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Hot Day At Home


It was a hot summer day and my husband was away on business. I was
feeling a little frisky and I really needed some company. Don't get
me wrong. I really enjoy pleasuring myself. In fact masterbating
and making myself cum is one of my favorite afternoon hobbies. I
knew of a guy from a club that we hang out in, that does mobile car
detailing (he comes to you). He was a real ladies man, I had seen
him leave with several hot women, sometimes at the same time and I
had always wanted to experience his manhood. I called and made an
appointment to "have my car detailed" around 1pm. I patiently
anticipated his arrival and took a hot tub to get ready. I let the
jets gently flow over my clit and tits. I slid the soap over my
nipples, oh it felt so hot. I was so horney, but I would wait. I
dressed in my little black skirt that showed my ass whenever I bent
over ever so slightly. Underneath it, I put on a deep purple thong,
for the full effect. I put on my matching bra that lifts my tits
nicely. Over that I had on a sheer violet top, that would accent my
features and make his mouth water.
The buzzer rang at the gate just as I dabbed on some rose oil, a
little on my neck and a little between my breasts, I was ready. I
looked at the survalance monitor and sure enough it was the man I
would take pleasure in today. My husband loves the survalence
system, he loves to watch the goings on while he's away and while
he's here. We often go back and watch our hot, steamy sex, and we
enjoy it just as much the second and third times as well. I pushed
the button to let him in the gate. The anticipation almost more than
I could handle.
When he arrived, I let him set up all of his things in the garage
where the Mercedes is parked. I would wait to pounce. I noticed him
spyng my tits as he was setting up. Little did he know that I would
offer them to him, soon, very soon.
"Would you like a glass of water?", I asked him, arching my back
so my tits would entice him. He said "No", but his eyes were fucking
me, just like I knew he wanted to. I moved around our black
Mercedes, never taking my eyes off of him. I could see that his cock
had now gotten very hard under his @jeans and I was ready to take
him. All of him. I slid on to the trunk of the car and spread my
legs and pulled him toward me. I kissed him passionately and he
responded very nicely. His kisses were so hot. I slid my hand down
and unzipped his pants, WOW, I hadn't expected such a treat. I
gently started to suck his cock. He slipped his fingers under my
skirt and wildly played with my clit as I began to fuck his dick with
my mouth. I was so wet. I slid down off of the car and bent over
the hood. He slid his manhood into my cunt and fucked me like
crazy. I could see why he had so many women, he was a real pleaser.
As he was fucking me, he slid his hands around to the front of me.
One hand playing with each tit. It was all I could do not to cum,
but I had to have more. I turned around and he fucked me while I did
the grind, it was so deep, it was so good. I love it deep, "Fuck me
harder" I yelled. He was very accomodating. After some of his crazy
fucking, I knelt down and sucked on his dick some more. I wanted the
taste of my pussy mixed with his love juice. I licked his balls and
slid my tounge gently up his cock, till I took the whole thing into
my mouth. The taste was to die for and I found myself wishing he had
brought one of his girlfriends.
I turned back around and he fucked me from behind. He played with
my clit while he fucked my hot wet pussy. My tits were rubbing on
the smooth surface of my husbands black Mercedes. Oh man, what a
fucking rush. That man made me cum that day in a way that I had
never experienced. I bent down again and sucked his dick until he
came all over my tits and into my hungry little mouth. I licked him
clean after he had cum and the tastes were so hot. We took a hot tub
together, he finished detailing the Mercedes and I watched him leave
on the survailance monitor. It was a wonderful afternoon and I very
much looked forward to watching that episode when my ho

Posted : 20/09/2010 6:49 am