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It was an age ago, but I remember it like yesterday


It was an age ago, but I remember it like yesterday. My first time, our first time. It was so unlikely; we hardly knew each other. And yet, there was a something that brought us together for a passion that, for a while, seemed unstoppable.

Let's go back in time, to a couple of years before. Like most 18 year old boys, I had my hormones running wild. All desire and nowhere to spend it. To make matters worse, I was a University student; just starting a Commerce degree of all things. So many other males were doing that course and too few females. So much sex drive, nowhere to satiate it.

The first few days at University were dazzling. One minute your are at high school and you still feel like a child. The next minute you are a man in a grown-up world. An independent world. The first year of the course is pretty much set except for the humanities 'elective'. Psychology or sociology? Surnames starting A to K do Sociology, L to Z do Psychology. So much for 'elective'. Surname 'M' equals psychology.

Soon we were into our routine. One thing was for certain; psychology was not that flash. Exciting concepts like synaptic transmission of nerve impulses. The lecturers and our tutor made no apologies. It was what it was and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

It must have seen like an age at the time, but looking back it seems like those three years flew by. Subject after subject, exam after exam. Doing labouring work on holidays to make ends meet. I was as fit as I had ever been. Meeting a few girls on campus, but there were never enough girls to go around. Except for the Asian students. There were lots and lots of Asian girls doing our course. They had paid to come to Australia and study. They didn't socialise with us Australians, and we pretty much left them alone. They got great marks, better than we did. We knew they worked very hard. We didn't think about it much then, but it is clear that their families had sacrificed for them, and they felt obliged by getting Distinctions in every subject.

The final year was more interesting. The subjects were more mature. Even psychology had come of age. I was 19 by then and we were studying SEX. Actually, it was sexuality. But it was good. Really, really good. It may have been the 1970's, but society was still naive. It still is. At University though, we were with a mature and confident 30-something female tutor studying sexuality. Not advanced sex education; we were doing something much more valuable. Every aspect of our sexual being came under the microscope for two full semesters. It was not enlightening, it was a revelation. At the end of it I had lost my virginity. But there was more to it than that. I didn't know at the time, but my sexuality was never going to be the same. I was 'different' to other people. I knew that society, despite what the majority thought, was so sexually suppressed. In the end, it affected me with more than just sex. My mind questioned why this was so. Why do we deny ourselves things that can bring so much pleasure and harm no-one? Why do we do it? As I attempted to answer those questions over the years, I realised that my moral and religious views had changed forever. It had challenged me and as a result it changed my life.

Like all tutorials, psychology had its fair share of assignments and presentations. For this year, we were going to work in pairs to do one big presentation each. Our tutor was democratic, she paired us off. One male and one female to work together on our big assignment. My allotted partner was one of the Asian girls named 'Annette'. Our big assignment, 'Sexual Practices in Traditional Societies.' By traditional we were studying non-Western. Anywhere and everywhere that Western morals had not yet reached, or writings from times ago before Westerners had altered the natural balance of harmony.

After the tutorial where we had been 'allocated', Annette and I met up outside to work out where to start. Because the Asian students kept to themselves, we Australians hadn't paid much attention to them. Sitting down with her, my perceptions subtly changed. Sure, she was 'different', but she was also quite attractive. Petite with long black hair. She had a very quiet manner; to me it spoke of being shy. But she had a nice and sweet voice. The sweet voice, more than anything else, sparked an attraction. We agreed we needed more time than an hour or so between lectures to plan a major assignment and presentation like this. Considering the options, my home was not convenient as Annette had no way of getting there easily, and did not like the idea of a ride on my motorcycle much. She shared a Victorian era house nearby with some other students, so that seemed like the better bet. We agreed to meet up at seven that evening.


My motorcycle had been so handy for the three years or so that I had been riding. I was able to park right outside her house. She must have been expecting me, she answered the door almost as soon as I first knocked. Other students were in the lounge watching television, so we adjourned up the narrow staircase to her bedroom. The room was rather cramped with a bed, a desk, a chair and little room for anything else. I took the bed and she sat on the chair. We made some notes about the societies we would research. Tahiti was number one priority. The Cook and Bligh expeditions gave us a huge amount of material on Polynesian sexuality. Other societies included the Plains Indians of North America and, to a lesser extent, the primitive hill tribes of the Himalayas. We divided the research and agreed to meet the same time next week.

During the course of that week, I had managed to obtain from my council Library two textbooks on Tahiti. Books researched from those early expeditions. Lots of detail on their sexual practices. I was quite happy with my discovery and I was sure that this would be valuable to our assignment.

Tuesday night, 7 o'clock and Annette must have been waiting for me again. I took my bag upstairs and suggested that I had found something that she would have been interested in. I handed her the two books and her eyes lit up. I watched her and I saw something. The normal inscrutable expression she wore just dropped away like removing a mask. The excitement of my discovery showed something I hadn't seen before. No, she was more than a little attractive. Suddenly, she was genuinely pretty. And I could see this assignment meant a lot to her.

She had photocopied some materials, also on Tahiti but other cultures as well. With the materials to hand, we were in a position to make a start. There was no great rush, we had about four weeks or so to finish it. But it did seem obvious that her room was not the place for two people to write an assignment and prepare for a presentation. My house wasn't any better. There was too much family and not enough privacy. We needed somewhere to work. I suggested one full weekend would break the back of this thing. She looked shocked with my vernacular until I explained that what I really meant was to do the bulk of the required work. I knew I had a place, but I wondered... I looked at her again, happiness had been replaced by inscrutability. Inscrutability now replaced by worry. She was concerned. I decided to uncover my idea to see what her reaction was.

"I know of a place. A place with no interruptions for a whole weekend. Nothing but peace and quite and a few magpies," I started.

Narrowing her expression somewhat, "Where is this place?"

"A holiday house. My parent's holiday house. About three hours away."

"Not on your motorcycle."

"Of course not. I can borrow my mother's car for the weekend."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Absolutely. It's perfect. It doesn't get used much in the colder weather. I can pick you up on a Friday night and we would be back on Sunday."

"It sounds good. When?"

"How about the weekend after next?" I offered.

It was agreed. Friday after next I would pick her up in the afternoon at three. A weekend of work at the house by the bay.


It was just after three on a fine autumn afternoon when I eventually found a parking spot for the car. I quickly made my way back to the now familiar house where Annette was waiting for me. She had two bags for the weekend and I helped her with the larger one.

Soon we were on our way. The inner city traffic was left behind as we progressed through the suburban sprawl. Annette admitted to me that in all the time she had been living here, she had never travelled further than we were now. I promised her that soon she would see such lovely countryside.

Soon enough we left the city behind us and in the late afternoon shadows we made our way along the rolling South Gippsland ranges that make up the familiar journey to the holiday house. I checked the time and suggested to her that we should eat at the last major town, Leongatha, and that way we don't need to worry about food when we eventually arrive. I offered the pub as a possible eating venue.

"Pub?" she asked.

"Hotel," I clarified.

She seemed horrified at the thought of a hotel. I suggested the town has a nice Chinese restaurant and that seemed more acceptable.

The journey was absolutely perfect. The long shadows highlighted the green hills and lush pastures of this part of the State. I explained that this region was the main dairy producing area of the state, the source of our milk, cream and cheese. Annette was really surprised. After the grimy greyness of the city, this was almost magical.

We cruised into Leongatha just after six and made our way to the local Chinese restaurant. It was nice to be out of the car for a spell, even with just 30 or 40 minutes to go to our final destination. We organised what to order and waited for the food to arrive. For the first time in the couple of weeks we had known each other, we were able to relax and talk without thinking about University and presentations. I think we both knew that was tomorrow's problem. This evening was something different.

I gently probed her background, and her shyness started to melt. She explained she was Chinese but from Malaysia. Her parents had paid money for her to study in Australia and she would be returning once she graduated. My background was straightforward, born and raised here and sacrificing a little for now to get my reward later. We moved to some more personal details, she had not had any boyfriends, she was expected to only go out with the men of her own race, but she had not found anyone suitable yet. When she got home, one day she would marry a Malaysian Chinese man and become his wife. They would have servants and she would be able to continue working. But she would never be able to be his equal. This was puzzling to me, but I held my tongue.

"What do you think of this subject, this semester?" I asked her.

"It is fascinating. I didn't know that there was so much knowledge that has been discarded. Knowledge about women mostly," she replied.

"You're right. I'm sure that apart from passing, I hope to make good use of this one day."

"You haven't had any girlfriends yet?" she asked.

"A couple, sort of," I admitted. "But nothing serious."

"So you haven't..."

"No. And you?"


The food arrived and halted our conversation.

Afterward, in typically blunt fashion, I asked her what her family would think about her and me in the house for the weekend. She admitted that they would be horrified if they ever found out. But they would never find out. And when I first made the suggestion of this weekend away, she thought it would be good to spend some time away with someone. I wondered what she meant.

Soon we were on our way. It was all but dark now, but I knew the roads like the back of my own hand. The last part of this drive always seems the longest. Pitch dark outside, the odd light from a farmhouse here and there. Suddenly, the light of the little village before the final few kilometers to the holiday house. Plenty of other houses around, but out of season the place seemed deserted. I put the car away and used the torch to unlock the house and switch on the lights. We carried our luggage inside.


The curtains had been shut all day, and the house was cool and a little damp. Fortunately the fire, a cast iron stove, had been set after the previous visit. I lit a match and soon the paper and kindling were blazing away. The room lights were harsh. I turned on a side light and turned off the main lights. The room was cosy now.

I put my bag in the small bedroom and hers in the main bedroom. When I returned I noticed her sitting on the floor in front of the fire, just watching the flames through the open door.

"In Malaysia, we don't have fires. It's always too hot. This is nice."

"It's still a bit cold. Do you want a blanket to keep warm?" I asked.

She nodded, "That would be nice."

I grabbed a spare blanket from the cupboard and placed it around her shoulders. I went to put away our food. The front of the house was one long room with the lounge and fire at one end and the kitchen at the other. From the kitchen, I watched her staring at the fire. Another log was needed, I threw one onto the blaze. I turned around and Annette lifted up one corner of the blanket, a corner for me to crawl in beside her. I sat close to her and she placed the blanket around me, hugging me as she did so. I wrapped my arms around her and she leant her head on my shoulder. We just sat there, in a gentle hug, watching the flames and feeling the warmth spread through the house.

As we sat, holding each other, the heat started to become noticeable. Annette pulled away and removed her thick woollen jumper before leaning against me again. Through the thin material of her t-shirt, I could clearly feel her soft breasts pressing into my chest. I felt my heart pounding, my breath was a little short.

"Michael," she said.


"Do you like me?"

"Annette, I like you a lot. I have liked you from the time we first met."

"I like you too. You are kind and gentle. I want my first time to be with someone who is kind and gentle."

It took a moment for me to realise what she had just said. I didn't say anything.

"Do you want to see more?" she quietly asked.

Wordlessly I nodded.

In one quick move she removed her t-shirt. Then she reached behind and removed her bra. She leaned against my shoulder again. I watched her eyes. I could see the invitation. 'Go on Michael' they were saying.

I touched her breasts. They were amazing. So soft and yet standing so firm. I cupped my hands under them to feel the weight. I ran the palm of my hand over her nipples. I heard Annette moan a little. I did it again. I gently stroked her nipples and leant forward to kiss her. I felt the wetness of her lips against mine. She was so soft, her body, her breasts, her lips. It was so heavenly.

She reached to unbutton my shirt. Nervous, fumbling, I undid the remaining buttons. My heart was beating fast now. I quickly pulled the shirt out of my trousers and discarded it.

"Your chest is hairy," she said as she ran her fingers through the thin, dark hair. "It looks nice, manly." She touched my nipples. I shuddered with the sensation. "Is that alright?" she asked. I nodded. She did it again. I wrapped my arms around her, drawing her close to me. Under the blanket we resumed our hug. Skin against skin. Her soft skin against mine. I ran my hands through her long hair. She just held me. We hugged and kissed.

Her breasts fascinated me. I reached down and kissed her nipple. I felt its firmness. I kissed it again. Gently, I drew it between my lips. She gasped. I knew it was a gasp of pleasure. I sucked on her nipple, feeling it with my lips. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. I moved to her other nipple and kissed it. I felt it grow with my kisses. I sucked it as well. Feeling it grow harder. I ran my hand over one nipple and sucked the other. She kissed me on the side of my neck. We held each other, kissing some more. Lit by the soft room light and the glow of the fire.

Annette peeled away the blanket and stood up. I watched her. I knew what was coming next. She unzipped her jeans and wriggled them over her hips. I sat there fascinated as she tossed them aside. Then she slipped out of her white panties and stood before me. She was just so...beautiful. And she was ready for me.

Emboldened, I stood up and removed the rest of my clothing. We stepped close to each other and embraced. I am not a big person, but she seemed so vulnerable, clasped in my arms like that. She wrapped her hand around my erection, her fingers not able to reach all the way around. I felt her warm grasp on me, it was so wonderful. Quietly she said "Lets do it here, in front of the fire."

"I have some condoms," I offered.

"No need. I have taken precautions."

Aha, I thought, she planned this as much as I did. I looked around the room and noticed that each of the chairs and couches had removable cushions. I grabbed all of the cushions and arranged them in front of the hearth. I placed the blanket over the top and invited her to join me. She lay down beside me and I started to explore her body. The flair of her hips, her thighs, her bottom and those lovely soft breasts. She ran her hands through my hair and held my manhood as if she never wanted to let me go.

Thoughts ran through my mind. Where to now? What to do? How to do it? I remembered all we had absorbed during our tutorials. I knew she would be on the same wavelength as me.

"Annette, you know women usually don't orgasm through intercourse," I started.


"I want you to orgasm with me." I thought about how. "Do you masturbate?" I asked her.

"You're embarrassing me."

"It's okay, almost everyone does. You do, don't you?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"Can you show me?"

She started to rub herself. I watched.

"Can I do that?" I asked.

I replaced her hand and tried to imitate what she had been doing. "Is that okay?"


"Put your hand on mine and show me how."

She did, pressing a little harder than I had been doing.

Keeping up the even stroke, I got right up close to her, cradling her head and kissing her. She took her hand away from mine and held me instead. I rubbed her and I kissed her. I felt her heart beating faster. I wanted to comfort her, to relax her, to help her to come. I kissed her again, this time deeply. For the first time our tongues touched, exploring, rubbing each other's tongue while I was rubbing her pussy. Locked together in a deep and passionate kiss. Our nervousness was cast aside as passion took over.

She put her hand on mine and pressed me harder again. I rubbed her a little more vigorously. She broke off the kiss and started to moan. I kissed the side of her neck, I felt her shudder with the sensation. I continued to cradle her as I rubbed her.

She started to move her hips around, pressing up and from side to side. I pressed her harder again. She moaned again. I thought I heard her say something, but it was in another language. Still I rubbed her. Rubbed her steadily as she started to writhe on the cushions.

Suddenly, I felt her body tense and she cried out in that language. I stopped rubbing as she opened her eyes and smiled. She grabbed me and kissed me hard. "That was lovely," was all she said. I felt so happy. Happy for her, happy for me.

"I want to taste you," I asked.

"And I want to taste you too," Annette replied.

She turned around and knelt astride me, lowering her pussy toward my face. At the same time, I felt her take me in her mouth, the warm sensations of her lips running up and down my cock. Her pussy was framed in straight black hair. I brushed it aside as I aimed for her love spot with my tongue. I tasted her wetness, it was a little bitter, but nice. I enjoyed exploring the folds of skin. Running my tongue up and down and then right inside her. She gasped, but it was a nice gasp. I entered her again and she let me go. I continued to run my tongue around her pussy, enjoying the smooth softness of her womanhood. Tasting her.

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"I want you inside me." Annette raised herself and lay down beside me.

I couldn't believe what I heard. This was it. I nestled between her legs, my arms bent to take my weight. I slowly edged forward. I felt her hand touch my shaft, guiding me towards her opening. I felt myself entering a pussy for the very first time. Annette's lovely pussy. It was wet as I touched her lips, slowly parting them as I eased the head of my cock into her. Warm, wet and slippery as I entered her virginal love tunnel. Wet and slippery as I pushed forward, her tight pussy devouring my manhood.

Suddenly, I felt a resistance. She was still intact. I looked down at her.

"It's okay," was all she said.

I pushed forward, the resistance was squashing the head of my cock. I looked at her. She was frowning.

"Just do it."

I pushed and suddenly the resistance gave way. Annette gasped as I drove right into her, her pussy taking all I had to give.

"You alright?" I asked.

"Yes," she whispered. "It hurt a little, but it's better now."

Aware of her pain, I slowly drew back, savouring the sensations as her pussy pulled against my withdrawing cock. As far out as I could judge before sliding back in again. I could feel her body relaxing. I slid into her again. I looked deep into her eyes. She smiled.

"Is it okay?" she asked.

"It's brilliant. It's so nice, so slippery. And you?"

"It's wonderful. I can feel you in me."

I wanted to last, I wanted to savour every moment of the so light but so wonderful caress of her pussy on my cock. I resisted the urge to go fast, just gently sliding in and out. Gently feeling her warm tunnel wrapped around me, pulling on my skin, urging me to come. But not yet. I used every ounce of concentration I had to make this last. I had waited a long time for this.

"Michael. Harder. Come in me Michael."

I picked up speed, my body took control now. Faster and faster. I could feel it now, the tension building in my own body. My cock started to tingle, the pulses had already started. Closer and closer. I could feel Annette's legs wrapped tight around me. Willing me on. Willing me to come. Closer and closer. The feelings were so intense. With one last thrust, I buried myself deep inside her just as I came. Wave after wave of pleasure as each spurt of come pumped deep into her. Slowly sliding out and sliding in as the last of my come emptied into her womanhood. A bliss descended. I felt overjoyed. I gently lay on Annette, my lover. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, drawing me close to her, holding me. She kissed me.

"I love you Michael."

"I love you too Annette."

"Did it hurt?"

"A little. But it was worth it. Did it hurt you?"

"No. It was sensational."

She let me go and I gently eased out of her. I saw my cock was large but losing it's stiffness. In the glow of the fire I could see the shine of our juices on me. I lay on the cushions beside her. Just holding her in my arms.


The light shone through the gaps in the curtains. The distinctive song of the magpies on the trees outside reminded where I was. Beside me, I heard Annette's gentle breathing. It was cool inside. I slipped on some underwear and went to tend to the fire in the lounge. It was still burning slowly from the night before. I stoked it up and put some more wood on. As I returned from the bathroom, I could see the flames devouring the wood, warming the house.

I climbed into bed. Annette was still asleep. I cuddled up to her warm naked body. She seemed so peaceful. I drifted in and out of sleep.

Suddenly I felt her stir and stretch. I kissed her on the shoulder, hoping she would remember that this was a long way from her inner city bedroom. She rolled over and kissed me warmly.

"Morning." I said. "Sleep well?"

"Yes. This place is so peaceful. What time is it?"


"Eight. I wonder what we can do?" Annette asked.

"I thought, before we got into work proper, we could put my Tahitian books to work."

"Have you got an idea?"

"Well, last night was nice. But I have a feeling that this morning could be better."

"I doubt that."

"Well, we can but try," I offered.

She kissed me again. "We can indeed."

As she returned from the bathroom, she asked me "What's this Tahitian thing then?"

I explained that I had read my books and found that the Polynesians were very much into sexual pleasure and in particular making sure that females had equal sexual pleasure. We knew that already. Well, they generally had sex with the woman on her all fours, man kneeling behind. This, we now know, enables the penis to hit the g-spot. It also enables the man, or the woman, to rub the clitoris during sex. The Christian missionaries, for some reason or other, didn't like this position and they encouraged the male on top position. The 'missionary' position.

"Ah," she exclaimed. "So that's where missionary comes from."

"Right. I thought we should try it out, Polynesian style. Purely for research of course."

She looked at me blankly.

"Sorry," I explained, "Australian humour."

We stripped the bed back to the sheets and commenced our research. In the morning light she was more beautiful than the night before. This time it was easier, not so many nerves. We were more comfortable with each other. We embraced and kissed and explored and pleasured each other. We held each other tight. Again she straddled me, her sweet pussy so close to my face. I held her bottom and explored her. Using my tongue with a little more purpose this time. Watching and listening for her reactions. Asking her how it felt. As I explored her, I must have touched somewhere special.

"Yes, just there," she exclaimed. "Stay there."

I looped my tongue around that spot.

"Oh yes, do it some more."

I kept it up, holding onto her bottom and just looping around that one spot. I heard her moan. I pressed a little harder. She let go of me and pressed herself harder too. I kept it up. I thought I must have hit with my tongue the spot I rubbed the night before.

"Oh yes, keep on going. That feels good."

I kept on going. And going and going. She pressed down onto my face, willing me to press harder.

"Oh, Michael. I think..." and I felt the muscles in her bottom tense. At the same time she gasped out loud. I saw her open her eyes and she looked very serious. "Michael, I didn't know... I didn't know we could do that."

"I didn't either," I admitted. I sat on my haunches for a few moments until she got her breath. "Polynesian style," I suggested.

She got onto her hands and knees and I knelt behind her. I gently pressed forward and she guided me in. I looked down, fascinated to see my erection entering her. This was so much tighter than yesterday. Yesterday it felt like her pussy was caressing me. Today it felt like she was swallowing me. Still deliciously slippery, but so much tighter. I looked at my cock, as I drew it out. Already slick with her juice. My word, this is a hot position.

I held onto her hips with one hand and started to thrust gently. At the same time I reached down with my other hand and started to rub her. I thrust and I rubbed. Soon she was moaning quietly. I could just hear her.

"Do you want me to go faster?" I asked.

"No. That's just fine. It feels, different. Nice."

I kept it up. Fortunately my holiday jobs had built my leg muscles up. Even so, after a few minutes they started to ache a little. Annette reached behind and started to rub her own pussy, faster and firmer than I had been. I used both hands to brace myself on her hips. I could see her still rubbing while I held her and thrust inside that oh so tight pussy of hers. This was delicious, no question.

"Michael, I think I'm gonna come again."

I kept it up, but it was hard. My legs were a little sore and I didn't want to come before she did. I could see her rubbing herself furiously.


I increased the tempo. I could feel myself getting closer and I wasn't sure how long I could last. But I wanted to see if we could make this happen. The sensations in my cock were getting more and more intense.

Suddenly she cried out. I felt her pussy grip my cock even harder. Four or five times, maybe more. I ground hard into her as I came. The pleasure sweeping through me. So much more intense than yesterday. As the last waves died away, I noticed the ache in my legs. I pulled out and flopped onto the bed to ease the discomfort.

Annette looked at me and said, "Those missionaries have a lot to answer for."


After showering and breakfast, it was time to start work. The kitchen table was a perfect workspace and we could sit side by side and share the same material. We agreed that I would write up the Polynesian side of things, seeing as that seemed to be my obsession. She would concentrate on the Plains Indians of North America. I suggested that if we write this assignment longhand, I could type it when I get home and then get my father to photocopy it. I explained that I could touch type, and copy typing longhand notes was really quick to do.

By midday, we were both a little weary. I had brought some rolls and fillings. Annette helped to make lunch. I took two folding chairs on the balcony and we sat in the fresh air, eating lunch and enjoying the peace. She admitted it was a lovely spot.

While we took our break, I asked her if she would be comfortable to go to the local Hotel for dinner. She wasn't at all keen. She didn't drink and I think she thought it would be the local den of debauchery. I explained you can drink anything. Fruit juice, soft drink. And it was a country pub, just friendly farmers and their families. The families convinced her, wives and children meant it must be okay.

Come six and the assignment was going well. We had final, hand-written notes on about three-quarters of it. I had already lit the fire and the house was warm and cosy. Before we headed to the Hotel, I threw a large log onto the fire to make sure we had plenty of heat for when we got back.


As always, the hotel was cheerful. Groups of men stood around the bar in cheerful conversation. The fire blazed in the dining room beyond. Families occupied the larger tables. We found a smaller table for two and I got some drinks. Soft drink for Annette and a beer for me. She raised her eyebrows. I told her that a glass of ale didn't do anyone any harm.

I apologised for the menu, but she said she was surprised how warm and friendly the place was. I told her that country pubs were usually nicer than city ones. After all, this was the only Saturday night entertainment for a half hour drive in any direction.

The food was plentiful and we were both very satisfied as we made our way to the car outside. Soon we were back in the cosy warmth of our house. I had brought some music with me and selected a piece I thought would go down well. The house had all of the comforts of home, including a half-decent stereo.

"Classical?" Annette asked me

"Handel," I replied. "Concerto Grossi. Actually it is Baroque, much older than Classical.

"It's nice."

I sat on the couch, and she laid on my lap as we listened to the music. I run my hands through her hair. She seemed so peaceful. It was a lovely night together.


I awoke with a start. I felt Annette's arms around me, holding me. I turned to kiss her.

"I was watching you," she said. "You looked so handsome asleep." I stretched, she cuddled up to me. "I put some wood on the fire."

After I returned to bed she was sitting cross legged on the sheet. "We haven't seen the beach yet."

"Alright, lets get dressed and do it. You will need to dress warmly"

There were two rows of sand dunes between the house and the beach. The first row was covered with scrub and didn't look like sand at all. The dunes protected the house from the prevailing wind. Hand in hand, we set off for the walk to the beach. We followed the road into the estate and then turned left and headed over the hills. As we topped the second rise, the wind hit us. Strong and cold, the salt spray noticeable in the air. Annette pulled the hood of her jacket over her head and tied it. I grabbed her around her waist, as if to protect her from the cold wind.

We descended onto the sand. The sea was grey and restless. The sand still damp from the mornings high tide. We made our way close to the water, the white-topped waves breaking in the bay and rolling in close to our feet. The wind whipped around our clothing. My ears stung with the cold. We held each other close as we walked toward the headland. I explained about days long ago, before the roads were passable and trading was by coastal shipping. About steam ships caught in gales and driven onto this beach to founder. In fact, at very low tide, there were the remains of a couple of wrecks still. Not much more than the keel was left, but reminder enough of the wild weather. Annette didn't need any convincing about that.

The wind made talking difficult, so we held onto each other as we strolled in silence, the wind tearing at our clothing and stinging any exposed skin. After about 20 minutes, Annette admitted she was cold. We turned our backs to the wind and headed back to the house.

The stroll back was much more pleasant. Despite the cool autumn weather, once we crossed the dunes the wind was behind us and it felt almost warm.

"What did you think of that?" I asked her.

"It's very cold."

"Yes, even in summer, days for swimming have to be picked. But swimming isn't what this place is about."

"What is it then?" Annette sounded a little confused

"Don't you know?"

"Peace. Peace from the city," she replied.

The house looked cheerful as we got close, smoke drifting from the chimney. She squeezed my hand as she asked, "I want to do it Indian style."

"Indian style?"

"Yes, American Indian. I will be good for our assignment."

I couldn't argue with that. "And just what is Indian style?"

"It's me on top of you."

"That sounds nice. I'm going to have an easy time this morning, aren't I?"

"That's the point," she replied. "Men can last longer and women can receive more pleasure."

The house was warm, the main lounge room cosy with the curtains drawn and the fire blazing. I arranged the cushions of the floor and placed a sheet on top. We stripped off and sat in front of the fire. We were both feeling warm. She looked so beautiful, more beautiful every time I saw her. We were more comfortable together too. Our first time was so nervous. The second time was better. I felt relaxed now, I knew her better and I could see she was more comfortable too.

We held each other and kissed passionately. Our tongues touched and explored. I felt her inside my mouth and I stroked her tongue with mine. I held her close to me, cupping my hands under the cheeks of her bottom, her soft breasts pressed into me. I bent down and kissed her little nipples, sucking them and feeling them grow. She held my shaft, I could feel my erection growing with her touch. My hands explored her pussy, her lips already oozing wetness. I kissed the side of her neck, she ran her hands through my hair. I rubbed her pussy, she stroked my hard cock.

"I want to make love to you," I said. She gave me room to lie down and then she knelt across my hips. Her slim body seemed much more vulnerable with her stretched like that. She reached down and guided me into her. I watched with fascination as such a small girl swallowed my big hard cock.

She braced her hands on my chest and started to rock back and forward. She was right, this was nice. Her warm pussy was stretched tight on me and she was setting the pace. I moved to meet her, trying to thrust to match her. It was hard to get it right. I always seemed out when I should have been in. I held onto her hips and gently guided her until we had a consistent rhythm. It felt good, it always felt good when I was inside her. Now I knew why people were so obsessed with sex. If there was anything else in the world better than this, I had yet to find it.

Once we were into a groove, I was free to explore. I squeezed her fleshy bottom, feeling her firm and so perfectly formed cheeks. I gently massaged her breasts, brushing her nipples. I put one hand to the side of her face and she tilted her head to rest it on me. This was not good, this was awesome. This was the best yet. And she was right, I didn't even feel like I was going to come.

On and on we went, a gentle rhythm. Her pussy pulling and caressing my shaft. The sensations so perfect. I asked her if she was alright and she admitted her legs were starting to get sore. I asked if she wanted me on top and she agreed.

She raised herself, higher and higher until my hard cock was free. Soon I was between her legs, deep inside her. We had been making love for so long I felt an urgency to come. Our mouths locked together in a long and never-ending kiss as I drove into her. Drove fast and deep. Faster and faster. I needed to come. On top was different. I felt alive, I felt a real man. My manhood was driving us now.

I felt the sensations building. Again and again I thrust into her. Mouth locked against mouth, her pussy swallowing my hard cock. Again and again as I felt myself getting closer. Still I kissed her, my sensations amplified by our closeness. I felt it exquisitely close. Gradually closer until, the wave of ultimate pleasure enveloped me. I drove deep into her with one hard stroke as I came. Again and again I drove into her, each time another wave rolled down my cock. Again and again, each stroke a little slower, each wave tapering off until I was done.

My heart was beating fast. Oh my, that had been good. I kissed her on the side of her neck and she wrapped her arms around mine. I thought, not only is sex great, it gets better! Better and better each time!

I whispered in her ear. "You didn't come, did you?"

"It's alright," she said.

"No, I can help you."

I knelt between her legs, her pussy was oozing my come. I used a corner of the sheet to wipe her. Then I ran my tongue around her. I used both my tongue and my fingers. I knew the spot to rub and how to rub it. She must have been hot, I heard her quietly moan as I rubbed her and licked her at the same time. As I rubbed and sucked and licked, I could feel her pressing up against my mouth. Yes, she was hot. Suddenly she shouted something and I knew she had come. I quietly lay beside her, holding her as she lay so peacefully.


We had breakfast and started on the assignment again. Her sense of humour was different to mine. When she said that making love like that helped her with the assignment, I believed it. The day before had helped me. In a couple of hours we had read and corrected each other's work and it was ready for typing.

The weekend was coming to an end. We sat on the balcony to eat lunch in the weak autumn sun. Afterward we strolled around the local area, hand in hand. We saw nobody around. Everyone must be in the city, and all too soon we were packing to head home. I put some music on the car stereo. Neither of us were in the mood to talk.

As I got closer to her house, we finally spoke. I told her I should have it typed by the end of the week. She suggested I meet her on the weekend. Agreed, Saturday at ten.


I arrived at 10. Annette opened the door, hugged me and kissed me.

"Let's go to my room."

I showed her the typed, copied and bound versions of the assignment. She was extremely impressed. She hugged me, more passionately this time.

"Michael, this is so perfect."


"I've missed you."

"I've missed you too."

She sat on the bed and started to unbutton her blouse.

"Let's make love," was all she said.

I removed my clothing and joined her on the narrow bed. It had only been five days, but it seemed much longer. I asked her to get on top. She smiled. We made love, gently as was our style. This time she stayed on top. It was wonderful to watch her pretty face as I came deep inside her. As I was spent, she bent down to kiss me. I held her tight, my manhood still inside her. Still connected as lovers.

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We lay close on her bed until almost lunchtime, then it was time for me to go.

A week later, it was time for our Tutorial presentation. The presentation went very well and I earned my first distinction of my course. But, I earned so much more.

We continued to meet. We saw some movies together. Her house always seemed so crowded, and being an Australian, I felt out as they rarely spoke English there. Instead we ate out at some of the cheaper places that students frequent. As often as we could we spent time in her room. Making love. We were comfortable with sex. Her friends must have known. Two of us going up to her room for an hour or so a couple of times a week.

The semester went all too quickly. One day she reminded me of what I already knew.

"You know I will be leaving in November?"


Before then, there is the study vacation. Two weeks to prepare for the end of year exams. I suggested that the holiday house would be perfect for a couple of days of peaceful study.

"A couple of days without interruption," I said

"No interruptions?" she asked.

"Well, lots of sex," I admitted.

She kissed me. "Yes, lots of sex."


The exams were over, the results were in and it is time for her to go. As always she got good marks, one High Distinction, two Distinctions and a Credit. My marks were typical, Two credits and two passes. A credit for psychology though; fancy that.

I borrowed the car to drive her to the airport. To see her for the last time. She has given me her address in Malaysia so I can write to her. And we do, for a while. But the letters take longer to compose and the replies longer to receive. By this time, I am working, seeing other girls, but I never mention them in my letters. She must be seeing other men, but probably would not mention them either.

Slowly, it drifts apart. Even though it didn't last, it was good. It was better than good. It was great. That shyness I first saw was just her natural reserve when she first met strangers. As we got to know one another, the shyness dissolved and she became my first lover. She showed a passion I didn't believe possible in such a quiet girl.

These days I am married with two growing children. And yet I look back on that time with more than affection. That first weekend together is something I will never forget. I remember every detail. The first time we were so nervous. And it was so beautiful. Learning, exploring, loving. Memories like that stay with you forever.

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