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Drake. It was a strong name. A name that screamed machismo, confidence, courage, honor, and strength. Yet in spite of all that, Drake found himself in a situation very much out of his control. He had been so careful all his life, hedging his bets and only gambling when the outcome was certain to benefit him. Yet now, at long last, his streak of successes was at an end. He had grown overconfident over the years, now it was time to pay his dues.

Over a month before Drake had been browsing through the ads on an adult website, looking for his latest plaything. He had thought that he had found her, a fetching young thing with the right looks and the right attitude. She was the most beautiful in her the pictures attached to her profile, bound with either leather restraints or soft nylon ropes, sometimes blindfolded, sometimes not. She looked subdued in all of them and clearly excited, yet he was certain he saw a hint of defiance in her eyes still.

Drake had been certain that he would be the one to drive that defiance out. He would be the one to make her his plaything, his slave. She would beg him for more but only when he had given her leave to speak. He was rigid with anticipation as he crafted his first email to her.

Now, several weeks later after they had actually met for the first time he found himself tied to a chair in her finished basement, still trying to put on a show of being in control but inwardly growing more and more terrified.


Shannon had placed her profile carefully, always looking for the right man. Every time one tumbled into her web she went out of her way to lure them in deeper, until she could spring her trap on them and reduce the pompous sons of bitches to groveling and begging for mercy. They never came back around, and they never ratted her out either. She knew her job and she did it well.

Drake was her latest victim, a man who was so very full of himself that she knew from the first words of his initial email that she was going to enjoy emasculating him. They got to know each other via first email exchange and then the phone, her surprised at his well hidden caution. He was going to be a challenge to her, but that would only make the victory that much sweeter.

Drake was a consultant by day, a predator and a Dom by night. She saw through his words to another person beneath the gruff façade, knowing that he had many weaknesses. He was too full of himself, too confident. It took over a month to make her plan, but once she had it she was certain it was foolproof. It was time for them to meet.

They had met at a dimly let restaurant, seating by reservation only. The prices were high but she knew he could afford them. She played demure and submissive all through dinner, noticing that she acted the role well enough to make him consider taking her then and there. Instead he remained in tense control of himself.

After dinner they returned to her house, by way of a long drive. Per his orders she had worn a filmy sundress with nothing on underneath of it, not even stockings and a garter belt. She did have on some matching black stiletto heels, again per his request. In his car on the way to her place she put on the charm, doing everything she could to convince him that she was totally taken with him and would obey him fully.

"Please, Sir," she asked him at one point, raising her eyes to his briefly and then letting them fall. "Tell me to do something."

"What would you like me to tell you to do?" Drake had asked her, a hint of amusement in his voice. He was convinced that he had won her over completely. It would be a surprising first for him, to control a sub so quickly, but he had felt the electricity the moment he saw her. It was a connection that had stolen his breath from him. He just knew that she had felt it too, otherwise why would she have been behaving as she was?

"Anything you want, Sir," Shannon purred. "Anything..."

"Take off your dress," he ordered, wondering just how far he could go with her before they reached a private place.

In a flash it was off. She lifted her hips and pulled it up past them, then slid it over her shoulders and tossed it into the back seat. She let him see her body, his eyes darting over it and drinking in her nudity in the reflection of the dashboard and overhead lights like a fine wine. "You're beautiful," he murmured, and not for the first time that night. It was as genuine this time as it had been every time he had said or thought it before.

"Thank you, Sir," she demurely replied.

"Sir, do you want me to do anything else?" She asked him with a nervous pitch to her voice.

Drake smiled as he looked at her again, seeing her creamy skin as it dipped into the cleft between her legs, unobstructed by any unsightly hair, and likewise impressed with the gentle swell and rising firmness of her breasts. Her nipples were already hard as rocks as well, another sign of her excitement at her submission to him.

"Play with yourself for me. I want to see how wet you are," Drake told her, finding it harder to pay attention to the street signs as her fingers dipped into her folds at his insistence.

She pulled them out a moment later, holding them up for him to see. He grabbed her wrist, not harshly but firmly, and pulled her fingers to his mouth. He licked them clean and smiled at her. "I had a feeling you would taste good," he told her. "Taste yourself and see what I mean."

Her finger slid back into her slit, feeling the juices that made her thighs squish against her each when she clenched them. She was turned on and extremely wet, that she admitted readily, but what Drake did not know, could not possible know, was the reason why she was so turned on. It was not to be doing his bidding, it was because she was going to change him in a way that would seem biblical.

Drake grinned openly when Shannon's fingers slipped between her lips and over her teeth. Her tongue licked her own juices clean from her fingers, moaning softly as she did so. He was almost in pain he was so hard. His dick was trapped in his pants when it needed to be free to bury into something hot, wet, and soft.

"Now taste me, do I taste as good?" He told her.

Shannon removed her fingers from her mouth and bent over the console of his car, expertly unhooking his belt and trousers so she could pull his throbbing member free. Without a wasted moment she descended on him, sucking him nearly to the root. Drake gasped at the sudden explosion of heat and wetness. His hips bucked upwards involuntarily. Without realizing it his hand had fallen to her head, holding her softly and keeping her head in place while she used her tongue and lips and massage his cock.

In far too short of a time he pulled up in front of her house. He sat in the driveway, letting her continue fellate him, and looked around. It was a decent neighborhood, houses not too close, but still near enough to be a suburban area. It was almost late now, for a Friday evening. 10:45. He smirked and pulled her head off of his now glistening manhood. "You're incredible, Shannon, but let's go inside and do things properly."

Shannon sat up and reached for her dress to put it back on. Drake chuckled and shook his head. "No, my dear, leave that off. Walk in front of me and let that sexy ass of yours do its thing for me."

Shannon blushed but made no comment, instead wadding her sundress up and stuffing it into her purse. She opened the door and stepped out, glancing quickly around the neighborhood with eyes that were filled with excitement and challenge. She subdued her look before Drake got out of the driver's seat and looked at her again. Then she was past him, walking in front of him to the front door of her house. He glanced around as well to make sure no one was watching, then followed right behind her.

He was impressed with the décor of the house. Not manly, but not overly feminine either. It was rather neutral, but it had a strong earthy theme to it without an excessive amount of knick-knacks and other decorations scattered about. But far more important than the looks of the house was the looks of the woman before him. Drake let the door shut behind him and then looked at the beautiful woman standing before him with her eyes looking down at either his feet or his crotch, he could not tell.

"Strip me," he ordered, always taking particular pleasure in making women do this for him.

Shannon reached out and began unbuttoning his shirt. Reaching his waist she moved to his belt and pants again, which he had done up for the trip from the car to the house. In seconds gravity claimed them and they fell to pool at his feet. His shirt shrugged off his broad shoulders next, revealing to her that he kept himself in very good shape. Drake kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants, watching his turgid member bounce in front of him as he did so. He grinned triumphantly and looked at Shannon, who seemed slightly troubled.

"What is that matter?" Drake asked, always convinced that the best way to control a sub was to let them think they had a say in it.

"Sir, the basement would be better for this. It's set up for this sort of thing," Shannon said. Drake raised an eyebrow appreciatively and then nodded.

"Lead the way."

The basement was much as she had promised. She had outfitted it to function as a den, including having a computer set up in it. Additionally there was a section with a small raised hardwood stage on it, which included having a brass pole running from floor to ceiling. Drake's mouth opened in delighted surprise when he saw it.

"You've been a naughty girl, haven't you?" Drake asked, walking towards the stage as though drawn by a magnet.

"Very naughty, Sir," Shannon said, following him now and fighting to keep the predatory smile from her lips.

"Naughty girls deserve to be punished. A spanking, at the least I think, don't you?" he said, staring at the armless chair that was sitting in the middle of the raised stage with its back to the pole.

"Ooh, Sir, yes, yes I do. Without proper instruction there's no telling how naughty I might get," she said, risking a quick glance up to see him walking closer to the chair.

Drake sat down in it and patted his thighs. "Well then come here, young lady, and bend over my legs so we can begin your lessons."

Shannon walked over to him, behaving anxious and nervous. Drake found it quite appealing. She paused as she got close to him and then circled around behind him. She bent over his shoulder, whispering in his ear, "I'm scared, Sir. I'm afraid you might hurt me."

Drake frowned. This was the defiance he had seen in her. He demanded total trust and subservience. This just would not do. He reached back around his side and grabbed her left leg firmly.

"Shannon, I did not-" He stopped in surprise, feeling her suddenly grabbing his forearm with an iron grip. He felt something cold and metallic too, and his first reaction was not one of concern but one of outrage. He reached back with his other hand to force her grip to break, but instead he felt that same metal band encircle his other wrist.

"What the fuck are you doing, Shannon?" He demanded. "This is not acceptable. Release me this instant and I might only punish you."

Shannon walked around to the front of the chair and smiled mockingly at him, all meekness gone from her gaze. "I don't think so, Drake," she said, twisting his name as she spat it out. "You're my toy now."

"Bullshit!" He said, straining at the handcuffs that held him bound. They had been treated with something to soften their metal edges, but the harder he pulled the more then chafed his wrists and built into his flesh. "You let me out of here, god damnit!"

"In due time, lover, first you're going to do what I want," she said, turning away and pulling over a loveseat to the front edge of the stage.

Drake glowered at her, working all the while at trying to get his hands free. Realizing it was futile, he tried lifting the brass pole out of its moorings in the floor. That was similarly wasted time. When he focused again on what was happening he saw Shannon had spread her legs on the couch before him and was playing with herself again.

He stopped, surprised, and watched her in spite of his intense desire to free himself. One hand was drawing gentle designs on her clit, spreading her wetness around it, while her other hand was pinching and tugging at her nipple. She kept her eyes on Drake, watching his reaction and drawing some of her growing arousal from it. Drake noticed the heady aroma that was coming from her and, like any red-blooded-American would due, he began to remember how turned on he was. His dick began to thicken and raise in spite of his protests against it.

Shannon grinned and dipped her fingers deep inside herself, pulling them out and spreading her juices on her untouched nipple. She then bent her head and, with flexibility that impressed him, managed to stick her impossibly long tongue out to lick the same nipple, tasting herself on it. The breath hissed through Drake's teeth as he watched her, momentarily forgetting his imprisoned status.

Shannon looked up at him and smiled wickedly. "You didn't taste nearly as good as I do," she said with a wink. Her insolence raised Drake from his stupor and caused him to start trying to work his way free again.

Shannon pulled her fingers out and held them out towards him, teasing him. Then to taunt him further she sucked them between her lips and cleaned them off, making sure he saw how much she enjoyed it as she did so. With her glistening fingers she reached down between the cushions of the couch and pulled out a plastic bag. She reached into it and removed a flesh colored and realistically sized and shaped vibrator. She ran her tongue up and down it and slipped it between her lips, acting very much like she had done earlier when she had been blowing drake. His struggles ceased as he watched her, his cock pointing upwards approvingly.

She tilted her head back and, with a wink set his way, she swallowed and sucked the vibrator down into her throat. He fingers held the base of it just outside of her lips, then he watched as her tongue made its way past her lips and licked suggestively at where the testicles would be if the battery operated toy had any.

Drake's mouth was open without him realizing it, so stunned and turned on did the sight of her deep throating the realistic looking toy leave him. She pulled it out of her throat, slurping it hungrily as it escaped her lips, and brought it down to her pussy lips. She slid it inside of her slowly, teasing both herself and him, then she turned it on and gasped as the tingling sensations shot through her.

She rode the vibrator hard, forgetting for a moment that Drake was there. Her fingers clenched and twisted her nipple, torturing it in wonderful ways that made her stomach and legs clench and spasm. She focused on Drake, seeing him struggling again, but this time not to escape so much as to join her or take his own throbbing erection into his hands. Seeing him there calmed her done enough to regain control. He still had a lot of humbling to endure.

"Do you want to taste me?" Shannon asked him, leaving the vibrator humming deep within her while her other hand rubbed sensuously up and down her slit.

Without realizing he was doing it, Drake nodded. Shannon pulled the toy from her clutching lips after turning it off and slowly ran her tongue up the length of it, tasting it and enjoying both the erotic act as well as what it was doing to Drake. His cock looked harder than perhaps it had ever been; the head was an angry purple, speaking of blood trying to burst out of it.

Shannon stood up and walked the five feet that separated them. She bowed her legs and straddled his thighs, then sat down on him. She slid forward, trapping his cock between them and making it slap against his belly. He grunted at the sensation, not bothering to look down to see the clear liquid running down it. Shannon held the vibrator up to him and watched his eyes as his desire warred with his pride.

She rotated her hips, pulling legs up and wrapping them around and behind him. She pressed against him, her dripping pussy rubbing against the base of his shaft. Drake grunted again, then gave in to his hormones and began to lick the vibrator. She let him lick up one side and down another, then repositioned it so that it faced him directly. By the time Drake realized what was happening, he was giving the vibrator a blow job. His eyes widened and he stopped moving his head. Shannon grinned wickedly and winked at him, then pulled it out.

"What the-" he began, but was stopped by Shannon's fingers pressing against his lips.

"Shh, no talking until I tell you that you can, you'll ruin the mood," she said, smirking.

When she pulled her hands away Drake's lips remained closed. Shannon was surprised, she figured he had more fight in him than he was displaying. Then again it was entirely possible that he was biding his time. That made sense, he might be one of the more dangerous types. The same type that had made her what she was now. That thought sobered her up some.

"How would you like a little dance, Drake?" She asked, standing up in front of him. He showed no response, confirming her suspicions about him.

Shannon walked over to a nearby stereo and turned it on, a pre-selected tape or CD playing a song with a throbbing beat that screamed sex. It was right up her alley. She returned to the stage and let her body sway and move to the beat, running her fingers up her chest down her sides, and along her thighs. There was no suggestiveness about her movements, there was raw eroticism.

Drake found himself sweating and distracted. He kept trying to focus on his anger and to tell himself that once he made it through this she would pay, but she kept upping the ante and making it that much harder to pay attention to how the roles had been reversed. Now that she was dancing in front of him, and then beside him, and then on him, he could do nothing but stare at her and hope that she would release him soon so he could have his way with her.

Shannon writhed on his lap, grinding against his very erect cock, but never giving enough stimulation to do more than tease him. Then she would slide around behind him, her hands rubbing suggestively over his shoulders or stopping to lightly rake her fingernails across is chest or stomach. She even pinched and bit at his nipples, all movements designed to keep him off balance and guessing. At some point he actually began trembling in the chair, a reaction to the extreme stress she was putting him under. The thought of it nearly made her orgasm when she slid up his thigh, grinding her sex against his muscular leg.

She stood up on his thighs then, with her knees bent and holding onto the bar just above his head with her hand. Her other hand dipped down to rub through her swamped pussy, teasing herself for just a moment before bringing her fingers up between them. Drake opened his mouth and she rubbed the tip of her finger against his lip for a fraction of a second, then pulled them back to her own mouth and sucked them clean.

"You've got to be faster than that," she admonished him.

She stood up on his thighs then and turned around, facing away from him. Using incredible balance she swayed back and forth with the second song. She bent her knees and squatted on him again, holding her balance with her right arm against his knee. She reached behind her and gently traced a line up his dick with her fingertip.

"Where were you going to put this, in here?" She asked him, moving his dick and rubbing it against the entrance to her pussy.

"Or did you want to stick it in here?" This time she moved it back and brushed it over her asshole. She heard his breath catch as she did that, confirming for her what she had suspected.

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"That would have hurt, and I bet you wouldn't have taken your time and made it good for me," she chastised him, still rubbing his dick against her rectum. The precum leaking out of his cock was lubricating it quite well, giving her ideas and making the butterflies in her stomach flutter.

"I love a good ass-fuck, you know," she continued, still rubbing him against her. "But it takes a special kind of man to do it right, and you're not that kind... such a shame."

Shannon pressed herself down, biting her lip as the head of his dick began to force its way into her rectum. She looked back over her shoulder at him and shrugged, slowly reversing her course.

Drake's eyes widened. His dick had nearly been in her ass! He groaned and gasped for breath, something in one action. "Wait!" He begged, "tell me what to do!"

Shannon grinned, she had just won and she knew it. She stopped, feeling his pulse throb against her stretched opening. "You think you can be trained?" She asked him, looking doubtful for his benefit.

"Yes! I... yes, I can be trained."

"Who am I?" She asked him, frowning.

"Mistress," Drake whispered, ashamed to say it aloud in case his pride heard him and grew upset.

"I didn't hear you."

Drake was silent, his eyes tortured and nearly ready to shed tears. Finally he relented. "I can be trained, Mistress," he said loudly and clearly.

Shannon smiled. It was over. He was hers to do with as he wished. He had been different than the others, a harder nut to crack, so to speak, but in the end they always succumbed to her powers. She rubbed his dick against her backdoor some more, then strokeed him from bottom to top, surging a large glob of his precum against her. Once that was smeared in to her she straightened her legs and bent over, leaning her ass and pussy back into his face.

"Get me ready, slave, and if you do a good job who knows what will happen," she ordered him.

Drake leaned forward, hesitating only after his first lick. He tasted the muskiness of her and also the sweet and salty flavor of his precum. Once he had begun he realized he had nothing else to lose, and so he rimmed her with enthusiasm. Shannon was moaning in minutes, impressed with the strength and skill of his tongue as he worked it over her and even into her slightly. She figured she might have to keep him around a while if he was that good with his tongue.

Shannon spun around to face him, straightening as she did so. She stepped off of his aching thighs and positioned his cock in front of him. "Not bad, slave, but not good enough," she told him.

Drake's mouth opened to protest, but he shut it remembering what he would have done had the roles been reversed and his slave were to protest. Shannon smiled and nodded. "You learn quickly. I'm going to fuck you now, but you're not going to cum in me, do you understand? In fact, you're not allowed to cum until I tell you that you can."

Drake nodded, anxious for any relief at all. Shannon bore down on him, bending her legs and taking his cock deep inside of her. She moaned as he sank in her in unison with the gasp that Drake made. Shannon sat there on his lap for a moment reveling in the feeling of fullness, then she began, without warning, pumping herself up and down on him.

Drake gasped repeatedly, doing everything he could to hold back. Shannon grinned, loving the physical stimulation as much as the psychological one. She knew he could not hold back, no human man could at that point! She had set him up for failure again and had planned every second of it.

"Cum!" Drake blurted out finally. "I'm going to cum! I'm sorry, I can't hold back anymore!"

"You didn't call me Mistress," Shannon growled, slamming down onto him harder and faster.

Drake's eyes rolled back in his head as he fought the new pace. It was futile. "I'm sorry... Mistress!" he gasped, exploding deep within her. He spasmed and shook on the chair, filling her with spurt after spurt of cum. Shannon shuddered on top of him, surprised at her own reactions. It was not a huge orgasm but it was nothing to blow off either, and she enjoyed it until Drake began to show signs that he was able to start focusing again.

"You know you're going to be punished for that," she said as a statement, not a question. "You are not allowed to cum before I do, if I even decide to let you do it at all!"

"Yes Mistress," Drake said, his voice tired from the overwhelming release he had just felt.

"Finish me off," she demanded once she felt certain that he was going soft within her. It never failed, after the teasing she gave him he was guaranteed to cum so hard inside of her that it would be impossible for him to remain hard.

"I can't, Mistress, not without a break," he said, his voice sounding worried.

"Yes you can, slave!" Shannon stood up abruptly, letting his half-flaccid cock fall out of her. She held her hand over her lips, keeping their steamy content inside, and rose back up on his thighs. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his head, locking them on the bar behind him. Her hands also grabbed the bar, supporting her even more.

"Clean me out!" she ordered, grinding her cunt against his face. In a few moments she felt Drake's tongue digging into her, sucking out their cocktail of juices. She groaned and ground her clit against his face while he ate her, struggling for a breath whenever he could.

The power of the situation combined with the passion incited in her by the dirty nature of what they were doing drove her over the edge quickly, giving her to an orgasm every bit as powerful as his. She writhed and shuddered on top of him, smashing his head into the pole repeatedly as she tried to ride the wave. Finally she crested and came down from it, her legs sore and rubbery from their exertions. She managed to climb down from him and watched his head droop rather weakly as well. She smiled at him and leaned in, giving his sticky face a kiss.

Drake thought it was a peck on the cheek of thanks, but then he felt her tongue slid along his skin and then she moved to his lips. He opened them and they kissed for the first time. She shared the sex cocktail she had licked off his cheek with him, and he did nothing to fight against it. She backed away, smiling, then walked around behind him and unlocked his handcuffs.

"You can stay here if you want, but I will continue to use you when and if I want to. Sooner or later I'll tire of you, then I'll move on. Or you can leave now... which one do you prefer?" Shannon gave him the same options she had always given her conquests. With one exception they had always chosen to stay. After all, she had broken them. The one that had left, she found out many years later, had become gay.

"I'll give you a call, who knows what might happen next time," Drake said, surprising her. She stared at him as she gave her a peck on the lips then walked past her and up and out of her basement.

She stood there for a long moment, wondering what she had done wrong. What was different about him? How could he have just up and left her? She was stunned. She heard the front door close and still had no answers.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:54 pm