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Control via hypnotize


I had just turned eighteen when I discovered the power of hypnosis. I was on a trip with my high school drama club, going to a competition up state. During the ride, one of our number started talking about hypnosis, and what fun it was as a party game. A couple of people, male and female, agreed to try being hypnotized.

Tom sat next to one of the girls, and began giving her suggestions. After about fifteen minutes of "you're getting sleepier and sleepier," she finally knocked off and he began to have her see hallucinations like bugs and elves, finally leaving her with a trigger word and the suggestion that she see her friends as movie stars. Well, she did, and raced around the bus getting autographs from all of her heroes. Tom finally triggered her, and let go of the suggestion, and then woke her up.

I watched all of this with deep and abiding interest. Tari, the girl that had been hypnotized, was quite attractive, if rather thin, and I had been friends with her for a few months. I wanted more, but as she was a little older than I, she was content with how things were. I saw the day's events as an opportunity.

When we got to our hotel, I helped her with her bag, and managed to get a few minutes alone with her. Since Tom had not specified who could use the trigger word, I stepped up behind her and triggered her. She went into a light trance, which I immediately tried to deepen with suggestion. She was a willing subject, and went far deeper for me than she had for Tom. When I got her where I thought things would work best, not really knowing anything much about hypnosis, I gave her a new trigger word, told her the old one was gone, and made myself the only one who could put her under.

A good thing, too, since Tom tried to put her under later that evening for more fun, and everyone just figured that the treatment had worn off. He tried to re-hypnotize her, and got nowhere. I was in business.

Over the next day or so, all I did was to put her under and take her out, figuring that repeated use would strengthen the bond. It seemed to work, and she went deeper and deeper into her trances. By the time we got back home, I was ready for action.

The first thing I did was to drive her home from the school upon our return. As we sat in the car at her house, I put her under and told her that her feelings for me were changing, that she would like me more and more, that she would find me more and more attractive. When I released her from her trance, I carried her bag to the door, and, apparently impulsively, she turned, kissed me sharply on the lips, then bounded inside.

So far, so good.

Now, I needed to get more information on the subject. I was flying blind and could screw it up, which I did not want to do. I read every book I could find on the subject at the library, and used her as a guinea pig working up the techniques they described. I had wondered about one thing, though. The books declared that the hypnotist could not get a person to do what they did not want to do. I experimented a bit with that about a week later, asking Tari to climb a tall ladder, something she was normally scared to death of. She started to climb, got about halfway up, and then froze. She stopped there, not awake, but clearly intending to go no further.

I thought a minute, and told her she was climbing out of a hole, and that when she got to the top, she should stop and look over the edge of the "hole." She climbed right up, acting for all the world like she was peering over the lip of a hole when she got to the top. Clearly, the subject could only act on the information they were given, and whatever "truth" they were living in was what they would react to.

I took her back inside, got her deeper under hypnosis than I had ever gotten her, and told her that her clothes were made of wool, and were terribly hot and itchy. I also told her that she was by herself in her room, and that she should get comfortable. Clothes flew, and there she was, naked as an egg. She was very definitely slim, almost skinny, and she had very little in the way of breasts. What there was of her was cute as hell, though. She had well shaped little tits and one of the truly great asses I have ever seen. Rounded, firm and tight, it was grabable, holdable, and decidedly fuckable.

I had her move around, trying to cool off for a bit, then decided to take the fun a step or two farther before I quit for the afternoon. I had purchased a little buzzer, and I told her that when I buzzed the thing, she would become aroused. The oftener I buzzed it, the more aroused she would get. Then I told her that only I could have that reaction on her with the buzzer, and that she would not remember the suggestion. I told her that she should attribute her feelings to a simple appreciation for me. We went over the instructions a couple of times, and then I told her to get dressed and wake up. When she did, we talked for awhile and had something to drink on her patio. I had noticed that she was more approachable since the kiss, and she seemed to put herself into position to be touched or held by me. All to the better. Then I buzzed the thing and watched her eyes. They widened slightly, and then got a little blurry. She was watching me closely, and she slipped down in her chair a bit. I found that our conversation slowed down some as she seemed to lose track of what we were saying. I buzzed again, and she sat sharply up, eyes snapping to attention, and she crossed her legs tightly. She then started swinging her top leg back and forth. I let this be for a few moments, watching her carefully while not appearing to watch carefully, which is a tough trick but can be done, especially when the one you're watching is preoccupied.

I sat and drank my tea, then excused myself to go to the bathroom. As I walked into the house, I buzzed again, then ducked into the kitchen to watch. She was sitting almost frozen in place, eyes wide. She seemed extremely puzzled, but I also noticed that she was flushed up her neck and her face was a bit reddened. Then I saw her slip her hand up to her hair and through it, as if trying to keep it in place there. She drew her hand down her chest and ran her fingers across her breasts. She took her breasts in both hands then, squeezing them a bit, then pinching her nipples.

Her mouth was open and she was breathing quickly. I waited to see what else she might do, but that was it for the moment. Seemingly taking control of herself again, she shook slightly, then straightened her top and uncrossed her legs. She took up her cup and sipped her tea. She definitely had some backbone, I thought, waiting for the bone in my pants to subside. I slipped into the bathroom, squeezed the tip of my dick to get it to deflate, then peed and returned outside. I told her I needed to go home, and as we were getting up, I buzzed again. Halfway to her feet, she slipped back down into her chair. I asked her if she was ok, and she said she was feeling dizzy from the heat. That may well have been as it was about 92 degrees outside, but nipples that sharply crinkled usually only show up at about 30 below.

She stood and gave me a hug that extended in length as she pressed against me. She looked up at me, got on her toes to kiss me, and I buzzed one last time. The kiss, friendly and slightly suggestive, turned heated in a flash. I heard her moan against my mouth, and her hands roamed up and down my back. I held her closely, then ran my hand up her side to just under her breast. She sort of pushed down onto it, getting her little tit into my hand, and I took full advantage of it. She shivered against me, and she sort of straddled my left leg, pressing her hot little box up against my thigh. "God," she breathed, "what the hell is this? What am I doing?" She finished her kiss, then stepped back, breathing hard.

I had been standing there, cooperating to an extent. I had also been calculating earned run averages in my head to try and keep from ravaging her on the spot. I managed to avoid an absolutely diamond cutting erection by the narrowest of margins, but it was still strikingly apparent that growth had occurred amidships.

She was watching me carefully, still panting. I said the trigger word, and she shut down instantly and her breathing slowed.

"Tell me what you're thinking," I said. "What are you feeling?"

"I can't understand why I'm behaving like this."

"Like what?"

She didn't speak for a moment, and I repeated the question. "I'm acting like a slut. I look at you, and all I can think about is how wet I'm getting. How much I want you inside me."

"Does it bother you to feel this way?"

"It scares me."

"What scares you, Tari?"

She said, dully, "It scares me that you might not want me the same way. That I might feel like I do and have you not want anything to do with me."

"Would it make you feel happier to know that I want what you want?"

Her voice was a little warmer. "Yes. It's just so awful to be there, in that place, all by yourself."

I gave her the suggestion that I wanted her, and that she should be sure of it. I also added that she should never dwell on that fact, but simply accept it as true. The last thing I wanted was a girl who believed she could get away with anything just because I wanted her and cared.

Then I asked her what she wanted to do right at that moment. She said what she most wanted to do was take off her pants and sit her naked bottom down on my lap. I glanced in at the clock, and it appeared that we still had some time before her parents got home, so I told her to do whatever she felt like doing. Then I told her to forget the conversation and I woke her up. She walked over to me, clasped my face between her hands, and kissed me with incredible passion and vigor. Then, almost before I knew it, off her pants came, and then her panties. Her little pussy was sopping wet, and I could smell her scent. She was absolutely ready, and she sat on my lap, straddling my legs, then rubbed her crotch up against my dick.

Back and forth she rubbed, then she pulled her shirt over her head and pushed her tits into my face. I felt her hands moving around the front of my pants, felt my dick get freed. Within scant seconds, she had engulfed it, vigorously bouncing up and down, trying like hell to get quickly to orgasm. Each time she hit bottom, she let loose with a little shriek, then whimper as she dragged herself back off of it. After maybe a minute of frenzied bouncing, her eyes got extremely wild and she cried out and clamped down hard on my dick. It took her a moment to get control of her breathing and herself. She looked at me, panicked, then got off of my lap, grabbed her clothes, and ran to her room.

I was a little worried as to what that meant, but I shouldn't have been. I pulled back up my pants, went to the bathroom to clean up, and her mom walked through the door just as I got back out. Tari was showering; I could tell from the sound of water in the back bedroom.

Her mom asked where she was, I told her, and then the two of us sat down and talked for a bit. Tari came back out shortly, long brown hair still damp, but wearing a loose-fitting sundress. She sat down close beside me, and the three of us talked for awhile longer about the musical Tari and I were going to try out for the following week. Then her mom went to go make dinner.

Tari waited for her mom to get out, then leaned in closely and whispered, "I am still so hot. What did you do to me?"

I acted astonished. "What I did to you? Weren't you the one who jumped me? I seem to recall being attacked by a beautiful, but completely mad woman outside."

She sighed. "That would be me, right?" She started to stroke my upper arm with her fingers, lightly tracing my bicep. "I just..I don't know. When I saw you standing there, I just had to kiss you, and when I kissed you. Oooh, when I kissed you. Very nice."

She leaned over and kissed me again, leisurely, carefully. Then she sat back, eyes bright. "Lookie." She smiled devilishly, then grasped the bottom of her sundress and pulled it up at an angle where only I could see. No panties, and when she shifted her weight a bit, it became apparent that there was no bra, either. "The scary thing is that I'm still hot for you, I could do it again right here." She looked to the kitchen. Her mom was moving around, but it was apparent she'd be there for a bit. She had switched on the TV and was watching Donahue. Tari took my hand and put it between her legs. "See, I told you. You want to?"

She must have seen a yes in my eyes, because she stood and led me to the basement stairs. "Mom," she called, "We're going to go play some pool. Give me a yell when supper's ready."

Her mom yelled back an ok, and we went downstairs. In the family room, there was a full-sized pool table, and beyond that a family room with a large TV and a stereo set-up. There was a deeply upholstered chair in there that I had my eyes on, but Tari sat on the edge of the pool table and crooked a finger at me. "Come and get me, Tiger." She had her legs spread somewhat, and was right out on the edge of the table, and when I stepped between her legs, she wrapped them around me and started digging in my trousers. Grasping my quickly stiffening member, she traced her pussy with it, and then pulled me to her. As advertised, she was hot and still very wet. Her eyes were bright, and she was watching me carefully as I moved into her. I tried to keep the pace slow and steady to keep from blowing off, but she wasn't having any of that. She wanted me fast, and she wanted me deep, and she wanted me right now. She was twisting in front of me and she had a hold of her tits, working her nipples. I leaned in to kiss her, and her tongue was everywhere, darting here and there, hot and wet. I could feel an eruption building in my groin, so I grabbed her ass tightly and began hammering her deeply.

She came absolutely unglued, and I had to kiss her hard to keep her wails from echoing up the stairs and attracting attention. Just as I could hold it no longer and was downloading what felt like a quart of hot spunk, she came, thrashing, wild-eyed. She threw her arms around me, and with arms and legs wrapped tightly, I felt her shiver and shake convulsively. I picked her up, and got out asses into the other room in case someone had heard, and shut the door. I sat down in that comfy chair, still wearing Tari, and tried to catch my breath.

Her breathing was slowing, and she wiped the perspiration from her brow with the back of her hand. "Oh, God, that was incredible. How did you learn to do that?"

"Native ability and practice," I replied, shifting to relieve a cramp in my leg. She stood up, shook her dress back down, and bounced off to the small bathroom that adjoined the family room. She returned with a damp cloth, and she cleaned me up and got me zipped back in my pants. She grinned. "Last thing we need now is my mom walking in and seeing THAT looking at her." Then she returned to the bathroom, sprayed a bit of Glade, and cleaned herself up again. After a few moments, she returned, climbed into my lap and snuggled in.

"Today has been wonderful, Lee," she sighed. "I've never known anything like this." She kissed my cheek. "You think you'll ever get tired of doing that?"

I grinned. "Nah, I plan on having sex until I can't get it up and forget why it mattered."

She bit me playfully on the hand. "I mean doing that with me. Are you going to get tired of doing that with me?"

I looked her in the eyes, and while she clearly was not scared, she did want to be assured. "No, I don't think so. Practice, after all, makes perfect, and there's tons of stuff we haven't tried yet."

She smiled. "If I helped, do you think you could get it up again?"

"Probably. If you want to wear me out entirely."

I think I might have been saved from a fate worse than death right then when her mom called her up to supper. Tari asked me to stay, but I needed to get home. I promised to call later, and she gave me a kiss at the door that promised much and still delivered quite a lot. Her eyes were bright as she shut the door.

That night was a bit frenzied. I was incredibly wired, and I was trying to figure out where I was going next with this. I had made my own, personal geisha girl, and now I needed to train her properly. I spent a lot of time figuring out exactly what I wanted with the situation. Obviously, I wanted sex. That was a given. I wanted it, and I intended to have it in varied and interesting ways, more to keep things fresh than otherwise. Because, the fact was, I genuinely liked this girl. I rationalized the inescapable truth that I had mesmerized her into doing my bidding with the idea that I intended to keep her. And I did. But I also had to get my head around another fact, which was this: no matter how good the sex or how great the relationship, wasn't everything a bit suspect because I had gotten what I wanted by coercion? I thought about rich or famous guys who were never able to be fully sure that their playmates wanted them for themselves or for the rubbed off notoriety. In my instance, I rather suspected that Tari would never have

screwed me but for the hypnosis. Now, don't get me wrong; I had no intention of stopping. I was certain that if this hypnosis stuff worked on one girl, it could work on others, and I wanted to find out. My problem this time, though, was to figure out how to do hypnosis without tipping the fact that I was hypnotizing, because another Tari was unlikely to drop into my hands.I decided, for lack of a better idea, to practice on my sister. She was close at hand, a good sport, and might be good for a laugh. I set out that evening to see what could be done.

I found her in the family room, watching television. She looked to be pretty tired, but was trying to finish a movie, or something. Jennie was older than me, probably 19 at the time, and was attending college in town. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and at the time was a little overweight, mostly because she had undergone knee surgery about five months before and was just getting to the point in her rehab where she could really start to work. She had injured it playing volleyball for the university, and was trying to get back in shape for her sophomore year on the team. Maybe I should point something out. At that time, knee surgery was pretty major. She had a scar that wrapped around her knee cap, and the scar tissue inside the joint was fairly intense. She kept it wrapped, and iced as much as she could, and was icing it on the night in question.

I sat by her and asked if she wanted me to massage her knee. She smiled tiredly, and said that would be a good thing. I carefully began to work the joint, rubbing lightly and then with increasing pressure around the patellar tendon and the edge of the patella. I was careful not to press too hard, and she seemed appreciative. About this time, her show was over, so I turned off the set and started talking to her in a gentle voice as I worked. She was already sleepy, so I concentrated on focusing her attention on that, on her knee, and on my voice. I was told her that the pain in her knee was getting less and less as she drifted toward sleep, and that she should concentrate on my voice to help that happen. One funny thing. She was almost under when she perked back up and said "Lee, this almost sounds like you're hypnotizing me."

I smiled at her. "Would that bother you?"

She eyed me closely for a moment. "Can you really do it? Hypnotize me?"

"Probably. I think so."

She sat there for a moment while I continued to work her knee. "Do you think you could help me with the pain and the rehab if I let you try?"

"I could give you suggestions to help. You'd have to really want

it, though. I'm pretty new at all of this."

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She decided. "Let's try. This is getting to be too hard, and any help I can get would be a really good thing. So, what do I need to do?"

I turned out the lights in the room except for the lamp above her head, and started talking to her. I had her focus on the tip of a pencil, and after a few moments, she was lightly transfixed. A few moments later, she was under pretty deeply, and I was able to take her quickly deeper with some simple suggestions. At that point, I gave her the suggestion to sleep again at my signal, and then I woke her up. "How do you feel?"

She stretched a bit. "About the same. Was I under? Did it work?"

"Let's find out," I said, and gave her the signal. She collapsed back into a trance, and I was sure that I had her. I worked her deeper then, and then started to give her suggestions about her knee. I told her that the pain would get less and less every time I put her under, and gave her a key word to say when the pain got too bad to take. I worked to reinforce that suggestion, telling her that the pain was already lessening,

and that the key word would always work. I also told her that she wanted to return to her sport very badly, and that she needed to lose the weight and get into shape. Then I told her that losing weight would help the knee get better quicker, as there would be less weight it would have to bear. Just before I awakened her, I told her to forget what I had said, went back over the key word, and then woke her up. "Ok, Jennie, we need to try something to see how good a subject you are. I'd like you to say the word 'prestidigitation'. Repeat it after me."

She did. "How do you feel?" She paused, eyes seemingly blank for a moment, and then said "It doesn't hurt as much, Lee. It doesn't!" She sat up a bit, and felt the

joint. "I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself, thinking about how bad it hurt and watching Judy Garland to take my mind off of it. But this is better. This is lots better." She smiled at me shiningly. "God, Lee. Thank you. Oh God. This is so much better."

We talked for a while longer, maybe the longest time we had ever talked at one sitting. For the first time, she saw me as something other than her little brother, and I saw her as something other than a pain in the ass. Just before she went upstairs to bed, I put her under again. I couldn't resist. I told her that she should tell her teammates about how much my knowing hypnosis was helping her recover from her injuries. I did

this for two reasons. I wanted some more subjects to practice on, and having her round up some from her team was a good way to get them. And since there was no way I was going to take sexual advantage of my sister, I was going to have to get my kicks elsewhere.

In the weeks ahead, that would work better than I had hoped for. Anyway, after that suggestion, I woke her up and she went up to bed. A few minutes later, I got a call from Tari, who wanted to know if she could come over for a while. It was about nine, and was kind of late, but I said she should come over anyway. My parents were pretty cool about visitors, and they went to bed early.

About twenty minutes later, Tari arrived, wearing a tube top and a very short skirt. We went downstairs, and before she could jump me, I put her quickly under.

I told her that showing herself off to me would make me very happy, and that what made me happy would make her happy. I told her that pleasing me would please her, and that the more pleased I was the more pleased she would be. I told her that she should be agreeable to the sorts of things I wanted to do sexually, and that she could think up new things to her heart's content.

One quick thing. You may have noticed that I have generalized the sorts of things I told my subjects. I've done that on purpose, because I truly believe that there are any number of seriously unscrupulous bastards out there who would get ideas about stuff that I would rather not let them have. I can't stop them from most of the shit they pull, but I can keep from helping them learn new tricks.

As for the rest of you, it's mostly in the books, if you want to bother to learn. I know what I am, but I'm not too sure about YOU.

Anyway, when I woke her back up, she stepped across the room, put on

Boston's first album and started to dance to "More Than A Feeling." She moved slowly

at first, tracing her body with her hands, then started to move her fingers between her legs and over her breasts. She turned, looked back over her shoulder, and then bent over, showing how short the skirt and how tight her bottom was. She also showed that she had no underwear. She started to spread her legs out, and she reached back and held her pussy open with her fingers, then stood up, turned, and looked at me with what can only be called hunger in her eyes. She traced her chest with her hands, then

smoothly pulled down her tube top, revealing her pert little breasts. She pinched her nipples into full attention, and when she turned to tease me a little with her bottom, I found the buzzer in my pocket let it sound three sharp times. Each one seemed to strike her like a slap on the ass, and she staggered where she was, controlled herself, then stripped her clothes off and stared at me.

"Would you play with yourself for me," I asked. "That would be so damn hot."

She smiled widely, then sank to the floor, spread her legs widely, and began to work her pussy with her fingers. She watched me for the longest time as she played, until she was so ready to cum that she couldn't focus. When she closed her eyes and had both hands working things, I stepped over to her, unzipped my pants, and put my dick up to her face. She spotted it as her eyes lolled open, and she grasped it with one hand, pulled it to her mouth, and began to lick and suck for all she was worth. I felt

it go down the back of her throat, and then she coughed and I withdrew. She dragged her eyed back open just in time to see me preparing to spear her pussy. She cried out as I entered her, and held on like she was drowning. She started cumming almost immediately, writhing beneath me and twisting her head from side to side. I pulled her legs up over her body so I could drive in as deeply as possible. She was staring me in the eyes, almost begging for release. I kept it up until I completed, and we lay there with me inside her for a while, catching our breath.

I had to put her under again to suggest to her that she was tired and needed to go home, or I'm pretty sure she'd have been ready for another go almost immediately. As it was, I needed time to think, to plan. This was going to be good; I just had to make sure I did it all right.

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