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Dad looked over one last time


The hum of the little car shut down. with out saying a word dad looked over one last time and then proceeded to get out. I opened the door trying hard to get out with out falling, and quickly adjusted my skirt. Turning back I offered a hand to Erica pulling her up.

She looked at me, her face said so much. It was obvious she was in a wanting state as she just smiled at me to cover her emotions. I smiled back as we fixed our selves behind the cover of the midget door. Then making our way to the line to catch up with my dad.

We passed some young jerks on the side and they were giving off whistles and cute remarks. I turned and gave them a disgusted grow up look and that seemed to prompt them more. Saying, “Come here little girl I will give you something to lick!”

Erica turned stopped and said, “Fuck you! I guess your town is full of scum!” chucking the bird.

Two of them got up off the cement wall they were sitting on, and quickly got in our way. It was not easy trying to walk in heels on the gravel to begin with. I said, “get out of the way dirt ball!”

The one on the left kicked a dusty layer of sand and shit over our feet. Now I was pissed and started to yell out, “You fucking losers!” I didn’t know what else to do. They were younger but certainly bigger, and it wasn’t like we were dressed to scuffle with these real jerks. We didn’t really know them, but I knew of them, just as I suppose they knew where we were from.

I looked up from looking at my shoes all covered in dirt. I smiled at the jerk. He had no clue as to why. My dad stood right behind them placing his hands around both of their necks at once. Erica laughed as he picked them off the ground. I could see he was not fooling around he gets that look when he is really angry.

The one on the right wet himself out of fear. Erica said, “Oh my god he just pissed him self!” holding her hands to her face laughing, as we walked around them.

Three other adults came over quickly one looked like the coach or something. The other two looked to be just parents. One of the parents bursted out, “What the hell are you doing!” he knew exactly what had transpired.

Dad flung the two toward the three men as they both skidded on the ground. His head just turned toward us as a shrewd look came across his face. Then he turned back to the men saying, “Fat boy, is that your poor excuse for a child? Maybe I should help you install some manners on how to treat a female?”

I could see the muscles flex under dad’s shirt in his chest and arms. His neck muscles grew tight as they also swelled with his anger. I looked at his bum. It looked tight in the fine dress pants as he walked closer to them. He might have only have been a few inches taller than them, but there was no doubt in my mind he was going to knock the shit out of them, if they gave him any reason.

The man looked at my dad it was obvious my dad was not backing down. There grew a crowed of on lookers and it was fairly quiet. The other two men just looked on as pretending to be some sort of back up. The guy fumbling to answer said, “I am sure we can settle this in an adult manner?”

Dad slowly nodded his head in silence. He was right in the man’s face looking for an answer. The two jerks were now standing slightly behind. The crowed seemed to close in.

My hands were sweaty as they shook a little. I was not scared, but concerned there were a lot of people now paying attention to what was going on.

I didn’t realize that my dad knew him until he said, “I want a letter from each of these ___” looking about, “Nine boys’ parents explaining, why their son is a jack-ass.” He was as calm as could be.

The man spoke, “That’s absurd!” making a face like as if to say go to hell. Then being cocky said taking a look around, “I think there is a few to many witness for you to do anything, tuff guy?”

Dad backed up a step pointing his finger toward the team shirt name (Briggs & Son Lumber Supply). With a look of all seriousness he said, “I know you, you think you’re somebody around here. Let me assure you I will cripple you not physically, but financially!” the look of confidence on his face showed he was not bluffing.

The man took one look at the little sports car parked only several feet away. It shined with such a gloss and prestige in the setting sun light, even with a film of dust from the parking lot. All the louvers and contours almost make it look like a spaceship. I’ve been told it is one of only 400 in the entire world. Suddenly I think the man realized who my dad was, as he called out, “Fine! Fine we will do it your way!”

My dad turned toward us, and started walking he placed each of us in his arms as we moved toward the order window. He said out loud, “First thing Monday morning! You better get busy!” never turning back.

The man gave a wicked dirty look to the young jerks, and walked off, pissed. The crowd dispersed as soon as the excitement came to a close.

He was sweaty under his arms but I didn’t care as I held him. I could tell Erica was just happy to be holding him so close, as she stole a look at me every so often with a big grin. Being all happy and kind of a sappy way Erica said holding him tight, “My hero!”

Dad just laughed giving us both a gentle squeeze. We ordered, took our time ate, and made our way back into the car. It was getting darker now as we arranged our selves in the seat. As agreed Erica sat on my lap. The car had not even started yet as I pulled the skirt she was wearing up a little. Erica turned her head fast, laughed as she knew exactly now it was pay back time. I think in all the excitement she had forgotten.

I whispered in her ear, “It’s your turn.” As I pulled the hem up a bit more.

Dad looked back several times before backing up. Each time he would glance down, and then glance at me. I licked my lips slowly to tease him behind Erica’s view. He pretended not to see me. I slid her skirt up higher. Though it was dusk I knew he now had a good view of her pussy.

His eyes kept looking down as he cautiously waited to pull out on the busy road. As we finally pulled out Erica said, “Thank you for the wonderful evening.”

Dad replied, “Your welcome.” His eyes darted from the road to her face to the little display between her legs.

They carried on a small conversation as I continued to raise her skirt higher. I was getting so wet watching my dad eagerly looking at my friend in such a way. Erica just played along like nothing was happening. She had no clue. She thought I was playing with her alone, but in reality I was playing along with both of them. Dad knew I was teasing him by exposing her.

If Erica only knew. I wanted to tell her in some ways, but also felt it was best I kept quiet. As they talked I traced lines up her outer leg with my fingers. My mind was racing. I could feel the wetness between my own legs, and just knew Erica must be going wild right at the moment. The thought of her being aroused in some strange way made me feel like I wanted to please her even more.

My mind was whirling with emotions as my stomach tingled with butterflies. This was the queerest moment I was getting aroused by my friends arousal, and teasing my dad. It was overwhelming just from the thoughts of what dad and I had done. Now thoughts of making him and Erica do something was like it was his biggest untold fantasy. And I wanted to make him happy in any way I could.

Soon we dropped Erica off at her house and back in the car I took hold of his hand. I placed it on my exceptionally aroused pussy. My hands were trembling as I held onto his hand. Dad allowed me to comfortably place his hand over my burning desire. He did not say a word only looked at me briefly, as his fingers fiddled slowly into the slippery area. My eyes closed as I was tormented with desires.

Suddenly I heard and felt the car stop. We were home and it was quiet for a brief moment. Dad removed his hand and took it to his mouth. I watched as he licked my wetness honey from his fingers. I almost couldn’t believe the vivid reality right in front of me. There was no doubt in my mind what had just taken place. My ass cheeks squeezed as I tried to calm the quivering drip from my pussy with useless cause.

Upon exiting the car we made way into the house. It was darkened in the kitchen, as I felt his hand playfully on my shoulder. We turned and kissed, my neck stretched while on tippy toes, and he leaned down toward me. I felt his awesome warm hands holding my lower back pulling me into him.

We came to a gentle break in the kiss, and in the dim light dad looked at me and passed his hand through my hair. Then in a low soft voice he said, “Kay, we have a little problem. I know what we discussed earlier, but I can’t help it. You know I love you. I just can’t stop thinking about holding you. I love you in so many ways now I don’t know if I can stop.”

I was too horny to want to talk love. I wanted to hear him say it a thousand times. Just right now I needed to fuck, and fuck hard. I looked up at him and with a simple move dropped my skirt to the floor. I then removed my blouse carefully, while I shook my hair to make it flow strait down my back. My answer was silent, yet loud and clear.

I am not sure if it was the vibrations of the car, the excitement of the confrontation, or the intrigue of the want in dads eyes with two young females, neither of which he was suppose to desire. I licked my lips as he stood silent watching me. Finally I spoke up from no where, “You do want me don’t you?” Looking up trying to be as cute as could be, making him feel like he was my protector. I always loved that feeling of how powerful he was and when I am with him, how secure I can feel.

Dad’s hands rested on my small chest tweaking at my stiffened nipples. He lowered his mouth with out a word to completely envelop my left breast. With his mouth firmly sucking hard on my breast his tongue darted about over the nipple. While his hands slowly traced my skin coming to rest as they squeezed my ass cheeks.

Taking hold of his hands with mine I smiled at him as I backed away from his mouth, and led him toward his bed. I Only let go of my hand hold once we were in the room to get on the bed. I lay on my back, my head propped up on the pillows. I spread my legs as I watched him climb between them.

Dad placed his mouth over my pussy and I felt his tongue part the tender opening. The warm wet feeling had me closing my eyes as it felt so good. His tongue lapped and licked as one hand slid between my legs massaging my ass, and pussy opening. The other reached up and tweaked my nipples. He continued his deeply desired lust to make me cum.

I was bellowing out a loud scream as he hit just the right spots. I was not in control of my body as it ripped through me. Wave after wave of pure bliss took over and wrung every muscle in my body.

When the feeling calmed dad took the opportunity to slowly climb up my body. I opened my eyes and looked right into his. I kissed him, and could taste my self on his lips. I then looked at him and asked, “Can you do that every time?”

Dad just smiled back as he said, “For that taste I will do it all the time.”

Chills ran through my body as I shook for a second. I could feel his hardened cock pressing at the entrance that his fingers and tongue had just made so sensitive. My legs were spread wide as if I had just ridden a horse. My fingers reached into the fuzzy hair of his chest. I played with his nipples as he waited patiently for me to ask him to enter. Looking more at his chest than his face above me, I asked, “So did you get a good look tonight?”

Dad eyebrows flinched with uncertainty to my question.

“Did you like seeing what you saw in the car?” I asked with a determination.

Dad grinned, “I saw quite a bit, and yes it was all nice looking.”

I thought for a bit as he hungrily started to press his throbbing member into me. Calmly I asked, “Would you want have sex with Erica?”

There was a pause as it was silent. Then he said, “I am with you. I don’t know, not really on my mind at the moment. Is that what you want?”

I nodded my head as I spoke, “I think I want to watch as you make her feel as good as you do me.” I traced a line with my finger from his chest to his face stopping over his lips. “Would you do it for me?”

Dad let out a “Hum” then a slight groan of thoughtful thinking. He looked at me and said, “I really don’t know if that is a good idea. What if you become jealous?”

I could see his point, while replying, “Well you’re going to still have sex with Mom. And I am going to still have sex with James. You wanted to know if I would have sex with others. So here is my thought. I will let you pick a partner for me only if I can pick one for you.

Dad rolled his eyes, “Do we need to go into details right now.” His lips were but tickling mine they were so close.

I smirked under him in a devious thought. I said, “You want to fuck me?” He nodded slightly. “Then call me Erica, I know how bad you want her. I saw you watching her pussy in the car. I saw you the other day too at the pool. I think you like the idea of a young female wanting you. So if you want to fuck me tonight you will have to pretend I am Erica.

Dad’s face contorted, in an unusual way. He looked at me and said, “Fine if that’s what you want. Can I fuck you now, __ Erica?”

I let out a little, “MmHmm,” with a big grin as I felt his stiff thick cock press past the opening. My legs went rigid. God it felt incredible to be stretched so tight. I lifted my hips a little to meet his slow penetration. I looked into his eyes and said, “Your going to fuck my friend aren’t you?”

He said, “Why, but Erica you are so tight. Do you know how long I have wanted to fuck you?” As he kissed my lips and his tongue played with mine.

My toes curled with excitement. He was playing my game, I wanted him to release and tell me all that was in his mind. I just knew he had been horny for us. Now I wanted him to admit it.

Some time passed when he stopped withdrew and just looked at me. He was haunched up, poised with an intimate stare.

I asked, “What is wrong?”

He rolled his eyes up and replied, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Who do you want to?” I remarked.

“I want to fuck Erica from behind, and feel her tight little ass as I fuck her hard.” He said all stern and to the point as he sat back on his knees.

I sat up, and gazing at his cock I could see it was still hard as can be. The shine from my wetness gave it a particular nice purplish tint. I stroked my hand up and down his shaft a few times. It was so slick and hard to the touch. I was like, so into his cock right at the moment I almost forgot his request. I looked up at him watching me, enthralled with his erection. I said, “You got a big cock.” My hand was still slipping around his shaft. With a slight hesitation my eyes returned to take in the sight of my small fingers dancing over the soft head.

I remained with my legs spread around him and leaned way over, folded in half. I kissed the top of the head, and then licked it. Holding it firm I sank the head of his cock into my mouth. I could taste myself upon his tender skin. The moment was so arousing, all I wanted to do was prove to dad I was in love with this thick warm cock.

Slowly I swept my legs under so I was on my knees, without letting the head out of my mouth. My hand slid under his balls gently lifting them. Instinctively I began to suck, and fuck his cock with my mouth.

I felt him lean over me with a moan of gratitude his hands slid down my back. One hand parted my ass cheeks, and was reaching for my pussy. While the other rested on my butt cheek grabbing it fully kneading it firm. Soon the wet fingers from within me rubbed over my anus. I was not sure what he was up to but allowed him to feel me openly. It really felt nice as it sent tingles through my crotch.

Continuing to suck I let my fingers mimic his I passed them across his rectum. It was so warm to the touch and arousing to think where my fingers were. Now I could taste a little pre-cum as his cock throbbed to my touch.

Dad made little circles with his finger then pressed it slowly into my ass. I became frozen for a moment as it entered. He pushed it a little further, and then stopped.

My mind was erased for the moment as I just took in the feeling of his violation. I could feel the trickle of womanly silky-smooth oils run down my inner thigh. My body remained still as if in a state of shock. I wanted to stop him because it felt so unusual, for the moment. I felt so exposed it actually made me more aroused if that was possible.

His finger rotated slightly, and then proceeded to move in and out ever so slightly.

I knew he was watching my puckered anus, as his finger played. This sent a quiver through my body which caused me to clench down on his finger tight. I tried to relax, but as soon as I felt his finger move again I involuntarily tensed up. I thought to my self, “Wholly crap! My dad has his finger in my ass, and is playing with it as well as watching.” I never dreamed of letting a guy play with my ass in this way never mind my own father.

I breathed hot and heavily on his cock which was rubbing on my face. My pussy was like a flowing stream sending me out of my mind. I called out, “Oh please! I need you to fuck me!”

Dad removed his finger as he turned me around. I was laid on the bed with my face firmly planted on the comforter and my ass exposed to him. His hands rubbed my cheeks, and every third stroke over my ass he teased my anus with a slight probe.

I asked without lifting my head, “Do you want to fuck my girly ass?”

Dad Spread my ass cheeks, and pressed his tongue into my anus. Only for a brief moment, and then placed the head of his shaft up to my anus. Holding his cock firm pushed it tightly and directly at the small opening.

I could feel the warm soft head press against the small opening. I relaxed as much as I possibly could. The thought was incredible, “My dad wants to fuck my tight little teeny ass.” I wanted to give him at that moment the world.

Dad rubbed the tip of his cock a few more times then retreated. With a strong desire he placed his cock up to my pussy, sinking it deeply into me. With one hand he brushed my hair back from my neck. Leaning in he kissed the nape tenderly. Then whispered in my ear, “You’re not ready for my cock to be in your ass.” His hips where gyrating fast as he fucked me hard. “Don’t you worry I have been wanting to fuck you too long to not do it right.” He said with a kiss.

Upon hearing his words I began to orgasm hard. I let out some loud moans, and girly screams of delight. He fucked harder his balls were stinging my clit sending me through another roll of pleasure.

Finally he held my shoulders as he planted his cock deep within, and let it grind on my pussy. Growling he shot his load. It tickled almost like he was taking a pee inside me. He held his firm grip. Only retracting his cock to slam it hard again shoving my body held tight by his grip. Again he grunted as he stiffened his erection as deep as it could go.

My pussy pulsed around his member I let out another cry as my head lifted and the sweat dripped over my nose. My fingers dug into the bed as his cock seemed to swell to epic proportions. Then it hit me hard his sperm made a last attempt to completely fill me. I could feel the pressure escaping from the tight fit between his cock, and my pussy.

That is when I swore I was wetting the bed. I couldn’t hold it back I just let it go. I am not sure if I even blacked out for a moment of time. I was coming so intensely I didn’t care if I was pissing or not.

Dad was ending his climax, as he held me tight holding onto my tiny chest with his hands wrapped under me. He kissed my neck as I just continued to cum on his cock still buried in me. Every once in a while he would give a little push with his hips. Making me feel just how wet I was. These made me give out a mini moan with delight; just that little after glow grind on my sensitive pussy gave me a thrill.

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A few minutes passed and he slid off to the side. Dad was rubbing my pussy, and smearing his and my cum all over, and around my ass. I just lay content and overly stimulated. I could feel the wet comforter penetrating under my legs and belly.

I turned my head toward him with a smile, letting out a gasp of approval like moan. I smiled at him for a while before I said, “Now don’t you think if you were really fucking Erica you should have pulled out?”

Dad didn’t respond but for a slight groan. He remained fixed on still playing with my open pussy.

I then thought about what he said,”He had wanted to fuck me for too long to not do it right.” I let out a, “Hmm” as I kept my silent thoughts, “I bet he has.” I thought to my self.

Dad kissed me on the cheek as he waited, then said, “Ok!”

My eyes told him I had no clue as to what was Ok.

He kissed me again, “Ok, I will play your game. I will do your little friend if you let some one of my choosing have sex with you.”

I was already so wet I knew he couldn’t tell I was dripping over the thought. I played coy then asked, “Who?”

He answered, “I am not sure yet, you are kind of young for most of my friends. I am sure they would all gladly ride you, with out a doubt. The thing is finding one who is really horny for you, and can keep his mouth shut. Ya know?”

I nodded my head before I asked, “And what are you going to do?”

He just smiled as he leaned in close to my ear. Then whispered, “Where going to take turns making you cum.”

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath as I visualized the moment. Upon opening my eyes I said, “You’re really going to do that?”

He nodded his head back, “Just say the word. I will make it happen, and a lot more.”

I pondered the thought. Taking my hand I slipped it down to his cock. He was already erect again. I said, “You really want to see if I will do it?” I bit my lower lip for a second. “I don’t care if that is what you want. I’ll do it in exchange for a night with Erica and me.”

Dad rolled back on top of me and placed his erection back into me. I let my hands stray far above my head. I just laid there as he made his way with me for a long while.

He sat up right with his hands on my small ass. He was wasting no time as he drove into me with vigor. His finger soon found my anus, pushing it in deep making me quiver.

I wanted to know what thoughts were going through his mind. I just knew he was being upsettingly perverted as he fucked me hard. My own mind danced around the thought of the two men wanting me as their sex toy for the night. Then thoughts of Erica and me naked in the same bed with dad drove me over the edge once more. I began to orgasm and shake. My own mind was betraying me with such wicked thoughts.

Dad slapped my ass as he with drew his finger, and thrusted hard. He leaned down quick as he sucked the back of my ear.

I could feel him let loose as he then bit down on my neck. I arched up and took all he was giving. My whole body felt intensely good like a morning stretch.

His fingers quickly took a perked nipple in each hand and tweaked. I screamed out, “Fuck! Fuck me!” as I again felt the warm rush of blood rise through my entire body. We were both pausing while the moment gently began to fade.

Releasing my neck with his mouth he said, “Oops!” Then kissed the painful spot he had been sucking on. With his weight he pulled me to the side leaving us in a spooning position. He made no attempt to pull out, just held me tight in his arms.

I rubbed my neck and said, “It better not, be or I’ll Oops, ya!”

He nuzzled his nose into my hair and said, “Quiet, or you can have the wet spot to sleep in tonight.”

I let out a quick frowning disappointed breath, and then placed my arms onto his. And then said, “Good night.” As I lifted one of his hand to kiss it tenderly.

He kissed my bare shoulder and said, “Good night Hun, I love you.”

I smiled and replied, “I love you too.” I knew it wouldn’t be long before he slipped out of me. For the moment I was feeling so fulfilled. I would do anything for dad at this point.

Posted : 01/05/2011 5:43 pm