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Come over to my place tonight


"Come over to my place tonight we can work on mum's home gym," Luke said as they put their gear away after the last game of the season.

Blake knew that he needed to build up his strength. He was fast in attack. His coach said he was the fastest in the city competition. The trouble was his defence.

In attack, he could beat most opponents through sheer speed. It was in defence where he let the side down. When he tackled them, they just brushed him away. "Build up your bloody strength and you'll be worth your weight in gold," coach Bullard told him after the game.

"This is Rugby League lad; we can't run on both attacking and defending sides like Yankee football. You have to be both; you have to play the full ninety minutes. It doesn't matter to me how fast you can run, its defence that counts."

Luke's mum slowed down as she reached home after her regular evening run, Blake pulled up beside her.

"Hi Mrs. Russo, still running every day?" he asked as they stopped to walk in the front gate. Kaleena Russo smiled, "yes Blake, I can't get it out of my system. Running has been apart of my life since I was a kid."

Blake walked behind her as they entered her house. He couldn't help but admire her long thin body. The movement of her hard round bum attracted his eyes. There was a wet patch down the back of her training pants, leading interestingly to a well-defined split in her backside. Not bad for an oldie, he thought

Most women her age would die for a body like hers. She did not carry an ounce of unwanted fat. Her tummy was flat and hard, yet he noticed for the first time that her breasts looked soft and round.

He whistled, "My god you look great,"

"Why thank you Blake what brought that on?" "I was studying you as we came up the path. You have not grown fat like many of my mates mums; you still have the figure of a girl. You've got a great body, Mrs. Russo."

"Thank you that's a lovely compliment. I grew up in an athletic family. My dad was a top coach."

"I have exercised all my life. I don't run to keep thin but if I stop now I will put on weight." She looked back at him and smiled, "what I need to make it more enjoyable is a running partner; one fit enough to keep up with me."

"Luke tells me you're the fastest runner at school. If you ever need a running partner, I would be available. Especially if you promise to be kind to an old lady and not go too fast," she said with a chuckle.

Blake thought I have had enough bloody running. Being fast is not the answer. He started to tell her he wasn't interested in running. Then realized that she would probably think he didn't want to run with her because she was too old.

He took her by the hand, "please Mrs. Russo sit here. I need to explain myself."

Blake was blushing and so embarrassed that when they sat together on the lounge he forgot to let go of her hand. "Your not old he said, as his eyes ran over her body once more. I would love to run with you, but running is not my problem. It's my lack of bulk, my lack of strength, my inability to tackle hard and knock my opponents down."

Kaleena Russo had always had a soft spot for Blake; he had been Luke's best mate for years. She had watched him grow up. My god, she thought as they sat close together, he has grown into a handsome young thing. She smiled; it was a long time since she had sat holding hands with a young man. She was enjoying his interest.

"Luke said we could work out on your home gym equipment," Blake said as he realized he had been holding her hand. She gave his hand a squeeze, "that's a good idea I'll drop down and help you set it up, after I've had a shower."

Some time later Kaleena Russo stood in the doorway of her private gym. It was quiet out here in the back of their detached garage. Luke was slumped on the old sofa watching TV, while Blake was working with some light weights.

As he exercised, Blake was thinking about sex. He sighed I still haven't scored and I'm bloody nineteen. I've got to score soon he thought, as he struggled to think of any possible opportunities amongst the girls at school.

Luke had told him about the Parker twins, the blonde bimbos that hung around the team putting out for the top players. He remembered Luke saying that they always blow the best players after each game. His cock grew hard as he remembered how Luke had described in detail his afternoon with both of them. Blake groaned as he tried to imagine two sets of hot red lips attacking his cock.

His cock stirred as his imagination ran out of control. It expanded and grew hard caught up in his shorts. Not knowing Mrs. Russo was watching he shoved his hands down the front of his close fitting Lycra shorts.

He gave his cock a couple of rubs before straightening it. After he removed his hand, his cock was harder still, pushing up towards his navel.

Kaleena felt for Blake, she knew what it was to want to make the team and be rejected. There is nothing wrong with his body, she thought. He has a good strong frame, he just needs to do the right exercises and he will be right.

She put her hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp. Dave had pushed his hand down the front of his shorts; he clearly had an erection. My god she thought, he's playing with himself. She blushed as he removed his hand, leaving his long hard cock erect in his shorts.

Kaleena's mouth went dry; she couldn't help but stare at what was clearly an erect penis. It was hard to remember when she had last seen an erection, even one hidden by a pair of skintight shorts. She could feel herself blushing as her eyes returned repeatedly to Blake's cock. She crept away, back to the safety of her own kitchen.

Her husband Harry was a couch potato. He refused to exercise and drank far too much beer. The last time he had got sexually excited when they were together, was over a year ago.

As she prepared dinner, Kaleena could not get Blake out of her mind. "Tell me what's wrong with Blake?" she asked Luke as they sat down to dinner. "There is nothing wrong with him. Coach Bullard says he's too light. When next season starts, he is going to drop him from the team."

"I though he was the fastest runner in the team," Harry said, taking an interest for the first time

"Yep he can beat us all, but he is not worth a crumpet in defence. Blake knows it. He admits that our bigger opponents just brush past him. He wants to prove coach wrong, but doesn't know what to do."

He looked at his mum, "I told him you would let him use your gym."

Harry had been eating quietly, "why don't you help him Kaleena. You have been around athletes all your life. You know what to do." "I don't really," she replied. "I know how to train someone to run; you need a specialist to build muscle and strength in the right places."

"Georgia Grant is all muscles and no brain, she might help," Harry said with a laugh. "Yes that's an idea," Kaleena said, "She has won state body building titles and has her own gym."

Harry pushed back from the table. "Oh hell I was only joking. That ugly muscle bound bitch would turn him into a freak." Harry didn't stop. "I think I read where she had 16 inch biceps and 22 inch thighs. She's a bloody freak, not a woman that you'd want to take to bed."

Kaleena stamped her foot, "Oh Harry don't be so stupid, we are not talking about taking someone to bed. We are thinking of ways to help poor Blake stay on the footy team."

Kaleena had been thinking of Blake when her doorbell Rang. "Hi," Blake said as she opened the door, "are you going to run today?" "Of course," she answered automatically, "let me get changed into my running gear."

In her bedroom, she threw her old outfit into the dirty wash and took out a new one. She had purchased it sometime ago. When she got it home and tried it on, she had thought it was too daring. She had never worn it again.

The shiny black outfit highlighted her breasts. It was cut very high on her thighs, pulling tight across her pussy. Today as she looked at herself in the mirror, she winked, "you look great." she whispered.

She was a little disappointed when Blake didn't seem to notice the new outfit and didn't say anything. She wouldn't have been disappointed, if she could have read his mind.

Blake's cock had stirred in his pants as she came back into the room. He tried to hide his interest but couldn't help admire her long legs and what looked like prominent pussy lips. He inwardly cautioned himself to behave and not forget that she was Luke's mum.

They set off together, their pace building up until they were both breathing heavy. Sweat started to run down their bodies under their running gear. They didn't talk, concentrating on making good time.

When they turned for home Kaleena passed him her water bottle, "Let's stop for a minute I want to talk to you about football."

"Do you really want to make the team next year?" she asked. When he nodded his head she said, "Ok, are you willing to work hard and give up a few hours every day to meet a tough fitness program."

Blake smiled, "are you going to tell me what this is about."

She returned the smile," I have a friend who is a bodybuilding fanatic. I spoke to her today. She wants to talk to you. If she likes you and thinks you can make it. She will take on the job."

"What job?" Blake asked. "She calls it a job because she runs a body building business. She is paid to help boxers and wrestlers, people like that. You must understand she is doing this for free, as a favor to me. If you are not going to stay the distance, tell me now. If not, let's drop into her house, it's just down the road."

Georgia Grant opened the door. "Hi," she said in a voice so soft and smooth Blake immediately thought of honey.

"Come in sweetie," she whispered. "So you're Blake, I have heard a lot about you." She looked at Kaleena, "your right he's handsome."

She turned her attention to Blake. "So you want to build a strong body. You want to do it before the next rugby league season, is that right?"

Before he could answer, she ran her hand over his chest and squeezed his arm. "Kaleena tells me that you are smart. She also said you have a good frame. You will need that to build on, as we develop some extra beef."

She slipped off her coat. Standing legs apart in the tiniest of bikinis, she looked at Blake. "Don't worry; you are not going to look like this." She rippled the muscles on her arms and posed so her chest expanded.

"If you look close, you can see that we can work on your body to build muscle. You can be bigger without being fat. I do not use drugs, or anabolic steroids. If I had used them, you could easily tell my voice would be a lot deeper."

"Your voice is sweet and soft it reminds me of honey," Blake said as he inspected her superb but tightly muscled body.

"Oh he's a real charmer isn't he?" Georgia said as she looked over at Kaleena.

Turning back to Blake she said, "My advice to you, is to tell no one you are working with me. It will be better for us both in the end. I have received a lot of publicity after winning bodybuilding competitions. There are a few men and quite a lot of women in this town who don't like me. They call people with bodies like mine freaks."

"They don't believe a woman should have muscles. They leave me alone, but they might give you a hard time, if they know you are working with me. If they ask questions when they notice the changes in your body, tell them you're training with Kaleena."

She turned to Kaleena "go and make me a cup of coffee while I check him over." When Kaleena left, she very deliberately and suggestively licked her lips.

"Now strip off your gear and let me have a look at you." Blake looked around for a dressing room. "Don't be silly, you don't need to leave, just strip off and get on that scale."

When Blake stood nude on the scale, she moved over and ran her hands over his body. She took his half-erect cock in her hands and held his balls. She smiled as she asked him to cough and take deep breaths. Still holding his cock, she gave it a squeeze as it started to grow and expand in her hand.

She spoke to Kaleena while they sipped their coffee. "If he does as he's told, sticks to his diet and turns up every day, it will be relatively easy." "I'm currently working with a jockey who wants to be stronger but lighter, that's a much more difficult task."

"Leave it to me. I will make an appointment with Doctor Mary Varghese. She is a sports medicine specialist. If she gives him the ok, we can start immediately. This will be fun," she said, as she ran her eyes over Blake.

When Blake went to the toilet, Georgia turned quickly to Kaleena. "Have you fucked him yet?" "Oh no Georgia, it's not like that" "Don't give me that rubbish. He is horny for you. I saw the way he was looking at you. Its up to you, he's too inexperienced to know how to start an affair."

"Do it sweetie, don't let your self dry up being faithful to that drunken old fart you call a husband. Blake's more than adequately supplied, he'll put a smile on your face."

"I'll build up his stamina. When I finish with him, he will fuck all night. Make up your mind, If you don't fuck him, I will." She grinned, "come to think of it, it won't make any difference whether you do or not, because I will."

Blake sat in the doctor's waiting room studying the red headed receptionist. Her dark red shiny lipstick had drawn his attention to her lips and mouth. He was imagining her sucking his cock when she stood up, "Doctor will see you now."

Mary Varghese came around her desk to shake Blake's hands. "So you're the young man that has made Georgia and Kaleena so excited," she said as she sat beside him on the couch.

Mary Varghese was a short voluptuous olive skinned beauty of Middle Eastern origin. Blake loved her smiling face; his eyes and his cock were more interested in her magnificent breasts.

She was all business. Blake had never had such a thorough check up. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, fingers, legs, knees, and feet, she systematically went all over him. He was made work on various machines, while she checked his heartbeat and blood pressure.

Finally she put her stethoscope down, "you are a very fit young man," she smiled as her hand brushed lightly across his very stiff cock, "and a virile one too."

Blake had not been able to contain his cock. She wore a white doctors coat and as far as he could see, nothing under it. Every time she bent over, the top of the coat would fall open, giving him a perfect view down her body.

Her breasts were so big, that he was surprised they didn't appear to sag; He had licked his lips when a thick black nipple stood out, catching his eye.

"I'm sorry" he apologized. "I couldn't stop staring you're so beautiful." Mary ran her fingers through her grey-flecked hair, shaking it loose. "Don't apologize; it's a compliment when a nineteen year old man gets excited over my old body."

He licked his lips nervously, "age doesn't matter," he whispered, "You are really beautiful."

She smiled at him and gave his cock a squeeze, "get out of here, before I do something I'll regret." Blake put his hand over hers, holding it on his bare cock. "I'm so excited I can't leave like this."

He watched as she licked her lips. "I don't make a habit of this," she said quietly. After a moments reflection she retrieved some lotion from her desk, squeezed some on the palm of her hand and commenced stroking his cock.

Blake was stunned; never in his wildest dreams had he expected to end his visit with the doctor giving him a hand job. He caught his breath, when he realized she was breathing heavier every minute. "Touch my breasts," she moaned.

He pushed his hand down the front of her coat popping a button. He took one breast in his hand. "Yes, that's it," she moaned as he ran his fingers over her long nipple.

Having his hand fondle her breast sent him over the top, he felt his sperm building up. "I'm going to come," he groaned. She smiled, and gathered some tissues off the desk, "that's good, let it go."

He heard her sigh. She continued to stroke his cock while it emptied his pent up energy. Shit its going everywhere he though, when he saw it splash on her coat.

Blake did not know what to do or say, so he leant over and kissed her on the lips forcing his tongue into her generous mouth. She kissed him back and whispered, "Are you finished?"

Her face was flushed as she wiped him clean, then handed him some tissues, "clean up and get dressed," she whispered.

She was all business once again. Picking up the phone, she spoke to her receptionist, "schedule this young man for my last appointment next Friday evening, and make sure his blood tests are back." Blake moved to kiss her, but she ushered him out into the waiting room, "whose next?" she asked the receptionist.

Hours later Blake was lying on his bed stroking his cock, reliving those hectic minutes with the doctor, when his mum called, "you are wanted on the phone, it's a lady."

When he answered, Georgia laughed, "hi, it's me, and I'm no lady." "Is that so?" he replied, as he made sure his mother could not hear. "I'll let you discover for yourself whether I'm a lady or not, when you join me next week."

Her tone changed, "Enough of this foreplay. I rang to say Mary has sent your blood away for testing. In the meantime, just train each afternoon with Kaleena, until we hear back from them. Ring me after Mary finishes with you on Friday and let me know what she says."

Kaleena had taken her time preparing for her afternoon run with Blake. She kept telling herself that she was giving her running gear a much needed make over. She found it hard not to admit, that Blake's obvious appreciation of her body was the real reason.

She had caught Blake staring at her breasts on many occasions during their afternoon runs. He likes my breasts, she thought. One of these days, I'll run without a bra and see how he reacts.

She had washed her hair, letting it hang loose down her back instead of tying it up short. Georgia had told her she looked younger with her long hair down. The scent of her new perfume filled her nostrils. I hope I'm not making it too obvious she thought.

She was thinking more and more of Blake. She blushed as she recalled how last night she had become excited and came when she dreamt of Blake sucking on her nipples."

"Georgia says he is horny for me," she whispered as she pushed her breasts up with her hands. She smiled at her reflection in the hallway mirror; "let's see what he does, when he sees me now."

While Blake stood outside waiting, he recalled the highlights of his visit to the doctors. He still couldn't quite believe what had happened. He shook his head, nobody would believe that at their first meeting, Doctor Varghese had let him play with her breasts and jacked him off.

Blake stared at Kaleena as she came out her door, but didn't really see her. He was seeing the doctors flushed face and her wide grin as she cleaned up his cock.

Kaleena was hurt. Blake had not noticed her new outfit. All her efforts to make herself more beautiful had been in vain. She grew angry with her self. You silly bitch, she thought. He's only a kid; you should have known that he wouldn't be interested in you.

They ran in silence for quite some time before Blake realized that she wasn't talking to him. When he stopped dreaming about his next doctor's visit, he found that Kaleena was yards away and running strongly. His eyes locked on her bobbing backside as he set out to catch her.

He gasped for breath. He felt his cock lurch and start to unwind. "That's a great arse," he whispered to himself, as he drew level and looked over at her breasts.

"What did you say?" she asked. Blake was stunned; he had thought she could not possibly hear him. Kaleena knew what he had said. She kept a straight face as his face went red and he started to splutter.

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Blake stared at her, as he desperately tried to think of an answer that would not cause embarrassment. "What are you staring at?" she demanded.

"You, I'm staring at you, you're different," he gasped. "I must have been away with the fairies to miss seeing how you've changed." She gave a little laugh, "what changes?" "Your hair, your scent, your outfit. I can see more thigh, more of you're....." he stumbled and stopped.

When she did not react, he grinned and winked, "dare I say it, more of your beautiful breasts."

Kaleena was still angry and hurt, she sighed as she heard Blake praising her breasts. Even though she was angry, she was hoping he would grab her and kiss her. Stop being silly she told herself you know it would be wrong.

To her surprise Blake pulled her close and kissed her. "You're beautiful," he said. Kaleena panicked, "Stop it," she cried as she looked around.

Suddenly a voice called, "If you were two dogs, I throw a bucket of water over you, get in here for Christ's sake, before some one sees you." They were outside Georgia's house.

Inside her house Georgia laughed out loud. "My god you should see your faces. You look as though you have been caught robbing the bank."

"Lighten up," she said to Kaleena who stood ashen faced, her back to Blake. "It's not the end of the world. You can sort out your squabbles tomorrow."

She took Blake by the arm, "off you go you have to get ready to see Mary Varghese."

Blake sat once more in the doctor's reception area; the redheaded receptionist was doing her nails, her legs were crossed so he could see right up to her thigh under her desk.

Bloody hell, Blake thought, I'll have to start behaving myself. I don't know how I'm going to face Luke`s mum tomorrow after grabbing her and kissing her like that. If that's not enough, thirty minutes later I'm looking up a strange woman's skirt.

The receptionist had started to pack up her work. She was obviously getting ready to finish for the day. She looked over at Blake, "you're the last," she said. "As soon as she takes you in, I'm off down to the bar next door for a drink."

Blake thought he hear a note of invitation in her voice. "Meeting someone?" he asked." Oh just my girlfriend. We can always make room for a young man," she replied, grinning pleasantly.

The doctors door opened, "come in Blake," she called. "You can go, I'll lock up," she said to the receptionist. "See you on Monday."

Mary Varghese closed the door and told Blake to remove his clothes and lie on the bench. She worked quickly, once more checking Blake thoroughly.

Blake lay watching as she moved around. Her coat looked different; it had an extra button undone. He caught glimpses of her large breast through the opening provided.

Mary smiled when Blake's cock grew hard, finally standing up like a lamppost as he lay naked on the bench. "You will make a fine student for Georgia," she said as she threw a towel over his cock.

"Touch it," he whispered. She pretended not to hear. "What did you say?" she asked. "Please touch it," Blake moaned.

She went to the door and locked it. "Come over here on the couch," she whispered. On the couch, Blake took her hand and wrapped it round his cock.

Mary had been waiting to see if he would make a move. After the last session, she had though about Blake and resolved to wait and see what he would do. "I'll just leave it up to him," she had decided.

She was surprised and pleased when he took the initiative so quickly. She held her breath when he wrapped her hand around his throbbing cock. She looked at him and smiled, "you're a cheeky young devil."

He stopped any further words by leaning down and kissing her on the lips. They kissed slowly at first, then more vigorously as her tongue entered his mouth and his hand forced its way up to reach her breast.

"Take these clothes off," he gasped when he broke away from her kiss. "I want to see you naked." Mary did not answer; instead she took his head in her hands and started to kiss him once more.

Blake wanted to remove all her clothes; he wanted to run his hands over what he knew would be a curvy dark body. While they were still kissing, he lifted her body and without any opposition, removed her coat. He smiled when he saw she wore no bra.

Blake pulled his head back and pushed away, breaking her hold. He could not believe his luck. He stood up and stepped back.

Mary opened her eyes and looked up at him, "what are you doing?" she asked. "I want to look at you; you're the first naked woman I have ever seen." She ran her tongue suggestively along her lips," Come here," she whispered.

He didn't need a second invitation He kissed down her body over her hips. She lay with her legs wide apart, her body inviting. "Like what you see," she asked

Blake's heart was beating fast, his mind full of ideas He lay beside her and resumed the kiss. "I want to fuck you," he whispered. "No," she moaned.

Blake was disappointed when she rejected him so quickly, but there was so much woman lying beside him he did not despair. He changed his plans and slid down to kiss her breasts and bite on her nipple.

When she started to moan and respond to his tongue and lips, he tried again. "Please let me fuck you," "No!" she said, "no!" closing her legs tight. "If you don't behave I'll go home."

"I don't want you to leave," he groaned as he ran his hands over her breasts. He held them up in his hands so he could kiss each nipple in turn.

"You can bite them," she whispered. Her voice rose to a near scream when he bit down hard. "Oh my god that's lovely. You can be as rough as you like, I love having my breasts mauled."

Blake was worried that he might hurt her. He tried to be gentle as he sucked her breast. "Bite it" she growled. He bit hard and felt a shudder run through her. "What's up?" He asked. "Oh shit do you need to ask? You made me come." She pushed his head down between her legs, "taste it," she moaned.

Blake had never been so close to a woman's pussy before. He had read and heard about going down on a woman, but now confronted by her hairy pussy, he baulked. What do I do, he thought.

Mary realized that he was hesitating. She slipped her hands down and used her fingers to open her pussy. She moved a hand to his head. Easing him into a position where he could see her pussy juices glistening in her hair, she whispered "Use your tongue love, lick it."

Blake could see a little nub standing out at the top. He ran his tongue lightly over it, tasting and smelling her juice.

He was surprised and delighted at her instant reaction. Her legs closed around his ears. Her hands grabbed his head. She grunted aloud. "Oh shit," she cried, "that's it, yes that's it."

He pushed his finger down and pointed it at the bottom of her pussy. He heard her groan, "Oh hell." as it found a passage and entered her. He pulled it right out and pushed it back in again. Her reaction made him smile, she likes it, he thought.

The next time he pushed his finger back in she took hold of his hand. "Don't pull it out, move it up in there," she whispered. "Curl your finger up and touch the inside of my pussy."

Blake had never seen a sexually aroused woman. Mary's chest was heaving, her eyes looked glazed, and sweat glistened on her forehead. She was moaning instructions, her body a moving mass of passion.

"Let me fuck you," he demanded "No! I don't cheat on my husband," she said as she pulled him close, her fingernails gripping his back. She doesn't cheat he thought, what the fuck have we been doing.

Mary had realized that their lovemaking would lead to Blake demanding to fuck her. She knew that he would be confused and disappointed when she said no.

I will have to try to satisfy him before I go, she thought as she slipped down off the couch on to her knees.

She looked up at Blake, took his cock in her hands and smiled "It's time I went home"

"No," Blake cried. "Yes," she said, "I must, he's waiting."

Mary ran her deep red lips over the head of his cock. Looking up at him with her big brown eyes, she urged him to watch as she dribbled saliva over her lips and distributed it with her tongue.

Blake felt her soft lips rim his cock. He grunted and groaned, as she began to move one hand up the shaft to push his cock into her mouth. Her other hand massaged his balls.

Mary never took her eyes off Blake. She watched, as his face grew red. She could hear his breathing change pace. He was breathing heavier every minute. He's getting close she thought, as she moved her head and mouth faster.

When his hands came up to grip her hair and pull her mouth down on his cock, she knew he wasn't going to last. She took him deep in her throat, using her mouth and fingers to milk him.

Blake's legs straightened as he tried to push away, "I'm coming," he growled. She refused to let him go, holding him so he was forced to come in her mouth.

Blake gave up; he looked down and watched her struggle to swallow his load. "Your wonderful," he groaned as it struck him that this was his first ever blow job. Pleased and proud, he lifted her up and kissed her.

Mary quickly eased him away; He moved down to kiss her breasts. "Clean up," she ordered. "We've got to go." Blake didn't want to go. He tried again to take her in his arms.

Mary would have none of it. "Take these results to Georgia she'll be waiting for it." He didn't give in. "Will I see you again?" he asked. "That's up to you. After Georgia takes you under her wing, I don't expect to see much of you." She laughed, "You will be too busy."

"Georgia is in the future, I want you now, tonight. I'm bloody horny. It's not too late," Blake spoke fast as he again tried to kiss her breasts.

Mary knew she had to distract him. She led him to the door. "Brenda my receptionist will be down in the bar. She likes young men. In fact she has been asking a lot of questions about you." "Why don't you go down and buy her a drink."

Blake recalled the long legged red head. She had said she could always make room for a young man, when she told him where she would be drinking tonight.

"She really asked questions about me?" he asked. "Yes, she was very interested," Mary, said with a knowing smile.

Kaleena Russo nearly dropped the phone when Blake whispered, "your very beautiful Mrs. Russo" "Oh my god Blake where are you?" she whispered as she looked to see if Harry could hear. "I am in a bar. Georgia told me to bring my results back to her place. I wanted to ask if you're going over there."

Kaleena did not reply. She did not know what to say. Things had developed too quickly. Blake grabbing and kissing her had been a surprise. What was a bigger surprise was the way she had started to kiss him back before realizing that they were out in public.

"Is Luke home?" Blake whispered "No!" she replied softly. "What about Harry?" "He's watching TV, I think," she replied nervously.

Can I come around?" "I want to kiss you again," he groaned his voice growing louder. "No oh no you can't," she cried in a panic.

"Please," he begged. "Be sensible," Kaleena moaned. She tried to harden her heart. "We can't do this. It is wrong. You are too young. I'm married. Oh hell if that's not enough, you're my son's school mate," she cried softly.

Blake knew he could not stop. If he did, he would never get up enough courage to try again. "Can't I at least come over and use the gym?"

Hearing the disappointment in his voice Kaleena gave in. "All right drop in here and we'll both go on to Georgia's"

She had quickly changed into a dress and applied make up by the time the doorbell rang. "Come in Blake," she said loudly as she opened the door. Blake whispered, "Let's go down to the gym."

Before they could move, Harry came out of the kitchen with a beer in his hand. When he spotted Blake he called, "Don't let her over work you son, she's a hard taskmaster." "Oh no she is just taking me over to Georgia's," Blake replied.

Harry reacted angrily, "That muscle bound bitch will turn you into a freak, why don't you just go down the back to Kaleena's gym. I'm sure she can help you." "I'm sure she can," Blake smiled. He turned to Kaleena "let's just go to your gym tonight."

Trying to find out what Harry might do, Blake asked. "Do you want to join us?" "Mate, I never go near her gym, I don't need exercise," Harry said as he headed for the den.

Kaleena's heart was beating loud in her ears as they entered her gym. "Don't turn on the lights," he whispered as he slipped his arm around her waist. "Why not?" She cried.

Blake did not answer he turned her in his arms and kissed her. He did not try to use his tongue. He just kissed her and held her tight.

He knew she was worried. He could tell by her rigid near frozen stance. He decided to just hold her and kiss her. "I just want a cuddle," he whispered as he kissed her lips and her eyes. Kissing all over her face, he kept returning to her lips.

Gradually he felt her body relax. Her arms moved up around his shoulders and her mouth started to open.

Kaleena's mind was awash with conflicting thoughts. She knew it was wrong to be here in the dark with Blake.

She was enjoying his kisses. They were innocent and non demanding. When he whispered he just wanted a cuddle, she started to relax. She smiled to herself wondering how long it would be before he tried something.

At the same time Blake decided to become a bit more adventurous. He kissed around her face to her ear, nibbling it lightly. He felt her shudder as his tongue tried to enter her ear hole.

She seemed to tense up, but did not object when he eased the top of her dress away from her neck. She relaxed again when he licked and kissed down along her neck to her shoulder.

Her quiet moans of what he presumed were delight encouraged him. He kissed along the edge of the dress letting his lips follow it down towards her breasts.

Kaleena held her breath waiting. Instead of being worried that Blake would go too far, she was now waiting impatiently for him to open her dress, kiss, and fondle her breasts.

He had made no move to remove her clothing other than to ease her dress over on her shoulder. She waited impatiently for him to take the initiative. She felt a little moisture escape from her pussy when his lips drifted down to the top of her breasts.

She could feel herself growing moist. Her nipples were growing hard. All her inhibitions were disappearing. She wanted him to touch her. When his lips returned to hers, she opened her mouth to welcome his tongue.

Blake groaned he didn't know what to do next. This was his mates mum not a stranger like Mary. If I come on too strong, she might tell my parents or worse still Luke and Harry he thought as he continued to kiss her lovingly.

Kaleena was enjoying his kisses. Kisses had always turned her on when she was young. Her nipples had grown hard, her pussy wet. She was so hot she was starting to sweat. It's only a bit of harmless fun she thought as she relaxed in his arms and kissed him back.

When her tongue sought his he decided to take a chance. He placed one hand over her breast and waited for her reaction. When she continued kissing him, he opened the top buttons of her dress and slipped his hand inside to caress her bra.

He waited for her to pull away. When she didn't he whispered lets sit on the couch. On the couch, he undid the rest of the buttons down the top of her dress. It was dark but moonlight flooded through a skylight providing enough light.

He kissed down from her neck to her breasts. He ran his hands over her bra fondling her breasts through the stiff material. He fumbled around searching for the clip. Kaleena heaved a sigh, "Would you like me to take it off," she whispered.

When she did, her dress fell down around her waist. Her breasts stood out in the dim light. "My god they're magnificent," Blake gasped. His hands came up to hold them. "They're beautiful; they're bigger and firmer than I thought."

"Are they now?" Kaleena smiled as she directed his head down. "Kiss them, be gentle and suck my nipples." She was not surprised at how her body reacted to Blake's mouth on her breasts; it had been year since Harry had spent so much time kissing her. This is what I have missed she thought, as her heartbeat thumped loud in her ears.

His finger crept down to her pussy surprising her as it stroked its outer lips. She became wet in anticipation of what was to come. She held her breath and waited to see what he would do next.

Blake could not believe his luck. Mrs. Russo was not stopping him. If anything, she seemed to be helping. He was sure she had eased her legs wider when his finger found the little nub at the top of her pussy.

"Gently sweetheart," she whispered as his finger started to move. Blake couldn't believe what was happening. Her body was now moving in time with his finger. Her hands gripped his back holding him hard, "Please Mrs. Russo," he groaned, "I want to fuck you,"

He sighed with relief when her hands loosened his belt and pushed his pants down around his knees. He lifted her legs up around his body and pushed forward. He groaned, "Oh yes," when he felt his cock slip into her warm wet pussy.

"No one must know," Kaleena moaned as Blake started to pound into her.

Georgia standing in the shadows smiled and crept away.

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