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two sisters
07-18-2011, 01:39 AM
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two sisters
I met my friend around 5 yrs back v met accidentally and v talked and become friends very soon. He was a nice chap and almost similar to my backgrounds and soon we were thick friends. His name is aby. I’m sanjay and to say about me I have a good height and people say that I’m really cute looking. I’m 25 yrs old now and I’m clean shaved .these all wont mean that I’m an extraordinary handsome guy I’m just a normal guy only .
Since me and aby become very close it become a usual practice that I use to go his home daily .he has got his parents and 2 sisters and they too were all very friendly to me .
Now to tell about his sisters. Amy and Sumy were they and they were really beautiful in their looks and also well mannered gals. Amy 22 yrs old now and Sumy is 18. The day I met them itself I felt attracted to them especially to Amy as since she really looked sexy. She s around 5.6 tall very fair sexy red lips and with a fig of 34 27 34 a perfect sexy gal and the way she dress is really seducing could kill any guy around her
She always were very tight dresses and sometimes a but revealing too. She’s really fair and has got sexy red lisp which every man loves to suck.

Now let me say what happened a few months back. I knew that both these gals liked me but I was not sure whether this was a brotherly affection or not and more over I dint wanted to loose my friend aby. But I always had an eye on his sisters. One night around 2 am I got a call from his house and when I picked up the phone there was no answer and when I called back then too there was no response somebody picked up the phone but no response. I dint talked about this to my friend but just kept watching and I came to have a doubt that Amy was having some relation with some guy. I felt jealous of that when sometimes she never cared for me when I went her home but some times she talked well I couldn’t understand her behavior.

One day I went to c my friend without calling him to his mobile to give him a surprise but his house seemed to be closed. I thought his parents must have gone for work as they both were teachers and his sisters might be gone to college. I was about to go back when suddenly it rained heavily and I decided to wait on the sit out till the rain stops. I was waiting on the sit out reading a news paper when I heard some sounds from inside the house it was only just for a few secs but I felt it was of Amy or sumis sound and I wondered y they didn’t opened the door even after I ranged the bell . I got curious and I listened carefully for some minutes there was no sound and when the rain stopped I thought like moving but since I had some doubt I just made sounds like I move and closed the gate loud enough to hear if someone inside the house. Then I slowly went to the back side of the house where I know is a bedroom. It’s a small house with just 3 bedrooms and 1 for my friend 1 for his parents and the other is shared by his sisters. I listed carefully to the bedroom window where I cud hear some giggling sounds and I came to know it as that of amys I couldn’t believe my ears and soon the sounds were confirmed like as if she were having sex…I heard she moaning and telling aaaaahh mannuuu suck meee suckkeee and I understood that she was being sucked and my cock went hard listening. I badly wanted to c her and somehow managed to peep thru the bath room ventilator luckily the bathroom door was open I cud c the bed slightly from there. To my disbelief what I saw was really sexiting… Amy was lying on the bed spreading her legs I cud only c her legs and low her thighs as the door was not fully open and that guy was sitting down on floor and was sucking her and her legs was around his neck….and her hips were moving up and down to meet his tong. I was really horny seeing that and become really hard I thought of intruding in between and scolding her but later I thought I too will enjoy her somehow.
I then heard her telling mannuuuu common bee fast papa mamma will be back soon common make mee cum… oohhhhhh suck me babbyyyyy… she was moaning and after some time she was moaning loudly n I understood that she had an orgasm .then it was the guys turn to be sucked and ohhh guys u wont believe the way she sucked was really like an expert. She took his cock from down licked it in a particular way that I really felt I may come and he was moaning oohhhhh amyyyyy u r sooo great… And she continued sucking him while I cud c her beautiful n boobs being massaged by his hands…

It was ripe and white how I wished to suck them… I was out of control then seeing my fantasy gal sucking a cock so beautifully and her boobs being touched I could also c her back… I took my mobile then and started recording those splendid moments in my mob camera though it was not very clear I cud record it in a way she cud be identified.. ..and I stood their touching my cock…soon his moaning become louder and I saw Amy sucking him faster while his hands were pushing her head more deeper to fuck deep in her throat and finally he came…and ohh god I cant believe when he came in loads Amy just pushed her head back and took all those sperm on her face… I really came seeing that wonderful seen… and that too was recorded in my cam… ohhh what a marvelous sexy baby she is as soon as he came he jumped over and took his dress and started to leave but Amy was in a mood to have it again though she feared someone to come soon…but she gave up that and I saw him kissing her again on lips and he left the room I saw Amy going to the door to send him off that too without any clothes on her… it was a marvelous seen. As soon as he left I came to the main door again and rang the bell I knew she was not dressed till then and her thighs without any hairs on them and her lovely cunt was all in my mind and I was still rock hard waiting to make her suck me… It took some time for her to open the door as I knew she had to dress up and her face was annoyed seeing I hope she had expected her bf back again may be for another fuck….I asked her where aby was and her reply was he’s not at home and no body at home… I asked whether she was ok and she replied yes and I simply committed though she looked tired she really looked great that day I saw a small smile on her face I knew she always love to get commented on her beauty…I then managed somehow to start a conversation with her about her studies exams and so on and finally she was comfortable talking and I was on the sofa and she too sat on the opposite sofa while v talked…. I was still having a hard on and I some how wanted her to taste my cock too and I was thinking how I cud do that… I feared whether I cud so it with her… and then I took my mobile.

Friends how u feel about this let me know whether I shud continue or not it all depends on ur response and this is my first post ….. Reply me to xxxxxxxxxxxx

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