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Her breasts were beautiful


Right, 1½ hours. Here I go…

After a momentary glimpse of the grey featureless plain I was back in the classroom just as Rachel was tearing her clothes off.

Now naked, she dropped to her knees in front of me. The delicate looking girl reached forwards to grasp my massive cock with both hands, one above the other and had to stretch her mouth wide in order to accommodate my girth as she took the head into her mouth. Once the head was in she fed the rest of my great length between her lips and down her throat immediately.

My entire cock slid easily past the constriction at the back of her mouth into her tight throat and I could tell she liked the taste of the mixture of my cum and Miss Leonora’s juices coating it. Then she drew her head backwards and forwards, sending my cock down her throat again and again.

I held her head securely with both hands, pumping my cock all the way down her throat a few more times, and then withdrew a bit and paused, holding her still with just the bulbous head of my cock in her mouth. She sucked hard, her cheeks puckering in with the incredible vacuum she was creating, until I was overcome with the pleasure and suddenly mashed her head hard against my crotch, ramming my massive cock deep into her throat as I came. My second orgasm seemed endless and yet she swallowed every drop of my sperm, not even coming up to breathe. I released her head when it was done, she drew back and licked my remaining cum from my still-hard shaft with her ruby-red tongue. The gentle pressure of her tongue on the skin just below the head of my cock squeezed a last spurt of cum from my cock, landing on her quivering tongue in a single white line. Smiling beatifically, she closed her mouth, swallowed it all and looked up at me.

‘Can I be your next subject, Dr Richards?’

‘Well, I don’t know.’

‘Oh, please. Will you fuck me next? Pleeeeeeease?’

‘The next lesson will be next week and yes, I will give you your first fuck then.’

‘Oh goody,’ she said with childlike delight, ‘thankyou Dr Richards, thankyou.’ God, she was eager.

Turning to the Principal, I asked, ‘Miss Leonora, may I have the test subject for Part Two, full sex?’

She nodded, moved behind the waiflike Louise and said, ‘I think Louise here. She is the youngest in the class at the moment, the girl I told you about whose birthday was on Monday. As I mentioned, there is another girl who is younger but she can’t join this class until her birthday in four weeks time.’

The girl blanched at the sudden realisation that this was the moment of truth, that my big cock would soon be in her virgin cunt, and then stood up, shivering in anticipation of her first fuck.

‘Come here, please.’

I smiled at the girl and she smiled back shyly after a moment as she approached me, drawing closer and closer until my cock was just touching her skirt.

I caressed her cheek, getting another shy smile in return, and told her to take her clothes off.

She lifted her hands to undo the remaining two buttons on her blouse, pulled it down over her shoulders and let it fall.

Her breasts were beautiful.

Then she undid the button on her short skirt and let it fall to the floor as well.

Like the rest, she was not wearing any knickers and my cock was now touching the skin of her shaven pussy just above her clitoris.

‘Excellent, Miss Leonora. I appreciate suitable clothes,’ I said as I put my hands on her shoulders and admired the cute face and dainty figure standing naked before me.

The principal beamed.

I relaxed my cock a bit, moved my bum back a little so the head of my cock dropped slightly and then moved my bum forwards again so the head of my cock was pushed up in between her swollen wet labia.

I flexed my cock, pushing up against her clitoris and she looked down at my huge member just touching her sex, looked up at my face and blushed.

‘It’s all going to be inside you in a minute,’ I said quietly, moving my hips back and forth to slide the head of my cock along her slit between her juicy labia, and she blushed again.

I could feel the heat coming from her moist pussy so I decided I would get this little girl to deepthroat my cock next week but for now I told her to bend over, resting her head and shoulders on the edge of the desk for support.

She obeyed without question and gave another shiver of anticipation.

Very good, I thought. Miss Leonora has prepared her well.

I began to finger her pussy, ensuring she was well lubricated with her own juices, and the “test subject” trembled but held her position as she approached but did not pass her first ever orgasm.

Two near orgasms later, with her copious juices now dripping down her thighs, I said, ‘I think we’re ready.’

I positioned myself behind the petite girl, leaned forwards and reached round her to hold her breasts and squeeze her nipples while I stroked the head of my huge cock between her legs along the lips of her pussy.

‘Normally, I go quite slow when breaking in a new subject,’ I said as I stood up straight, moved my hands to her hips and eased the upper part of the head of my cock gently between her labia.

The girl realised it was about to happen, I was about to fuck her, and moaned in anticipation, even though she could feel the head of my large cock throbbing between her streaming labia at the entrance to her virgin cunt.

‘I think this time, though...’

I jerked her hips backwards, thrust mine forwards and rammed my cock into her hot wet pussy as fast and far as it would go, first encountering resistance as I smashed through her maidenhead and then finding slight difficulty as my big cock squeezed along her incredibly tight vagina.

I continued pushing in until I finally felt the bump of her cervix and reached the end of her passage.

She screamed at the invasion as I broke her barrier and then more, louder, as the muscles of her virgin cunt stretched to the limit and clamped tightly around my thick shaft until, at the last, when I couldn’t get any deeper, there were still over two inches of it remaining outside.

I thrust into her again and again as she screamed with the pleasure/pain of my big cock in her tight cunt, pounding her fully until she had stretched enough to take almost the entire length of my huge member inside her. The other girls looked on, enraptured; some began to pant and many slipped their hands beneath blouses and skirts.

The Principal had moved to the other end of the arc of chairs where she grabbed Donna, pulled the student out of her chair and took her place. Then Miss Leonora pushed the girl to her knees and shoved Donna’s face between her legs onto her pussy. The girl had obviously been paying attention as she knew what to do and began licking Miss Leonora’s cum-filled pussy with wild abandon.

As soon as they saw that, the rest of the girls went crazy. Buttons went flying as their blouses and skirts were ripped off, firm breasts, shaven pussies and moist, swollen labia coming fully into view. Manicured fingers plucked, teased and pulled at erect nipples and clits - sometimes their own, sometimes those of the girls next to them now that they were all naked. Girls (those who could tear their eyes away from my pistoning shaft) kissed their neighbours deeply, young tongues moving wetly against one another, or licked and sucked at erect nipples.

The blonde, mimicking Miss Leonora’s pet, turned to Mary, the girl next to her, knelt between her legs and started to lick and suck at her engorged clitoris.

My first test subject never looked away, though. Her eyes were fixated on my cock as it journeyed deep into the ever-so-tight cunt of her squirming classmate. My cock went in and out, relentlessly plunging into that vice-like tunnel, provoking gasps and cries of pleasure from the innocent victim of my lust.

My hips moved unremittingly, my great cock thrusting powerfully between her perfect thighs. She was mine completely and when my scrotum bounced against her mons with my pubic hair sandwiched between her labia and the base of my cock, I knew I couldn’t get much deeper.

I drew my cock half-way out and paused momentarily.

Then I leaned backwards and suddenly pulled harder on her hips, thrusting my cock all the way in and then just a little bit deeper, her head arched backwards and she nearly deafened me as she screamed with the force of her orgasm. I couldn’t hold back any more and shot my third load of cum deep into her pulsing cunt.

Louise returned to her seat, walking a bit unsteadily with my cum trickled down the insides of her thighs and I looked at the clock to see that I had enough time left for another one.

‘I’ve got time for one more,’ I said. ‘Who would like to be next?’

Ten hands shot up immediately and ten girls cried out, ‘me’, ‘fuck me’ and ‘I want your cock.’

All except the blonde who had now returned to her chair and, with her eyes closed and legs wide apart, was almost lost in her own private world as she masturbated very close to her orgasm.

I gestured for the class to keep quiet as I went over to stand in front of Angelina, put my hands on the sides of her head with my thumbs over her eyes keeping them closed, and pulled her head forwards until my cock was just touching her lips.

I moved my thumbs and she opened her eyes to see my huge cock in her face and she opened her mouth in surprise.

‘Oooooh, Dr Richards.’

‘Angelina, would you join me please?’

Angelina nodded, masturbating harder, and I eased my cock between her luscious lips to the back of her mouth.

I pulled her head forwards more to feel my cock sliding down her throat until it was all the way in and her nose was pressing against my pubes.

‘You told me I would be your next subject, Dr Richards,’ wailed Rachel.

‘Next week,’ I responded as I pumped my cock down Angelina’s throat. ‘You will have your first fuck next week,’ I continued, knowing that the prolonged anticipation of the event would ensure she would be really desperate for me to fuck her by then.

I withdrew and the naked Angelina stood up and walked forwards with me to stand in front of the class.

I knew immediately she stood up that Angelina was a good choice. She was only about 5 feet 3 inches tall and slim with it, her large breasts capped by perfect pink nipples as round as my pinky and looked to be at least ¾ of an inch long.

I climbed onto the desk, laid back and invited her to kneel over me in a 69. When she was in place, she bent forwards to hold the lower part of my cock with both hands, one above the other, and lowered her mouth to the tip, her tongue playing around the glans. Angelina closed her lips around the bulbous head and started sucking hard, taking my cock to the back of her mouth with her lips tight around the shaft and going down almost as far as her hands. Then she took her hands away from my cock, put them on my hips and began moving her mouth all the way up and down the shaft, taking the head of my cock deep into her throat and then withdrawing. While she was sucking me, I pulled her ass towards my face, signifying my clear wish to reciprocate.

With her warm and wet pussy beckoning to me, the lips dripping moisture just inches from my mouth, I didn’t hesitate but put my hands on her hips, pulled her down and spread her lips with my tongue. I didn’t have to lick her for more than a few seconds before she came, violently, shaking all over with her screams muffled by my cock still in her throat and the vibrations of her larynx almost setting off my fourth orgasm.

‘Now, turn around, Angelina. It is time for my cock to go in you pussy.’

She turned and balanced herself with one hand on my chest, reached down with the other to guide the head of my cock to her opening and inserted just the tip of it into her slippery box.

‘God, it’s so big,’ she said as she manoeuvred on my member, hunching down to get into the right place. Then, with a loud scream, she dropped down quickly, forcing my rock hard cock in as far as it would go until I felt the head hit her cervix.

‘Ooooh mmmyyyyyy gooooddddddd,’ she cried as she began to move up and down very slowly.

She began moving up and down faster and faster, pumping my cock in and out of her pussy until her orgasm hit her and she dropped down hard, the pulsing walls of her tight cunt setting off my own orgasm.


I awoke bathed in sweat. My heart was pounding wildly and the high-pitched stress alarm emanated from the machine. My face was flushed and I felt as though I’d just run a marathon.

Oh, shit, the stress alarm. Never mind, it’s a weekend. I’ll just have something to eat and then go for the whole 4¼ hours remaining.

My heart rate went down in a minute or two and the noise shut off. God, my balls were sore. I felt my crotch; it was soaked and sticky. My cock was completely flaccid and my emptied testicles were tight against my groin.

After snapping the machine off and removing the the skull cap, I dragged myself into the shower. I decided to have my dinner and go back to that dream in an hour. I had noted the green light indicating the DM had finished calculating my physical limitations and decided I would dream it to be a month later, thus ensuring that the imaginary “Rachel” would be truly desperate for her first fuck.

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