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"It'll be at least two hours," The mechanic said to my mother and my mind automatically wanted to turn his accent-less voice into a thick southern one, because in the movies it was always said like that.

We'd been driving cross country coming home after a month of summer vacation with my Uncle's family in Nevada. It had been a good enough time there I'd had a nice summer vacation romance with my cousin's friend whom I got pretty close to. It was odd those little flings that both knew would only be short lived seemed to progress so much easier and faster than any others, beyond the fabled one night stand that is. Yet the little thing with Jenny is another story as I'm telling what happened on our way home when my mother's car broke down a little less than half way to our destination. Two hours to have the mechanic do whatever and as I looked around, suspicious from watching to many movies that would there'd end up being a serial killer or something, as that is what happened in ever movie where the car broke down in a strange town. I saw not one thing that was creepy but one thing that was entirely coincidence that nearly blew my mind. I couldn't help but utter a short surprised laugh as my mom and sister where already whispering what they wanted to do for the two hours.

"I'll meet you two back here," I told them stepping outside of the small mechanics office.

"What, where are you going?" Mom asked and being a single parent she'd never really tried hard to keep us in line, I grinned back over my shoulder.

"I said I'd meet you back here," I told her not unkindly and then before anymore conversation could be had I let the door shut and jogged up the road after the figure I had seen.

I was just about to get worried I might have lost him, thinking that too always happened in movies, when I rounded the corner he had turned and saw him disappearing into a small house in a row of small houses that looked identical except the paint of the walls and shutters. It didn't freak me out too much as there was no bad vibe about the place at all, plus I was so excited I ran on. Might have been normally I would have been a little embarrassed that I might have been mistaken or get the wrong house and look a fool, part of me was totally sure, part said it was worth the risk, and part didn't care because chances were I wouldn't see these people ever again. I walked the last thirty feet or so coming up to the screen door of the small house and knocking firmly on its frame, there was no question of my identity for a full thirty seconds, this I took as kind of odd.

"Who are you?" A woman said finally as I had looked away at the road for a moment not wanting to be creepy and be peering in the door or their windows.

"I'm..." I started and then Steven Fresh came around the corner to see who, I guessed his mother, was talking to, he blinked at me a few times and then his face started curling up into a smile. "Steven's friend! isn't that right you big dork beer!"

"Oh how about that you don't see a guy for two years and he starts off by calling you a big dork beer, you punk kid!" He came back slipping by his mom and coming out side to throw a hand out for me to shake.

I'd never really shaken my friends hands before always something I did to older people who greeted me, and I guessed it had been something he picked up since I'd last known him. I won't bore you with our catching up as I know you didn't get this story to hear about two teenagers talking soccer all the while half explaining to his mom who I was and telling him how I'd gotten there. Steven had been my best friend, almost instantly, for eight months back two years ago and then his mom had decided to move on, a better job somewhere else I guess. Either way it was like those two years had never gone by we talked quickly and happily for almost forty-five minutes, before his mom called him into another room.

I sat there for a moment in the silence leaned back more fully into my chair and looking around the room at the pictures that stood here or there. His older sister I'd seen a few times when I'd known him last and she'd been about today too never coming into the room or anything just looking down the hall a moment then going about whatever she was doing. His mom had been real young when she'd first gotten pregnant, like twelve, and had been only three months into her new life as a mother when she'd gotten pregnant again. An odd thing to most people but as my mother had been about the same it wasn't that odd to me, gave Steven and I more in common. His sister older by a year, just barely, she was alright enough looking. She had somewhat of a roundish face that was cute but was one of those you knew could have been better looking if she would have lost a little weight. She was an inch under five foot tall and I guess her height had always bothered her, she always considered herself a midget or little person, even though I had read or heard somewhere that you had to be shorter than 4'10" to be considered one. She also didn't have the oddly lumpy quality to her body that most midgets did, she normal looking, just short.

She'd been the same when I had seen her the few times before, trying to stay in the background, trying not to be seen because she considered herself near a circus freak. Today she'd walked by in a tight fitting cleavage revealing shirt that put on display her massive assets, they must have been Cs on her short little frame they looked like triple Ds or something. Now I looked around the room spying pictures of her mostly she was trying to look away or with an almost surprised look on her face, as if she hadn't known the camera was there until it snapped a picture of her. She was cute in all of them too and I realized if more time had been allowed me back then I might have tried to go for her. As the moments stretched to minutes that I was alone I pondered the idea of keeping her as my secret booty call. Pondering ways I could fuck her when I wanted too, whenever Steven wasn't looking, then have a real girlfriend outside of Erica. I thought I could have done it too playing her low self esteem against her, playing the entire brother's best friend, not wanting to ruin that friendship.

Looking around at the pictures with a perverted lens as I was I couldn't help but see his mom as alright too. I wouldn't say she was hot or anything, I'd seen women in their early thirties who I'd fuck above some girls my own age. She was just one that most guys who have sex with and only brag to their buddies that they'd gotten a piece last night, leaving out the with who. Not ugly at all but just nothing to write home about, average looks and an average body. Yet I was sure I'd have done her too if I'd ever gotten the chance, my mind suddenly in the perverted mood conjuring up scenarios were it would be logical that the two of us would get together. I laughed at the idea of fucking both mother and daughter while neither of them knew it while their brother/son didn't know it. Two booty calls all packed nicely into one house, hilarious and obviously I thought would have never really happened. I smiled up at Ms. Fresh as she came back into the room, trying to hide my thoughts from coming to my face, a couple of glasses of lemonade in her hands. She pushed one out at me and I accepted and then sat down on the chair near me putting herself so our knees almost touched.

Bare knees almost touching, "My daughter has a crush on you." She said and it was just lucky that the drink was on it's way to my lips and not at them otherwise things would have gone different as I would have sprayed her down like out of some comedy, as it was a large portion of the stuff jumped from the glass as my hand jerked and fell into my lap. "I guess she's had a crush on you from when we lived back in Stonetown." It had been very much a surprise for her to announce that so openly and very much like my line of thoughts. Now she leaned over looking over her shoulder and frowning for a moment before looking back at me her hand going out to my leg. "You see she really has a crush on you, you've got her all horny, she's been walking back and forth just to get looks at you and then going to her room to rub at herself, you know masturbate a little bit."

"Uh, huh." I said flatly caught by the conspirators gleam to Steven's mother's eyes caught by the feeling of her hand quickly venturing past the knee and up the thigh fingertips already tucking underneath my shorts.

"Well, I'd understand that you probably don't like her in that way, most guys think she's a dwarf." Her mom said voice even lower now leaning even closer to me hand totally into my shorts now her fingertips rubbing at the head of my cock, her face a mere pair of inches from mine. "They think she's not very good looking too, and then she's real shy. To tell you the truth she's never had a boyfriend before, never been kissed by anybody she's not related too, you understand what I'm telling you? What I'm getting at?" She asked and I started to nod my head then stopped and shook it, I thought I knew but she really couldn't be saying what I thought she was saying, fondling my dick or not she couldn't be saying it. "Well, you go in there and take advantage of the situation, that's what, go in there and make her suck your dick. She'll do it too, you bet she will, she'll suck your dick while she plays with herself. I'd tell you to fuck her but you wouldn't want to risk leaving a baby in her tummy would you?" This was all fucking crazy I wondered when I'd missed that deep voiced guy telling my I'd entered the Twilight Zone. "So you want to get your dick sucked?"

"I um... I um..." How do you respond to this situation, a mother feeling your cock up and asking you if you'd like to go get it sucked by her daughter.

"I can understand your reluctance, how about you go in there and get things started, then I come in after you. My little girl may not be a super model but you couldn't turn down a chance at getting pleasured by her AND me, could you?" She asked stroking my fully erect penis with fervor now her face dipping to mine and giving me a small kiss on the jaw nuzzling my head to a slant and then suckling not so gently at my neck, I let out a moan and her grip tightened on my piece. "You couldn't let the chance go to see to women masturbating while they try their hardest to get you off. Now get up and go in there, last door on the right, and I'll be along in a minute."

"Oh, oh, okay." I said as she finally pulled her hand off my cock and I sat dazed for a minute before she pointed down the hall and I stood and sort of stumbled that way.

It was true as she had said it as I got closer to the last door on the right I heard the muffled sounds of somebody doing something naughty. My cock was still raging hard in my pants and my mind was racing that this could even be happening, I turned around and Ms. Fresh give me a nod and a go on motion. I turned back and then peeked into the doorway seeing why she hadn't closed her door, because there was none in the frame. She was still completely dressed just had her hand slipped down the front of her khaki shorts her hips pushed up into the air as if she couldn't get enough of her fingers inside her. Her face was turned away from me buried in a pillow and loud moans were escaping her lips and being muffled by the cotton comforter. She was horny alright but how would she react if I walked in on her doing this private and embarrassing thing, she'd probably freak out. Then suddenly Ms. Fresh was at my back her hand reaching around and rubbing at me through my shorts her lips sinking into my neck.

"Oh shit!" I moaned as she rubbed me and rubbed herself into me as she kissed and sucked at my neck.

"Go on in and she'll put this in her mouth, go on in and tell her you want her to suck you off and you can finger her while she does it." Ms. Fresh said between licks and kisses of my neck one hand pulling my jean shorts away from my stomach and looking down in at my cock. "Because I won't suck it, I'll only jack you off, you'll only get her to suck it for you, now go in and get it sucked."

"What? Who?" Erica said dropping her hips to the bed and removing her hand pulling her face away from the pillow and Ms. Fresh chose that moment to push me forward.

"Josh! I wasn't doing anything!" She cried her face flushing a deep red and her cleavage pinking a bit too, she lay on the bed and her tits seemed ready to come right out of her top. "Josh my mom and brother are here." She said after her eyes had trailed down for just a moment and then locked and bulged, I looked down and saw Ms. Fresh had made sure that I was pushing right out at my jeans, tenting them if ever they'd been tented, and there was no hiding my erection, she licked her lips.

"They left for a minute," I lied it was obvious Steven had to be gone he'd be kicking my ass if he was here.

"Oh? It's just me and you then?" She asked me tugging at her khaki shorts as if she was going to use that time to loose her virginity, I watched eagerly knowing if she'd offer I'd take her up on it.

"For a minute," I answered as she pulled her shorts and panties all the way down to reveal her round thighs and tiny muff, it was wet and glistening.

"Josh, I've always had a crush on you, I just never thought you found me even the smallest bit attractive. Oh Josh, did you get that boner for me?" She asked sounding as if I'd given her the greatest gift ever, I walked over to the bed and looked down at her.

"Why don't you take a look at it and see just how hard it is, for you." I said and she nodded her head quickly licking her lips again and rolling up onto her knees and tugging my pants down, my cock looking large next to her small body popped out, it was wrapped in her tiny fists in a moment. "Uh! Oh, yeah see how hard it is?"

"Oh Josh! Oh Josh! Just for me! It's so big! How about you put it to good use? How about you put it inside me?" She asked dropping back onto her ass and spreading her legs I thought about how fucking tight that small pussy would be, both virgin and small because of her size, and leaned forward into it.

"I leave for one minute and this is what happens?" Ms. Fresh said coming in behind us and I heard the quality to her voice, she was probably upset that I had been about to fuck her daughter even though she'd told me only to let her suck my dick. "Josh I hardly know you but really? Erica! Erica, I thought you knew the rules."

"Mom! Mom please, just this once?" She asked her mother and I felt my ego rise she was begging for her mom to leave to get this once chance to fuck me, it was hot.

"No! Not just this once. I don't want you getting pregnant like I did, your older than me sure, but I still want you to go to college and see the world before you get pregnant?" Her mother said shaking her head sternly my cock knew there would still be something for it in a moment and stayed raging hard, I didn't move to cover it as Erica was cupping herself down there.

"Mom, I won't get..." She started just as pleading but her mother cut her off.

"You never know! You never know!" She said pointing a finger to her daughter stepping into the room more. "Erica it doesn't have to be sex, you can always get something from him, do something with him, and not have it dick in pussy." She said smiling down at her daughter as if she was a kind mother giving her daughter sage advice.

"Mom! Mom it's time! It should be in there. He should take it!" She begged and her mom shook her head, this was so fucking hot, Ms. Fresh stopped as her knees hit the side of the bed and frowned down at her daughter.

"Why don't you just suck his dick a little bit while he fingers you? Wouldn't getting his fingers inside you be really nice too?" Erica's bottom lip went out for a moment knowing she wouldn't get what she really wanted and decided to take what she could, she looked up at me and looked apologetic.

"Would you like it if I sucked your dick? Would you like it if I did that while you fingered me?" She asked and my dick twitched as if nodding it's agreement a moment before I nodded too.

She cast a look towards her mother for a moment regretting her hindering presense I was sure her brown eyes almost persecuted. Then she brought her gaze back to my cock and a smile presented itself and she leaned forward slowly opening her lips and enveloping the head of my weapon. I reached down and tucked her light brown hair behind her ear getting the full sight of her face and my shaft penetrating her lips. Ms. Fresh came up behind me and then sat down on the bed pulling her daughter's hair back and deftly snapping on hair ropes, or whatever, pulling her daughters shoulder length hair back into two pony tails to the side and a couple inches behind her ears. It made Erica look a ton younger and with only a lock or two of hair loose about the temples I no longer had to worry about anything blocking my view of what was happening. Erica spared her mother a look, eyes shining with nerves for a moment as she was touched by her parent while performing such an act, my cock begged to be pushed down her throat as she held it firmly but unmoving between her lips as her hair was attended too. When the job was done and her mother had sat back she started up again and I let out a moan of appreciation for the return to motion.

"Doesn't she look so much cuter now? Huh, Josh? Doesn't my little daughter look so cute?" Her mother asked me seeming to choose the right words because Erica's eyes rolled up to look into mine very eager to hear the answer.

"Oh, she looks damn good," My voice was husky as I stared into Erica's eyes as I said that then looked up at her mother. "Your daughter looks so damn good with my cock in her mouth."

Let me say there is something so fundamentally, earth shatteringly, undeniably, completely hormone arousing about telling a mother her daughter looks good with your dick in lips. I must say if anybody has the chance they should try it, it's so fucking wrong that it is so fucking right. Erica seemed to think it music to her ears as she let out a almost melodious whimper around me and her brown eyes grew huge for a moment. I stroked her cheek and smiled down at her assisting her a little bit my pushing my prick in and pulling it out while she was sucking it in and sliding it out. She was passing fair at the task she had a tight little mouth so that was something and she would swish her tongue around whenever she could as I was inside her.

She still had to learn the extras, what I like to call the whip cream, nuts, and cherry on top of the basic ice cream sundae. Anybody can put ice cream and syrup together, it tastes great just like a no frills blow-job feels great, but what makes a sundae great and a blow-job great is minding the extras. Unlike a Sundae the whip cream came last, that was when a female did a little something extra with the cum rather than pointing you into a towel, just right onto the floor, or allowing you to deal with it. That was a category that most women, ones I'd had experience with and most of the ones I didn't, had a problem with as they wanted no part of it. The nuts were an obvious comparison, you had to mind them, giving them a little rub and squeeze with your hand and then dropping down to suck and lick on them. The Cherry wasn't really part of a sundae it was more of a tease of another flavor and so the cherry in the blow-job comparison sundae was the teasing pleasuring. The stuff that did little to get to the heart of the blow-job but did a lot to please the eye. Licking up and down the shaft, kissing the head, rubbing it on her face, moaning like it's getting her off, maybe even a few comments about size and how much doing it is liked. To me, and I'm sure many other men too, that's what turns a blow-job into a great blow-job.

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