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Her desire for ANY carnal pleasure


It was always evident that the North family was always close. Even though the family was shaken broken due to the Mom and Dad North separated when the kids were quite young. Mom, Julie took the kids from upstate New York to a small town in Georgia.

Brian, the oldest grew up a bit fast. He moved back to New York when he was about 16 and began a few relationships with a few women.

Serena, grew up sheltered. Mainly due to her brother’s questionable lifestyle.

Several years later Brian, now 30 had been married for about 6 years, to Wendy who is at this time 23. They have 3 children of their own and decide that its time to move back to Georgia. Serena has been residing with her mother during all this time. She is now about 24 and has a child and a divorce of her own.

One day while the two siblings were discussing the wonders of life. Brian was a bit concerned with his sister’s promiscuity. Since Serena had waited so long to experience the pleasures of sexual play, the repression had intensified her desire for ANY carnal pleasure. So Brian sat his baby sister down and had a little talk with her.

“Serena, we really need to talk. I know you are of an age were you do not want to hear any advice from your big brother, but I do have to tell you something.” Brian said, looking at his sister in earnest. “I am worried about you.”

Serena looked up at her dear brother with such love and affection and said, “ Brian, I am fine. There is nothing to worry about.”

“Serena, I have heard some of the things you have done since you separated from your husband.” She just sat on the couch in shock.

“I do not want to hear it!” she screamed. “As many times as I have heard you fucking any and every girl you could get into your bedroom.”

“Sis listen, I am not saying anything bad. I am just saying I am concerned. I do not want to see you end up with some guy like your ex-husband. So I have something for you.

Brian gets up from the couch and goes outside and in a flash is back inside and presents Serena with a shoe box. She looks rather confused at the gift, since their previous conversation was about sex. She nonetheless opens the box. Inside she finds something she did not expect. I rather larger, 10 inches long and nearly 8 inches around, dildo. Her eyes bulged and her pulse quickened and her only response was, “Its GREEN?!”

“Yeah, yeah its green. But, this would help you enjoy sex without everyone worrying about you being hurt, or getting pregnant or anything.”

She should have been offended, or even grossed out by the frank discussion and overly familiar gift. But yet she seemed to grow even fonder and was very pleased with the gift she gladly excepted it. “Well I need to go”, he said to Serena. But I will be back later on, or come up to our house later, I think Wendy wants to watch movies and have a few beers or something.”

Out of the door Brian went, leaving his sister just transfixed upon the large green phallus. Her mouth began to gape as she wondered how was could this even be possible to take such a thing. Serena’s mind kept running scenarios in her mind about how something as big around as it is long could fit inside of someone’s pussy. And then after a few moments, a shocking truth had overtaken her. It was not how could this monster fit inside of her. Serena’s thoughts had betrayed her, and now her actions followed.

She picked up the green monster and marveled at its detail. How the head resembled all of the bulbous mushrooms “caps” she had encountered in her time of sexual and marital liberation. The veins that ran along the underside to the full heavy balls that seem to steady the monestrous shaft that she could barely get her hand around, seemed so life-like. Other than the green hue and the stark lack of heat and person for it to be attached to, it could have easily been mistaken for the real thing. How smooth the shaft was and the ridge of the hood felt so taut, “My GOD!” she thought as she just noticed that her little cotton panties had become rather moist, and her hand had been stroking this cock replica for sometime now.

Then uncontrollably she brought this green temptation closer to her face. She lied to herself about how she just wanted a closer look. Then she did the unthinkable. Her tongue darted out and licked the oversized head. It tasted odd. A bit like rubber but also another taste she could not quite but her finger on. So Serena again began to lick the head. And then placing as much of the tip she could in her mouth and began to suck furiously. Lust had now full gulfed her consciousness. All she could think was to stuff as much of this in her as she could. She wanted to fuck this, she wanted to fuck, NOW.

Her free hand slips inside her pants, beneath her little cotton panties and she began to caress her clit. This slow circular motion soon gave to fierce fingering. Amazingly she managed to ram almost half of that giant head into her mouth as she started to crash into orgasm. Serena dropped the artificial cock and began a full on assault on her pussy. One finger working her clit and the other opened her pants and quickly sunk two fingers deep into her sopping wet cunt. Thrusting them deep into her hungry snatch.

“Oh yeah, dear GOD yes, Brian fuck me, fuck me, give me that dick, oh yes I am cumming!!!!!” She screamed.

Wait, what did she say, what did she think. She knew what she wanted. She has always wanted. Ever since she had first heard her brother fucking a woman through the thin walls of their separate bedrooms. She wanted her brother’s cock deep inside her. And she would have it, today.

Quickly, Serena zipped up her pants and grabs her new green friend and jump into her vehicle and she speeds to her brother’s house. She sees that his car is there and decides to let herself in. Into the dining room she crept and peering her head into the kitchen, looking into the room just beyond it. Seated there in the living room is her brother and his wife, Wendy. The house was oddly quiet except for the sounds coming from the TV. It was odd, due to the fact that she did not hear the voices of her nieces and nephews. Then it hit her that the kids were with her mother, their grandmother for the day.

After that little lapse of reality, she noticed what the couple seated were watching. A bombardment of moans and grunts and then a young woman screaming, “Fuck my ass baby!” totally drew her attention. There Serena, stood hypnotized by the images on the screen. Some well hung man was drilling his oily black cock in and out of some woman’s tight ass and she was loving every minute of it. Serena inched closer into the room. She saw her brother now with one hand down his own pants and another rubbing the breast of his wife.

Her eyes were glued to the pair. Suddenly Wendy removes her blouse and straddles Brian which causes Serena to scream, “Oh my God!” and dart from the kitchen, from the house, slamming the door and driving erratically back to her house.

She jumps out of her vehicle and enters the house. Short of breath and rather dazed and confused. Why she had bolted the house in such a state? She was embarrassed? If so, then why did she delay so long, watching the television, watching her BROTHER?!

“Oh my god,” she thought to herself as the truth became shockingly clear. It was not embarrassment nor, a level of disgust it was, jealous. Maybe it was from that gift her brother gave her or it was some deep dark secret she kept even from herself but she wanted to be that woman atop her brother, not Wendy, not any other of the random affairs he may have had. It was her that should be on him.

A few minutes later, as Serena sits on the couch with her head in her hands, the door opens. Its Brian who comes in and stands before her. “Serena, I am sorry, we did not expect you until later.” He continued to try to explain away what she saw trying to help her for get it. Serena did not look up at him the whole time. All she could think of was that woman getting her ass fucked, and she wishing it was her, and how much she wanted that cock in her ass to be that of her brother. And then the unthinkable happened.

Serena reached out in front of her and placed her hand upon his still hard cock nestled inside his pants. She gave it a gentle squeeze. Brian stood in front of his baby sister in silence totally shocked by what was occurring. Instinctively she hurriedly began to rip open his pants and plunged her hand in and freeing her cock. All this without ever looking up to see her brother’s face. Her hands moved quickly up and down is swollen shaft.

“Serena, what...what are you doing?” He asked confused.

She never answered. She just rubbed pulled him closer and place the head of his swollen cock into her mouth. Her brother has never denied her anything and she knew he would not deny her this. Half heartedly he placed his hands on her head and attempted to pull away. “ Sis, we.....” was all he attempted to say before this body began to speak for him. More and more of his cock was sliding into her mouth, as moans began to escape his. His hands went from attempting to push her away to cupping them behind her head and pulling her to him. Forcing her face into his crotch. Her nose buried into his pubic hair. She looped her fingers beneath the waistband of his underwear and slid them down to the floor, exposing fully his cock and his full balls.

Serena pulled Brian’s cock from her mouth and began to aggressively jerk it. She looked up to him and said, “Want to ride.” She repeated this phrase while looking up into his eyes. “Want to ride, want to ride.”

Brian began to rip off all her clothes off. Her shirt was torn off, the bra was removed over her head. The pants were removed in seconds flat as the little cotton panties were torn from her body. Brian laid her back on the couch and grabbed her thighs and pushed them back as far as her body would allow and began to slide his cock deep into her hungry cunt.

“Oh my God, Brian. YESSSSSSSS.” Serena screamed as she grabs her toes and pulls her legs back to her chest Allowing her brother’s cock to go deeper and deeper inside of her.

He begins to thrust his cock over and over into his sister. His balls slapping against her ass with each forceful stroke.

“Want to ride.” she said again. Brian got the hint and wrapped his arms around his sister and laid backwards. Pulling her atop him.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she cooed.

She took a moment to adjust herself and began to thrust her hips down on him. Forcing his cock deep as she desired him. She began to run her fingers up his chest as she humps harder and harder drawing ever closer to orgasm.

“Yes, yes, fuck me Brian. Make me cum.”

She continued flailing about. Faster, and grinding down on her brother’s cock harder. His face becoming more contorted. Then all of a sudden Brian puts his hands on Serena’s hips and just holds her still.

“What? Why did you stop?” she said to him.

Brian roughly threw her off of him, and pulled her onto her knees in front of the couch with her stomach laying flat on the seat of the couch. He kneels behind her and takes his cock and begins rub it between her ass cheeks. “ I am going to fuck you in your ass then cum all over you.”

Serena was shocked by these words, but at the same time even more turned on. So she did the only thing she could do. She reached back behind her and spread her cheeks for her brother’s cock to invade her puckered hole. “Yes,” she moaned, “fuck my ass brother.”

Brian then rammed his cock all the way into her ass. Serena screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain. But pushed back against him. He grabbed her hips and pulled her soft flesh of her as back against him. Her ass was ever so tight, like a warm velvet hole that grasped at his cock. He knew he could not last much longer after all this fucking. His cock began to swell. Serena began to moan and wail in sheer delight. She has everything she wanted. A cock in her ass, and that very cock was that belonging to her brother. This was the last thought before she began to be rocked by the most mind blowing orgasm she has ever experienced in her young life.

Brian was doing what he could to keep her body under control as the orgasm she was having was not making her ass milk his cock. He had no other option than to give in to what he wanted. He grabbed her and slammed his cock as deep as he could into her ass and came, spurt after spurt in coating her dark passage.

The two laid there still coupled together basking in the afterglow of their intense fuck session. Brian leaned down and kissed her back and slowly slid his now softening cock out of her.

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