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It started out as an accident


It started out as an accident. I had no idea myself how much it would affect me, but when my boyfriend Ryan ran his fingers through my hair I felt shivers run through my entire body. It relaxed me and excited me.

We were just sitting on the couch watching a movie at the time, he with his arm around me. I snuggled closer into him, hoping he would do it again. He did, confirming for me that it was definitely turning me on, but then the movie picked up and he got distracted.

By the time the movie was over I was frustrated. Unwittingly, he had started something that needed to be continued, but he had no clue. I tried flicking my hair towards him, but he just got annoyed when it got in his face and blew it away. It was not my style to say anything, after all, I did not want him to think me needy. So I just bit my lip and tried to figure out a way to get him to do it without him realizing what was going on.

The movie was over and it was getting late. Later than we usually stayed up, in fact. Unfortunately, I had something that needed to be taken care of. Unless Ryan was exhausted he never seemed to mind helping me out, after all, I made sure he was taken care of too!

"Good movie," he said, rubbing his hand on my upper arm. Sure, that was nice, but I had something else in mind.

"Mmm," I replied noncommittally, sliding my hand up his leg suggestively. I glanced down at his lap and watched my hand as it gently rubbed his crotch, then began undoing the button on his shorts and then the zipper.

"I'll show you a good movie," I purred, fishing his rapidly inflating dick out of his pants and sinking my head down towards it as I did so.

Ryan's breath caught in his throat. "You want us to make a movie?" He asked, surprised and excited.

I stopped and laughed. "No, silly. Well, maybe sometime we could, but right now we've got better things to do!"

"Oh," he said, trying not to sound disappointed. I smiled at him and then sucked his partially flaccid member into my mouth, determined to wash any disappointment away.

It worked. In seconds he was poking at the back of my throat, fully erect. I grinned around Ryan's shaft, pleased with myself. I worked my sweatpants down, revealing the fact that I had no underwear on. I kicked them off and slurped up his length one final time, dragging my tongue along the tender underside and tasting a drop of his arousal.

Lifting my head up, I looked him in the eyes and let him see my hunger. We kissed, our mouths grinding together and our tongues wrestling. I repositioned myself in his lap, straddling him, and sank down slowly. My hand guided his cock into me, easily slipping it inside me since I had been so wet for so long already. He groaned into my mouth as I came to rest against him.

I broke the kiss and let him pull my t-shirt over my head, freeing my breasts for him to grope and suckle. I rose and fell on his lap gently at first, teasing him with what would come later. I leaned just close enough to him to let my hair dangle in his face, tickling and teasing him with its phantom touch. He blew at it repeatedly, and even swiped it out of the way a couple of times. He grunted disapprovingly to me, trying to let me know he did not appreciate it. I kept doing it anyway.

Finally, fed up with it, Ryan reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair near the back of my head. Feeling his fist pull it taught my breath caught in my throat and I felt a strange sensation run through me. I do not know if it originated at my pussy or if that is just where it ended up, but I felt myself get wetter and more turned on as he yanked my head back firmly.

"Damn it, Holly, your hair keeps tickling me!" He complained, taking a break from the wonderful job he had been doing on my breasts with his mouth.

I just groaned in response, the surge of lust obvious in my voice. He focused on me, surprised, and then he grinned. "You like that, do ya?" He asked, pulling my hair a little more and twisting my head.

I moaned again, unable to respond. Hell yes I liked it! That was why his dick was suddenly so slippery in my pussy and why I was having a hard time breathing. I wanted him to pull it on it, to yank it harder and to force me to do what he wanted. I had never felt this way, or at least not nearly this strongly, but for some reason pulling my hair was turning me into a slut that begged to be used and abused. I kind of liked it.

Ryan kept pulling, forcing me to lay down on the couch. He rolled with me so that he was on top, slamming himself into me faster and faster now. I gasped for air, feeling a tingling sensation starting in my toes already.

"Harder!" I gasped, urging him on. Ryan slammed his manhood into me harder and faster, mistaking my meaning. "No," I said, "the hair!"

Grinning like a kid in a candy shop, Ryan did his best to pull my hair from our position. It was awkward and did not have the desired effect. He pulled out of me, making me whimper in disappointment, but kept me still on the couch with a fistful of my hair.

"Come here, slut," he said. I burned with shame at the name he had called me, even though he had never used it before. At the same time, it excited me and made me want to beg his forgiveness for being so slutty. I would do anything he asked me, even behaving more like a slut than I already was.

I sat up because he made me. I was in heaven. He made me drop to my knees and I could not wait for it. He pulled me closer to his pulsing dick and without being told I happily opened my mouth and took him in. His cock was slick with my pussy juices, but I did not care. In fact, I was so turned on at the moment I considered it so hot and arousing that it could have been another woman's juices! In fact, I almost wished it was. God was I a slut! But I was his slut, and that made me feel good. He proved it by guiding my head up and down his dick, using my hair to steer me.

I moaned almost nonstop, barely aware that I was even doing it. A tiny part of me could not believe how I was behaving, but that part was not in control of my body or my mind. The rest of me was running the show, and that part wallowed in the depravity and the submissiveness. I wondered if I could cum just from being used like Ryan was using me. How sick of a slut was I? Who cared, I still loved it!

He pulled me with more of a purpose, grinding the head of his dick into my throat. I fought my initial reaction, which was to gag, and was relaxed and horny enough to win. Soon I found myself liking the challenge of trying to deep throat him. Before long he realized that I was slamming my own head down on him harder than he was pulling me. He groaned and pulled me off of him. I resisted, wanting to continue sucking him, but in the end his hands (hey, when did he put both hands in my hair?) pulled me away.

He let me go with one hand and used the other to twist me around and bend me over until my face was pressed into the couch cushion. I felt so naked and vulnerable and exposed with my ass in the air and my legs spread. He could see all of me and do anything he wanted too. I felt some of my wetness roll down the inside of my thigh.

I felt him behind me then, on his knees. I pushed my ass back at him, urging him to take me like the wanton whore that I was. I wanted him in me. I need him in me! I-

I yelped! My breath hissed through my teeth and I felt the muscles in my pussy clench in excitement. Still, it had stung. He had spanked me! I tried to look back but his hand in my hair asserted itself, pulling my hair painfully and causing more of my wetness to run down my thigh. He slapped my ass again, hitting the other cheek this time. It was harder too. I moaned and tried to push back again towards him. I was totally gone by then, nothing more than a vessel to be used by him until he grunted and filled me with his seed… or sprayed it all over me, marking me as his territory. His possession. His plaything. His slut!

I was talking, begging and pleading with him, not even realizing what I was saying. I tried to pay attention and I heard myself at one point say, "fuck me Master! Fuck me please!" Did I really call him Master?

I must have because I felt something burn across my back and all the way into my hair. Another line of liquid heat hit me, this time across my shoulder and into my hair. I turned my head just enough to see and realize that Ryan was cumming on me! Another spurt of his cum arced out, landing on my cheek and hair. It felt so hot and so good, it made me quiver inside. He dropped down to his knees, firing again blindly, this time across my ass, perfectly coating the cleavage between my ass cheeks and sending warm tingles through my rectum. He lunged forward, spearing inside of me with his spasming cock.

I gasped for breath, feeling all of my body tense and release. He grunted as he continued to cum inside of me, firing off the last of his sperm into my pussy, then he did his red-blooded-American-best to drive me over the edge. What he did not understand is that I was already there. I was cumming so hard that I could not think. I could not move, could not hold myself up and could not relax enough to collapse. I felt frozen, my muscles warring with each other inside of me as my mind was fighting off the flashing colors and lights and overpowering sensations emanating from my sex.

I have no idea how long it was, but when I finally regained my senses I felt Ryan still pounding away at me. I was not sure how, but he had stayed hard the entire time. He had never done that before… not that I was going to complain! I groaned and looked back at him, smiling happily. He saw me and reached up, grabbing with each hand onto some fresh handfuls of hair. Without warning he pulled on them, making me arch my back and drive my ass back into him.

And just that quick, there I was firmly under his spell again. I rutted like a bitch in heat, slamming myself back at him and doing everything I could to suck him into me. I was his, for his pleasure, and for him to pleasure. I felt his cooling cum on my back, on my cheek, in my hair, and running down the crack of my ass to add to the messy lubrication already helping him slam in and out of my pussy.

Ryan leaned forward, letting one handful of hair go, and reached around my body. He found my boobs and started groping them. Normally he was gentle and attentive, but now he was every bit the animal that I was. He pinched my nipples and twisted them, making me gasp at the pain and drive myself harder at him. It was rough sex and it was fucking incredible. Or incredible fucking, either way.

I reached back with my right hand and slid it across my burning ass cheeks, using my short fingernails to dig into them suggestively. Unseen behind me, Ryan grinned and pinched my nipple harder. I slid my hand across, stretching as I did, and followed the trail of his cum down the valley of my ass to my puckered asshole. Already lubed with his cum, I plunged my middle finger into my own ass, feeling it rub against his cock through the thin walls of my colon and pussy.

Ryan groaned and grunted, growing larger inside of me and then slamming into me so hard it took my breath away. I felt him cumming again, his dick so stiff it felt like a red hot iron bar in my bowels. I shook on top of him, realizing that the reason I had no breath was because I was cumming again too. Then I didn't know much of anything else.


I opened my eyes and looked around. It all came crashing back into me instantly. I felt used and sore. My ass stung a little and I felt very full. I had to pee too, I realized. That made me crack a smile.

"Are you okay?" Ryan asked, concerned. He was sitting on the couch beside my head, still naked.

I groaned and sat up. "Okay? No," I said, grinning. "I feel great!" I leaned over and gave his half empty penis a kiss of appreciation, then sat back on my heels.

He laughed. "You had me worried, blacking out like that. That was some hot stuff, baby!"

I nodded. "Yeah, it was! We've gotta do that again."

I felt his sperm starting to run out of me. I slipped my hand between my legs to keep from dripping on the carpet and climbed to my feet a little stiffly. "Gotta pee, I'll be back in a sec!"

Ryan sat there, staring fondly at me as I hurried out of the room. I tended to my business, spending several long minutes letting everything drain out of me, then realized I needed to take a shower too, I had his cum all over me. I pulled some of my matted hair around to my face, smelling his semen in it. I let it go and shook me head, grinning. Such freedom. Such release. Such raw passion… I shivered and flushed the toilet. We had just turned a page to an exciting new chapter in our lives!

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:55 pm