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Lisa was my Corporate financial controller


Lisa was my Corporate financial controller.....she was one great babe. Lisa was from Japan, 5'7', great boobs, long legs and round perfect shaped ass to go along.....what else could any body ask for. Lisa was 10 years older to me which I came to know later, but who cares. I had my eye on her the day she stepped in to our Singapore office for the first time. she was in Singapore for a week, so I knew like all my other fantasies this would be one more.

This was not quiet what Lisa had on her mind. Minutes turned to hours and hours to days....and there went Friday. Friday evening after the meeting every one decided to go for a good dinner. Everything went fine, we went to a great seafood restaurant and after the great dinner and one by one every one said their good byes to Lisa and started to leave. Last one were myself, Lisa and my boss in Singapore. Due to prior commitment my boss had to leave too and he requested me to drop Lisa in her hotel. Finally I thought in mind, this was what I was looking for. After my boss left, me and Lisa continued to talk work for some time and the discussion went ahead to getting personal now. She asked me about if I was married, if I had girl friends etc....to which I denied.

From 2 extremes of the table, we were now sitting next to each other. Lisa suggested we take a walk in the near by park before I dropped her in the hotel, to which I readily agreed. We walked for some time and then sat on the bench in the park. It was 11:30 pm so obliviously there weren't many people in the park either. I am not the normal talkative kind and more over Lisa was the boss, so I could never make a move even if I wanted to. We talked for some time and after which she asked if I ever have had sex in my life, I said no. She could not believe her ears...I said we back in India are more of traditional kind. She talked about her experiences , this made me hornier and hornier, and this was obvious from my facial expressions and Lisa could sense the same. While talking all this time Lisa slowly started moving her hand over my lap. What more did I require....I started flirting with her too, but it was getting harder for me to control. I could wait no longer I slowly turned towards her face closer and closer ...I knew I was getting the signal from her too....I took her and gave her a long hard kiss.

Hmmmmmmmm, I thought my first kiss. We both hugged and kissed and cuddled each other for the next 10 minutes on the park bench. She looked in to my eye and asked me, is this all you are going to do all night? I said no, I can get much better. She got up from the bench pulled me by hand, what are we waiting for lets go. We brisked through the park and good god there was a cab waiting just outside, we both hugged and cuddled inside the cab too. We quickly got to the hotel...I gave the cab driver an extra 10 and asked him to keep the change. We almost ran through the hotel reception and in to the elevator, Lisa pointed towards the camera in the elevator ....we got off and in to the room. Just perfect setting I said, in my mind. I quickly grabbed Lisa towards me ...we kissed and kissed, at the same time we helped each other get off our clothes one by one. Wow, She had a great body exactly as I had thought it would be like, I thought it was perfect, nice breasts, great legs, flat-stomach, nice ass. My dick had already popped up, which she had noticed. We got on to the bed I started to kiss her tits, and slowly moved down...down..she kind of rolled over, and I started licking in between her cunt, started licking her pussy, hmmmmmm sweet nectar I said to myself......it smelled and tasted as I had imagined. Well she was starting to really enjoy it she was getting hotter and hotter. We both couldn't take it any longer. She then looked at me and said "put it in" as if I was waiting for her instruction any more. She was smiling, her eyes looking back at me, I took my dick which was already going crazy all this while and slowly pushed it in to her cunt. I pushed a little harder, and she started to go "mmmmm", I kept pushing, harder and harder, and it started to go in. It was hot, and so tight!.

I thought to myself even with all her previous encounters she was quiet tight in there. I kept pushing, now 2 inches in, I started to push down deep into her. 3, inches. She started to go "MMMMMMM", 4 inches, "OOOOOHHHH", 5-inches "Owwwww", I kept pushing harder, and she groaned and moaned, 6-inches, I was like "Oh baby", and she made a sound that was like a cross between "Oooooh" and "Owwwww", and I got the last inch in, the remaining half inch slid in with one final push. Her head was against the bed and she was in pain. She looked like she kind of enjoyed it too. Oh man, it was so tight, it was like my dick was being crushed. Now I started to pull it out, 1 inches, 2, 3, 4, 5. It started to get smoother in feeling towards the tip, as if it was getting a little slippery. I then pushed it back in, then pulled it out. She was moaning the whole time. "Oh that feels so fuckin' good!" I said, now I was starting to push her harder. I started going nice and steady in and out of her cunt. I couldn't believe I was INSIDE a girl. oh, it was so tight, and smooth, and good-feeling in there. I kept going in and out, and her moans of pain turned into moans of pleasure, as I slid in and out and in and out. I started hammering her cunt with my dick, in and out, now so much harder, and harder, I started slamming my dick into her cunt, I started going in and out faster I was pretty much inside her moving the last few inches in and out faster and faster. She started moaning in pleasure. She loved it and so did I, We both were breathing in like crazy.

I was trying to keep myself from cumming. So I slowed down a bit, and she started to coo now in pleasure as I pushed downwards and sideways somewhat, and then sped up again and stuff like that. She started playing with herself, and I started hammering her as hard as I could. It was much easier to go in and out, she was so tight, but she had gotten more slippery, I loved it. Now I was hammering her like in the porno-flicks, she was moaning like crazy and I had a feeling she was gonna cum, she started going OOOHHHHH!!! WAIT!!! MMMMM!!!!!!!! and then I knew I was gonna cum, so I went in and out, and just grinded my dick against her cunt. I couldnt take it any longer, I just shot my gizz straight up her cunt, right into cunt. I just shot it a good 6, 7, almost 8 inches right up this girls cunt. I was yelling "OOHHWWWW", and I shot my last couple of good loads, and I just held it there as I squeezed the last drops of cum into her cunt. She kept moaning and squeeling and was like "Oooh" OOH!" "OOH" Oooh" "Oooh", I kept moving gently. I was not as hard as before, but I was still a good seven inches long. I finally got it out, she moaned a bit. We laid there like dead for some time and got in to action again, this happned all night...intermittently she also gave me good round of blow jobs. What could a man ask for I thought to myself and enjoyed every part of my first encounter. She left for Japan the next day, we did have many such encounters again and again many times.

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:23 am