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Autumn's Summer Day


As Autumn watched the porno movie she put into the VCR she frantically rubbed at her clit, wishing Chris was there to fuck. But it was Saturday and Chris was at work. It was well 80 plus degrees outside, and she was thoroughly bored. She watched the scene play out in front of her. Young girl probably 18, and three horny guys, cocks at attention pawing and grabbing at her tits, one rapidly fucking her mouth, herself moaning wildly in heat and lust. One of the guys dropped to his knees and began sucking and licking her pussy. Autumn loved that. She couldn't have enough of having her pussy eaten. Her fingers wildly strummed at her clit as she continued to watch.

Now the guy eating her pussy had moved, allowing another guy to get underneath the girl and insert his throbbing cock deep into her pussy, then returned to licking wildly at her clit as the guy began lifting and dropping her down upon his cock. She was moaning wildly now. "Fuck me, oh ya, fuck me hard, oh ya. God, I'm coming. I'm coming." Autumn herself was coming too, watching the scene play out. She came hard, hard enough for her to lose herself quickly in the moment. She had almost missed the best part, her favorite part of this particular flick.

The girl on the screen now had flipped position, one guy beneath her, fucking wildly at her pussy, another guy fucking her in the mouth, and the third, climbing behind her preparing to fuck her ass. "Hmmm..."

Autumn moaned, she was super-wet watching the third guy insert, then bury, his cock up the girls ass. He was furiously fucking her in the ass and she couldn't get enough, wildly bucking her hips back to meet him. He had his hands on her hips pulling her into him with every thrust, burying his thick cock deep into her bowels.

That was Autumn's secret fantasy. She is incredibly turned on by ass fucking, yet never experienced it herself. She watched as the guy stroked long and deep in and out of her ass, she quickly inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy and frantically started masturbating. All she wanted was to feel it, experience it, yet even though her and Chris had been together for a while, she felt she couldn't ask him to try. In fact she was almost positive that he would refuse, so here she sat masturbating to her fantasy played out on the TV screen.

Not that Chris and she had a bad sex life, in fact it was pretty fantastic, SM, toys, and not to brag but nobody could eat a pussy as well as Chris. They had great sex, every other night if not every night, but she really wanted this, she needed this. She trembled in the chair she was in, her body quaking from the orgasm ripping through her body, just as the guy on screen orgasmed too and pulled out. She switched off the VCR and TV. She was about ready to go about her day.

As she pulled on her skimpy tank top and the mesh shorts, she admired herself in the mirror. Her 38DD breasts, firm and full stretched the tank to it's limits. The shorts clung to her hips and went just above mid thigh. The material left nothing to the imagination, all mesh and somewhat see through. She was a little chubby in her stomach and hips, but nowhere close to fat. She made a mental note to hit the gym extra hard. Her waist length blond hair she whipped up into a ponytail, and headed out the door.

It was a beautiful day out. She was thinking it was a great day to go for a walk in the park. She turned down her street towards the park, made sure she had everything and was on her way. About halfway there Autumn ran into Lynn.

"Hi hon!" Lynn exclaimed. "What are you up to today?" Autumn thought she'd ask for her company but quickly decided she didn't want to hear all the drama. "Out for a speed walk, then I have a ton of appointments. I really can't chat"

"Alright. Well you and Chris should come over for dinner this Saturday. Ben is going to barbecue, and we'd love to have ya." Lynn chimed as Autumn proceeded to the park. "I'll ask Chris, and we'll give you a call," she hollered over her shoulder. She didn't know that she wanted to attend; she loved Ben like a brother, but really didn't care for Lynn. She figured she'd let Chris decide.

As she hit the bike path into the park, her mind wandered back to the porno film, and she felt her panties get damp. "Stop that," she told herself. She didn't want to be sprinting back to the house to masturbate. She chugged along the path with her mind on Chris, wondering if he was having a good day at work; what he might like for dinner, and if he is going to want to barbecue with Ben.

She really should not have been so distracted, because she was completely unaware that she was being watched. Autumn, who was usually such an observant person, would have normally noticed that two guys she had passed earlier had turned around and were now following her. But she was off in her own little world, and had no idea how close to trouble she was.

She completed her walk of the park; realized that she should head towards home, take a shower, and get to the store for dinner. Off she took down into the subdivision, still completely unaware of her two companions. They followed closely, murmuring between one another, obviously trying to decide what they were going to do.

She opened her front door and dashed inside, stripping off her tank and shorts as she climbed the stairs to their bedroom. She tossed her clothes on the bed and was into the shower in no time flat. She heard their Rotty, Lucky Dog barking away outside, but didn't think anything of it He was always terrorizing the neighborhood, barking at anyone or anything that walked by.

Again her mind drifted to the tape, she began rubbing and twisting her nipples and slowly rubbed her clit as she became very horny again. It was just then that she realized that she wasn't alone. The shadowed figures were standing in the doorway of her bathroom. "Honey," she questioned, "Is that you?" But something deep inside her told her it was not, and that she was in trouble.

One of the shadows rushed forward, threw open the door to the shower and yanked her out roughly. As she stood there dripping wet, one remarked to the other. "Damn bud, you were right. She looks damn good even without her clothes." " Ya I know. Look at that ass and those tits. We'll have a great time with her." the other one smirked back.

She finally was able to get a look at them, both white and athletic, one was at least 6'5" or taller, the other, though shorter was very muscular. She prided herself that she was well fit and was not an easy victim, but she knew she wouldn't be able to overpower them alone. Yet she was petrified, wondering what they planned to do to her.

They dragged her naked back into the bedroom and threw her down on the bed. The taller guy whipped out his cock, and demanded, "Suck it bitch!" The other guy, dove down between her legs and began licking and sucking on her clit. She was amazed at the size of the cock in front of her; it had to at least be 12 inches, and 3 inches in diameter.

She hesitated a second, which caused him to slap her hard across the face, "I said suck it, bitch, now!"

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She put the purplish head into her mouth and began to suck. She felt the blood stiffen the cock in her mouth as she tried her best to please her would-be attacker. She continued to suck as she felt his hands grab her head and he started forcing his cock down her throat. He was fucking her mouth with furious force as the other guy was stripping down. He had finished licking at her pussy and was ready to fuck her.

She felt his hard cock at her slit, and she began to struggle, which was no help because the guy fucking her mouth pinned her down. She felt it enter her, hard and swift. He just jammed his cock right up inside her and starting fucking her with brutal force. His cock didn't seem as big as the one in her mouth, but he was ramming it up inside her viciously.

Before she could adjust, she felt the cock in her mouth pulsate, and felt the cum start filling her mouth. He still fucked furiously at her as he came, then collapsed next to her when he was through. As she swallowed his thick seed in order to be able to gasp for air, she thought that this would be her opportunity, one swift punch to knock the man between her legs out, and she could escape while the man who came was still disoriented.

She lifted her head, preparing to make her escape, then before she knew it she lashed out, striking the man square, knocking him backwards off the bed. She hopped to her feet and dashed for the door. She hopped over the man she had just hit, threw the door open and made a dash for the stairs. She didn't make it far. The man who had come in her mouth had recovered quicker than she expected. He now had her by her hair, dragging her back to the bedroom.

As they cleared the doorway, he hit her harder than she ever remembered being hit, and threw her back on the bed. "Try anything like that again bitch, and you'll be sorry," he hissed at her. "Just lay there like the slut you are and you won't get hurt." "Dammit man, she fuckin busted my lip." the second guy grumbled. "Open her mouth. I'm going to cram my cock down her throat until she chokes." "She's definitely got a hot mouth man. I couldn't help but blow my load."

Autumn couldn't believe it, she was completely helpless, subject to whatever they wanted and there was no end in sight. Chris wouldn't be home for at least an hour, if not a little more. So she was theirs, to do with as they pleased, until they got caught, or they finished. That terrified her to no belief. What would they do to her? It made her head throb worse than his blow did. She decided to lie there and take whatever they had to give and focus on their faces and bodies so she could identify them and have them caught.

"Suck me, whore." the guy she hit demanded of her. "Suck me good, no funny stuff this time." She now saw his cock, it was only about 9 inches, and about a silver dollar in diameter. She took the head between her lips, and began to suck; she wrapped her hand around the shaft and began to hum. This obviously drove him wild, because it was a couple of seconds before his balls stiffened and he was spurting. He had so much cum it began to ooze from her lips as she tried to swallow it all down.

She had gotten so into getting him off quickly she had neglected what her other captor was doing, he had climbed behind her, lifted her up and slammed her down on his massive cock in one swift motion. "Aaaahhhhhhh," she bellowed as she felt her insides being stretched, he had not given her time to adjust to his size, as he began to ram his 12 inches deep inside her. "Shut up bitch, and take it, you know you like it," he growled as he continued to brutally fuck her, " hey Jim, stuff her mouth again so she can't scream, don't want the neighbors getting curious.

That was the first time she heard one of her attackers names. "Jim, Jim, Jim." she kept telling herself through the waves of pain that flooded her body. Now if she could only find out the other, then with their descriptions, in such a moderate sized town should find them easily. So she decided to turn the tables, start pretending to enjoy it, in order to goad them into more information, or at least keep them there until her husband came home.

Jim kneeled down between his buddy's legs and stuffed his cock back into Autumn's mouth. "Get me hard, you slut, now!" She wrapped her fingers around his now softened cock and began to run her tongue up and down his shaft. She started stuffing him into her mouth and, just as she heard him start to moan from pleasure, she withdrew him and sucked his balls in before he knew it. She vigorously suckled them and took a finger and wet it in her mouth and slid it back to his ass. When she felt him shudder, she knew what she needed to do. She had to make her move.

"Hmmmmm, oh yeah, fuck my pussy, oh ya, fuck ya." she chimed out to her attackers. As she saw the stunned look appear on Jim's face, she knew now was the moment. "Hmmmmmm, oh ya, hmmmm, why don't you lay down Jim, so I can suck you better. And you, why don't you get behind me and fuck me that way?" She waited a minute, hoping that they would agree, figuring they were stunned cause she was appearing to get into it and she had used one of their names.

"We'll fuck you anyway that you want, pretty thing," said the man in her pussy. "Lay down Jim, let her go to town on ya." She climbed off the massive cock beneath her and pounced on the cock in front of her swinging her butt in the air at her remaining attacker. "Come on big boy, fuck me. Ram that big fuck stick in my pussy." He didn't hesitate; he grabbed her hips and lunged at her awaiting hole.

She winced a little from the rough intrusion, but her insides had stretched enough to accommodate him already. From behind he had a prime angle for super deep penetration. And that he was, driving his swollen cock deep into her with each stroke. With each thrust he would murmur, "Ya baby take that cock, hmmmm you like it. I like fuckin that pussy." Autumn just continued to encourage them, "Oh baby I love to suck your cock, oh ya, fuck that pussy. Harder. Harder. Oh god, I'm cumming I'm cumming!!"

Just then as she portrayed excellent acting skills, she hears the guy fucking her throat now said to his buddy, " hey Scott, we have one hot bitch here, it's like she's enjoying us raping her." "You can't rape the willing pal, and she's willing," was Scott's reply.

Jim and Scott, Jim and Scott, she kept repeating in her mind, as she felt Jim's balls tighten and release another load into her mouth. And right behind him Scott thrusts deeply into her pussy and fills it with cum. Both men seem exhausted, and Autumn figures her ordeal is over. How wrong she could have been, I doubt she knew until it was happening.

"Suck me hard again, bitch. I'm not done." Jim demanded as he stood at her mouth. "I have a special surprise for my little slut here. Get me real hard now." Autumn couldn't possibly imagine what he had in store, but she complied and began to suck him off. "Suck on my balls, bitch." he moaned while pulling his cock out allowing it to smack her in the nose. She sucked on one ball, then the other, then both, giving his sack a good washing. She even went below is balls and licked and sucked and to his very startled surprise, she even licked up his ass crack. "Oh god." he moaned. "Fuck ya, lick my ass, you dirty bitch. Stroke me while you lick my ass."

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She decided that whatever they were going to do it would wear them out, so she did. She grabbed his cock firmly with her hands and began stroking his cock furiously as she licked his ass. She even tongued his hole a bit. This got him hot, really hot. "Shit man. Oh fuck. Flip her around. I'm going to fuck her ass. She has me so fucking hot." Jim exclaimed.

Autumn couldn't believe it, she was getting her fantasy, but not in the way she wanted. These guys were going to take her virgin ass.

She looked at Scott, and he was hard again too, stroking his throbbing cock while watching her do such nasty things to his friend. She was scared. She didn't want this, but what came out of her mouth shocked her. "Please be gentle. Don't hurt me, please."

"Don't worry baby, I'm going to give you a good ass fuck, one you'll never forget and will make you want more and more. Then when I'm done, and I've opened you up a bit, Scott will give you a good ass fuck, then we'll leave." Jim smiled as he scooped some of Scott's cum from her pussy and began lubricating her ass. He wiggled one finger in up to his knuckle and groaned. "God, she has a tight ass. I doubt I'm going to last long, but damn I'm going to like it. Come here Scott. I want you to suck her pussy. I want this slut to get off while I fuck her ass."

Scott lay down in a 69 with Autumn and started licking and finger-fucking her. He fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. She felt Jim put the head of his cock against her ass and pushed. She couldn't believe the discomfort as the head of his cock popped into her ass. She half moaned, half screamed past the cock in her mouth from the pain. "Relax and it won't hurt so bad." Jim purred in her ear. "Let me get it in and believe me you'll be begging me to never stop."

She was starting to cum from Scott's tonguing, when she felt Jim press into her again and shove about half of his cock into her ass. "Relax. just relax." he purred again as he pressed once more and inserted himself fully, his balls slapping into her cheeks. She felt uncomfortably full, she didn't know how she ever thought this was erotic, she just felt violated. She orgasmed hard again from Scott's tongue lashing. She came so hard that when she was done, she felt her whole body relax.

"That's it!" Jim exclaimed.

He withdrew from her almost completely, and stuffed is cock right back where it was. "Ooohhh." Autumn moaned. Scott again was lapping at her clit and Jim was steadily thrusting in and out of her ass. "Ooohhh god, hmmm, oh god," she howled as she began to enjoy it. This was her fantasy, a little twisted, but none the less, she was enjoying it.

She felt him sliding in and out of her ass, with Scott's tongue lapping at her clit she was having one mind numbing orgasm after another, she was trembling, and moaning, and beginning to gyrate her hips back up to meet him with every thrust. "Oh yeah, fuck my ass, hmmmmmm, oh don't stop, fuck me, oh fuck my ass, yes YES," she bellowed out as she came again.

"Oh shit, oh shit," Jim grunted as he came deep inside of her ass. Her getting into the ass fucking he was giving to her drove him over the edge. He slipped his somewhat soft cock out and rolled over on his back. He was spent, and ready to go, but he knew they wouldn't go anywhere until Scott got his too.

Scott climbed out from underneath Autumn's dripping ass and pussy. Climbed behind her, seeing her oozing asshole just begging him to enter. She wiggled her ass at him, "Come on big boy, put your rock-hard cock in my ass and fuck me now." Scott didn't hesitate. He knew she was well lubed from Jim's cum, so he placed his head at her opening and pulled her hips back. His 12-inch cock buried itself deep into her ass in one motion; he stopped there to give her a little time to adjust.

"Oh god, hmmm. You are so big. Fuck me Scott. Fuck my ass hard." she moaned wildly, as he just sat there. "Come on. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. I want it, please!"

"Beg me again," he told her. This obviously turned him on.

"Please, please, fuck my ass with your enormous cock. I want to feel it rammed up inside me. I need to be ass fucked. I need it now. Please ass fuck me," she responded, not fully believing what she had just said. She couldn't believe that now she was actually enjoying this attack and wondered what was wrong with her.

That was enough for Scott. He pulled his cock out almost completely, then thrust it all back in. He picked up his pace after every thrust, going a little faster every time. Autumn's fingers frantically played with her clit as she was orgasming over and over again. It seemed one would finish and another would start. She felt her hand being moved. It was Jim, offering to help. He began tonguing and finger- fucking her while Scott brutally fucked her ass.

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She was in the throes of her 10th or 11th orgasm, she had really lost track, when she felt Scott tense and fill her bottom full of cum. He collapsed next to her and she passed out.

When she awoke, she was alone, or so she thought. She stumbled from the bed. She felt the cum oozing out of her pussy and ass and headed for the bathroom. Chris came bursting through the door on her. "Baby, my god are you ok, my sweet thing? We'll get you taken care of. How dare they think they'll do that to my baby! I'm going to castrate them, sheriff. Get them out of here now!" Chris bellowed loudly through the house.

Autumn, still a little dazed from her ordeal, wasn't sure what was happening. As the fog in her brain cleared, she began to notice the police lights and the sound of an ambulance on its way. "Baby, baby, Chris." she stammered. "What happened?"

"It's probably better that you don't remember honey, but you are going to have to go to the hospital and be checked out and questioned," he stared at her with the most concerned look. "But if you want to know, two guys broke into the house, hit you over the head and brutally raped and sodomized you. I walked in as it looked as if they were going to kill you. I called the police, and they have been arrested."

Just as he was talking to her she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Dried cum all over, mangled hair, stained red from the blood leaking from the blow they delivered. She thought back to the image of her grinding her hips back into both guys as they ass-fucked her to multiple orgasms. Slowly she began to cry.

"It's ok baby, it will all be ok. Chris is here I'll make it all better. I am going to take care of my precious thing and we're going to see that they are put away for years." he whispered sweetly to her as the paramedics covered her and lifted her onto the gurney.

"I love you." Chris kissed her goodbye. "I'll meet you at the hospital."

As they wheeled her out, she saw Jim and Scott in the back of the police cars. She swore that they were smiling a bit, she couldn't figure out why. They certainly didn't get away with anything, so why were they so content to be where they were at? She'd probably never know.

Posted : 20/09/2010 6:56 am