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Driving my kinetic Honda in afternoon


Once when I was driving my kinetic Honda in afternoon in the posh locality in Indranagar, suddenly a lady came in the middle of the road, and I put the break suddenly and she fall down and her carry bags has been fall down, from that bag all the vegetables and fruits were fallen to the road, I stop my vehicle and put the stand to the road side and came near to that lady, she saw my face and said she is extremely sorry for coming in the middle of the road while I was riding, and exactly I had seen her face, she was whitish with very cute face and I thought that she must be 40-45 years age aunty, and her figure was 36/24/34 and while she was picking up the vegetables and fruits, I had seen her cleavages and her boobs were trying to come out of her blouse, she suddenly saw my face and what I was seeing, she gave me a smile, and I also said sorry, but she said its not ur fault, its my fault, that I was thinking and didn’t seen ur vehicle, and I had handed her carry bag after filling the vegetables and fruits, she again said sorry, I said that" no need to say sorry, its ok" and she told that she is staying nearby that area itself.

She came to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables as her hubby has gone out of station and her kids were been gone to school, and she had invited me to her house to have some coffee, but I had refused it, but she has forced me to come to her house, I said ok and told her to sit on my Honda, she told its ok, I will come by auto, but I told its ok, sit on my Honda, if u r not having any problems, she said its ok, and she guided me to her house, it was just 8 minutes from that place, when I had stopped in front of the house I was very much surprised as the house was like big bungalow, I said I will leave now, but she forced me to come inside, I hesitated to go inside as it was a big bungalow, and I entered to the house, she opened her house with the key, and I asked there is no servants, she said that her servants had went to their native place and they will be back within other 2 days and now she is staying with her hubby and with her 2 kids, and she told me to sit on the sofa, and I sat on the sofa, and she went to the bedroom and came out with the nighty, she asked me what u take, coffee or tea or some milk, when she came out of the bedroom I was seeing her milky boobs and while she asked me, I said anything and if its milk its very good 4 me seeing her boobs, she saw my face and smiled and said that is it should be hot or cold, I said if its cold, its good 4 me, and I said her later I will drink the milk, and asked about her hubby, she said that her hubby is working as managing director in pvt firm, and she is having 2 kids one is 8 years old son and other is 2 years old daughter and her neighbor has took her daughter.

As she couldn’t come with her 2 years daughter 4 the shopping, and she asked about me, I said that I am doing the own business and she asked about my family and I told about my family, and I asked her 'can I tell u one thing? She said "yes u can ask me anything ", I said that she is very beautiful and cute, she said only beautiful and cute??, I said ' u r too sexy" for that she replied "thanks" and u too good looking guy, and she asked about me whether I am married or not, I said that I am still un married, she asked about my age, when I said her about my age, she was surprised and asked me still not got married" 4 that I said that "still I am searching 4 a good gal like u, but still I didn’t got a cute gal like" for that she smiled and asked me, what made u to think that I am good gal and cute, I said that she is very cute and no one will say that she is mother of 2 , and she still maintain her beauty and her body, and she asked about my gf, whether I had gf r not, I said no, y couldn’t u have it, for that I said, I didn’t got a good gf like u, if ur not having any objection will u be my gf? For that she said that she is already married women, she is worry about her neighbors and her parents in law, even though she is staying separately with her hubby , I said that I don’t tell to anyone, and she asked me whether I had sex with anyone before, I was very much surprised for that words, I said till now I had not had with anyone, I am looking 4 a good gal like u, and I will be lucky if I had a good gf like u , and I was looking her boobs, while talking I can see her cleavages that she was wearing a white bra , and while talking she told that she got hurt when she had fallen down in the road , I asked show me where she got wound, she said its ok , but I said don’t neglate it, first u show it where it got hurt, she said its ok , I will go the doctor in the evening, but I said its ok first u show me, just u give me some ointment I will put the ointment to the wound, she took her night slightly.

And shown her wound, slightly there was some blood coming, I asked her to give the cotton and some tincher, and I cleaned the wound with the cotton and put some tincher and she said its ok, but I told not to make it neglect, but still my hands were running on her soft legs, but she was looking my face, suddenly she wake up and said that she had forgotten to give the milk to me, I said its ok, and she went to the main door and closed it and came back and went to the kitchen, to bring the milk, I went behind her and while she was putting the milk to the cup, I slightly put the hands on her shoulder, she suddenly turn back and seen my face and gave me smile and she said "No, I am not wishing to cheat my hubby , pls don’t make me tempt, pls plssssss, she gave me the cup of milk and said to drink it, I said that I don’t wanna that milk, I wanna other milk which is fresh, she said that the milk is bought in the morning itself, but I said that I don’t wanna that milk, I wanna other milk, she asked which milk?, I said that the milk from her boobs saying like that I put the hands on her boobs, she didn’t said anything, first u drink this milk, after wards let us talk, but I said that I don’t wanna that milk, I wanna ur milk, she said plsss don’t make me tempt, coz none other than my hubby had sex with me, today u r the only person putting hands on her body, I doesn’t know y I cannot resist u, plsssss plssss stop it, I am getting tempt, I couldn’t control, while talking, I was pressing her both boobs, I kept that cup on the kitchen and I took her to the bedroom, that was the first time I was entering to the bedroom, it was very big bedroom with 29" TV with imported bed and I closed the bedroom door and came with her and sat on the bed, she said me "plssssssss don’t make me tempt, its wrong to have the sex with other than my hubby, pls .........." I said plssssss only once I wanna to have it, coz I am still virgin, I wanna to have the first experience with the gal like u, and I asked about her exact age, she said that she is still 31 years, she got married at the age of 20 years, by talking with her, I was squeezing her boobs, she was mourning ohhhhh ouchhhhh ohhhhhhhh plssssssssss plssssss squeeze it hardly plsssss and I told her to remove her night, she said me to remove it and fell down on the bed, I removed her nighty, she was wearing white bra and white panty, this was the first time I was looking a half naked lady in front of me, I again squeeze her boobs with one hand and put one hand to her panty, she was mourning plsss plssss do it fast, I cannot control it, and I removed her bra, and I was surprised to see a white huge milky boobs, and I asked her whether the milk is still available, she said "yes, but I am not giving my milk to my daughter now, and I put my mouth to the right boob and suckle it, there was milk in her boobs, I was sucking her tits already her tits also got hard and she was mourning ohhhhhhh mmmmmm by that time she put her hand to my lund and she said that my tool is bigger than her hubby, her hubby will fuck her just once in 15 days or 20 days, she was very fond of sex, and she removed my pant and my underwear, by the mean time I had removed her panty also, it was a very clean shaven, I asked her when did she shaved, she said in the morning itself she had shaved her pussy, and now I had shifted my mouth to the left boobs and still sucking her milk.

She started licking my tool like 5 star chocolate, she said that she wanna my tool into her pussy and I stopped licking her boobs after 15 milk and now started licking her pussy and she said that her hubby never licked her pussy and ass and he just put his tool and do it and sleep within 15 min, and I asked her shall I insert my tool directly or shall I use condom, she said no problems u use it directly as she is in safer period, and I inserted my 7" tool to her pussy, she was moaning like hell, plsss fuck me harder harderrr santosh plssssssss I cannot control plsss fuck it harder harderrrrr, and I inserted my tool into her choot and after fucking for 20 min continuously I said that I am cuming, she said cum in her pussy itself no problems, as she is in safer periods, and I cummed a huge amount of cum into her pussy, and she was happy and she said that today she was happy and got satisfied after her marriage and she told that she wanna this kind of things once or twice in a week, coz her hubby will be in city and her kids also be in the house, so that she cannot have it daily, she said that let us have when my son go to the office and her hubby goes to the office, and she said let us have bath, and v both went to the shower and had shower bath and their also I had putted my hand into her pussy and she said she he getting horny, and let us finish the bath as her son will come from the school , and v both came out of the bath room after 20 min and she went to the kitchen and bought the hot milk, I said that I don’t wanna hot milk, I wanna fresh cold milk, she laughed and said "baba that milk is meant 4 u only from today onwards, let the milk be stored so that u can have it whenever u wanna" and she told to drink the milk, and I drinked half milk and gave other half milk to her to drink she drinked it and said thanks 4 satisfying me today, and she said to leave as its a time that her son to come from school, and I gently kissed her to her lips and said that I will come when u call me, and v both exchanged our mobile no.’s and from that day onwards she will call when her hubby is out of station and when her son goes to the school, since from past one year I am enjoying with her, and she said that she believed me that I wont reveal this secret to anyone so that it shouldn’t harm her happy family life, I had given the promise that I wont tell to anyone in my life.

Posted : 01/05/2011 6:03 pm