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07-15-2011, 08:37 AM
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Opportunity rises and I take full advantage
Seeing you on your knees in a very provocative position my cock
immediately began to twitch. I watched you for a moment trying to
figure out what you were looking for.

As my cock continued to harden I realized my opportunity was now, as I
could not wait till you found what you were searching for.

As I walked up behind you, my footsteps were loud enough to alert you to
my presence. Without turning you asked me to help you look for an
earing you had dropped. My curiousity over what it was you hunted was
now quenched and my attention was now firmly on my hard cock and your
beautiful ass and pussy.

Without saying a word I placed my hand on your right ass cheek. I slowly
carressed it and travelled it down between your legs and gently rubbed
your panty covered pussy. You responded casually by telling me you
didn't think I'd find it there. You didn't turn or object so I
continued to playfully rub it through your panties. You continued to
search although I was convinced you had thoroughly covered the area at

your panties were becoming moist as your juices began to lubricate your
slit. I slowly unzipped my pants, you pretended not to notice. I
inserted my cock between your sexy thighs and rubbed my length across
the dampness on the fabric covering your mound. You moaned softly
reaching a hand between your legs and taking a hold of my cock. You rub
my shaft for a short while before informing me I really needed to
search deeper.

With that you guide the tip of my cock past your wet panties till I'm
touching the entrance to your pussy.

Marvelling in the fact that I am about to mount a gorgeous woman whom I
do not know and who obviously thinks I am someone else has mý cock
throbbing. You remark on how hard mý cock feels as you release your
grip and reposition your arm under yourself for support in anticipation
of my cock filling you. I need know further encouragement and slowly
slide my cock in. Inch by inch I fill yoùr wet pussy until my cock is
completely inside. I know I won't last long.

I slowly glide in and out hold your hips as I begin fucking you from
behind. Your soft moans turning into more audible groans of pleasure.
To my surprise you tell me how much my cock is filling you and that you
are already going to cum. I pump faster, you begin meeting my thrust by
pushing yoür ass back onto my cock. You begin to squirm and your cunt
clamps down firmly as you let a scream of pleasure as you sucumb to
your orgasm. The grip on my cock is enough to send my cock into spasm
as I begin to fill your pussy with my hot cum. As my orgasm slows you
pull off me and as you turn you say, "give me that cock, I want to suck
our cum off it".

Your face shows your surprise as you now realize I am not who you
thought. You look at me unsure if your are mad or not. I get my answer
as you drop to your knees and finish what you wanted. Your mouth makes
my cock twitch and a few more drops of cum ooze out. You suck me clean
and suggest I had better go.

I zip my pants and leave.

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