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I have a sister named Terri


My name is Ron, and I have a hot little story to tell. I have a sister named Terri. She is four years younger than me. Even though she was eighteen, legally an adult, she still acted like an immature brat. I came home from college one Summer. From the moment of my arrival, she was constantly giving me Hell over stupid stuff.

One morning she ran out of the shower just to wake me up to bitch that I had used the last of the shampoo. In the middle of her fit, her towel slipped completely off her body to reveal her nudity. She was still complaining, and didn’t dare pick it up and put it back around herself. My sister had an A perfect body. She had a nice tan, a tight little bubble ass, and a couple of very big tits for a girl her age. All of that complemented her blonde hair and blue eyes. After she left, I had to masturbate. Later, I felt terrible that I had been gawking at my sister’s body and felt even worse that I jacked off to that image, but I had chalked that up to not having any sex since Spring Break.

A week or two wore on. Terri, my sister, and I were still having argument after argument. My parents left the day before, to go n their second honeymoon. I was glad, I wanted to throw one hellacious party! Terri didn’t. She put the Kibosh on that pretty fast. This pissed me off, and we got into the argument of all arguments. We cussed each other like we were mortal enemies, and in a way I guess we were. After a while, I got tired of her crap, and went to my room, to sulk my sorrows through the internet world.

After a few hours of searching the world wide web, I came across this advertisement for a drug that puts a person in a hypnotic suggestive state. It said it was used to cure smoking, drinking, and sex offenders, and a lot more. I wondered if it cured bitchieness? I thought I could get a lot of laughs with this stuff, so I ordered a bottle of it.

It was late at night, I had to take a dump. I walk into the bathroom an sit on the toilet. It is then I realize that Terri is in the shower. The shadow off the shower curtain outlined her body perfect. God she looked so hot. Without warning, she stepped out of the shower with her ass facing me. It took her a moment to realize I was there.

“Oh God! (she jumped back in behind the curtain.) What the Hell are you doing?”

“I had to take a dump really bad. I didn’t know you were in here.”

“Well get out!”

“I can’t. I’m in the middle of a big one.”

We argued some more, before I dropped my load and whipped myself. I went to my room with a raging hard-on.

That night, I jacked off with thoughts of my sister in my head. The next morning, I woke up, with no guilt at all.

Two days later, the package with the hypnotic drug came. There was no doubt who my subject was going to be, Terri. But the reasons had changed. I still wanted to cub her bitch attitude, but I wanted more, I wanted her.

I admitted to myself that it was a sick plan. It was an unnatural thing for a brother and sister to have sex. After reading a few dozen incest stories on the internet, I rationalized it all. I had to do this. Some would ask, why didn’t I just ask her? If I had, I would have freaked her out, she would have told Mom and Dad, and there was no telling what they would do to me.

The trap was set. That morning, we ha an argument. I had forgotten to tape one of her stupid soap operas the day before. Once again, we broke the sound barrier when it came to arguing. I left, before we got to angry with each other.

A half hour later, I returned with a peace offering.

“What the Hell are you doing back?”

“Terri, I’m sorry about that and all the other arguments we have been having lately. I want you to accept this watermelon slushy as a peace offering.”

The slushy had a lot of the hypnotic drug in it. Terri took it out of my hand.

“Thanks asshole!”

I sat beside her on the couch as she drank every drop, not knowing that her world was about to change.

We just sat there as her eyes were fixed on a Kenny Chesney video. I decided to try it out.

“Sis, turn that redneck off.”

Without question, she did. I wasn’t sure yet if the drug had kicked in, I figured that maybe she was tired of hearing the guy say “big star” over and over. My next command proved it was working.

“Why don’t you bring me your secret vibrator that you use nightly that no one knows about?”

Terri had this “oh shit” look on her face. She got off the couch and went to her room. A minute later she returned with her pink vibrator. I smelled of it.

“You used it this morning, didn’t you?”
“Yes. Now give it back!”

“I think not. Why don’t you stand over there in front of the tv and give me a strip show?”

“What?! Are you crazy?” I will not!”

As Terri was saying that, she walked to the middle of the room. She began removing her clothing. She was still protesting, saying that she wasn’t going to, when she was already doing it. She peeled off her Dale Jr. t shirt, freeing her breasts from their prison.

“This is outrageous! What kind o freak are you I-”

“Terri, Shh!”

Terri shut up, as she pulled her panties down. She had this panic look on her face. I realized what the drug was all about. The body and mind were separated. Terri’s body would do whatever I told her, but her mind was still free to express herself. I would fix that later.

Terri stood before me nude. She looked so scared.

“You know you really are a sick freak!”

“Oh I am Sis? Why don’t you take this vibrator and show me how you use it?”

I turned it on its highest level, and tossed the vibe to her. She sat down and spread her legs. She let it massage the outside of her pussy. She did this. She tried to complain, but she couldn’t do that and stifle her moans. Soon she was ramming the dildo into her pussy. All the while, my dick was getting ready to explode out of my pants. The moans were getting louder. She was close to cumming. I couldn’t have that.


She did, and had that confused look on her face. I didn’t know if it was there because she wanted to cum, or if her mind was still active.

I unzipped my pants and released my huge eight inch penis.

“Sis? Why don’t you come over here and give me a blow job?”

She crawled over to me, grabbed my dick, and licked the pre-cum off of it’s head.

“This is so wrong. Please don’t make me.”

It was time to bring her mind into it.

“No Terri. This is so right. You want this. You have wanted this all of your life. You need this. You need it. You can’t live without me. Now suck me.”

Terri no longer objected. She took my cock in her mouth and began to suck. She had a talented mouth. She sucked and licked. She had both my penis and my balls in her mouth at one point. She commented how she loved sucking me off. Soon, I exploded all over her.

“Swallow it! Swallow it!”

She did. I told her to come sit on my lap. I had to insert one more thing in her head to make all of this concrete.

“In front of anyone, we will remain brother and sister. There will be no more arguing. When we are alone, we will be lovers, red hot lovers. Understood?”

“Yes Ron.”

With that, I put a condom on. “Starting today, you’re on the pill. We can’t take any chances. Okay?”


“I love you Sis.”

“I love you to!”

With that, she lowered herself on to my latex covered dick. We fucked every way in the world that day, and almost every day after. No one was none the wiser. A year or so later, I used the drug on her one last time. I felt guilty for what we had done, for what I had done. I told her under suggestion what I had done, and that as of that moment, her mind and body was hers again. I let the room. I came back, and she was naked on my bed. She said that she forgave me, and she really wanted me.

That Summer we moved out of our parents house. W moved far away from them. We now live together in an apartment posing as man and wife.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:30 pm