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It was Halloween again


It was Halloween again. I had ceased being scared, amazed, or even surprised by the holiday years ago. Part of that had to do with the haunted house I had worked at through my high school and college years. I had seen it all, I was sure. Hell, I had been the one scaring other most of the time.

With that jaded mentality I was less then enthused to be heading back with a group of friends to the same damn haunted house I had worked at. They wanted a thrill and they felt I needed to be dragged along. 28 years old and single, they insisted I had no better way to spend my Sunday night then with them. Personally I would have rather watched my fish swim in circles in my aquarium, but telling them as much would have done more harm then good.

So there we were, standing in line at the entrance to the seasonal park. Every year for Halloween the 10 acre field was transformed into a nightmare landscape. Or as much as minimal funding and a lot of creativity would allow. The big haunted house and the maze were permanent structures, but everything else that was set up was erected for the one month long season and then taken down and stored for the next year. Meanwhile people of varying ages dressed up in costumes ran about trying to startle the paying customers.

I sighed when puff of smoke announced someone springing one of their pit gags. An air powered piston raised up someone dressed as a witch this time right beside us, making my friends jump in surprise. I smirked and shook my head. They had been placing that trick there for the past 4 years.

The witch leaned towards me, obviously recognizing me from the prior years when I had worked there, and shook her finger at me. In a shrilly witchy voice she said, "Don't you worry, I'll get you, my pretty!"

Another puff of smoke and she sank back into her pit. I shook my head and turned to my friends, who were laughing at me. I just shrugged. I could not help but wonder who the witch had been though, behind the makeup and the dark lighting she had looked pretty good. Her costume hugged her body nicely, if nothing else.

My friends and I soon split up. Everybody wanted to go and check out different attractions, never realizing we had enough time to try them all. Rather then explain that to them I let them do their thing. After all, this way I got out of having to endure the same things I had seen year after year. Instead I made my way to the concessions stand and hooked myself up with some hard cider and a couple of donuts. Normally donuts were not on my list of preferred munchies, but given the assortment of deep fried foods I deemed them the least damaging. I still promised myself I would do a few extra sets at the gym the next day though.

My one consolation was the girl working the concessions stand. Her named was Cindy and I had flirted with her the past few years I had worked there. She was dressed in a sexy Frankenstein outfit and my eyes were repeatedly drawn to the drawn on stitches on her skin that led into the neckline of her shirt. She was my greatest justification in buying several drinks.

Three hard ciders later I was feeling a little more social. I looked around, realizing I was bored and getting annoyed with the little kids that were running around and yelling. Having nothing better to do and not seeing any of my friends I headed for the house, wondering what lame stunts they had set up this year. On the way I found myself stopping briefly to chat with a few people I recognized, assuring them the place looked better then ever. I had a slight buzz so I was feeling kind.

I paused outside of the house and looked over, wondering. Sure enough, there she was, my fantasy girlfriend. I sighed again and shook my head. Dana Carver, hot-chick extraordinaire. Every year she was in the B-movie hayride exhibits. It was a hay ride around a track that had several scenes reproduced from various cheesy 'B' grade horror movies. Dana's role was one of the sorority girls camping in the woods while some psycho jumps out of the woods and slaughters them all. The weapon varied each year, either knife, axe, chainsaw, or something else equally grisly, and the people on the wagon ate it up. Helped that the girls were spread around a campfire wearing slightly revealing clothing, again in 'B' movie style.

I shook my head and joined the line for the haunted house. I had flirted with Dana over the past couple of years too. She was only 22 and still had a lot of growing up to do. I realized she was 24 now, it had been two years since I worked there, and maybe she had done some of that growing up. I chuckled to myself and chased the thoughts away. Dana had never been and never would be more then a fantasy girl to me. If she only knew how responsible she was for the hundreds of millions of lost sperm she was responsible for.

I had to admit, the next thing that happened did indeed startle me. I heard a creaking noise and then the sound of wind rushing and the next thing I knew I had to take a step back as something literally flew past me. I turned and followed it and saw another witch on a broom. She made it to a platform built on a tree and stopped, turning to look back at me and grinning evilly. I looked up and saw a crane had been brought in and from it some cables were suspended, no doubt running to her and allowing her to swing back and forth from the platform she was on to another one. I nodded, it was an impressive set up.

It turned out the witch on a broom gag was just a distraction. I felt something grab my foot and I looked back as I was pulled off the narrow wooden bridge I was on. The fall was brief, with me landing on "web" of safety ropes. The person who had grabbed my ankle crawled out from under the bridge, moving along the ropes sensuously. It was a vampires, complete with the black hair, pale makeup, and bulging corset. I grinned, more impressed then ever and wondering why they had not done cool stuff like that when I had worked there.

She made her way to me, winking as she grew closer. I recognized her as Tiffany Jacobs, a girl who I had known to be into goth. It was no surprise she was dressed up as a vampire babe, I suspected she did that outside of Halloween season too. Not that I was complaining, she had the looks for it and as long as you were willing to overlook the perpetual smell of Marlboro Reds that hung around her she was kind of fun to hang out with.

"Look what I caught," she said in a throaty voice accented as much as she could make it.

"Sucks to be me," I said, grinning at my bad pun. She smirked in spite of herself and crawled over to me, brushing herself against me and nibbling on my neck with her plastic fangs.

"Tif, hurry up and get him down here!" I heard somebody whisper below us. She pulled away from me, pouting, and gave me a kiss on the lips that surprised me.

"No, this is the part that sucks," she said with another wink. Then she pointed and shooed me away, showing me how to get out of the makeshift webbing.

I waved goodbye to her and made my way down to the ground, which had been dug out and turned into a set of tunnels that led into the house. I wondered how safe they were, but saw that they were shored up with fresh timbers and, in most places, were reinforced with plywood walls. Light was scarce but I fumbled through the mazelike tunnels until I finally came to a dead end. I frowned and felt around, grinning finally when I found a latch to pull on to open the door up.

It led me into a room in the basement of the house I knew well. Poles stretched from floor to ceiling with barber pole like black and white strips running around them. Strobe lights in the room fired off, disorienting the senses. Somewhere in the room, dressed in black with the white mask from the Scream movies, was at least 1 person with a plastic knife. I glanced around, remembering the trick to relaxing my vision and not focusing. There he was, moving up the right wall slowly to try and get behind me. I smiled and waved at him. He stopped, surprised, and waved back, realizing he had been busted.

I exited the room and headed through a tunnel with a revolving cylinder, doing my best to keep my balance as I walked through it. That was easy, but the next part had changed. In the past it had been a hallway with a descending ceiling, painted and lighted to make it appear as though you were growing, not that the room was shrinking. Now, however, it was a platform with rails I had to walk across and another cylinder rotated around me, the lines painted on it making me feel as though I should be rotating with it. I shook my head to clear it and stared straight ahead at the fixed point of the exit, then proceeded across. I had to admit, that was kind of neat too.

Once I was through that room I had to stop for a minute before proceeding into the next room. The spinning cylinder had given me a mild case of vertigo. I chuckled and proceeded, pushing through a door on my right. The room was one of the favorites of the workers; it contained a mannequin laying on a bed with fake blood all over it and signs of brutal murder. The rest of the bedroom was made up to look like the place of a violent murder as well, with more fake blood smeared on the walls and broken furniture, lamps, paintings, and other decorations. A railing ran through the room to keep the guests from going into the room itself and to help stop... him.

A man burst out of a secret door on the far side of the room and charged towards me, fake meat cleaver held high in the air. I had been expecting him and knew exactly where to look. He would stop as close to the rail as he could, with extra points awarded for actually brushing up against it. It was not uncommon for this particular exhibit to cause women to scream and we had even had a few pass out in the past. Like I said, it was one of our favorite exhibits.

What caught me off guard this time was not that he did not stop. He stopped right when he should have. It was somebody grabbing me from behind and pulling me through another secret door that surprised me! I had no idea about the door behind me, it was obviously something new. The door shut in front of me and I was plunged into darkness.

I was held by a pair of hands and from the softness of both the hands and the body I was held against I knew it was a woman. Then I felt other hands brushing against me, pulling me back and holding me still. I struggled briefly, testing their grip more then anything, and looked around nervously in the dark when I realized they were not going to let me go. I felt a couple of fingernails scrape across my cheek and I gasped at the sensation.

I opened my mouth to speak but was halted when soft lips pressed against mine, kissing me and stifling my words. Not only was my voice muffled, but my brain was short-circuited as well. What the hell was going on? Somebody started tugging at my belt and was unbuttoning my jeans. What the fuck?

I had a moment of lucidity then... There were multiple woman groping, fondling, and kissing me; why was I complaining?

My pants were pulled down then, taking my boxers with them and leaving me exposed. The lips left mine and I was maneuvered to the ground, laying on my back. Something soft and warm brushed across my lips, making me open them in a grin. I recognized it by tactile sensation alone. When it returned and latched on and started nibbling and sucking on the breast. After a few moments it pulled away and was replaced with its sister. I smiled around my mouthful and wondered who my wonderful benefactors were. This was to weird to be a fantasy come true, but I certainly had no complaints about it. In fact, I was beginning to think that maybe my own fantasies were a little to vanilla!

Somebody started jacking me off then, their soft hand wrapping around my cock and gently stroking up and down it. I was hard in seconds. Harder when I felt her hot breath and then her even hotter tongue licking the head of my dick. When she descended on me, slurping more then half of me into her mouth before I felt myself bottom out against her throat. I groaned happily, my hips bucking up instinctively.

The boobs pulled away from me then and I could hear as well as sense two people changing positions. The way I figured it there was four people there. One who was sucking my dick, two who were holding me, and a fourth who was... doing something else. I was not sure what until I could sense a body near my face again. Then the smell hit me and I grinned. I stuck out my tongue and lifted my head up, rewarded for my efforts when I tasted her pussy. She settled down on my face and humped her pussy over my lips and chin. I used my tongue as best I could but she did not seem interested in it, instead she wanted to just grind herself against me. I was not into the submissive role so much, but I could not complain really, it was the first pussy I had eaten in 3 months and she had a great flavor.

The mouth on my dick left then, making me moan at the sudden coolness of the October night air. They changed positions again next, though the one riding my face I suspect could not be budged with a lever big enough to move the Earth. I groaned happily when I felt someone sit on my dick, trapping it against my stomach as she rubbed her wet pussy up and down the length of it. She did this several times then finally picked herself up and used her hand to guide my cock to the entrance of her pussy. She sat down again, sliding down it slowly and deliciously. I gasped into the snatch on my face at the sensation of my dick slowly spreading her lips and filling her.

The woman on top of me shuddered and gasped, reaching down and putting her hands on my forehead as she ground her crotch against me even rougher. She came, fresh pussy juice coating my lips and chin so that I would look like a glazed donut later. I tentatively reached out and licked at her clit, making her squeal and fall away. I chuckled quietly, then focused on the incredible pussy that was milking my cock.

She would rise up, squeezing her muscles tightly and coaxing me to follow her, then she would crash back down, grunting a little as she bottomed out on my pelvis. It probably would have hurt had we not been having sex, so much pressure was she using.

Someone was kissing me again, licking gently at my abused lips and tasting the other woman's juices. I opened my mouth and met the kiss, offering my tongue as a dancing partner to her. She accepted and we danced, sharing the taste of the first woman and both of us growing hotter by the minute. She pulled away from me then, nibbling with sharp teeth on my lip as she did so. I lay there, forced to refocus on the sensations building in my loins as the other women drove herself down onto me.

The kissing bandit returned, though this time she gave me the opposite end to kiss. She gently rubbed her ass against my face, confusing me for a moment but then I realized she had turned around and was facing towards my feet. I stuck my tongue out and slid it through her creamy slit, making her moan lightly. I was grateful for the distraction, to much more time spent focusing on my dick and I would have exploded deep inside of the woman fucking me so splendidly.

She, the woman on my face this time around, slid back and forth, making me change my tactics rapidly. I found she really got off when I rimmed her asshole with my tongue, something that I had never done before. Had I been in control of the situation I may never have done it either, but for some reason I had the justification that it was okay here, I had an excuse to let go my inhibitions.

The woman fucking me shuddered and sped up, slamming into me hard enough now to cause me to grunt in pain. She spasmed and convulsed as she orgasmed, her muscles clenching and contracting and squeezing my dick in ways that made me want to marry her. Then she fell off of me. Well, she fell off or was pulled off, I am not sure.

What I was sure of was that she was replaced by the fourth girl almost instantly. Her sopping pussy swallowed me whole almost instantly. I groaned as I felt myself entombed inside of her, the head of my dick poking against her cervix. She ground herself against me, squeezing my cock with her pussy while her clit made circles against my pubic bone. As good as the last girl was this one I preferred, she seemed to be taking it little more gently.

I refocused on the ass girl above me, driving my tongue against her sphincter and trying to penetrate it. Something wild had come over me and I did not stop to think what it was or to fight it, I just went with it. She grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled them apart, giving me as much access as she could. Regardless of my effort and her willingness I just could not fight past her sphincter with me tongue. Not too disappointed, she went for second place and slid her ass up enough so that I could suck and lick her pussy some more. She moaned above me began to hump my face. Not as rough as the first girl, but the movements were unmistakable.

I did my best but my best was not good enough. I was moments away from cumming. I tried to pull away from her or to get her to stop but with my mouth muffled by muff and my hands still restrained, I could do nothing more to resist the inevitable. I stabbed my tongue up into the pussy above me as deeply as I could and arched my neck, rubbing my chin against her clit and pushing her over the edge into an orgasm. She tried to drown me with her girl cum, surprising me, then pulled herself away from me.

I groaned and slammed my dick up into the pussy that was clenching my cock like a velvet fist. A soft, hot, wet, tight velvet fist. The tremors began in my feet and I made soft grunting noises with each thrust. She rode me like a professional cowgirl, her hips moving in sync with mine and stretching the last few precious seconds out into a single moment in eternity. She gasped and stiffened above me, her arms braced against my chest and her hands clawing almost painfully into my pecs. I erupted inside of her, driving myself up into her and filling her with my cum. She moaned loudly and forced her pussy as far down on my cock as she could, letting none of my cum escape while she whimpered and shuddered around me.

I had succeeded, all four women had gotten off. I was elated. I was proud. I felt like a million bucks and I felt like a stud. I was also fucking exhausted! The women still on me stayed still until my dick deflated enough to slide out. She slid off me then. The girls holding my arms let go too. I thought I was free to go, though I really wanted to go nowhere unless it was with the four of them, until I heard them whispering quietly among themselves. I could not make out their words, so quiet were they. They reached a decision quickly though, for they returned to me.

I felt one crawling up my legs, her tits brushing my thighs and her mouth encircling my shrunken prick, licking my cum and their juices from it. Had I been able to see what she was doing it may have been enough to get another round out of me. As it was it just blew my mind away.

Another girl made her way to my stomach, kissing and tonguing it then moving up to my nipple and biting on it. I gasped at the pain, then relaxed a little. Sure it had hurt but I just had an incredible orgasm and, although weird, it felt kind of good too. Another woman made her way to my throat on the opposite side and nuzzled in there, kissing and nibbling away at it. Each nibble caused a tiny pinch, again a minor pain but enough I could ignore as it was more erotic then anything.

The woman sucking my cock pulled away and spent a few precious moments bathing my testicles with her saliva then she started kissing and nipping at the inside of my thighs. I chuckled and wondered if they all had the same plastic fangs that Tiffany had used on me earlier.

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The fourth girl reappeared then, kissing me on the lips. Our mouths parted and our tongues danced. I recognized my dance partner from earlier and was pleased, for she was truly a wonderful kisser. She bit at my lip, surprising me and actually cutting into it. Immediately after she kissed and sucked on it, soothing the wound and relaxing me.

I continued to make out with her while the other women showered my body with affection and kisses until my post-coital drowsiness grew so great that I was soon barely responsive to their efforts. I slipped in and out of sleep, drawing giggles from the girls as they felt my body relax and then stiffen as I would come around. Soon it was no use and I was gone. I felt bad, ignoring them as I was, but there was nothing I could do about it. I felt as though I was underwater and watching my body from afar, reaching out to it but unable to affect it. Then the darkness that prevented me from seeing took me over completely and I slept. My last thoughts were ones of alarm; so strange was everything and I was so tired that I wondered if I would ever wake up...

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"Kit, where are you?" Calvin's voice asked, breaking into my thoughts of our first time together.

"Just thinking," I teased.

"Are you going to tell me what you are thinking about? Or am I going to have to pull over and tickle it out of you?" He asked turning to look at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Promises, promises. As tempting as the thought of you pulling the car over and tickling me into submission, I will tell you. I was thinking of our first time." I said, knowing that my smile lit up my face.

"Oh, now I understand why your nipples are straining at that little top of yours. Getting turned on by how I corrupted you?" He laughed at his own sarcasm.

"Calvin, you didn't corrupt me. I wanted you just as much as you wanted me. We can't help how we feel. Just let our parent's misconceptions go. You and I are together and that is all that matters." I said, knowing that he was still bitter with how he had been made the bad guy in this situation. I hoped that my love, our love would help him get past it. He reached over and took my hand in his. I gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

We drifted back into our comfortable silence. Soon my mind slipped back to my earlier thoughts of our first time.

Our lips met, tenderly caressing. My hands went up to Calvin's neck, trying to pull him against me. He held himself back, and broke the kiss. Looking up confused, he assured me that he hadn't changed his mind.

"No, baby girl. I have to fulfill my promise," he said. He reached around me for the bottle of aloe and motioned for me to lay down on the bed. I laid on my back, but he told me to turn onto my stomach. My back and shoulders were a little hot, but so was the rest of my body. I felt the mattress dip as he sat down beside of me.

I heard him pop the cap and squeeze some into his hand, but that didn't prepare me for his hands. He was gentle, messaging the aloe into my tender shoulders. His fingers were whispers on my skin. He soothed my burning shoulders and lightly hooked his fingers in the spaghetti straps of my nightie, tugging them down my arms. I lifted my upper body off the mattress helping him move the gown down to rest on my rump. He continued lathering my back with the aloe. I felt him move on the bed and then his breath was against the back of my neck.

" Does that feel better, Kit?" Calvin whispered into my neck. I was on fire, but it didn't come from my back.

I rolled over, surprising him, and pulled him to me for a kiss. It wasn't a tender, loving kiss. It was a heated, passionate kiss. I offered him my mouth and my body with the kiss. I pulled away and tore my gown from my body. Calvin stood and removed his athletic shorts. Before he could set down on the bed, I grabbed his hard cock in my hand. I held it, gazing at the head as it leaked a drip of precum, and dipped my head for a taste. Cal weaved above me, and ran his hands through my hair. Cradling my head, he didn't push me to take him into my mouth. I looked up into his lust filled eyes, and watching him as he watched me, I took the head into my mouth, sucking gently. He moaned above me and I started to lick along the engorged, veined shaft.

He moved one of his hands down to where I was holding him, and guided me into jacking him as I sucked and licked him. I wanted more of him in my mouth, and moving my hand down to the base of his shaft, I opened wide moving him deeper into my hot, wet mouth. I felt the head hit the back of my throat and feeling him tense I knew that what I was doing was right. Bobbing my head, I pulled him in and out of my mouth, working the shaft that wasn't inside my mouth with my hand. Soon, he was trying to pull himself away from me, but I held tight and kept sucking as I felt a squirt of warm fluid hit my tongue. I kept milking him, until his cock started to grow limp. Swallowing all he had to offer, I savored the taste of him as I pulled away and looked up at my big brother.

"Oh, Baby Girl," he whispered, sliding onto the bed with me. He lay me on my back and kissed me. He tasted himself on my tongue and started working his way down my body. Licking my neck, I writhed beneath him, loving the feel of his mouth and tongue on me. His hands reached my breasts and began to kneed the soft flesh, his thumbs teasing my nipples. My back arched, trying to bring my breasts tighter against his hands. He must have decided to keep me at bay like I had him, because he nudged me back against the pillows. Moving his head, he replaced his left hand with his mouth.

I gasped, his mouth was so hot and moist. His tongue flicked against my sensitive bud and a moan grew from deep inside me. His right hand continued its gentle message of my left breast, while his mouth wreaked havoc on my right. He suckled me, licked, kissed and teased my nipple before removing his mouth and concentrating on my left breast. I could feel my sex dripping with need and anxious for attention. I ran my hand down my body, but before I could reach the center of my desire, Cal grabbed my arm and lifted it above my head.

Lifting his head from me, he shook his head no. Then he claimed my mouth again. The kiss sent me reeling. I wanted him, I needed him. His hands roamed my body as our mouths collided. They only brushed over the source of my heat, caressing my skin like a whisper. He broke the kiss and gently licked his way down my body, this time not pausing at my breasts. I felt his hot breath on my belly, his tongue tease at my belly button, then I felt him settle between my legs.

I could feel his hot breath against my inner thighs. My body arched, begging for release that will only come from him. Tentatively, he kissed my upper thigh moving slowly toward my soaking wet mound. His nose nuzzled against me, I heard him inhale deeply.

"God, Kit, you smell amazing," Calvin whispered, his breath tickling against my folds. Then his tongue flicked out, licking up my slit, teasing my outer lips. Moaning, I arched against him, wanting more. Cal shifted his body, leaning his head further toward me. Suddenly he sucked my aching pleasure button into his hot wet mouth. My body moved off of the bed, bucking against his mouth. He stopped sucking and nudged against my wetness. His mouth worked into my folds, tasting my wetness, savoring me. My hands held his head against me as his tongue and mouth licked me into a frenzy. My legs were shaking, and I felt something only felt before when masturbating, I could feel the orgasm building. Cal felt it too, he moved back to sucking my swollen clit and flicking it with his tongue. The orgasm overtook me, I screamed from the intensity of it, rocking my hips against my brother's face. He licked my rushing fluid as I shook against him.

I lay still, trying to regain some sense of composure after the fireworks. The only sound in the room was that of mine and Calvin's heavy breathing. I felt his head resting on my thigh and I ran my hand through his hair. Calvin raised his head and looked down to see him looking at me. First giving my sensitive folds a gentle lick, he worked his way up my body. His legs moved between my still parted thighs and I could feel his engorged manhood against my wet opening. Looking deep into my eyes, he took my mouth with his. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue as his hard cock rocked against me.

Pulling away he asked in a whisper against my lips, "You're sure? I mean we can stop now, Kit, if you want."

In answer, I pushed my hips against him, rotating and teasing against his swollen shaft. He lifted himself off of me, and reached for one of the foil packets on the night table. My hand stopped him, and I shook my head at his confused look.

"I am on the pill. They help with the cramping." I explained.

He dropped the packet back on the nightstand and used the hand to line up his cock to my dripping opening. I gasped as he slipped his enlarged head into my warm cavity. He waited as I grew accustomed to his size, then slowly pushed himself into me inch by inch. I felt him stop as he came to my barrier. Looking down at me, concern on his face, he slowly pulled himself out until only his head remained in me. He began to slowly thrust back into me, in and out, stopping just at my barrier. I knew that he was trying to let me get used to having him inside of me, and while he felt incredible, I wanted more. As he moved into me again, I thrust my hips up against him, forcing him to break the thin shield.

I cried out slightly. Not from pain, but from the feeling of being filled. I felt myself stretching to accommodate his girth. Calvin held himself still, until I started rocking my hips against him. Taking this as an invitation to start truly taking me, he started thrusting. The feeling was amazing. The friction of him against me made me wetter and I could feel another orgasm building. Our arms wrapped around one another and our mouths collided in a searing kiss. Together we set a rhythm, and our bodies worked toward our climax. My breathing turned to moaning panting, my mouth left his and I bit into his shoulder as my body exploded with my orgasm. I felt myself tighten around his rigid shaft as Calvin's thrusting quickened. I came again as his first spurt of semen jetted into me. My muscles tightened, milking every drop of his hot seed into me.

Calvin nestled his head into my shoulder, while his body lay atop of mine, as we let our breathing return to normal. When our breathing slowed, he rolled off me and pulled my back into him. Cradled in his arms, after making love to him, I never felt more lovely.

"Kit, that was beyond amazing," he whispered next to my ear.

"Thank you, Calvin," I whispered back.

"What for, baby?" He asked, his thumb running along my cheek.

"For this, for holding me, for making me feel special."

Turning me in his arms so I was facing him, he lifted my chin in his hand and looked deeply into my eyes. Kissing me tenderly, barely brushing his lips against mine, he pulled back and told me that I was special and perfect, for him. I snuggled against his warm body and he pulled the comforter up over us. Within minutes we were both asleep.

"Hey! Still with me?" Calvin's voice teased me out of my memories again. I looked over and drunk him in with my eyes. The past two years had been both kind and difficult on him. Only someone that knew him as fully as I did would notice the fine lines around his eyes, the crease between them. He never had those signs of worry before. His body still showed how he took care of himself, working out and running. His hair was longer, no more spikes. His eyes were the most telling of the past few months, cloudy and aged, as though he held the weight of the world on him. "Are you ok, Kit?" He asked again, this time squeezing my hand.

"Yes, of course I'm ok. Why wouldn't I be?" I asked while still taking him in.

"Well, you just gave up everything. You're moving to a town you have never seen, filled with people you don't know. Are you sure this is what you want?" His voice dripping with concern and guilt.

"I'm moving to a town that doesn't know us. A town that won't be able to judge us. A town that will accept us as newlyweds, not half siblings. I'm with the man that I love, the man who loves me. I am perfect. Are you ok?" I asked, almost frightened of his answer.

"I don't know, Kit. What if Mom and your dad find us? What if someone figures us out? What if, two more years down the line, you realize that you want someone who hasn't known you since birth?" He asked, pulling the car to the side of the unpaved road.

Before he can ask anything else, I take his face in my hands and pull his mouth to mine. Kissing him, I feel his weariness start to fade, his love and passion for me replacing his guilt.

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