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From Innocence to Lust


I love my kids. I love the family activities. I have been overly involved with them since the day they were born. A normal, highly educated, man. I watched them grow. I gave of myself, lived for each moment of their lives through elementary school, the trials and tribulations of middle school, and the hell of high school. It ran from hard times with the friends, harder time fitting in, and the good times of the popular group at school. It ran the full range of emotions. It seemed harder on the younger daughter, Stacey. She always had to follow in the footsteps of her older brother Jason. Living up to his successes was her curse. A star athlete, class president, student body president, valedictorian, scholarships to college for academics and athletics made her life seem harder in her eyes.

Fortunately out of necessity, she excelled as well. But it went with some constant griping. I watched her grow, really innocently over the years. From an extra tall gangly girl to an overnight fully blossomed young lady. It snuck up on me as I think back. The first time I really noticed the change was when Kara, her best friend since grade school, spent the night after Stacey's 18th birthday party. They were in the rec room, listening to music and playing pool when I stopped by to tell them good night. Not hearing me enter the room, I stopped, waiting for Kara to take her shot. All of a sudden, I noticed how tight her jeans were, how good her hard, well rounded ass looked as she bent over to make a shot on the pool table. My breath escaped my body at that moment. I inhaled hard, eyes locked on her ass. I immediately stripped her of her clothes, finding a soft skinned, firm ass framing a glistening slit. I even groaned softly as that thought raced through my mind.

"Hey Baby," I said just after Kara took her shot.

"Hey yourself Daddy," Stacey replied. Running over to me, she threw her arms around my neck, pulling me tight against her. "Thanks for my party," she continued. "It was such fun!" she finished. A quick smooch on the lips, she turned and bounded away. Kara stood watching us, her hands stroking up and down the pool cue. Not a deviant thought passed through her head. Mine on the other hand was full of sexual thoughts. I needed to extricate myself from the room quickly.

"Good night girls," I started.

"Want to shoot pool with us," interrupted Kara? I hesitated, a chance to observe her again. Thinking with my little brain, I nodded affirmative. I walked around to table to get my pool cue. "We will finish this game quick Mr. D.," she quipped, moving to align her next shot. I watched as she bent at the waist, pulling the stick back slowly, lining her shot, and smoothly stroking the cue ball. I noticed her broad shoulders, her tight t-shirt that hugged her ample breasts, her bare midriff, and glanced to her low cut jeans, just barely above her pubic hair I assumed. Damn she looked good in a purely sexual, lustful way. I grinned to myself, my thoughts surprising me.

"Daddy," Stacey was saying. "Hello," she continued.

"Oh, sorry Baby," I said. "I was thinking about work stuff," I answered. Being self employed, my family had heard this excuse on many occasions when I was off somewhere in my head. So the moment passed without any guilt.

"Boy, what a surprise," she laughed. She walked briskly to align her shot as well. This time, I watched her closely, observing with the same degree of sexual tension I had with Kara. I'll be damned I thought to myself. My daughter, my baby girl has a terrific ass. Lights flashed in my brain. Holy shit came to mind! What the fuck are you thinking? I shook my head in disbelief. Gotta be cobwebs of some kind, or a short circuit. Where did that thought come from? My mind raced off again. But I continued to observe my daughter. Slightly taller than Kara, Stacey looked to be all legs. Her jeans form fitted her shapely ass, snuggly wrapped her precious globes. I wondered about her protruding slit. I wondered if, bent at the waist, would her ass frame her wet slit, inviting a touch, begging for a tongue to lick softly between her cheeks, stretching to touch her slit, penetrate her lips. Horrified, my mind went blank.

"Just thought of something I need to do," I stammered, put my cue on the rack, and headed out of the room. "Love you sweetie! Good night girls," I said and escaped the room. I bounded up two flights of stairs quickly. Miriam, my wife, was just crawling under the covers. I quickly stripped off my clothes, and slid into bed. I reached to touch my wife, my fingers softly twisting her nipple. My cock grew quickly, growing very rigid as my mind substituted my daughter. I attacked my wife with a renewed vigor.

After an hour of love making, curled in my arms, she asked the most important question of the evening. "Where did that come from Honey," she breathed softly. I had no answer that I could provide. I could not tell her I had just fucked our daughter's brains out. I just moaned softly, caressing her back.

I did not realize that my life would become a living hell for the next several weeks. I became obsessed with Stacey. I watched her, fantasized about her, even hoping she would wear her short t-shirt night gowns around the house, just panties underneath. And she did. Nothing changed in our routines but my dirty thoughts. I watched her hard nipples swim around the front of her t-shirt. I glanced at her legs, hoped, actually prayed she would bend at the waist to give me a look at her panty clad ass. I was constantly adjusting my cock. It had not had so much life in ages. I fucked Miriam 3-times the first week after observing Stacey. This surprised her to no end, wondering if I had gotten into some type of erection pills. I laughed it off. But I continued to watch Stacey.

I was becoming obsessed with her. I wanted to see her naked body. I wanted to feel her caresses. No, I wanted to fuck her. That was the bottom line. I wanted to sink my big cock into her tight little cunt. I wanted to taste her sweet juices. I wanted to make her scream, cum on my tongue. I wanted to make her cum on my cock. Jesus, my existence now was consumed with my daughter. The Christmas holidays quickly approached. I would have time around home over the holidays. Miriam worked outside the home, so I could get private time. Maybe even get the chance to sneak looks at Stacey in the shower. I was trying to think of anything I could do to see her naked.

I was more attentive than ever to her. I hugged her more often, pulling her close. I massaged her back while sitting on the couch. I caressed her thigh softly, playfully. Once, I was even brave enough to approach her from behind as she bent over the counter in the kitchen, putting my hands on her hips, stepping close behind her. She did not even move as I stepped firmly against her, my crotch pressing tight against her ass as I reached to get a coffee cup. My knees felt weak. My cock chubbed instantly. I ran, literally ran upstairs and jacked off, hammering my rigid cock into submission. My cock had smelled her pussy. Fuck I was horny. I had to have her. Somehow. But how?

I created many, many scenarios in my head. I would catch her masturbating, calling out Daddy. I would find her, playing with a toy stuffed in her cunt, but wanted mine when I opened my pants to show her my big, big cock. I was constantly rigid, my cock requiring daily release. I sat at my computer, looking at pictures, pretending they were my baby. Her cunt open, wet for me. I filled many a wad of toilet paper receptacles. I was in lust with my daughter. And then it dawned on me. I would have her. But I needed to get the upper hand, to know when, how, what she liked. And technology would assist me.

We had the latest computer systems, all the high tech hardware, why not use it. I had security systems tied for the perimeter. Why not her bedroom. My cock grew rigid just thinking about it. I could watch her get ready for bed, change clothes, exit the shower, or anything I wanted. But I would have to be very, very careful. I again hammered my rigid cock, beating it to submission, flooding my hand with cum. God just the thought of my baby girl made me horny. I cleaned my cock up, and got on the computer, searching for wireless web cams. Found them. It did not take me long to order and have several high end, tiny, concealable video/audio units delivered. And not too soon. In two days, Stacey is to be home for the Christmas break from school. So I have to get the cameras up and running today.

Success! But it took hours longer than I anticipated. And to think if I were a computer geek, I could have done it in half the time. As long as it works! I bought the top of the line camera with extensive detail, showing a close up of her bed. Shit, I'm fucking hard again, just thinking about my chance to see Stacey in her room tonight. Would I be disappointed? I could not wait, wanting her home, in her room, and naked. My mind screamed naked over and over in my head. I feel like such a pervert. A fucking hard cocked pervert. I beat my meat again. My cock dripped pre cum all over my hand. But I could not cum this time. Later I thought to myself.

Stacey got home from school, Miriam was not home yet, so I planted myself in my office, pulled up my new video software, and watched, lost in my thoughts. Stacey disappeared into her bathroom, seemed like forever. Once out, she kicked off her shoes, jumped on the bed, and started reading. Boring! Sliding down on the bed, she stretched hard, curled up slightly, and drifted off to sleep. My heart expanded, I loved her so much! Back to work. Dinner, the evening passed quickly. It got late, Miriam kissed me good night, and trundled off to bed. "I'll be up shortly," I offered. I knew it depended on Stacey. She was already in her room.

Flicking the computer to the secret web site, I found Stacey already in her night shirt, laying on the bed, reading again. Her legs extended far below the bottom of the shirt, but it was long enough to cover her panty clad pussy. She reached to scratch her thigh, pulling the night shirt up slightly. I could just see the edge of her panties. She read forever, finally putting the book down. Stretching, she slid her hand up her side, over her right tit, arching her back hard. Moving quickly, she stood, pulled back the covers, and crawled into bed. Her room went black in the darkness. I just knew she must be touching her clit, giving herself great pleasure. I was hard just thinking about her fingers flicking back and forth over her clit. Was she wet? What was she thinking about? Some guy? A big cock? Was she masturbating? I watched the blackness for several minutes. Damn I thought. I turned off the computer and headed to bed. As I passed her closed door, I am sure I heard her calling my name. I stopped, leaned toward her door. Every sense focused on her, listening for some sounds. Was she masturbating? Would she moan? Nothing! I headed down the hallway to my room.

Miriam was almost asleep when I pressed my rigid cock into her backside. "What has gotten into you? she asked. "Not tonight, I'm sleepy," she said pulling the covers up around her neck. "Do it yourself if you need it that bad bub," she half laughed.

"Do it yourself," I mimicked. "Damn," I muttered under my breath. I turned to my side, stroking my rigid cock. "Stacey," I muttered to myself as I drifted off to sleep. I woke with a raging hardon, having dreamed Stacey was licking the head of my cock. I reached to grab her head, pulling her down hard on me.

"Stop," interrupted Miriam. Grasping my cock, she sucked it into her mouth, swallowing several inches. She moaned deeply. My hips thrust upwards, driving more into her mouth. Miriam bit me urgently, driving more cock into her mouth. Without hesitating, she crawled up me body, lifted her leg, and dropped over me, driving my rigid cock into her wet, hungry cunt. She rode me hard, humping my cock deep, grinding her pussy on me. I grabbed her hanging tits, rolling the nipple hard, twisting her flesh firmly. She moaned deeply. Total darkness surrounded us. She fucked me good. Her fingers traced over her clit, driving her body to a quick orgasm. Leaning forward, she forced her hips back and forth, grinding each inch of cock in and out of her cunt. My balls churned. I needed to cum. My breathing quickened, my balls filling with seed. Thrusting upwards, I lifted her petite body up, my balls erupting deep, spitting my cum deep in her body. Spurt after spurt erupted, spitting forth, filling her. She growled with each flex of my cock. Once finished, she leaned forward, impaled on my cock, lay flat on my chest. "That help baby," she asked. I groaned appreciatively.

Glancing at the clock, it was time for us to be up. Rolling, I slid Miriam off me, jumped up and headed for the bathroom. Taking a quick piss, I jumped in the shower, letting the hot water cascade over my back. Within minutes, I was refreshed and clean. I shaved, dressed and headed down stairs. Miriam headed back upstairs to get her shower.

"Remember to make sure Stacey is up," she instructed.

"Ok babe," I replied, grabbing my coffee and heading toward my office. I opened the web site, still shrouded in darkness. I went to wake Stacey. Sneaking into her room, I passed the bathroom pulling the door almost shut, turned on the light so her room glowed in an indirect, soft light. I sat on the edge of her bed, reached to her back and began a soft, slow massage to wake her gently. As always, I massaged the covers as well, depending on how cold the room was. During the summer months, I massaged through her night shirt. I longed for hot weather! I have been doing this for years, so no different than normal. I wondered how soft her skin would be under my fingers. But my surprise was coming.

"Daddy," grunted Stacey, grabbing my hand. She rolled to me, looking at me in the soft light. "Ahem," she said grinning like a canary that got the bird. I must have looked confused. "That's not the side you massage," she laughed. Rolling to her stomach, she presented her back to me. "Now run my back silly old man," she laughed. It dawned on me, I had started rubbing her tits through the blanket and had done enough to wake her. Done without my knowledge yet or intent.

"Sorry sweetie," I said. "I didn't realize I was on the wrong side," I said. "Ah, that doesn't sound good does it," I laughed heartily. "I should be able to tell the difference in your boob side and back," I laughed harder. It got her funny bone as well. She turned to give me a glare, pulling her hand back to whack my arm. By now, I was rolling back on her bed I was laughing so hard. She sat up, and started tickling me.

"Not funny Daddy," she laughed. "I have nice boobs," she emphasized, pulling her night shirt down, forming the material around each little globe. She glanced down at her chest, staring first at one boob then the other. She lifted her eyes to me. I was looking at her boobs as well.

"Yes baby, you have nice boobs," I said, trying to keep a straight face. I rose quickly, breaking for the door as she swatted my backside. "Get in the shower Nice Boobs," I called her.

I headed back to my office. This banter was not unaccustomed for our family. We often teased about physical attributes, and were definitely not prudes. I hoped she was comfortable. Just as I sat down at my computer, Stacey flipped the covers off her body, pulled her knees up slightly as she did a big yawn and stretch. Pulling her knees up toward her chest, I got a good glimpse of her upper backside thighs and lots of flesh. Too quick for a cunt shot. I wanted to see her puffy lips trapped in her panties. She rolled quickly over to the edge of the bed. Standing, she reached to the crotch of her panties, pulling the material down and adjusting her private parts. I could not see but she arched her back slightly as she did something in the front of her body. Turning, she crossed the room toward her bathroom. And out of my picture range. I flipped to the second camera, above the shower. I knew I would see her body now. The angle sucked, but I would be able to get my first look at her toned, lithe body. I could hardly breathe.

Her arm entered the picture range, reaching to the knobs, turning on the water, adjusting the temperature. Satisfied, she moved into the shower. She faced the shower. My camera angle showed her backside. As she bent to get her head wet, water rolled down her back. I looked at her skin, watched the water run over her shoulders, down her back and over the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. Glorious in its shape, she looked supple, soft. I was lost in my thoughts when she lifted her hair with both hands, and spun around in the shower stall. Elbows high, she lifted her perky tits upwards, nipples rising directly at the camera lens. Large, dark areolas topped her tit flesh. Her tits were perfectly shaped, nipples pointing upwards. Her body was toned, firm for my viewing. Leaning side to side, she let the water roll over her body. Within seconds, she had shampoo in her hair, massaging her scalp and cleaning her hair. Fully lathered, her hands roamed down her body, over her tits, moving to her mound. She used the lather to wash her pubic hair as well. Her hands washed over her mound, her fingers reaching between her legs, soaping the hair lower in her crotch. Her patch of pubic hair looked shaped from my angle.

I caught my breath. She had deliberately snaked a finger between her lips, mashing the flesh back and forth quickly. Her finger bent, the tip raking over her clit. I swear I could see the head protruding below her lips. I was making more up that I actually saw. Her hips rotated, swaying as she played quickly. Her other hand rubbed over her tit flesh, her fingers pulling the flesh, lifting the nipple up, rolling it firmly between her thumb and finger. Dipping her head, her tongue extended, trying to lick the little nub. So firm, so small, her little tits did not allow her tongue to touch the nipple. My tongue got stiff. God I would do it for her I thought. She turned back to the water, her face absorbing the flow of water. Her feet spread slightly, she bent at the waist, leaning against the shower wall. I could not see anything but the water cascading over her body. Her shoulder dipped, rolled, dipped and more. I believed she was masturbating in the shower. God I hoped so! Her hips rocked softly, back and forth. I could see her hips flex, pushing her hips to the front, and relaxing, pulling her hips back. She had to be flicking her clit.

My hand jumped to my crotch, stroking my stiff cock through my sweats. I watched intently. She reached for the soap, turned around again, showing me her front side. She soaped her whole body, running her hands up and down her body. Her little nipples were hard from the cool air over wet tit flesh. Her fingertip flicked the nipple back and forth. Grabbing the nipple, she pulled the flesh upwards, mashing the tit with the palm of her hand. Rinsing, she stepped from my view.

Several minutes passed. Nothing, not even a view of her leaving the bathroom. I switched to the other camera, focused on her bed. I saw her toss clothes on the bed. Next, she jumped on the bed in a sitting position near the pillow, wrapped only in her towel. Glancing toward the door, she listened. She unwrapped the towel from her body. I had an unobstructed of her body, her naked glorious body. She still had visible tan lines, showing the skimpy nature of her tanning clothes. Bending at the knee, pulling her legs up, she opened her legs wide. Her pussy was right there for my view.

"Jason," yelled Miriam. "Where are you," she called again. "Come on now, where's my breakfast?" she asked. "Did you wake Stacey?" she hollered down the stairs. Stacey looked at the door, rolled to the side, wrapped the towel over her tits, and disappeared from my view.

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I shut the computer down, and headed for the kitchen. Growing up, owning a small town greasy food restaurant, I could sling hash browns with the best of them. Today's menu included bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes. I hustled into the kitchen. Within minutes, the ladies were in the kitchen.

"What's this Honey," inquired Miriam. "You massaged the wrong side of our daughter," she laughed. "And then teased her about it," she continued. Her eyes sparkled as she looked from Stacey to me. "You have to learn the difference between a back, and a pair of boobs, Dad," she said.

"Mom," screamed Stacey. She grinned ear-to-ear. They were pulling my leg, real hard! I turned to look at Stacey. Standing in her radiance, she was a beautiful specimen of female flesh. She had thrown a clean night shirt on after her shower. Her long, lithe legs extended clear to the floor. I admired her body. I glanced back to Miriam.

"Well, I got on the computer and looked up teenage girls," I started. "They had numerous pictures, with all sizes of boobs. I now realize the difference and promise to try and not make the mistake again," I championed. I stuck my tongue in my cheek with a deliberate movement, rolling it around to make sure both ladies saw me. I grinned at them, returned to making breakfast. I glanced back at Stacey. Her hands were on her lower back, pressing forward, arching backwards hard, stretching her body out. I could see her sex peeking from underneath her night shirt. My eyes glued themselves to the soft cleft of flesh wrapped by her panties. Her lips protruded, fully engorged. My mind lurched, my cock followed. I shook my head back in disbelief. She was absolutely beautiful. Breathing, I swallowed hard, and returned to the pancakes.

"Ok, who's first," I asked as I started pulling food off the skillets, filling plates.

"Momma is," chimed Stacey.

Miriam stepped in, took her plate, caressing my ass softly. "Great breakfast hunk," Miriam whispered, winking at me. Off she went to the table.

"Ok Daddy, my turn," Stacey stated as she stepped up beside me at the stove. "Let's see," her voice trailed. Her hand went to my ass, caressing softly. "Great breakfast hunk," she whispered, winking at me. With a quick turn, she was off to the table as well. My mind gone, my thoughts raced to Miriam. Had she seen her daughter caress my ass? Did she get Stacey was playing a game with me? I just enjoyed. Nothing I could do now.

We ate quickly, each talking about the agendas for the day. Miriam was first to head out, having dressed after her shower and before breakfast. Stacey finished, cleared the table, and headed up to her room. I scrambled back to my office. I quickly flashed the screen back to my web page, and looked for Stacey. I saw her step to the bed, grab her clothes, and I made the assumption, get dressed. It was just minutes when she bounded down the stairs. I closed the window as she rounded the corner and entered my office.

"Remember Daddy, we have a half day today. We plan on going to lunch. Be back mid afternoon. Love you!" and she was off.

I had to do something about the remaining camera available. Too much happened that I did not see. After searching her room, I came up with a plan that gave one more angle of coverage in her room. It had to cover a greater depth of field, but gave me lots more room coverage, from the front of her bed to the bathroom door. I worked quickly to hide the camera, and expand the software coverage available. Now I was excited again. I lusted in my heart as Jimmy Carter had said.

The day went fast. Mid afternoon, Stacey did come back. Kara accompanied her. Small chat abounded. I could not take my eyes off the girls. Kara had a sweater on that formed around her tits. I openly stared at them. I swear she lifted her chest to me several times, only to slide to the side when she caught me staring at them She grinned at me, licking her lips softly. Was she teasing me? I volunteered I needed to finish up some work, they bounded up stairs to entertain themselves. I pulled up my software package again. My new camera angle worked perfectly. I got to see and hear both girls.

"I love your Daddy," Kara told Stacey. "He is so nice. And God is he sexy," she continued.

"Kara!" Stacey barked sternly. She grinned. "He's good looking. I can see why mom caught him," she continued.

"I think he stared at my boobs today," laughed Kara. "I sure hope so," she continued. "Makes me feel sexy," she finished. "Does he look at you that way," she asked Stacey.

Stacey looked puzzled. "Kara," she said. "What kind of talk is that? He's my dad," she stated. They both jumped on Stacey's bed, sitting close. "Let's talk about Christmas presents," Stacey said. I turned the video off. Time for me to do some real work. The afternoon passed into early evening quickly. Kara headed out. Miriam returned.

Stacey fixed dinner, consisting of a grilled cheese and soup. It is so easy, quick, and tasty. What else could you ask? We ate, watched a movie, and relaxed for the evening. Miriam headed off to bed early, having missed sleep the night before, leaving me and Stacey alone to watch the end of the movie.

I laid the recliner chair of the sectional back, enjoying the movie. Pausing, getting time to fix some popcorn, Stacey joined me on my end of the sectional. While I fixed the popcorn, Stacey had ran and changed into her night shirt. We ate, jousting for several pieces of popcorn. I could hardly focus on the movie. Her bare leg was pressed against my leg. I could feel the heat generated between us. I dropped my hand to her bare thigh, open palm facing down, fingers lazily tracing her skin, nails raking gently. Over the next half hour, I moved my hand up her thigh, moving my fingers underneath her night shirt. My hand now rested on her hip portion of her pubic region, inches from her covered pussy. My fingers continued their dance, sliding deeper into the inner thigh. My fingertip brushed across her mound, directly over the puffy lips. The electric charge of the act made Stacey jump, roll her hips slightly. No words were spoken.

I got braver. I slid my finger down the edge of her panties. Stacey's breathing stopped. "Daddy," she whined, reaching to push my hand away. My hand rested on her bare thigh, many inches below her sex. My fingers ached. I wanted to turn and thrust my fingers into her sex, to fuck her wet hole. God I wanted her. She laid her head on my shoulder. I caressed the thigh with my fingertips softly. My cock was rigid. My balls ached. The movie mercifully ended. I hugged Stacey, feeling her tits press against my chest. I pulled her close, smelling her hair, caressing her back. I slid my hand down, over her ass softly, pulling her close against my crotch. An eternity passed. She had to feel my rigid cock. "Night Daddy," she said, kissed me on the mouth. She hesitated, looking into my eyes. A second later, she bounded up the stairs. I reached to adjust my fucking hard cock.

Taking a deep breath, I quickly went to my office. Within seconds, I had my web site pulled up, and was watching Stacey get ready for bed. A quick brush of the teeth, a brush through the hair, and she walked slowly into her room from the bathroom. Stopping, she turned to look at herself in front of her full length mirror. Standing tall, hands on hips, she stood for a few seconds. Surprising me, she raised her night shirt, grabbed the waist of her panties, and bent, pulling them off. She threw them on her chair. Pulling the covers back, she jumped to the bed, bouncing, shifting her body over to the middle, lying flat on the bed. I was just seconds from heaven. Please God my mind screamed. Let me watch her.

She did not disappoint me. Her knees pulled up, her heels pressed almost together. Her hand slid over her chest, massaging her tit. I could see her vividly, rolling the nipple, pinching softly, tugging on her nipple through her night shirt. My cock jumped to extremely rigid. Her hand slid slowly down her torso, her knees spread wide. I had a perfect view of her beautiful cunt. My breath quickened. I groaned, my mind taking me deep between her legs. I could not breathe. Holy fuck it was beautiful. Stacey rubbed her mound, rolling her fingers around over the taunt flesh. Slowly, her fingers dipped down over her mound. Her middle finger slipped between her lips, disappearing, wrapped softly in her velvet lips. Her index and 4th finger closed over the lips, pushing her lips down over her middle finger. Her middle finger moved quickly, back and forth over her clit. I could see now, her finger spread first one lip, then the other as she mashed her hard nub back and forth. She groaned deeply, her mouth hanging open, head thrown back. Her hips tilted up to meet the intruding finger, wanting more. She slid her hand completely between her legs, her middle finger dipped deep into her cunt. She gasped as she thrust the long, slim finger into her wet hole. A deep, guttural groan emanated from her as she pulled a glistening finger out of her wet hole. Moving quickly back, she again began assaulting her clit. Seconds passed, I stroked my rigid cock hard, fisting the raging piece of meat. I licked my lips, wanting to taste her sweet pussy. She glanced at the door, hesitating, stopping all movement. Rolling, she turned off the light.

"God damn it," I cursed out loud. Was she still masturbating? I listened in the darkness.

"Mmmmm, yes, right there," was very audible in the darkness. "Oh yes," Stacey groaned. My mind gave me pictures. "Oh fuck," filled the audio. "Yes," hissed Stacey. I was on the verge of cumming. I wanted my daughter. I pictured my cock at her wet hole, its head slipping into her soft lips, pushing against the hole, sliding slowly, popping through into her velvet softness, her wetness coating my rigid cock. I was hammering my cock, leaning back, watching a dark screen. "No Daddy," whispered Stacey. I came to attention. Did I hear what I thought I heard? You could hear a pin drop in my office. Was she fantasizing about me? Quiet! Be still brain! No movement. I listened hard. Then, so softly, but so loud in my brain. "Oh god Daddy! Don't! No!" Stacey whispered. "Oh fuck," she whispered loudly, grunting hard. I blew my wad, shooting streams of cum, blasting hard, cumming. I groaned loudly, pumping my cock, squeezing every drop of cum up my shaft, spitting into my hand. I quivered, my body shaking. I had to have her. God I needed to fuck her!

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