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His sister was home from her date


Mateo heard the car door slam, and knew his sister was home from her date. Allysa ran into the living room crying.

"What's the matter Lys?" asked Mateo, who was home for the summer from his first year of college.

"It's Jeremy. He..he...oh god, it's so awful I can't even say it!" Tears leaked out of her big black eyes and down her cheeks.

"Come here Lys," said Mateo, patting the couch next to him. Allysa snuggled up close to him, putting her head on his chest. Mateo put his arm around his sister, smoothing her hair back.

"I drove over to his apartment, and found ...I found him in bed with some stupid redhead. He told me he was getting tired of waiting for me to put out. He found that slut in one of his classes. He said that college boys don't date high school girls who won't put out. Is that true Mat?"

"He's just being a jackass. He's only six months older than you are! What else happened?" Mateo inhaled slowly, savoring the scent of his sister's perfume.

"He told me I could join them, or I could leave. He said he didn't want some silly virgin, and if I was going to play with the big boys, I was going to have to sleep with him. He then went on fucking her! Right in front of me! I left. I'm so hurt. What's wrong with me, Mat? Am I so ugly he couldn't stand me?"

"Lys, you're beautiful and you know it. You could have any guy. All you have to do is bat those beautiful eyes and toss your dark hair and you'll have them drooling. If you don't mind me asking, why didn't you sleep with him?"

"I don't want to just have sex. I want my first time to be with someone special, someone I love and someone who loves me. Maybe I should have just fucked him. I'm never going to find someone who loves me."

"Lys, I love you, and you know that! Look at me." Mateo cupped Allysa's still damp face in his hands. "You are beautiful! Any man would be lucky to have you, any man." Mateo kissed her forehead, her nose, and gently her lips. Allysa kissed back gently and slid her arms around his neck. Mateo pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. He traced her lips with his tongue and slipped it inside her mouth. Allysa gasped.

"Mat, I'm sorry. I...I just...I was... I don't know. I'm sorry." Allysa started to get up, but Mateo pulled her back to him.

"Lys, don't go. I'm sorry. It's my fault. I got carried away. You're just so beautiful, I've always thought so. I want you. I know it's wrong, but I do." Mateo motioned to the obvious bulge in his pants.

"I made you hard, Mat? Me? Why? I can't even keep a boyfriend."

"Lys, you're a hottie. You've grown into a woman, with a beautiful body." Mateo stroked her cheek. Without notice, Allysa was kissing him again, this time more forcefully. Her hands were working the buttons on his shirt. She kissed down his chest with every button she undid. "Lys, oh god, what are we doing? We can't do this."

"Why not? What's stopping us? I love you, Mat, and I know you love me, too. Teach me, Mat, teach me what you know." Allysa slid up Mateo's bare chest and kissed him again.

Mateo kissed his sister while sliding his hands down her body. He placed kisses down her neck and traced his tongue along her ear. Allysa moaned in pleasure. Mateo picked Allysa up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed, and unbuckled his pants, stepping out of them. He stood in front of his sister in just his underwear, gazing down at her in front of him.

"I want you to teach me everything, Mat, everything." Allysa slid off the bed and to her knees in front of her brother. His massive erecting strained against his boxers. Allysa gently slid his boxers down, gasping when she freed his member. "What should I do now, Mat?"

"Just take it in your hand." Allyssa grasped his member in her hand, stroking it softly. "Now, put it in your mouth and suck and lick on it like it was a lollipop."

Allysa tentatively touched her lips to the head of his penis. Mateo felt her tongue flick out and taste the precum slipping out. She began to take more and more of him into her mouth. "Oh god, sis, that feels great. Keep doing what you're doing. Play with my balls", Mateo ordered. Allysa reached up with her other hand and began fondling his balls while sucking him as hard as she could. "I'm going to cum sis!" Mateo started to pull away from her.

"No," said Allysa, "I want to taste your cum. I want to know how it feels to swallow!" With that, Allysa went back to sucking on her brother. Mateo grasped her head causing her to deep throat his member. He began to fuck her mouth faster and faster.

"Oh god, sis, I'm cumming!!" His penis twitched and Allysa felt great gobs of cum spurt into her mouth and slide down her throat. She swallowed all of his load and licked his member clean.

"Oh, Allysa, that was amazing. I can't believe you've never done that before. Now I have something else to teach you." Mateo kissed her mouth and laid her back on the bed. He slid off her shirt, releasing her unbound breasts. Her D mounds were topped with large pink nipples that stood at attention. Mateo lightly caressed her hard nipples, savoring the sound of her gasps of delight. He lowered his head and took one nipple into his mouth. He lightly licked and nipped at it. Allysa cradled his head, begging for more.

"Oh god, Mat, suck it. Oh yes!" Mateo, roughly pawed her other breast, tweaking the nipple.

Suddenly, he left her breasts. He kissed down her stomach until he came to her jeans. He quickly removed them and tossed them away. Mateo lightly stroked his sister over her soaked panties, causing her to moan. He sprinkled kissed over panties before removing them. Mateo inhaled the musky scent of his sister before burying his face between her legs.

"Mat, oh, god, Mat, what are you, oh!" Mateo flicked his tongue repeatedly over his sister's swollen clit, causing her already wet pussy to get wetter and wetter. He ate her pussy, thrusting his tongue in and out of her before returning to her clit. He inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy, finger fucking her. Mateo could feel her pussy tightening around his fingers, and pulled out.

"Mat, why did you stop? It felt so fucking good!" Mateo smiled at her.

"I'm not done with you yet." With that, he spread her legs wider, exposing all of her. Mateo licked her clit, then moved down to her pussy, lapping away. Before Allysa could say anything, he moved lower, and licked her asshole. She gasped at the feeling of his tongue on her ass, tensing up. Mateo licked at her puckered hole until he felt Allysa relax against his tongue. He moved back up to her clit and began licking her again. He inserted two fingers back into her waiting pussy. With his other hand, he slowly inserted a finger into her asshole.

Within minutes, Allysa was cumming hard against his fingers in both her holes. Mateo stayed on her clit, sucking and licking until his sister's orgasm subsided.

"Oh Mat, that was amazing. I never knew you could finger someone's asshole and it could feel so good." Allysa kissed her brother passionately, taking her pussy juices on his lips. She felt him stiffen again, feeling his hardness pressed against her.

"Mat, I want you inside me, now!" Mateo hesistated.

"Lys, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Mat, I want you so badly. I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else."

"Are you on the pill, sis? If not, I can grab some condoms."

"I'm not on the pill, but please don't get condoms. I want to feel every inch of you inside me. I don't care what happens afterwards, just fuck me tonight."

Matteo spread her legs and guided his hard cock to her dripping entrance.

"This might hurt, sis, but I promise it'll only be for a little bit." With that, he slowly entered his sister. He gently pushed inside her until he came to a barrier. He leaned down and softly kissed his sister before thrusting himself fully into her. Allysa cried out in pain, biting into her brother's shoulder. Gradually, though, the pain faded.

She had never felt so filled before. Her brother started to thrust into her, and she felt every inch and every ridge of his hard member in her hot, wet pussy.

"Oh Mat, fuck me harder. Fuck your sister's pussy!" Allysa arched up to meet each of his thrusts, pulling him deeper into her. Mateo increased his thrusts, feeling the cum start to rise. To keep from cumming, he rolled onto his back, pulling his sister into a sitting position. Without a word, she impaled herself on his rock hard cock. She began to bounce and rock on his cock, finding her rhythm. Mateo used his free hands to play with her giants breasts, leaning up to suck her nipple.

"That's it, Lys, ride your big brother's cock. Ride me hard."

"Oh god, Mat, I'm about to cum. I'm about to fucking cum all over you," Allysa cried.

"Cum all over you big brother's cock. I want to feel your pussy juices running down my cock and over my balls!" Allysa let out a loud scream as she came, waves of pleasure washing over her. Mateo went over the edge when he felt his sister's pussy pulsing around his cock.

"Oh my god, sis, I'm cumming! Oh god!!" Mateo thrust one last time and squirted his cum deep into his sister. Allysa's pussy kept pulsing and squeezing, milking his cock dry.

They laid together catching their breaths, their naked bodies entwined.

"Mat, that was so good. I should have come to you sooner for lessons," said Allysa.

"Not to worry, sis. We have plenty of time, and I have plenty more to teach you."

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:40 pm