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He gave me a Bath


When I got up in the morning, I stretched, then grinned to myself, remembering what I'd told my dad. No clothes for me at all. I came downstairs and used the bathroom. Just as I started running the water for the shower, I heard the doorbell ring. I started to get in the shower anyway, but it rang again.

I left the water running, but went to answer the door, blushing because I was naked. It was Manoj's friend Roger.

"Hi -- wow!" he said enthusiastically, looking me over.

"Hi, Roger," I said, smiling nervously.

"I just came over to see if you'd taken your shower yet," he said.

"Not yet," I admitted. "Would you like to come in and watch me again?" I offered reluctantly.

He shook his head, and I almost sighed right out loud. Then he looked at me, smiling hopefully. "Would you mind coming over to my house to shower?"

"Your... house?" I asked, then blushed hard. "W-why do you want me to do that?"

"It's just a block away," he said persuasively. "My older brother in college is home for the weekend with a few of his buddies," he explained.

I reminded myself I didn't expect much in the way of privacy for the day. I remembered my walk around town from the previous day, and for that matter, I'd done the same thing the evening before. Not to mention all of my other adventures.

I giggled. "Sure, I'll do it. Just give me a second, though." He stepped inside, and I went to the bathroom to shut off the water. I also told my mother I wouldn't be having breakfast at home, and would see her after school. I put on shoes and socks, then came back to the door.

Roger was surprised I was still bare, I guess. "Aren't you going to take any clothes?"

I smiled and shook my head. "I'm ready right now. Let's go!"

"All right," he nodded, and we stepped outside and walked over to his house. He seemed surprised; when we saw cars come by, I was clearly blushing, but stood right out in the open, letting them look me over if they wanted to.

"What do you want me to do, exactly?" I asked Roger uneasily as we walked along the sidewalk. "Are you all just going to come into the bathroom and watch me take a shower?"

"Well... yeah, I guess," he said, looking a little anxiously at me. "That's all right, isn't it?"

"Sure!" I reassured him with a quick smile. I took a breath. "But... I'll do whatever you want me to while I'm in the shower."

"You will?" he asked.

I nodded, blushing a little. "I've... gotten kind of used to people looking at me while I'm naked," I explained. "You can have me do... anything you like."

"That sounds like a lot of fun," he grinned.

We stopped outside his house and I left my shoes and socks by the door, then went inside. It was a big, nice house; I'd never been in it before.

The other guys were in the living room, and grinned and stared as I walked in. I blushed, but then smiled at them and kept my hands to my sides, letting them look at me. There were three of them, plus Roger.

"This is my brother Jack," Roger introduced. "Jack, this is Sunitha."

"Hel-lo, Sunitha!" He grinned broadly.

"Hi, Jack," I said to him, smiling Dileepidly.

"This is George, David and Ted," he introduced the others, and I smiled and said hello to each of them.

"You wanted me to shower in front of these guys. Shall we get started?" I asked Roger nervously.

He nodded. "Come on, guys, let's go in the bathroom. Sunitha said she'll do anything we want in the shower."

I smiled at them, and followed Roger into the bathroom.

"Go ahead and start, Sunitha," he told me.

I turned on the water and adjusted it so it was warm, then got under it. Roger pulled the curtain open as wide as possible. I giggled at the guys, then jiggled my chest for them a little.

"Can you face us and spread your legs wide?" Roger asked me.

"All right," I agreed, and faced them, setting my feet wide apart.

"Reach up and touch the top of the shower with both hands," another of the boys said. He was George, I remembered after a moment.

I did as he said. The boys all grinned, staring at me.

"Wow, what great tits!"

"Look at those pretty blonde curls!"

"I'd like to get my face between her breasts!"

"How about a nice look at your ass, now, Sunitha?" David suggested after a couple of minutes. "Bend over and put your palms against the bottom of the tub, but keep your knees unbent."

I nodded and bent over, and let the boys look at me that way as well.

"Stand up straight again," Ted told me. "Face us, set your feet apart... wider... good... now spread open your pussy."

I did so, blushing, but trying to be as obedient as I could.

"How long are you going to keep doing what we say?" George asked me curiously.

"Well, I have to go to school. Until I have to leave, I guess," I told him.

"What limits do you have?" he asked.

"I'm only going to do it in the shower," I said firmly. "I guess I'll do whatever you want as long as it's part of my shower. And you have to let me get ready for school!"

"All right, you can wash yourself, and use shampoo," Roger told me. "Just let us watch."

"Sure," I nodded, smiling, and lathered myself with soap.

One of the guys reached in and turned off the water.

"What did you do that for?" I asked him uncomfortably.

"I thought it would be nice to see you all covered with soap lather, without it washing off," he explained. "Just keep going, please."

I did so, and was soon covered all over with thick lather. "Can I rinse it off now?" I asked him.

"Sure, get under the shower head and I'll turn it on," he said. "Look up at the shower head, and don't look down until the soap is all rinsed off, okay? And stay under the water until you're all rinsed."

I nodded, and he turned the water back on.

I kept my eyes on the shower head as requested, and turned myself back and forth to rinse off the soap. As I did so, I felt the water getting a little cooler, and started to ask him to adjust it to be a little warmer. Then it got really cold. I gasped, and started to hastily reach down to adjust the temperature.

"Keep looking up, Sunitha," the guy told me, chuckling. "And leave the water temperature to us, please!"

"P-p-please, make it warmer!" I begged. "I'm freezing!"

"I will, when you finish rinsing off," he said, laughing.

It seemed to take forever, but I stayed under the chilly water, and finally I felt the water get warmer. "There, you can adjust it for yourself now," he told me.

I turned it warmer, then warmer again, and rubbed my arms and thighs under the water until I felt warmer.

"That was interesting," the guy told me, grinning broadly.

"It... was?" I asked, feeling a little hostile toward him.

"Your nipples got big and really firm looking," he explained cheerfully.

The other guys were chuckling.

"All... right," I shrugged finally, blushing, then giggling. "I'm glad it was fun for you!" I shampooed my hair, then rinsed it out, and got out of the shower.

"Want a towel, or would you prefer to have some help drying off?" Roger's brother Jaffer had a towel in his hand.

"Um... I'd like the towel, please!" I took it from him and dried myself off, then hung it up and grinned at the guys. "I'm glad that's over!"

"Are you going to get dressed now?" one of the guys asked me.

I shook my head. "I didn't even bring any clothes," I told him. "I walked over here naked. I'm not going to wear anything all day, until I get home from school. Except shoes!" I smiled at them. "Roger, what Time is it? Don't we have to get to school pretty soon?"

"School starts at 10:00 today," he told me.

"Well, we have Time for breakfast, anyway, then, right? Want me to make it?"

We had pancakes, which I made, with the guys eagerly looking on. When we were done, it was still only 9:00.

"Are you guys up for a dare?" I asked them all with a challenging grin. "I've been doing all kinds of stuff for you," I pointed out.

"What did you have in mind, Sunitha?" Jack asked me.

"You guys ought to find out what being exposed is like," I said. "I'd like to see all of you take off all of your clothes and run out the front door, go around the house and swimming pool, then come in the back door."

Several of them looked uneasy about the idea.

"We can't!" Ted protested. "We might be arrested for indecent exposure."

I shrugged and laughed. "Do it, or I think I'll just go home," I said. I looked down at myself. "I've been running around bare naked for several days. Surely you can make it around the house!"

They argued about it for a few minutes. Then Jack held up his hand. "I can see her point," he said slowly. "Anyway... it'll be kind of exciting. We probably won't be seen by anyone. And even if we were, we probably wouldn't be arrested." He looked around grinning. "Come on, guys!" He started taking off his clothes in the living room.

A couple of the other guys followed his example, and I grinned, watching them. A couple of the others blushed and hesitated, but then started slowly undressing. One of them, Ted, turned around.

"Hey now!" I complained good-naturedly. Look right at me while you do that!"

He sheepishly faced back toward me and uneasily went on with removing his clothes.

One guy was left... that was Roger, who was my brother's age; 13.

"Either everyone does it, or I'm leaving," I told him, giggling. "You too, Roger! Come on, you had a lot of fun making me walk over here, shower in front of you, and cook for you in just my skin."

The other guys teased him; they were all either naked or nearly so. "Come on, Roger!" "Show it to her, Roger!" "It's your damned house, you can do it, too!" He turned really red, but slowly took off his clothes. I giggled; I knew what he felt like, though!

They all ran out the front door together, and I grinned broadly, watching them go around the edge of the house. Then I dashed through the house and locked the big patio door in back, then ran back and locked the front door as well.

I watched outside the back until they came dashing as fast as they could around the pool and up to the back door. I laughed at them as they desperately tried to get in.

"Hey! Open the door!" "Come on, Sunitha!" "Please, open it!"

"Go back to the front and try that one!" I called to them.

They pleaded with me for a couple of more minutes, then went dashing back around the house. I watched out the front door, waiting for them to come back and find out they couldn't get in that way, either.

They surprised me, though; a minute later I heard them coming up the basement stairs. I gulped and ran back through the house, then decided I'd better leave; they weren't going to be very happy with me! I dashed for the back door, but had trouble opening it. Jack and Ted caught my arms from behind.

"You weren't thinking of leaving, were you, Sunitha? Just when we were all having so much fun?" Jack pushed me through the house, back to the living room.

"It was just a joke!" I protested. "I've been so embarrassed and scared... I thought it would be funny to see someone else feel that way for a change!" I looked around at the guys. They looked pretty upset. "I'm... sorry!"

"It was really funny," George nodded, looking at me angrily. "We never made you do anything you didn't want to do, and we cooperated with your little request, too."

"You're going to have to pay for your tAbhi," Jack told me in a chilly tone. "You abused our trust without our consent, so I don't think what comes as a result needs your consent."

I started to turn toward him to protest.

"Don't say anything," he ordered me. "No words at all, unless someone tells you to, or asks you something, and then say just what you're told. Don't meet anyone's eyes, or you'll get slapped. You're going to fully cooperate with whatever we decide to do with you for the rest of the morning. If someone grabs at your body, you will not avoid them or try to get away. Even if something hurts, you just have to put up with it and enjoy it the best you can. Now move your legs wide apart and act like the slut you really are."

I obeyed, looking down at the floor, feeling very nervous. He reached for my chest and roughly grabbed my breasts.

"We can go ahead, right?" George said from behind me.

"Sure, do anything you want with her," Jack said cheerfully.

I felt hands on my behind, then they were pulling my buttocks apart a little. Someone slid his fingers in my vagina, then into my ass, which hurt some. I yelped, and almost looked up, but kept my eyes down and kept meekly looking at the floor.

"We should have her have sex with Roger," someone suggested.

"Will you do that, Sunitha?" Roger asked.

I blushed hard but nodded. They'd just make me do it anyway.

There was laughter from several guys. "Sure she will," Ted said. "She'll do it on top. Sit down over there on the couch, Roger, and let her get on top of you."

The other guys continued running their hands over my body for a couple of minutes. I had to keep my hands behind my head and my legs wide open, letting them handle me however they wanted. It was humiliating; they laughed and teased me, but I was responding, breathing more heavily and squirming, and there was no way for me to hide that from them.

"Ready for her, Roger?" Jack asked.

"All right," he replied, hesitant but also eager.

Someone held my wrists together and forced me over to the couch. "Have you ever done it from on top before?" he asked me.

I shook my head, and looked Dileepidly at Roger on the couch. His cock was hard and purple, and he was sitting naked on the couch and looking up at me.

WHACK! I was slapped across the face from behind, hard. "Keep your eyes down, slut!" the guy behind me said sharply.

"Sorry!" I apologized in a sob.

WHACK! He slapped me again. "Be quiet, no one asked you to talk. Spread your knees wide apart, and lower yourself so his cock goes right in your pussy, then slide yourself up and down until he comes. As soon as he does, you stand up and step back, then kneel in front of him with your knees wide apart, and lick his cock until it's clean and swallow everything you lick up. If you understand, say 'Please, may this slutty teenaged blonde attempt to please you, Master Roger!'"

I kept my eyes down. "Please, may this slutty teenaged blonde attempt to please you, Master Roger?"

"Uh, all right," he said. "Sure!"

I moved up to him, looking down at his cock but carefully not looking at his face. I positioned myself over him and lowered myself until his cock slid into me.

It felt different than having sex with the guy on top. I didn't decide then if I liked it that way -- the other guys were laughing and jeering, and the whole experience was excruciatingly humiliating. I concentrated on doing what I'd been told. I moved myself up and down, sliding Roger's cock in and out, in and out.

"Moan right out loud, slut," one of the guys told me, slapping my bottom.

"Owww!" I gasped.

"Don't clench your teeth. We don't mind hearing you react." The others chuckled.

I opened my mouth a little, then I was unable to muffle my gasps and moans. That was even more humiliating; the guys mockingly emulated my helpless sounds. But I had no choice, I had to do what they wanted! I was getting more excited as I continued.

I suddenly realized the whole experience was something like rape fantasies I'd had. It didn't really make any difference; I had to do what they were making me do anyway. I got a little thrill from the thought that I was being raped. I never really felt like it was true; I felt like they were kind of justified in doing it. I didn't think they'd really hurt me, either.

I felt Roger start to come inside me, and he moaned in glee. I kept sliding myself up and down on him for a minute, and felt myself starting to come, too.

"Not so fast, slut," one of the guys behind me said, laughing. "This is for his pleasure, not yours." I was pulled back from him, then forced down to my knees, and my face pushed between Roger's legs. The guys held me by the wrists, too, keeping my hands above my head while I licked Roger's cock clean.

They made me stand up. "There, did you like that?" one of the guys asked me jovially.

I kept my eyes on the floor, but nodded slightly.

"Good! You can do it again with me," another guy said.

"I'm going to put it in her ass when she does," another added, and they all laughed.

I don't remember all of the details, but a lot of things happened pretty quickly. Someone did sit on the couch. I didn't dare look at his face to see who it was, but I had to get on top of him as I had with Roger, and have sex with him from on top. I did so readily enough, and started to come almost right away. Someone behind stopped me, making me prolong my orgasm, and slid some gel between my buttocks, then told me to resume what I'd been doing. I yelled and did so, coming hard... but then yelled even louder from the pain as one of them firmly shoved his cock into my ass.

"Don't stop!" I heard a guy say in a commanding voice. Gasping and groaning, I continued having sex with the guy on the couch. While I did, the person behind me continued forcing himself into and out of me from behind.

It didn't last for long, but was an amazing mixture of intense pleasure and intense pain while it did last. I don't know all of what happened to me, or who was involved.

At some point, I was slumped against the couch on my knees. "It's over, Sunitha," one of the guys told me. "Come on, you have to get to school! You should take a shower first, though."

"What Time is it?" I asked.

It was about 9:45; I had 20 minutes to get to school. He helped me to my feet and I found it was Jack who had spoken.

"Are you all right?" he asked me, a little anxiously.

"Oh, sure!" I smiled at him. "It was... quite an experience," I said.

"Come on and get in the shower," he urged me, and I hurried to the bathroom. I showered hurriedly, then stepped out. A couple of the guys had towels in their hands; I shrugged and smiled and let them towel me off. I combed my hair straight; it was still wet. I then hurried outside and got my shoes and socks back on. Roger was waiting outside; he walked to the high school with me.

"Do you mind... this morning?" he asked me anxiously.

I tried to look serious, but then giggled. "It was very exciting!" I told him. "Some of it was more adventurous than I might have done voluntarily. And I'm a little sore now! But it was a lot of fun overall," I reassured him. "Um... do I have any bruises or anything?"

"Not at all," he said, looking me over. "Are you sure it was okay?"

I smiled at him. "I'm sure! I had a great Time," I told him. "But it's sweet of you to ask. Thanks, Roger!"

"You're so pretty, so nice and such a great sport about everything. Thanks for all of that!" He smiled at me.

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