seduce an old man
Well its my first story hope you will enjoy name is Rachel am 27 years old brunette black her nice tight ass perfect body and 34 DD breast .I have no kids my husband had to travels for work business. one day he was in a business travel in kouba so he call me and told me that there are an important agent that will come from china to our city and I have to show him my husband work coz he will not be able to come home for 3 weeks he is going to be late. so I have to work with him and try to offer him what ever he want just to keep him satisfied and wait for my husband to came. At 1 am this Chinese man Yog called from the airport looking for my husband. I answered and I told him that am going to pick you up. The problem was that stupid Yog didn’t register in a hotel coz my husband told him that he is going to stay in our place. It was summer time and it’s to hot I was wearing a tight white belly top sure with no bra with a 34 DD I hate bra with a black short and tight mini skirt and a white thong. I arrived to the airport waiting Yog I recognize him immediately coz my husband had explain to me haw he looks like.Mr.Yog is an old fat man maybe 68years old bold with a mustache and his Chinese look. At the road to home I explain to him that he had to stay for a long time coz my husband is going to be late to arrive and what I felt that he agree immediately. We arrived home and I was showing him where he is going to sleep in the room near to my room .I start to help him taking his cloth out of the bag and I could feel his stare on my cleavage, well the top was so tight that he could see my nipples through them. I told him that am going to prepare the shower for him so he was thankful, wile preparing his shower I’ve noticed that he was exploring the surface of my body my smooth skin and specially my ass. I was confused alone with him in the house and he looks like he is going to eat me alive. at the time he was showering I was preparing for him something to eat but suddenly I had this feeling don’t know what to call it but I was thinking what the hell y not to giving these man a little thrill and maybe a little hope that he could get lucky. I was alone for many weeks and I want to have fun with this old Yog… the bathroom door was about half way open and I could see him standing there drying off. He had the smallest cock I have ever seen and a set of balls that looked like they belonged on a bull there was a sudden twinge deep inside my pussy and I could feel myself getting wet. when we where eating I decide it’s the time for me to have fun maybe having fun for 3 weeks well makes me discover something new in my sexual mental. So the plan was to seduce and tease Yog in anyway I can to feed his fat desire, at the time we where eating and chatting I drop the spoon on the floor so I get down to have it again he was sitting next to me so he could see clearly my breast bouncing in front of him and when am taking back the spoon he had the perfect look too my thigh, my skirt was to short and when I seat my thigh are perfectly clear to the view. I looked at him and I smile to show him that I don’t mind what he was doing then he said “u have a perfect body and a nice soft skin” I said “thanks Mr.Yog” I ran my hands through my hair, down my neck, before sliding my finger tips over my breasts, slowly and I could see that began to get about half way hard and it was obvious in these pants than I get up to bring a towel from the kitchen, and in the road to the kitchen I drop again on the floor the spoon so I had to get down and get it again so I get down in front of him so the short skirt lifts up revealing my round tight ass and the white cotton g-string I could see in his eyes that he wants me he want my ass my boobs he want to fuck me day and night his desire is going to kill him.5 days of light tease has gone so I decide to get more harder with him. What can he do he can say nothing am doing nothing wrong am hot and sexy and playing naughty. After those 5 days we are closer now and he is more comfortable 1 day I was having a shower and I forgot my panties outside with the bra so I’ve asked Yog for them

“Yog please if u doesn’t mind can u bring me my underwear”
“um huh sure y not where they are?” he said “Well they are all in the drawer pick me some undies and something to get on top of them “ “Ok Rachel” This bustard take a long time playing with my undies choosing for me the most and sexiest thong, than he come back with my silk pink g-string with a white boyshorts it was so tight and short that he take the form of my ass like am wearing nothing and a white belly top I just adore belly top I have about 100 from all the colors. “Thanks Yog nice choice hehe” “well no comment” say the old man “a sexy woman like you have to wear some sexy clothe” 5 min later I came out from the shower with the clothes that Yog choose for me well I was so sexy wet from the shower with tight close on me.Yog didn’t stop looking at me he badly want me I give him a smile and I turn around asking him how do I look
”u look gorgeous so sexy I wish am more younger so I can kidnap u from ur husband heheh am joking Rachel ok!!” This old man wasn’t joking he really want to taste my pussy he is talking to me and his eyes on my camel toe in that white tight short I had to bring a dress from the top of the clothed so I asked the help of Yog I took a ladder and I ve asked Yog to hold me so that was his chance he take me first from the hips and start running his finger on my soft wet skin he was on fire than I had to move up more so his hand reach down to my ass and… to be continued Please post a comment and let me know if I continue my story or no pls coz it’s the first time thanks kisses.

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