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I light her Cigarette


I was standing out in the parking lot smoking a cigar and admiring a couple of motorcycles that were parked. The parking lot belonged to a VFW hall, wherein a wedding reception for a buddy of mine was taking place. I was there to give him the standard congratulations hand shake, of course, but also for the free beer. Then when I saw the bikes in the parking lot it just got better.

I was admiring one bike in particular, a big heavy cruiser just like the one I own. Difference was he had some extra aftermarket accessories on his: a real pretty 2 into 1 set of pipes and a Kuryakin breather being the only noticeable things. I had heard it running though so I knew there was a fuel chip installed as well improving the mix to the massive fuel injected pistons for better power and mileage. I could only dream about saving up a few extra bucks to make some very similar changes to my own bike. Meanwhile I drooled.

"That's a pretty bike," some random woman said as she walked up behind me.

"Yeah it is," I replied, not even turning to check her out. "Big and bad, but gentle as a kitten."

"That yours?" she asked again, not moving on as I had expected her to.

I had to turn at that point. She had a sexy voice with a hint of playfulness in it, so if nothing else I had to find out if there was more to it then that. That or maybe I was just drunk.

"No, some guy inside owns this, never got his name," I told her, turning to see her.

Saying she was cute would have been an understatement. She had dark blond hair past her shoulders and brown eyes that promised a never ending ride into the stars. She wore a blue or purple or some odd colored dress that set off her eyes even more, as well as it drew my attention to the displayed cleavage and her smooth looking legs below where it ended just above her knees. Had she been wrapped around a hook and me a fish, some fisherman would have been frying me up for dinner right then and there.

"I've got one similar to it, except mine is red, a couple years newer, and does not have the same sound this one has... yet," I added as quickly as I could, trying not to stare at her.

She just smiled at me and reached into her purse to pull out a cigarette. "Got a light?" she asked me, her eyes twinkling.

I nodded and reached for the Zippo in my pocket. "Sure, you just let me know anytime you need a little fire in your life."

Okay, so it was cheesy. I was drunk, I was allowed. Still, I figured with a line like that I deserved a swift kick in the balls. She was gracious though, she just laughed and let her eyes do to me what mine had done to her a few moments before. I grinned stupidly.

"I'll remember that," she said, winking at me and turning to walk away.

I stood there and watched her go, trying to decide if I should follow after her or not. Ultimately I decided against it. I crushed my spent cigar out on the pavement under my shoe and decided I had better head back into the reception. After all, my beer was nearly empty!

There she was again, heading towards the beer tap. It was a serve yourself kind of thing and we had already gone through 3 kegs. I say we in a very broad sense, as there was easily over a hundred guests at the reception. Nonetheless I made sure I hopped in line before her. Not to cut her off, but because I had an ulterior motive. Then again, does a guy ever do anything without an ulterior motive?

"Can I buy you a drink?" I asked with a shit eating grin as she stepped up and I held out an extra plastic cup full of beer to her.

She laughed and took it from me, "So that's it, you're the bartender?" She was joking right back with me and I was loving it.

"Naw, just a friend of the groom, name's Eric," I held out my hand and she shook it, her grip soft and firm at the same time. The touch lingered longer then it should have, perhaps, but who was I to complain?

"The bride is an old friend of mine," she responded in kind. "I'm Diana."

I nodded before launching into my next corny line. "As for the bartending thing, you give me a chance and I bet I could serve you up one hell of an orgasm."

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, unable to stop herself from laughing. I was impressed that she had gotten the joke as quickly as she did. A lot of people would forget that orgasm is the name of a drink, especially in a situation like that.

"I'll remember that too," she said with another wink. "Now walk with me, I don't know very many people here."

Just like that, no arm-twisting involved, we ended up talking to each other the rest of the night. She kept trying to get me on the dance floor but two things conspired against her. First, I have no rhythm and can not dance. I know this and as a favor to myself and those around me, I do not try to disprove this fact. Second, I have a high tolerance for alcohol and was not nearly drunk enough yet to violate rule #1. I did finally let her pull me out for a few slower numbers though, which I think I did an adequate job on.

Our conversations were more then a little interesting. From the initial getting to know you style it went deeper as we found ourselves more and more interested in each other. I was a computer programmer and she was a little bit of everything. Well, she was interested in everything. Professionally she worked for a fortune 500 company as a purchaser.

It was around 11:30 by that time and we had known each other for a little over 2 and a half hours. I blamed it on the beer, but it seemed amazing to me that I was as infatuated with her in so short a time. What surprised me even more was by all indications, she felt the same towards me!

"I need a cigarette, I'll be right back, okay?" she said to me, looking at me reassuringly.

I smiled and shook my head. "How quickly they forget..."

"What?" She asked, grinning at my playfulness. Yes, by that time we were both mildly drunk. Well, maybe a little more then mildly, but who's counting? Besides, I had a room waiting for me upstairs in the hotel.

"When we first met, way back when, I was smoking a cigar."

She laughed again at the melodrama in my voice. "Way back when? Yeah, I guess I remember that."

"Good, there's hope for you yet," I said, winking at her and standing up. "Now let's go indulge our nasty habits."

She looked at me with a strange look for a moment. I winked at her again and made a path through the crowd towards the doors outside. Once there I pulled another cheap cigar out of my pocket and waited for her to fish a cigarette out of her purse.

I walked around the corner of the building so we were not blocking the door and headed over to a darkened corner of the parking lot for a little privacy. Diana followed me closely. I turned around and fished my Zippo out of my pocket. I held it up between us and thumbed the flint to start the flame. She leaned forward, cigarette in her mouth towards the flame, which I slowly pulled back closer to me.

She kept leaning closer and finally figured out what I was doing. She took the cigarette out of her mouth and grinned at me, "What are you doing?"

"Getting you closer to me," I explained quickly, closing the lid on the lighter and sliding my hands around her. I leaned in before she could respond and kissed her.

She stiffened in surprise. I was about to back off when he relaxed a little and parted her lips. With the kiss returned, I pushed onward, marveling at how quickly she warmed up and how talented she was at the art of kissing.

"You could have just asked," she whispered when we stopped several seconds later, a new look in her eyes.

"I wanted to surprise you," I returned.

She laughed, "it worked! Wow, that was good."

I smiled, who does not like a little flattery now and then? "Must have been a fluke, I'm a lousy kisser."

"Oh yeah?" She asked, seeing through my lousy pretense of modesty. "Guess we had better try it again then to make sure."

"If you insist," I said, leaning back in towards her and looking very much forward to it.

"Uh-uh, not here."

I stopped and looked around. The parking lot was far from deserted. Several people from the reception wandered about, singly or in groups. I nodded. "Where?"

She grabbed my hand in hers and pulled me back inside. We left the hall and wandered into the hotel, heading down a hallway. I was excited at the possibilities of where she was taking me, then was surprised when he suddenly veered off to the side and pulled open the doorway of a maid's closet that had not been shut all the way. She looked around quickly and ducked inside, pulling me in behind her. I grabbed the door on my way through and pulled it shut behind us.

It was dark. A few moments of fumbling and she found a light switch, bathing us in enough light to easily see what we were doing and to see each other. The closet was not very large but there was easily enough room for the two of us in it.

We moved closer to each other, with time seeming to slow down as the distance lessened. She had moved smoothly and gracefully all night, but as we came together she seemed to flow. Her movements became fluid and it seemed to me that she danced as we took each other in our arms. Sure I was drunk but this girl could move unlike anyone else I had ever seen.

Our second kiss was better then the first. Less anxiety and more passion. It lasted a lot longer as well, causing a standing ovation in my pants for her talented lips and tongue. I knew that no matter what else happened, Diana would be with me in my dreams and fantasies for years to come.

I finally stopped kissing her lips and trailed some kisses down her throat. I traced a line with the tip of my tongue down her neck and over her chest, stopping only when I encountered the top of her dress. I kissed her there and started back up, returning happily to her mouth and starting up the third round. She reached up with her arm and pulled one of the straps of her dress off her shoulder, letting it slide down and reveal one her breasts.

I took the open invitation gladly and kissed my way back down to it. She had smaller breasts but, when push came to shove, I would be forced to admit I preferred smaller boobs to larger ones. There was no danger of hers ever pointing at the ground but there was no denying that she had some womanly curves. And her nipples drove me crazy, they reminded me of the eraser on a pencil. Firm little nubs just begging me to have my way with them. And so I did.

Diana leaned her head down as I nibbled and sucked on her sexy nipple and started to run her tongue around the rim of my ear. My brain went into overload at that point and I just tried to hold on as she breathed into my ear and whispered, "Oh my god I'm so wet!"

I maintained control only by a supreme effort of willpower. She was playing with a loaded gun and the safety was off. I pulled myself up and returned the favor to her, nibbling on her ear and saying, my voice almost as husky with desire as hers was, "I don't believe you, you're going to have to prove it to me."

She made a cooing noise and took my hand in hers. She guided it down her body, rubbing along her side and over her hip and thigh. Then she pulled it back up, catching her dress on the way and pulling it with it. I felt the top of her stockings as my hand slid up her silky smooth inner thigh, then I felt the lacy fabric of her panties. Even through her panties I could feel the humidity from within. She pressed my hand against her mound for a mount, grinding it against me, then let her hand fall away.

I kissed her even more passionately then. My fingers danced across her sex and found the edge of her panties. I slid them off to the side and had free access to the steamy moistness that was her pussy. Her breath hissed through her nostrils as my fingers slid up and down the length of her lips. I felt carefully, focusing on my hand and wanting to make sure I did everything better then perfect for her to impress her. I mapped out the contours of her pussy in my mind by touch alone, and in a few seconds I had found the spots I needed to find.

I took her nipple back in my mouth and gently bit at it while my fingers rubbed up and down her clit, making her gasp for breath in extreme pleasure. She arched her back and only my other hand behind her kept her from falling. She felt so light and delicate in my hands it gave me a power trip to know that she was trusting me to not only keep her from falling and hurting herself, but to also bring her off as powerfully as I could. I redoubled my efforts on her.

I felt her body tightening in my arms as I continued to stroke her. Her breath came faster and soft little moaning noises escaped her throat. Soon she was gasping for breath and I suspected she was cumming for me. I grinned around my mouthful of her breast but kept stimulating her, trying to bring her off again.

She straightened suddenly and pulled my hand away. "I thought I heard something," she said when I asked her what was wrong.

I shook my head. I had been listening too, there was nothing going on. "No worries gorgeous, it's just you and me and a couple of towels and brooms."

She smiled and looked relieved. She glanced down and said, "Wow, you're one hell of a kisser."

I laughed. "Thanks. You're the best I've ever kissed, if that says anything."

She smiled and hummed positively. "Ditto," she admitted, still trying to catch her breath.

"So now what, do we go back to the reception?" I asked her, knowing that I would be able to keep the magic of what had just happened with me forever, regardless of what else happened.

"Here, let me help you clean that off," she said, pulling my hand up between us.

Before my very surprised eyes she licked up the length of my middle finger and sucked it into her mouth. I groaned and my eyes widened. All bets were now off. I had to have her and nothing was going to stop me.

She gave my other fingers the same treatment. By the time she was done I was trembling with my need. She had just kicked over a nest of bees and she had no clue just how much trouble she was in. As soon as she sucked the last of her juices off my fingers I was in there, kissing her again. The lust of my kisses conveyed my feelings to her, catching her off guard at first but quickly building in her and making her own passions grow. In moments we risked bruised lips from how rough we were kissing each other.

Her hand stroked the length of my cock through my jeans, inciting me to further agony and ecstasy. She slipped her hand inside my pants and felt for it, taking me in hand and stroking it rapidly. I moaned into her mouth and fought against the growing desire in me to tear her dress off, bend her over, and shove my length inside of her.

She removed her hand from my pants and rubbed her stomach against mine, rising up and down on her low heeled shoes to slide against my erect manhood. On her third downward slide she kept going, dropping to her knees in front of me. I stared down at her, wanting what she was going to do and wanting more. She looked up at me and grinned, a powerfully sensual look in her eyes. She looked, for lack of a better word, hungry.

My belt was undone and my pants unbuttoned and unzipped in no time. She pulled them down and my cock sprang free, smacking her in the chin on it's way up. She looked at it appreciatively and grinned. Then she treated it to the same treatment she had given my fingers, licking up it slowly first. Her tongue darted into the slit at the tip that was already wet with my pre-cum, tasting me. She backed up and we both saw the string of it that connected my cock to her tongue. I groaned and felt a little bit of my control slip as my hips inched forward closer to her.

Diana opened her mouth and engulfed me, sliding as deeply onto me as she dared. Involuntarily my hips hunched forward at the sensation, driving me further into her mouth. Her hands flew to my hips to keep them still while she bobbed her head up and down on me. Her cheeks were hollowed out from the suction she was applying to me. I was in heaven and wished I had not drank as much as I had. Then again, any less alcohol in me and I probably would have shot my load before she even got my pants off me, so incredible was she.

She finally stopped slurping on my cock and instead started stroking it with her hand, holding it up out of her way while she leaned in and sucked first one and then the other one of my balls into her mouth. She nibbled and slurped at them while her hand pistoned away, driving me beyond any excuse for sanity. I groaned and dropped my hands into her hair, gently resting them there at first but as soon as she took my dick into her mouth again my grip tightened subconsciously.

She moaned around my cock, urging me to guide her with my hands on her head. I was so far gone it did not take much encouragement. I slid her up and down on me several times, driving myself closer and closer each time. Finally she reached up and pushed my hands away. I let her, knowing she would not leave me to suffer. She used her fingernails to scratch at my sack with one hand while her other hand wrapped around the base of my cock and pumped me into her mouth. She continued to bob her head up and down on the tip of my dick, her tongue wrestling with my head all the while.

I grunted and felt an incredible amount of pressure rising in me. I tried to warn her but was swept away by the power of it. I managed, with scant seconds remaining, to finally squawk out a warning to her, but she just took it in stride and started pumping her hand up and down even harder. I was done in then, and just let things happen.

My legs stiffened and only a nearby wall to lean against kept me from collapsing as untold gallons of my seed exploded from within me in one burst after another into her mouth. She never faltered, keeping a vacuum tight seal as he worked hard to swallow every last drop. Finally I was finished and ready to collapse from the power of it. She had massaged my balls the entire time, convincing them to give up every last bit of their reserves to her. I felt drained, physically and mentally.

A few more affectionate sucks later she back away. I looked down at her and was amazed to see that she had almost a reluctant look on her face. I grinned stupidly and reached down for her, pulling her back to her feet. She came back into my arm and we kissed, our tongues greeting each other in a happy reunion. I could faintly taste myself on her. My dick slowly gave up the fight, dipping lower with each passing second. Her hand reached down and she fondled it briefly. She raised her dress back up and slid her panties to the side again so that she could press me against her hot snatch. I smiled at her and ended our kiss with a relish.

"Not enough room in here for that," I told her, looking into her brown eyes and wondering just how lost in them I would let myself become.

"Yeah, we better get back or somebody might miss us," she admitted, letting my cock go free and straightening her clothing.

"By the way," she said to me as I pulled my pants back up and got my own clothing in order. "You're blessed."

I chuckled. I knew what she meant but I had never thought much about it. "Now that I've sampled a taste of what you have to offer I have to agree with you!"

She laughed and shook her head. We kissed one more time, then again before we finally opened the door and stepped out of it. There were a few people in the hallway but nobody nearby and no one really noticed that we were walking out of a closet, fortunately for us.

We walked back towards the reception, with both of us thinking eagerly about what else was going to happen that night. The only question I had was, my room or hers?

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The reception wound down around 1:30 in the morning. Diana and I had been virtually inseparable since our return from the closet where we had determined, beyond any doubt, that we really were interested in each other. We were heading towards the elevator now, walking closely together and talking all the way. It was odd how natural our conversations were, charged with innuendo and sexuality one moment and harmlessly mundane the next.

At the elevators we stopped. I turned to her and saw her smiling at me, almost challenging me with her sparkling brown eyes. In spite of the world class blow job she had given me earlier I had long since felt those familiar urges return to me and her smile did nothing to lessen them.

"My room or yours, gorgeous?" I asked her, not beating around the bush. Her smile grew both in intensity and naughtiness. I fought to keep myself from making a spectacle of myself by taking her right then and there.

"Mine," she said, hitting the Up button on the elevator. I shrugged and went along with it. She was a very take charge kind of women. Very independent and strong. I admired her for it, though I had no interest in being dominated by her, I still respected her all the more for it.

When the doors opened I gestured with my hand for her to enter first. I stepped in behind her and then moved behind her when she turned to punch the button to her room, on the fourth floor. As soon as the doors closed she backed up into me and I felt her hand brushing against my manhood. I grinned and reached out to rub her sexy ass through her silky dress. That just caused her to push her butt back into my crotch, rubbing it against me and making it difficult for me to think straight.

One hand I used to grab onto her chin, not roughly but firmly. I turned her head back towards me and met her lips with mine, filling the void that not kissing her for the past hour and a half or so had left in me. She moaned into my mouth and spun around so she could be at a better angle. Her hands and mine roamed over each other's bodies, wanting to feel as much as possible both for our own benefit and for the other person.

The dinging of the elevator door and the sudden lightheadedness – aside from that caused by our hormones and our inebriation – indicated we had arrived at the fourth floor. We separated before we made a scene or started to drop any clothing in the elevator and I let her lead me out of the elevator toward her room. Not before she reached down and gave my dick a last squeeze, however. I followed her closely, all attention focused on her even though I need not worry, at that time in the morning there was no one else in the hallway.

I pinched her ass playfully as she fumbled with the magnetic card at her door, drawing a playful scowl from her. Her door opened a moment later and we were inside, embracing each other before the door even shut behind us.

Gone was any restraint. We were like animals in heat, kissing and rubbing and frantically fumbling at our own and at one another's clothing. It seemed unfair, in hindsight, because my shirt was off and my pants and boxers around my ankles yet she still had her dress on. Then she backed up a little and slipped her shoes off. She smiled at me, a wicked gleam in her eye. I relished the challenge she offered and managed to kick off my shoes before trying to step out of my pants. She never gave me the chance. Instead she sprang forward and crashed into me. Literally!

I landed on the bed, holding onto her tightly to cushion her fall with my body. The male mind works strangely in such situations, what can I say? Regardless she looked down at me with that patented mischievous smile I was beginning to enjoy so much. She kissed me again, diverting my attention while she grabbed my arms and put them on the bed beside my body. In a lightning fast move she brought her hips up and was sitting atop me, with my arms pinned against my sides by her legs. I was more then a little surprised, but my instant of alarm passed when I saw her sexy smile still beaming down at me. It helped my concerns even more when I realized she weighed so little that I could easily throw her off me if I had to.

She reached down and pulled the bottom of her dress slowly up her body, revealing the tops of her stockings and the straps that connected them to her garter belt. My eyes widened in pleasant surprise when I noticed she was no longer wearing panties. When, where, and how she had gotten rid of them was beyond me, however. I stared hungrily at her neatly trimmed patch of brown curls. I even licked my lips without realizing it.

Her dress continued up her body, showing her shapely stomach and finally once again revealing to me her heavenly breasts. She tossed the dress to the side and grinned at me. She wore only her stockings and garter belt and that infernal smile that had me hopelessly hooked on her.

I opened my mouth to say something that might have seemed clever to me at the moment, but given my very distracted condition, it was for the best that she put her finger over my lips to silence me.

Instead she spoke. "No talking," she said with a wink. "I have other plans for that mouth of yours."

She scooted forward then, walking on her knees which straddled my chest. I stared wide eyed as she drew closer and closer to me. Then my prayers were answered when she settled her slippery sex on my chin. I wasted no time in reaching out with my tongue and sliding it up the channel in her folds, tasting her musky juices and delighting in them. Out of sight behind her and all but forgotten, my cock throbbed in excitement.

Diana moaned as my tongue licked back and forth across her pussy, focusing on stimulating her clit from as many directions and in as many different ways as possible. She started rolling her hips on my face, grinding herself against my mouth and nose. I grinned, loving the feeling of power that I had knowing what I was doing to her. In moments she let out a sound that was part moan and part grunt, and wholly arousing. Her hands grabbed my head, my hair to short for her to wrap her fingers in, and she pulled me against her. I did my best to breathe when possible and continue to stimulate her as she climaxed on top of me, coating my face with her increased juices.

"Stop!" She said finally, though it was hard to hear her over her own gasping for breath. I gave her a few more licks before she pulled herself away and slid down my body.

She leaned forward then, raising her hips and settling them down so that my cock was trapped between my stomach and hers. It was a delicious pressure, but it set off a strong ache in me that made me want more. She smiled at me, somewhat contented but even hungrier now then before as well. I suspected I was in for a wild ride, and I was looking forward to every second of it!

We were kissing then, or so I thought. I opened my mouth to meet hers but she did not seem as interested in my mouth as I thought she was at first. Instead she used her tongue to lick my lips and my goatee and my cheeks, cleaning her juices off of my face. As soon as I realized what she was doing I groaned and pulled my hands out, settling them on her hips and grabbing her ass firmly. She just grinned at me and then kissed me, tasting herself on my tongue and lips and driving me into even more of a sexual frenzy.

She ignored my hands on her ass, which urged her to impale herself on me, and instead slid her hot and steamy slit up and down the length of my cock, grinding herself against it. It drove me crazy, but when I opened my eyes to look at her I realized she was teasing herself as well. More then me, in fact, because she could only put up with it for so long before she moved far enough forward to let the head of my dick find the entrance to her tunnel of carnal delights.

She bore down on it smoothly, sliding most of my cock into her quickly. She was so wet it went in easy, but so tight around me that I groaned at the wonderful sensations. She moaned as well, bracing herself by putting her hands against my chest. Her eyes were closed as she focused on the feelings of my cock filling her. I grinned and lifted my hips towards her, sending a little bit more of me into her. Her eyes flew open and her lips parted. She looked at me and smiled, then started rotating her hips in a circles, teasing both of us with the sensations. Then she threw and up and down movement into her routine as well, grinding her clit against my pubic bone after a few rotations and proving that I was indeed fully inside of her.

I looked up at her towering over me and fought against my eyelids as they threatened to roll back in my head from the pleasure she was causing me. I reached up instead and started pinching her nipples both to give myself something to focus on and because they were begging me to do it just by sticking out and being so damn cute. Her lips parted and she moaned again at the added stimulation. Her hips started moving faster, and to aid her I did my best to lunge up into her with each of her downward thrusts. In not time we found our rhythm and were grinding happily away at each other, lost in a sweaty haze of lust and more.

In spite of her taking the edge off of me earlier in the broom closet, I was in danger of exploding inside of her. While it was something I was looking forward to very much I wanted to prolong the moment as long as possible. One look at her and I could see that prolonging it for me would mean forcing her to endure multiple orgasms. Her face was flushed and her nipples were growing harder as waves of release swept through her. When she was finished I slowed down a little and pulled her to me, kissing her on the lips and trying desperately to find some way to distract myself enough to prolong the inevitable.

I tried to roll her over so that I could take the top and be in charge of setting the pace. Changing positions and controlling the pace is a handy trick to stem an imminent eruption, after all. She stayed perfectly balanced atop me and broke our kiss.

"Uh-uh," she said, smiling. "The first one happens with me on top."

I chuckled, glad for the distraction. "You've had your first couple already," I pointed out to her.

She grinned. "You're first one, silly," she said. "I want to feel your cum exploding through your cock and filling my pussy."

Damn her, she was not playing fair!

"I can feel it better when I'm riding your cock with my pussy, it makes your hot cum shoot into me harder this way," she said, accentuating her words with several long downward plunges that brought me to the edge.

My last attempt at holding off came in the form of a question. "What about safety? Is it safe?"

"Mmmmm," she moaned, grinding her clit against me. "My tubes are tied and I'm sure we're both clean."

Diana sat straight up then on top of me and reached down behind me. I felt her fingernails tickling my sack. "Now quit fighting it and cum in me! I know you have more in you and the night is young. I'm going to fuck you until you can't fuck anymore, then I'm going to suck you hard again and fuck you some more."

Okay, she won. I groaned and grabbed on to her hips with my hands, pulling her down on me while I jammed my dick up into her furiously. She gasped at the change of pace but it was a gasp of pleasant surprise. My seed was already rushing through me, my control lost the second her fingers started massaging my testicles. She wanted me to fill her so fill her I did, pistoning myself into her to try and help fill every last bit of her.

Diana shuddered on top of me, sharing my orgasm with me and letting me share hers with her. Before long we stopped moving and just lay with our muscles screaming at how tense we were as the last of our passions played themselves out. She collapsed on top of me in time with my own body collapsing onto the bed. Without realizing it my arms wrapped around her and we held each other while we tried our best to recover some strength. It was several minutes before we could move.

"Mmmm, that was good," she said finally, looking up at me and kissing me.

I chuckled. "Good?" I asked. "If that's your idea of good I'm out of my league."

She smiled. "Okay, maybe it was more like... fucking incredible. How does that sound?"

I nodded, kissing her again long and meaningfully. "That's more like it," I said, whispering when we finished the kiss.

"I need a shower," I said, thinking of how sweaty we were.

"I have a better idea," she said, grinning as she picked herself up by resting her chin in her hand and her elbows on my chest.

"What's that?" I asked her.

"First you let me clean you off, then we go find out where this hotel's pool is at."

My eyes widened. Clean me off? Like she had done with my finger? It was not possible, was it? "Um, you mean like skinny dipping?"

She nodded and grinned. I laughed. So spontaneous and crazy, this girl was trouble for me and I knew it. I needed some good trouble though, I had behaved for far to long. Hell, once I had been known as a trouble-maker. I felt it was time I lived up to my nearly dead reputation.

"Let's go!" I said, matching her impetuous grin.

She winked at me and pulled herself off of me. I was quite pleased that my dick was still more then three quarters hard. She slid down my body then, kissing me along the way. She even stopped and spent a few moments kissing, licking, and nibbling on my nipples. I had never experienced that before, it was odd. Given the circumstances, it was exciting as well.

Even more exciting was when she continued down my chest and stomach, apparently intent on making good on her promise to, "clean me off".

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Neither of us had a bathing suit to wear. Then again, neither of us had any intentions of wearing a bathing suit. The tricky part was in fooling the clerks at the front desk that we did. To that end we each took a towel provided by the hotel and rolled them up so that it appeared that we had a bundle of swimming necessities.

Dressed as we had been when we left the reception, save that Diana wore only her dress and sandals and I was likewise going commando in my jeans and shirt, we went to the elevator hand in hand and stepped in. It was well past 3 in the morning by that time. Her attempts to clean us up with her tongue had only resulted in another round of very heated lovemaking. When we finished that time, with me on top at the end of it, we were both breathing hard and struggling to find the energy to move.

On the other hand, all the activity had worked the alcohol out of our system, so once we shook off the lethargy that multiple mind blowing orgasms puts on a person we were wide awake. Very reluctantly I had pulled out of her and watched, fascinated, as her overfull pussy leaked some of my cum onto her thighs. She winked at me and closed her legs quickly, trapping it. Her hand had gone down there as well, pressing against her sex to further trap it.

I stood up and went to turn away but turned back when she called me name. She gestured at me with her finger and to come around the side of the bed closer to where she was laying. I did so, locking gazes with her and suspecting I would do just about anything she asked me to in only to earn a smile from her. Standing near her and staring down at her I was distracted by a movement out of the corner of my eye.

I redirected my gaze and saw her hand moving as she dipped her fingers inside of herself. My eyes widened as she brought them out, glistening with the mixture of my cum and her juices. Smiling wickedly she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue so that she could lick them before putting them in her mouth and sensuously sucking them clean. My breath caught in my throat. Even as thoroughly fucked as I was she was causing a renewed interest in my cock. I could not remember ever being happier!

She sprang to her feet then before I could fall back on the bed and have my way with her. She grabbed up her dress and slid it over her womanly curves, making me growl deep in my throat out of appreciation for her. I shook my head and grabbed up my own pants and shirt, putting them back on before putting my shoes on as well.

In the elevator I trapped her in the corner and started kissing her again. She returned it passionately, excited at being backed into a corner. To further test my theory I grabbed her hands in mine and pulled them over her head, holding them tight against the wall of the elevator. She all but attacked me, grinding herself up against my crotch and even lifting one leg to wrap around me from behind to pull me against her harder. Only the elevator bell going off stopped us from forgetting ourselves in the heat of the moment.

With a smile and wave at the sleepy eyed girl at the front desk, who I noticed was a cute raven haired young thing with a faint asian look to her face, we were headed into the locker rooms. I stripped off my shirt and shoes, then moved quickly over the humid tile floor to the room leading to the pool. I opened it enough to stick my head in, noting that there were some high windows that showed the starry night sky and a couple of other doors. Other then the soft gurgling of the water filter and the gentle noise of the water lapping against the side of the pool, the room was empty.

I turned and went back to the locker I had chosen. I shoved my shirt and shoes into it, then took off my pants as well, and stowed them inside as well. I started to swing the door shut when I felt a pressure change in the room. I turned and saw Diana come around the wall that hid the locker room from the hallway outside. She was smiling at me as she walked up to me, her shoes in her hand.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked, shocked at her bravery. "This is the men's locker room!"

"It's 3:30 in the morning, nobody is going to come in here," she countered, stopping beside me and pulling her dress up and over her head unashamedly.

Any further protests from me were stalled when I saw her sexy body again. She was a dream come true. Incredibly erotic, unabashedly beautiful, and she possessed a personality that made her shine all the more because of it. I tossed aside any concerns I had and grabbed her up in my arms, pulling her to me and kissing her.

"Careful, it's kind of slippery in here," she said to me, giggling at my sudden change of heart.

"I'll show you slippery when wet," I growled, taking her dress from her and tossing it into my locker. I pulled the key out and turned to see her walking towards the door to the pool.

"Come on, I want to try out their hot tub!"

Being trapped in a hot tub with a sexy lady like Diana was suddenly my most preferred way to die. It caused more then a few naughty thoughts to race through my head as well, thoughts that I was sure she would approve of whole-heartedly.

I started towards the hot tub, thinking to beat her to it. I heard a splash behind me though, and that caused me to pull up short and turn around. She was surfacing by the time I saw her; she had dove into the pool. Grinning like a teenager, I took three quick steps and launched myself into a mighty cannonball right beside her.

When I came up she was spitting and laughing, her eyes closed. I shook my head to clear the water out of my eyes and grabbed onto her arm to pull her to me. She came to me quickly, lulling me into her confidence, then she promptly put both hands on my shoulders and twisted me around to dunk me under. I came up and had to laugh as well, we were even.

"I thought you wanted the hot tub?" I asked her after we had agreed to a truce.

Diana nodded. "Oh yeah, but first I wanted to rinse the sweat off and dive into here so the hot water feels better."

I shrugged, it made perfect sense. And since we were in a pool, I did what came naturally, I headed towards the deep end and started doing some easy strokes just to remind myself of how to do them. It had been a few months since I had been swimming, it felt good. Diana followed me, swimming gracefully alongside me.

It makes no sense at all, but there is just something so much more sensuous about swimming without any clothing on. I felt the water on my skin almost as though I had never felt it before. After trying out a few different strokes I found that we were near each other again. I did what came naturally, I rubbed my hand along her upper arm to let her know I was behind her. She turned to face me and smiled, coming closer and kissing me briefly. We were both treading water so any further activity was impossible.

I swam over to the side of the pool, pulling her with me. I found a jet underwater and grinned as a thought passed through my head. I spun Diana around in the water and put her back to the wall, right over the jet. She squealed in surprise at the stream of water but instantly knew what I had in mind.

She arched her back and, with me in front of her to keep her from falling face first into the water, let the jet blow over her pussy and ass. She winked at me and licked her lips, which brought me in closer to kiss her. She nibbled at my lips and tongue, so in turn I sucked her lower lip between mine and lightly raked my own teeth across it. The woman could kiss like no other!

I slid one hand down her body and let my fingers dance along her clit, making her moan into my mouth. With the water pressure stimulating her from behind it was no time at all before she was gasping for breath and stiffening in climax as I held her safe from drowning. I grinned when she finally pushed my hand away.

"Damn," she whispered. I just chuckled.

"Hot tub time!"

Where she found so much energy so quickly after that I had no idea. She turned and hopped up out of the pool, treating me to the heavenly view of her ass glistening as the water ran off of it in rivulets. I shook my head to break out of my trance and crawled onto the side after her. She was in the hot tub by the time I got there.

"There's a problem," Diana said when I settled in beside her and slipped my arm around her shoulders.

"What's that?" I asked her, my other hand under the water gliding along her thigh.

"That water jet emptied me out," she said, letting her hand slide along my thigh.

"Emptied you out?" I asked, not entirely sure what she meant.

She nodded, "Yeah, from when you filled me up earlier."

I laughed. "Oh!" I said, "guess I need to fill you up again then!"

"Mmmmm," she said, both in agreement and because my hand had slipped between her legs and was rubbing her pussy again.

"But first I have a surprise for you," I told her, rearranging myself in the hot tub so that I was between her legs and facing her. She looked at me with a crooked smile that told me she was curious about what I was up to.

I kept rubbing at her sex, sliding my fingers inside and curling them to try and stimulate her g-spot with them while my thumb glided across her tiny button on the outside. She draped one arm around my neck and pulled me to her, kissing me and letting me breathe in her breath as she moaned around my hand. Her other hand stroked me under the water, causing me to quickly become fully erect in her hand.

From her increased breathing and the way her body was starting to stiffen I knew the time had arrived for my surprise. I broke the kiss and took a deep breath, then ducked under the water. I felt my way down her body and then pulled myself forward. Keeping the air trapped in my lungs I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, rubbing it up against her and making her hips lurch forward. I grinned and kept working on her, fighting against my buoyancy to stay under as long as possible.

I felt her legs tighten and shiver and I knew she had suffered from her first orgasm. I still had plenty of air left though, having only been down for less then half a minute, so I wrapped one arm around her leg and the other I slid behind and beneath her ass, pulling her to my mouth. I kept on licking and nibbling and she kept on trembling in my arms. With the hand that held her tight against me I ran my fingers down the cleft in her butt cheeks, grinning when I felt her jump as my fingers tickled her asshole. I kept going and pushed them her pussy, sliding them in and out while I licked at her until I was starting to grow lightheaded.

Knowing I needed air I took a few more precious seconds to pull my fingers out and slide them back up her crack, lingering over her sphincter and pushing against it. This time she did not jump, but instead pushed back against me. I let out some of my air in sudden surprise at her willingness. She was to good to be true!

I came up then, gasping in a deep breath of air. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking at me with a newfound respect. I grinned for the brief moment before she pulled me to her and kissed me again, hard and furiously. Her hand found my cock and stroked it again, though I needed no encouragement as I was even harder then usual since discovering her backdoor interest.

She was sitting on a ledge in the hot tub and the bottom of it was perfect height for me to rest on my knees. I moved forward and pulled her closer to the edge of the ledge she sat on. She spread her legs for me and guided me to her opening. With only a little effort on our parts I was soon nestled very happily inside of her again. In our new position it was even easier for us to kiss while I speared myself inside of her again and again.

Soon her passion overcame her and she broke the kiss, hugging herself against me while I kept sliding myself into her. I had cum multiple times that night already so I was in no danger of losing control of myself. I was totally devoted to seeing how many times I could get her off before she succeeded in getting me off.

She bit my shoulder when the peaks of her climax crashed into her. I grinned, enjoying the sharp pain and hoping she had not broken the skin. I slammed myself into her as rapidly as the water would let me, hearing her moan heavily into my shoulder.

As soon as she seemed to be winding down I stopped and grabbed her around the hips holding her tightly to me. I gathered my feet under me and stood up partially in the hot tub, raising both of us out of the water to our lower chests. She was a skinny girl on dry land and I worked out, so lifting her in the water was easy for me. I spun us around and sat down on the ledge with her on top of me.

She grinned and positioned her knees so that she could rise up and down on me, which she immediately began to do. The increased sensitivity she was feeling did not slow her down in the least though, it only drove her to ride me harder and harder. I kept my hands on her hips and did my best to aid her movements.

An idea occurred to me then. I smiled a little wickedly myself at her and let my hands slide around on her smooth butt cheeks, going further behind her. She looked down at me, a twinkle in her eye, and leaned forward to kiss me. There was no shortage of lip and tongue action at any time in our short but very intense relationship, and I very much appreciated her for her skill and desire at making out, among other things.

Soon my fingers found their target. I ran them up and down the cleft in her ass and let my fingers rest longer and longer on her rectum. She drove herself harder and harder onto my dick when my fingers were not back there, and when they were she relaxed subconsciously while she focused on wondering what I was going to do with them.

I answered her soon enough, pushing gently but insistently with my middle finger against her. She moaned and pushed back, sliding deeper on my cock as she did so. It met a brief moment of resistance then with a silent pop it slid in to the first knuckle. My eyes were wide open and my cock surged inside of her with excitement. She just moaned into my mouth.

I let it rest a moment so she could get used to it. Water, ironically enough, made for a poor lubricant, so I had no intention of hurting her. I tried to move my finger a little bit inside of her, making her squirm at the sensation, and then ever so gradually I pushed on it and slipped the first knuckled inside of her. She kissed me harder and seemed to realize she had forgotten about my extremely hard cock inside of her. As soon as we could feel my finger rubbing against my dick from inside of her she came back to life and started riding me again.

She started off slow but in no time she was going faster and harder, making her prior movements seem like child's play. At some point one of her hands slipped down to the one I was invading her with and she held onto it. Then on a downward plunge she pushed on my hand, making me sink my finger all the way into her. She gasped at the sensation and held my hand tight against her, shivering as her body started on the path to another earth shaking orgasm.

I pushed my hand against her as firmly as I could, reassuring her that I had no intention of removing it. I twisted it back and forth though, stimulating the nerve endings in her sphincter as much as possible. Both of her hands slid into the water then and she used them to pull her cheeks apart. She was as exposed to me as she could be, letting me do my best on her and to her.

It was only seconds away before she shuddered on top of me and cried out. She spasmed and stiffened, impaled fully on me. I held onto her back with my hand, keeping her steady until she began to relax several long second later. Gently I pulled my finger out of her ass and held on to her as she relaxed into my embrace. I kissed her gently and let her sit on top of me, her pussy muscles tightening and relaxing beyond her control on my phallus.

"You didn't cum yet?" she asked me, clinging to me in the warm water of the tub.

"Not yet baby," I whispered back to her, enjoying the intimacy of the moment in spite of the raging hormones rushing through my blood stream.

"Mmmm, good, I want you to keep fucking me all night long," she said, smiling. "You feel so good in me and you fill me up so nicely."

"Trust me, you feel even better to me!" I told her with a smug grin. She laughed and we kissed again.

"You want to finish this here or go back up to your room?" I asked her, flexing my pubic muscles to make my cock twitch inside of her.

"Well it doesn't look like your surprise is going to show up, so let's go back upstairs."

"My surprise?" I asked, confused.

She grinned. "I invited the girl at the desk to join us."

My eyes widened wider then I thought was possible. I was surprised that my eyeballs did not fall out of my sockets, in fact. "You did what?"

"I figured you would like that, two women, one man... you know." She said a little uncertainly.

I shook my head in disbelief and laughed. "Baby, if you have any doubts about me liking it, just feel how hard my dick is inside you."

She grinned and kissed me, which turned into a time consuming and very enjoyable affair. I was convinced at that point that I might never go soft again, Diana had induced a permanent hard-on into me. My only complaint was how hard it was going to be having to bend over at 90 degrees to take a leak.

"Come on, you brown-eyed siren, let's go back upstairs and see if we can't screw each other to death," I told her with a smile.

She just grinned at me before saying, "I'm going to make you hurt."

I have always had a high pain tolerance, so I was not concerned. Then again, considering how much she had already impressed me, I suppose I was looking forward to the challenge.

"Here's the thing," she said as she pulled herself off of me and climbed out of the hot tub. "We carry our clothes to my room, don't put them on."

I chuckled and shook my head. Would this girl ever find a limit? Hell, would I ever say no to her?

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The girl at the front desk had watched us wide eyed and disbelieving as we left the locker room behind us with our clothing in our hands. Diana waved at her, smiled, and winked. I just grinned. We encountered no one else on our way back, it was almost eerie. Then again, it was well past 4 in the morning.

Back in her room we attacked each other over all over again. I was more then a little sore by this time, but that made me no less interested in her. I could tell she was worn out as well, but not willing to throw in the towel. It was late and only our hormones and the exhilaration of the situation was keeping us going.

We made the best of what we had left in us though, with me having plenty of energy to toss her to the bed and land on top of her playfully. She laughed and playfully tried to struggle back so that she was on top. I was having none of it though, and kept her pinned. She lost some of her will to fight when my fingers slipped across her mound and my lips closed on one of her nipples.

In no time she was pulling at me with her hands, urging me to position myself inside of her. My dick needed only the smallest amount of encouragement before I positioned at her lips. I slowly slid it inside of her, relishing the feeling of completeness that it gave me as I slid inside of her steamy pussy. Words fail to describe the sensation, especially because it was mixed with tenderness from my dick being used so thoroughly that night already. The pain mixed with the pleasure and took it to a new level for me, however.

Something was different this time. We looked at each other and both knew it, yet neither of us knew what it was or why. We took it slow at first, with me sliding in to her almost casually. Yet each thrust was deliberate and purposeful and delivered with such intensity that we both felt it throughout our bodies.

I wanted the moment to never end, yet the feelings shooting from my dick through my body promised a different story. I bit down within myself and focused then, concentrating on everything from reciting the alphabet backwards to counting down from 100. Our pace increased, and soon we were hammering away at each other and breathing hard. Diana was whimpering and making small moaning noises similar to ones I had heard in the past. I was immensely glad because I did not want to disappoint her and lose control before she did.

I raised myself up so I could plunge into her deeper and faster. Her hand slipped down between us and started rubbing frantically at her clit, another signal that she was almost there. I grinned and redoubled my efforts, slapping against her as fast as I possible could. Only my physical exertion was keeping me from cumming at that time, and it was seconds away at best.

Diana saved me from personal embarrassment then by driving her pussy up at me, curling at the stomach to lift her hips off the bed. She was locked in a timeless eternity of ecstasy as her orgasm crashed through her. I pounded into her repeatedly, feeling her powerful shudders squeezing my dick. I exploded inside of her, draining myself completely. There was little left but she earned every last drop of it.

We crashed back to the bed and lay there, exhausted, with me on top of her and still inside of her. Breathing heavily I finally managed to pick myself up enough to kiss her again. She returned it with enthusiasm but without much energy.

"So now what?" I asked her, staring into her suddenly unreadable brown eyes.

"Now you go back to your room and sleep a few hours before waking up and going home tomorrow," she said.

"You don't want any company here?"

She smiled sadly before responding. "Yes, I do, but I can't. This was great, but tomorrow we go our separate ways and we'll never see each other again. I don't want to confuse anything."

I nodded. It was not what I wanted to hear, but I understood her all to well. "Thank you then, Diana. Tonight is something I will never forget. I'm afraid you've ruined me for all other women!"

She smiled and kissed me again. "Get off of me and get out of here before I change my mind."

I chuckled and considered calling her bluff. Then I realized that she had her reasons and it would be unfair of me to test her. I pulled my shrinking dick out of her and slowly stood up, letting my overused muscles adapt slowly.

Dressing equally slowly I looked at her reclining nude on the bed with a natural grace that was beautiful every chance I got. Finally I could dally no longer so I stood up straight and smiled at her one final time. The expression on her face went straight through me. She was sad and happy and torn and a thousand other emotions. She looked at me with such longing for one long brief second I was scared of what had just happened.

She got off the bed and walked to me quickly. She embraced me and kissed me again, making it a kiss that put everything else we had done that night to shame. When it was over I was breathless. Not from increased libido but from the intensity and power of the kiss. Her eyes were still a little sad, but she was smiling again at least.

"Go," she whispered, "but always remember me."

I nodded to her earnestly. "You don't have to worry about that, there is nothing short of a life-long coma that could make me forget you!"

Then I was opening her door and stepping through it. I paused a moment before I shut it behind me, but ultimately decided to not look back. Not because I did not want to and not because I was afraid of what I might see, but out of respect for her. I wanted nothing more then to take her with me and figure out how to rearrange our lives to find out if we could make something work. I had no idea what sort of baggage she would bring with her.

I went back to my room and took a quick shower before collapsing into bed, my mind adrift with thoughts of her. I wanted to understand her better. In the end I had no more answers, only half-baked theories and questions. I fell asleep around 6:30 finally, sleeping for 2 hours before my alarm went off and I groggily got up. My first thoughts were of her, as I knew they would be for days, weeks, and probably even months ahead.

Snatching a quick continental breakfast in the hotel I kept my eyes peeled for her. I hoped to catch one more glimpse before I left, but such a thing was not in the books for me. Finally I checked out of the hotel, deciding that I had to remember it fondly but leave it behind me. Unless, of course, I could find out more about her from the newly married couple, Diana had been a guest of the bride, after all!

Armed with hope, I drove home. My mind was full of possibilities, problems, and potential.

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