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Another Brother Fucked his Sister


“How could she sleep?” I wondered as I watched my sister sleep like a stone from across our extremely hot room. It was so unbearably hot, I had stripped down to just my underwear, and was laying on top of my covers, feeling rather envious of my younger sister, who was obviously oblivious to the heat. I took another sip of water that was by my bed, but even that was warm, and giving no relief. So instead, I poured some of what was left over my head, providing temporary relief, but not for long. Then, I don’t know why, but I started throwing some water at my sister, enjoying her sleepful reactions. Finally, after she was thoroughly soaked, she woke up, and she wasn’t happy. “What the hell are you doing?…Cut it out!”

“I couldn’t sleep, It’s too hot.”

“So you had to wake me up? Thanks alot!”

“No problem” I said, somewhat pleased with myself.

“It’s not funny!”

“Yes it is! Besides what’s the difference? We don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow.”

“Yea, but look at me, I’m soaked!”

“So am I, Trust me, you’ll thank me in a few minutes.”

We were both quiet for a minute, except for my sister trying to get comfortable. Her wet t-shirt sloshing around as she moved made me start to laugh out loud, until it hit me square in the face with a loud slosh! Suddenly, I was no longer the one laughing. I wiped myself down with the shirt and threw it back at her, missing her by 2 feet.

“Nice shot.”

“I’ll give you a shot” I said waving my hand in the air.

“Yea, whatever.”

I threw myself off my bed and sprinted to grab the wet shirt. Before she could object, I threw myself on top of her and squeezed all the water from the shirt all over her. Well, some of it was on her, but with all her squirming and kicking, alot of it was on her bed. Still we were both laughing. It must have been the heat making us delirious!

“Now what? you got my bed soaked!”

“I warned you.”

As quick as she could she rolled out from under me and sprinted to my bed.

“Now you get to sleep in the wet bed” she said as she happily bounced herself on top of my bed.

“I don’t think so.”

I calmly walked back over to my bed and nudged her to move over. I laid down next to her and reached for another bottle of water on my night stand.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“I’m not wasting this on you” and I opened the bottle and quickly started to drink. She held her hand out for some, and I passed it to her. It suddenly hit me, as she was drinking from the bottle, we were lying next to each other almost completely naked. Not that it was a big deal. We had certainly seen each other’s body, but something about lying next to her seemed, well, weird. I also noticed that she looked great. Her boobs were just as big as mine, and they were very round and firm like mine. Her nipples were very dark, and quarter-sized, whereas mine were lighter and bigger. She had a very flat stomach, and smooth muscular legs that made me very jealous. Her skin tone was slightly darker than mine, and her hair slightly lighter and shorter.

She gulped the last of the water down and handed me the empty bottle. “Uuugh it’s so hot!” Still looking her over, I really wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. I put my foot on top of hers, comparing our toes. “That’s a pretty color, you should let me borrow it.”

“I would except I don’t have it. Mom took me for a pedicure last week.”

“You bitch.” She flashed me a smug grin, and then laughed. I got up and started to leave.

“Where ya goin?”

“To get more water , want some?” I said as I let the door close behind me, not waiting for her reply.

When I got back in the room, my sister had spread herself out across the whole bed. I put the bottles of water down on the nightstand and scooted myself next to her. My underpants were soaked, and I was uncomfortable, so I slid them off.

"What are you doing?"

"What? They're soaked!"

"Well I'm not sitting her while you're naked. Go get new ones."

"Why? The'll only get soaked again. If you don't like it, go back to your own bed!"

"I can't, thanks to you."

"Well then, I guess you're fucked!" I laughed.

Then I opened a new bottle of water and poured it all over her panties.


"Now you have to take yours off too, and you won't feel so uncomfortable."

I laughed as she reluctantly slipped off her underwear and slapped them across my belly.

We both lay uncomfortably silent in our nakedness for a few minutes, until I noticed her perfectly bare crotch.

"I didn't know you shaved down there."

Covering herself up quickly she said that she didn't, and told me that she got it done the other day when she got her nails done.

"They waxed everything, and it hurt like hell! I'll never do that again!"


"YES that too"


"It feels nice now though."

"Did mom get that too?"

"I think so."

I reached down and ran my finger across her bare area. "Hey feels nice."

"What are you doing?" she said as she slapped my hand away.

"Just curious. It's smoother than mine, I have to go there with you next time."

I grabbed her hand and ran it over my shaved area. "See, bumpy!"

"You perv" she said as she pulled her hand away.

"Oh c'mon, we're sisters. What's the big deal?"

"We're sisters, that's the big deal!"

"Big deal! It's not like I touched anything bad. Besides, I saw you touch yourself a bunch of times."


"Yea, when you're in the bath. You don't shut the door you know, and I saw you in the mirror from the hallway. It's no big deal."

"You are a perv."

"I'm sure you've seen me before."

"NO I haven't."

"Oh well your loss."

Another silent moment passed, but there was definitely something happening. I'm not sure what it was, but I was feeling very horny. I kept picturing my sister masturbating in the tub, and I kept looking at her naked body lying next to me. I started picturing her masturbating her bare pussy right next to me, and it was really getting me hot. I was sweating worse than before, and I needed to finger myself in the worst way. I was just about to get up and go into the bathroom.

"You really saw me?" my sister asked.

"Uh... oh.. yea. But don't worry it's no big deal."

"I know, but now I'm thinking you owe me one."

"Owe you one what?"

"Well you saw me.."

Did my sister want to see me masturbate? This prospect was exciting me more than ever. Although this was a complete shock, I really wanted to do it, but I had to make sure that's what she was getting at.

"So you want to watch me?"

"Well fair is fair."

"No I didn't watch, I just saw."


She kind of looked embarrassed, and turned her eyes down. I sat myself up and turned to face her. I spread my legs open, throwing my right leg across her chest so she could see me, and began to run my fingers over my already wet pussy. She didn't say a word as I stroked my hard clit and worked two fingers in and out of my wet pussy just inches away from her. I could feel my orgasm coming on after a few minutes when I stopped.

She looked at me with a puzzled look as I fought to catch my breath.

"Did you come?"

"No. But that's all you get to see. It's alot more than I saw." It's true I was lying, but she didn't know that.

"Now I'm gonna go in the bathroom." I went to pull my leg back over her when she stopped me, as I had hoped she would.

"No don't. I want to see... I want to see you cum."

"Now who's the perv?"

She didn't say anything.

"O.k., but I'm not doing it alone. You do it with me, and we'll be even."

She smiled, and pulled her one leg out from under me and draped it over mine. I was struck with complete lust as I watched my sister’s perfectly manicured fingertips glide between her pink folds. I could see she was already wet, and her clit was practically throbbing. Everytime her finger slid across it, her whole body tensed up and shook. I was mesmerized by her tits as they bounced with every movement of her thrusting hips. It was enough to almost make me cum right there. I watched as she rolled her perfect nipples between her fingertips. The whole thing was too much, and made me want to devour her . I watched as she pounded two fingers in and out of her beautiful cunt, on the verge of orgasm, and I needed her to cum. I could no longer ignore my own need to cum, and I began to furiously rub my own throbbing clit. We both seemed to send each other over the edge, as we came together.

As My orgasm subsided, and I opened my eyes, I waited for the feelings of shame and embarrassment to wash over me, but much to my surprise, the sight of my beautiful sister in the glow of sexual satisfaction just fueled my lust. With some hesitation I leaned in and planted my lips firmly onto hers. She offered no resistance as our tongues met and began to swirl around together. I was thinking how warm and familiar her kiss felt. So passionate, as if we were made for each other. It had occurred to me how strange it was that I never even thought about kissing a girl, let alone my sister, and now it was all I could do to keep myself from exploding with lust and love. I felt as if I was constantly on the verge of orgasm. My stomach was in a knot that made me want to scream out as loud as I could. I would have done anything for her, anything she wanted. I was ready to just give myself entirely to her, and yet, I wanted her to succumb to me, and still I wondered if she felt the same.

Feeling completely overcome with lust, I worked my kisses slowly down to my sisters beautiful tits, and began to suck and bite on her nipples. No sooner had I felt her hand on the back of my head urging me down further. Her hips began to thrust up and down as I made my way over her stomach to her pussy. I could smell the aroma of both our excitement mixing in the air. She began to moan and whimper as I got closer.

“Oh Anne… yes … oh please lick me ….. lick my pussy.”

As soon as she spoke, I came.

I went at her with a renewed hunger. I wanted to make sure she felt the way I did, and no sooner did I touch my lips gently to her pussy, she came too. Shoving my mouth tightly against her, I could feel her muscles spasm, and I tasted her warm sweet juice.

We spent the whole night learning how to please one another, touching and licking each other. We spent hours in a place I never thought, even in my wildest fantasies existed.

My sister Dani and I had become inseparable over the last few months. We spent every minute together, and took every chance we got to be alone. I guess it may have been a little strange going back to school. Neither one of us had bothered to keep in contact with any of our friends lately. Both of us sort of felt like we didn’t really need to be around anyone but each other.

I was a senior this year, and Dani a junior. We both knew that even though we didn’t think so, what we were doing was wrong. Or at least everyone would see it that way, so we knew we had to keep our relationship a secret, and try and lead our normal high school lives. This wasn’t going to be easy, considering all the prospects of my senior year that had me so excited didn’t even seem to matter. All I wanted to do was be with my sister. Even though neither of us wanted to, we played our parts of “normal” sisters. No one really seemed the wiser. We had just explained to our friends that we spent a lot of quality time together over the summer, and that our mom kept us busy with things around the house. After all, there was no denying that we had definitely gotten along with each other better than ever, and it was no longer uncommon for us to be seen with each other.

A few months into the school year, and things were still going ok. Dani and I had discovered that keeping our secret added even more thrills to our already taboo relationship. We still took almost every opportunity to be alone, even if only for a few minutes. Our feelings were growing stronger every day. Any time I saw her in the hallway my stomach would flutter, and it was all I could do to keep myself from attacking her. We kept our grades up, and our relationships with our friends normal. I even managed to get one of my guy friends to ask me to prom, with no strings attached.

One afternoon after school we were both feeling very horny from all of our flirtations that day. There had been an assembly and we were both able to sneak away for a few minutes with little worry about anyone interrupting, as everyone in school were all in one place. We had just enough time to get each other off in the girls room once or twice before sneaking back in to the auditorium. Anyway, we had gotten home that day, and wasted no time in shedding our clothes and falling straight on to the couch in the living room. Our mom didn’t get home for a few hours so we had the run of the house for a while. We both laid on our sides kissing and fingering each other to violent orgasms when the front door opened. We were both so lost in our passion that we didn’t even notice our mother standing in the room with her jaw on the floor. She stood and watched in shock as her two teenaged daughters fingered each other to orgasm, all the while declaring their love for one another. We both noticed her at the same time and scrambled in vain to try and conceal what there was no denying mom had just saw.

“MOM!” we both shouted at once.

Both of scrambling and sputtering to try to offer a valid explanation, all the while mom was silent, until she finally ran from the room with tears welling in her eyes.

Danielle and I had remained silent while we gathered our clothes and got dressed. The reality of our relationship hit us for the first time like a ton of bricks. Never before had I felt so ashamed and disgusted by myself. It was the worst feeling I ever had. Then something went through me like a bullet. “Why did I feel this way?” I wondered. Was it because I had been doing these awful yet beautiful things with my sister, or was it because mom saw it? I mean, she might have reacted that way if I was screwing some random boy (or girl) on the couch and she walked in. I looked over a Danielle to see what she was feeling. When I saw how hurt she was and the tears in her eyes, I wanted to hold her until it was ok. I couldn’t stand to see her like that, and I knew it wasn’t our feelings for each other that made us feel guilty and ashamed. I love her, just as I loved her before, only maybe a little more now.

“Danielle it will be ok. We just have to go and talk to mom.”

“And what are we gonna say?” she snapped back at me while trying to hold back her flowing tears. It was the first time in almost a year she had spoken to me with any trace of anger.

“We will tell her the truth. I am going to tell her how I feel. I’m tired of hiding it. I love you and I need to be with you.”

“You can’t tell her that. She just walked in on us, and you want to go rub it in her face. She probably didn’t even consider that either one of us, let alone both of us, would even think about being with another girl sexually, never mind each other.”

“I know. You’re right, but what else are we going to say? We can’t ignore it and pretend it will go away. And we definitely can’t hide it any more. We love each other, and that’s all that matters to me.” She didn’t say anything.

“You do feel the same way I do don’t you?”

I held my breath as I waited for her answer. I knew she felt the same, but I didn’t know if she could hear herself say it, given the situation.

“Of course I love you. You know I do, and I want to be with you forever. You are my big sister, and I can’t lose you. I’m afraid what mom would do.”

“She can’t do anything. We love each other, and the rest will work out. Trust me.”

We hugged for a minute and shared a quick kiss. Then we both took a deep breath and went to find mom.

When we came into mom’s room she was sitting on the bed staring down at the floor with almost no expression on her face. Her eyes were red and glassy, and her face was puffy.


She didn’t answer me.

“I’m sorry you saw that. I….um we didn’t mean….”

“YOU’RE SORRY I SAW THAT? You’re sorry I saw that. Not that you’re sorry for doing…..

you’re sorry because I saw that?”

She raised her voice, but not from anger. More from disbelief and shock I think.

“No I……” then Danielle interrupted,

“Yes mom. We are sorry that you saw that, But not that we did it. Anne and I love each other. We’re sorry we didn’t tell you, but, well we didn’t know how…or if we should.”

“WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? Do you realize what you were doing? You were…. You know what you were doing. I can’t believe this. Do you know what you were doing is wrong? And it’s sick.”

“It’s not sick! We love each other.”

“Of course you do! You are sisters. But you don’t love each other like that.”

“Yes we do mom.”

“Mom we know that you think it’s wrong, but we need each other. You have to understand.”

“I can’t understand. You are my babies. I know you think you love each other, but sisters don’t do what you were doing. And you will destroy yourselves this way. It is not healthy and it is not right.

How long has this been going on?”

We both looked at each other, then at mom, and spoke in unison.

“Almost a year”

“A year? This has been going on under my nose for a year?”

“Mom. We…”

“Shhhhhhh.. don’t say anything else. It’s my fault. It’s just…well since your father…well I guess I haven’t been doing a good job as a mother. I can’t blame you girls, and I am not mad. We will get through this. We’ll get through this together.”

“Mom. There is nothing to get through. Danielle and I are going to be together. If not here then somewhere else, but nothing between us will change. I’m sorry mom, I know you are disappointed, but you should be happy for us.”

I knew that sounded bad, and I knew my mother wasn’t buying it. She acted as if I didn’t say anything.

“Does anyone else know about you two?”

“NO.” we both said solemnly.

“Thank goodness. Tomorrow I will call Dr. Kane and we will…”


Dr. Kane was a shrink friend of mom’s.

“If you call him we are leaving. There is nothing wrong with us. We love each other. It’s not our fault that we are sisters.”

I think she understood what I was saying. I hated to do that to mom, but all I cared about was being with Danielle. I knew that she wouldn’t want us to leave, and she knew she couldn’t stop us. Mom started to cry, and though I felt terrible, I was also happy because I knew we had won.

“Mom we love you too, and we didn’t want to hurt you, but Anne and me well…..”

Danielle started to comfort mom, as my mind drifted to a state of relief. It was like a new found freedom had been awarded to us both. I noticed Danielle and mom hugging and I rushed over to join them.

“My little girls. I just want you to be happy and healthy.”

“We are mom. We are.”

We all cried, and then mom broke the tension.

“I didn’t even know you didn’t like boys!”

We all laughed, and the mood seemed to change. Mom began asking us details of our relationship. How it started, and things like that. We were both all too happy to share everything with her, considering we had been living in secret for so long. It felt good to tell someone, especially mom. I think by the time we caught her up, her opinion of the situation changed, because she could see that we were both truly happy, and in love.

As the time passed, we found ourselves enjoying our new found freedom immensely. Even mom was getting used to the situation. She was constantly making jokes and asking us about our relationship. It brought us much closer as a family.

One night Danielle and I were in bed. She was on top of me and we were eating each other to a fantastic orgasm when mom just walked in the room and sat on the bed next to us. We were both startled by it, and wondered why she would intentionally walk in on us. Even though she knew about our “secret”, and seemed to be curious, we didn’t think she wanted us to flaunt it in her face. We never did that. We always talked openly with her, but we never took it as a sign that we could just screw where ever and when ever we wanted. We all knew and respected that, and yet, here was mom pulling up a front row seat. We both stopped what we were doing and started to remove ourselves from our lewd position, figuring maybe something was wrong.

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