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I was feeling pretty hungry


The M.O. for lunch typically consisted of me heading out to lunch with either my boss, some engineers of questionable character, a large group of people from a varied selection of departments, or my personal favorite : a cute and spunky brunette that worked in human resources. Her name was Lynn and she was the HR facilitator for our plant. When the two of us had a chance we could get each other driven to the point of distraction with our flirtation. Flirtation that never went anywhere, of course. The sexual harassment laws were quite explicit and while we enjoyed teasing each other within the limits of the law and our co-workers tolerance, neither of us was willing to risk our jobs.

Today happened to be one of those me and her lunch days. I had walked up to her shortly after eight and bid her a typical good morning, making sure I sent a wink her way as well.

"How's Monday treating you so far, Brad?" She asked me in response, smiling welcomingly.

"Not to shabby, but I'm anticipating being awfully hungry today, where are we going for lunch?"

And just like that we had a lunch date. A platonic co-worker style lunch date, I should add. Oh sure, I would have donated a few body parts for a chance to have her, but not at the expense of our jobs. She had as much as admitted the same to me in the past. Both knowing where the other stood made our relationship much more relaxed. We felt free to push each other up to the line and sometimes over it, not concerned about each other but instead about what others might see or hear.

By the time lunch actually got there I was feeling pretty hungry. Thing was I was more hungry for her then I was for food. To much flirting that morning had my mind wandering into places that should have sent off flashing red lights and alarm bells in my head. Instead it did the opposite, making me want to be a little bit riskier then normal.

She drove, as she always did. She had this thing about control. I could tell she walked a tightrope, wanting to lose control and have an excuse to just let go but being terrified of doing so. It was a matter of trust, something I could appreciate. She was a very interesting and fascinating woman, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically.

With her hands on the wheel I decided, perhaps foolishly, to see just how much she would let me get away with. I cleared my throat softly and spoke up, "You know I was wondering..."

After I trailed off she turned to look at me, catching me with a promising glint in her clear brown eyes. "Wondering what?" She prompted, looking back ahead to make sure we stayed on the country road.

I slid my hand over quickly and laid it on her thigh, rubbing my fingers softly up and down her leg and feeling the thin material of her dress slacks. "Wondering what you think of me doing this."

She looked at me, surprised but smiling happily. After a moment she said, "I think it feels nice."

I smirked. It was all the go-ahead I needed. I rubbed in increasing patterns, running my fingers along the top of her thigh, the side of her leg, along the seat and almost under her leg, and after a little bit of prolonged rubbing I even started sliding my fingers up and down the inside of her leg. Her lips parted slightly as she drove and her eyelids drooped with each passing moment.

We were halfway to the next town where our lunch destination waited for us. I watched her carefully, noting how lost in the sensations she was. I grinned again happily, fighting the urge to reach down and adjust myself and interrupt the spell I was weaving around her.

"Mmm, Brad," she whispered or moaned or said in some way that it sent a few quarts of blood straight into my dick.

"Mmm what?" I asked her, clutching my thigh tightly with my other hand to keep myself focused and not just lunge across the front of her Explorer and take her in my arms. "What does this make you want to do?"

"It makes me want to pull into those trees over there, rip off your pants then hop on top of you and ride you," she said, looking at me and glancing down at the bulge in my pants.

"So what's stopping you?" I asked her, my logic starting to get lost in the foggy haze of hormones.

Lynn opened her mouth to respond and I let my fingers dance across that sweet junction between her thighs. She exhaled sharply when I did so, caught off guard by my intrepid maneuver. Stretching my arm I rubbed the inside of her left thigh for a moment then dragged my fingers back across to her right leg, pushing a little more insistently and slowly.

Her hand landed on top of mine, moving with it and lacing her fingers in mine. "I don't know if I'm going to stop you or help you," she said, her voice soft and throaty. I grinned, encouraged by her behavior.

"Why don't you pull over in one of these trails and we can talk about it?" I recommended, drawing a naughty smile from her.

A pull off approached and soon was behind us. I fought the urge to frown and instead tried again. "Carpe Diem. You only live once, ya know. Don't you need to know, just this once, what I'd be like?"

Her eyes fluttered close for a minute, alarming me since she was driving. She opened them again quickly though and flashed me a smile that was different, a little more certain and sure. I smiled back, inwardly upset that I had played my cards wrong, she appeared to have gotten her willpower back.

Imagine my surprise when I felt her breaking and saw a nice pathway into some trees coming up on our left!

She pulled in and turned to face me, a nervous smile on her face. I was equally nervous. All of a sudden her she was, the woman I had openly fantasized about for months, and secretly for nearly a year beyond that. I leaned towards her and she to me, both of us too full of pride to back down from what we were doing. Our lips touched and parted, somehow being in sync. It was a kiss that made me forget to breathe. Only after we broke it and I looked at her, a strange mixture of lust and awe in my expression did I realize that she was in the same condition.

Without words we leaned in again, kissing passionately. Somehow our hands found our seat belts and released them, then they were on each other, caressing, pushing, pulling, fondling, and doing whatever it was that our drunk-on-hormones subconscious minds told them to do. How I am not sure, but Lynn managed to crawl over the console and was in my lap before long. I had to recline my seat to keep her head from hitting the ceiling of her SUV.

It was then that clothing started to truly become a hindrance. She was rubbing her hands up and down the bulge in my pants and I was doing my best to feel her ass through her pants. I finally got fed up with it and slid my hands around to the front of her pans, unhooking them and sliding the zipper down. She gasped for breath ineffectively, quickening my pulse as I felt her attempts with my lips on hers.

I slid my hands in and found myself confused for a long moment as my fingers ran down her smooth lacy panties. I groaned into her mouth, quickening her pulse. She often teased me by telling me that some days she did not wear any panties. This was not one of those days, apparently.

She followed my lead now, yanking my belt open and releasing the clasp so she could unbutton and unzip my pants. She pulled at them, struggling to lift herself up and yank my pants down. I helped as best I could in the tight quarters, lifting myself up off the seat. It might not have been the most graceful maneuver either of us had ever performed but before long my pants where around me knees and we were struggling with hers. Hers took longer then mind did, but such was our dedication to the cause that nothing was impossible for us. Houdini would have been proud, I think.

She had told me in the past on certain days when our flirting needed to stop or she would have a wet spot. I always smirked and accepted her discretion. I realized as soon as she ground her soaking wet pussy against my turgid cock that she had not been kidding. She was wet like no other woman I had ever known. So hot, moist, and wet. Yet above all that the wonderful aroma coming from her sex made me shudder in anticipation.

I grabbed her hips and slid her up and down the length of my shaft, making her moan as her clit ground against me. I fought to keep my wits about me even though it was far to late for that.

I could wait no longer and, judging by how fiercely she was kissing me and pushing her steamy slit against me, neither could she. I slid her forward until I felt the head of my dick pressing against her entrance. I growled deep in my throat and pulled her down on me, sliding myself into her. Given how wet she was I was amazed that I did not slide into her completely on the first try. Then again I never had met a woman I could do that with, but I figured she would continue to ruin me for other women as she had been slowly doing for months. She collapsed against me, her mouth sliding off mine as I entered her so that she ended up next to my ear.

With my hands guiding her hips she lifted them up and we tried again, this time succeeding in letting me seat myself fully inside of her liquid heat. She moaned in my ear, sending chills down my body and making my cock jump inside of her. I pushed up at her, not believing how hot and tight she felt around me, especially given the lubrication she had going on.

I slid my hands up her sides, putting them under her shirt and lifting her shirt and her bra off her breasts. I used my arms to lift her off of me and I beheld, for the first time, her chest. I grinned like a little boy given a piece of candy. She looked down at me through lust-hooded eyes and smiled. My hands cupped her breasts, fondling them and rolling her nipples in my fingers. We kissed again, her taking full control of her hips and raising them and letting them slide back down on me. We went faster and faster, slapping our loins against each other. Soon our breath was becoming too ragged; we could not continue to kiss. She sat up as much as she could, increasing the angle of my penetration of her. On a good thrust I could feel the head of my cock bumping against her cervix, something that we both struggled to repeat as often as possible.

She shuddered on top of me as I pinched her nipples, simultaneously letting out a gasping moan. Her movements became spastic and somehow her nipples got even harder between my fingers. I grinned and drove myself up into her as far as I could, all thoughts of holding myself back now gone. She gasped for breath and collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily and moving far more languidly, yet still milking my manhood.

My hands made their way down to her hips and then her ass, which I cupped in my hands and fondled so firmly it was almost rough. It brought some life back into her, causing her to sit up just enough to look at my face and smile that crooked naughty smile she had. I growled and pulled her hips down on me, making both of us gasp at the sensation.

She needed no more encouraging then that. She set up some strange circular motion with her hips, rocking them back and forth as she rose and fell on me. I groaned and thrust up in her, still clutching her creamy buttocks with my hands and kneading them with my fingers. It was over quickly for me, Lynn somehow knew exactly how to move to draw the most excitement and pleasure from me, using the muscles in her pussy to squeeze and milk my cock as she rose and fell on it.

She was gasping in pleasure again as I felt the pressure build within me. I groaned and let my eyes roll back in my head as the fireworks started. She slammed against me hard and fast, not stopping until my hands held her hips tightly against me. My cock twitched and spasmed inside of her, swelling briefly then exploding and filling her. She whispered a few unintelligible words, lost in the passion. She rubbed against my pubic bone, grinding her clit against me and feeling herself overcome by another orgasm as my dick continued to empty inside of her.

We both shivered as we wound down from the powerful orgasms, her laying against me and my arms around her back holding her tightly. After several long moments of catching our breath she leaned back a little and looked at me, a satisfied smile on her face.

"Wow," she said to me. I chuckled and nodded my enthusiastic agreement.

"You're blessed," she said next, squeezing me with her muscles. I jumped at the sensation, which caused her to jump in turn. We both grinned.

"Now that I've had you, yes, I am," I replied with a wink. She laughed and then growled as she rubbed herself against me.

"Why do we have to go back? I want to do you all afternoon!"

I smiled. It was one hell of a good idea, but reality had to enter the picture at some point. I glanced at the clock on her radio and my eyes widened. "Damn, we've been gone 45 minutes already. So much for lunch!"

She purred and gave me a kiss, "Yeah, so much for it. That was just an appetizer, I still want the main course!"

I loved the way she thought! I shook my head, trying to clear it. "Main course is going to have to wait, hot stuff."

"I know, but you can't blame a girl for wanting."

I grinned. No, I certainly could not blame her!

In an amazingly dexterous move Lynn somehow managed to roll off of me, pulling herself off of me and ending up back in her seat. She quickly pulled her panties back on and winked at me.

"Sorry, I had to hurry," she explained. "I want to be able to feel you the rest of the day."

My eyes widened as I realized what she meant. She leaned over me again, reaching towards my feet and grabbed her dress slacks, pausing to smile as she was only inches away from my still rigid cock. I noticed then that I was still hard, something that filled me with pride and made me wish for the afternoon off. Lynn looked up at me, that mischievous twinkle in her eye.

She smiled at me and straightened up, putting her pants on. Slowly coming out of my shock I reached down and pulled my own pants back up. I looked back at her and she leaned towards me. We kissed again, our hands quickly going to each other. She broke away after a moment, letting out a deep sigh.

"We have to get back, if I keep that up we're going to end up in the same seat again."

"You say that like it's a bad thing," I said with a grin. She laughed and shook her head.

She smirked and reached over to fondle my still hard package through my pants briefly. "Just wanted to give you something to think about the rest of the day."

I shook my head and smiled. She most certainly had! The rest of the day promised to be complicated and interesting for me, and beyond that who knew what lay ahead. If nothing else one thing was for certain, I planned on inviting her out to lunch whenever possible!

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:51 pm

I stared at her, momentarily lost in the moment. We were face to face, nearly so close that my vision would double. Instead I noticed the tanned color of her skin, skin so close I could see the texture of her pores in it. I studied her nose, small and cute and perfectly suiting her face. Her lips were soft and likewise proportionate, and wow could they kiss! Finally my eyes drifted up, settling on her piercing green eyes. Eyes that could do things to me nobody else could ever hope to. It excited me and terrified me, the power she could have if she only knew how to play her cards.

My own eyes were hazel, which meant at any given moment I had no idea what color they were. I have been told that I have a piercing gaze myself. Even to the being informed once that someone felt I was staring into their soul. Right then all I knew was that we both seemed trapped, looking into the depths of each other's eyes. But trapped in a good way.

The moment, brief as it was in spite of it's eternal feel, passed. She gasped under me, biting her lip softly as she did so. I smiled at the cute expression on her face. It made her look as though she had some Hollywood lighting effects on her. She beamed with excitement and vigor. I could only imagine my own excited visage as well.

I leaned back in the scant inches separating us and our lips parted to meet. We kissed again as we had done before. It was incredible, how we moved against each other. Our lips and tongues danced in a way that made music seem crude and ugly. We held each other's hands as well, our fingers intertwined and tightly holding one another. My other hand had was supporting most of the weight of my upper torso on my elbow, my hand supported the back of her head, almost tangled into her soft dirty blond hair.

Neither of us could deny the sensations that we felt. I was buried inside of her as deeply as I could be, filling her with my flesh so completely that I had trouble telling where I ended and she began. We had paused, both caught up in the passion of the moment up until that point. Clothes had flown wildly and nothing had gotten in our way of ravaging each other's body. Our lust was so great that we could not stop ourselves from going straight for the main course. We had planned on countless hedonistic acts, but the chemistry between us demanded we sate those lusts later. First we needed to consummate our lustful sins.

Everything changed as soon as I slid within her though. It changed, and I think it changed for the better. We saw each other then, and both recognized that same thing in the other. Emotion had become involved already, but we were both open, honest, and ready to deal with it in the safest possible way. Now we realized that we both fools to think that everything else in our relationship up to that point had been so perfect, why would this be any different?

My hips and hers met in an unspoken pattern that showed yet again that on some genetic level we were matched for each other. We fell into a pattern that was anything but. It was so complex that most cryptanalysis would have been stumped trying to figure it out, yet our bodies moved in sync. Our passion returned but it was on a deeper level, a more emotional level that we both recognized and accepted if for no other reason then because it was to late for us to do anything about it. I felt no regrets, I hoped she was the same.

We continued to grind into and against each other, with her spasming around me ever few minutes as she rode through another climactic wave of passion. I rode the edge of my own orgasm far longer then should have been possible, but eventually it was impossible to deny myself any longer. I felt the telltale tightening of my muscles and growled into her mouth. Pulled me tighter against her with her free hand and squeezed my other hand tighter with her own. I buried myself in her deeper an deeper with each thrust, losing a part of myself in the urges that pushed me on. I launched burst after burst of my seed inside of her, all thoughts now gone from me except for the overwhelming want within me to merge with her as completely as possible. No, not want, but rather need.

It was over all to soon, but as we lay there with me resting on top of her we stared again into each other's eyes and realized that it was only just beginning.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:51 pm