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Greg's true Story


I wasn't surprised to hear from Greg - he'd taken to calling me up for lunch on a fairly regular basis. I'd even stopped suspecting him of having a hidden agenda each time he called. But perhaps he had only been carefully lulling me into security. Lately we'd been grabbing a quick bite and comparing notes on the games. But it was Friday, and he was anxious to get far away from the office - have a beer and see some naked women. He picked me up, and we drove into the city. Being Friday, the place was packed with business men anxious to get an early start of a weekend of indulgence, and we were forced to sit in the very back, far from the stages. We ordered some brew, and talked while watching the distant gyrations of tits and ass. For some odd reason, our conversation took a sexual turn - a subject we had only approached obliquely before, but which had always been an underlying theme. Greg has been to the house often enough, and been stoned enough, to truly appreciate that my wife is fucking hot. Newly engaged, he was concerned about rumors of marriages becoming sexless. "We've been married for over four years now," I bragged, "and I get laid a lot. No shit. Lindsey could make a dead man come." "I keep waiting for an invitational, you know." Greg smiled slyly. "But Jackie is a randy bitch in her own right. There's nothing finer than putting her on all fours and pressing your case." "I just wish she'd show more skin. Lindsey's always been willing to let you see the package - but Jackie keeps things...hidden." "Hell, I can give you that. She keeps cool because she's afraid she'll lose it if she drops it. She'd rip off her panties for a chance to see you get off." "Shall we work a deal then? Lindsey's been aching to dance on you for a long time. I've had to keep her restrained." "Tomorrow evening?," Greg asked rhetorically. "And the first one who comes, loses." "Losing never sounded so good. Tomorrow it is." Lunch ended quickly as the anticipation suddenly clouded our thoughts. I spent the rest of the day at the Office trying to decide what I should tell Lindsey - not because I doubted her interest in the planned activities, but because I knew that there are conflicting pleasures in surprise and anticipation. The shock would be an intense aphrodisiac, and yet, I could hardly fail to give her a chance to plan. Of course, I wondered what, if anything, Greg would tell Jackie. I was finally determined that I would only give vague hints to the blonde vixen who was shacked up at my lair. Even that would be enough to make her pussy drool, and the uncertainty would keep her suspense cocked. Saturday passed easily enough, and by seven the kids were put to bed. Greg and Jackie were set to arrive at eight. I persuaded Lindsey to dress for the evening, a tactic which made her wonder. Old friends coming over for a drink don't usually merit the special touches. I insisted. I picked up the house while she dolled herself up. I took care in removing extraneous hinderences from the room, and stashed a variety of tools that might prove useful in hidden places. I selected an evenings worth of raunchy rock-n-roll and set out some pornographic films - both commercial and home-made, in case they were needed to set the mood. Lindsey finally came out - and my cock hardened at the sight. My wife is a lucious blonde, with firm tits and a smooth jutting ass set high atop her long legs. A blue silk dress draped seductively over her body. She wore neither bra nor panties, but only a garter belt to keep her silk stockings at attention. The doorbell rang. I opened the door, and Jackie strode in, brash and bold. She wore a black leather dress, zippered down the front, and the zipper was perched somewhere beneath her breasts, exposing a vast sea of cleavage. The dress ended just short of her bottom. Greg followed close behind her, and nearly laughed when he saw the look on my face. Before he could manage a guffaw, he saw Lindsey. The contest would be well matched. We sat down with drinks and a smoke, and the atmosphere was so tense that hardly a word escaped. Looking to break the silence, Lindsey went over and changed the music to something a bit more danceable. The rhythm swelled, and Lindsey began to move to the beat. She loves to dance, in the same way she loves to fuck. In fact, I had some twenty odd hours of films of her dancing in various states of undress. As she began to move, there was little question that she was making her move. Yet Jackie was not one to permit the spotlight to shine so uniquely on a rival, and she jumped up to join the erotic music ritual. Greg and I exchanged happy glances, and watched as our women writhed to the sounds. Jackie is a tall woman, with a large mane of mahogany hair, and pale white skin. I'd oogled her before, but as I had said, it was rare when she revealed even a hint of exotic flesh. As she swayed her hips, there was little remaining that I couldn't imagine. Her tits were firm and substantial, but on her large frame, they didn't seem quite so big. I was starting to catch glimpses of them in profile as her dress bowed in motion, and I was curious to see the nipples. I suspected they would be dark and small. Jackie's height came with long legs, and above them rested her full, meaty ass. As the dancing accelerated, I could catch momentary sight of black satin panties, and the extraneous curls of her deeply black muff. I licked my lips at the thought, and laughed to hear Greg smacking his lips as he stared deeply at the pretty dancing blonde. Lindsey turned to face Jackie with a grin, and as girls so often do at party dances, they danced together, laughing as they shook their shoulders in unison. The blue dress began to slip, and Lindsey danced even more furiously, releasing the first of her swollen breasts; the nipple shone deep red and was rock hard. Jackie squealed at the sight. I was nearly as surprised as Lindsey when Jackie leaned over and began sucking on her tit. Lindsey stopped dancing and moaned slightly, running her hands through the brown mane above her breast. Leaned over slightly, Jackie continued to rock her butt laciviously before us. Suddenly the song changed into a fast go-go beat, and Jackie quit sucking to catch the rhythm. Lindsey hesitated a moment as Jackie began to pull down the zipper of her dress, and let the leather garb fall to the floor. A black satin bra complemented her black panties, and Jackie danced, on hand cupping her left breast, while her other hand sliped into her muff. Lindsey's dress was gathered at her waist and she danced in synch. At some point during this exchange, both Greg and I had released our cocks from confinement, and we stroked ourselves as we drank in the sight of sexual delight. I kept wondering if we should join the fun, but just as I started to move, Lindsey knelt beneath her gyrating friend, yanked down the black panties, and began kissing the black-haired cunt. Jackie ripped off her bra, and spread her legs wide above the lashing tongue of my blonde tart. Jackie's moans were nearly a scream, and Lindsey picked up her blue silk dress over her ass, and teased her own clit while Greg and I gaped in wild wonder. The whole scene had me crazy, but I knew that pride demanded I hold back the insistent orgasm that was begging to blow. Jackie was a fiery slut, of that I had no doubt, but even this vixen was nothing compared to the mad sexuality of my lady. I was accustomed to intense desire - Greg couldn't possibly contain himself. Jackie eased her way down to the ground, careful not to let Lindsey's tongue miss her pussy for even a second. I decided there was no point in waiting, and stepped over to straddle Jackie's face, sinking my hardened cock into her waiting, moaning mouth. Greg knelt behind Lindsey's blonde butter box, and slipped inside to complete the human sex chain. I was surprised at the intensity of pleasure I received from Jackie's thick tongue - she was a superb cock-sucker. I lowered myself down into her mouth, curious to see if she could handle the full length of my rigid dick. She slurped and licked each delicious inch, until I was lost down her warm throat. I could feel the burning desire to come, and only just managed to hold myself back. I disengaged from Jackie's gaping maw, and she licked her full lips with a disappointed gleam in her eyes. Greg was lost in his own world as he drove my sweet Lindsey hard from behind. I interceded between her lips and Jackie's cunt, and kissed my wife before taking her place at the hot, wet lips. Jackie thrashed a bit as my tongue became familiar with her pink gash. I rode a favorite path as I teased her swollen clit. I sent a finger searching into the burning liquid pool of her vagina. She bucked with impending ecstasy, and I darted a finger into her tight ass. A few inches away, Lindsey began screaming in her delightful song of orgasm, and as I licked, Jackie sang as well. I turned Jackie over, and mounted her on all fours. The vision of her wide butt and long back, topped by flailing brown hair was intoxicating. Beyond the lustful wench, Lindsey was now sucking madly on Greg's cock. I could see the determination in his eyes - he was finding pleasure as he never had before, and yet he would not come until I let go. Pride and ego were prolonging the first round far beyond the humanly possible. I tried to change the flow of my thoughts, but it was in vain - the sight of so much beautiful sex, the burning wetness of Jackie's cunt, the escaping moans - I could hardly hold my ecstasy. In a last-ditch effort, I sat Jackie atop me, and felt her weight rising and falling above me, her breasts bouncing with each blow. I could stand no more - and I humped hard into the dripping pool of Jackie's pussy. A scream welled at the back of my throat, and I could think no more of restraint. Greg yelled, "Fuck it" and shot a huge foaming load into Lindsey's waiting mouth, across her face, and over her breasts. I exploded into Jackie. I collapsed into a broken mess - looking across the floor, I could see Greg was in a similar state. Nothing was proven, except that our women could fuck us dead. I could hardly move. But then, opening my eyes, Jackie was kissing Lindsey, and then licking Greg's cum from my wife's face and breasts. They turned around, and Lindsey began to lick my cum from Jackie's cunt. Something stirred within, and I was no longer quite so tired. I sat up, as did Greg. I nodded, and he nodded. That was just a warm-up. This time was for real.

Posted : 20/09/2010 6:43 am