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Helen Maybury had just moved into the vacant apartment


"Hi, I'm Paul," I said, trying not to stare at the woman who had answered
my knock. "I've come to fix the broken light switch."

Helen Maybury had just moved into the vacant apartment on the top floor of
Mom and Dad's hardware store.

She was a slender quietly muscular blonde. I guessed she was in her late
30s, like Mom and Dad. She wore a clinging one-piece dress, made of black
and white cloth resembling cow skin. It ended at mid-thigh and was cut so
low I could see between her big firm conical breasts. She wasn't wearing a
bra and her long hard nipples stretched the fabric.

"Come in," Helen said, smiling slightly at the obvious bulge in my
crotch. "It'll be nice to have the hanging lights working," she continued
as she walked past the kitchen and into the living room. I stared at her
solid buttocks rolling beneath the tightly-stretched dress.

We'd remodeled the apartment. The big modern kitchen was by the entrance,
separated from the living room by a granite-topped island. Helen bent over
the island, facing me, as I removed the screws from the switch and pulled
it out of the wall. I glanced over at her and almost creamed my shorts. The
dress had sagged when she leaned forward, revealing the tops of her
areolas. They were the size of half-dollars and only slightly darker than
the skin surrounding them. The switch I was holding sparked as I brushed it
carelessly with the screwdriver. "I need to turn the breaker off," I said,
a little breathlessly.

"You don't mind if I watch?" she asked when I came back from the switchbox
in the hall. "I like to watch men . . . work. Charlie . . . my husband
. . . is a long-haul trucker, so he's away most of the time. That's hard on
a woman."

It only took me a little while to replace the switch. When I was finished,
Helen offered me lemonade. We took our glasses into the living room. She
spread her legs briefly as she settled on the couch, giving me a fleeting
glimpse of . . . bare flesh!

We talked for a few minutes, but I don't remember much about it. I kept
thinking about the way she'd flashed me.

I was shy with women and would still have been a virgin if my older sister
Angela hadn't gotten frustrated with her boyfriend Bernie and dragged me
into bed. My girlfriend Suzie was finally letting me feel her breasts
through her clothes. I couldn't believe a sophisticated older woman was
interested in an awkward 15-year-old boy.

When we finished the lemonade, I picked the glasses up and took them to the
kitchen. Helen followed me, leaning against the island and watching me
rinse the glasses in the sink. "What are you going to do now?" she asked.

It was early Saturday afternoon. Fixing the light switch was my last
chore. "Go jogging . . . probably do some homework," I answered. "I'm
taking my girlfriend to a movie, but that's after supper."

"So, you're not really busy?" Helen was looking at me speculatively.

"No. Why?"

"What do you think about sex?" she asked.

My cock was straining against my shorts. "I like it."

Helen stared at me for long seconds. "You're not a virgin. You've been with
a girl a couple of times," she said. "I can tell by the way you look at
me." My 17-year-old sister Angela had taken my virginity a week before and
we'd had sex twice since then.

"Do you like these?" she asked, suddenly pulling her dress down. While
Angela's unsupported breasts descended from her chest in graceful arcs of
firm flesh, Helen's tits were near-perfect cones, tipped with thick
elongated nipples, standing out from her chest despite their size and

It was hard to speak. "Yeah," I finally gasped. I was frozen in place,
unable to do anything but stare at the half-naked woman standing three feet

"Come here," Helen commanded. "See how they feel." She caught my hands as I
stepped toward her and guided them to her breasts. They were bigger and
heavier than Angela's. Helen's nipples were near-perfect hemispheres
surmounting elongated cylinders of pink skin. They were even thicker and
longer than Angela's. I pinched them gently, watching her reaction as I
increased the pressure.

"That's good!" Helen gasped as I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and
index fingers while flattening my palms against her breasts. She wrapped
her arms around my back and pulled our bodies together as we kissed

"You've learned a lot from your girl," Helen said. I had her pressed
against the island and was rubbing my crotch against hers. Her sex smell
was sharp. She moaned as I buried my face between her breasts, licking and
kissing her spectacular tits.

"Take it out," she said reaching for my belt. A moment later, my pants and
shorts were around my ankles. "You're really a big boy!" she marveled as
she closed her hand around my jutting cock.

Helen squeezed my balls as she ran her hand slowly up and down my
shaft. Sometimes, she'd stop with her index finger anchored in the top of
my corneal ring and stroke the little vee on the underside of my cock-head
with her thumb.

I pawed Helen's breasts, roughly squeezing and twisting her swollen nipples
as I stared between her tits at her fingers, slick with my pre-cum, playing
with my cock and balls. Her hands were going fast now, driving me rapidly
toward orgasm. I wanted to stop her . . . push her against the island
. . . thrust my cock between her muscular legs . . . shoot my load deep
inside her snatch . . . But the sight and sensations had me frozen.

"Oh wow!" I gasped. "I'm gonna . . ." Hot juice fountained from my
throbbing dick, splashing on her hands and spraying the front of Helen's
dress. I moaned in pleasure and a little pain as she milked me dry.

"That was spectacular," she commented, making me gasp as she gently rubbed
her cum-slick fingers over my hypersensitive cock and balls.

"It was wonderful!" I answered. "Thank you so much!" I should have fucked
Helen. The hand job was all I was going to get. My two times with Angela
had made me want sex more than ever. I was so frustrated, I was going to
rape Suzie as soon as I got her alone.

Helen sank to her knees and licked the cum from my balls. "Oh Jesus!" I
gasped as her tongue stroked my shaft, slowly ascending to slide over my
cock-head and probe my cum slit . . .

My dick was slick with her saliva and my renewed flow of pre-cum. She
paused for an instant and chided, "Don't take the name of the Lord in
vain!" before swallowing my swollen tool.

Helen was a better cocksucker than Angela, taking me deeper, using her
tongue and hands . . . She quickly had me throbbing . . .

"No!" I gasped, gripping her shoulders and pushing her away. "Not this

Helen stood up and I steadied her as she stepped out of her dress. "Let's
see what else your girl's taught you," she said, jumping up onto the island
and sitting with her legs spread. The brown hair obscuring her pink folds
wasn't nearly as thick and dark as Angela's. The rest of her crotch was
closely trimmed.

I tore my clothes off with fumbling fingers and bent over, putting my face
between Helen's thighs, kissing her furry mound, licking her slit and
sucking her furry lips. Angela liked me to tease her, licking and kissing
her mound before slowly opening her with my tongue. Helen was
impatient. "Eat me!" she growled, pulling her folds apart.

"That's a beautiful clit!" I marveled, staring into her hot female
core. While Angela's little clitoris peeked modestly from beneath her big
fleshy hood, Helen's swollen love bud - much larger than Angela's - jutted
proudly from the center of a wide pink field. Angela liked me to stroke her
clit gently, gradually increasing her heat. I already knew Helen was

"Oh! . . . Yess!!" she cried as I clamped my mouth over her clitoris,
sucking . . . lip biting . . . licking . . . kissing . . . I sensed her
rapidly approaching climax and pulled away, thrusting my tongue into her
pussy. I thought that would cool her down. Instead, it set her off.

Helen's hot walls clamped my tongue as she screamed and shook. When she
fell back onto the island, her arm struck a stacked set of metal bowls,
sending them crashing to the floor with a loud ringing that echoed through
the apartment.

I sucked her clit roughly as I drove two fingers into her hot wet snatch,
making her scream louder than ever. She was even more orgasmic than
Angela. I made her cum over and over until she collapsed on the island.

It only took Helen moments to recover. "That was a wonderful afternoon
snack," she said. "Now give me some of that hot Italian sausage!"

She turned around and bent over after I helped her off the island. I took a
moment to admire her athletic body, big hanging breasts, round compact
buttocks spread to reveal her little puckered hole, pussy lips partially
open from my finger-fucking . . .

"Put it in me now!" Helen commanded. There was a big mirror on the wall we
were facing and I could see the anticipation in her reflected face.

I stared at her asshole as I moved into position, feeling an
almost-overwhelming desire to drive my swollen bone into it. Instead, I
positioned my cock-head at the top of her folds.

"Oh Yes!" Helen moaned as I slid my entire length up her pussy with one
smooth motion. "Fuck me, Big Boy!"

"Yeah Baby!" I growled. "I'm ramming my cock up your hot wet snatch!" Helen
was braced against the island. I gripped her waist and screwed her hard and
fast, pulling almost completely out then slamming home, too excited to hold
back even if I'd wanted to . . .

"Fuck me hard, Big Boy!" Helen cried. She was supporting her body with her
left hand on the island, while her right hand played with her tits and
pussy, staring at our reflections in the mirror the whole time. She reached
between her open legs and grabbed my balls, gripping and squeezing them as
I drove into her.

"Fuck, Big Boy! . . . Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Helen sobbed as her muscular
snatch rhythmically clamped and released my plunging penis. Despite my
orgasm a few minutes before, the juice was boiling in my balls. "Yeah!
Shoot it!" she screamed as my first hot jet splashed her pussy walls. She
moaned as I slammed into her over and over, spurting with each thrust.

Afterwards, we stood kissing in the center of the kitchen floor. "You're
really good . . . for just having been with one woman," Helen purred.

"Yeah," I agreed. "Ang . . . uh! . . . my girlfriend . . . is a great

She looked at me hard for a second. "Let's go into the bedroom," she
said. "I know you're good for another round."

Helen's king-size bed almost filled the room. After we kissed briefly, she
lay on her back and I moved into her arms.

"I love teenage boys!" she whispered. "You stay hard all the time and shoot
hot cum over and over. You're illegal because you're so much fun! " I was
lying between her legs and my chest was flattening her breasts. When she
started moving her hips, I knew what she wanted.

"Yeah, Big Boy!" Helen moaned. "Slide your big thick tool up my snatch!"
This time, I fucked her slowly, alternating between diving deep and rubbing
my cock head around her sensitive pussy mouth, occasionally changing the
angle of my thrusts to rub her clit with my shaft. I HAD learned a lot with

I fucked Helen for long minutes. Her feet were flat on the mattress and she
was working her pelvis in time with my gentle motions. "Face to face is
best," she whispered. "I love your expression. A boy taking his second
woman . . . fucking me good! . . ." My cock-head was slowly rubbing the
slick wall just inside her pussy mouth. "Making me . . ." Her face
contorted as she screamed and clamped me with her thighs. I held still as
she worked her snatch around my stiff rod, pushing herself to orgasm after

"Come for me!" Helen finally gasped, wrapping her legs around my
back. "Give it to me . . . deep and fast!" I thrust into her tight hot
hole. "Your face!" she cried. "A new man fucking your second woman
. . . Now shoot for me! . . . Please! . . ." I was throbbing when she
grabbed my buttocks, pulling me all the way inside. "Shoot that big man
cock deep in my hot cunt! . . ."

"Fuck yeah!" I cried as the thick hot sperm erupted from my tool. She
relaxed and tightened her grip in time with my thrusts as I shot wave after
wave of cum into her pussy, finally collapsing on her chest, gasping for

"If you'd been a virgin, we'd have done it here in bed first," Helen said
as she held me. "Not doggie style in the kitchen, even though I could see
your face in the mirror. I love watching a boy's face the first time he
cums in a woman! . . . In my pussy! . . . Most of them have their mouths
open and their eyes are as wide as saucers! One even cried, 'Oh my God, I'm
going to cum like a man!' just before he shot. You have that same look of

"I still don't feel like a man . . ."

"But you are . . . now." Helen kissed me fiercely. "Even though it's not
quite your first time, it's so great watching your face as I feel you spurt
inside me! It's powerful making a man cum and I love it!"

"And you ARE a man," she continued. "You're not a boy anymore. You're
different and everyone will see it . . . even you, eventually."

We kissed for a while longer. When I reluctantly glanced at the clock, it
was later than I'd expected. "I want to stay here forever," I said, "but
Mom's going to start wondering where I am."

"Don't worry, Big Boy," Helen said. "I understand."

"I still can't believe this," I said after I'd dressed. "You're making me a
man." I was almost afraid to ask, "Can we do this again?"

Helen was still lying naked on the bed. I stared at her jutting breasts and
the open folds between her spread legs, gleaming with our co-mingled
juices. She looked at me for a long time before answering. "You're a cute
sweet guy and I like you."

"My husband has been on the road for six days and won't be home until
Wednesday," she continued. "I try to save myself for him, but I get so
horny and there are temptations . . ."

When I bent over, she moved her face so I kissed her cheek rather than her
lips. "You're a temptation . . . I try to resist, but . . ." Helen grabbed
my shoulders, pulled my body down onto hers and kissed me passionately. She
had her hand on my zipper when she suddenly pushed me away and said, "You'd
better go . . ."

* * *

Along with the hardware store, Mom and Dad had bought the parts warehouse
next door. Bright floodlights illuminated the fenced parking lot, but Mom's
Crown Victoria was parked in the shadows beside the building. I'd made a
copy of the key and the back seat was a perfect private place for Suzie and
me after the movie.

In the back seat, I held her in my arms and kissed her tenderly. As our
tongues danced together, I remembered our first date. She'd whispered
"Don't French." I'd responded by pulling my tongue back and kissing her
closed lips, followed by her nose, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, earlobes
. . . all kissing, no tongue . . . down to her neck, stopping at her blouse
collar . . . up her jaw . . . back to her opening lips.

Suzie was growing more sexual every week, but keeping the pace slow. Last
week, she'd finally allowed me to feel her breasts through her blouse.

"Paul, are you all right?" Suzie whispered.

"I'm great, Baby. This is perfect." I just wanted to kiss and hold her
. . .

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"You're kind of acting different tonight," she said. "Not pushy like a guy
but, like . . . more . . . tender . . . romantic . . . ya know?" She
climbed onto my lap and gave me a full-body kiss: open mouths with dancing
tongues, her breasts flattened against my chest, even her crotch pressing
against the bulge in my blue jeans. "I like a boy to be romantic!"

Suzie's breath was hot on my skin as she pulled my T-shirt over my
head. "You're a sexy guy," she whispered, catching my hands and guiding
them to her blouse buttons.

"Take it all the way off," she said. A padded Victoria's Secret bra
concealed her breasts. I wrapped my arms around her as she bent
forward. While we kissed, I fumbled with the catches on her bra. "Here,
I'll do it," she said after a minute, giggling and reaching behind her
back. A moment later, she slipped the straps off her arms, revealing her
small breasts and delicate nipples.

Suzie stiffened when my palms made contact with her soft naked flesh and
gasped when I brushed my thumbs over her hard little nipples. "Paul . . ."
she whispered. "You're the first . . . man . . . to . . . touch me
. . . like this."

"I know, Baby," I answered, brushing her nipples again. "Thanks for letting
me be first. We'll do what you want. I'm not going to push you." I gently
massaged Suzie's breasts while kissing her tenderly. Her trembling
gradually ceased.

"Paul!" she said. "Squeeze my . . . uh, you know . . . I know they're
little . . ."

"I don't care about size. Your breasts are beautiful. You're beautiful."

"Oh Paul! Your hands feel so good on me! Pinch my . . . nipples . . . a
little harder! . . . Oh, that's good! I like you being gentle, but I'm not
fragile!" She squirmed in my lap as I played with her breasts, grinding her
crotch against mine. My penis was painfully trapped in my briefs.

"Suzie, you're so hot!" I gasped. The car was filled with diffused outside
light and I stared at her swollen areolas and tight nipples. "Let's change

"You're not putting it in me," she warned as she lay back on the big bench
seat. I adjusted my clothes as I climbed on top of her, managing to move my
swollen cock into an upright position.

"Of course not," I whispered reassuringly. Suzie's legs were pressed
together and I was on my hands and knees over her body. We tongue-kissed
for a while, then I moved down to her chest. She moaned and ran her fingers
through my hair as I licked her breasts and sucked her nipples. Although
smaller than Angela's or Helen's, they were even more sensitive.

"Oh Paul!" she whispered. "That's so . . . Oh!" Suzie squirmed beneath me,
trying to move her legs. Realizing what she wanted, I put one knee, then
the other inside her opening thighs. "No, not that!" she said when I
reached up her skirt and pressed my hand against her panties. The fabric
was hot and damp.

I lay between her legs, flattening her breasts, feeling her hard little
nipples pressing into my bare chest, stroking her face and kissing her
passionately. Suzie rocked her pelvis, grinding her crotch into my stiff

Her breathing grew harsh as she increased the pressure and tempo. I
remained still, letting Suzie stimulate herself against my hard rod. "Oh
God Paul!" she gasped. "Oh Yeah!" My penis throbbed as her body stiffened
beneath mine. She screamed and humped me even harder as I twisted her
nipples roughly.

Suzie collapsed on the big bench seat. I used my elbows to keep my weight
off her heaving chest. "Paul . . ." she moaned, wrapping her arms around my
back and pulling me down onto her.

We kissed tenderly and held each other for a long time. I hadn't
ejaculated, but my briefs were sticky with the pre-cum that was still
leaking from my tip. "We'd better go," Suzie finally whispered.

I glanced at my watch. "Shit! It's 11:45. I'll have to sweet talk Mom." We
dressed hastily and walked the five blocks to Suzie's. Outside her
building, we ducked into a dark basement doorway.

"You're different," she whispered when we finally separated. It was no
accident when her hand slipped between my legs. "So sexy . . ." She pulled
away suddenly. "I have to go. It's after midnight already." After a quick
kiss, she ran up the stairs, leaving me with an unbelievable boner.

Resisting the temptation to jack off in the doorway, I called Mom, then
walked slowly home.

"What was up with Suzie tonight?" I wondered. Had losing my virginity, to
Angela and - in a different way - to Helen, changed me that much?

Maybe so, but Suzie had been different, too. It was more than me suddenly
becoming "so sexy." There was something else. I wondered what had happened
to her.

* * *

On Monday afternoon, I stopped by Helen's. It took her a long time to
answer the door. "Hello, Paul," she said, stepping out into the hall and
letting the door close behind her. She was wearing a thigh-length red robe
with the neckline plunging to her navel in a wide vee that barely covered
her nipples.

Helen stared at my obvious boner for a few seconds before asking, "What do
you want, Big Boy?"

The perfectly-rehearsed speech evaporated from my mind. "Uh . . . you, I
. . . well . . . after Saturday . . . I thought maybe . . . you might like
. . . be lonely . . . "

"That's sweet," she answered, taking my hands in hers. "But I'm kind of
. . . busy . . . right now." I was suddenly acutely aware of her heated
female scent.

Helen stepped back and pulled her robe open. I stared in amazement at her
exposed breasts and swollen nipples. Black stockings reached to the middle
of her thighs, emphasizing the scrap of red fabric barely concealing her

Helen plastered her body against mine and gave me a hard open-mouthed
kiss. I gripped her buttocks and we ground our crotches together.

I was close to cumming in my shorts when she pulled away. "Take it out,"
she gasped, clawing at my zipper. I thought about the risks as I unfastened
my pants. We were in the hall in front of her apartment with a man waiting
for her inside. Mom or Dad could walk up the stairs any time. I didn't know
where Angela or our third tenant were. At that moment, I didn't care.

She stroked my bare cock as I fingered her through the red thong. The cloth
was hot and wet. I was ready to push her up against the wall and fuck her
when she pulled away.

"I've got to go," she whispered, squeezing my hard dick one last time and
kissing me hastily before closing the door.

I went into Angela's apartment with my stiff cock still out, determined to
fuck the hell out of her, despite the risk of Mom or Dad walking in on
us. She wasn't there, so I locked myself in the bathroom. "Helen's getting
fucked!" I thought as I pulled my blue jeans and shorts down around my

Staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I whispered. "Helen's
getting fucked right now! She walked back into the bedroom with that red
robe open . . . he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed with her legs
spread . . . tore that red thong off . . . shoved his cock up her hot wet

One of my hands was flying over my swollen member, squeezing my shaft and
rubbing my cock-head, slick with pre-cum, while my other hand gripped my
balls. "She's moaning 'I've got a real man fucking me!' as he rams her
tight little cunt!" I gasped. "She's screaming and thrashing as he gets
ready to shoot a big hot man load . . ."

* * *

An hour earlier, Angela had knocked on Helen's door. "Hi Mrs. Maybury," she
said, feeling a little uncomfortable under the older woman's penetrating
gaze. "I was filing your lease papers and found we had some of your

"Thank you, . . . Angela, isn't it?" Helen replied, suddenly
smiling. "You're Paul's sister. He was here last weekend, fixing the light
switch. Would you like to come in?"

They sat in the living room and Helen poured wine. After two glasses and 45
minutes, the giggly girl talk had become quite intimate. Angela had kicked
her shoes off and was sitting cross-legged on the couch. She didn't seem to
notice her skirt had ridden up, revealing her plain white panties.

"I'd like to see your boyfriend Bernie's cock," Helen said. "It sounds like
he's bigger than any man I've ever fucked. Do you have pictures?"

"No, but I'll try to take some," Angela answered. "He'll do it if I let him
take pictures of me, too. She took another sip of wine before continuing
dreamily. "He's not as good a lover as Pau . . . Umh! . . . as some of my
other boyfriends . . . uh . . . were." Helen looked at her sharply for a
second, then smiled as Angela continued. "The way it feels when Bernie
fucks me with that stiff giant dick is really amazing."

"So, how's your husband, Charlie?" Angela asked.

"Oh, he's average in the size department, but he really knows how to use
his equipment," Helen replied. She arched her back, extending her breasts
toward Angela. "With him eating and fucking me, I cum over and over. He's a
great lover, but he's just not here enough."

"Do you like my tits," Helen suddenly asked, standing up.

Angela realized she'd been staring. "Yeah," she answered, a little
hoarsely. "They're beautiful. Big and perfectly shaped."

Helen was wearing a short black skirt and a tight pink blouse with a
plunging neckline. No bra. She laughed as she removed her blouse and
dropped it on the chair behind her, exposing her conical breasts, puffy
areolas and swollen nipples. "They're fake," she said. "Implants. I got
them to save my first marriage. It didn't work."

"Your breasts are bigger than mine were before the boob job," Helen
continued. "Let me see them . . . please."

Angela's nipples had tightened and heat was building between her
legs. Standing up, she removed her blouse and bra.

"They are so beautiful," Helen said. Angela shivered with excitement as the
older woman cupped her breasts. "So beautiful," Helen whispered. "Don't
ever change them. It's not worth changing for a man." Her fingers closed on
Angela's nipples, pinching them gently.

Almost automatically, Angela's hands moved to Helen's breasts. For a long
moment, the women stood still, touching each other.

"Have you ever been with another woman?" Helen breathed.

"Yeah," Angela whispered. "My best friend Cathy, back in Nebraska. Since we
were twelve. We slept over every weekend, in the same bed, even when we had
boyfriends. We'd kiss, lick each others' breasts and finger each other. I
miss her!"

Helen wrapped her arms around Angela, pulling their bodies together. They
stared into each other's lust-filled eyes for an instant, then kissed

"Let's go into the bedroom," Helen said, taking Angela's hand. By the bed,
she stepped out of her shoes and removed her skirt. Angela stood still,
staring at the older woman, clad in black self-supporting stockings and a
red thong. Angela unfastened her skirt and it tumbled to the floor as
Helen's arms enfolded her.

The women stood holding each other, crotches grinding, breasts pressing
together, hard nipples rubbing, kissing open-mouthed, tongues languidly
stroking . . .

Angela lay on her back and Helen straddled her, pressing her mound against
the girl's pubis. Angela moaned softly as they humped through their thin
underwear. "Don't stop!" she protested when Helen pulled away.

"Don't worry, Baby Girl," Helen said, putting her hand between Angela's
legs. "Wow! Your prim little white panties are soaked!" She slipped her
hand under the tight fabric, pressing a finger into Angela's hot wet folds.

"Rat! Tat! Tat!" The women froze at the sudden sound of knocking on the
apartment door. After a moment of silence, Helen shrugged and resumed
sliding her finger back and forth along Angela's slit.

"Yeah!" Angela sighed. "Deeper!"

"Rat! Tat! . . . Rat Tat! . . . Tat! Tat! Tat!"

"Shit!" Angela muttered. "Let's ignore them. They'll go away."

"It's okay," Helen said, reluctantly pulling away from Angela and rising to
her feet. "I'll get rid of him."

"Him?" Angela asked. "Are you expecting someone?"

"No, I just have a feeling," Helen said. "Stay there," she added, reaching
down to give Angela's breast a reassuring squeeze before taking a short red
robe from the closet. "I'll be back in a minute." She paused to look at the
nearly naked girl on the bed. "You're so hot! Just simmer there until I get
back." She gave Angela a lewd wink. "I'll bring you to a boil!"

Helen fastened the robe as she left the room, closing the bedroom door
behind her. Angela heard the apartment door open. Helen said something
indistinct, then the door closed. There were no more voices audible. Helen
must have stepped out into the hall.

"Simmer . . ." Angela thought as she closed her eyes and gripped her
breasts, running her fingers in slow circles around her nipples. Images,
scents, textures, sensations . . . drifting through her mind . . . Cathy's
fingers probing her female core, Bernie stretching and filling her, Paul's
hands, mouth and cock all over her body . . . and Helen . . . getting her
so hot . . . taking forever with the unwelcome visitor . . .

Angela moaned softly as she pinched and twisted her swollen nipples,
stoking the fire smoldering beneath her soaked panties. It was too
much. Tearing the panties off and spreading her legs wide, she slipped one
. . . two . . . three fingers into her lavishly lubricated slit, making wet
sucking sounds as they fucked in and out. "Oh Jesus!" she moaned softly,
rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Muscular but soft hands covered Angela's breasts and rough fingers closed
on her nipples. "Nasty little girl," Helen purred. "Playing with your hot
cunt while I was gone."

"Sorry, Mommy!" Angela gasped, pausing with her fingers in her pussy. She'd
never heard a woman say "cunt" before and it really turned her on.

"Give me your hand, Baby Girl," Helen commanded. "Now!"

"Three fingers up your snatch," Helen said. "Your boyfriend really
stretched you good!" She lifted Angela's hand to her face, licking and
sucking the juice-covered fingers.

"Sexy Baby Girl, I'm going to fuck you now!" Helen growled, putting her
hand between Angela's legs. "Your tight cunt!"

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Angela moaned as Helen drove three fingers into her
pussy while rubbing her thumb against Angela's clit.

"Come on, Baby!" Helen cried. "Cum for Mommy!" Angela was writhing on the
bed, making harsh cawing sounds. "Cum with Mommy fucking your hot little
cunt!" Angela screamed as the climax washed over her. Helen's skillful
fingers drove her on and on, until she finally lay limp on the bed.

"So good," Angela whispered as Helen took her in her arms.

The women lay together, enjoying the closeness of each others' cooling
bodies. "That was Paul . . . at the door earlier," Helen finally said.

"Oh?" Angela said dreamily. "What did he want?"

"He was just seeing if I needed anything." Helen was looking down at
Angela's face while stroking the girl's thick black hair. "He's really
sweet . . . and cute, too. Have you ever wondered what he's like?"

"We've always been close," Angela purred. After a moment, her eyes
widened. "Wait! You mean . . . in bed? . . . Of course not! He's my little

"So you've never noticed he's sexy?"

"Well . . . maybe," Angela confessed. "But he's still my brother."

Helen straddled Angela's hips, lowering her breasts onto the girl's
face. Angela licked and sucked them eagerly. "Yeah Baby Girl," she
whispered dreamily, looking idly toward the window as she surrendered to
the sensations.

She gasped in surprise when she saw me standing on the fire escape with my
stiff cock jutting from my unzipped pants.

Posted : 01/05/2011 6:13 pm