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Hormones were kicking in and nature was guiding us


It all started way back when. We were still children with no concept to
know what we were getting into. Hormones were kicking in and nature was
guiding us into a world that we were not yet ready. Consequently we broke
all of societies rules namely Insest but we didn't know that we were doing
anything wrong; to us it was a pleasant game that has continued over the

It started innocencely enough. Some how my sister found a pornography
magazine that belonged to (my guess is) our father or another of our adult
relatives that were staying at the farm that summer.

Everyone were out in the fields working and I came into the house to get
something and as I went past my sisters door, I heard her moan and thinking
that something was wrong with her I entered her room.

To my surprise, I discovered her naked on her bed masturbating while
holding up the magazine she was reading. I had always wondered what a
naked girl looked like and watching her playing with herself caused
stirrings within my body that I never had experienced before.

Even as young as I was, I was blessed with having a larger penis than most
of my peers and watching my sister playing with herself caused it to become
enlarged to it's fullest. I took it out and began fondling it and I guess
I made a noise that disturbed my sister as she quickly covered herself up
upon seeing me standing there.

"I'm sorry Sis. I heard a noise and thought you were hurt or something.
Then when I saw what you were doing, I was curious and also turned on by

"Oh, that's all right little brother. Come here, I want to show you
something." "Come sit here on the bed with me."

I came over to her bed and lay down beside her. Not realizing that my
penis was still outside of my pants.

She opened the magazine and showed me the pictures and asked; "Could we do
everything that these people are doing?"

"I don't know, I guess we could try, where do we start?"

With that said, she discovered my penis and with out further ado, she took
hold of it and began fondling it.

"Take off your clothes. I want to see you naked." So being a dutiful
brother, I did as I was asked.

Using the magazine we learned about sex. My sister turned to the first
picture and there was a woman performing oral sex on the man so she rolled
over so that she was more comfortable and took my penis into her mouth and
began sucking on it. "Holy Shit that felt good!!!" Much better that when
I had whacked it off behind the barn.

Within seconds I was coming and it was all my sister could do to swallow
all of it.

"Now it is your turn to do me." As she showed a picture of a man eating the
woman's pussy.

She rolled over on he back and pulled my face into her crotch and I began
licking her clit. I was really enjoying myself, all of the sudden she
started humping my face and pulling my head deeper into her crotch; she was
pulling so hard that I couldn't get my breath. She made a few more humps
and let out a scream that I am sure was heard all over the farm.

"Tomorrow we will do some of the other things in the book." And that was
the end of out love making for that day. I had to go anyway as there were
chores I had to do.

It was a few days later and I had a break with my chores. I went to the
house to raid the refrigerator. After getting a bite to eat I went to the
bathroom to pee. Getting ready to leave again I passed my sisters room to
discover the door open a crack. Remembering the other day I took the
chance that she was playing with herself again. Pushing the door open
enough to see. Sure enough there she was laying naked on the bed with a
finger in her pussy.

"Pssst, pssst. Hi Sis. Want to play with the book again?"

"We can't play with you standing in the doorway now can we?"

I wasted no time getting the door closed, my clothes off and laying along
side of my beautiful sister.

"What game are we going to play today?" I asked.

"I thought we would start out doing what we did last time then do the one
where the man puts his thing into the lady."

My cock by this time was rock hard and my sister wasted no time getting it
into her mouth. I twisted around so that I could eat her pussy while she
was sucking me off.

"Aaaah. I'm ready for that hard thing stuck into me now."

She rolled onto her back and I crawled between her legs and stuck my dick
into her as far as it would go.

"Damn!!! Your dick is bigger than Uncle Henry's or Daddy's" "I am going to
like getting fucked by you. Now start pumping it to me."

This was my first piece of ass so I didn't perform as I later learned to.
My sister taught me all she knew about sex in few weeks.

One afternoon we were getting it on in her bedroom when Uncle Henry and our
father came into the room. We didn't know that they were there until they
got into bed with us.

All at once I felt a finger probing may ass hole. My uncle had greased his
finger and was lubing my ass while my father was doing the same to my

I was in the right position with my dick in my sister and my ass sticking
in the air. My uncle by now had 3 fingers in my ass and the hurt was
passing and started to feel good to me.

Suddenly my uncle changed positions and stuck that big dick into my ass as
far as it would go. It hurt like hell but he kept pumping me with that big

I was fucking my sister and getting fucked by my uncle at the same time and
believe it or not I was beginning to enjoy that dick in my ass. I turned
my head to see what my father was doing and I was surprised with a dick
brushing against my lips.

"Open up Son. You are old enough to learn all there is to know about sex.
Both homosexual and heterosexual. So suck your nice daddy's cock."

What can I say? I liked all of this sex and I wanted more. My sister also
likes all this sex and she liked it in all of her holes so before we went
back to work, we took her in all of them several times.

My dad fucked me while I sucked my uncle and my sister sucked my dick.

Life on the farm had a new meaning now.


As the months went by my sister, my father and my uncle fell into a routine
that seemed to be beneficial to all of us. When ever there were either my
father or uncle and I happened to be together between chores I was expected
to give them a blow job and or let them fuck me in the ass. As I was
getting to like either I tried to find one of them anytime I had any free

One day I went into the barn an in one of the stalls I heard something and
being curious I went to investigate. In the corner of the stall on some
hay were my mother and Uncle John. She was on her knees and he was fucking
her in the ass. Some how I made a noise and when my uncle saw who it was
he asked me "How would you like to fuck your beautiful mother?"

Well seeing my mother naked and with a dick already sticking into her ass,
I wasted no time getting my clothes off. In the position my mother was in
she couldn't let me fuck her but Mom gives a very good blow job.

Now it was during the "Great Depression" so there weren't the convinces
that we have today. Clothes washing were done mostly by hand and in the
back yard in a tub and a scrub board.

I was between chores and had decided to run to the house and find
something to eat before I had to back to work. As I went into the back
yard, I saw my mother bending over the wash board scrubbing a shirt or
something. A gust of wind came along and blew my mother's dress up and
over her back. There she was without any panties on and that pussy staring
my in the face. I eased my cock out and walked up to mom and eased my dick
into that pussy.

"That can't be big Bob" As she used to call my father "and it can't be
Uncle John as that dick is bigger than either of them so who is fucking me?
"I know who that is. I just sucked that dick the other day---Son."

Like I said I had one hell of a cock hanging between my legs. It was so
long that I could suck it with out any trouble at all. My mother after
feeling me inside of her filling her up with my huge dick began to groan
and squirm around and with every stroke I pushed into her she pushed back
to get every inch of my monster sticking inside of her.

He was always sneaking up on me with
out a sound. Before I could react he was shoving his big dick up my ass
saying to me. "You fuck my wife so it is only fair that I fuck you." I had
been fucked so often in the last few months that I was able to take either
my father or my uncle up the ass without any lubrication other than a
little spit. It was about dinner time and my uncle also came in from the
field to eat and watching me fuck my mother and dad fucking me he also got
into the act.

It never accrued to me that my dad and uncle were lovers as well but then
my uncle eased up behind my father and shoved his dick into my fathers
mouth which my father greedily started sucking the life out of that big
hard dick hanging between my uncle's legs.

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