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For years she has been tormenting me, whenever they came to visit during my younger teenage years she would tease me with her looks, her words and her actions.

I am eighteen and Vivien is twenty now, nothing had changed, my Aunt and Uncle have come to visit and Vivien has come with them, unfortunately. Since we were much younger I can always remember Vivien being "advanced" for her age. My parents had described her as an "early developer" but I was sure they only knew the half of it. Vivien was well developed with her firm perky breasts, flowing hips and long shapely legs. She would deliberately press her breasts against me when she knew no one was watching, me, like a fool, I used to run and hide.

Vivien would always try to corner me alone, questioning me on what I knew about sex and how far I had gone with a girl. She often tried to kiss me and was generally very forward and open in her intentions with me. Somehow I managed to avoid her, until now. I was getting this dreaded feeling that this time there would be no avoiding Vivien. This time there was something different, she was sneaking me glances across the dinner table and I was not looking away, my eyes were transfixed on her chest. A thin cotton vest with no bra did wonders for her rounded tits, their tight little nipples pressing hard against the fabric. Vivien knew exactly where I was looking and made sure that I had an unobstructed view. At one point during dinner Vivien stood up and walked around to lean over my shoulder to fetch the salad. Her warm firmness pressed against me and when she was sure no one was watching her, Vivien rubbed her nipples against the goose flesh standing erect on the back of my neck.

I tried to ignore her but she was really turning me on. By the time Vivien walked back to her chair my erection was standing proudly in my lap. I had often fantasised about Vivien and had wondered what she would look like under her skimpy clothing, now the real thing was having a disastrous effect on me. From across the table Vivien could see that I was uncomfortable and she got a mischievous look in her eye. Suddenly I felt her foot creeping up my leg, over my knee and into my crotch. I could do nothing to stop her without making it obvious and I sat as she rubbed her instep along the hard length of my straining cock.

I looked up at her and she smiled. After dinner the family lazed around the pool. Vivien had changed into a bikini bottom but she still wore the cotton vest. Her eyes seldom left me as she searched for evidence of my earlier erection. It was still there but I was managing to keep it hidden. I was lying on at the poolside when Vivien walked over and sat beside me with her feet in the water. Strategic moves on my part to sit away from the family and hopefully draw her away to me. It worked. Now I could freely watch her tits move and quiver under her thin vest as she moved. As she sat down she said to me

"Know what cuz? Feeling your hard cock has gone and got my pussy all wet and slippery, would you like to feel?"

"We can't," I whispered "We are cousins."

"I'm not talking about fucking or anything, I just need you to help me out a bit," she pleaded "and I can't wait to get my hands on that thick cock of yours."

I blushed but said nothing, a short while later the family went indoors, leaving the two of us alone. Immediately Vivien made a move and pretending to sit next to me, blocking any view from the house of what she had in mind. Looking me directly in the eye she lowered her hand to my thigh, without delay she slid her hand under the leg of my loose shorts and further up under my boxers. I gasped when I felt her warm, trembling fingers close around my hard shaft. Vivien knew exactly what she wanted and that she may not have much time. She stroked upwards along my thick rod, feeling for the ribbed flange at the base of my head. Finding what she was looking for she ran her fingers over the thick swelling to the tip where her fingers came in contact with a large amount of thick, warm pre-cum.

Vivien circled my tip, spreading my sticky juice across the smooth head. She sighed and lifting a hand cupped one of her full breasts. I felt my cock jerk as she began to massage her nipple between her fingers, stimulating it to full erection. Vivien now had my cock enclosed in her fist and was stroking my foreskin up and down the thick veiny length. Forgetting my shyness I placed my hand on her inner thigh and pressed my fingers against her bikini where it covered her hidden slit. I could feel her outer lips move under my fingers as they slid over each other, her wet slipperiness coating the full length of her cunt.

Vivien stroked my pole harder and sighed as my fingers pressed past her lips and deeper into her aroused pussy mouth. In one swift movement Vivien reached down and moved her bikini aside from under my probing fingers, taking my hand she pressed my fingers between her now naked outer lips and I felt the heat of her soft, pearly inner lips close around my fingers. My fingertip caught the stub of her erect clit, making her jump and gasp with pleasure, hesitating for a moment I rubbed the thick swelling of her clitoris and Vivien thrust her hips into my hand.

My cock was by now giving warning signs that it was going to spray my cousins hand full of sticky white cum and I began to moan quietly.

"Please don't stop cuz, I'm gonna cum" Vivien whispered.

I pressed my fingers deeper into her crevice and felt her small wet entrance. In one movement I inserted my finger all the way into my cousins quivering cunt and I felt her tighten around me. Vivien whimpered and pumped my cock furiously, I knew that she could feel my pole thickening as I began to cum. I felt Vivien close her hand over the end of my shaft as the first thick spurt of semen shot out of me. I heard her say "Oh shit" as she gave herself over to a suppressed orgasm, bucking gently against my hand as she tried to fuck herself with my finger. I was releasing large amounts of steamy sperm into the palm of Vivien's hand as she slowly began to relax, her orgasm subsiding. Eventually my cock stopped twitching in her palm and she released her death grip on my shrinking head. I pulled my finger from inside her slippery pussy and covered her exposed lips with her bikini. Vivien smiled as she removed her sticky hand from inside my shorts.

"Thanks Cuz, I think you need a shower"

I certainly needed a shower; excusing myself with the family I went and cleaned myself up before going to bed. All the while thinking about my sexy cousin and what had happened at the poolside. I couldn't sleep; I lay awake listening to the rest of the family getting ready for bed. The noises from outside my room growing fainter, until there was silence. It was warm so I was lying above the covers in a pair of boxers, even in the dilute light I could clearly see my "tent" where my cock was standing erect, tormented by the memories of my cousins tight pussy engulfing my finger.

Then, ever so quietly, I heard my door being opened. I sat up, curious to know who would be sneaking in at this hour. To my surprise it was Vivien, she quietly closed my door and placed a finger over her mouth to indicate that I must be quiet. Dressed in an oversized T-shirt, I could see Vivien's bare thighs and judging by the movements under the shirt I guessed she was braless.

Vivien came over to my bed and stood looking down at me, her eyes stopped at the sharp pointed front of my boxers. Without saying a word she took hold of my boxers and pulled them off me. My erection sprang free and Vivien immediately wrapped one of her hands around the thick veiny shaft. Still standing next to me Vivien was bent forward slightly, watching her hand as she began stroking my pole.

I reached out a hand and laid it on the back of one of Vivien's thighs, sliding upwards. Her skin was warm and soft and covered entirely with goose flesh. My hand ventured under the hem of the shirt and came in contact with the curve of her firm ass cheek; she was not wearing any panties. This was now a chance of a lifetime; I was determined not to be shy. I had fantasised about this girl for years and now was my chance to find out what was under her clothing.

I stroked her naked ass, carefully feeling every detail. I slipped a finger into the deep crevice between her cheeks and felt the heat increasing as I plunged deeper, spreading her with my fingers. Another second and I found the tight ring of her ass, circling it with my fingertip made her moan with pleasure. Vivien was beginning to stroke my dick faster now, her other hand was cupping my balls and I could feel the heat of her breath as she bend further forward to get closer to my cock and to open her ass to allow me easier access.

I moved my hand downward until I felt her smooth pussy lips at the end if my fingers. Without hesitation I pressed in between the swollen cleft and immediately felt wet slippery juices. Probing deeper I found her pussy hole and slipped my middle finger up into the tight opening. As I inserted my finger I heard Vivien groan and something warm enveloped the end of my cock. Looking down I saw that Vivien had placed her mouth over the head of my cock and it was my turn to moan.

Without removing my finger from inside her pussy, Vivien turned and climbed up onto the bed, positioning herself with her thighs spread apart over my face. Her pouting pussy was six inches from my eyes and I could see every detail of her cunt as she positioned herself over me. Vivien was rolling her warm tongue around the bulb of my rod, running her hand up and down the shaft at the same time.

I removed my finger from inside Vivien's pussy, watching as it came out coated in her slippery juices. Placing my hands on her ass cheeks I gently parted her, opening her ass and pussy for my inspection. The little brown ring of her ass puckered tightly as I blew gently on it. Just below that Vivien's open pink cunt hole was clearly visible between her parted lips. I could smell Vivien's arousal and her slippery wet slit was begging for attention..

Before I could do anything Vivien slid her mouth down the length of my cock until I felt it touch the back of her throat. It felt so good, she started sucking slightly and pumping her mouth up and down my shaft. In return I reached forward and covered her pussy with my mouth and slipped my tongue into her hole. She reacted immediately by pushing her ass back against me, trying to press my tongue further up into her pussy. I began furiously licking the inside of her cunt, tasting her juices as they escaped from her.

Vivien was pumping my cock with some urgency now and I could feel the tell tale signs of an approaching explosion. Suddenly Vivien stopped, sat up and spun around. Placing her feet on either side of my hips she squatted down. Vivien reached down between her legs and parted her pussy lips, opening herself up. I felt the warmth as she sat down, placing her open slit over my balls with my cock standing out in front of her. Vivien slowly lowered her full weight down on me, my balls pressing deeper between her wet, slippery lips and the underside of my shaft pressing against her erect clitoris. I could see she was enjoying it, her eyes were tightly closed and she was biting her bottom lip as the heat from my balls soaked up into her open pussy.

Reaching up I slid my hands under Vivien's shirt and closed my palms over her ripe tits, full and firm with their tightly puckered nipples. I massaged her firmly and rolled her erect nipples between my fingers. Vivien began to rock her hips back and forth, sliding her wet slit over my spongy balls, manipulating them in such a way that they were giving her intense pleasure. Again Vivien took my cock in her hand and began stroking the hard pole up and down, pulling upwards slightly and pressing my shaft against her exposed clit.

As the sensations between her legs increased so Vivien increased the tempo of her hand on my cock. The well lubricated inner lips of her pussy glided over the wrinkled surface of my balls and the twin globes inside moved easily back and forth along the length of her cunt. Vivien's breathing was shallow as she pumped her hips back and forth at an increasingly quicker pace, grinding her clit against the thick shaft of my rod. I could feel her nearing her point of release and I increased the pressure of my hands on her tits, milking her gently.

Vivien let out a low growl, pulled my cock hard up against her clit and humped herself against me. She was cumming and it was all I needed to let go. My first jet of semen shot up and landed between her tits, a thick glob of semen that began running down her belly. The rush that followed all landed on her belly or on her hand as she stroked her fingers over my spouting head. Vivien continued thrusting her hips forward against my cock until her orgasm faded and she slumped back, exhausted. I released my grip on her breasts and she looked down and smiled at me.

It was the next best thing to penetration and we both knew it. At every opportunity Vivien would position herself for me to slip my cock between her legs so that she could take hold of it and stroke it between her pussy lips and so make us both cum. From then on I would look forward to Vivien's visits when we could again make use of each other.

Posted : 13/11/2010 1:21 pm