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Half Virgin


Dana and Diana didn't get out of the house very often. Even growing up, they'd never gone to school like other kids, instead having professional private tutors. They were both brilliant, high IQ's, very talented, very creative. College was a possibility now that they'd turned eighteen but that seemed unlikely for them. Dana wanted to study engineering and Diana wanted to pursue fine arts. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem for ordinary sisters, but in their case, it was. Dana and Diana were joined from just below their breasts down almost all the way to their hips. Siamese twins.

Looking at them from across a room, a man might only think he's seeing two beautiful young women standing very close together. Intimately close even, and that would cause a stirring of interest. One was the slightest bit taller than the other, probably no more than an inch, and a little heavier. She wore a serious look that spoke of strength and self-confidence. The smaller one was a bit more delicate, wistful, trusting. The closer you got to the pair, the clearer the resemblance became. They would pass for identical twins, you'd think - if you didn't know the truth yet. Both had shoulder length, white-blonde hair, fine, sculptured features, high cheekbones and unearthly green eyes with an elfin tilt at the corners.

They had four beautiful tanned arms, four well-proportioned strong legs, two firm butts and two normal, albeit virginal sets of genitalia between their hard thighs. They'd been alive long enough to learn how to stay healthy while sharing a common stomach and liver and dealing with Diana's weaker heart. Dana's heart was the strong one and seemed to pump most of the blood for both their bodies. Because of these three complications, surgery had never been an option for them. Diana would have surely died.

Dana was quite protective of (whom she called) her "little sister", though she tended to do more than her share of bossing her around. She was the more academic of the two and taught Diana many things. Including her first lessons about sex.

Their parents had supposed they'd never really have a sex life and had sorely neglected their education in that area. Dana, on the other hand, was fascinated with it. Some nights while Diana slept - her legs wrapped over her big sister's and her head on Dana's shoulder - Dana surfed the internet for all the information she could absorb.

They'd first begun to masturbate much later than normal girls. It was amazing, the feeling they got! Dana could feel Diana's orgasm as well as Diana could, and vice versa. Cumming simultaneously was a mind-blowing experience and it became even more fun to touch each other down there. They both had soft, fine downy hair that got so wet with their playing. Was it incest or masturbation? Dana giggled at that thought, licking her sister's juices from her fingers.

It took Dana a lot of coaxing to get Diana to agree to have sex with a man. Dana herself had been dying to try it while Diana worried about how the man would feel about their unusual, shared body. Finally, after speaking online to a young man for about three months, they set up a meeting at a time when the girl's parents would be out most of the night.

He'd known of their condition before they'd invited him over but he assured them he was fine with the whole situation. However, at the sight of their naked flesh joined in a most unnatural way, he'd made an exceptionally cruel joke and fled.

That left Diana in tears and Dana angry with humiliation. She wanted to feel what sex was like so badly but this was enough to scare her back into silence, for awhile.

The desire continued to gnaw at her. Her sister's pretty fingers moving in and out of her pussy just weren't enough, but she'd be damned before she'd let any man near her again. And poor Diana wouldn't even speak of it.

Dana managed to keep Diana interested in sex with their sisterly games. They ordered a little dildo from a company online and kept it secret from their parents. Dana found that - strangely enough - she could feel more of the sexual pleasure when she made Diana cum than when Diana played with her. The deeper into her sister's tight pussy she rammed the dildo, the more she herself could feel it. That was what first gave her the idea.

While Diana slept in her cuddling position, Dana searched for another man to invite over, being even less selective this time. It would be very different. She told him exactly what she wanted and he eagerly agreed to it. She just hoped he wouldn’t turn out to be as squeamish as the other guy had been.

Dana thought she should feel guilty about her plans, and rightly so, but if she'd just come out and asked Diana, the answer would have been no. So, she just chose to skip that formality.

The following morning after their parents had gone off to work, Dana insisted on a swim, an activity they both enjoyed. All their clothes had to be custom-made or at least altered, except their bikinis. It was the only way they could express their different tastes in clothing. Diana's was white, soft lycra and Dana's was wild with color, reds, blues, yellows - easy to spot from a mile away.

As they walked down the path behind their house toward the pool, Diana paused, stopping them with a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong?" Dana asked, trying to get her emotions under control. She knew her sister would be able to feel the adrenaline of anticipation pumping through her veins.

"It just feels weird," Diana answered, "Like something is about to happen."

"You're being paranoid again," Diana said, urging them on. "Come on before it gets too hot out here."

Diana shrugged and they moved on down the path, their coltish legs interlocking in the graceful dance that was the way they walked.

They pushed the gate open to the pool area, passing through the 8ft privacy fence that kept out curious eyes. As soon as they stepped inside, Dana saw the man out of the corner of her eye.

He was average height 5'10, maybe 5'11, but with a very solid, stocky build. His hair was long and a little dirty and his beard was scraggly. As he grabbed her sister, she could smell the reek of alcohol on his breath.

"Damn!" he laughed, "This is wild! My own private freak show!"

Dana's anger began to rise. That was not how it was supposed to happen.

"But so sweet!" he added. "Two for the price of one! I like that!" He untied Diana's top and flung it aside, reaching around to squeeze one of her tits, pinching the nipple painfully. Dana gasped as she felt the sensation. Diana was screaming, trying to twist away, trying to run.

The man ripped the bikini bottom off and cupped her ass, pressing against her, pressing Dana's back roughly against the gate.

"No!" Diana cried and Dana felt her sister's fear coursing through her body.

"Ssh!" Dana attempted to calm her, putting a warm palm on each side of Diana's face. "Hush, sweetheart, he's not going to hurt us."

Fear was replaced quickly by disbelief as Diana realized her sister was in on this. But Dana was not being stripped naked or groped painfully.

Diana tried desperately to push away from the wall but Dana was too strong. She took her Diana's hands, one in each of her own, and held them out to their sides so Diana couldn't move.

"Relax," she whispered, "Don't fight it."

Diana looked fearfully over her shoulder and could see the man unzipping his threadbare jeans. She felt his hand probing between her thighs from behind, opening her, spreading her.

"No," her protests became weaker. She knew she couldn't get away. She couldn't understand why she was beginning to get wet down there from his fingers.

"Mmmm, baby!" he said, licking off a glistening web from his fingertips. "You taste so good!" He was getting into position, squatting slightly, pushing his thick, hard cock between Diana's legs.

"Gently," Dana warned over Diana's shoulder. "She's a virgin."

"The best kind," he leered.

Diana's eyes widened a she felt the stiff member pushing it's way between her puffy wet lips. He spread her legs just a little wider and used her own juices to lubricate his cock.

"Please," Diana begged her sister in a whisper. She couldn't believe the betrayal.

Dana smiled evilly, feeling the arousal in her own pussy although it was safe behind it's cloth.

"Ahhh!!" Diana cried out as the man shoved inside her with one long, slow stroke. Tears welled in her eyes and Dana felt only the wonderful feeling of invasion, not the tearing and burning of losing her virginity. With eyes half-lidded with lust, she put her mouth over her sister's and kissed her hungrily.

The man began to fuck Diana, pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in hard. Diana held onto her sister, crying even as Dana ran her tongue between her lips. It hurt so badly down there, like she was on fire.

The harder the man pumped, the harder Dana's breath became until she suddenly cried out and threw her head back, feeling the orgasm that Diana was not. She shivered with the rush of pleasure, ignoring her sister's pathetic whimpers as the man's assault grew more heated. Finally he cried out too and thrust all the way in, filling Diana with his steaming cum.

He didn't waste time but pulled out and wiped himself on Diana's cast off bikini bottoms.

"That was pretty good, ladies. Lady," he shrugged, "Whichever. Thanks for inviting me to the party. Maybe next time I can get in there and lick both your pussies at once!" Again, he laughed mockingly. "What a hoot!" Then he left them alone.

Diana stared into Dana's face, her sister seeming a total stranger now. She wanted to turn and run away, to get as far from her as possible.

But that could never happen.

Dana smiled down at her and brushed Diana's hair back from her face. "Maybe this is something you should get used to."

Posted : 13/11/2010 9:28 am