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Linda from london

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It started when the new girl joined our class. Linda, that was her name, she had moved down from London, her father had been selected to run the new shopping center on the outskirts of Dorchester and they had bought a huge detached house in Char Minster.

Linda was very attractive with long straight natural blonde hair falling just below her petite waist, her beautiful unblemished round face included a pair of the most striking large doe like eyes that I had ever seen, they were a beautiful shade of dark emerald green with wonderful long dark eyelashes, the type that didn’t require the need for artificial additions like mascara to lengthen them. Her eyebrows were plucked into two perfectly formed symmetrical thin lines that must have taken her forever to style. She had a small button nose and a wonderfully formed mouth with beautiful thick lips; her cheeks were almost permanently a light shade of pink. Her overall figure was gorgeous; she stood at about 5’8” with a 36DD/24/34 frame, I was very jealous, since up to her arrival I considered myself to be the most attractive girl in the school. I was slightly taller with darker blonde thick long hair and hazel brown eyes, as far as shape went we were very comparable whereas facially we were opposites, my nose was longer and more of a thin ridge as for my mouth that was bigger with thick large full lips, facially I suppose I resembled Julia Roberts, as for my eyes they were a deep blue with thick black eyelashes and well defined plucked thick light brown eyebrows. Like Linda the overall package was well proportioned and attractive.

Linda though, unlike me, was not at all shy almost settling in instantaneously and you couldn’t help but admire her bubbly humorous personality, she didn’t put on any airs and graces, which almost all the girls in the class had expected from the city girl who now lived in this wonderful house with a swimming pool, gymnasium and tennis courts. Our houses were fairly near to each other, although ours was a smaller semi detached without all the additional luxury features.

On her very first day she introduced herself to me in the playground, “Hi my names Linda, we moved down from London only last week and I understand from Jackie Hawthorn that we are neighbors, it is Sally, isn’t it?” She posed the question probably because I was looking at her so blankly.

“Ahhh.. Yes, I’m Sally Green.” I replied slightly taken aback at how in the few hours she had been at school she knew my name and even where I lived.

“Do you think we could walk home together after school Sally, it would save my mum a trip, she still hasn’t finished unpacking believe it or not?” She laughed as she said it.

I was unsure as to how respond but I couldn’t very well refuse outright, “Yeah sure but I have to wait for my brother. John is playing rugby for the school upper six but should finish by half four, so if you want to walk with us you’ll have to wait around for at least half an hour.” I told her, hopping she would be put off, eager to get to her new home.

“That’s fine I’ll call my mum and let her know, but isn’t it funny we both have older brothers named John, mine has just started at Dorchester college.” She volunteered.

“Yes.” I responded not knowing what else to say. She was so nice I thought it was silly that I was being such a bitch and made a conscious decision to try and be friendly at least.

After school we made our way to the playing fields where the rugby game was still being played and watched our school win fairly convincingly, John managing to score three tries. I pointed him out to Sally, I was very proud of my older brother he was a top student and was captain of many of the school sports teams, he was also a hunk at 6’3” with short jet black hair and beautiful large dark blue eyes with well defined strong features and a strong well developed muscular body. Unlike me he was very spontaneous and outgoing, which made him very popular with everyone, for his years he was well traveled having been abroad a fair bit with his friends during every school break for the past three years or so.

“Gosh Sally his fantastic, I am glad we waited, now you’ll be able to introduce us, unless of course you don’t want to share.”

Had I thought about the last remark it might have thrown me but as it was I dismissed it as a muddle of words, she must have meant introduce not share I thought.

While we waited she filled me in on her life in London, not that I asked, and the large school she attended there as well as her various boyfriends.

“I just love boys especially those first few dates when they want to do things but are hesitant as to how to go about it without blowing their chances and then getting so excitable once they get past the starting post after which they begin quizzing you as to how they measure up,” she let out a girlie giggle at this stage, “ then wondering if they meet up to expectations and how they compare after you let them get to the finish line.”

Her remarks made it very clear that she had already done it, also that she was under the impression that I had, the more she went on about boys the sillier I felt at still being a virgin, something I didn’t want to admit to her.

A while after the match finished John run up to us, the look he gave Linda said it all, he just seemed to stare straight at her, his mouth gapping open, I felt like telling him to close it before he trapped a fly or two.

On the way home they openly flirted almost completely oblivious to my presence.

“You look so muscular John are all your muscles as hard as they look?”

“I think so Linda, why don’t you feel them for yourself?” With that he took one of those muscle man posses as she felt his biceps and then run her hands under his jacket to feel his chest then lower down to his stomach muscles.

“Oh yes, they are all so hard John. Do you work out, maybe we can do a bit of exercise together I think I need to maybe loose a few pounds and tighten up some muscles.”

Lying bitch did cross my mind at this point, as if she needed to loose weight or tighten anything.

“You look perfect to me Linda, but I’d love to try out some special exercises with you some time, what about tonight?” John asked her, his voice betraying his excitement at the prospect.

“I can’t tonight, I am helping my mum with the unpacking but I’d love it if we can do something tomorrow.” She told him, letting him know she was very interested.

“Great I’ll see you at lunch time tomorrow so that we can discuss what part of you needs the most exercise.” John told her laughingly.

“Even better why don’t you call me tonight, here’s my number.” With that she scribbled on a bit of paper and handed it to him.

Their conversation continued in this vein until we eventually reached our road. We said goodbye and Linda kissed John on the cheek before carrying on the extra five-minute walk to her home.

We got into the house and greeted mum, who was in the kitchen preparing supper, dad wasn’t home yet, we run upstairs to change, I also needed a shower, John had already had one after his rugby game.

I got under the warm water, the jets hitting my bare breasts sending a tingle through my body. I knew he was my brother but he had never given me a compliment or looked at me the way he had looked at Linda, maybe I wasn’t as attractive to men as I thought, none of the boys at school seemed to pay me much attention, why was that? They were all over Linda from the minute she walked into school, like bees around a hive.

After my shower I decided to put the question to John, he was a boy, my brother and my best male friend so why shouldn’t I ask him. I was hoping to ask him after supper but the chance never came and the next morning Linda was waiting for us to walk to school with her, my brother having spent most of the evening on the phone to her. So once again my opportunity to put the question to John didn’t materialise. We made small talk. In between their flirting banter, John made arrangements to meet up with Linda at lunchtime.

The lunchtime bell sounded, looking out of the classroom I saw my brother hurrying to the sports field, he must have forgotten about Linda, who for this lesson was in another class, I thought. I decided to join John during what I thought was going to be a training session to pose my question. I run to the sports field but couldn’t see him; a few of his teammates were doing their usual laps round the track but no sign of John.

As I had my sandwiches with me I sat on the bench just outside the equipment shed to have lunch in the sunshine. I didn’t hear it straight away but after sitting down with my back against the wooden shed wall I could just make out a soft moaning almost whining sound and what sounded like heavy breathing, it was obviously coming from inside the shed. My curiosity now aroused, I quietly stood up on the bench and peered through the window.

As my eyes focused what I saw almost made be loose my balance, inside were a couple engaged in what even I knew was commonly referred to as a 69, the girls short skirt was round her waist, her knickers on the floor by her side, she still had her blouse on but it was fully unbuttoned the material laying on either side of the boy beneath her, her legs were bent at the knees resting on floor on either side of the boys body and tucked up high, as near her head as possible, her position looked like that of a racing jockey on a short saddle. Her vagina and tiny star shaped pucker were in full view, I was surprised to see that her young tight pussy was completely hairless, the boy beneath her held it wide open as his long tongue licked inside the hole and then sucked and lick the engorged almost red inner lips that were inflamed and jutted out of her cunt, he sucked on first one engorged lip then the other. I could see from my position that her love tunnel was glistening wet with droplets of clear liquid seeping from deep within, I could even make out her clitoris, which seemed huge as it poked away from its skin hood like the tip of a small finger.

The girl was Linda, I could tell from the pink flowered blouse she wore. I couldn’t see much of the boy or his cock, but instantly recognized the hair and shape as being my brother, his tongue now attacked Linda’s clit, he seemed to suddenly suck the small joy stick in between his lips, holding it captive while his tongue run over it, I could tell by the way her whole body seemed to shiver every so often how arousing she found this. John now manoeuvred two of his long fingers towards her hole and plunged them into her in one sudden thrust so that they were inserted to the hilt. John busily fucked her quim with his manly fingers as she seemed to push her juice box onto them each time he started to withdraw them, his mouth still attached to her cunt holding her clit in place like a vice. Linda shuddered as her climax took over, letting out a stifled scream; his cock was still buried in her oral cave her head still buried in his groin. I could just make out her pussy, which was still in the throws of her climax as it clenched and released around his fingers, like a Venus flytrap. I had to admit it was an awesome sight, my own pussy was now very hot, excited at the sight I was witnessing and I could feel my own wetness as it slowly oozed out of me saturating first my pubic hair and then my thin white cotton knickers. John’s upper body seemed to freeze half way into an upward thrust of his digits in her tight cunt at the same time his lower body thrust upward to her head which now buried itself deeper into his groin. It was clear my brother was now ejaculating, releasing his seed into her waiting mouth after a while he lay there spent, his head went back to the floor, his arms now outstretched on either side of it.

Linda moved her body off him and I saw her beautiful firm breasts, which stood out proud, the pink nipples prouder still, erect and aroused. I was pleased to note her nipples were much smaller than mine. Remaining on her knees she giggled as she turned to face him, shuffling towards his head some of his thick creamy white cum trickling down her chin as she kissed him full on the mouth.

Lifting her head up she laughing asked, “Well John was that the gourmet lunch I promised you or not, I personally thought it was very rich, hot, tasty and above all nutritious for a quick packed lunch.”

John laughed loudly, “It sure was all that and much, much more, so I’d like a second helping please, we athletes need all the nutrition we can get.”

“Glad to hear it.” Linda laughed “But we have to get back to class so you’ll have to wait your turn.” She chided him mockingly.

I hurriedly stood down from the bench not wanting to be caught spying and hurried across the sports field back to the playground.

After school Linda, who had been sitting with Jackie during the rest of our lessons walked up to me, “Are you waiting for Mr. Hunk?” she smiled.

I was annoyed with how she seemed to have walked into my life completely uninvited, taking over my brothers life as though she was part of the family, not leaving him alone, “If you mean my brother, then yes that’s who I’m waiting for but isn’t mummy picking you up today?” I said it with venom hoping it would upset her so that she might stalk off leaving me to walk with my brother alone.

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” Linda asked almost casually.

“No, why should I be?” I snapped, knowing full well she was right but not sure at the time why.

Before Linda could reply John run up to us, he grabbed Linda and French kissed her passionately right in front of me, no pretence or modesty, not surprising having already kissed her cunny lips like he had, how disgusting I thought at the same time hypocritically wondering what it was like and when I’d get someone to actually do the same to my own pussy.

We finally arrived home and Linda told him how her parents were off to London to tie up some loose ends and her brother was also going so she would be alone in the house. When she had finished telling him she put her hands behind his neck and pulled him down to her face giving him a long hungry French kiss doubtlessly to let him have a taster of what was in store.

John’s expression seemed to turn gloomy once the kiss ended, which left me puzzled until it dawned on me that he was off on a camping trip tonight with his friends Paul and Tom, something they had been planning for weeks for this long weekend.

He looked disgusted with himself as he told her. Linda looked back at him in disbelief as if to say how the hell can you compare camping to being with me.

To my astonishment Linda turned to me, “Sally why don’t you come over and stay the night we could get to know each other, watch some videos and do some girlie things, I promise it will be fun.”

Her invitation took my surprise, I was lost for words, that’s when John said, “Yeah sis why don’t you, you haven’t anything planned anyway and I’m sure it will be alright with mum and dad it will give them the house to themselves for a change.”

I could have killed him, now I couldn’t make any excuse without it sounding contrived and hollow.

“I’d love that.” I lied not to be outdone, “but are you sure it will be alright with your parents, I’ve not met them yet and we don’t know each other that well.”

“No problem Sally, my parents will be pleased I’ll have company and I know your brother very well almost as well as I’d like.” She said this looking straight at John a grin plastered all over her face, had I not witnessed their lunchtime antics I would have thought the girl was nuts.

“Well only if you’re absolutely sure Linda.”

There was no getting out of it, so we agreed I would get to hers at about eight.

Once in the house John hurried to get all his stuff ready and I knew this was not the right time to ask him about my sexual prowess or lack of it where the opposite sex was concerned, any way I was rather angry with him for eating Linda’s pussy, which at that stage I saw as an unnatural thing to do with a girls privates but at the same time wanting to know what it was like. We said our goodbyes as he bent done and kissed my cheek and I rushed to the bathroom to wash my face as soon as I remembered where his mouth had been earlier.

At about eight thirty, I didn’t want her thinking I was eager, I made my way to Linda’s, she swung open the front door almost as soon as I rang the bell and kissed me on both cheeks as though I was her long lost sister.

We sat downstairs in the large living room chatting, exchanging jokes and gossip. As much as I tried I couldn’t help but like her she was so open and bubbly, full of life. She opened a bottle of sweet wine and we soon finished it, the wine made me much more relaxed. After about an hour we went up to her bedroom, which was about the same size as mine but had this huge double bed in one end, she also had a TV, video, PC and music center.

“Well what sort of film do you fancy, I’ve got some romantic films but I think they are all a bit weepy and we don’t need that or there’s some action films John likes?”

“I don’t mind Linda whatever you want.” It actually didn’t bother me I wasn’t that into films more into TV soaps at the moment.

“I know, I saw a box in my parents room and there were tons of videos in that, I’ll just grab a couple and be straight back then we can get comfortable in bed and watch one.”

With that she was out of the door and I was left to my own devices.

Her room was really neat, it was freshly decorated and she had a huge pin board with loads of photographs and magazine cut outs on one wall, at the other end was a desk with the PC and a swivel chair and situated by the large window was a dressing table with all her perfumes and make up which were all set out really tidily, she had so much makeup in comparison with my own collection, although she didn’t appear to wear all that much.

Linda walked back into the room holding three or four videos, “Here they are, I found them on top of the wardrobe and it took me ages to get them down so I hope it was worth all the bother.” She sang out.

“Yeah me too.” I replied not knowing what else I should add.

Once she moved the trolley with the TV and Video to the end of the bed so we both had a good view, she begun to strip, I was slightly embarrassed, as I had expected we would change separately in the bathroom. As I watched her she shed off her blouse and her lovely breasts came into view, they were so firm standing out really proud, I couldn’t help looking at them. I now noticed the saucer shaped dark brown areola that contrasted with the rest of her fleshy white breast like a dollop of rich dark chocolate ice cream laying on top of a very large helping of vanilla ice cream, the white skin was taught yet soft looking, the nipples stood out like a pair of cherries. She now disposed of her short skirt to reveal a flimsy pair of sea blue silky knickers, which she now slowly peeled off to reveal her hairless quim and I could just make out the pinkish flesh of her labia as she straightened her naked body before me. Seeing her in her full glory I was not surprised my brother was so interested in her, she had the face of an angel and a body many a model would envy.

She interrupted my thoughts, “Come on Sally get ready so we can put the film on.”

I realized how stupid it would seem to rush into the bathroom to change when my eyes had never left her while she stripped, so I took the plunge and begun undressing, once all my clothes were shed I stood there in the nude frantically searching through my bag for my nightie but couldn’t find, I remembered putting it on my bed so that I wouldn’t forget it but I must have left it behind.

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“What are you looking for?” Linda asked, I told her.

“I never wear anything in bed it makes life so much easier.” She giggled.

I thought what the hell and jumped into bed next to her, our warm bodies touched and I felt a sudden tingling sensation soar through my body.

“You really have a beautiful figure and your nipples are awesome, so big, I’ve never seen anyone with bigger nipples, big things must run in the family.” She giggled, her casually made comment was not lost on me as I was pretty sure she was referring to my brothers cock which I hadn’t seen fully erect since we were young children having baths together.

I felt myself blush at her comments and wanted to respond, to pay her a similar compliment but was not sure whether that was appropriate or that I could make it sound as casual as she had.

We sat up in the bed next to each other, it was warm so she had kept her breasts uncovered and I felt it would seem so insecure to start pulling the linen to cover my own, so we sat there our breasts sticking out as she hit the play button on the remote control and the movie started.

The first scene on the screen showed two girls shopping in some town or other, they wore really sexy tight clothes, the red head was dressed in figure hugging white shorts, that were more like a pair of large thick knickers, and a black frilly low cut blouse from which her braless tits looked ready to spill, as the camera zoomed onto her arse every stride was clearly defined by the movement of her buttocks, the seam of the tight shorts looking as though it was going to split any second. The other girl, a brunette, wore a very short tight skirt that barely covered her arse and that in all reality she wouldn’t have been able to bend down in without it passing her waist, no panty lines could be seen, like the first girl she wore a frilly plunging blouse that did little to hide a very ample braless bosom. They were giggling and speaking to each other but all we could hear was the music, which made me think this was a music video.

The next scene showed the girls meeting up with some boys and exchanging some kisses in a park where they also seemed to exchange numbers. The kissing was very hot the boys hands were all over the girls, down their blouses, on their genitals, the girl with the skirt had a hand under it from the movement of which it was clear that the boy was fingering her. I found all this very arousing, never having seen anything like it before and felt my own pussy react as it begun to moisten, I am sure I was blushing like crazy.

The scene now changed and the girls were in an apartment on their own, what happened next quickly dispelled any delusion that this was a music video, as the girls, still fully dressed, begun French kissing. Their long wet tongues sliding from one another’s hungry open mouths as there hands roamed their partner’s body. The buttons of the blouses were soon unbuttoned allowing their breasts freedom as they fondly caressed each other’s mammary glands, pinching then rolling the now stiff nipples with their long elegant nail polished fingers. I had never seen two women kissing like this and to say I found it erotic would be an understatement as I gawked at the screen open mouthed. The two girls were soon completely undressed heavily petting one another’s pinky wet slit, their long fingers now violating each other’s quim as the camera zoomed in to reveal how very moist there respective holes were, the brunettes had no pubic hair whatsoever while the red heads was trimmed into a heart shape. I was completely lost as to where I was or with whom as my hand crept under the bed sheets to my own cunt that was as hot as any blazing fire, I needed to put the flames out as I did what came naturally to me and begun masturbating.

Linda suddenly moved gently pulling my head to the side, her mouth fitted tightly to mine her sweet breath seemed to intoxicate me or perhaps it was the wine we had shared earlier, whatever the case I found myself responding to her, I had French kissed a boy once before so the act in itself was not completely alien to me and the fact that she was a girl didn’t seem to matter as her wet tongue slipped into my mouth her sweet oral juices penetrating my taste buds as she sucked on my tongue until it was captive deep in her mouth the kiss seemed to last for ever, so gentle, so sweet.

Linda now had moved her hands onto both my breasts as she toyed with my already highly aroused nipples that were firm and extended as she pulled at them sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. In my innocence I felt ashamed that I was allowing her this access but at the same time I didn’t want her stop, it felt as if I were in a trap wanting to pull away yet hoping she would suck on my tits, my own hand was buried deep in between my thighs as I run my fingers along the now engorged labia which were covered with a sheen of sticky fluid produced by my own cunt.

Linda through out continued to kiss me fervently sucking the breadth out of me as one of her hands slipped under the bed covers and took the place of my own at the well of my soul her fingers teasing my engorged labia mercilessly as I allowed my legs to spread wider allowing her unhindered access to my cunny from which there was an ever increasing flow of my lubricant. She now lowered her head to my breasts her hot breadth caressing my bosom as she held one breast in her mouth gently licking the hard nipple with her wet tongue finally sucking the nipple hard into her mouth while the tongue lashed at it like a whip, the passion that she had aroused in me was until that point a stranger but the stranger now needed satisfaction. Linda sensing my need gently prodded and pushed until her finger was deep in my well at this stage I half expected her to pull her finger out in disgust at my virginity but she didn’t, instead a second finger joined the first, she now fucked me with them, not like my brother had done to her earlier, but slower, gentler, her thumb slowly moving up to locate my sensitive clit, as her thumb touched it my body shook as though I had been prodded with an electric cattle prod.

I now lifted my head and saw that the two girls on the screen were now in a 69 licking each others cunt, a close up revealed that the red head had trapped the brunettes large clit between her lips while at the same time plunging four long fingers into the hairless orifice causing the brunettes cunt to produce a river of cunt sap. The redhead, on releasing the brunette’s clit, used her tongue to lap up the sap as though it was nectar of the gods. I now recalled Linda’s remarks earlier to my brother about the taste of his sperm after having swallowed it and his response about her juices and begun to wonder what Linda tasted like and for that matter myself.

I felt a sudden chill as Linda threw the bed covers off us with one hand, the other still buried between my thighs and her mouth still suckling on my large highly aroused nipple, this brought me back to what was my initiation into lesbianism. Linda gently rained kisses on my heaving breasts slowly making her way downward to my stomach where she now stuck her tongue inside my navel cavity licking it for a while and then continuing her journey south until I could sense her warm breadth against my labia, making me go goose bumpy all over, as I watched her it dawned on me what she had in mind next. Her fingers now extracted themselves from the warmth of my crevice as her delicious long tongue snaked out of her mouth licking my cunt lips from one end to the other sending shivers down my spine, the sensation of her soft tongue against the tender flesh of my inflamed labia was earth shuttering, it felt so good it was just indescribable. She now had both her hands in between my legs pulling my cunt open while her tongue, that now felt so stiff, lunged into my box licking the area round the opening. My juices now mixed with her saliva were pouring out of me like a stream in flood, I was now desperate to climax as, like an answer to my prayers, her tongue hit my clit making me almost jump at the initial contact, as a tidal wave of pleasure hit me. Linda was obviously experienced in this area of sex, knowing exactly what to do in order to send my body into a world of rapturous pleasure. I now heard my own voice, as though in an out of body experience, between my moans and sighs pleading for her not to stop.

“Pleeaassse Lindahh lickkk meee mooorrre ooohhh yessss yesss aaahhhh dooonnn’t stooopp.”

Linda obliged by burying three of her delicate long fingers deep in my snug tunnel, her mouth still attached to my quacking cunt, like a fridge magnet, while her tongue whipped my trembling clit relentlessly then released it licking the labia as though she was licking the rim on a jar of honey before returning to my clit to drive me crazy as the whole length of her tongue slid across the very tip. When my orgasm finally hit me my whole body shook with the impact as I erupted violently like a volcano my cum shooting out like so much molten lava as I wriggled like a worm on a hook still managing to hold Linda’s head down in between my legs where she continued to lick and suck on my quim while her fingers remained buried deep in me as she rotated them inside my tunnel, my muscles squeezing and releasing around them. I had never made myself cum like this, the sensation made my body quake for what seemed ages.

When I had finally calmed down she slowly moved to my face kissing my mouth hungrily her stretched tongue, that had give my cunny lips so much pleasure, pushing against the lips of my mouth which parted immediately, her tongue seeking refuge in the warmth of my mouth as I tasted my own cum for the first time. To my surprise it tasted rather sweet and pleasant not at all what I had expected as I now sucked on her tongue with relish. When she finally stopped kissing me I just lay on the bed my mind replaying the events of the last hour, had I really just allowed another girl to touch me down there to actually kiss it and found it so enjoyable? I was so very confused.

Linda spoke, against the sound of the video rewinding, “Well I don’t know about you but I for one enjoyed that, you taste so syrupy sweet, in fact I can’t decide who tastes better you or your brother, who do you think?” She asked with a giggle.

I wasn’t sure what to say and must have blushed, “No need to be shy anymore, I mean two girls can’t get that much closer than we just did and I was hopping that you might help me out” she said this while tracing the red rim of her shaved cunt with her fingers

“ Although you don’t have to if you really don’t want to, but I’m just so, so hot after that, look.”

As I watched she pulled her cunt open to show how moist she was, she was obviously turned on as I could see her red fleshy well was wet as droplets of liquid covered her cavern, her clit was fully extended sticking out of its hood as it had been when I had witnessed my brother licking her earlier, she was unashamed as she exposed herself to me.

I knew what she wanted from me but was not sure if I could bring myself to do what her eyes now implored for me to do, finally my fascination with her body and my curiosity took control. I decided that I would explore this aspect of my desires, after all if I denied myself this chance I might never fully appreciate all the possible joys this could hold. My hands moved to her firm breasts lightly caressing them, then squeezing them gently in my palms, she looked at me pleadingly as I pinched her nipples. She now came closer to me her mouth open, needy, as I lowered my head to her mouth and kissed her, my tongue now exploring her mouth my hands still on her breasts caressing, pinching the small nipples which were now so hard and erect. I took my mouth away from hers working my way gradually down her body, kissing, licking and sucking on her soft flesh as I continued my journey lower. I stopped at her firm mounts to suckle the tit of one breast then the other as she now let out a soft moan. My tongue played with a nipple then continued further on its journey of discovery my hands now moving ahead of my mouth to prepare the way as I tenderly slipped a hand in between her thighs cupping her vagina in my palm then moving the palm across it gently squeezing her quim then pressing on her lower abdomen with the heel of the palm as I slid across her smooth vagina hopping the pressure was enough to stimulate her clitoris like it did mine when I masturbated. I wanted to tell her what a wonderful body she had but I couldn’t get the words out. I now inserted one of my slender fingers up to the hilt into her sex and very slowly and gently fucked her with it.

“Ohh yes that’s so good Sally I need this so much.”

Linda’s words encouraged me to insert a further finger in her tight cunt, her remarks also serving to quell my fading reservations.

“Linda your beautiful, your skins so soft and your so wet inside.” I told her my awkwardness now vanished, I knew there was no going back now.

Linda sat with her legs wide apart as I finally reached my destination, moving so that I now lay on the bed, my breasts against the mattress, and my head in between her thighs I looked at the mouth like opening of her gorgeous partly opened sex as I begun kissing and licking the fleshy walls formed by her soft inner thighs on either side. Then pushing her legs further apart I tasted her sweetness with the tip of my tongue for the very first time, the musky smell of her tight cunt coupled with the sweet taste of her nectar was heady, the taste was not at all what I had expected and I wanted more as my lips now kissed her thick cunt lips engorged with the blood pumping through her veins. Although I wanted to cover the whole of her sex with my mouth and suckle on her fat labia draining them and her of this wonderful sticky sap, I restrained myself wanting to pleasure her the way she had me, not wishing to spoil this act of tenderness. I now sucked on her puffed cunt lips, one then the other, gently unhurriedly, no urgency in my actions, the heat emanating from her cunt was incredible as her juices seemed to flow like a never ending brook as I lapped them up, finally I completely covered her opening with my mouth while hungrily sucking at the juice inside, swallowing the honey sweet sticky fluid, hearing her moaning loudly in gratitude at my endeavours seemed to spur me on with renewed relish.

My tongue now entered her cave exploring the inside, running along the inside walls, tasting the wet flesh it came into contact with, my own soft moans advertising my own pleasure at the act I was engaged in. I slowly withdrew my tongue out of her tight pot using it instead as a search aid until it soon made contact with her large throbbing clit, now running my tongue over the tip of her hub of joy until her body seemed to shake. Taking the shake as an indication of her readiness to cum I pushed two fingers into her tight squelching sap saturated cunt while my free hand went back to her breasts cupping one then the other until finally I pinched a nipple between finger and thumb hard, something I enjoyed doing to myself when nearing orgasms. Finally I sucked the clit into my mouth, holding it in position with my lips as I had seen my brother do to her earlier, then licking and stabbing the stiff joystick with my tongue while I now fucked her relentlessly with four fingers. She was now whimpering loudly her body writhing making it difficult to keep my mouth in contact with her juice box her voice pleading for me not to stop,

“Eat me please eat my cunt ooohhh… yessss ..suckk myyy clitttyy.. yoouuu cuuunnttt don’t… stooopp fuckkkk …yessss ..pushh ..your handdd deeeppp …yoouuu bitchhh fuuuccckkk..meeeee.”

Her words shocked me but at the same time pleased me, as it was obvious I had succeeded in my task so that she was about to cum. Her body seemed to convulse as she climaxed a flood of cunt juice covering my mouth and chin as she shook uncontrollably her cunt clenching hard around my four fingers still buried deep in her hole, I was pleased with myself as I fucked her fiercely until her body went limp, withdrawing my hand I sat up next to her and brought my cunt cream covered hand to my mouth.

Linda looked at me, “It’s going to be a share and share alike in this relationship young lady.” She laughed as she pulled my hand to her mouth, “I’ll have these two you have the rest, ok?”

With that she begun licking her own sap off two of the fingers that had recently occupied her wonderful cunt, there was nothing to be said as I begun licking and sucking on the other two our eyes meeting at which stage a realization that we were going to be great friends for a long time hit me.

After what had just transpired between us my reservations vanished and I chatted with Linda openly, finally admitting to her that I was a virgin, now though only as far as boys were concerned, and that this had been my first not self induced orgasm.

Linda looked at me, “Are you telling me you’ve got that hunk with the biggest tastiest cock I’ve ever seen, which believe me that is saying something as my brothers not small in that department, and you haven’t fucked him?”

“His my brother Linda, I’ve never thought about him in that way, do you do it with your brother?”

“When ever we get the chance and that’s a lot, I love sex and so does he so what harm does it do to anybody as long as that’s what we both want?”

I thought for a minute, “Yes but I’m a virgin and wanted for somebody I really care for to be first.”

“Well may I be the first to tell you your not a virgin, I don’t know how you lost your little treasure all I know is there’s lots of ways that can happen to a girl and then there’s the way you reacted towards me when I showed an interest in John that tells me you care about him a whole lot more than you let on and the way he talks about you the feeling is most definitely mutual.” It took me a while to digest this new information about my body and how she perceived my feelings towards my brother.

The weekend went quick. I had called up my mum on Saturday morning and managed to persuade her to let me stay over with Linda until her parents came back and then spent the whole weekend making love to Linda, this basically involved a lot of eating pussy, with simultaneous pussy eating being favourite, followed by the complete exploration of each others bodies, including every nook and cranny, there was also a lot of candle use involved and not for lighting, in between all this we also managed to watch all of her parents porn films which had me now wanting to try some cock and taste the creamy stuff that shot out of the end of those delicious looking nozzles. Linda had also talked me into letting her shave my cunt, after which she spent ages licking me until I exploded in a wonderfully delicious climax.

On the Monday morning Linda’s parents came back with her brother who was as handsome as she was attractive. Linda introduced us and asked him to come up to her room to listen to her new CD, then she whispered something in his ear when her mums back was turned after which she grabbed my hand half pulling half dragging me up the stairs to her room.

“I think it’s time you saw a real cock close up don’t you?” She laughed at my look of shock.

“All pussy and no cock makes Sally a dull girl, so no need to look so shocked.”

“Linda I just can’t do anything with your brother I don’t know him we’ve just met.”

She laughed, “ Who said anything about you having to do anything, I want it all to myself but you might get some ideas of what you might do to your John’s lollipop if you ever get the urge.”

Just as I was preparing to protest that no way would I do anything like that with my brother and in any case I was sure my brother wouldn’t be interested in doing that sort of thing with me when he had her, in walked her brother a broad grin across his face.

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“I take it you had an interesting weekend with Sally.” He emphasised the word interesting.

“Very, but when I told her how well hung you are she said I was fibbing so can you be a good older brother and prove me right.” She was now stood next to him, her hand openly rubbing his crutch. I just stood there blushing, amazed at how she had just come out with it so brazenly.

“Well I can do that for you but what do I get in return?” He asked looking first at me, who stood frozen on the spot, and then his sister who said nothing but seductively licked her lips leaving no room for any misunderstanding as to what she had in mind.

“Okay girls, Sally do you want to do the opening ceremony?” He pushed his groin forward presumably an invitation to me to undo his zipper I just stood still.

Linda on the other hand had undone it before you could say zip and was now busy undoing his trousers until they fell to the floor at his feet, she then pulled down his boxers to reveal his cock, it was not fully erect but after a few strokes with her magical hand Linda managed to get it stiff and it was big, at least as big as most of the porn stars in the films we had watched with Linda, I’d say a good 8” and thick like a salami I thought laughing to myself at the analogy.

“See I told you Sally, it’s a big cock here feel it.” Linda grabbed my hand and pulled it to her brothers cock and I touched a cock for the very first time feeling how rock hard it was with such soft skin, as Linda moved my hand against the shaft I felt the ridges where the veins stood up as blood pumped through it.

Linda now knelt in front of her brother lathing the head of his cock with her tongue while looking up at him lovingly, she then covered the shaft with some saliva and begun pumping it, then her mouth was back taking the head in slowly then some of the shaft, she had about half of it in her mouth as her cheeks caved in as she sucked on it then she pulled back and I could just make out her tongue licking the underside of the shaft and head as it almost came completely out of her hot mouth then she pushed forward now burying even more of her brothers cock in her wonderful mouth, she had now quickened her pace and he held the back of her head as he now thrust forward a look of lust etched on his face as he fucked her oral cunt.

He now warned her, “Oh yes Linda I’m going to cum you’re the best cock sucker don’t stop oh yes babe.”

She pulled her mouth away holding the cock to her open mouth as a huge dollop of creamy white liquid spurted out of the small pee hole onto her face, followed by a second dollop into her waiting mouth that now enveloped the cock once again as she pumped

him with her small talented hands which shot up and done the pole in a frenzy of speed. When she had finally drained him she turned and looked at me opening her mouth to show me it was still full of her brothers cum as she stood up and kissed him full on the mouth.

“God Linda your so sexy no wonder I have a problem finding the right girl none of them is as open and passionate about sex as you are.”

She stood up ushering him out of the room as he protested, “Off you go I want to talk with my friend now come and see me tonight and I might be even nicer to you.”

He tried in vain to stay but she almost physically threw him out.

Giggling she now wiped the dollop of sperm from her face with her finger and offered it to me, “Try it, it’s really nice.” She sounded like my mother asking me to try some new ice cream.

I was a bit hesitant but my inquisitiveness won the day as I sucked her finger, the texture was like thick cream as was the colour, it tasted slightly salty but no so salty that it was unpleasant it reminded me a bit of one of those dips that mum had brought back from the supermarket, she had found it in the Italian or Greek or something range. It was nice, I would have enjoyed more as I stood next to Linda licking my lips.

“Well you seem to have enjoyed that and it was cold you’d love it hot and fresh.” She laughed out loud.

We talked some more and then I took my leave after making plans to walk to school together the next day.

When I arrived home my mind was a jumble with all the things I had done over the weekend and how I had warmed to my newfound friend. It felt as though I was a new person more self assured more confident with an air of assertiveness, I was pleased with myself.

The rest of the day I spent wondering how to approach my brother when he came home, after a lot of thinking mainly about thinks Linda had said and the performance she had put on for me with her brother it easily convinced me that I wanted my brothers cock to be the first, if Linda could have it why shouldn’t he share it with his sister and Linda had said we could share everything, hadn’t she?

John came home at about four almost going straight upstairs after the exchange of family greetings so he could shower and change saying he might pop over to see Linda. When he had told mum about his plans she had told him, dad and her were going to the club for a few drinks with some friends. I considered the situation carefully thinking this might be an ideal opportunity, although I would have to instigate whatever happened next in fact seduce him as he wouldn’t make the first move I was sure of that.

I followed him up the stairs as my mum and dad left the house, “John I’m going to have a shower and come with you to Linda’s just to meet this brother of hers she has being going on about all weekend.”

“Sure sis I’ll wait for you no problem.”

I quickly finished my shower, not that I had needed one but it gave me the opportunity to put my plan to practice. I tied a small towel round my body that barely covered my pussy and was just about covering my nipples.

“John I really want to make a good impression, come and help me choose something to wear please.” I shouted out.

He came to my room in his boxers and seemed to freeze, “Sorry Sally I thought you had your dressing gown on.” He made to leave the room.

“It’s alright John, I’m sure you’ve seen more than this of a girl by now or should I say less?” I laughed at my joke knowing this might put him more at ease.

He stayed watching me as holding the towel at the top I stretched up to get something down from my wardrobe, knowing full well this would act to uncover my arse and give him a good eyeful.

I slowly turned, “It’s no good I can’t reach.” While saying this my eyes quickly looked down to his crutch, yes his there was obvious evidence that he liked what he had seen so far.

I pulled a few things out of the wardrobe as a selection of clothes to wear then bent down in front of him, keeping my legs straight so that the towel was half way up my back my arse and cunt fully displayed for him and I kept the pose while rummaging through my shoes every so often wiggling my arse as though I was completely oblivious to the fact that he was looking straight at my privates and a very freshly shaven clean cunt.

Unfortunately John was very slow and he didn’t make a move, his will power on that first occasion I’ve since realised was awesome. I finally turned round and looked down at his cock, it was huge, the boxer shorts were tented out at least 9” in front of him as he stood there red faced.

“Actually John I did want to ask you if you found me attractive as a woman not as a sister, the reason I ask is that none of the boys at school seem to take any interest in me whereas, like you, they were all over Linda the minute she started school.”

“You can’t be serious Sally, you’re the best looking woman in school I’d be mad not to see that and the other boys keep away because you’re my sister and know what they’ll get if they mess you about.”

“That’s such a relief John I thought I wasn’t at all attractive, it’s a bit of a relief to know the reason thanks.”

We stood there looking at each other for what seemed ages but he didn’t make a move. I realised I’d have to carry on perhaps be more brazen.

“Gosh John what is that massive bulge in your shorts, I’m sure it wasn’t there when you came in, how come it’s grown so big?” I tried to sound as innocent as possible.

His face went even redder, “Sorry Sally I shouldn’t have looked but when you bent over you exposed your cu… pus..self and it..it turned me on.”

“Sorry John my fault but we can’t leave you like that let me try and get it down for you.” As I finished the sentence I moved towards him before he had chance to speak and my hand brazenly grasped the hidden monster round the neck, I shook the towel so that it fell off my body but making what I hoped looked like a last ditch move to pull it back on before letting it slip in a heap to the floor, leaving me completely naked in front of my brother as I stroked his rigid manhood.

“We can’t do this Sally you’d better stop because soon I won’t be able to.” He finally blurted out.

I ignored his protest I wanted this more than anything, I continued to pump his cock cradling it between my palms until his pre cum made a stain on the front of his boxers and his breathing became heavy. Now pulling down his boxers I freed my brothers beautiful throbbing meat from its confines looking in wonder at the huge size, how had he manage to keep it hidden from me all these years, he was hung like one of the stallions we often saw in the paddock on the way to school. As I watched more pre cum sipped out of the tiny pee hole covering the head, I pulled him to me feeling his hairy chest as it made contact with my nipples which were now fully aroused standing out like two chocolate covered peaks and kissed his mouth he returned my kiss with urgency, forcefully as his tongue entered my mouth leaving me breathless my hands still pumping his giant pipe.

I wanted him inside me and pulled him to my bed once I felt the edge of the mattress on the back of my knees I turned him so that his back was to the bed and gently pushed him back and down until he lowered himself onto my small bed. Now pushing him down flat while my hands still gripped his pole as he continued to ravage my mouth with his long hot tongue. John finally did what I was hopping he would do, he took control pulling me down next to him his hands feeling my love box for the first time then cupping my sex with his palm as he begun stroking it my juices lubricated his palm so that it slid back and forward across my now thick engorged inner labia, which now extend beyond there normal place just inside my tight cunt, with ease. His mouth left mine sucking the flesh of my throat sending trembles through my body as it continued its travels now arriving at my tits, as he took one of my large nipples into his mouth and sucked on it bolts of pleasure raced through me, his huge hand now squeezed my other breast before taking the nipple between thumb and fingers, rolling it like piece of putty. Johns other hand also repositioned itself as I felt one of his long thick fingers enter then slide deep into my tight juicy channel fucking me with it.

My cunt felt as though it was on fire, I wanted him to eat me, lick my clit the way I had witnessed him doing to Linda but at the same time I had an immense desire to suck on his lovely giant cock, this was presently impossible in the position we were now in, I took my hands away from his cock and pulled away from him. John thought I had changed my mind and begun to rise from the bed I stopped him my hand on his chest pushing him down before straddling him, lowering my cunt to his face while gripping his rod in my hands. He instantly took the initiative as his hot tongue stroked the swollen lips of my quim adding fuel to the fire burning inside me, while my tongue explored the silky smooth head of his cock tasting the precious pre cum that coated it like a sheen of clear salty yet yummy cream with the consistency of sticky runny honey my tongue teased the small slit on the top. The head was at least 8” thick and I knew that it was going to be a problem to get it all in my mouth but if Linda had so could I, dribbling saliva over the whole head as I’d seen Linda do to her brother I spread it all over including part of the shaft then opening my mouth as wide as I could I lowered it over the head until I managed to get it into my oral opening and then sucked on it as though it was giant gob stopper my tongue twirling just below the head, as I pulled the skin back I could feel the difference in the texture of his flesh as I licked the exposed gland beneath the foreskin.

John was busily devouring my defenceless cunt letting out moans of pleasure as he concentrated on his chosen task, he was not as gently as Linda had been but this seemed to make it even more enjoyable as he sucked and licked as if my cunt was his favourite dish, maybe I was I thought almost making myself laugh as I let out my own moans which vibrated against the meaty pole now deep in my mouth. At one point John tongue seemed to loose direction and I felt its hot touch on my pucker sending a new unrecognised pleasure soaring through my body, I wasn’t sure whether he had meant to do it or not but the sensation made me want more. Soon John had invaded my quim with three long thick fingers as his tongue slid over the bloated inner labia surrounding it before finally finding my sex button which he licked hard until my body shivered, he now entered my cunt that felt stretched to the limit with a finger from his right hand twirling it inside me as he continued lashing my clit with the tongue he used for a whip. I knew I was very near to exploding knowing this would be a mega cum when it came, this was my first boy, this was my own brother, this was something forbidden all of this added to the excitement as I suddenly felt John’s cunt juice coated finger push into my pucker the rubbery entrance giving way to the intruder as it continued its journey passed the sphincter guard until it was buried deep in my anal tunnel, the new unexpected sensation sent me over the age as I just seemed to explode like a fire cracker. I could feel the cum sap pouring out of me as my cunt and anal muscles went into spasm, clutching and releasing the violating fingers like a beating heart my mouth had freed itself of his cock gag and I was now screaming out my rapturous ecstasy.

John grabbed me his strong powerful arms lifting me off his body and tossed me over onto my back pulling my legs up and placing them onto his shoulders he moved forward until he positioned himself so that he could now plunge the monster cock into my cunt, I soon felt the head in the entrance of my tight hole and in an instant it sunk home in one mighty thrust, the shock bringing a squeal of surprise tinged with pain which transformed into delicious pleasure as he begun fucking me furiously sending me into a frenzy as I writhed below him my head shaking from side to side my enjoyment vocalised. As my first orgasm finally subsided my body was torn apart by the next one, as it hit me I called out.


He finally slowed his pace the huge spear now pulling out of my pit almost all the way before slowly sinking back inside as far as it would my body feeling fulfilled, satisfied as never before as I looked into his eyes pouting my lips in a kiss of love as he now again increased the speed of his thrusts his cock throbbing deep inside me before finally gasping out as he surrendered his seed which crushed against the walls of my vessel coating them with warmth, he lay on top of me as his cock lost its steely strength and begun to wane, the warmth of his body left me as he collapsed next to me, his head on the pillow his arms outstretch on either side of him as I had seen him lay with Linda.

It had been incredible, my first fuck had been gentle and considerate with a man I loved, it couldn’t have been any more perfect I was now his and felt released not just sexually but emotionally.

“Sally I… I don’t understand. All these years I’ve dreamt of doing these things with you but always having to control myself, believing you were not interested in me in the same way and that you were still a virgin I’m so glad we’ve finally done it, I feel closer to you than ever but who…you.. must have been with someone else who was it?”

“I’ve never been with any other man John, you are the first man to enter me, thank you for making it all come true for me and I now wish you had done it earlier much, much earlier. So do you know what, I think we both have a lot of catching up to do with each other.” I laughed as he pulled me by the hair so my head was above his, attacking my mouth with his own in a passion loaded kiss before finally releasing me.

Turning my head to look at him I noticed his cock was still covered with creamy white spunk, some had also trickled down from the magnificent head to cover the shaft in small creamy streams making small pools of cum on his balls, I crawled down the bed to his shrivelled cock licking the mixture of our combined sexual release with my long hot tongue, tasting the heady cocktail of my own sweet juice combined with his own creamy spunk finally inserting his tasty cock in my hot mouth. As I sucked and licked on Johns cock I felt it slowly grow in my mouth as my lips detected the blood racing through its veins making the pole rigid before continuing its journey to engorge the magnificent head. My mouth moved to his balls licking and sucking them clean of the remaining cum pools before sucking a ball into my mouth.

“Sally your so fucking hot, I can’t believe we are doing this, it’s just like a dreams, ohhh god yes, please let me eat your pussy ohhh sit on my face Sally!”

I instantly obeyed moving my body so that it straddled him for the second time; ensuring my knees were as far up as they would go so that my genitals would completely displayed and at his mercy, “I love my cunt being eaten and you do it so good big brother, does it taste nice for you?”

I asked brazenly, almost telling him I knew it was as sweet as Linda’s but deciding to leave that revelation out for the time being.

My brother’s tongue now begun licking my cunt lips while I went back to the task at hand, if that’s the correct phrase. Recalling Linda’s comments about how much nicer hot spunk was I made my mind up to make him cum in my mouth as I used both hands to jerk him while sucking on the bulbous smooth head and running my tongue along the groove just below. He seemed to enjoy eating my spunk filled cunt me as much as I enjoyed sucking him, my cunt was soon trembling as it released copious amounts of my lubricating liquid, which John licked and sucked out of me with enthusiasm making obvious his enjoyment with small moaning sounds before long I felt him plunging three of those long thick fingers of his all the way into my tight quim, as his tongue moved to my anus licking at my small pucker sending waves of wanton slutty pleasure surging through my receptive body as I in turn forced more of his cock into my mouth so much that I could now feel the head at the entrance to my throat.

As we continued our oral stimulation of each other my body begun shivering with the sheer sexual thrill as lust took over and I was now fucking his fingers while pushing more of the beautiful cock into my throat so that I could only manage to breath through my nostrils, my hand went up and down what part of the shaft was still exposed in a blur of speed. He finally pushed his thumb trough the tiny soft entrance of my pucker so that each time I pushed myself down I could feel his fingers, like two cocks fucking both my holes, I knew then that although having seen anal fucking in the porn films, I had watched with Linda, and thinking it gross it was something that I was now very sure I needed to try with John very soon. Any further thoughts were wiped from my mind as John now sucked my quivering clit into his mouth hard my small button defenceless as his long hard tongue raked it into submission and I screamed as an earth shuttering orgasm send my body into spasms as I writhed and shook like a bowl of jelly, almost biting his cock off in my frenzy as it now decided to spew up its own brand of cum straight into my throat making me choke for an instant before I pulled my mouth away keeping just the head in and pumping the shaft with both my hands for all I was worth making it give up more of its treasure until there was none left, spunk trickling down my lips, chin and cheeks as it escaped my mouth. I lay still on top of him as my body returned to earth while he rained gently kisses on my cunt lips. Once I was calmed I climbed off him, moving to his head I exchanged long hot passionate kisses with him as we savoured each other.

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Harry wanted her, but he knew he couldn't have her. After all she was his daughter. Looking at her, you wouldn't believe that she was 19 years old. Her tits are bigger than her mother's ever had been. She has long black hair, and long slender legs. He like watching Sally with her boyfriend, sometimes when she didn't think he was home. Once she was sucking on his little dick, and getting him off good. Another time he saw them fucking. When her boyfriend would cum, he'd pull out and wouldn't help her get off. Today he watch them again , and saw that her boyfriend was fucking her ass, and was ready to cum. Harry watch him pulling his cock out with cum dripping, then he put his cock up to her mouth, and had her suck him clean.

While she was taking her time, he was telling her to hurry that he had to get to work. Harry got mad, and walk in on them. "Boy you need to know how to use that cock of your to satisfy a lady, and you don't make her clean your dick off do it yourself you shit head. Don't you know her pleasure comes before your own, always make sure she cum's before you do." Harry said.

"Oh and You can do better old man?" he said.

"Yes boy I can, just ask your mommy, your daddy can't even get it up long enough to fuck her, she has to call me." Harry told him. Then he told him to get out.

"Oh daddy, why did you do that?" Mary said crying, running off to her room.

"I'm sorry Honey, but I couldn't stand there and listen to him tell you to hurry, when you haven't had your orgasm." Harry yelled.

Harry reach for the phone. He told Grace, [the boyfriend's mom] about what just happen, and she said she would be talking to her son tonight when he got home from work. Harry hung up and sat down, wondering what he was going to do to make up to his daughter. That got him thinking about watching her getting fuck earlier. He started rubbing his cock, he was getting hard. Unzipping his pants he pulls out his cock, he sat there stroking and thinking about getting his cock up his daughter's ass. He could feel her ass wrap around his cock. He was jerking his cock hard now.

"Oh baby I'm fucking your ass." he said quietly. He was close to exploding. "Do you like having daddy's cock fucking your ass." he grunted whisper, and exploded in his hand.

Sally could never stay mad at her daddy, she made it half down the stairs when she heard something. She stop looking around she spotted her father on the couch in the mirror above the fireplace. What she saw shocked her at first, but as she continue watching, she saw her daddy pull out his cock. And he had a monstrous cock, she never saw one that big. She wonder what it would feel like to be inside her.

"Do you like having your daddy's cock fucking your ass?" she heard him say. So he was thinking about her that way too. She move her hand to her pussy, she was wetter and slip her finger in. Moving her hand in time with her daddy's, her orgasm hit the same time he exploded. She quietly went back up stairs.

Harry got up and went up to shower and change, he was late for work. Sally heard him leave for work, she got up and stood her front of the mirror. She didn't look like her mother or father, but she did have her mother's nose. Her tits were bigger, turning to her side she had a flat tummy and a thick bush, thicker than other girls her age. they use to make fun of her because it was so long and thick. She went into he dad's room, looking for her mom's stuff. She knew dad never threw it out. She open all the doors, all but one and it was locked.

{the phone rings}

"Or Hi dad. Yes I'm sorry to. Yes everything is okay now. Dad could you tell me where the key is to the closet that has mom's clothes. Yes I know, but I think its time. Thank you daddy I love you." she said. She hung up and went to get the key. She went into the his room and open the door. She spent the rest of the afternoon looking thru the closet. She found some things, real sexy clothes, a realistic looking cock called, " The Kong", there was straps, Love Kits, and Games. Bottles of oils, lotion's, bath oils and creams. She found a box and put all the stuff in and carry it to he room.

Sally dump the contents of the box on her bed. Picking up the dong she looked around, and decided to attach it to the door, then she set up the camera to tape herself. she kneel down in front of it. Pretending it was her daddy's cock and he wanted her to suck him. She lick and suck on it. Then she got up and turn around and push her pussy on, she fuck her herself, pretending her daddy was fucking her.

Her orgasms were out of this world. She couldn't seem to get enough, she wanted him more and more. She tape herself in bed fucking herself, in the shower, and getting dress. Sally knew that she had to have he daddy's real cock, and she needed to get a plan going to get him. She would start tonight when he got home from work.

Everything was ready, she dress in her mother's red sheer teddy, with a matching robe that cascaded down her body. She put on the red high heel shoes. Candles on the table, dinner waited for him. She had the tape in the VCR. She heard Harry pull in. She went to the door.

"Come in Daddy, I have dinner ready for you." she said. Closing he door she lock it. She help him undress and put on his black silk robe. She click the music on, and sat him at the table. She serve him his dinner, and refilled his glass. When he was done she walk him over to the couch and had him sit down, handed him the remote and told him to watch the tape. She cleaned up the kitchen and went up to his room waiting for him.

Harry turn on the tape and was shock and surprise when he saw his daughter. He then saw she had found the cock on the door, it was the one he'd given his wife the year before she had died. She stuck it to their bed, it would be up her ass, as she suck him, or she would suck on it and he would be fucking her ass. Now he watch as his daughter fucked herself with it. He was getting very turned on. At the end of the tape he was even more surprise.

"Hello daddy, I hope you like my show, I did it just for you, and you will find next you a letter, mom wrote to both of us. I've read it and I'm waiting for you to come clam me for yourself. Harry's cock was rock hard now and he still wasn't sure. He open the letter. "To my loved ones, If your reading this, Sally must be old enough. And Harry you must be hard as a rock wanting Sally. I want you to love each other like we use to. I find nothing wrong in it and I hope you enjoy yourselves. I know that your brother will to, we had some good times the three of us. Show our daughter how a real man loves his woman. Teach her the pleasure you have taught me. I Love You! your loving wife and mother, Mary" he read. Tossing it in the fire he went up stairs. Harry open the to Sally's room she wasn't there. Opening his door, he found her laying on his bed.

Sally sat up and waited for him to come closer. He walk up to her and she reaches out and takes his hard cock in her hands, she rubs, and caress him. She lick the tip. "Oh Daddy your huge." she said. "The bigger, the better pleasure I can give you my love." he said. Sally closes her mouth on his cock, running her tongue around the cockhead. "Oh baby I've waited for this so long." Harry said. She move down on him, his cockhead resting him at her throat. She worked her throat by swallowing his cock. When her lips touch the hair, started bobbin her head up and down. "Oooooo... god... Sally... feels so... good." he groaned. She pulled up, using her tongue she lick his cock and push him down her throat again. She repeat it over and over. "OH GOD YES... YES... SUCK ME... AAAGGGGHHHH... BABY I'M GOING TO CUM... I'M CUMMMMINGGGGG!!" Harry cried out.

Harry took her face in his hands, kisses her in a deep passionate filled kiss. He pulls her to stand before him. His touch, is light and quick, bending to take a nipple in his mouth. He licks, and sucks the nipple till a hard bead form, moving to her other nipple he did the same thing. Moving his hands down to her hips, he kneels before her. His fingers moving quickly now, opening her legs, he licks her pussy lips, slipping his tongue in and out of her pussy.

"Oh Daddy that feels so good." Sally moans. Holding her hips he lays her back and spreads her legs, he licks her pussy lips, sliding his tongue in and out. "OHHHHHHH, GOOOOOD, DADDDDYYYYY, I WANNNNNNNT, YOUUUUU, TOOOO, FUUUUUUUCK, MEEEEEE!!" she hissed.

Harry stood up and look at his sexy daughter, he wanted her, and now he was going to get her. He pulled her up to the middle of the bed and moved on top of her, pushing her legs apart. He took his cock in his hand. Holding his cock he push the head into her pussy, lifting her legs up to his shoulders. He plunges his cock in hard.


Harry roll to the side being her with him. He pull the sheet up and they fell asleep with his cock still inside her. A couple hours later he awoke to her sucking his cock. He grab her face and started moving in and out of her mouth. Three strokes and he exploded. " Now I want you to fuck my ass." she said. Harry sat up, stroking his cock, he watch her get on her hands and knees. " Your mother use to love this, she would have a huge cock stuck to the headboard and she'd suck on it, or she fuck her ass, while she suck my cock. We use to do a lot of things someday I'll tell you about it." he told her. " What about Uncle Bobby?" she asked.

"Later Baby, right now I'm going to go for a ride in your ass." he said. He grab her hips and position his cock, he plunge into her ass in one thrust. He pace himself, slowly pushing in and slowly drawing his cock out. Again and again he went. "Oh sweet Baby your tight fucking ass feels so good. I'm going to make you beg for me to fuck you faster. I'm going to take my sweet time Baby. Do you like feeling me sliding inside you? Oooooo Baby so good, you want daddy to stop Baby?" he whispers in her ear, as he bends over her back. He squeezes her titties, pinching the nipples.

"OH GOD PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCK ME DADDY, PLEASE HARDER OF GOOOOOOD PLEEEEEEEEESE, FUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEE. NOW DADDY FUCK ME!!" she screamed. Harry slammed his cock in, fucking her hard and fast. They both exploded and fell on the bed out of breath. "Oh Sally I Love You, You are the best I've ever had." He said breathing heavily. He went to pull out, but she told not to. They spent the next few months loving and fucking in each room. "Dad could we afford another place to live. Someplace quiet and away from everyone." she asked. " I don't know, we'll have to look into it." he said.

Sally went to a real estate office. Asking for places for sale in a secluded, and private area. She was told of four places, had appointments set to see the property's this afternoon and tonight. She went home and called to tell her father. "That's great Honey, Bobby found one up near where he lives too, I'm on my way home now so we can see it." he said. The house wasn't big enough. The next three, one was not private, two were too much money. "This one is very far outside of town, and it a little run down." the broker said. They pulled into what look like a farm house. Sally got out and look around, she didn't see any other houses. And as she walk thru the place she was getting excited. The first floor had a living room, kitchen, a dinning room, and Den/study. Upstairs were three bedrooms, bathroom, two small, and a huge master bedroom. "Could you give us a few minutes please?" Harry said. "Well Honey what do you think?" he asked. "This is it daddy I want this house." she told him.

The next three months, papers were signed and work was done on the house. She pack up the stuff they were taking with them and loaded into the U-Haul to leave Friday morning. [the phone rings] "Hello Baby, Set another place at the table tonight, Bobby is coming over and spending the night to help us move in the morning." Harry said. Sally went upstairs to run her bath, easing down into the water. Relaxing in the tub she didn't hear him come in.

"Well, well I see your all grown up." Bobby said.

Sally stood up, letting the water run down her body, then she step out.

"I'd say you've grown more than I thought." he said in a harsh voice. "

Mmmm, Do you like what you see, or do you want to see more?" she asked. Walking into the bedroom. Bobby followed her watching her dry off, and slip on a sheer black body suit with matching robe. Sally walk up to him, leaning in, she lick his lips as her hands brush the bulge in his pants. And walks out the door.

"Hello Baby how was your day today. Sis you miss me." Harry said. She kisses him hard. "I guess you did, lets go and eat, I have a feeling we're going to busy later to eat." Harry said.

Sally couldn't sit still for long she was horny as hell and she wanted to get both of them inside her. She got up to offer them a drink. "I'll give you something to drink Baby just come under the table and suck my cock, I'll give you gallons of cum to drink." Bobby told her. She went under the table fast and had him buried deep in her throat. Sucking on his cock got him off fast, then went over to her Daddy's cock and did the same thing to him. She ease her way out from under the table, standing up she look very satisfy with herself. They watch her walk out of the room.

"My God she some cock sucker." Bobby said. "Oh Yes she is that in fact she is the best we've ever had, right?" Harry said. Bobby nodded his head yes.

Walking into the living room they saw her laying on the floor with her legs spread, fucking herself with the huge dildo. they were getting turn on watching her fuck herself. Harry goes over and places his cock against her mouth. Bobby walk up to her. "Sally honey Bobby has something much better." he said unzipping his pants and puling out his enormous hard cock.

"Take that out Baby and I'll give you a real cock to fuck your self with, see He's hard and ready to play." Bobby told her. She pull out the dildo. "FUCK ME UNCLE BOBBY, THEN USE THIS TO FUCK MY ASS. she said taking her mouth off Harry's cock. Bobby plunge his cock into her hard, pulling her legs over his hips he plunge the dildo up her ass. He rolls her onto her back again and slams his cock in her pussy hard till all three climaxes together.

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As promised, the day after having spent the entire night making out with her mother and having my brains fucked by her fathers awesome tool, I met Linda at Latino Express. My cunt was still wet and throbbing from the night before; while my arse ached when I sat down as a reminder of the wonderful bashing it had received from her dad's massive cock.

We sat there drinking strawberry milk shakes while I related to Linda the events of the previous evening. She sat there enthralled by my recollections. Her face reflecting her fascination and sexual excitement, she did not interrupt once not until I had finished relating all the lurid details leaving nothing to the imagination.

"My god Sally, I know they're my parents and I've experienced many threesomes with them but it sounds as though you had one hell of a session with them. I feel a bit left out and have to admit feeling fairly green with envy. "

I smiled at my friend, "Well, yeah I must admit your parents are both so hot, especially your mum, just thinking about her mouth on my pussy last night has got me so horny. "

"Well at least you got some, listening to you has made me wet my knickers, I feel so frustrated, I don't know whether to ever talk to you again. " She said, trying to look serious and stern, managing neither her eyes smiling straight at me.

I laughed, "Well, maybe I can help you there, that's if you're feeling a bit adventuress?" I told her.

"I'm always adventuress! I thought you'd know that by now. "

I didn't reply, I got up, clasping her hand gently I headed to the ladies pulling her behind me, one of the waitresses noticed and a knowing grin seemed to instantly appear on her face but I didn't care what she or anyone else thought at that stage all I wanted was to get into Linda's panties.

We entered the toilets and I headed for the last cubicle on the right, there were only four cubicles in all, I was hopeful we wouldn't be interrupted as this was the café's busy time. Tugging Linda inside the cubicle with me I put the lid down then pulled her in front of me pushing her down onto the white plastic seat. Turning to the door I made sure that I locked it behind me. As she sat, I grinned as my eyes feasted on her shapely body, it must be my lucky day I thought, all she had on was a skimpy mini skirt which had already ridden up reviling that all she had on underneath was a tiny thong, she had beautiful long legs that were what I considered shapely, they were very smooth as she waxed them regularly and were a lovely almost a permanent lightly suntanned colour, no wonder she loved showed them off all the time.

Turning to her I said, "Now lets see just how wet your cunny really is. " A big grin plastered across my face.

I loved the fact that I was the one in control, as I kneeled down in front of her while she eagerly spread her legs wider for me. I put my hand in between her warm fleshy thighs and felt the dampness of the tiny patch of material covering her silky smooth cunt, she hadn't lied, her pussy was hot and judging from the dampness of her thong she was also very wet. I urgently slid my middle finger under the edge of the elasticised material, as it clung round the top of her thigh, quickly locating the entrance to her smooth slit. Sure enough Linda's pussy felt like a furnace and very wet, yielding with ease so that my finger vanished inside her hole as she let out a slow moan, quickly placing her hand over her mouth to quieten herself. I wiggled my finger inside her juicy cunt then pulled it out again placing it inside my mouth so I could savour her sexual fluids, god she always tasted so good, all sugar and spice and all things nice came to mind.

I pushed her back my hands grabbing the tiny thong, pulling it downward until she lifted her bum, first one cheek then the other so that I could pull the tiny material down her long legs until it was completely off. Kneeling down I looked at her pussy, it was so pretty a pale pink colour with distinguishable folds of flesh all swollen and glistening with her juices which I could see as they oozed slowly out of her fuck hole. I again inserted my middle finger deep inside her watching with wonder as her flesh gradually gave way to allow the welcome violation, once deep inside her I moved my long slim finger in a circular motion feeling the smooth dome of her interior cavern as she held on to the top of my head with both hands.

Occasionally we heard other women visit the cubicles, hearing them as they peed, some just coming in to apply fresh makeup while chatting with a friend or just washing their hands, whatever the case we paid little heed, too engrossed in our own world to pay any attention to the exchanges that took place around us.

Linda gently pulled my head towards her cunt , my head moved down to her until my face was between her soft thighs, my mouth already open, full of saliva in mouth watering anticipation of oral contact with my girlfriends wonderful juice saturated quim, the thought made my own pussy tingle. My tongue snaked out of my warm mouth to stroke her soft labia which now swollen protruded from their normal position, I licked her delicious flesh with soft delicate long strokes of my tongue like a cat licking thick cream, pulling my finger out of her confines I was able to run my tongue from one end of her slit to the other again and again before engulfing her whole hairless pussy with my mouth and penetrating her as deep as humanly possible with my tongue. She let out a small whimper as I fucked her pussy with my tongue relishing the sweetness of her lubricant as she moved her hands to her breasts quickly freeing them from their confines so she could massage them and play with her small firm fully aroused nipples as only she knew how so as to obtain the ultimate sexual satisfaction for her self from the two highly erogenous peaks.

My mouth moved upward my tongue searching until it located her long fat erect clit, once located I run my tongue over it initiating another whimper from her, I begun to lick the defenceless nerve filled mount, it always amazed me at how big it was. My efforts made her moan as she grabbed the back of my head pushing it down to her cunt, I moved my hand to her pussy pushing two fingers deep inside her hot box twirling them around and around inside then begun to fuck her with them. I stopped using my tongue on her clit briefly to look up at her, she now had a fist crammed in her mouth to stifle her moaning while the other hand was red with the strain of pulling and pinching her nipple, so hard I thought she might pull it off her breast completely if she continued. I moved my head back to her cunt her clit was huge I was sure it wasn't normally this big as I sucked on it like a tiny cock before capturing the little knob between my lips and attacking it with my tongue. My mouth was overflowing with her juices as I felt the sweet thick liquid glide down my throat, I pushed another finger deep inside her well lubricated fuck hole to join the two already filling her. Linda had begun bucking forward to meet my inward thrusts as I penetrate her as deep as I could. I rolled my fingers inside her as she stifled a scream.

I could tell Linda was now very near to climaxing but I didn't want her to cum, not just yet, I stopped sucking on her clit instead moving my head down to her arse, it was a bit awkward as the cubicle was small, not really built for this particular usage, but after lifting her legs up so they rested on the door behind me I managed to get my mouth to her arse poking my tongue in between the crease until it made contact with her rubbery pucker and finally the tiny perfectly rounded hole in the centre, I begun licking the delicate flesh savouring the musky damp smell of her arse while at the same time managing to cram my fourth finger inside the tight confines of her cunt.

Linda's movements had now become more frantic and I knew that she was about to cum. I moved my mouth back to her clit sucking it inside while my tongue prodded and rubbed it. My other hand moved to her arse and I rubbed the tiny hole with the ball of my middle finger until I felt it give way as if beckoning my finger to enter her, I drove my finger deep into her arse hole until it violated her completely wriggling it gently inside her murky rectum then pulling it back in readiness of another attack. As I thrust into her a second time she let out a stifled scream as her whole body trembled with her eruption, I felt a new warmth as her thick cum saturated my fingers now embedded deep inside her cunt , trapped there by the sudden squeeze of her pussy muscles as they contacted and released spasmodically while her anal muscles matched them. I finally managed to free my hands, using them to prise her cunt open so that I could feast on her sweet thick sap as though drinking after days in a dessert to quench a never ending thirst. I could feel her cum as it slowly glided down my throat so sweet and thick so moreish. Her orgasm had been the most intense I had witnessed her having, which made me feel very pleased with my mornings work as her body begun to calm down after its almost hysterical movements during her orgasm.

Her scream had not gone unnoticed and a voice called out,

"Are you alright in there dear?"

I replied, "We're fine, how are you?"

"Well I never!" I heard the voice say and then heard the door close behind her as she left.

We decide to not take any risk of the manager or someone coming in to see what was happening. I tried to stand up almost drunk with Linda's juices, Linda pulled me to her locking her mouth to mine as she kissed me deeply with all her passion her tongue exploring my mouth as she tasted her own cum the kiss conveying the wanton uninhibited lust she felt.

"God that was unbelievable Sally, you've really moved on since the first time we did it. Thank you that was so beautiful, we are really good together, don't you think?"

"Yes, I love eating you, now all we need is some nice cock with some sour cream to go with it. " I laughed.

As she dressed my mind went to thoughts of cock and I began thinking of my dad's cock and then her dad's cock and how wonderful it would be to have both at once preferably while Linda's sweet cunt juice filling my mouth.

We went back to our table and I told Linda about my fantasy.

"I'd really love to try that Sally, but how are we going to manage that?"

"We'll have to come up with a plan but I think until we do we should avoid letting them fuck us so that they are both desperate for our tight little pussies, so we'll both do a lot of prick teasing which should be fun anyway and see what happens. "

So it was for the next couple of weeks we cock teased terribly at every given opportunity. I wore the skimpiest clothes possible around the house, making sure that dad saw my bald pussy and my tiny arse hole when no one else was watching, sitting on dads lap while watching TV, making sure to rub myself discreetly against his huge cock until it was steel hard, rubbing him up if we met on the landing or hall way, fingering my pussy quickly when no one was about but him and feeding my fingers to him or myself but always making some excuse as to why we couldn't fuck. Linda did likewise to her dad and whenever we had the opportunity we did similar things to each others dad. I must admit all the cock teasing was a real turn on and our mothers or brothers were grateful recipients of the lust that it generated in Linda and me.

Finally the break we had been waiting for came. Linda's mum and brother were going to London for a few days to help out her grandparents who were moving from their large house to a small detached bungalow. On the Friday night I went to stay over at Linda's, making sure that on Thursday and all the time I had on Friday before I left our house I teased dad to such an extent that he stained the front of his trousers with pre cum on two separate occasions.

Just as I was about to leave the house on Friday I kissed him and whispered in his ear, "Dad why don't you come and pick me up from Linda's tomorrow morning, come about 11:30, then we can both go into work with you, your lump needs some attention I think, Linda would just love to go to work on it, I'm sure I could help her too. " As I said it I grinned licking my lips, making sure no one could see I rubbed his cock which felt rock hard.

Linda's dad came home on Friday evening and we made sure that we drove him nuts, we both wore really short skirts minus knickers sat on the floor legs occasionally splayed open letting him catch glimpses of our smooth wet shaved pussies which were both oozing with juice at the prospect of eating each others quim all night. Then on several occasions we both bent down exposing both our fuck holes letting him compare. The thought that if all went to plan we'd be getting our juice boxes filled with some nice size cocks the next day kept us both so hot and ready.

We didn't get too much sleep that night as we enjoyed each others bodies and used a couple of new toys Linda's mum had bought, better than candles if a bit noisy, but we were purposely louder than normal hoping her dad could hear us and that knowing what we were up to would be turned on and raring too go next morning.

The next morning Linda went down to breakfast on her own as planned, I left her downstairs with her dad for about ten minutes then followed quietly to make sure things were going as planned. I peered into the kitchen and there they were, they had both stripped and their dressing gowns lay in a heap on the floor by their side. They were fully engaged on the floor in a sixty nine, too busy to notice my arrival. Her dad was holding her arse cheeks and cunt wide apart with his big strong hands while his mouth was wide open, managing to pay homage to both her fuck holes. Linda at the other end had her dad's cock partly in her mouth, almost chocking on her dad's massive dick, while what she couldn't fit inside her mouth she stimulated with both hands, stroking the long rod hard and fast as it glistened with her saliva. The sight was such a turn on my hands just dove straight down to my snatch and I begun rubbing masturbating myself like crazy, I could have stayed watching until I made myself cum but looked up at the kitchen clock it was 11:20, knowing my dad he would arrive dead on 11:30 so I had ten minutes to join Linda and her dad. I rushed to the front door and opened it leaving it slightly ajar with my over night bag clearly visible to let dad know I was up and think ready to go then rushed back into the kitchen, stripping my clothes off in record time, not that I had much on, just a super mini and skimpy T-shirt, I stood there completely naked. Dave still didn't realise I was there.

I kneeled down next to Linda; she winked at me as she continued greedily gobbling her dads meaty rod moaning as she did, saliva dribbling from her mouth and escaping from her lips onto the thick shaft, forming a small stream racing downward to his balls but not quite managing to conclude its journey as she interrupted the stream with an upward stroke of the cock held firmly by both of her delicate hands, the movement rubbed the liquid all over the pole adding to its smoothness allowing her hands to glide up and down more easily.

We hadn't rehearse the next bit and neither of us knew what to do or say next, finally I shouted out in a scolding voice,

"My god Linda what are you doing?" Quickly adding, "You should have offered me some of that first, I'm the guest you know and I'd like some of that big sausage for breakfast too. "

Dave heard my voice, he must have stopped eating his daughter's delicious cunt, as I couldn't hear his grunting or the noises of gratification which he had been making seconds earlier while eating Linda's fuck holes, he was obviously lost for words.

Linda spoke quickly, "Daddy don't stop eating my pussy I feel so turned on and wet please eat me until I cum in your mouth, Sally just wants to share, that's fine isn't it you've got such a big cock there must be enough for her too?"

"Aaah... yes sweetie, aaah... Sally... ammm... can have some... hmmm... if she really wants to... ahmm... I'm sure she's a very good cock sucker too. "

Linda and I looked at each other both grinning like a pair of Cheshire cats about to get all the cream. Her dad wasn't letting the cat out of the bag. The fact that he already had first hand knowledge of my cock sucking abilities he thought was between me, him and his wife. So far so good I thought, as Linda let her dads cock slip from her mouth. The thick bulbous head was almost purple, I looked down at the rigid man meat all the veins showed clearly like little three dimensional blue lines on a map depicting the rivers, the main artery protruded boldly as the blood keeping these giant cock erect pumped through David's fit body, the vessels were so full they looked as if they were ready to explode. I placed the fat head in my mouth as my tongue went to work gliding along the smooth surface, made that much easier with the mixture of his pre cum and his daughters' sweet saliva. I began sucking on the head pushing more and more of his meat into my mouth until it was inside my throat with my lips firmly encircling the root while my nose, through which I now had to breathe deeply both in and out, was buried in his pubic hair. My hands busily played with the huge balls, rubbing then gently squeezing them as if trying to coax them into relinquishing their precious cargo of thick creamy spunk. I could feel Linda's hand as it cupped my sex sliding along my swollen cunt lips made wet with my juices, after rubbing me like that for a while she inserted two fingers inside me twirling them deep inside my pussy then opening and closing her long slender digits like a pair of scissors. It felt so good but I had to be careful we didn't want her dad to cum just yet; we wanted both of our dads to cum together so they could see for themselves just what a pair of hot spunk eating sluts they had raised.

I was apprehensive at the imminent arrival of my own dad not knowing how he would react but I needn't have worried. Linda told me later that she heard him come inside the house as she sat on her dads face while he tongue fucked her. He called out a couple of times but as no one answered he came in and closed the door walking through the house to get to the back door thinking we might be in the garden and she purposely begun to moan loudly enough that he could hear, then following this with suggestions to her dad how to eat her pussy again making sure my dad could hear her. My dad stopped by the kitchen door for a couple of minutes watching through the crack and she put on a little show for him, writhing about on her dads face while playing with her lovely firm breasts, sucking her own hard nipples. When my dad finally walked into the room his cock tented out his trousers with a massive hard on.

"Sally what the hell do you think you're doing down there? Dave you dirty bastard what have you got my daughter doing?"

Hearing my dad shout like that I got a bit worried that not only would our plan not work out but that dad was so jealous there might be repercussions that we had not thought of. I had stopped sucking on Dave's cock the instant my dad opened his mouth and was just about to get up when Linda defused the whole awkward situation.

"Sally's doing for my dad what I'd love to be doing to that huge cock of yours Mr. Green, please come closer Mr. Green I'd love to suck on your lovely dick again and my dad couldn't very well complain now could he?"

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Linda told me later that she had said all this very suggestively licking her lips with her tongue while gesturing with one hand while the other squeezed round the top of her tit just leaving a small gap between her fingers for her nipple to poke through... My dad stood frozen briefly before finally moving towards her, as soon as he was near enough I heard his zipper go then a gasp from him as she must have grabbed his hard cock cramming it inside her hot mouth this was followed by the gobbling sounds as she went to work sucking on my dad's tool while he begun to moan with delight as her mouth pleasured him. I now relaxed knowing that bar an earthquake I was assured of getting at least one of these cocks inside my pussy.

I went back to work on Dave's cock as dad undressed until his clothes lay in a heap next to Dave. My cunt now felt neglected as Linda kneeled astride her dads head while he noisily sucked and licked her pussy, while Dave could only let out grunts of appreciation while he slurp his beautiful daughters fuck hole. Linda was making her own sounds as she sucked hungrily on my dad's meat while I was breathing heavily as my mouth went up and down on Dave's cock like a tight cunt, so I was the only one not receiving any stimulation of my sex organs.

I stopped gobbling Dave's delicious cock just long enough to ask my dad for some essential attention to my aching cunt.

"Daddy please, please eat my pussy. " I begged him

My pleas were answered as he got down on the floor in response. Linda had followed him down not wanting to let his cock out of her mouth, finally we all ended up lying on the floor in a sort of circle eating each others sex. The air in the room permeated with the smell and sounds of sexual gratification. My dad's hot lips made contact with my cunt and I reacted the only way I knew, sucking harder than ever on the giant cock occupying my oral cavity as my dad licked my cunt lips with his long raspy tongue before finally inserting it deep inside my cavity licking on my tender inner flesh saturated with my thick juices. The wait had heightened my arousal so much it felt like my pussy was on fire as he tongue twirled around deep inside me, he then lifted one of my legs higher in the air allowing him access to my arse hole running his tongue down from the top of my pussy to the tiny hole in the middle of my pucker, I felt as though I was about to explode with desire as I felt his long fat middle finger enter my anus with one almighty thrust as his mouth returned to my cunt as though with the mission of devouring me. He feasted on my young tender flesh as though it was a rare steak for a hungry man while the sexual arousal his actions had on me were transferred to my mouth as I fucked Dave's cock with renewed enthusiasm my head bobbing up and down the juicy pole, which constantly seeped with tasty tangy pre cum, to the extend that I was at risk of damaging my own throat.

Dad had now pushed a second finger inside my arse while having buried his fat thumb inside my cunt fucking both holes with a rocking motion so that I could feel his two fingers move inside until they were buried inside my arse then as he withdrew them I'd feel his thumb bury itself inside my quim while his mouth attached itself like a clamp onto the top of my cunt sucking on my tiny defenceless un-hooded clit as he tongue sporadically flicked out to lick or prod the sensitive nerve filled lump. I could feel that Dave was very near to cumming as his sacks were rock hard and the skin surrounding them was rough and stretched, I just hoped Linda was as near in making my dad cum as I was to hers. Dave let out a loud grunt as he shot his load almost chocking me in the process, I pulled my head back just keeping the tip of his fuck pole in my mouth as it spurted out his thick spunk the texture of double cream, I loved the salty tangy flavour of his spunk, my hands stoked up and down the long pole forcing more of his precious seed to spill inside my hungry mouth as I guzzled his seed down my throat greedily. The build up to his climax had been long and there was an abundance of spunk finally filling my mouth to capacity so that some of his delicious spunk found the break in the seal between my lips and the head of his cock so that it dribbled out of the corners of my mouth, but as much as I wanted to swallow it all I found the will power not too waiting for Linda to finish off my dad.

Finally my dad gasped as he too shot his load inside Linda's mouth,

"Oh yes baby that's good suck on Pete's cock. Oh yes good girl that's it suck all my spunk out, you're a good cock sucking little slut... aaaahhh... yes, yes that feels soo... so... good... aaaahhhh... don't stop... ohhh... yesss... "

Once dad's cock stopped shooting out spunk in her mouth, Linda got up and moved to me, we both turned to our dads opened our mouths to let them see the pools of spunk resting in a pool inside our oral traps and then begun kissing deeply with raw unbridled lust our tongues exploring each others mouth made silky smooth with the coating of spunk some of which we aloud to escape so that it trickled down our cheeks leaving streaks in its downward trail. The two of them stood there transfixed at the sight they were witnessing.

Finally we stopped kissing; I turned looking straight at my dad.

"Mr. Carter promised to eat my pussy daddy if I made him cum in my mouth and I did so I want him too eat my wet pussy, please can he daddy? I know how much you like eating pussy, I'm sure Linda would like you to eat her, look isn't it pretty?"

With that my hand moved to Linda's cunt opening the slit for him to see it still glistening and with the huge clit still erect like a tiny prick.

The two looked at each other; we knew there was no way they were going to refuse.

"Let's go next door so that we have more room girls. I really want to eat that pretty little cunt of yours again Sally and I'm sure your dad will enjoy my Linda's, if he hasn't already that is, I always do. "

My dad looked at Dave and smiled it was obviously in recognition that they had fucked each others daughter before now and had enjoyed the privilege.

We moved to the sitting room and Dave pulled me to the armchair, taking me in his strong arms he lowered me down so that I had a leg over each arm so that my bum was

5 "or 6" above the seat while my legs were wide open. Dad called Dave over and they lifted the other armchair moving it next to the one I was perched on, pleased with themselves dad picked up Linda and put her on the armchair next to me then quickly knelt down in front of her while Dave kneeled in front of me.

Dave moved his head forward in between my thighs until I felt his warm breath as his mouth neared my cunt, his hands made contact with my pussy pulling the lips apart as his tongue licked the sensitive inner side of the engorged flaps, first one side of my pussy then the other sending shivers through my body. He gently nibbled at my labia made huge with sexual excitement, he started at the top worked his way down one side then started on the bottom and work his way up on the other, doing this several times. Then I felt Dave's firm tongue as he begun thrusting it into the centre of my pussy pushing until it was all the way inside my fuck box then pulling it back again, my hands grabbed the back of his head pulling him to me, I could feel my own wetness as my juices begun to ooze freely from deep within my body. Dave liked the taste of my pussy as he begun to suck hard on my quim his mouth engulfing the whole of my vagina while his tongue continued to thrust in and out.

I turned around to the side looking down at my dad his head buried in between Linda's legs as she whimpered with pleasure while he let out slurping sounds mixed with grunts of obvious carnal pleasure as he ate her pretty pussy. Grabbing Linda's head I pulled her to me kissing her with urgent fervour full on the mouth my tongue exploring her mouth deeply until she trapped it sucking it eagerly deep inside her mouth conveying in that one kiss the unquenchable yearning she felt. Her hand reached out for my breast squeezing my nipple mercilessly sending me into a spiral of pain and pleasure as her dad buried two long thick fingers deep inside my pussy exploring my inner most depths. I stopped kissing Linda as I bathed in the ecstatic stimulation my cunt was receiving from her dads experienced mouth, his tongue moved downward blazing a trail along my perineum, while he used his thumbs to prise open my bum cheeks as his tongue made contact with my soft sensitive pucker licking me until I was bathed with his hot oral juices my rubbery flesh becoming ever more sensitive as he continued relentlessly tonguing my arse hole, suddenly he sucked hard on my flesh and I felt my pucker lift up entering his mouth, god it felt so ecstatic almost making me cum instantly, I let out a loud moan letting him know that it gave me pleasure.

Soon I begun to feel the insistent prods to the tiny hole in the centre of my pucker with his well versed tongue, all the while his fingers continue to pummel the interior of my cunt, I was lost in a world of wanton sexual passion pushing myself onto his thrusting fingers encouraging him to fuck me harder with them. His hot wet tongue disappeared but was instantly replaced my a fat finger and I could feel the smooth rounded ball of the digit as it rubbed the well lubricated anal entry causing it to loosen up opening slightly, his finger, appreciating my guard was down, took advantage and I felt the sudden shock as he drove it upward and inward making me gasp loudly as I took in a huge lung full of air, the intrusion I had hoped for was now complete. Dave's mouth was quickly back on the top section of my wet cunt, kissing, licking, nibbling before finally sucking hard, almost as if a vacuum cleaner had attached itself to my pussy, until he manages to trap my small hub inside his firm lips making me shiver as my flesh felt as though it was burning. Dave managed to push a third finger inside my tight cunt while cramming a second in my anal orifice I now felt full and content. The onslaught continued until I finally begun to scream my whole body convulsing an immense heat going throughout my body as I climaxed shamelessly screaming at him not to stop.






I don't know how long my climax lasted or my body writhed in ecstasy but he managed to continue his intense and constant attack of both my fuck holes with his long fat fingers while his mouth attached itself to my clit like some limpet on a sea rock. He finally stopped leaving me in the troughs of sexual release when Linda echoed my chorus begging my dad to give her more, I looked down to see my dad thrusting four fingers inside her juice saturated pussy while his other hand was ramming three digits inside her tight arse hole with such force he was lifting her up off the armchair while he looked at her telling her what a slut she was.

"That's good you little cock sucking slut I can feel your cum juices all over my hand, you love been finger fucked don't you, you dirty bitch your love it up your tight arse don't you, I'm going to give you all the cock you need inside that young tight cunt then in your little pooper. "

Then he went down on her with his mouth sucking her big clit right inside while attacking the nerve filled ending with his tongue making her squeal even louder with delight.

Dave was also watching while his daughter thrashed all over the place like a fish out of water, his face full of the sexual lust he felt. He lay down on the floor pulling me down on top. His cock was again fully aroused as it dug into my stomach like a steel rod. His strong hands went to my hips lifting me up. I knew what he wanted and my cunt ached for his huge cock, my hands grabbed his cock guiding it to the entry of my pussy as I squatted over his body then let myself drop onto the monster impaling myself on his hard meat as like a missile it drove through my pussy until it was buried to the hilt inside my womb knocking at my cervix with a wave of delicious pain.

Linda was now receiving her own prize as she sat on top of my dad's tool, which her cunt cum juices had helped to revive to its former majesty, he bucked upwards pushing his rod deep inside the young cunt that was so willingly riding him. The sexual energy in the room would have lit up a city as we rode the two massive cocks beneath us, like a pair of young jockeys entered in the Grand National, our breasts although firm bouncing up and down in rhythm with us.

"Peter I want to see you arse fuck Sally, please do it I'd love to watch her being arse fucked by her dad while my daddy fucks her pussy. " Linda begged my dad.

As she said it she lifted herself off his cock. I could see my dad's big cock covered with her cunt's thick cum which trickled down to his swollen balls. I moved forward pulling him to me then grasping his cum saturated shaft and shoving it greedily into my mouth where I could taste Linda's wonderful sweet cum, licking, sucking the wonderful pussy juice mixed with dads tangy pre cum, savouring the taste as if it were a vintage dessert wine.

Meanwhile Linda's dad continued thrusting his powerful cock upward into my wet quim so that it felt as if I was riding an untamed stallion. Linda moved behind me spreading my bum cheeks apart I felt her mouth go to work on my arse, saturating me with her delicious saliva before inserting two fingers inside my arse stretching my tiny hole in readiness for my dad's wonderful cock. I reluctantly allowed my dad's cock to slip out of my mouth and he moved himself behind me lying down on his back, legs wide open.

Lifting my throbbing cunt off of Dave's cock which stood straight up like some huge stem soaked in my pussy sap I moved to my dad manoeuvring his cock to my arse hole and lowering myself down onto it until I felt the huge cock head slowly slide inside me and past the sphincter, his prick was huge, I felt a twinge of pain but this soon vanished to leave me feeling the pleasure as more of his one eyed snake moved inside me until my rectum felt wonderfully full.

Linda busily gobbled her dad's cock making loud noises as her mouth went up and down the slippery pole while she breathed loudly through her nostrils every so often letting out a loud moan of pleasure. She could see I was now ready for her dads cock.

"Daddy fuck Sally's cunt, I want to watch your big cock fucking her tight pussy until it's covered with her cum, go on daddy let me watch as you both fuck her. "

Dave didn't need much persuasion as he crawled to me quickly getting into a position between my legs. I watched as he moved his cock to my cunt then with one mighty thrust brushed my delicate flesh aside so that his cock was all the way inside me love tube and his balls slapped on my arse as he begun to fuck me like a run away train. I thought they were going to split me open these two massive cocks, as Dave's pubic bone begun grinding against my clit sending huge waves of intense pleasure crushing inside my head making me feel as if I was about to explode. Linda had taken some cushions off the arm chairs and sat down on them; her legs stretched open her delicious cunt seeping with juices just above my head. I lifted my head to her bald cunt engulfing her tasty pussy with my mouth appreciating the wonderful sap that now filled my mouth trickling down my throat almost suffocating myself with the need to enter deeper inside her vagina to find the source of this tasty river of pussy cum. It was as if I was in the garden of Eden tasting all the forbidden fruit, the two men continued to pound my fuck holes in some rhythmic movement they had discovered, I could feel dad's cock deep inside my rectum as it moved back leaving just the head buried inside me then suddenly surging forward again until it completely filled my rectum while Dave's cock was pulled back almost all the way out of my pussy then thrust back in powerfully, so deep I thought it would come out of my mouth.

It happened suddenly and quickly but I felt it deep inside my holes, the two cocks expanded making me feel that they might split me apart. Dave was the first to cum, I felt his hot spunk shoot out of his cock like a bullet, splashing against the walls of my cunt filling me with that seed from which Linda had been produced, the man meat jerking in me releasing dollop after delicious dollop of spunk, the feel of his seed pushed me over the edge as I let out a muffled scream my mouth still stuck on Linda's cunt as I sucked her labia into my mouth hard before locating her giant clit sucking on it as if it was a cock while my tongue attacked it with a renewed urgency until finally she let herself go flooding my mouth with a new wave of her rich cum. My dad's cock now expanded inside my anal tube and I felt a new sensation as he spurted his thick spunk inside my rectum with such force I felt the hot thick liquid hurling onwards into my bowels, the sensation made me cum again this time I was free to scream.




When dad finally stopped cumming inside my arse, I looked around to see Linda busily engaged in a sixty nine with her dad, with him on top forcing his semi hard cock in and out of her mouth almost chocking her while he assaulted her fuck holes with both hands ramming his huge fingers in and out of her.

"So my little slut gets cock where ever she can, lets see how much finger fucking you can take while you suck my cock hard again you little trollop. " Dave instructed her.

The sight of his cock fucking her pretty mouth while she tried to guzzle it down her greedy throat was just awesome, my dad had pulled his cock out of my arse and raced over to her holding it close by her mouth still dripping with his spunk.

"Let the little bitch suck some of my spunk Dave, I'm sure the slut is dying for some more spunk. "

Dave pulled his cock out of Linda's mouth as she half drunk with desire grabbed the spunk covered cock which had only recently been embedded in my arse pulled it to her waiting mouth and commenced nursing on it as though it was her mother's tit.

"God she loves spunk, Dave almost as much as my little slut. Sally come here let Linda eat you out we'd love to watch some more girl on girl, then give Linda some of what you've had. "

I didn't need a second invite; I crawled over to Linda, as her dad moved off, lifting myself on top of her spunk oozing out of my orifices. She pushed my legs further apart forcing my arse down as she begun to eat me, sucking out the deposit of spunk her dad had left inside my cunt as though she was eating oysters slurping with relish at the mixture of cum and spunk, god it felt so good her soft lips encircling my cunt as she sucked on me, then her tongue every so often delving deep inside my slit to lick out any remaining spunk. I feasted on her saturated cunt flesh while having three fingers buried deep inside her warm damp arse hole, her musky sexual smell like an exotic perfume. Her hands now pulled me further down forcing my legs even further apart while prising my arse cheeks open, I felt her tongue probing my anal entry, still distended from its recent fuck, and then start to lap up the deposit of spunk left there by my dad as it slowly trickled out of my opening. Thinking about what she was doing to me was so hot my body shuddered as I had another small orgasm.

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The two men sat on either side of her watching her.

"Let me help darling. " Her dad told her.

With that I felt him ram two fingers all the way up my arse hole twirling them around inside as if collecting candy floss on a stick, the next thing I heard was a sucking sound as Linda sucked her dads fingers clean of whatever spunk he had managed to procure for her.

Dave sat back with my dad on the armchair next to his watching the two of us, we carried on our love for each other conveyed in the yearning for one another as we stimulated each other with a renewed momentum as though we were sex starved nymphomaniacs, which I suppose you could say we were very near to being. We sucked, licked, finger fucked each other and finally managed to climax together, our bodies thrashing and writhing around on the thick pile carpet with the pleasure of it all as we feasted on fresh cum, each with four fingers in the others arse. Our dads both clapped loudly excited by the show we had allowed them to witness.

Dave pulled me to him kissing me deeply on the mouth sucking his daughters juices from my tongue, while my dad pushed his now hard again cock inside Linda's cunt fucking her hard and fast. Looking down I watched him pull his cock covered with her cunt cream and pull her to it so she could now pleasure him with her wanton mouth which she eagerly did, devouring his man meat to the very route as he begun to fuck her mouth.

Linda's dad now moved behind her lifting her up he thrust his huge cock into her cunt pushing her mouth onto my dads cock, my dad's huge cock in turn pushed her back so her pussy speared itself against her dads waiting prick, back and forward they thrust her as I watched. Not wanting to be left out I went down in between Linda's legs and begun licking the top of her pussy, every so often her dad would pull his dripping cock all the way out allowing me to suck it clean of his daughter's yummy cunt juice. Dave then gave me his long fat middle finger to suck on, I knew instantly what he wanted and I covered it with saliva, he in turn deposited my oral contribution on his daughters tiny arse hole repeating the process several times, until satisfied with his work he pulled his cock out of her cunt pushing her head further down, my dad crouched down almost to the floor as she continued gobbling his tasty meat, while I ended up in a crab position now able to eat all of her wonderful pussy with the sensation of her juices going straight down my throat. Dave pushed his giant cock inside her anus making her wince with the stab of pain as the head forced itself past her tight sphincter, once inside he fucked her mercilessly as she screamed wantonly for more like the cock hungry slut she and I are. Dave continued to fuck her hard then pulled his cock out crouching down to my mouth and pushing it all the way down my throat then pulling it out wet with my saliva then ramming it back inside his daughters anal opening we repeated the process time and time again.

Eventually Dave moved backward pulling Linda back with him, until he was laying on the floor with Linda on top his cock fully inserted inside her arse her legs wide open for my dad who quickly moved in between her young legs finding the entrance to her tunnel of love and sinking his long cock straight in, making her scream with lust as he took a nipple in his mouth biting down hard on the tiny erect cherry, knowing from previous encounters with Linda that this was something she especially liked. I took the opportunity to sit on her face so she could suck on my vagina while I played with my hard clit like a woman possessed wanting to cum again straight inside her mouth. She screamed as she had an orgasm her body shaking uncontrollably but the two men held her down continuing their onslaught on her young receptive body while I continued to feed her my juices. The plunged in and out of her like a pair of bulls grunting loudly with each thrust as the girl below them whimpered and sighed loudly below them her orifices being pummelled into submission, the two men having cum several times already continued fucking her hard and fast neither ready to release his load but needing sexual gratification. When her dad shot his load inside her anal cavity she had another orgasm as he continued pumping his seed inside her, she wasn't given a chance to recover as my dad and I both climaxed filling her orifices with spunk at one end and cunt sap in the other making her body convulse as she climaxed again, the excitement was too much my bladder exploded giving her a golden shower, to my amazement she continued to hungrily lap and suck at my cunt until I was finished.

I was a bit embarrassed but none of the others seemed to be, both men offered me their cocks to suck clean, I loved their unique individual tastes mixed with Linda's juices performing my task with relish until I had completely cleaned their tools with my mouth and then they sat and watched as I cleaned out Linda's spunk filled holes.

Dad phoned mum to say he had had to go to London on urgent business and me phoning a little later saying dad had told me it would be alright to stay over night again with Linda, whose dad was home and keeping us entertained. We took a break for a long leisurely pub lunch and returned to the house to fuck some more. The evening went on and we fucked all night and most of the next day trying all different positions and combinations. We managed quite a few sessions like that; my pussy goes all wet and hot while my arse throbs whenever I think about those wonderful cocks.

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They hurried along, her new light blue dress outlining her leggy body, his raincoat over his arm. She breathed "I don't like this, Danny. I mean, what good does it do? He was just a typical yuppie, or X generation, whatever, taking advantage of a fucked up broad. Drugs are all over the place. It was a typical Saturday night party, nothing special, just went bad. He didn't know shit. Probably gave me an overdose. I can't even remember if he fucked me. Probably did, but I couldn't have been much fun."

But he didn't care. He had watched her for three days now, fighting the tension, the pain in her eyes constantly, except when they made love. That seemed to get her relaxed, at least for a while. The anger was on him, and he knew he had to soothe it. They turned the corner, and she stopped. "There. That awning. Yeah. Fifty Seven. I remember, 'cause I thought, varieties, y'know. Heinz. Suite seven. I think the third floor. Oh shit, there he is, just coming out. Eddie fucking Sebastian. Liked to pretend he was connected."

The guy wore a pair of linen pants, a golf shirt, a lime green jacket, and was signaling for a cab. The doorman was whistling too. It was ten thirty on Sunday, and there weren't any coming. Dan handed his overcoat to Susan, loped across the street, up to the lime green jacket, and yelled "Eddie. Eddie Sebastian. Hey, buddy."

Eddie looked at him blankly, but instinctively smiled. "Uh, hi there. Look...." Dan jerked Sebastian down the street, smiling, his hand firmly on the inside of the forearm, inside the elbow.

"Got a car down here, Eddie. Get ya where you wanna go, okay? Look, remember that party a month or so ago? There was a girl there, Shelly, Sally, Sue, somethng, wondered if you had her number. Real turn on, I thought. You left with her, but I figured, by now, you know, you might be willing to let me have a shot at the little bitch. Whaddya think. Remember?" As they turned the corner, Eddie was starting to smile.

"That whore? Shit, she was deader'n hell. Couldn't get a rise out of the bitch. Don't have a number, pal. She kinda dropped out of circulation, know what I mean? Your car over here?" When he didn't answer, the look on Eddie's face got nervous. They got to the alley, and he shoved Eddie in, waving to Susan with his free arm. He was starting to breathe hard. Eddie started to stutter "Hey look, what is this? Don't fuck with me, man. I got connections, know what I mean?" Susan came around the corner, her eyes wide. Eddie blanched.

He gave Eddie a short jab in the stomach, feeling soft, out of shape flab give. The breath whooshed out, as eyes widened. It was the best way. No bruising, no blood. Yet. Dan wanted blood. But he wanted to make the guy piss his pants too. "Remember my sister Susan, asshole? The one you dropped off downtown? High on whatever shit you gave her? I don't give a fuck for your connections, asshole. The only question is whether you leave this alley alive."

Eddie's face was pale now, leaning against the brick, holding his stomach, trying to catch a breath. He waited, assuming Eddie would do something stupid. After a couple of minutes, he did. The idiot sucked in air, breathed "Fuck you, motherfucker." and swung at his face. Dan ducked, came up smiling, letting Eddie see it coming, then broke the thick nose with a left jab. Now he had blood. Eddie sank to the ground, bright red flowing down his face onto the lime green jacket.

He crouched in front of the gasping, sobbing man. "I could kill you, asshole. Right here," touching the adams apple "or right here" touching the soft flesh on the side of the head near the ear. "But my sister says you're just a poor, stupid, limp dicked, pretense of a man. Not worth the risk. But next time you do this shit, and I find out, which I could, I won't let her talk me out of it. Nighty night, motherfucker." He landed a hard right on the jaw, feeling bone crunch, and Eddie was out like a light. It felt terrific.

Susan was watching with her hand over her mouth. "Jesus, Danny." He strode out with his hand on her elbow, and she stumbled, ran a couple of steps to keep up with his long strides, and started to laugh. "Oh Danny, he looked so scared. That was so nasty, baby. So fucking nasty." She threw her arms around him, spinning in front of him, still heaving with her pleasure. They kissed right there, open mouthed, wild with the thrill of revenge.

They got back to the hotel ten minutes later, Susan ripping off her clothes in a frenzy as they got to the room. He had calmed down enough to want to leave, but she was naked before he even got a chance to say so. He stood staring at her as a hand worked under her groin, pulling on her now trimmed pussy. "It's time for some pain for your fucked up sister, baby. I want you up my ass. Hard. Hurt me, Danny. Get me off with that cock of yours inside my shithole. I'm gonna cum so hard they'll never let us back in this place."

Her frantic plea got to him, and he tore off his shirt, then fumbled with his pants. By the time he had freed his cock, she was on the bed, head down, hands pulling her soft butt cheeks apart. He buried his head there, licking at the small, wrinkled hole, hearing her moans. "Do it, baby. Go ahead, hard Danny, hard."

She was whimpering into the spread of the made up bed, twisting her hips from side to side. He slapped one buttock, muttered "Hold still" and pushed his stiff cock at her hole. Something happened, and it buried inside her a couple of inches, feeling tight as hell, but warm. He inched upwards, humped forward, and felt his cock plunge deeper. She wailed into the bed. He began to fuck his sister's tight bowel with abandon, amazed at how deep he got, the tightness of it, but the pleasure he was getting, as she groaned, the sound muffled by the bedsheets.

After several strokes, he shook sweat off his forehead, and reached under to her cunt, burying a finger inside her. He heard her begging "Go, go, go. Fuck me, baby." He felt fluid dripping down his hand as she creamed. His hips started moving faster, as he found himself bending slowly down to her back, wanting to feel her skin, letting his weight fall on her so his other hand could cup her swinging tits.

He could feel her intestine start to open up, relaxing. She was still groaning softly, but her hips met each thrust, each hard stroke. God, he thought, she's so fucked up. And so am I. His hips froze as he felt his nut come, a wild, intense blowout, grinding in his stomach, thrilling him. She was growling, her eyes closed. Her pussy was spasming around his finger. He could smell her musky, hard cream, soaking his hand. He pulled roughly out, and flopped down with his hips near her head. When he shoved her shoulder, he saw her eyes, and it was that look he remembered from the first day, trying to get him to open the bar. An evil, excited leer. She almost jumped onto his cock, her mouth taking it all in, no more than an inch outside her face, and he felt suction, and throat muscles, and tongue. He groaned with pleasure.

She sucked for a couple of minutes, noisily, occasionally gasping for breath. Her hair falling down hid her face. When she finally had him cleaned to her satisfaction, she lifted her head, and he saw the dampness on her face, and her mascara streaked. He pulled her against him, murmuring "I'm sorry, babe. I didn't mean to hurt you. You got me so damn excited. You okay?"

She smiled in a wan, slightly crazy way, as she stared at him. "Danny. Oh Danny, you didn't hurt me. This is so fucked, but that was so neat, I mean the blood, the nastiness, the pain, I had a terrific cum. Just terrific. They all are for us, huh? I don't remember ever being so happy, darling. Every time we get off, I remember something, your face when we used to cuddle, your little prick when we used to skinny dip in the lake, the way you look when you sleep. Do you know you snore? Not loud, just a little snuffle. Did you like it in my ass? I sure did. It used to be a punishment, like retribution for my sins. But it felt like love, with you. I'm sorry I wasn't a virgin there, for you."

On the ride up to Boston, her freshly showered smell soothing him, her hand on his thigh, as they both read, he wondered about what was going on between them. She kept saying she was his whore, and he felt a thrill each time she said it. He didn't think he had ever enjoyed sex so much, even that first one, the skinny sophmore excited by the new freshman stud. He'd known her five minutes when she whispered, at the frat party, "I'm on the pill, Dan. Just so you know."

Susan had gotten better at it as the evil drug left her system, more athletic, wilder, smiling more. They liked to talk about their childhoods, times they were close, their secret desire for the other, before and after sex. They had masturbated with each other, sucked each other to completion, and fucked several different ways. Yet she was still, in his mind, Susan. Sister Sue. He found himself wondering, often, if this was love.

On an impulse, he asked her "Is this love, Susan? I mean, like, everlasting, get married, have children love? The girl I want to spend the rest of my life with love? I feel that way sometimes, about you. Then sometimes I can't help thinking we're fucked up." He had asked her intimate, important feeling questions when they were young. This felt natural, the same thing, as though she weren't his lover.

She looked at him, reached up and petted his chin, then slapped him very gently. "I haven't a fucking clue, Dan. It is what it is, and it feels so good to me, I'm afraid of losing it. But who can tell what it'll turn in to? Where you and I will go? My bad dreams are you going off to work in your grey flannel suit. I worry because I think that's your good dream. But I'm not gonna look for trouble, not for a while. The bloom'll wear off, honey. Even if it were all normal, y'know, it would. Wear off. I guess we'll find out more then." She smiled brightly, though a tear was drifting down her cheek. "But I think for sure we'll always have something of this fucked up weekend. I know I will."


He sat gazing at her, the soft, post coital smile on her face as she snored lightly in the motel room where she had slept for three months, and where they had begun to feel married. He showed her Boston, the B School campus, Cambridge, the "Red Zone", a neighborhood devoted to porn. She temped as a secretary, but mostly waited for him, thinking up strange, bizarre sexual games they could play, the theme mostly his raw anger that weekend in New York, and their crazy experiences there.

She tried AA for a while, but not long. Still, she kept saying as long as she had him, their long nights in bed, his love and attention, she wasn't tempted, not even a little. She rarely had more than a glass of white wine to drink, and hadn't even finished that pack of Marlboro's he had bought in the city. But her sexual appetite was voracious.

They had talked about trying to move somewhere where they could pretend to be married, where their parents couldn't find them, where they could hide in a cocoon of their love. But he had accepted the job in Chicago, truly amazing money, the second chair in a programming division, something about a multiplexing operating system.

The day he had told her about it, she had first bubbled about living there, the windy city, a fresh start. But when she examined the literature he received as indoctrination, her enthusiasm began to fade. There wasn't a decent place to live within an hour's drive of the smoky, beat up area that housed the glass palace where he would be spending so much time. The company she was temping for asked her about taking over an office in Waltham. They spent one weekend looking at apartments. He called the local Venture Capital company that had made him an offer in January, but both openings had been filled.

"We can visit, baby. I need you, but we have to live our lives, don't you think? I won't be happy depending on you all my life. But I'll always be your whore, Danny. No matter what."


Jed was a nice guy, he had to admit. Standing there with Susan hanging on his arm, in the lovely white wedding dress, her familiar perfume tingling his cock, as the Wedding March boomed out of the organ, he reflected on the last three years. In some ways, being apart had been nicer than being together. Every time they spent a weekend, two or three times a month, it was like a whole new beginning.

He thought she had bloomed, the success she had with the temp agency giving her back the confidence that had seemed to disappear in New York. She had lived in three different places already, and they had made a special place for her in the Los Angeles office when she had finally said yes to Jebediah Fulton, young, rising film editor. "He has this curvy dick, Danny. I mean, it gets hard okay, and he eats me all I want, but, I dunno, there's something funny about the way it fits my pussy. Not like you, honey. And he wants to fuck my ass, but I won't let him. That's your hole, baby. Nobody's been in there since you."

He had been jealous when she first told him. But the thrill of fucking an engaged woman for ten straight hours, as she promised him again and again they would always have each other, made the weirdness of it seem just another step in this strange relationship that showed no sign of decreasing its intensity. He'd dated a little too, one brunette with even bigger tits than Susan, but in spite of Bev's enthusiasm, it was a pale imitation of his wild trysts with his sister.

He felt a quick grin pass his face as he remembered the nights in Mother's big house in Phoenix, when Bradley died, sneaking down to the pool to skinny dip in the warm, soft nights, then sleeping together until they heard the squeeky voice at one door or another calling "Dear, it's ten o'clock already, I know it's different time dear, but still, the cook will have a fit if she has to wait for breakfast much longer." Repeating the litany at the other door. Giggling as they heard her retreating footsteps, the smell of their lovemaking surrounding them.

They started the slow walk down the aisle. The big Arizona adobe church was lovely, open and bright. A perfect place to start a new life. As they got about half way there, she leaned over and whispered in his ear "Your jiz is running down my leg, darling. You were awfully juicy last night." He stumbled as she giggled. Mother was watching them with that sappy look on her face, her new "beau", as she called him, sitting beside her. He had always thought she had to be awfully naive not to know what was going on in her house during the frantic year of probating the will, setting up the Trusts, even as Jeb burned up the phone lines to Susan.

He remembered her stubborn anger at Jeb the day he called to ask her to keep the money in LA.. "Danny's going to supervise the investments, darling, and Chicago's the place. So just don't fuss, Jeb. Besides, it'll give me a chance to keep in touch with my brother. No, I'm fine, dear." At that moment, she was humping her cunt up to his fingers, both of them grinning.

The minister asked "Who gives this woman to be married?" He thought he sounded very proper as he boomed out "Her mother and I." Susan giggled again, and he caught Jeb frowning. Better be careful, Susan, he thought.

But she wasn't. She called him from Fiji, two days later. "It's beautiful, Danny. And Jeb loves the gambling. He's amazingly good at it, keeps winning money at craps. Is it true the odds are closest in craps? What a word, craps." She giggled as he heard her tinkling a drink. "He's off skin diving, honey. I'm sitting here with that red bikini on, remember the one I used to pull up into my pussy? We met a nice couple last night, they live in LA too. Look, I thought that night before the wedding would hold me, Danny, but I'm horny already. The agency has a conference in Houston the eighteenth to the twentieth. Could you fly down for the weekend? Jeb's going to be in the middle of some damn movie."

Of course, he went.


The hot tub in his penthouse threw up steam into the chilly fall New York night as they cuddled together, ten years of marriage for her, seven for him. Brother and sister, still unable to find any love that rivalled the one that burned between them. Beverly had screamed at him the night before, "We've had this planned for weeks, Dan. For Christ's sake, are you fucking your sister or what? I mean, the minute she calls, you go running to her. Those goddamn Trusts are no excuse. It's not as though she lacks for anything."

They were nestling to each other, just their heads out of the warm, soft water, her hand around his soft cock, his around her shoulder, cupping her tit. She'd gotten a good silicone job three years ago, not too obvious, but her tits stood up rather nicely, he thought. She was talking about her latest confrontation with Jeb.

"He wants children, Danny. I told him I didn't. He said he'd met someone who did. I said, go for it, asshole." She sighed, and her grip tightened. He started to harden. She twisted around, and pressed her bald pussy to his hip. "Danny, we aren't being fair to them, are we? Beverly called me screaming last night. She sounds miserable. Not to mention pissed off. Let's say fuck it, baby. Let's go to Mexico, or Europe, you know, somewhere where we can be together, every day, every moment, darling. My love. My lifelong, fucked up, nasty love. I want your children, Danny. Not his. The clock's ticking baby, and If I'm gonna do it, it should be soon."

He felt himself harden further in Susan's grip, thinking shit, after that great nut just an hour ago. She was right, he knew. It was no one's fault. His psychiatrist said it was a residue of their loveless youth. But the shrink was not convincing when he talked about working through it, freeing himself from this compulsion, this obsession. He knew he didn't want to lose it.

"I've been looking at a little Web business in Paris, Susan. I can pick it up cheap, and it won't take up much time, but give me something to do. We can winter in Cannes."

They laughed, remembering a time long ago. In unison, they both said "Pardon my french?" He rolled toward her, as she swung a leg over his hip. As they kissed, her tongue filling his mouth, amazed at her power over him, the future seemed to glow in his heart. At last

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I couldn't stop the tears from forming in my eyes as I stood among a large crowd of friends and family, watching a car festooned with colorful ribbons and trailing a string of clanging cans drive away with my only child in the arms of another man. Even though I knew they would be back in three weeks from their Hawaiian honeymoon, living not far away, I was feeling the loss and sadness every father feels when he sees his daughter suddenly choose another man to live with and love.

As the crowd thinned, eager to get back to the bar and the dancing, I still stood watching the now bare driveway, happy for my darling Samantha but also wishing she'd never left.

"Earth to Mister Ross, Earth to Mister Ross, helloooo!"

Coming aware suddenly, brought out of my introspective musings by a familiar voice, I turned, and then smiled when I saw the two dazzling, pink clad creatures in front of me.

"Barbara, Naomi," I almost sang, delighted to see my Sam's two best friends, such good friends of my daughters that she had insisted that they both act as her maids-of-honor, not willing to choose one over the other. "Why aren't you two inside dancing up a storm, making every other woman in the room jealous," I asked mischievously as I draped an arm over each of their shoulders.

"What, and leave the most handsome man at the party out on the sidewalk sobbing," answered Barbara slyly, winking suggestively at me and then giving me a light kiss on the lips, an almost chaste kiss, but a kiss with just a touch of tongue and moisture in it, enough to hint at some other possibility.

"Now, now Babs, only married nine months and you're already calling other men handsome. Where is your Don anyway?"

"I think old Dons had a little too much to drink Mr. R," Naomi, the tall, auburn haired beauty interjected laughing.

"God, I can't believe any man would get drunk while he was out with you Barbara. Who'd you come with tonight Naomi; I didn't see any of your usual beaus at the wedding?"

Still laughing, the vixen answered, "I figured you might need a date tonight, poor Mr. R, all alone for once."

I had to chuckle at Naomi's comment, as we all knew that Samantha had suggested to me rather forcefully that I wasn't to bring one of my strumpets (as she called all my occasional girlfriends) to her wedding. "Well then," I said as I hugged the two to me, and giving them both a friendly squeeze, turned with them towards the doors and added, "I hope you two brought your dancing shoes –we're going to daaaance tonight. And I must say the two of you look simply deeevine in pink."

Blushing and obviously happy at my remarks, the two girls both wore dazzling smiles as we entered the hall arm in arm. It surprised me momentarily how comfortable these two girls felt on my arms, how these two who had spent the last fifteen years playing around the house with Samantha, who even in their teenage years had never sexually excited me, now seemed like the most alluring of attractions, their pure femaleness a beacon to my already twitching organ.

As I escorted them to their table I thought it was strange to not only realize how sexy they were, but to somehow know that I would bed both of these beauties in the days ahead, that their curvaceous bodies would soon writhe under my hardness, and be finally bathed with my seed.

Barbara's husband, Don, a neighbor's boy, now 25 years old and a recent graduate of the Law School, was as Naomi had warned, almost blotto. He was actually a nice boy, and even if not a real go getter, he was friendly and kind and he would probably make Babs a good husband in most ways.

But I didn't feel bad as I contemplated sleeping with his wife because I knew he'd never satisfy her carnal desires, that he'd never fill her or fuck her like she needed. After talking to Don for a couple of minutes I led Naomi to the dance floor, promising Barbara I'd be back for her soon.

"Well sweetie," I said to Naomi as we danced across the floor, "Two down, one to go. When are you going to get married? You look so pretty tonight that if you play your cards right you just might find a husband before dawn."

"Oh Mr. R, I'm still pretty young, I think I'll try a few more men before I settle down. I don't want to rush into it and miss something, do I? Someone like you, maybe," she whispered huskily in my ear, letting me feel her firm breasts as she moved against me.

As we danced through the crowd, I smiled and talked to friends as we passed, but although appearing nonchalant to others, I finally let her feel my size against her groin, let her contemplate my penetration of her already moist pussy. "I know you won't want to miss this Naomi," I whispered back, "In fact I think I'm going to help you take off that pink gown tonight young lady. Yes, and then I'm going to lick you from head to toe before I fill you up."

As I walked her back towards her table, she was blushing from the tops of her breasts to her ears, and clearly excited and nervous, mumbling asked, "Really?....... You promise, ………you're not joking with me are you?" Seeing my smile and feeling me gently squeeze her trembling arm, she beamed radiantly, and added, her lips just caressing my ear as she spoke, "Oh gosh yes, I'm soooooo happy Mr. R."

Donny had almost passed out and two of his buddies were helping him up as we got to the table. "Oh Barbara, are you leaving? Darn, I didn't get my dance. Do you have time for a quick one before you two leave?"

"It's okay Mr. Ross," Donny slurred, "I'm going with Pete and Joe here. They'll get me home. Barb can stay and get a ride later."

"But Donny," his young bride complained.

"No, no honey, you stay and have some fun. I'm sure Naomi or Mr. R will get you home," he finished as his buddies half carried him from the room.

"Well Babs, I guess you have no excuses left now," I said. "The beautiful, tall, sexy blond will finally have to dance with this decrepit old man," I added chuckling.

Grabbing my hand, an evil grin on her lips, she led me towards the centre of the dance floor, and then added, "Well Mr. R, maybe we'll just have to see how decrepit you really are." Within seconds her body was plastered against mine, and although she didn't talk at first, her every movement screamed to me of her desire for sex, for me.

Finally she said, "I love Donny you know…….. Maybe it doesn't show but I'll never leave him…… It's just that I need something else,….. something maybe I think…. God, maybe something big…….something you can give me. I know I'm not talking clearly but…."

"I understand honey, promise."

"It's just we've always wanted you Mr. R, Naomi and I, I mean. Cripes, even Sam wanted you. We used to talk about you around your pool, God, like when we were sixteen we used to joke about what a good body you had. When you used to stand next to our boyfriends, they looked like geeks; you were so much bigger, stronger than them." The words were now gushing from Barbara's mouth, her inhibitions gone in her rush to confess. "Oh shit, you're so big there too," she murmured huskily, her lower body grinding against my cock.

"I'm sleeping with Naomi tonight," I whispered regretfully in her ear, "I promised her before."

"What! ….What about me?.......Please Mr. R," she pled, "I want you too. It's not fair," she added pouting. "Why Naomi and not me," she finished, a plea in her eyes, as we returned to the table

Back at the table I watched the two girls franticly converse, and sensed that they would share me this night, that both their mouths would envelop my hardness, and that they would both take a barebacked ride on my long shaft before dawn.

As I watched them talk I thought back to the years I had known them, to the last exciting weeks leading up to the wedding……………………..

…………………………..…The three girls had always been friends, meeting their first day of kindergarten and becoming inseparable ever since. One blond, one red headed and my daughter Sam with her long, rich black tresses, they had all been tall, gawky teenagers, more interested in sports and studying than boys, and it was only when they went to the University together that they blossomed as women.

They had gone to the University at seventeen and the other two girl's parents and I had insisted the girls live in residence first year, all of us recognizing that it would be good for the girls development to live independently, to start to learn how to live as adults.

Their sophomore year the girls had taken an apartment together minutes from their downtown campus and it was during that year that they had metamorphosed from frisky teens into gorgeous women. All of a sudden they were surrounded by hordes of eager, panting young men.

Their tall bodies had exploded, sprouting high, firm breasts, taut full bums and wide deep hips. All three were 5' 9+" tall and looked like Parisian runway models except they carried five pounds of extra weight spread seductively over their frames. It was during the summer of 2003, after their second year, a summer during which the three spent most of their free time in my backyard by the pool, that I realized how beautiful, how incredibly erotic they were.

Most weekends the girls lounged around the pool, the latest micro bikinis their only covering, the small pieces of cloth no match for their ripe fullness. Usually they were surrounded by boys, men really, and it was that summer that Don and Barbara fell in love, and although Samantha's future husband hadn't yet arrived on the scene, she and Naomi were never alone.

It was also that summer that they took the first steps towards attracting 'Daddy' as the three referred to me. Up until then they had regarded me as all teens regard their parents – a complete lack of interest combined with a certain disdain that someone so old could tell them what to do.

But like all young girls, once the boys had started to be attracted to their new sexual personas, they couldn't get enough of the compliments and attention they received, and even demanded that an old man like I pay obeisance to their allure. Like frisky young colts they couldn't help themselves, teasing me almost unconsciously with their bodies, and of course were even more intrigued when the old man didn't bow down before them like just about every other male they met.

And as they paraded in front of me, brushing against me, or lying topless by the pool, or making out with their young boyfriends in front of me, I could see they were watching me in a new light, all of a sudden curious about what lay hidden beneath my surfing shorts.

I was forty that summer, twenty-one years older than the three girls, and still carried much the same body that had allowed me to play safety in the Big Twelve and got me a five minute stop in the pros. At 6' 2", 215 pounds, and with blue eyes and blond hair, I knew I cut a certain figure, and had had no problem attracting the ladies since my wife had walked out 12 years ago.

I had teased the girls a bit myself that summer, often bringing a good looking date over for the lazy afternoons by the pool, women who I knew would attract the young men surrounding Samantha and her friends. Invariably I heard that night or the next morning from Sam that my latest was 'too old or too young', 'too fat or too thin', or 'not smart enough' etc., etc, etc.

"But Sam," I'd protest, "Don't you want your Dad to have a girlfriend? Don't you think," and I'd mention whoever that days date had been, "would make a good mother for you?"

This always provoked groans and puking gestures from Sam (and her friends if they were around), but she'd always add the proviso that "Of course I want you to be happy Daddy, but her?"

I'd also, but only when it was just the girls and I who were around the pool, pick one of them while she was lounging in the sun and easily lift her, screaming and protesting but also giggling, and toss her into the pool. I knew they all liked being picked, they loved how effortlessly I could handle them, and they loved the feel of my strong hands on their developing bodies.

In response they would often sneak attack me while I swam, thinking three strong girls could handle me in the water. Often as we wrestled in the churning water, with their bodies rubbing against me, I'd feel a hand probing, darting in to touch my ass or penis and then retreating quickly. I'd reciprocate of course, often innocently grabbing a handful of firm ass and at least one of the girls tops would invariably come off in the water whenever we played, and hard nipples would be pressed against me before they'd retreat shrieking.

My Samantha was often the most aggressive, proud of her new sexuality and eager to show her Daddy what a big girl she had become. She loved to rub against me, pushing herself into my penis as she hung onto me. It was still play of course, and neither I nor the girls were really interested in going any farther, all of us respecting some invisible line that we wouldn't cross.

When the summer ended and the following school year started I saw much less of the three, Barbara was now seriously dating Don and they had set a wedding date for the following summer, and the other two were busy most of the time at the University, their summer of games with the old man almost forgotten. The summer of 2004 was quiet, as both Naomi and Samantha had gone to New York to work for the summer and it was only on the Labor Day weekend when Barbara married Don that I saw them all together again.

Sam had brought a date to the wedding, Jimmy Brown, a man who had graduated in Medicine from the University and was now interning at the local Medical Centre. He had been over quite often that summer and I could see that the two were becoming serious and I knew and feared that I would lose her far too soon.

I hadn't liked him at first, at 5'8" and 135 pounds; he was both shorter and lighter than Sam and I had the big, athletic man's aversion to small men who were cute rather than handsome. I had wondered how he would ever satisfy my girl but slowly he had won me over, first tolerating him and then actually liking the bright guy whose bubbling personality clearly had won over Sam.

I danced with all three girls that night and arrived home incredibly sad, knowing I had missed a sexual opportunity the likes of which I had never before enjoyed. I slept fitfully that night, the visions of myself making love to all three awakening me again and again with throbbing erections.

The insistent calls of "Daddy, daddy, wake up, hurry wake up," roused me at what seemed like dawn the morning after the wedding.

Rolling over to face Samantha, and rubbing my eyes to clear my vision, I asked "What is it honey, Christ what time is it anyway?"

"Aaaahhhhhhh Daaaaaddddy," I heard, almost shrieked in response.

"What is it baby? Are you all right?" I blurted, my groggy mind now clearing, the worry I detected in Sam's voice catching my attention.

"Daddy!" she said, her arm almost involuntarily raising and pointing at me.

"What Sam?" I started, but then saw she was staring almost transfixed at my groin, my morning erection pointing proudly at her.

Finally coming to her senses, she mumbled, "Sorry Daddy, sorry," and turned to leave.

"Sam stop! What the hell is going on anyway? Come back here!"

Turning toward me, clearly embarrassed, she finally said stuttering, "I sorry Daddy,……. Gosh, I should have knocked…… I didn't think… I…"

"Honey, what are you babbling about?"

Drawing a deep breath, her eyes continually moving downwards and back, she said, "I was excited Daddy, I wanted to tell you something wonderful but gosh…..it surprised me, I've never seen one like that…its different from…."

Patting the edge of my bed I told her, "C'mon here and sit down and tell me your news. I didn't know a sophisticated young lady like you would be so upset at seeing her Daddy's penis. What's so different about it anyway?" I asked, putting one hand on it and pretending to examine it closely.

"Dadddy," she started to protest, but then said, "Its just…..well…..I don't know," she started, blushing a deep red, "But it seems pretty big….I mean I'm no expert but……Geeeze….. Why is it hard in the morning anyway?" she finally demanded, "You don't have a woman in here do you?" she finished, her eyes reluctantly leaving my penis to examine the room in more detail.

"Sweetie, it's pretty normal for men to wake up with hard-ons, it's just the way we're made."

"But isn't it bigger than most men's?" she struggled to ask as her skin turned even brighter.

"We come in all sizes Sam, I'm a big man so maybe I'm a little bigger than most. By the way honey, how many erect penises have you seen anyway?" I asked, a small grin on my face.

"Daddeee!" she exclaimed, and at last back getting back in control of her emotions, held her hand up and proclaimed, "Look!"

"My God," I exclaimed, and although I had been expecting it, I was still stunned to see the diamonds shining on her finger. Struggling to smile, I sat up and hugged her to me, and as I held her finally said, "I'm so happy for you sweetie," as tears started to flow over my cheeks.

"Daddy, you're crying"

"I know, I don't know if it's because I'm happy for you or because I'm going to be losing my beautiful princess," I blubbered.

"You'll never lose me Daddy, never, never, never…….. I love you so much," she finished, and as the tears started to fall from her eyes, hugging me even tighter, she gave me a kiss on the lips. An innocent father-daughter kiss yes, but it lasted second after second, and even after we broke apart I could taste her sweetness on my tongue and feel her hard nipples against my chest.

We both backed away from each other, almost jumping apart, and then started to talk, trying with our words to fill the awkward gap between us. With any other woman I would simply have pushed her back and then filled her trembling, moist cunt with my hardness but… my daughter….. on the morning of her engagement…it just seemed impossible, and fortunately the manic urge soon passed.

I could see the same thoughts, the same emotions pass across Sam's face, knew she had felt my hard cock as we kissed, but I also noticed the regret she felt that we didn't consummate our love, and knew she saw the same regret in my eyes. We spent the next twenty minutes discussing Jimmy's proposal and her plans for a late June wedding, promising me "Daddy, we're not moving from the city, I'm marrying him but he's going to have to understand I'm never going to leave you."

As she got up to go, to show me that she had completely regained her composure, she asked, giggling and pointing at my still rampant prick, "Daddy, does that mean I'll see one of those every morning when I'm married?"

"I hope so sweetie," I answered chuckling, but even then I was pretty sure Jimmy wouldn't be wielding anything like what I had pointing upwards from my groin, and from the rueful grin on Sam's face I think she knew the same thing.

The year passed in a blur and before I knew it we were in early June, just three weeks before the big date. Barbara and Naomi had taken the month off and the three were spending all their days at our house planning for every possible eventuality. I loved to see the three of them together again, but a little sad, knowing they'd probably never again have this opportunity to be together.

Owning my own company I was able to schedule myself as I wanted and soon found myself spending most afternoons with them by the pool. They had changed since the summer of their sophomore year and I was surprised at how open they were as they talked, discussing the most intimate of subjects with each other. They were also much more confident women now and with only me around were always topless as they lounged.

They seemed to have come to some secret pact among themselves, a pact that allowed me into their inner circle, a circle I soon found often embarrassing. It amazed me what women would share; Barbara seemed to start every conversation with a description of her last night's lovemaking and would then insist Naomi and Sam cough up with similar details.

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"What about you Mr. R." she'd start, "Just who are you sleeping with these days?" And after seeing my lack of response would probe deeper, "What about that big girl I saw you with last week at the mall? Are you screwing her?"

"Now, now girls, that's my business."

"She's too fat for you anyway Mr. R," interjected Naomi, and laughing added, "And I don't think she'd make a good mother for little Sam here."

Another day as Barbara lay on her stomach, topless and only wearing a string thong; she turned and sulkily asked me to oil her. "I don't want to burn my little bum, Mr. R, could you?….."

As I slowly moved my hands over her taut cheeks, I hooked my fingers under the thong and said, "I better get this off too, you'll look so much better for Don without these little white lines."

At first I felt her tense, but then she lifted her hips slightly, allowing me to slip the tiny piece of material completely off her.

"Dadddy! Daddy, what are you doing," Sam protested, but I immeadiately saw that both Naomi and she wanted an excuse to be naked in front of me. They watched transfixed as my hand slipped along her crack, and then after lightly caressing her anus disappeared slowly under her. Barb spread her legs wider and lifted her hips upward as my fingers moved through her thin blond hairs and momentarily penetrated her pussy, a gasp of pleasure her only sound.

Turning, I asked the curly haired redhead, "Naomi, would you like some oil too?" while watching her freckle, covered breasts jiggle as she shuffled her rear end on the seat.

I took her small shy nod for an OK and started on her shoulders, letting my fingers dance down and under her rapidly aroused breasts. 'Ooohh' and then another 'oooh' escaped from the beauties lips as I tweaked each of her fat nipples. She was wearing just a small Brazilian bottom and when I moved my hands to it she eagerly lifted her hips, and grinned shyly as I bared her red, curly bush to view.

"Oh don't you love those Irish girls with their flaming hair and their green eyes," I intoned reverently, "And those lovely pink lips peeking out from their hairy protection…."

"Daddy, I don't think Naomi needs lotion there!" Sam complained again.

"Oh Naomi's such a little slut Sam," encouraged Babs. "Mr. R, you better watch out, she's a bad girl, our Naomi," she finished laughing. But neither Sam's nor Barb's eyes left my fingers as they moved lightly through her bush.

"And you my lovely daughter," I said, turning to face Sam with oil on my hands and a grin on my face.

Uncertain at first, the little minx giggled nervously as she pushed her bottom off, watching me as I took in her dark, neatly trimmed triangle. "And who gets to shave down here," I demanded, an outraged father, while my left hand immediately cupped her mound.

"It's Jimmy's job," answered Barbara, an evil grin on her face, "He gets really excited after wielding the razor, doesn't he Sammy?"

I could feel Sam trembling as my finger traced her little slit, just lightly penetrating as I moved it from bottom to top and when she answered Barb brusquely with a, "You bitch," we all caught the little pant in her voice.

They couldn't convince me to strip that day, but from then on they were always totally nude when around the pool and got more shameless each day, wantonly spreading their legs whenever I looked their way, almost daring me to touch them.

One day Naomi told me they were planning a shower for Sam and wanted me to come.

"But showers are just for girls," I protested.

"But we need a stripper for the show," Barbara said laughing, and throwing a mesh, skin colored thong at me added, "We thought you could start the evening wearing this. Oh, by the way, I got you the large size Mr. R, Sam told us you've got a very large dohickey."

It seemed Sam had recounted to her friends the story of the morning she visited me in bed so grinning at her, I replied, "I'm not so sure my virginal daughter had seen one before, let alone be able to compare them."

"Ha, ha, ha Daddy, yoooou're so funny," Sam said as her two friends shrieked in glee.

A couple of days later, just three days before the wedding, I excited the house with just a towel around my waist, the mesh thong my only other covering. I walked past the girls and as I approached the edge of the pool I dropped the towel, gave them a couple of hip thrusts, and dove in. Surfacing I could hear the shouts from the girls as they rapidly approached the edge.

"You wore it," shrieked Naomi, and as I climbed slowly up the stairs I could feel six eyes boring through the thin covering. They fought to dry me off as I walked towards the loungers and once sitting they all tried to join me on the chair.

"I think we better apply some lotion to Mr. R," Barbara said, "We certainly don't want his little penis burned. Let me just ease your thong off sir, it'll be ruined if we don't dry it."

At least five hands grasped the material and it was torn into three pieces before it reached my knees. "God," cried Naomi, "Its naked…..I mean completely shaven……oh fuck……oh shit sir, excuse my language," the girl finished lamely, one of her hands lightly supporting my prick.

"Jesus, it's not even hard and look at it. I don't think Sam was lying to us when she described your size sir," gasped Barb.

"Well Daddy, who shaved you anyway?" Sam asked petulantly, as all three girls kept staring, their hands inching forward involuntarily.

"I have a little friend that helps me sometimes," I admitted sheepishly.

"Oh God, please, its not that old, ex-hippy, yoga chick that comes around is it?" Sam demanded. Before I could answer Sam yelled as she noticed two hands busy in my lap, "Naomi, what are you doing with my Daddy's penis?"

Caught red handed so to speak, she responded huffily, "Well I just wanted to see how big it really was."

"You slut!" both Babs and Sam spat out at their friend.

"Alright, alright girls, stop arguing!" I insisted loudly. "Just look, but absolutely no touching," I told them. Already awakening, the beast slowly began to fill, stretching and widening relentlessly as they watched raptly. As he finally stood erect, the three girls, who had moved closer as he rose, were now just inches from his pulsating thick body, and their little pink tongues were quivering as they licked their lips in anticipation.

As they watched I stroked him, but surreptitiously slid a hand between Sam's thighs as she knelt beside me and let her feel my fingers deep inside her as my sperm exploded up and out from my shaft. I directed thick creamy streams onto each of the girls as they watched immobile. Quickly I got up, and claiming an urgent business meeting, walked away.

Once inside the house I looked back and could see all of them licking my rich cum off each others bodies, hungrily tasting the meal I had left them. As they started to talk excitedly among themselves I chuckled, knowing they were plotting my final seduction.

We had one other afternoon together before the wedding, an afternoon we all spent naked, our shyness gone, and all three of the girls made sure they grabbed me as often as possible as we splashed happily in the water.

The night before the wedding arrived and, after the wedding rehearsal and a large family dinner, Sam and I finally got home about eleven, collapsing together on a sofa in my bedroom. As we hugged each other I finally asked, "Do you need anything honey? Is there anything Daddy can do for his little princess?"

"Oh Daddy, I love you so much. Oh, God I'm excited,….maybe even a little nervous. You've been so good to me, I owe you so much."

"You don't need any advice about men? About your duties in the bedroom?" I asked grinning; trying to lighten the maudlin mood I was afraid we both might fall into.

"I think I'll manage Daddy. It's like….uh… the woman lies on her back…… spreads her legs….. and moans when the man puts his little thingy in……wiggles her ass a bit…….is that about it?" she asked laughing.

Laughing at her answer, I asked, a catch in my voice, "Can I tell you a last bedtime story tonight and tuck in my little darling one last time?"

Smiling broadly, she remembered, "Oh Daddy, I loved your stories when I was little, when you'd come in and tell me about the beautiful princess, and hold me in your arms until I fell asleep. And then I'd wake up in the middle of the night and not finding you would rush into your room and slip in next to you……. Gosh Daddy, why did you ever stop that?"

"You grew up sweetie. You got to be about eleven and decided you didn't want to hear about the little princess."

"Will you tell me one tonight Daddy, please?"

"Yes. You go get ready for bed, I'm going to have a shower and then I'll join you."

"I want to sleep in your bed tonight Daddy, just like when I was a little girl. I want to hear a lovely story and then wake in my Daddy's arms, his big body keeping me warm."

Kissing her lightly on her brow, I answered, "OK, go brush your teeth and get ready."

When I came out of the washroom ten minutes later, even though the room was only lit dimly by one covered lamp, I could see Sam in the middle of the bed, and although half under the sheet, I couldn't help but see she was naked. Dropping the towel to the floor I slipped under the sheet and lay on my side facing her. She quickly moved to me and as I started my story I could feel her every curve mold into my body.

"The kind King was very happy that day as he knew that his beautiful daughter, the exalted Princess Samantha was soon to be married…"

"What did she look like Daddy, was she pretty?" the little girl in Sam asked, just as she had twelve years ago. Each word she spoke released a little puff of breath over my chest, an erotic tickle of air that sent tingles through my body.

"She looked just like you sweetie, with lovely, silky, black hair tumbling down her back and smiling dark eyes and the most delectable lips….."

"Did she ever kiss the King with her lips Daddy," she asked as she took one of my nipples between her lips and nipped it with her teeth before sucking hungrily at it.

"The King loved his little Princess and of course wanted to kiss her and touch her," I whispered as my hands trailed down her back. "But he didn't want to hurt her before she went to live with the Handsome Prince……..Oh Jesus, honey," I gasped as I felt the nails of one of her hands scrape up my shaft.

"I think the Princess loves the King so much Daddy that she wants to show him her love before she leaves, I think she wants to feel him deep inside her," she said as shifting her legs she moved so that my now firmly grasped shaft was rubbing along her wet slit.

"The Kings wanted to make love to the lovely Princess before she left him forever, but he was afraid of hurting her," I moaned as she drew half of my length into her hot furnace.

"I think its time for the Princess to have a King in her," she said giggling, and after first pushing me over on my back, impaled herself fully, sighing deeply as I forced her wide. I let her ride me at her own pace, knowing she had never been stretched so wide or filled so completely.

After pulling her head to mine and kissing her deeply, I let my hands move on her, one fondling her heavy breasts and nipples as the other explored the curves of her hip and ass. As she rose off me and then fell back onto me at an increasingly fast pace, I could feel her juices flowing around my cock, trying to lubricate the big piston that was drawing increasingly loud grunts from the young Princess. As I felt the first tremors of our orgasms radiate outwards, I inserted a finger into her tight rear hole, forcing the two of us even closer together as my sperm flooded into her.

"Oh fuck Daddy, oh fuck,……I think the big King overfilled his little Princess, oh God…..I don't think the little Princess ever guessed it would be so big, that it would feel like that…."

Still hard within her, our juices completely lubricating her, I turned her on her back and after moving her legs onto my shoulders, I started to relentlessly drive into my daughter, letting her feel all of me deeply with each long, hard stroke.

"Daaaaddy, oh DADDDY,……..uuunnnh …………..uuuuuunnnh …………….. Unnhhh……………. Uuunnnnhhh…………….uuuunnnnnn………," she wailed, each guttural moan a response to my cock stuffing her completely.

Wrapping her legs around my waist while her nails moved painfully across my back her second orgasm was accompanied by little cries and yips from her, wild demands of "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me, …….fill me, your big fat cock Daddy,……. oh yes fuck little Sam, fill my cunt Daddy,……..Oh shit fill my cunt with your seed,………oh sweet Jesus yeeeeeeeessssssssss………," she howled as I drenched her insides for the second time.

Afterwards, we lay quietly together, neither of us able or willing to express our feelings, our sighs and panting breath seeming to fill the room with noise. Twice more we coupled, each one ending in a crescendo of sound and a flood of our juices. I fell asleep finally, caressing my lovely daughter's hair as she lapped at my soft penis.

We awoke early the next morning, the sun was just peeking over the horizon as we untangled our bodies. "It's a sunny day Princess," I finally said, gently kissing her puffed lips.

"I'm glad I'll be wearing a veil," she said smiling, "I must look a mess."

"You're the most beautiful Princess in the world honey," I whispered.

"I guess we better get up," she sighed, "I've got a million things to do……."

"C'mon," I said, leading her toward the shower, "I'll soap your back; we want you clean for the big day."

Our soapy lathering ended with me lifting her off the floor; her ass cradled in my hands as I filled her again, her ecstatic cries softened by the water raining down on us.

We had dressed and breakfasted by the time Barbara and Naomi arrived, coming to pick up Sam on their way to the hairdressers.

Before leaving she hugged and kissed me, and whispered in my ear, "I think the beautiful Princess, in fact I'm sure Princess Samantha will always want to visit the big King and have him tell her a goodnight story. Do you think the King will want to tell the Princess any more stories Daddy?" she asked, her hot tongue probing into my ear wetly before she turned away smiling…………………..……

……………..………As I sat remembering last night, aware of Barb and Naomi across from me, I wondered how we'd all work it out, whether I could somehow please these three girls I loved…

"Earth to Mister Ross, Earth to Mister Ross, helloooo!"

For the second time that night, Barb had had to bring be back to consciousness, but as soon as I saw the two smiling angels I smiled, and putting an arm around each said, "C'mon girls, lets go home and fuck."

They attacked me as soon as we got home, struggling to tear my clothes off my back as we moved up the stairs. Impatient with their wild grappling, I grabbed each of them and threw them shrieking over my shoulders. After throwing them down on my king size bed, I stripped quickly and as I approached them I could see the voracious hunger in both their eyes. "Show me your pussies," I growled, brandishing my big cock like a club, and leapt among them.

Their beautiful gowns discarded like rags, for minutes we rolled wildly over the bed, our naked limbs curled impossibly around the other, our tongues and hands roving relentlessly. Urgently, I grabbed Babs, I knew I couldn't wait any longer to penetrate a hot cunt, but was stopped by Naomi saying, "Me first Mr. R, please, please fuck me first!"

Without a thought I pushed her on her back and pulling her knees apart roughly, fell on her, penetrating her in one smashing thrust.

"OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW, ……..ooooohhhh nooooooo……..," Naomi roared, a howl of pain echoing through the room.

Immediately I knew the cause, "My God Naomi, you're a virgin, shit, why didn't you say anything?" I demanded, pulling backwards from her centre.

"No Mr. R, don't stop," Naomi groaned, wrapping her legs around my back, not letting me withdraw.

"What, she's no virgin, are you two crazy?" Babs interjected. "Christ she's had sex with lots of guys Mr. R." But as she looked she saw the trickle of blood slide from Naomi, dripping slowly over my balls onto the sheets. "But," she babbled, clearly unbelieving, "you told us you had……"

"Shut up Babs, I'll explain la……..aaaaaahhh…..later, please Mr. R, fuck me, fuck your little Naomi……….oohhhh shit……," she finished as another deep thrust pinned her to the bed.

I knew I had hurt her, knew that I hadn't prepared her properly for my huge prick but still pounded on; knowing only the release of my sperm deep within her would satisfy her. It was only on the last few of my strokes that I felt her respond, her hips rising to meet me as little cries of pleasure started to mix in with her groans of protest. Finally coming, each spasm that started deep inside me delivered my rich, creamy seed to her welcoming cunt and I knew without the slightest doubt that I was delivering my baby into Naomi's welcoming womb.

Even Babs was struck almost dumb as Naomi and I lay panting, her only sounds, "But…….but you said……..but we all thought…….,"

Leaning over me Naomi took Barbara's head in her hands and kissed her friend deeply. "I love you Barb, so much, gosh, both you and Sam, but I didn't want to tell you."

"But what about Bobby, or Dick, and Johnny?" asked the still confused blond.

"I lied, I was waiting."

"For what Naomi, for what? Christ, wait til Sam hears about this…….Oh shit, I can't even tell her about this, she's on her fucking honeymoon."

"I was waiting for Mr. R. I wanted him to be my first, I always did, ever since I was sixteen," she admitted proudly. "It's always been you Mr. R."

"I'm glad sweetie," I said, as I gently caressed her, "And I promise that next time you're going to enjoy it more."

"I don't think I can tonight Sir, I'm pretty sore, but if…"

"On no Naomi, not tonight sweetie. We're going to let you heal up and then you and I are going to spend a night together so good, so long, so"

"What about me," interrupted Barb, a whine in her voice, "Doesn't anyone care about little old me?"

"Don't you worry, my little Barb, ever since you flashed your pink slit at me by the pool I've been planning on filling it." Moving between her legs, my mouth just inches from her already distended lower lips, I added, "First my sweet little Babs, I'm going to eat you out until you're squealing in delight, writhing in ecstasy under my tongue, and then I'm going to put the biggest prick you've ever dreamed of in you and fuck you until your screams are bouncing off the walls," I finished.

"Promises, promises," the sly vixen challenged, but I could see the anticipation in her eyes and I felt a huge tremor spasm through her body the second my tongue touched her blood filled clitoris. There's something about a blond pussy, it always seems to look better and taste better than any other and I delighted in her, slowly bringing her to orgasm with my mouth.

As I had guessed, Barbara was a noisy lover, and I could anticipate every of her needs just by listening to her sounds. As I heard her yips of pleasure turn to the deep guttural groans of an approaching orgasm, I moved up her body, and holding her wrists firmly above her head, I thrust fully into her wet sheath as my tongue curled into her mouth.

It only took three profound pumps of my penis to free the first spasms of what I knew would be many orgasms for Barb that night; I was maddened by an incredible lust, a lust I knew I had been ignited by my baby's marriage and my taking of the virgin innocent. I was like an insatiable bull for the next hour, rutting again and again in Barbara's hot hole, drenching her insides with my sperm.

Finally we separated and we all lay back in the bed, my arms curled reassuringly around each girl. "Is that normal sir?" Naomi asked shyly, "I didn't know…. I mean when you and Sam talked about it Babs…..I didn't understand….I mean"

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