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I taught Lisa Maths


This happend when i was in india, our neighbours were no one other than my mom's sister's family. and my aunt had two beautiful girls.this story is about leena the younger one.there is a story about the elder one that i will share with you guys later on. during my young age when i was doing college, i was 22, leena was doing final year in school.

I was a math genius and fortunately for me, leena was very weak in maths.everyday i used to teach her maths for couple of hours, during the exams, i used to stay awake the entire night along with her in our combined study room to help her out in the exams. leena was such a gorgeous girl. any guy at a first glance looking at her, will have get his cock hard. she had a perfect body and she had a tanned hair.even her pussy hair was tanned, which i found out later on... this was during her midterm exams, she wanted me to help her out badly on calculus. i had fantasy of her many times, but didnt hv enough guts to proceed with her. also the same time, there was a marriage of our relative happening in a town away from us, and since i was helping her out for exams and since she had exams, we were left alone in the house and everyone else in our family left for the weekend marriage.

I came home from school on friday and leena who was already there in the home was preparing dinner for both of us in our kitchen. I was so much tried from the college because of the football match i was playing so i went to take shower to get myself freshened up. as i was taking shower, i found that i didnt bring towel to wrap myself around. since no one was there in our home, i thought i would step out of the bathroom and run fast to my room and get myself changed, hoping that leena would be busy in the kitchen. what i didnt knew was, she is in my bed room, searching for the scientific calculator from mydesk. as i came runningly into my room without any cloths, she was just stepping out of my room, we both bumped onto each other and i fell on top of her, me butt naked. when we fell down, she got hurt in her left knee, and i got hurt in my elbow and we both were in a confused state dont know what to do. she giggled looking at my cock and turned away. then i realized the state i was, ran and picked up a towel and wrapped around me.

Now i asked why she was there, and she told me that she was looking for the calculator and she asked me why i was running butt naked in the house. we both laughed at each other and i asked if she was hurt and she said she did. there was a bruise in her knee. She was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt, so i cld see bruise on her knee. i took some antiseptic in a cotton and tried applying on her knee. she resisted saying that it would burn and she cant bear that pain. i forced myself to put that antiseptic on her knee and she was screamed and crying on the touch of medicine. i hugged her and told her it was okay and during all these thamasha, the towel i had wrapped around slipped a little and since i was hugging her face on my chest, her stmoach was on my cock. we both felt the heat that was happening in our body. she ran out of the room and i got changed.she was giving me a wicked smile when she saw me again.

We both had our dinner during which we didnt talk much and was watching some movie from the vcr. then she went to the study room, telling me that she wld call me if she needs any help from me, and i was watching the tv for a while. it was close to 10pm when i went into the study room to check on her. when i went to the study room, i saw her, sleeping already with all the books lying around her. since she was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed while she started to go to sleep, by now when she was in full sleep, her skirt has moved above her knees, and her tshirt had moved up a little bit, exposing her stomach. just by a look at it, I felt the rush of adrenaline in my stomach. i went to the living room switched off the lights, tv and started a music, closed all the doors and came to the study room again. she has nt changed her sleeping position much. i sat beside her, and called her by name. there was no response from her. then i made some noise like coughing, sneezing which didnt seem to bother her sleep much. i shook her a little bit still she wasnt bothered from her sleep. i was confident that she is sleeping deeply. i put my hand on top of her tshirt on her clevage. it was a feather touch. i cldnt even feel anything. slowly i put some pressure and now i can feel her beautiful round boops. i never thought i wld hold them in my hands. then i put my other hand on top of skirt right the place where her pussy is.

I cld feel her pussy hair. i was surprised that i cld feel her pussy hair. this made me curious. my attention was brought to her pussy now. i was unwrapping her skirt slowly. now,i saw cld get a glimpse of her pussy. oh wow, she didnt put her panty. now i realised that she didnt even have her bra. i started thinking if this is something she was doing consiously. because i know that she wld wear bra and panty all the time even during the bed. this kinda gave me a green signal that she also has the same urges as me for sex. to confirm this, i put my index finger on her pussy and pressed it firmly. if she was really sleeping, she wld hv got up or atleast made some kind of move in her body. now i am confident that she wants sex as badly as me. now i removed all my cloths and stood there naked. i removed the foreskin on my cock and put my cock right on her lips and slowly tapped her lips. i know she is enjoying everything i am doing but she wont just open her eyes. now, i went ahead and unzipped her skirt. i moved her body to remove the skirt again she didnt open her eyes. Now I am looking at her pussy, which is already wet. The smell of the pussy juice was awesome and was driving me crazy. I put my index finger inside her pussy and was finger fucking her.

This time i was watching her face closely to see if there is any expressions in her face. Well, she was really smart at it. She didnt show any expressions at all. Suddenly in a way of co-operating, she laid down in her back and had her legs wide open. This was inviting me for the missionary position. i started licking and eating her pussy. Her pussy was dripping pussy juice a lot. Since she was a virgin, the virgin pussy juice was tasting and smelling like a strawberry. I was sucking the pussy juice taking extra care not to let them drip in our couch. I can feel my cock becoming erect and wanting to spit out the loads and loads of cum it had stored in it for all these moment. I slowly raised and made her open her mouth with my fingers and finger fucked her mouth. this made enough room for my cock to safely perform a mouth fuck. I inserted my cock in her mouth. This time, she opened her eyes finally and she smiled at me.

I told her to suck me hard and i sat down with my legs spread, giving her way to suck my cock comfortably. She knelt down in her knees was taking my cock deep in her throat. I can feel the tip of my cock touching the inner toungue of her mouth. She was so good at sucking. She was sucking so hard that she finally chocked. I asked if everything is okay with her and she said she needs some water. I said i hv loads of protein shake in my cock and she gave me a big smile started sucking me again. Finally i was giving it away loading shots and shots of cum in her mouth and she was sucking them all the way in her mouth. She had them in her toungue and showed me how much i has cummed in her mouth. finally she swallowed everything with a neat smile. I gave her a big hug at this.

I wanted to move into her pussy, but she said i hv to wait for tomorrow to do that. She wanted to enjoy the weekend slowly without any hurry. I agreed, then she started reading and i was lying on her lap while she was reading, and i had a good sleep on her lap having my face 1" next to her pussy.

Posted : 27/04/2011 12:50 pm