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Lamia was nice and good at her work


Lamia was nice and good at her work. We started our new mission for booming our marketing network. We need to rise our monthly sales. So, we need to work hard and was in need of feedback from the new policy. So, I used to work late at night in the office. Lamia was helping me a lot also. She was an experienced lady and also hard working.

Once we have decided that our Chittagong Marketing executives were not doing well. The market share is going down day by day. So, I decided to visit Chittagong for collecting the proper datas, so that I could find the actual picture about our products and as well as the datas of the competitors. I asked Lamia to stay in Head Office but her reply was excellent to me. She ignored my decesion and ordered for two seats in Biman. She also booked two single rooms in a motel over phone.

We flied to Chittagong for a three day trip, which was the most memorable one of my entire life. We reached their by 10 AM at our Chittagong office and started meeting with all the executives of Sales and Marketing Department. By the end of the meeting, I gave them some new business policy and strategies. They welcomed me and assured me that it will work. Then we went to the market physically to take some informations. At that period, Lamia was accompanying me. We both sat together in a sedan car. You know, Chittagong is basically a port city and also located in a hill area. The roads of Chittaging is not like Dhaka. The driver of our car was young. He was trying to drive the car smmothly but due to the road, there was very much jerking. Lamia was getting afraid of the journey and she was comming close to me. Her 36d boobs which was looking excellent, when it got jerks. I was getting rock hard after watching her. She sat very close to me and I was intoxicated by her perfume and presence. She had on a low cut blouse, with a beautiful pink coloured Saree which swished around her ass beautifully, showing her firm and attractive boobs when she moved. Her hair was styled short and she wore glasses and had the most beautiful black eyes and full lips.

As she looked down at the at the roads, I was busy looking down the front of her dress and viewing the deep cleavage of her bounteous tits. She glanced up at me, blushed, and continued to look at the roads, all the while adjusting her Saree by tugging it a little to the side so that even more of her tits became visible. My dick was beginning to cum and I was becoming uncomfortably warm.

All in a sudden, she ordered the driver to back to the motel. I asked her, what's wrong?? She answered that she was not felling good. So, I also decided to go back, because we had two more working days. When we reached our room, I asked her if she was feeling well now. She noded her head negatively and asked me to come to her room. She got a bad headace. So, I arranged the bed and asked the boy for a "Panadol", which is good for headace. But she denied and asked the boy to leave. By then all my sex feeling was gone.

Then she lied down on the bed and I was arranging to leave her room. She begged her pardon for the incident and then put my arm around her shoulder. With that, she said, she really wanted to work closely with me as we seemed to be getting along very well. Her head was on my shoulder, her hand was almost in my arm. My dick was about to explode once again, and I placed my other hand on her lips and asked to stop. She offered no resistance. With that I moved my hand up to her waist and turned her to face me and started kissing her on her lips.

She was astonished but she started resonding me too. Lamia put her arm around my shoulder and we were kissing very very passionately like honey-moon couple. I was trying to feel her excellent boobs, getting no resistance, I began to massage her huge tits and started inserting my hand into her black coloured bra and opened it. We were kissing like mad as I ran my other hand up her Saree, all the way to her wet hairy pussy and surprisingly found that there were no panties.

She was kissing me and moaning badly. Her hand was looking for my 7 Incher dick. I opened my zip and she grabbed my ROCK HARD dick with her nice fingers. By that time I started pulling down her Saree and dropped it to the floor along with peticoat. Lamia was fully naked in front of me. I could not resist any more and began to suck one of her huge tits and inserted my other hand inside her wet pussy.

Lamia removed all my clothes and I was in my birthday dress. She bent down to her knees and began to suck my dick. I was felling like heaven as my dick was never been sucked by my wife. Lamia was a lovely sucker of all time. She took my fullly erected dick with style. It was the best blowjob, which I have ever had. We moved to 69 position and started licking her hairy pussy. She was moanning with a great pleasure. As she wet from the very begging, she had a massive orgaism in my mouth. The test of juice was nice. She then inserted my 7 Incher dick to her hairy wet pussy. The dick have found HIS own way. The love hole of Lamia was really wet. I started fucking her like a mad dog. The DOGGIE STYLE was one of my favourite position. She bent on her knees once again and we fucked for last 15 minutes.

Lamia came several times as she was never been fucked loke that. I was about to cum. She asked me to come to her pussy and I did so with a biggest load of my life. She asked me not to stop but I was really fucking tired then. She went crazy and began to suck my 7" gun once again. Within a short period of time, my gun responded positively. I strated fucking her again in each and every position that we could do.

After dinner, she invited me once again and it was not possibelly countable, how many times we both cummed in that memorable trip to Chittagong. We kept our great and special relationship of receprocity for more than 3 months. Later, I floated my own company last month in the new DOHS. I have asked her to join her as a merchandiser. But she denied as she did not have any knowledge regarding Raedy Made Garments.

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:32 am