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It was in mid march and i was preparing for my exams on the terras. Divya and one of her brother came from other place of the town were chatting 4 sometime on the other side and gone 4 sleep. after 11PM i too had at sleep. in the mid night when i woke up i had saw the back of divya was bare in the blanket. i pretended to be sleep for some time and saw what happening, but to my surprise one hand was coming from back to carressing the ass cheeks. i fainted thinking that how one brother can have do like that. slowly the hand moved into the crack of ass and the legs were kept apart. now i can clearly seen the situation that his tounge was playing in the middle of the thighs of divya and she was looking at me to watch whether i was sleeping or not. after sometime her nighty completely moved up facing the back of her towards me. i have a beautiful view of her back which was un imaginable to me till that day.

In the morning, i enquired about Divya regarding her brother. but she told that he was just her dear friend. this changed the view of me over her and i started to see her in lustful angle. whenever she come out to terras i simply stared at her booobs without eye winkle. first she hided and later slowly she admitted to see more of her curves especially when no one around. this i thought of having a green signal. i slowly turned the topic towards the BRA's and Panties whenver i get a chance to chat with her. my luck one day fulfilled. that day was apr'06 2000 and her family members gone for function at hyderabad leaving divya and her brother in their home. on the request of my parents i have to stay in their home for the night. and i thought this day is my day to have her.

After my dinner, i went into her home at 09:30PM and to my surprise she only awake while her brother was gone for sleep. when i went in she locked the door from inside and asked me for a chit-chat as she was not getting sleepy. i told yes and we were in the next room with tube light on and closed the bed room as he may not disturbed due to the tube light. i sat on the chair while she was on sofa. i looked at her face and she was in white nighty on. she asked me about my study and our topics went on movies. she asked who is my favourite? and i told shriya. she asked me why and told without waiting for my reply as shriya will be sexy. i nodded yes. she told that she will go for piss as requested me to come close to the bathroom as there is dark. i went to the bath room and she went in and closed the door without locking from inside she removed her nighty and kept on the top of the door so that i can feel her nacked ness. i searched for my dick and suddenly she opened the door with nude look and told me to come inside and i did so. soon she kept my hand on her boobs and told they are the balls i must suck. she also told to c her pussy with urine. i bent to c and she piss on my face and laugh. i teased by pushing my fingers in her hole. she told that it would be nice if i clearned her boobs with my piss and by saying this she kneel down and let my laud to piss on her face, boobs and pussy. After seeing my erected laud she told she hardly want but due to the non-safe time she only give blow job. she took my laud in her mouth and chewing like anything. finally i ejaculated in her mouth and she showed it to me. whole night we were in 69 position having my laud in her mouth and her pussy lips on my nose and whenever we woke we just stroked the other.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:13 pm