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Asha madam came to our class


On the first day of the class, Asha madam came to our class. I was dumb-founded on seeing her beauty. She was wearing saree with low-hip and no one can escape with out seeing her hip. I came to know that she is 31 years, married, and having a daughter of age 4. She was very strict in the class and never talks freely to anyone. I was very attentive in her class. One day I went to her room in the college and asked her to help on the project I was involved. She suggested some books and asked me to come to her house to collect it. I never expected this. That night I could not sleep in the hostel and I was dreaming about her. Next day I went to her house. She gave the books and also gave some documents to read. She introduced me to her husband Mr. Kumar(not real) who was a manager in a reputed mnc. I thanked her and left the place. Next day, I went to her cabin and said that I have so many doubts and asked her to clear it. She said, come after the college is over.

She was packing her things up, and told me to come from tomorrow. She said, today is my bithday I need to go home quickly. I wished by shaking hand with her. Wow!! What a nice touch it is… That evening around 7 0’ clock I went to her house with a small present. She was surprised. I said , It is my duty to wish you as you have helped me by giving books. She invited me and gave snacks and coffee. Her husband was also present. They forced me to have dinner there itself. I took dinner with them. In the meantime, Rain has started and there is no sign of stopping. So they asked me to stay there tonight. I agreed. They gave me a room to sleep. I went to sleep around 9.30 itself and started sleeping. Around, 11PM I woke up to have a water. I know their bedroom is adjacent one. A window was there between these 2 rooms. When I tried to open it, it opened readily. It seems it was not properly closed.

What I was even shocking, Asha mam was seducing her husband. But he was not interested and was working in the computer. I was shocked, how a person can ignore a lady like this. After some time she was disappointed and went to sleep. This gave me confidence that she is craving for sex.

Next day, after the college is over, I was reading with her in the room . she was writing some thing. Suddenly, she asked what you and your friends speak about me in the class. I said, You are strict and sexy. She was surprised and asked what ? I said, mam, it is true that you are so sexy and your dressing sense also reveals that.. she said, Isn’t it ?? How??? She again asked. I said, you are structured with nice things present. She smiled and said, you are so bold, susheel and you are talking to your lecturer remember. Mam, you asked me and I am telling the truth to you. Like this we chat for some time. It continued daily and we used to chat about everything right from politics, sports etc.. I know she was enjoying my company. But I don’t know whether she is ready for sex with me.

One Saturday evening I met Asha mam with her husband and kid in a cinema theatre. In fact they bought the ticket for me too, so all of us sat together. She was wearing black saree and was looking gorgeous. We are seated in the last row of balcony. I sat adjacent to asha mam. After 15 mins her kid started crying fearing for the sound. So her husband took her outside. Now I & Asha mam are seeing the film. I know this is the great chance for me. I slowly touched her hand in the hand-rest. With out seeing her face I kept my hand on hers. Both are seeing the film. I moved my hand towards her arms. Further I went towards her hips and squeezed. She moaned little. There was not much crowd in theatre. I took her hand and kissed . she whispered in my ear : why you took so many days for this ??? I was overjoyed. I unzipped my pants.

I firmly held her hand, and inserted it inside my pants. The only thing separating her hand from my steel hard cock was my underwear inserted it inside my pants. She squeezed my cock three times, then pulled her hand out of my pants, and whispered: “Not now,. We will do it when we are not under pressure”. I said there is always a pleasure in doing things in pressure. After the show, I went to the hostel. I didn’t sleep that night.

On Sunday afternoon, I called to her house. Asha mam picked up the phone. She said, Susheel. I can’t control .I need you today itself. Come and deflower me. These words really made me horny. In the evening , I went to her house. She opened the door. She was wearing light blue sari with her hips are visible most. Her hubby was also there. She invited me and asked the reason for my coming. I said I need to discuss about shares with your husband. Her hubby appreciated me and took me to their bedroom where computer was present. I said, my friend is going to invest money in shares so iam in need of some details. He started explaining things. I kept on asking questions to waste the time.

I took dinner there. We kept on discussing up to 11 PM. He told me to sleep there itself. I went to the adjacent room and slept. Around 1 o’ clock my dream girl entered my room . I bolted all the doors and windows. I kissed on her lips continuously. We were hugging and was sucking her neck. Slowly I removed her pallu and for the first time I placed my hand on her boobs. She moaned uhhh… slowly… I removed my dress and wearing only my underwear. She removed her blouse and sari completely. She was wearing black bra and petticoat. I was hungry on seeing her in bra. This time from behind I squeezed her boobs. She moaned.. aaahhhhh.. aahhhh… common susheel, you are so good in this…

I unhooked her bra and removed petticoat. Now she is completely nude. I also became nude. My prick was erect. With no hurry, I hugged her and started kissing on her whole body. I sucked her boobs like anything. I sat on the edge of the bed and I made her to sit on my lap. She hold my penis and started squeezing. I played with her breast. I slightly widened her legs and inserted my cock in her pool. Wow!! She was very tight… she helped me by raising her hip. Atlast , I went inside her. The movement picked up speed gradually and I could see the hungry look in her eyes. Using her hands, she pulled my head towards her face and again our mouths were glued. I could feel the softness of her lips and her erect nipples. We hugged in that position . But my prick was doing its job. She moaned aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…]

Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… like that but not loudly. She said, Dear,Please stop with this today. He may wake up. I said ok. We cleaned ourselves. We put up our dresses. While she was about to go, I caught up her hand and pulled towards me. I told, when are u going to serve me again???

She said, whenever u feel hungry…. Our lips collided again… after a minute she went to her room. After few mins,I went to her bedroom and kissed on her lips. she was frightened. she took me to the bathroom , where we hugged and kissed passionately. Finally i left to my room

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:28 am