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Just After Diwali


Well this is an incident which occurred around 2 months back just after diwali at the onset of winter. I live with my uncle, aunt & his son (only 3 of them). My cousin sister who studies in class 3 std. overall he is very good student but she is very weak in English. As such I was assigned the duty of finding the tutor for her as rests of them were busy in there jobs & I was still somewhat attached to with this study line. So I promptly posted an advertisement in a leading daily for our requirement of a female lady English teacher. After few days we were flooded with application for the post & I slowly started to analyze them. From around 83 mails I decided to call on 8 applicants, roughly between the ages of 28 to 40 years. Being married was a preference as it meant no future hassle as to change of place after marriage. On the respective day I along with the aunt interviewed all of them & limited my choice on 2 of them, first was a married Christian & 2nd. A Bengali lady aged 38. Now the final choice was left on me. Both were equally competent & deserving. But I went for Christian lady as she was less aged around 31 & more open in her thoughts & overall her beauty could bowl any one over, let me reveal her statistics to u…hair short & dark with little curls, skin as white as snow nothing less, 5’ 4” ht, a bit healthy which made her boobs large & dressing sense like I have never seen before. In other words she looked like a princess with an excellent personality &immense inner beauty.. No one could dare flirt with her; she was of such personality & dignity.

Now the real story, my cousin (shilpa) use to come to home from school at 4 & the teacher (Sherri) was at home to teach her at 5.30. Now I also used to come back home at around 5. Now generally shilpa used to go to play, cycle with her friends in the next building. So at the arrival of her teacher I used have her called upon by the durwan which took at least 5 – 10 mins.in the mean time I used to talk with Sherri about shilpas proceeding. Slowly & with passage of time we became very good friends as were more or les of same age & had similar thinking perception. I came to know about her childhood, college days her boyfriend & how she was forced to marry against her wishes to a business tycoon who she did not love but just to keep her fathers dying wishes. I came to know how is husband brutally tortured her so that she could keep his wishes of entertaining his business friends which she reluctantly declined. Rather we discussed all our inner secrets with each other without any fear as we trusted each other to the limits. I never had any ill thoughts on her until & tried to help her sincerely but then………

Now one day Sherri called me at my office that she wanted me to meet at my residence early which I obliged. At the house I found her crying & on seeing me she leapt forward & took me in my arms & started crying that her husband charged her for infidelity.. I was totally shocked & mesmerized by her sudden behavior. However I was enjoying her company & warmth & also the feeling of her boobs on my chest which was soft yet firm. For the first time I became sexually inclined towards her started my plans to have sex with her. Slowly I started to push my pelvic into her pelvic to which she does not object. Now trying to console her I started playing with her hair & trying to wipe her tears I touched her cheeks, lips to which she just closed her eyes. I got the hunch that she was craving for sex as she was not in good terms with her husband for quite some time now. So I started to come home early & talked to her on every opportunity. I complimented her on dress & good taste to which she was most happy .slowly after few days I complimented her on her figure, her skin & slowly on her exposed parts like lips, hands legs etc. she always enjoyed the compliments and always craved for more. Slowly but surely I took her to seventh heaven defining her beauty. I gave her that a woman sought for & slowly see stared confiding in me her deepest secrets & fantasies from everyday life to sex like How she had oralsex with her ex boy friend in the college toilet to having oral in the bus during college fest Etc. slowly she discussed about how they had sex with her husband open In the terrace under the moonlight etc. she also told me that she had been sex hungry since last six months & how she craved for it. Literally I had taken full control of her mind by my art of persuasion & she fully confided on me & forced me to have sex with me to which I totally declined as I wanted to tease her & wanted to raise her hunger for sex . I very well knew that I was the only option for her with whom to have sex with. I made her my servant who would do what ever I wished for. I made her come to my house without wearing panty & skimpy t shirt without bra which was covered on by jackets & on removing the jacket it was barely enough to cover her pink rosy nipples, pee in front me & finger her own vagina. I always made her hot but never satisfy her. It was one way play. Slowly she became so hungry that one day she became violent & tried to rape force me. Moreover I also had become hot seeing those sequences of lady orgasms & relented to her demands..

So one day I laid her down on the carpet & did all that I could that is... Sherri gives me a hot kiss on my lips and her other hand was on my dick. She is rooming her finger nail on my dick from my pants on. I kiss on her juicy lips. She response me same and we enter quickly in my bed room. We r ready for sex.she is kissing me on my lips, my chest my shoulders. I am kissing her on her neck on her firm boobs.her boobs r to hard. But soft n silky baby cheeks suck her boobs her nipples r long. But she has a very sexy figure like champagne. I am moving my hands on her curves, on her boobs her belly and between her thighs. She is hot and also some wet inside her. I firstly put off her clothes and mine too. After seeing my dick she almost clapped to take this huge one in her little pussy.she just sit on her knees and kissed on my hot iron rod. Then she starting licking. I really enjoyed it. She put my whole dick in her hot mouth and sucked faster. I was near to cum & ejaculated in her mouth .Now she is standing naked in front of me and I was ready for my second shift. My tool was ready just by seeing her naked. I took her in my arms and put her on the bed. She is looking sexier as licked her whole body from hairs to toe. she moan with pleasure and ask me that her pussy is shivering for eating ur male hood I came over her and fix my dick on her little pussy's mouth and give a slow move to her. My dick insert in her little shaved pussy.she weep for a big pain and ask me to stop that it is making very painful to her. I put my dick after oiling with saliva & it is less painful then before. She is shouting with pain and pleasure. I put my lips on her lips so that her shouts do not go out.

Now I move fast and she is also taking some pleasure in doing this. She is moving her butts towards me with the rhythms. I am enjoying fucking her and she is getting the pleasure of a young man. She is moaning like the hell. Ooohhh.... aaahhhh... fuck me hard. I wanna more yyeessss. Come-on. Yeses I am near to cum m. fuck me hard. Yyeesss I am Cumming cumm inside me. I flowered my whole content in her & lay down beside her both tired but satisfied.

From that day on I was her master & she was sex maid. A maid who in her l looks & figure could easily compete with any of the miss world. Very broadly speaking her look somewhat resembles aditi govritkar (Mrs. Universe). U would prefer her than having sex with aditi. She is more of a queen in drawing the best sex act out of u. she knows all poses & dares trying doing unthinkable acts. She beats all in sex creativity. Now we have oral sex thrice a week. Which we both appreciate as it is clean, wholesome & quick.

We enjoy each others company & also respect each other, providing for each others need. Now we r the best friends ever. At present I am trying to help her patch up with her husband. I am not ashamed of exploiting a needy lady because if I would not have provided for what she was asking…anyone else would have used her as she was desperate. May be with a poor ending,…………………. who knows.

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:53 am