I leaned in closer, thinking I had gotten dirty or maybe a bruise. I smiled when I realized it was a faint touch of lipstick from her lips. Reassured about the reality of the situation, I went to bed happy and wondering just what she would come up with to “thank me”.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:44 pm