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James has lucky to have elder Sister like Tabby


James always knew he was lucky having an older sister like Tabby. Such a gorgeous body and the way she moved made her a big hit with his buddies. None of his friends could keep their eyes off this 22-year-old seductress. At 18 James truly appreciated her attributes himself and sometimes wished she wasn't his sister.

He had often sneaked into her room to smell the sweet smells of a girl; just the mix of perfume, talc and hairspray sent him into a daze. Occasionally when he knew he was alone in the house he would find a piece of her underwear and caress it to his skin; feeling the silky softness. James had even been known to sneak a pair of Tabby's dirty panties back to his room to masturbate with.

At first Tabby had been really annoyed with her parents. They had insisted that she stay at the house all weekend to make sure that her little brother didn't get into any trouble. It was all very well for them going away for a long weekend as a sort of second honeymoon. But Tabby was a dutiful daughter and so she agreed to be babysitter.

The decision was made easier when Tabby's Mom agreed to let her friends come over to stay. That would make the weekend fun. Her friends the Bradley twins, Jenna and Krista and the fourth member of the group Lana. They were well known as the College Four a few years back. Four of the most gorgeous women on campus, and all friends together. Jenna and Krista were identical twins with long straight blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Some of the boys called them the Barbie twins. Lana was tall and dark like Tabby, but she kept her hair short. It was Lana's smile that captivated, those bright white teeth and the cheeky look she gave.

Tabby's folks had no problem with this request. They had known the other girls for a long time now and trusted them as responsible adults. The twins were 21 and Lana 22. There would be no trouble from these girls. Even Tabby planned a low-key weekend of mall visits and sunbathing. It would be a fun girls-only weekend, except for brother James. The play station and television would keep him busy.

So the girls arrived after work on Friday, and Tabby's parents drove off knowing their house and youngest son would be safely cared for. Tabby's Dad was envious of his young son being left in the company of such a range of pure sexual beauty.

James sat in the lounge watching the television as he listened to the four girls laughing and giggling in the family room next door. How could girls that age act so stupid he thought as their voices interrupted his watching? The more the sound of their whispers and laughter infiltrated his head the more he found himself drifting away from the television.

He could picture them. Jenna in the little sexy black dress with thin shoulder straps that revealed a pink bra strap every now and then. Her sister, Krista, in a plain white blouse that stretched over her large breasts. And Lana, the dark haired nymph in a short denim skirt and red tank top. Tabby herself wore a pair of tight fitting jeans and a black t-shirt, her dark hair falling about her shoulders.

As the noise grew to replace the television James felt his hand stray to his crotch, his cock rising as his thoughts turned from one sexy girl to another. This was going to be a weekend to remember. He let his hand rub across the soft nob of his head, squeezing out a little cum through his pants.

"Hi James."

The voice startled him and he sat upright in the chair. It was Krista standing over him, staring down at the young boy with a broad grin. Her sweet perfume filled the air.

"Oh…ah…hi," James stuttered.

"Tabby has ordered in some pizza for us," the tall blonde said, her eyes looking almost directly at his crotch. "Shall we call you when it arrives?"

"Um…yes…that would be great," he said, shyly pulling his hand away from his pants.

"Cool," Krista said, standing upright again. "Hope you are enjoying yourself. You could always come and join us girls if you want?"

"No, it's ok, I think I should stay out of your way," James smiled back. He could feel his face going red. "Just give me a call when you're ready."

Krista giggled as she left the room. His eyes followed the 21-year-old as she left the room. He noted how her round butt swayed and how much it showed through the tight pants she wore. There was no sign of a panty-line showing in the fine cotton. His cock twitched a little.

Somehow he managed to pull his attention back to the television. He knew he was going to be giving his cock a hard workout later after they had all gone to bed.

He heard the doorbell ring a short time later and figured the pizza delivery had arrived. James didn't move. The sound of heels on the slate entrance hall confirmed that one of the girls had answered the door. Muffled female voices came from the kitchen as James continued to watch the television.

"Here you are," it was Jenna's voice.

James looked up at the sexy blonde who was holding a plate of fresh pizza in one hand and a can of Coke in the other. His eyes scanned her lovely 36C chest, admiring how the tight black dress hugged her body so well. The pink bra strap had slipped part way down her arm as she lent forward to offer James his dinner.

"Wow, room service," James laughed taking the plate and sitting more upright in his chair. All the time his eyes stared at those wonderful breasts.

"Now, now, James, don't get too comfortable. We're not your slaves remember," the blonde said with a wink and a smile. "You get to clean up, ok?"

"Sure thing ma'am," he grinned back. His eyes followed her butt as she strolled slowly toward the door. It wobbled a little, as though she wasn't used to walking on the high heels she wore. Then she was gone.

Quickly he ate the pizza, watching his television show. His mind gradually wandered away from the sexy foursome he was sharing the house and weekend with and back to the re-run of Star Trek he was watching. The pizza was good and the Coke refreshing and his cock slowly deflated.

"Finished?" This time it was Lana's voice that startled him. "Can I take your plate?"

"Oh…um…" he looked up and then down at the plate and then up at the transformed Lana. She was no longer dressed as she was when she arrived, at least not entirely the same. The little denim skirt was still there, but the bottom two brass buttons were undone now, showing off her long tanned legs as she walked. The red tank top was gone as well, replaced by a blue denim jacket, left undone, and a red lace bra underneath, fully exposed for all to see.

His jaw dropped as he stared at the dark-haired beauty. His cock seemed to spring back to life without any prompting. He felt his breathing change and a dryness filled his mouth.

"Oh...yeah…thanks Lana," he half stuttered. His eyes never left her chest as Lana lent forward to take the plate. The denim jacket fell open and her small firm breasts were presented to him, wrapped in the red lace of the bra. He gulped. Her nipples were clearly visible through the red lace, hard and round against the delicate fabric.

"I hope you enjoyed it," she said with a big smile, flashing her perfect white teeth behind the deep, moist red lips. "Is there anything else you need?"

She seemed to be lingering, letting him soak in the image of this slim, sexy figure bent over him, her cute little butt stuck in the air, her milk white thighs exposed in the break of her skirt and those breasts, just a short arm length away.

James cleared his throat. "Um…no…I will be fine…thanks." His face went red and tried to pull his gaze away. He took a sip of the Coke, not sure what to say or do. All he hoped was that she hadn't noticed the growing bulge in his pants.

Lana just grinned as she stood and turned. He let his gaze follow her to the door.

The television had become irrelevant to him now. It played in the background as his mind drifting between the twins and Lana. There was no going back now, he would have to go to his room soon and tug on his cock until he relieved the pressure. That wouldn't take long with the thoughts that were going through his young mind, in fact there was a danger of him spilling his load right there in his pants.

"Well, are you going to come and give me a hand or not?" It was big sister Tabby's voice. The tall brunette was standing in the door to the kitchen. The same one that Lana had taken his plate through moments before. "We can't leave these dishes for our guests to do you know." "Oh…oh…ok," he stuttered, his dream shattering as he jumped up. Then he remembered his hard-on and tried to cover the obvious bulge with a hand.

He waited until she had walked into the kitchen and then followed, hoping it would shrink before he had to confront those four lovely bodies again. It hadn't, but the three visitors weren't in the kitchen anyway. Only Tabby waited for him. He looked up at his sister and wished she wasn't his sister. She looked stunning, she always did.

"You wash, I'll dry and put away," she commanded pointing to the sink full of foaming water.

"Um…fine," James said quietly, hoping Tabby wouldn't comment on his obvious state.

At least the bench would hide it and he could flee to his room straight after the job. There weren't many dishes, just a few plates, a couple of knives and wine glasses. The girls had obviously been enjoying a bottle with their pizza. He started scrubbing the plates.

As he washed, tabby stepped up behind him, her body close to his, almost touching. She was very tall, much taller than James. As the first plate emerged from the sink she lent down over his shoulder to take it from him. Her firm 34B breasts brushed his shoulder sending a shiver through the 18-year-old. Her perfume engulfed him in its sweet fragrance.

"What have you got planned for tomorrow?" Tabby asked innocently as she stepped back with the plate.

"Oh, nothing much. I thought I would hang out here tomorrow," James said. "If that's ok."

"Sure. I just thought you would want to get out with your buddies," tabby said. "Make the most of Mom and Dad being away. We're all going to the mall tomorrow morning but we will be back after lunch I think."

"Sure sis. Robert is away with his folks tomorrow, his Grandma's birthday or something and the others all have things on so I'm by myself."

"That's too bad. Want to come to the mall with us?"

"No that's ok, I'll just hang out here."

The dishes proceeded with Tabby draping herself over James every chance she got, bumping into him or waiting to catch his glance to bend to lower cupboards. James had never known his sister to be so overtly sexy before, not towards him. Every now and then their eyes would meet or she would throw a wild sexy grin his way. His cock responded again.

Soon the dishes were finished and away. He let the water escape from the sink and wiped around the bench top. Tabby finished putting some glasses back in a high cupboard. Her long sleek body stretched up, her little 34B breasts straining against the black t-shirt that had become detached from the waist of her tight-fitting jeans, exposing her tanned belly.

"Well, I think I better go to bed now," James volunteered as he stared longingly at his sister. Thoughts of their relationship had left him as her touching and moving had enticed his cock into lustful thoughts. "See you in the morning." He winked as he walked toward the door.

"Very early for you isn't it James?" Tabby asked, noting his wink. "I thought you would want to hang around and play a little."

"No, no," James didn't realise the significance of this statement. "I will leave you and your friends to talk."

He raced up the stairs to his room. Once inside he turned on the lamp next to his bed, a dull yellowish glow fell on the untidy bed. He quickly tugged on his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He kicked off his trainers and pulled the t-shirt over his head.

Dressed only in his shorts he leapt onto the bed and reached under his pillow. There was a pair of Tabby's panties that he had found earlier in the washing downstairs. A very delicate pink lace pair. They must have been nearly new, as he couldn't recall them from his previous visits to her underwear draw.

Slowly he raised them to his nose. The faint musty smell of her pussy juice mingled a little with the remains of her perfume. He smiled as he sniffed at the silky crotch. His hand moved to the waist of his shorts. Slowly he edged them down letting his huge, hard cock pop into view. He ran his face over the silky lace garment, sniffing it, feeling it against his cheek as he started to tug up and down on his throbbing cock. Then he lowered the sexy panties to his cock and wrapped them around his shaft as he tugged some more.

"Well, that is what a guy gets up to when he goes to bed early," Lana said as she entered his room.

James sat upright, trying to hide his embarrassment and not sure what to do with the fist full of panties. His mouth dropped as the dark-haired 22-year-old. She moved towards him. He froze.

"Would you like to see more of my body James?" She asked the question in a low sultry voice, holding the denim jacket open a little more for him the view her breasts still in the red bra.

"I…um…," he couldn't talk; his mouth was dry and hung open. "I…don't…"

"I think you probably do," Lana smiled and let the denim jacket fall from her shoulders. She was now right at the edge of the bed. James was scared he was going to dribble or something. Lana reached back and unclipped the red lace bra. With a wiggle it fell to the floor as well.

James almost spurted his load then as her breasts came into view and Lana squeezed the firm mounds together, slipping her hands over the nipples, tweaking them.

"How about you change into those panties for me?" Lana continued. "I would find that really sexy."

James couldn't believe it. Lana was letting her hands roam over her naked upper body, sliding over those beautiful breasts. He looked at the pink material draped over his hand, then back at her. Her hand had slipped down to the front of the denim skirt. There was only one button holding it up now. She poked her hand inside the opening and held a fold of the skirt open as she rubbed the crotch of her red lace panties.

"Go on James, it would turn me on," she encouraged as she slipped her finger inside the crotch of her panties. Even in the low light from his lamp he could see the well-trimmed bush of her pussy as she sunk a finger deep into her pussy.

Quickly he yanked his shorts off and pulled up the lace panties. They were too small for his enormous cock and balls. The cock head stuck up out of the waistband and his balls hung out one leg opening. Everything was framed in the pink lace.

"Let me help you a little," she smiled. Her hand reached down for his cock and balls and rearranged them so all were hanging over the front of the stretched lace. Then she let her hand softly rub the length of his enlarged member.

"Ohhh," James moaned as she tugged on his hard cock.

"It's so big," she said with amazement. "James, you are huge."

With that Lana lowered her mouth to his cock. He groaned again as her sweet lips locked around the hard shaft. A shiver of excitement went through him as her tongue tweaked his slit. Holding the base of his cock in her hand she slipped her mouth down the hard cock. He gritted his teeth as her sucking and licking continued, he didn't want to shoot his load yet.

Instinctively his hand went out to touch her breast. The soft skin seemed satiny to his touch. He moved his hand to a nipple, stroking the nard little nub, then tweaking it gently. All the time Lana sucked up and down on his cock. He managed to reach over with his other hand to her butt, rubbing the rounded buttock through her denim skirt.

Without stopping her sucking and pulling at the young lads cock Lana lifted her leg up and over the prone body on he bed, being careful not to stab him with the spike on her high heeled shoe. Then brought her other leg up onto the bed. James' head disappeared under her skirt for a moment, but then reappeared. He took a huge breath as he stared up at the red lace crotch before him.

James lifted a hand to touch her sensitive pussy through the red lace material. Lana seemed to quiver a little. Gently he peeled away the red lace to reveal that warm moist pussy again. His other hand pushed the blue denim skirt up around her waist, so he could breath easier. Then he let his tongue lick around the swollen lips, teasing her a little. He had never touched a real pussy before, never tasted the slightly salty juices nor explored a hard clit. His mind raced over those letters he had read in the Penthouses he had hidden at the back of his closet. He slowly licked the length of her opening, trying to push his tongue inside. Then he felt her body twitch as he flicked her hard clit at the top of her opening. She was wet, very wet.

Despite feeling his probing at her pussy Lana continued to stroke his hard cock, up and down, using her mouth and her hand in unison. Every now and then she would sweep her tongue across his head, licking away a dribble of pre-cum. He would twitch as he felt her tongue at his slit.

James found her pussy opening with a finger. He slowly pushed into her, feeling the swollen soft lips yield to his touch. Her pussy clamped down on his finger as he eased it further in. He stopped, not sure what that meant.

"Ohhh…yes…James…ohhh," Lana moaned, lifting her head for a moment.

That was all the encouragement he needed. He started to push deeper, using a second finger now as well. He bent forward a little to lick at her clit as he started to fuck her with his finger. Pussy juice was smearing across his face and her thighs as he sucked and licked at her clit, his fingers sliding in and out of her tight pussy. All the time her mouth was sucking in his cock.

Her hand touched his balls as she had his cock deep in her throat, sucking it in as hard as she could. He could feel his cock and balls tightening. His cum was boiling up inside him. She gave his balls a little squeeze. That was it; he pulled his head away from her pussy and let out a yelp as his cum shot from his cock.

Lana took it. Spurt after spurt of creamy hot jism. He moaned and fucked her pussy more furiously as he let his cum explode in her. Then her own orgasm came. Her hips started to buck, her body tingled and feet dug into the bedding at either side of his head. He clamped his mouth to her pussy as her pussy tightened on his fingers. She let out a low moan as her hips bucked slightly.

"Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh," she moaned. "Ohhh...James…yes."

His cock had slipped from her mouth, leaving a trail of cum along her chin. A small puddle of stick cum was slowly soaking into Tabby's pink panties as he pulled away from her. Lana collapsed sideways onto the small single bed and smiled at him.

She knelt over him, her breasts dangling in front of the young boy. His cock was stirring again.

"Did you enjoy that James?" Lana asked as she licked away his cum from her lips.

"Yyyes..." he stuttered, still not believing what had just happened.

"It looks like you are ready for some more," she continued reaching down to touch his slippery wet cock. It twitched in her hand. "Just a moment." With that she slipped off the bed and reached up under the skirt to remove the, now sticky, red lace panties.

Neither of them said a word as she climbed back on the bed, this time straddling his cock, guiding it with one hand into her wet pussy. He let out a huge groan as he felt her pussy clamp down on it. Soon it was all the way in, stretching her hole open. Then she began to buck her hips and moan softly. He stared up at her breasts, bouncing slightly against her chest.

Up and down she slid, her pussy so wet and hot around his hard cock. James reached up to touch her breasts, playing with one and then the other. Lana let her pussy sink down on his hard shaft, her butt sticking to the damp lace panties he wore. Then up the shaft again. Sweat appeared on her brow as she pumped at his cock with her pussy.

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"Ohhh…Lana…Lana," James moaned. "Fuck me, fuck my cock."

He could feel his balls starting to tighten again. Her movements were becoming less controlled as he held her hips, letting her squeeze and touch her own breasts as she orgasmed a second time. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock, the slick inside still letting him pump back and forwards. Then it hit, his cock swelled and shot forth a sticky stream of cum.

"Ohhh…ohhh," he groaned. "Ohhh...yes…feel my cum in your sweet pussy Lana, feel it." He pulled her hips down hard on his cock as it emptied his balls deep in her. Cum oozed out and slipped from her pussy as she collapsed forward on his chest.
James ran his hand through her short dark hair as his cock slowly deflated and slipped from her swollen passage. More cum slipped out and stained his thigh and the pink lace panties some more.

Lana looked up at his young face and lent forward to kiss him on the lips. She rolled off his chest and lay beside him on the bed. They hugged and kissed and touched each other as the sticky cum dried on their bodies. She kicked off the black heels as she snuggled in closer to his warm body. Soon they had drifted off to a pleasant sleep.

When James awoke the next morning he was still lying on top of his bed dressed in the tight fitting lace panties. His cock and balls were tucked into the flimsy garment. He looked down at the pool of dry cum that stained the front of them. Lana was no longer there, but her red panties still lay on the floor as evidence of their night together. He put his hands behind his head and smiled contentedly to himself.

All the girls were out when he finally came downstairs after a long hot shower and dressing. It was after 10am and it looked like they had been gone for a while. James decided to watch some more television.

They returned after lunch, all four of his resident beauties. James tried to catch Lana's eye, but she didn't seem to react to his glances and winks. He rationalised this, as they didn't stay long downstairs. All four trudged upstairs to get changed to sit around the swimming pool as the sun was beating down.

James sat in the lounge, near the large window that over-looked the pool. That way he would get a good view of the girls when they returned in their skimpy little bikinis. He knew they would have skimpy bikinis mainly because he had seen them dressed that way before, but never all four at once.

He didn't have to wait long. His sister was the first to appear in the little plain red bikini that he was most familiar with. It always amazed him that such small amounts of material could hide those nipples from him. Krista and Lana walked out together. Again their swimwear did not leave a lot to the imagination. He could feel that old feeling again, his cock starting to stir. Finally Jenna joined them in her tiny leopard patterned bikini with its simple ties.

They took up positions in the pool loungers or on the concrete path surrounding the pool. He could look from one to the other with ease. It was like a scene from a travel brochure to Rio or the Riviera. The stunning girls in their tiny bikinis and their dark glasses looked like a group of innocent tourists. But James viewed them as his concubines. After last nights encounter with the very hot Lana he was determined to make the most of his weekend. He could close his eyes and imagine calling any one of "his" ladies from the poolside to wait on his every need.

Soon that need was growing in his pants as his daydream grew. One of his hands moved down and slipped into the open zip of his jeans to stroke his raging hard-on. He didn't want to bring himself on as he wanted to make the most of any opportunity that came his way later. Surely Lana would want to play again and James needed to have all his energy.

"Hey James," it was Jenna's voice that brought him to reality. "What's up?"

James pulled his hand from his pants. He hoped the sexy blonde hadn't seen what he had been doing. She was approaching from the door that led from the family room. Quickly he worked out that it would have been difficult for her to see exactly what he had been up to.

"Just dozing in the sun actually," James said nervously as she approached. "Such a nice day."

"Yeah, you should be joining us at the pool." She had that look, just a hint of slut about her. The twins seemed to have this look, he couldn't say exactly what it was; the way they cut their hair, the deep lipstick and heavy make-up they always wore, the walk or maybe just a combination of all of these.

"It's ok Jenna, I'm fine here," he said as the near naked body moved closer. He pulled his surfing magazine onto his lap to hide his open zipper. "I thought I would take it easy today."

"Unusual for a lad like you," Jenna winked. "I thought you would enjoy some play in the pool."

"Oh…well…I don't know…I didn't want to disturb you guys," James stuttered, his eyes firmly on her breasts, swaying slightly in the small leopard skin print bikini. "Well, looks like everyone wanted a little snooze," Jenna shrugged. "That lot have all gone to sleep." She gestured at the window. James looked outside. Tabby and Lana were both stretched out on their loungers, their eyes shut. He couldn't see Krista, but she was probably on another lounger behind the swimming pool wall.

"Ha, so we are left alone," James stated innocently.

"I guess so," Jenna smiled. "Krista and I have always enjoyed playing together at the pool…"

"I guess you will have to wait for her…"

"Why don't you come and play for a while James?" Jenna smiled and put her hand out towards him.

"Well…I suppose…I mean…well," he looked into her big round blue eyes and started to lift out of the chair, the magazine slipping to the floor.

"Good," Jenna said, and then her eyes noticed the undone zipper. "Shall we go?" She added without commenting on his state of undress.

Without a word she tugged him along, out the door into the family room. Instead of moving through the large sliding doors that led to the pool she veered off down the passage to the guest room. James opened his mouth to say something then thought better of it.

She led him into the big light room, the sun beaming in through the floor to ceiling windows. A simple double bed dressed in a white cover was the only furniture other than the small side table. But it wasn't the furnishings that caught James' eye. Lying on the bed in her skimpy black and white bikini was Krista, a broad grin on her face.

"I told you I like to play with my sister," Jenna laughed. "Would you like to watch us play for a while James?"

His mouth dropped as Krista slid from the bed to stand next to her twin. The two girls in their sexy bikinis were almost too much for him; he could feel his cock growing again. This time the gaping hole in his jeans let him down as the bulge pushed through the gap.

"I…I," he stammered as the two girls put an arm around each other. "I don't…" They were kissing now, their tongues playing with each other as their hands moved over each other's tanned body.

"Why don't you join us James? Looks like you want to," Krista smiled as they broke from each other's lips.

He stepped forward, not sure what to do next. It was done for him. A hand reached down to the bulge at his crotch and squeezed it gently. Krista pulled on his cock, exposing it through the fly of his jeans and the gap in the front of his shorts. James drew a deep breath as he joined their huddle next to the bed. He brought his arm up behind Jenna to hug her gently.

Jenna looked at him, her sexy, friendly smile expanded across her young face. Krista stroked the giant cock as he lent closer to Jenna, kissing her cheek. Jenna moved her face to let him kiss her a second time, full on the lips. James smiled to himself. His hand slipped up her back to the string tie that held her bikini top in place. With one movement he undid the tie and the two little leopard skin patterned triangles fell forward from her big breasts. He moved higher to release the tie at the neck and the bikini top fluttered to the ground.

He pulled Jenna close and kissed her again as his hand cupped one of those big soft breasts. The nipples were large and flat compared to Lana's, but just as teasable. His mouth kissed her neck and then the breast and finally the nipple.

Krista continued to stroke his hard cock as he handled her sister. She unbuckled his pants and slid them down his legs, taking his shorts as well. He felt her soft lips caress his butt as she eased the trainers and jeans off his feet. Slowly she raised her body, rubbing in against his body so he could feel her soft breasts against his butt and back as she stood. Her long fingers reached around his body to undo his shirt and tug it from his shoulders. Then her tongue traced little circles on his neck and bare shoulder.

As James felt Krista kissing his neck he turned a little to face her. He kissed her cheek now as Jenna replaced Krista kissing and caressing James back. James reached behind the blonde and fumbled as he tried to release her bikini bra. He had practised this with Tabby's bras plenty of times, but his nervous fingers just didn't seem up to the task. Krista reached back and popped the clasp. The black and white top fell off her body.

To James surprise Krista suddenly broke the kiss and peeled her body away from his. Jenna was also standing back from the young boy now. Krista looked at her sister and smiled. The two blondes stepped forward to each other and embraced. As they did their lips met in a long passionate kiss. James was left standing between them his aching cock sticking out at right angles in his hand.

He watched as Jenna slowly slid the black and white bikini bottom down Krista's fine shapely legs. James ducked his head to get a view of the glorious pussy that was exposed with just a tuft of blonde hair forming a 'V' above her pouty pussy lips. As Jenna touched her sister's clit with an extended finger Krista moved her hand to untie the little strings that held Jenna's bikini bottom in place. It too fell to the floor.

Both girls moaned as they fingered each other, still kissing and nibbling at each other's bodies. Gradually they moved sideways until they collapsed on the soft white bed. James stepped up to the edge of the bed to get a better view.

As they contorted their bodies in an orgiastic ritual the two girls ended up with their heads buried between the others legs. James was almost ready to cum; his whole body was aching at the sight of these two beautiful twins eating each other's pussy's. Jenna was on top, arching over her sister, licking and sucking at Krista's clit.

Meanwhile Krista was inserting a finger into her sister as her tongue flicked Jenna's hard little clit. James watched as she slowly pulled the finger back, glistening with her sister's hot juice. His eyes were bulging as the tall blonde licked it clean, giving the young lad a sultry glance. Then her eyes turned and she kissed the soft butt in front of her before letting out a low moan of pleasure.

James stood looking at the scene before him, tugging hard at his teenage cock. He could feel his load building. God, were they going to make him cum on the floor? If he did explode then he knew it would be so powerful that he would spray their bodies with his gooey mess.

If he didn't act soon he would lose it. He didn't ask he climbed up on the bed behind Jenna. Both girls stopped to watch him positioning himself. Krista reached up to guide him as Jenna moved her butt to let James get a better angle. Jenna gave a gasp as his big hard cock penetrated her slippery pussy. His hands grasped her hips and he started pumping her.

Krista resumed stimulating her sister's clit. Between them they had Jenna in convulsions of repeated orgasms within a few moments. But the effort was too much for the young lad as his cock slammed into her sweet round butt. He let out a huge grunt and stabbed his cock deep into her, pulling her back on to him at the same time. His orgasm was as powerful as he knew it would be, pumping gallons of hot cum deep inside Jenna. Krista reached up with her tongue to lick some of the leaking hot cum away from her sister's opening.

"Ohhh…" he moaned as he slowly let his cock slip from her, Krista licking it as it fell away.

He stepped off the bed, holding his semi-rigid cock as he did. A blob of cum dripped from Jenna onto Krista's face and she swiped it with her tongue. A shiver of excitement went through Krista's body now as Jenna lent forward to lick at her pussy some more. Krista reached up for her sister's hot pussy, to lick away the creamy mess at the entrance.

The scene excited James so much that his cock grew once more. His hand touched the sticky cum-coated cock and began rubbing it. The whole thing throbbed in his hand, he could feel his balls building up again.

Krista had flicked a gob of cum onto her cheek and was trying to lick it into her mouth when she noticed James standing there, his cock sticking out toward her.

"Why don't you make better use of that thing?" She asked sensually.

James stared at her. Jenna giggled and slipped off the bed. She moved over to stand next to James, her lips met his and they kissed. As their tongues entwined James tasted her sisters pussy on her mouth. Jenna reached down to his cock and wrapped her hand around the hard member. Slowly she walked him to the bed. Still kissing she guided him up onto the bed and between Krista's wide spread legs.

The kiss broke as he turned to look down on the twins open pussy. Her sister was still holding his hard cock, guiding it into Krista as he watched. Krista reached up, her arms pulling him down on top of her as his cock slid into the tight hot pussy. Then his lips were locked to hers, tasting now a mixture of Jenna and himself.

Jenna withdrew her hand, letting it gently slide across his side and back as he started pumping in and out of Krista. The kiss lasted and lasted as he pumped harder and harder. He could hear her wet pussy resisting his cock on each stroke. The slurping sound, her gentle moans.

Then he felt Jenna's soft body against his, her breasts pressed into his back as she draped herself over him. She started kissing his bare skin, working her way to his neck and ears. While her lips tickled his ears her hand wandered over his body, roaming to his butt. Just as his thrusts were getting harder he felt Jenna at the entrance to his butt, pressing on his little virgin hole. Her finger was slick with her own juices and slipped inside him. The sensation was incredible. He tensed, his cock grew harder than ever and he renewed his efforts at fucking Krista.

"Ahhh…ohhh," Krista called out as his intensity stepped up a grade. His huge cock was invading her like a steam-train as he pumped in and out of her. The young blonde was holding on to him as he rocked into her.

He could feel his cum rising, Jenna had made sure of that. His body was tensing, he knew he was almost there. "Ohhh...Krista…yeah….yeah," he called to her as his body arched and he spilled his load in her.

They all collapsed together on the bed, giggling and laughing as the cum dripped from her body. No one knew what to say to anyone else. There was an embarrassed silence.

"Umm…well…I…umm," the young James tried.

"It's ok James, we enjoyed that," Jenna laughed. "You can turn us on any time you like."

"Gee, thanks Jenna," James smiled back, his confidence returned.

There was a further silence before Jenna broke it. "Hey, lets go take a shower."

The three naked bodies walked together to the little en suite to shower. In the shower they rubbed each other bodies with the body lotion and ran fingers through hair. Soon James was hard once more as he fondled those beautiful large breasts.

It was Jenna who got on her knees and started to lick at James' balls. Her tongue flicking around his scrotum and then licking along the underside of his cock. Krista got into the act by kissing James on the lips again. She was the better kisser James decided in a mental note to himself. He slid a finger down his side and found her pussy. Krista parted her legs for him.

As Jenna sucked him off as he fingered her sister. The warm water played down on them. Soon all three were cumming as the temperature reached boiling. Jenna had cum boiling at her mouth as James let his jism fill her. Krista almost doubled up as her body spasmed in orgasm. The water cascaded down on their hot bodies as they panted and groaned.

Clean once more the three tumbled out of the shower. Krista gave James a last sloppy kiss before skipping out into the bedroom, still wet and naked. James grabbed a large towel and wrapped himself in it. Jenna did likewise and walked out of the bathroom after winking at James.

He dried himself off in the bathroom. When he entered the bedroom both girls were gone. A lingering smell of sex wafted in the air. James grinned to himself and dressed quietly.

All four girls were down at the pool again. Krista and Lana were in the pool, fooling around while Jenna was talking to Tabby on the edge of the pool. He could hear their laughter and fun.

The day began to turn to night and the girls all came inside. After changing out of their tiny bikinis they started making dinner. James had switched on the TV again and sat back watching Buffy. But his mind was on other events and his cock was growing hard again.

Just as he was about to drift off Lana walked in with his dinner. "Here you are James," she said with a smile and a wink. She spun to walk out the door, deliberately letting her little flared cheerleaders skirt fly up, revealing a white lace thong. James almost spilled the plate.

He could hear them talking in whispers in the other room as he ate his dinner. When he had finished he put his plate down next to the chair to wait for his "waitress" to return. No one did. Time ticked by and James realised that the only relief he was going to get would be at the mercy of his own hand.

"Night girls," he called out as he walked past the door to the family room. They all echoed his words.

Up in his room James stripped to his shorts and climbed into bed. He fished around under the bed until he found what he was looking for, an old battered copy of Penthouse he kept for these occasions. He flicked through the pages to the pictorial of a young dark haired girl in sexy lingerie posing in a sexy lacey bedroom.

Soon his cock was liberated from his shorts and he was tugging away as he looked at the pictures of this leggy brunette in scanty underwear smiling out at him. The memories of the last two days clouded his mind as well and his cock was soon rock hard in his fist.

"Well, well little brother. It looks like you have enjoyed your weekend." It was Tabby standing at his now open door.

James quickly shoved the magazine down over his hard cock as she stepped into the room, shutting the door. "It's ok James," she smiled. "They have told me all about your games. Seems unfair that they get all the fun and your sister is left out, doesn't it?"

With that Tabby reached up under her long dark hair and released the tie of her tight fitting halter top. It fell forward exposing her firm round breasts to him. James mouth opened as she took a further step toward him. The Penthouse slipped from the bed to the floor. His cock was left standing up waving in the air.

The hand that had just untied the top of the halter did the same with the back string and the whole garment fell off. James just stared at his incredibly beautiful sister.

"But…I mean…Tabby…we can't…I'm your brother," he stammered as she reached the side of his bed.

"I'm not going to tell anyone if that's worrying you. I just want my share of the fun," Tabby said, her hand reaching for his hard cock.

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Tabby said, her hand reaching for his hard cock.

"Oh," he didn't get a chance to say another word as her hand squeezed around his hard shaft. She bent over him to kiss his lips. He returned the kiss. It was long and passionate. Her breasts dangled across his bare chest, rubbing his skin with her nipples.

Up and down the shaft she worked her hands as their kiss lingered on and on. It was the longest, deepest, most sensuous kiss he had ever experienced from a girl. Their tongues were searching each other's mouths and their lips were crushed together.

He let his hand come up to touch her breasts, feel the firm soft skin and the hard nipples. His hand brushed over them lightly, them squeezed them gently.

Tabby lifted her leg up and over his body. She tugged her short skirt up around her waist and pulled the crotch of her lace panties to one side. Slowly she lowered her hot wet pussy to his hard cock. It was too much for James, he let out a squeal as she slid down his shaft.

The kiss broken, Tabby sat upright to concentrate on the feelings she was experiencing having his big hard cock inside her tight pussy. Slowly she slipped herself up and down the shaft, letting his hard rod slide against her hard clit. It was so big and hard.

"Oh, James, yes, oh, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard," she called to him as his cock penetrated deep into her. "Yes…give me your cock."

James could feel his cock growing inside her. He knew he would not last long. Her hips and butt were smashing into his crotch and thighs now as she pushed herself up and down. Her pussy was slick with juice as she quivered and quaked. An orgasm shot through the tall brunette as she humped him.

"Ohhh…ohhh...James…James…fuck me hard," she called out. Just then his balls released their load. A powerful spurt of cum shot up into her pussy. He pulled her down onto his stiff cock. Another jet of jism flew into her. A bead of sweat appeared at his brow as he kept firing up into her. She fell forward onto his chest as they both gasped for breath.

A moment later they were looking into each others eyes and laughing. James bent up and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Tabby held his head and pressed her lips to his, making him take her tongue in a second long sensuous kiss.

When she finally released his head she slipped her leg over his body, letting his cock slide from its warm hole. A trickle of sticky cum came with it, filling her panties. James looked up at her disappointed that she was standing by the bed and might leave. But instead she unzipped the small tight skirt and slid out of it and the sticky dirty panties.

He looked on in amazement as she laid back down beside him. She snuggled up under his arm and started kissing and nibbling his ear and neck. Her hands ran across his chest, playing with his young nipples. He could feel her breasts pressed in against his body, the nipples quite hard against his skin. Soon James could feel his cock stirring again.

Tabby reached for it again. It was still sticky from before as she stroked it until it was very hard.

"So James, what do you want to do next?" She whispered in his ear.

"I…I don't know," he replied nervously. "I…haven't done…had…been…"

"Come on James you must have a fantasy," she pressed him, her white teeth flashing as she spoke.

"Well…um…no…not really…I mean I hadn't really thought," he continued to stammer.

"Ever wanted to do a girl doggy?" She offered. "You know from behind?"

"Well, yes…I suppose so," he smiled.

"Come on then." With that she pushed him over a little and got upon all fours. James stared at her, her breasts hanging under her, her perfect rounded butt sticking in the air. "Come on James, why not try it?"

He got on his knees, running his hand over her smooth butt. His cock banged against her thigh as he moved around behind her. This was the first time he had seen her pussy close up. It was red and juicy. He could see some of his cum still matted in the little triangle of hair that was trimmed away from her opening.

Holding his cock out in front of his body he ran it up and down the slit. The head glistened with her juice and she twitched a little as he flicked her clit with it. Up and down her sensitive slit he slipped his cock before moving closer to slowly push the head in. Tabby groaned as the head eased in through her swollen pussy lips.

Then he rested his cock there as she positioned her thighs wider for him. James held her thighs and pushed. With one thrust he entered her warm, moist passage. Tabby let out a low groan and lurched forward a little, held only by James' hands. Then he began to rock in and out of her. Her pussy clamped down on his hard cock, making it even tighter as he fucked her as hard as he could, all the time building up.

Tabby grunted and groaned as she felt this enormous cock penetrating deep inside her body. One of his hands was now reaching around to find her breasts. In and out he plunged. Deeper and deeper; faster and faster. Their bodies were crashing together as Tabby grabbed at the bedclothes to try and keep balance. James could feel his balls tightening.

"Here it comes baby," he called to his sister as his cock hardened and he plunged deep into her. She pushed back against him and he exploded, his cum firing into her belly. Tabby groaned again as her pussy clamped on his cock to squeeze out all his cum. He fell across her back as she fell forward on the bed. His sticky cock slipped from her.

Again they exchanged a passionate long kiss and a sensuous hug. Their bodies were wet with sweat and cum, but that didn't seem to matter. They lay together and slowly dozed off.

The next thing James was aware of was a pair of soft lips around his soft cock. He looked along the length of his naked 18-year-old body to see the dark hair of his sister buried between his legs. His cock twitched into life as she sucked around his hardening shaft.

He groaned as she slipped right down to his balls. Her moist mouth sucked the hard rod as her hands gently massaged his heavy balls. Tabby's tongue played with the big throbbing cock as she sucked it in. He watched as her head started bobbing up and down.

"Oh God Tabby, that feels so good," he whispered as his hand stroked her shiny black hair.

Her hand rested at the base of his cock, holding it erect and steady for her mouth to massage. Her hand cupped over his balls, resting gently on the giant orbs as she sucked and licked him. She could feel his pre-cum dribbling from the top now as she tugged and sucked him to climax. He seemed to tense and grunt as a stream of hot cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, in time to take the next shot. Then another and another as he groaned softly.

Finally he relaxed back on the bed and she let his deflated cock slip from her mouth. Tabby pushed the dark hair away from her face as she sat up. She was smiling at him as she licked a dribble of cum from her red lips.

"Hmmm…that was good little brother," she smiled. Then she glanced down at his cock, it was growing hard again. She giggled. "So, there's still more left where that came from eh?"

"Yep," James said boldly. "Plenty." He pulled himself upon his knees, letting his cock wave around in front of her. She just smiled as he moved toward her, wondering what he wanted to do.

"You asked me if I had a fantasy, well sis' I want to take you in the butt now," he said, climbing over her body. He pushed his hand between her shoulders, forcing her face down on the bed. Then she felt his other hand positioning his cock at her little butt-hole.

"God, James…oh yeah," Tabby said as his weight held her on the bed, her breasts pressed into the mattress.

James started to ease his cock into her ass. It was tight and resisted his huge cock at first. Tabby spread her legs a little and pushed her butt into a better position to let him in. Gradually it pushed in, easing in, spreading her wide. Tabby grunted as it pushed in. Then he was there.

"Go on James, fuck my butt, fuck it hard," she urged him on. He started pumping her ass, fucking it harder and harder as he slipped in and out of her back passage. IN and out he forced himself, pushing into her brutally this time, showing her no mercy as he fucked her butt. "Oh God yes, yes, fuck my ass, fuck me hard." Tabby kept calling to him. "Fuck my tight little ass, give it to me James. Fuck me hard."

He held her shoulders as he thrust into her tender butt, each thrust pushing her into the bed below. His hands held her shoulders keeping her down. Finally he started to shot his load into her butt. Cum spurted into her in large warm globs. He kept his body lying hard against hers as his cock twitched inside her.

"Ohhh, Tabby, Tabby," he said as his cock slipped from her, still ejaculating his sperm onto her butt and the bed below. "Fuck that was good."

"Oh, yeah," she replied.

Again they fell asleep in each others arms. This time when he woke Tabby was no where to be seen. The only evidence of the nights activity was the wet patch of cum on the bed and a cum soaked lace thong. James smiled to himself.

Once he was cleaned and dressed he went downstairs. He could hear the voices of the four girls in the other room again. James went to the phone in his fathers study.

"Robert, is that you?" He kept his voice low. "Yeah, yeah, we can talk about your trip later. If you want to have some real fun get your butt over here as soon as you can."

Half an hour later James was letting his friend in the front door. So far he hadn't spotted any of the girls. He led Robert in to the lounge.

"I tell you these chicks are hot man, I have fucked all of them this weekend and they are just so in for it," James said, his voice racing.

"Yeah, yeah, I've heard that before man, like you're telling me you have fucked the Barbie Twins together and that Lana chick?" "Yeah, I did, look lets hang around and see what happens," James said just as Tabby walked in.

"Oh, hi Robert, I didn't hear you arrive? Anyway that doesn't matter, do you guys want to play a game of tag with us?"

"Bit old for tag aren't we?" Robert sneered at Tabby.

"Well ok Robert, if you don't want to play," Tabby said. "But you guys were going to be 'it' and us girls had to do whatever you commanded when you caught us."

Robert blushed and James sat up.

"Shit sis' you're on," James said, a smile spreading on his face.

He jumped to his feet and beckoned to Robert to follow. The other lad got up and together they walked through to the family room. There the other girls were all sitting around in sexy clothes that showed off those wonderful bodies.

"Robert is going to join us girls so we should all get some fun today," Tabby announced.

"Ok," Lana said. "Here are the rules. You guys stay here and count to five. Then you come after us. If you catch one of us you can make us do whatever you want. Ok?"
"Yeah, sure," James said eagerly. He looked at his friend who was a little nervous about this. "It's ok Robert, just watch me. Right girls get going. One, two,…"

The girls gave a series of shrieks and giggles and disappeared.

"…four, five. Right here we come," James called out.

The two boys ran out into the foyer. There was no sign of any of the girls. Robert nervously followed James as he rushed down the passage toward the guest room. He flung the door open, no one there. They doubled back to see Lana dash across in front of them toward the lounge. James dashed off after her.

James was much too fast for Lana and he reached out tagging the brunette on the butt as she tried to jump out of his way. She gave a scream as he yelled: "you're caught."

Robert appeared in the room just as Lana stopped and stood looking at James.

"Ok, ok, what shall I do?"

"Hmmm…let me see…why don't you suck my cock?" James laughed, unzipping his pants. Roberts's eyes almost burst as he watched the brunette get down on all fours and start sucking his friend's cock without a murmur. Her red lips were sliding up and down his huge hard cock. "Go on Robert, find some sweet pussy…it's all here for the taking."

Robert looked around him and saw Krista trying to sneak past the door. He turned and dashed out as the tall blonde disappeared into the kitchen. She beat him out the back door towards the pool. Robert turned back disappointed. He walked back to the foyer, pausing to watch James being sucked by Lana.

In the foyer he decided to take his chance in the family room. As he entered from the foyer he saw Tabby and Krista both enter from the pool together through the big ranch sliders. As they saw him they gave a squeal and tried to flee. Robert leapt across the furniture to try and catch one of the girls. His hand found Tabby's arm, grabbing hold of the long-legged brunette.

"Argh! Robert…" Tabby called out in jest as he held onto his prize. "What do you want me to do?"

For a moment Robert's mind went blank, then he remembered his friend in the other room. "Suck my cock," he demanded, pulling Tabby toward him.

Tabby just grinned as she lowered herself to her knees. Robert's eyes grew wide as he felt her easing his zipper down. She looked up at him with big dark soulful eyes as she licked the head of his stiff cock. Then her lips parted and her head sunk over the top of his big hard cock. He groaned as she sucked it in, her tongue licking at the hard shaft.

In the other room James was resting his hand on the back of Lana's head, holding her to him as she sucked his cock. Up and down the shaft her mouth slid, sucking and licking. James groaned as she sucked harder and harder.

Krista and Jenna watched from the doorway as their friend sucked on the boys cock. They giggled as the couple groaned and slurped.

Then James grabbed Lana's head and pulled her hard onto his cock as his sperm shot deep into her throat. The brunette almost gagged as she struggled to swallow the huge load. He laughed and pulled back, letting some of the sticky goo slide down her chin. She quickly wiped the sticky evidence into her mouth with a finger that was then licked clean.

Seeing the party ending sent Krista and Jenna darting off. In the family room they arrived to hear Robert let out a yell as he filled Tabby's beautiful mouth with hot cream. A dribble of cum slipped from between her red lips as Robert stepped back.

The twins disappeared again. Robert and James met in the lounge.

"Told you didn't I?" James sneered jokingly as he tucked his cock back in his pants.

"Shit man, and you have been enjoying this all weekend? Man why didn't you call me earlier?"

"You've been away you dick," James laughed. "Besides I wanted it all to my self at the start."

"Yeah, I bet," Robert said. "Come on lets go pussy hunting."

The two lads prowled down the passage, looking in the rooms they passed. There was no sign of any of the girls. The house seemed deserted. It was James who spotted someone trying to sneak past the pool. He split away from his friend, knowing where a door would lead him straight to his prey.

He burst through the door to spring out in front of Jenna and Lana as they crept past. The girls screamed hysterically and tried to turn away. James reached out and grabbed Jenna's arm, she tried to pull away but he had her in a strong grip.

"Got you," James announced.

"Ok, ok, I give up," Jenna stopped struggling, her long blonde hair falling over her face.

"Turn around, I want to fuck you from behind," James ordered as he fiddled to get his cock out. It was rock hard again.

Jenna turned and got on all fours on the little strip of grass between the pool and the house. He flicked her flared short skirt up over her butt. For a moment the sight of her sweet round butt mesmerised him and he ran the palm of his hand across her smooth white skin. Then, remembering the reason he was there, he wrenched her pretty pink panties down to her parted knees.

His cock sunk into the blondes wet gaping pussy. He groaned as she edged back to let him get deeper in her warm hole. Then he began to pump in and out of her, feeling her thrust back to meet him, his balls hitting her thighs and butt. He reached up under the white tight-fitting t-shirt to feel her big 36C breasts.

They both moaned softly as his strokes got harder and harder. She reached back, touching his balls as he kept up a quickening pace. James could hardly believe that he was fucking one of the Barbie twins, and fucking her from behind on his own lawn. The other guys would never believe him, lucky he had Robert as a witness.

"Oh, yes, yes, fuck me," Jenna called to him as his cock slipped in and out of her. Her blonde hair was falling about her face as he fondled her breasts. It was all too much for him, he could feel his balls boiling, his cum rising in his cock. Then it happened, he pulled her forward onto his cock, slamming it deep in her. Jenna gave a squeal as her own orgasm shot through her body. Then he fired a shot of cum deep into her body, followed by another and another.

Jenna felt her knees go weak as he leaned forward over that beautiful round butt, his cock being milked deep in her pussy. Then it stopped, his cum exhausted he slipped from her body and fell on the lawn, his jeans around his thighs and his cock waving madly in the air. Cum bubbled at her entrance as she hung her head and sighed loudly.

Robert had darted off, back toward the foyer when he had seen his friend roughly pull Jenna's panties down and Lana had disappeared in the opposite direction. Unfortunately for Lana Robert knew the house a little better. He had worked out that she would cut through the family room back to the main foyer. If he was quick he would meet her there. As he entered the foyer she entered from the other end. Her second mistake was closing the door behind her, sealing off her escape in that direction. The only possible way past Robert was to make a dash for the stairs.

Lana made her move making it to stairs with Robert close behind. She was up about six steps before she felt his hand close on her ankle. Her scream was more of a yelp as he pulled her toward him. They were both sitting on the steps facing each other. Lana was catching her breath a little.

"I'm going to fuck you right here you horny bitch," Robert laughed, releasing his cock from his pants.

"Oh yeah?" Lana teased trying to make a break.

"Oh no you don't you slut," he said grabbing her but and forcing her back on the step. His hand went up under her short skirt, touching the front of a very sexy, skimpy thong. "Fuck you must want me," he added.

She just giggled, spreading her legs and leaning back on the step.

His hand tugged at the little string holding the flimsy lace to her trimmed pussy. It gave way, she yelped again as his hand tugged the fancy lace free. He flung it aside, his hand disappearing up her skirt once more to find her soft pussy.

As he started to insert a finger in her hot wet pussy he kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss, her tongue meeting his. His finger started moving in and out of her wet passage, flicking her hard clit.

Then he rolled on top of her, pushing the skirt up out of his way as he replaced the finger for his thick hard cock. Lana gasped as it pushed in past her outer lips. Then she felt her back being pushed back into the edge of the step as he started to fuck her. It was a brutal violation as he pumped in and out of her rapidly. She yelped and grunted, her legs wide around his back as he pumped her.

Again they kissed as his cock drove into her, forcing her to an orgasm. Then he gave one last gasp and pumped her full of his sperm. They collapsed together on the stairs, laughing as he slipped from her.

"Hey Robert, come on let's catch another one," James called to his friend as he tucked his cock away again.

"Ok," Robert replied.

James waited for his friend to come down the stairs. In some sort of sense of fair play they left the stunned Lana lying on the steps, her legs still wide with jism spilling out, the torn thong lying two steps lower down.

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"I think I heard one of them in the lounge," James whispered to Robert. "You go in through the family room and I'll take the other door. Either way we've got the little slut trapped."

"Ok," Robert said.

Silently the lads took up their positions. Together they sprung the trap. Sure enough in the middle of the room stood Tabby. Robert lurched forward. Tabby yelled and ran back toward James. He moved in. Tabby turned again to try and dash between the advancing boys. She stumbled in her black heels and as she did James reached for her arm.

"Shit!" Tabby cursed as her brother reeled her in. Robert moved close to prevent her escape.

"Well, well big sister, looks like you get caught," James laughed.

"Ok, what do you want?" She asked in resignation.

"Hmmm…well sis' there is a challenge…see we both caught you so I guess we both get to use you," James had an evil look on his face.

"What do you mean?" Tabby asked.

"I mean I want to do a double penetration with you and Robert here," James sniggered.

"What?" Robert asked. "I don't …"

"Shut up man, I'll explain to you," James whispered.

"I didn't think you would know about such things," Tabby looked at her brother in shock.

"Well if you're not up to it," James dared her.

"No, no, I'll do it," Tabby licked her lips.

"Ok. Robert, do you want her ass or her butt?"

Robert suddenly clicked. The puzzled look was gone and his face lit up. Tabby looked at the two young boys and slowly undid the zip of her dress. Licking her lips she let it fall to the floor. Standing in her little black lace bra and panties she looked absolutely beautiful. Then she reached back to release the bra, it fluttered to floor.

"Um…err…," Robert stumbled. "I don't…"

"Why don't you lie back and enjoy," Tabby suggested, running her long fingers along his cheek and then leaning in to kiss Robert tenderly.

Robert went bright red as he felt one of her hard nipples against his chest. His heart started to race as she slipped away from him to her brother. She kissed James as well, their tongues exploring each others mouth's.

"Come on Robert, get ready for me," Tabby said with a sultry voice. "Take them off." She indicated his pants.

He needed no further encouragement. His pants flew off, as did the thin t-shirt he was wearing. Behind Tabby, James was wasting no time stripping off. The tall brunette watched, her hands playing with her breasts. Then as the two rock hard cocks came into view she slipped her thumbs it each side of the delicate black lace panties and slipped them down.

Now dressed only in her heels she looked at the two boys. She smiled at each in turn. They were both nervous. James' first sense of bravado had gone as he realised he was about to fuck his sister in the ass.

Tabby gently moved Robert to the floor, stroking his cock with one hand as she laid him out flat on the carpet. Then as she stood over his prone body she started to finger her wet pussy, making it all lubricated and hot for him. Robert stared with huge brown eyes as she slowly lowered her pink opening to his big hard cock. In it slid; Tabby moaned softly and let it ease in.

Once she had completely smothered his big cock she lent far forward, her sweet smelling dark hair falling around Robert's face. He looked up at the smiling red lips. Then he felt a strange sensation. Looking beyond her body he could see his friend mounting her butt.

James had sneaked in behind her to position his hard cock at her butt-hole. It took a little more effort to enter her tight back passage but he kept pushing until he was there. She groaned as it pressed into her. Then he started pistoning in and out of her, slowly at first.

As the three began to fuck and moan Lana walked into the room. Her mouth fell open at the sight of her best friend being fucked by two big cocks. At first she was in shock, but then she viewed the scene and started to feel her own juices rising. She slipped a finger into her wet naked pussy. Her other hand held the little skirt up around her waist. Soon she was collapsed on a near-by chair with her legs up over each arm and her finger busy fucking her own pussy. The little black lace top she had been wearing now lay on the floor and her breasts were totally exposed.

When the twins stumbled on the scene it didn't take them long to remove their clothes too. Jenna positioned herself at Tabby's head to let the brunette lick her pussy as the boys fucked her. Krista made for Lana and started licking her dripping hot pussy.

Robert was first to cum, shooting his load deep into Tabby. Tabby wasn't long after with Lana next. James held out for Tabby's second magnificent orgasm before he fired his load up into his sisters butt. Krista and Jenna were the last.

So the day wore on. The five enjoyed each others bodies in a multitude of ways. Robert didn't realise there were so many variations on sexual pleasure. James ended the day grinning from ear to ear.

With an hour before Tabby's Mom and dad were due back the fun ceased and the house was tidied up. Cum stains were removed from beds, stairs, chairs and carpet. Beds were made and clothing picked up. The twins offered Robert a ride home, which he eagerly accepted and Lana kissed them all good-bye.

"Well little brother, did you enjoy your weekend?" Tabby said as the twins drove off with a very happy Robert in the backseat.

"Yeah sis', that was great."

"We should do it again sometime eh?" She said and turned toward her bedroom.

"Yeah, but right now I need some more lessons," James winked and followed her.

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