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Filming a special documentary


The apartment was a tall imposing building. It had been built 40 years earlier when going straight up was considered the thing to do, even in these small college communities. Now the academics and wealthy business people didn't want to live there anymore so now they were turned over to student accommodation, filling the ever-expanding role of a cheap place to stay.

Cliff lived in one of the apartments on the fifth floor of this tower block, there were four apartments per floor, one for each corner of the building, each coming off a common central service shaft. It suited Cliff; ten minutes from college, less than that to the part time job he held in a nearby bar and only half an hour from his sister, Tabby's place, the only other relative he had in town.

It was a bright summers day when the dark BMW drove up to the parking lot in front of the apartment building. The tall slim brunette slipped out of the car, being careful to smooth down her dark leather skirt and pull the dark shades over her eyes. Tabby had decided to call on her little brother on a whim. Why not? It was a nice hot day and it might be fun to surprise him with her new car. Anyway he was always looking for an excuse to have his rich big working sister take him to lunch.

In the fifth floor apartment Cliff, Rob and Toby were all there, waiting. It was nearly lunch time and they were anxious to get started. Cliff and Rob had managed to get all the gear and they had spent the last three hours setting it all up. The real worry was that if they didn't get started soon they would have to return it to the college film studio where they studied.

When the doorbell rang Rob and Toby scuttled through to Cliff's bedroom. Cliff walked to the door and opened it. Tabby walked in, her long legs shining in the shaft of light that came through the window.

"Oh, hi," Cliff greeted her with a less than enthusiastic tone.

"Hi," Tabby smiled and kissed her little brother on the cheek. "You don't look all that pleased to see me?"

"I...was expecting someone else," Cliff said, his voice still colourless.

"Sorry, I can leave if you want," Tabby grinned. "I was just passing and..."

"Has she arrived?" It was Rob stepping out of the bedroom.

"Oh, sorry Cliff, I didn't realise that you had visitors," Tabby said shyly, moving toward the door.

"Wow, hi there, I'm Rob," Rob said thrusting a hand out toward Tabby.

"Hi, I'm Tabby, I..."

"Hi Tabby, don't worry we will look after you," Rob said, pushing between the girl and her brother and putting an arm around her tall slim shoulders. "Come on shall we get started?"

"No Rob..." Cliff started to protest as Rob propelled Tabby toward the bedroom.

"Shut up Cliff, he obviously wants to show me something," Tabby winked over her shoulder, finding the attention amusing. She had always been a tease and this kind of situation suited her just fine.

Cliff stood with his mouth gaping wide as Tabby followed Rob into the bedroom. Then it was Tabby's face that changed to one of astonishment. She surveyed the array of lights and cameras set up around her brothers large bed. As a silence fell over the room her expression changed from surprise to a wicked smile.

"Well, well little brother, let me guess what you are up to," she teased as Cliff stood at the door, his face red with embarrassment. "I guess you guys are filming a special documentary?" She winked at Rob who smiled at the tall sexy girl as she walked around the bed.

"Tabby..." Cliff started.

"Is she your sister man?" Rob asked Cliff. "Wow, what a take." He grinned widely at the 20-year-old as she brushed a wrinkle out of the pillow.

"Yeah, she is," Cliff said. "I wasn't expecting her..."

"Well, that is obvious little brother," Tabby laughed. "So where is your girl? I mean there has to be a girl for this sort of enterprise."

"She hasn't showed yet," Toby said quietly from behind Cliff. His big blue eyes followed every little move Tabby made.

"And looks like she isn't going to," Rob added, a dejected sound to his voice.

"Maybe you would like to..." Toby suggested, his voice trailing off as Cliff gave him a dig with his elbow in the ribs.

"Hmmm..."Tabby looked contemplative. "Well, let's see..." She looked Rob up and down and then Toby, before looking directly at her brother. "What is it worth, this sort of thing?"

"We weren't going to pay," Cliff stated confidently. "It's not a commercial plan...I mean..."

"Shut up Cliff," Rob said, stepping in front of the nervous 18-year-old. "What he means is we planned to split the profit."

"Oh, I see, so you have a market for this?" Tabby sat on the bed, the black leather skirt rising up her thigh a little more.

Rob cleared his throat as he looked down at her, the soft curves of her breasts visible under the tight white top, the outline of a bra just visible. "Yes," he managed. "We have a deal to sell it."

"Oh? Tell me more," Tabby inquired. "How much is the deal worth?"

"That depends on what we provide," Rob answered. Cliff stood shaking his head. "One scene with a chick by herself is only $1,000, two chicks together is $1,500, a chick and a guy is $3,000 and..."

"What about one chick and two guys?" Tabby cut in.

"Umm...$5,000," Rob stuttered as he gazed at her glistening red lips moving.

"And we have to share it?" Tabby questioned.

"What do you mean 'we'?" Cliff demanded.

"Yes, that's right," Rob continued.

"Hmmm..." Tabby contemplated, her finger running over the curve of her right breast. "What is the split?" Her dark eyes fixed on Rob's, his tongue was almost hanging out.

"We were...just going to split it evenly...depending..."

"Evenly...hmmm..." Tabby thought, leaning back on the bed. "Maybe it should be 50% for the girl...after all she does all the work. Then you guys can split the rest."

"Tabby!" Cliff stepped forward, his face red.

"Shut up Cliff," Rob said, putting an arm out to stop him. "Maybe we can make some more if they know you're her brother."

"But that's..." Cliff started.

"Disgusting," Tabby finished. "Come on Cliff I remember you jacking off watching me get changed at the beach, and there was the time you tugged your cock over my panties in the washing basket. And you..."

"Ok, ok, ok," he said waving his hands in protest at this humiliation.

"You in?" Rob asked hungrily. Then added: "For 50% of course."

"What do you think? How do you want to play this boys?" Tabby asked with a cheeky grin.

There was a brief discussion in which it was decided that Toby and Rob would film while Tabby and Cliff had straight sex. It would be done as an amateur audition tape so Rob would do most of the dialogue.

Once they had worked out the parts Tabby asked for five minutes to get ready. She didn't have much in the way of make-up with her but at least she could darken her lips, put on a little powder and brush her thick dark hair.

"I don't like this sis'," Cliff whispered as Rob and Toby discussed the filming and turned on the powerful lights that bathed the bed in a bright white light. "Hey, you were going to fuck someone's sister, now it's your own," Tabby grinned at him. "Anyway I've always wanted to have that big cock of yours, now's my chance." She winked again.

"Just don't ever bring this up again ok?" Cliff said angrily.

"I won't tell if you won't," Tabby said.

"Ok Tabby," Cliff interrupted them. "We are ready."

"Great," Tabby smiled moving toward the bed.

"Sit there and smile into the camera. I will ask you a series of questions then get you to strip and pose before we get into the hard stuff. Cliff you better go and get ready."

Cliff gave Tabby a glance as he walked out the door. She was already sitting at the end of the bed smiling into the camera, her big white teeth glistening.

"Ready, one, two, three, action," Rob led the two cameramen in, there was a click and a faint whirring as the two camera's came on, a little red LED on each signifying filming had commenced. "Hi there," Cliff said in a cheery voice. "How are you today?"

"I'm great thanks," Tabby enthused back, tossing her dark hair back over a shoulder.

"And who do we have here for the camera today?" Rob continued the dialogue.

"My name is Tabby," Tabby replied.

"Woah! Cut!" Rob said lowering the camera. "We forgot, you better not use your real name. Have you got a stage name?"

"This is my first experience...I mean I only came to visit my brother," Tabby looked at the two guys standing over her.

"Hmm..." Rob started to think.

"What about Krystal?" Toby suggested in a quiet voice.

"No...she doesn't strike me as a Krystal..." Rob continued to think.

"What about Tiffany?" Toby added, starting to warm to the task.

"No, no..." Rob looked into the girls dark eyes.

"Christie," Tabby said suddenly. "I want to be called Christie."

"Great, ok, let's continue," Rob said. Toby picked up his camera with a sulky look on his face. "One, two, three, action." Again the little camera lights came on. "Ok baby, what is your name?" He asked again.

"Christie," she replied shyly.

"And how old are you Christie?"

"Umm...20," she smiled, looking a little more nervous now.

"Very nice Christie," Rob said. "You have a nice smile, did you know that?" The interview continued along those lines with Rob lavishing praises on Tabby's looks. All the time Tabby was watching the bulge in his pants growing, but she kept the smile for the camera. Now she was beginning to wonder what she had agreed to. "Now you know why you are here Christie?" Rob finally asked.

"Yes," came the quiet, nervous answer. "I think so."

"You are kidding, of course you know," Rob cajoled her. "You can tell me."

"Um...I'm auditioning," Tabby responded.

"Yes, for what exactly...I need to know that you are aware of what you are doing here," Rob explained.

"Umm...for a porno flick," Tabby went red as she said it.

"That's right. So you don't have any problem in doing sex in front of a camera...with a lot of people around?"

"No...not really...I mean I haven't done it before...but my boyfriend has filmed me before..."

"Ohhh...we'd all like to see those movies," Rob laughed. "Now, how about you show us what you really look like...without those clothes."

A wide grin appeared on Tabby's face as she grasped the bottom of the tight fitting t-shirt. At the same time she thrust her chest out, making the firm young round breasts stand out for the camera. She giggled as she pulled the thin cotton top up.

"Cut, cut, hang on," Rob suddenly called out. "Sorry, I forgot. Toby we need some stills of this. Can you get some shots?"

The smile disappeared off Tabby's face as she let the t-shirt fall back into place. There was a scurry of activity as Toby found the stills camera and checked it out. Tabby sat cross legged on the bed waiting for them.

"Cliff, you better come in here and take over the other camera," Rob called to her brother.

Cliff walked in, he was naked now, and Tabby gasped. His cock was huge, sticking out from his body at right angles. His balls swung below like a bull's as he walked in. He picked up the camera from the edge of the bed and grinned at his sister, the idea of fucking her was turning him on now.

"Like what you see?" Cliff grinned at his sister.

"Umm...yes...actually," she replied quietly. A feeling of lust swept through her body causing a warm dampness in her panties.

"Ok," Toby said, walking up beside Cliff so he could shoot over his shoulder.

"Right, Tabby, could you get back into the position you were? Thanks babe," Cliff said as Tabby sighed and sat back how she had been, again grasping the bottom of the t-shirt.

Slowly she pulled it up and over her head. A steady round of flashes accompanied her movements now as Toby took additional still pictures. The little red lights showed both cameras were on. Tabby couldn't help taking glances at the huge cock that protruded from behind one of them as she pulled the t-shirt through her long dark hair. It feel in a white pool of material on the bed.

As if to emphasis the sexy situation Tabby squeezed her breasts in a sexy rub as she ran her hands over her body, across the white lace bra she wore, before slipping both hands behind her back. The lace cups went limp then she let the bra straps slide along her slender long arms. The lace fluttered to the floor exposing her breasts; small but firm, the red cherry nipples standing out on the bare white flesh.

"Nice tits," Rob commented. Toby rained a series of flashes on them as Tabby paused to play with her mounds, squeezing and rubbing and tweaking the nipples. "Wow, you sure know how to make a man hard babe!"

"Thank you," Tabby replied in a sultry voice.

It was easy to unzip the black leather skirt while still sitting on the bed, but then she had to stand to let it slip off. The black leather fell to the floor and the tall brunette stepped out of it, leaving her black heels on.

There was a silence in the room as she stood in the tiny white lace panties. She just smiled at the camera and tugged the sides of the soft lace up so the crotch dug into her slit, showing clearly the outline of her pussy lips. Once again she rubbed her hands over her own body, feeling her own soft skin, moving to her crotch and pulling aside the crotch so as to expose her pink fleshy pussy, already dripping with anticipation.

"Sit down babe," Rob ordered, his hand coming out to play with her breasts as she sat at the end of the bed again. "I want to taste that sweet looking pussy, is that ok Christie?"

"Sure," Tabby grinned, parting her knees and pulling the white lace aside again.

Rob dropped the camera to the ground as Cliff moved in to take over the filming. Tabby sighed as Rob touched her inner thigh, placing a thumb on either side of her exposed pussy. He started to rub her clit with a finger as he brought his tongue up to her wet pussy. Tabby moved her legs wide apart so the filming could get every detail. She moaned again as she felt his breath on her hot pussy. Slowly he licked up and down her slit before plunging his long tongue into her. Tabby was feeling so hot.

"Play with your tits Christie, while I sample this sexy little pussy," Rob said, raising his head to look up at her. His face already glistened with her juice. She obeyed, once more tugging, squeezing and twisting her breasts and nipples, this time moaning as he sucked and licked at her pussy. "You are one wet little lady Christie, did you know that?" He stated as he stopped. "I think we better get on with some real action, what do you think?"

By now Tabby was so hot she could only nod as Rob moved back, picking his camera up as he got to his feet. She was still grasping her breasts as he resumed filming.

"Ohhh..." Tabby moaned, looking up at the camera.

"How about you give us a real good look at that hot little twat of yours? Let's see it naked and wide open for all of us?" Rob egged her on.

Tabby smiled at him, hooking her fingers in each side of the lacy white panties. She slid them down her legs and took them off without getting off the bed. Now she was naked except for the black shoes. With a teasing smile she parted her legs, giving the camera a view of her swollen pussy. Slowly she parted the pussy lips letting all three men a good look at her opening, their cameras all focusing in the sight before them.

Then she pulled herself further back on the bed and rolled over, thrusting her butt toward the camera, arching her back so the trimmed pussy was exposed between her legs. She looked back over her shoulder with a big grin, flicking the long shiny black hair over her white back. Then she pulled a finger through the puffy pink pussy lips before licking them for the camera.

"Very nice," Rob commented. "You sure you haven't done this before babe? You are a natural."

Tabby just giggled and flipped herself back onto her butt, crossing her legs and leaning back on her hands. She looked around. Cliff was still as hard as a board with his eye riveted to the camera eye piece. Toby had dropped the 35mm camera to his side as he played with his own huge hard-on that was exposed sticking out of his pants.

"How about we introduce to Cliff now?" Rob asked. "Would that be ok?"

"Sure," Tabby answered.

"Can you tell the camera what is so special about Cliff?" Rob prompted. "We have never done a film like this so we better make it clear now that this is no bull-shit right babe?"

"Sure, well Cliff is my brother, that is what makes it special," Tabby laughed.

As she was explaining this to the camera Cliff had put his down and climbed onto the bed beside his sister. His cock waved around as he knelt high beside her, the hard member hitting her shoulder.

"And you really want your brother to fuck you?" Rob asked.

"Yes, of course, it's going to be fun," Tabby continued. Then she caught sight of the big cock waving near her shoulder. She reached out for it as Rob moved into a better position to film. "Would you like to touch it?" Rob asked as he watched the brunette lick her lips.

"Yes," she half whispered back.

"Go on babe, show us your stuff then," Rob smiled. "Just relax and do what comes naturally."

Tabby held the cock for the first time. She looked up at her brother as she rubbed the hard, throbbing member against her small young breasts, flicking the hard nipples with the head, smiling at him all the time. Then she ran her hand up and down his cock, teasing him.

Finally her red lips closed over the head as she took it in her mouth. Then she started to suck and rub it as Cliff leaned back and moaned. Her red lips slid up and down the hard ridges of his throbbing cock as she sucked it in. Harder and deeper with each stroke. She made slurping, plopping sounds as she let it slide right the way out then plunged back onto it, sucking in, keeping a seal around the cock. All the time her hand worked at the base of his monster cock and her tongue licked the slit and head as she swallowed it deeper and harder.

"Hmm...Christie...you sure can suck your brothers cock," Rob said as he zoomed the camera in and out. Toby was doing the same with the other movie camera now, only stopping occasionally to take a still shot. "I think Cliff should fuck you now. How about we do that?"

Tabby let Cliff's cock slip from her mouth with a plop and pulled herself further up the bed, lying on her back. Cliff climbed around and between her long legs.

"Oh, sis' I've wanted this for a long time," he whispered as he guided his big cock toward her wet pussy.

"Me too," Tabby grinned back.

The head rested at her entrance as he eased forward. Rob had to knell on the bed to get a shot as Cliff eased more and more of his length into Tabby's moaning body. Then he was there. He gave a couple of long slow strokes before he started humping into her in earnest. Tabby just moaned and writhed a little as he pushed in harder and harder. His balls hitting her butt as he thrust in, lifting her legs to get deeper in the sweet, tight pussy.

Just as he was getting into a swift hard rhythm he slowed almost to a stop, holding Tabby on the edge of a giant orgasm. He slapped her butt and tugged at her shoulder, indicating for her to roll over. Tabby understood and, without him falling from her hot pussy she turned onto her hands and knees. Once there they continued to fuck. His balls slapping hard against her nice firm round butt, her breasts hanging free beneath her body for him to play with. Tabby flicked her head back as she lost control of her body, a loud moan issued from her mouth as her hips bucked back against Cliff. A shiver of pleasure shot through her body.

Toby was now up on the bed as well, filming the action from Tabby's front left side while Rob continued from behind. Tabby looked up at Toby's big cock hanging from his pants. She reached form it; tugging it slowly as she looked up at his astonished face. The red lips moved closer, swallowing his hard cock in one gulp as Cliff thrust into her from behind. Before he realised it Toby was being sucked off.

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Tabby continued to moan as they changed their position again. This time Toby was fucking her, his cock equal to Cliff's pushing up in side her from behind as she lay on her side. He held her ankle up high, the black heels still on her feet and now hovering high above the bed. Cliff presented his wet, glistening cock for her eager mouth. For the first time Tabby tasted her own sweet pussy juice. She licked it from his cock before sucking it in.

Rob moved smoothly around the bed, the camera in his hand. As they had changed position he had stopped filming to put Toby's now silent camera on a tripod. It filmed the scene from its static location.

Now Tabby could feel herself cumming a second time. A wave of sensation swept her body, filling her with warmth as her pussy closed tight on Toby's long cock. She let Cliff's cock slip from her mouth as she moaned in pleasure. Her eyes closed and her hand gripped Cliff's cock with all her force as she let the orgasm subside.

When she opened her eyes she could see Rob zooming in with the camera, his own cock was out of his pants now. He was stroking it with his free hand as he kept filming the scene.

"I can't hold it..." Toby murmured as he slammed into the brunette again. "I want to..."

"Pull out now," Rob ordered. His jerking became more frantic.

Toby yanked his cock from her wet pussy, the head was purple. His hand released her leg and Tabby lowered it. The young student pushed his way past Tabby until he was near her face. He gave his cock a couple of strokes and then a hot stream of white sticky cum shot out, hitting Tabby in the cheek and on her lips. The second stream went into her now open mouth. A third splattered on her forehead and eyelid and a fourth shot into her dark hair.

This was too much for Cliff her was tugging on his now free cock and he fired a load into her other cheek, another hit her upper lip and mouth and a third shot joined Toby's on the other cheek. Tabby managed to sit up enough to hold both cocks, licking and squeezing the last of the cum from them, letting it ooze out onto her face and chin. Her red lips had a sheen of sticky cum smeared over them.

Just as Cliff pulled away from her, his cock now spent, Rob stepped up and fired a third load of cum onto Tabby's already covered face. A great gob of sticky cum slipped from her chin to land on her breast. Another hot load fired across her face into her hair to mingle with Toby's. Tabby just smiled and reached out for the new cock, milking the last of the jism onto her breasts and smearing it around with the head.

"Ohhh...that was hot babe," Rob said, stepping back. "You sure know how to play. I couldn't help myself, I had to be a part of that last scene, I hope you don't mind?"

"Of course not," Tabby winked with a sultry grin. "Anything for the great director."


A few weeks later Tabby was sitting alone in her apartment, an up-market townhouse, when the phone rang. She answered it.

"Hello Cliff, how are you?" She said on recognizing her brothers voice.

"I have a copy of the video back," Cliff said flatly.

"Yeah, is it any good?" Tabby asked.

"Yes, I wasn't sure if you would want to see it," Cliff said.

"Sure I do, I'm not that shy you know, besides I'm hoping for a big break here. I think I can make more than that $2,500.00 that I'll get for our little effort."

"Forget the $2,500.00 sis', they are offering you $5,000.00 for that effort. Rob and Toby have got $3,000.00 each and me too. They also want to know if you want to sign a contract for four more films this year."

"What! I was just joking...you can't mean it," Tabby gasped, jumping from the comfortable chair she was sitting in.

"No joke sis'. Now do you want to see this video when I bring the cheque over or not?"

"Yeah, of course. Oh, and you better stop off and buy some bubbly to celebrate."

"I will. And can Toby and Rob come over too?"

"Yes," a sexy, sultry smile spread on Tabby's face as she thought about the three big cocks and all that sticky cum. "Yes, bring them over, maybe I can entertain them again as well."

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