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Down Under Australian Vacation


My wife and I had always wanted to go to Australia. After saving money (and vacation time) we made our plans and were on our way. We were anticipating the most wonderful trip, but Australia turned out to be a lot more than I had expected.

My wife Kristy and I toured Sydney for several days, and one evening we ended up walking late at night after dinner. We came across a cabaret that had a live sex show. Normally, I never would have suggested going into a place like this with Kristy, but having had quite a bit of wine at dinner, Kristy was quick to pick up on my suggestion.

The show was very sexy and the finale involved this tall black guy with an absolutely enormous cock. He had a gorgeous partner and, this was probably all part of the act, but after he had fucked his partner in about ten different positions and she had come a number of times he pulled out of her and invited a woman from the audience to come on stage. She, at first appeared reluctant but the other people at her table urged her on and finally she got up and they started to dance with each other - a wild sexy thing with them about two feet apart and thrusting at each other. He was naked and his cock bounced from side to side. Finally, as she stared at his cock bobbing in front of her, and with the audience's encouragement she began to undress too.

Naked they danced around the stage until the black man placed his hands on her shoulders and forced her to her knees. The crowd was going wild as she started to suck and lick his big cock pulling the shaft with both hands. He fucked deep into her throat until with a grunt he came and semen ran from her lips. We all cheered the woman as she scrambled to get her clothes back on. Her husband, or boyfriend, was leading the cheers and kissed her passionately as she came off the stage. We were all very excited just watching the act.

On the way back to the hotel I teased Kristy saying she should have gotten up on stage, and how I would have loved to see her with him. She looked at me like I was crazy, and replied that she didn't think she would be able to do that.

"Sure you could," I ...encouraged, and I would love it.

"Are you sure? Are you really sure you could handle that? I think you would be jealous."

Was I sure? How would I react to her with another man? It had always been a secret fantasy but we'd never discussed it. Maybe now was a good time to discuss it with her in more detail. She seemed willing to talk so, during the cab ride I told her about my fantasy and she listened pensively. I was afraid she would be angry, but she just listened and smiled. Back in the room she was wild when we made love. She kept insisting on more and more and we made love several times during the night. Once, in the midst of her orgasm she whispered something about other cocks fucking her.

We finally fell asleep with my cock still inside of her. The first thing I knew the following morning was her mouth on my cock picking up where we had left off the night before. At breakfast we talked about it and she kept mentioning how sexy the show had been and asked me several times if I had really wanted her to go up on the stage and suck that guy. I assured her that it was a very strong fantasy for me to see her with another man. She just smiled and looked me in that cute little foxy way she has. After breakfast we took a private tour of the city and our driver mentioned that a beach we were passing was a nude beach.

We laughed about it, but he said it was a nice place and that it was perfectly safe to go there. Sometimes lovers went there but mostly it was people just wanting to be nude in the sunshine. Anyway, during the week it would be empty according to him. I suggested that we might go there and Kristy jumped at the idea. We had our driver stop while we purchased some large beach towels, oil and drinks and he dropped us off at the beach saying that we could call him from a nearby bar and he'd pick us up. He winked at us and said, "Have fun!"

As we walked down the beach toward the nude part I was feeling the excitement of the previous evening carried over, and I think Kristy was, too.

My wife is tiny, a very pretty brunette at 5'1" and 105 lbs. She's a fitness fanatic and her measurements are 35-24-35 with gorgeous, bouncy breasts that point out with tight, prominent nipples. With no bra, which is almost always when we're on vacation, they bounce in a very noticeable manner when she walks. They've always been a super turn on for me. As great as her tits are, I think her pussy is just as great a feature because she's small and tight and has a lovely clit that grows like a small penis when she's excited. She blessed with an endless supply of wetness and I don't ever recall a time when I've touched her that she hasn't been moist.

There were some people in the public area of the beach but the nude section, almost a half-mile along, was almost deserted, it being a weekday, and as we got situated there wasn't anyone within 200 yards of us. We undressed and Kristy lay on her back sunning while I admired her body. She looked great and I began thinking about last night. Just when I was contemplating something more serious she turned over with a "Mmpfff" and promptly fell asleep. About twenty minutes later, I noticed three young guys walking down the beach towards us. They were laughing and pushing each other, as young guys do, but when they noticed us they huddled for a moment with whispers and then quietly approached us. They looked to be in their twenties and were very tan and fit and smiled as they put their stuff down about twenty feet in front of us. I couldn't believe that with all this space they had to sit so near, but Kristy was dozing on her stomach with her head facing away from them and her legs spread slightly apart. I realized they had chosen their spot very carefully.

As they removed their suits and oiled up I thought about waking her, but then they seemed to be well behaved so I decided to wait and see. They were all well endowed but one was exceptionally so, with a long thick cock that hung halfway down his thighs. As they lay down I saw them very obviously staring at her. Thinking about it I began to get excited and decided to give them a little extra to look at. I poured some baby oil on my hands and began rubbing it on her back. She just moaned softly as I gently massaged her back. She then whispered, "That feels wonderful," so I continued down lower to her buttocks and finally poured a small stream on her lower back and watched as it ran down between her legs. None of this was wasted on the three young men who inched closer to about ten feet away to get an even better look. They were totally silent and I was sure that Kristy was unaware of their presence.

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I was feeling devilish at this point so I began by rubbing her anus and she purred in response. I continued down further gently pushing at her legs. Her response was to move her legs further apart giving a delightful view to her unknown admirers, who inched again even closer. I poured more oil on her and began gently rubbing the lips next to her clit and she just groaned and spread her legs even wider to accommodate me. She gasped and wiggled as I massaged her lips and when I slid a finger inside her pussy it caused her to moan and spread her legs even wider.

"Don't start what you're not going to finish," she panted as I probed her and stroked her swollen clit.

"Maybe, I'll finish you later," I said in a loud stage whisper, smiling at the boys who grinned openly back at me. "I think I'll just tease you all day until you beg for more." She moaned as I moved my finger in and out of her while rubbing the tip of my thumb gently into her anus. She began to slowly roll her hips not knowing that she had an audience. "Oh, that feels so good."

My cock was swollen and swinging in the breeze as I glanced at the guys. They were now not more than a few feet from us, blatantly staring at her pussy and stroking their erect cocks. One of them nodded and gave me a big smile. I wondered what I had started in light of the fact that we were virtually alone on the beach with these locals. They remained quiet and just watched Kristy's naked body with her delicious pussy fully exposed for them to see. I was afraid they might try to force themselves on her but they seemed content to just watch us. Each time I made eye contact they smiled and winked but never pushed beyond that. I decided to let it rest for a while and lay down next to Kristy and pretended to go to sleep.

After awhile the guys got up and headed for the water, where they laughed and splashed each other. The waves were coming in good and they started body surfing. Their shouting and laughing woke Kristy and she asked "Who's that?" I pointed out our neighbors out in the water. She smiled as she saw their muscular bodies and then as though he knew she was looking at him, one of them turned and came back to get something giving her a great look at his cock swinging between his thighs.

"Oh my God," she gasped, "When did they get here?"

"A little while ago", I said, "You were sleeping.."

She looked at me strangely, "Um, did they see you with the oil. . . before?" Her voice trailed off and I just shrugged. She pretended to be a little angry but I noticed her nipples swelling as she looked thoughtfully at them.

"Is this what you had in mind for your fantasy?" I couldn't come up with an answer. I was speechless.

"Let's go check out the water", she said, getting to feet. Together we headed down to the surf. She looked fabulous with her tan and her beautiful breasts with her nipples pointing out. We waded out into the surf until the water was about knee deep.

She smiled and waved to the guys and they very quickly came over and said hello. It was all very friendly as we splashed and talked and checked each other out. We learned their names were Ian, Nick, and John and that they worked at a local pub. Kristy was clearly embarrassed, trying to look everywhere but at their cocks but as the guys obviously looked her over she kept stealing a look back.

She squeezed my hand tightly as she slowly looked from one to the other. The shortest man, Ian, was about my height and had a cock much like mine. Nick was about six feet tall, slender and had a cock that was absolutely huge and visibly swelling as she stared at him. He must have been over 9 or 10" long and very thick with a large flared head like something out of a movie. As he shifted his weight it swung heavily towards his other thigh and visibly throbbed as it expanded another inch and arched out slightly from his muscular belly. John was the same height and build as Nick but with a cock somewhere in the more normal range.

There was an awkward silence for a moment as Kristy couldn't take her eyes off their dicks and they stared intently at her naked body until John spoke up and said, "Hey, lets do some body surfing." We were embarrassed to say that we didn't know how.

"Come on, it's easy, we'll show you." Ian began explaining it to me and motioned us towards deeper water. I followed and Kristy, John and Nick were a few steps behind. Ian demonstrated on a small wave easily catching it for a few yards.

"Now you try it." I did and ended up with my nose in the sand. Laughing Ian told me to try it again and showed me my error. In the meantime. Nick took Kristy's hand and headed for deeper water pulling her along.

"Come on Kristy, let's try it out here, the waves are better." She seemed a little reluctant and I looked to see if she was struggling against Nick's tugging.

But then she looked at me and just smiled and said, "OK, I'll give it a try." John tagged along behind Nick and Kristy as Ian tried vainly to make me catch on to the system.

The waves weren't very big and Nick and John pulled Kristy out far enough so the water was a little over waist deep for them but covered Kristy's tits. They stood close together and I could see them lift her by her arms as each swell went by. She put one arm around each of their necks so that she could stay above water as they went deeper. My imagination ran wild thinking about where their hands were. Finally the perfect wave came in and they lifted her out of the water horizontally in order to catch the wave as it came by. They gave her a start and then, as she caught the wave, released her. She glided on top of the wave shrieking with joy at her first success. Nick and John were right with her all the way and when the wave collapsed they caught her again in their arms. I could see her struggling with them so I knew their hands were exploring her body.

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Finally, she pulled away from them, and shouted, "Let's do it again, that was great! Out they went again as Ian kept trying unsuccessfully to show me how to catch the wave. I just kept crashing but I think I was more interested in watching the other show than I was in learning to body surf. I could see them in the surf waiting for just the right wave. Now, they were holding her horizontally between them and I was sure their hands were busy exploring. She kept giggling, "Nick, stop that! John, you're bad!" but with her giggles I could tell she was enjoying the play.

A half dozen times they went out and each time I could see her pushing their hands away as they tried to touch her under the water. Slowly she squirmed between them and then tilted her head back as she was lifted out of the water a few inches as Nick obviously had his hand between her legs but this time she didn't cry out or anything so I just watched mesmerized.

Ian said, "Looks like the boys are having a bit of fun. You don't mind do you?" My cock gave me away as it started to grow, and I had to admit that I didn't as long as Kristy was ok with it.

"Well, I guess we're OK then," he replied, "I'm sure she's going to enjoy herself. What's say let's just relax and get some sun." With that he headed out of the water and flopped on the beach towel.

"Like a beer?" Ian smiled at me as he handed me a cold Fosters. "Actually, I get a kick out of watching the guys play. Don't worry, Mate, they'll be nice to her. They wouldn't hurt her or anything like that. She seems to be enjoying herself and if she isn't, they'll do whatever she asks. As for you, anytime you're unhappy just say the word and I'll put a stop to it.

As they finished a run and stopped in water about waist deep, I could see that a line had been crossed and the scene in the water had become overtly sexual as the two guys played with my wife, sucking and squeezing her tits. They had her pinned between them, Nick was in front John behind. She was out of control and as the waves rose and fell I could see her sliding up and down their bodies. Then she went up and wrapped her arms around Nicks neck and her legs around his waist, and settled slowly down his body. Even though I couldn't see it, I knew that big cock was sliding into my wife's pussy.

Ian, ever the master of the understatement, slapped my leg and said, "Looks like he's got her! She'll love this. Look at her face." I did and saw her, head thrown back eyes closed, mouth wide open. She was loving it. My wife was being fucked by a young stud and she was loving it! She began bucking up and down on him, not waiting for his movements but taking control and making her own.

In the meanwhile John was behind her stroking her back with one hand and with the other under her ass. As we watched he moved up against her and I could see him pushing he pelvis up and into her ass.

Ian, the play by play man, reported. "Oh watch this, John loves it in their ass. Does your wife like this? She'll love John. He has a long skinny dick and all the women love it there. Soon he found his target and I could hear Kristy shout, "Oh, my God! Oh, slowly, slowly. Now, please fuck me, fuck me hard. Both of you." Actually, all they had to do was stand still. Kristy was moving up and down for both of them. They kept moving closer to shore to get away from the crashing waves and soon they were standing in water only up above their knees. I could clearly see both their cocks coming out of Kristy every time she moved up, and then plunging down hard on them with a cry of joy.

Ian, "I told you she'd love these guys. Say, you look a little pale. Are you okay with all this?" I may have looked pale, but my cock was clearly registering approval.

Kristy continued pounding her two cocks and from the noises she was making I knew it wouldn't be long. With a loud shriek she came and wrapped her arms and legs even tighter around Nick.

"Wow, she's great, isn't she," observed Ian. "The boys are just getting started though so they'll be lots more action. You're going to love this."

With that I noticed Kristy untangling herself from those two large cocks and sliding down into the water. With a cock in each hand she marched her charges in to shore and right past me. With a wink, Kristy giggled, "I have something to finish. You're welcome to come and watch if you like." And then they marched into the dunes where I lost sight of them.

My mind was racing and filled with images as the minutes ticked by and they still didn't reappear. I didn't know what to do, but Ian broke the ice.

"Come on, you know you want to see this. They're going to fuck her brains out, you'll love it." He was right. I just had to see what was happening so we gathered up our towels and blankets and as I walked down to where I could see over the edge of the dune I heard Kristy moaning loudly and then I saw them.

She was on her hands and knees with John's dick in her mouth while Nick fucked her with a cock that should have belonged to a bull. There was nothing subtle about it as she bucked between them. John's long slender cock was sliding deep down into her throat and I could hear her grunting sounds as it pushed past the entrance to her throat and went several inches deeper.

Ian and I walked in close to them, spread out our blanket and lay down to watch. My cock was throbbing and I could see that Ian was in a similar state.

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John continued fucking Kristy's mouth and each time it came out she gulped for air and then pushed forward to take the whole length into her mouth again. The pace quickened and John began quivering and finally he threw his head back, stiffened and exploded in her mouth. Semen ran from her lips as she frantically licked at him. Then as Nick buried himself inside her from behind and humped powerfully into her pussy she slowly collapsed on top of John. Nick pulled at her hips to get her ass higher in the air and plunged deeper and deeper into her. His huge cock came completely out of her with each stroke and then found that tiny entrance and rammed fully back into her body. Over and over again Nick stroked her until finally her body began to tremble and she convulsed in a massive orgasm. Three or four long strokes later Nick exploded with a loud grunting sound as he shot his load inside her.

When he pulled his enormous dick out of her there was a long string of semen drooling from the tip and I watched as he slowly played with her soupy pussy, slowly reinserting the head and then pulling it out, over and over until she began to push back at him at which he thrust forward and buried himself inside her causing her to come again almost instantly. The three of them lay exhausted on their blanket breathing heavily as we watched from six feet away.

Ian, God bless his sense of humor, finally broke the silence with, "Say, would I be totally out of line if I asked for a bit of that?" I just smiled and waved him towards Kristy. If she didn't want it she could send him away. I just couldn't refuse him.

Gentle he kneeled between Kristy's legs and without so much as touching her he carefully inserted his not too shabby six inches into her very wet pussy. He began a steady but firm stroking into her at a slow rate of maybe sixty strokes per minute and at the same time began stroking the sides of her pussy with his forefingers, squeezing but being careful not to actually touch her clitoris. He never varied the pace or depth of either his cock or his fingers, just a steady stroke, stroke, stroke. It seemed like a strange type of lovemaking, but the effect on Kristy soon became apparent. She never opened her eyes, didn't know who or what was fucking her, never touched him, and except for his cock and the tips of his two forefingers he never touched her, and these only touched the sides of her clit and her pussy.

For what must have been a full fifteen minutes this stroking went on and the tension in Kristy's face was incredible. After five minutes she began to perspire, her forehead, then her chest and finally her whole body was soaked with sweat. After ten minutes, her face was fully flushed and her teeth were clenched. After fifteen minutes her back was arched, her toes were pointed and her legs were straight out and rigid. Her whole body was shaking and it was apparent that her pending climax had built to a level that was threatening her life. She looked like a person in a seizure. I began to get worried. Just when I didn't think she could take any more she started a series of low guttural growls that increased slightly in pitch and intensity with each stroke. Louder and louder they became until she was screaming with each stroke and thrashing her head from side to side as her climax broke over her.

Only when she was completely quiet and relaxed did Ian stop his stroking. He gently removed his stiff member from her and quietly moved around to her head. Placing his cock on her face he gently but firmly forced her teeth apart. It was clear that Kristy felt she'd had enough but Ian wanted his satisfaction. He tilted her head back and pushed his cock gently into her mouth. Obligingly she began to suck him and he stroked gently at the same pace that he had brought her to climax. It didn't take long before Ian exploded but his climax was long and copious. His cum spilled out of her mouth and down on her chin. Ian then withdrew from her mouth, stepped back, flashed me a happy smile and headed back to where he had left his clothes. After gently kissing Kristy and telling her goodbye, John and Nick followed.

I lay down next to Kristy on the blanket and held her close to me. After about 15 minutes I heard the guys saying goodbye as they walked past our dune headed off to work.

Kristy had a strange expression on her face, tight and pointed as she lay facing me on the blanket. "Did you have a good swim?" I asked her.

"Real good", she replied with a smile like a Cheshire cat and pulled her knees up to her chest. Her gorgeous cunt was visible and her clit looked like a small cock protruding between her lips but what caught my eye was the semen oozing out of her and drooling down her thigh.

"Did you like it? I hope so. You should come too", she continued in a lower voice as she saw me staring at her pussy, "Do you want to fuck me?" she asked as she moved forward and slowly licked the tip of my straining cock. I could only groan as she took half of my cock down her throat and then looked up at me as the head popped from her lips.

"They fucked my brains out, didn't they?" she gasped and sucked my cock back into her mouth.

She was pulling frantically on my cock, sucking and licking the head as she gasped out her story until I couldn't hold back anymore and started to hump up into her mouth. "Come in my mouth like they did", she groaned and I shot a huge load that dripped down her chin and onto her breasts as she sat up panting like a sprinter. I wanted to fuck her but as I started to push her on her back she stopped me. "Wait, let me do it. I'll make you come again like never before, I promise. I want this to be every bit of your fantasy come true."

She certainly did, and it certainly was.

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